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                                 DOWN'S UPDATE

Newsletter March 2001

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Down's Update - the first in our new series of information sheets to keep
you up to date with development at the Zimbabwe Downs Association.

May I introduce myself to you - my name is Trish Mbanga and I agreed to assist the
Association with fund raising at the beginning of 2001. My husband, Wilf, and I are
self-employed as a small communications consultancy named Activate - which we
run from our home in Chisipite.

Economic Crisis
I'm sure I don't need to tell you that fund-raising in the current economic climate in
Zimbabwe is a complete nightmare! But the children need help- now more than ever -
so we are giving it our best shot. An example of how bad things are reached my desk
last week - and really shocked me:
A large corporation, who had supported the Association for years with regular
donations of several thousands of dollars, responded to my appeal for this year with a
cheque for $500.00 and a brief word of apology. Times are really tough!

At this point I would like to pay tribute to the top ten donors from the year 2000 - a
big thank you to:

Dimon Zimbabwe                                        Dairibord Zimbabwe
Astra Holdings                                        Rio Tinto
Stanbic Bank                                          Edgars Foundation
Thomas Meikle                                         Dufel Trading
Zimbabwe Agricultural Society                         Rotary Club Of Highlands

Regular Donors
We are also most grateful to those who donate goods and services to us on a regular

Deloitte And Touche                           Gauntlet Security
Cairns Foods Ltd                              Softex Tissue Products
Glynns Bolts                                  Irvines
Levin Family Foundation                       L Millard
Zimpac                                        Mrs I Redman
Duncans Family Butchery                       Mr & Mrs Solanki
Mr D J Doig                                 Quality Tooling
P G Industries                              Zbc TV


Donations so far this year have been received from Coca Cola, First Mutual,
Greenwood Pharmacies, A Barnard, P G Industries, Eagle Insurance, Brumford
Services, Beverley Building Society, Duncan Family Butchery, Deloitte and Touche,
TM Supermarkets, Mashonaland Holdings and the Mayor's Christmas Cheer Fund.
Pledges for funding during 2001 have been received from Standard Chartered Bank,
Zimbabwe Agricultural Society, TZI, Astra Holdings, and Dairibord Zimbabwe.
Thank you all so much!

What we need!
May we appeal to your generosity, on behalf of these very special children, and
request a donation to assist with our expenses for the current financial year.

Our monthly expenses are budged at $150 000, made up as follows:

Salaries               $64 000                      stationery             $3000
Fuel                   $15 000                      lights & water         $5000
Communications         $20 000                      miscellaneous          $20 000
Taxes                  $12 000                      outreach               $10 000

We also need:
Chalk                                               cellotape
Wax crayons                                         two staplers
Paint                                               correction fluid
Safety scissors                                     paper
Files and staples                                   assorted stationery items
Pritt glue and glue sticks                          assorted groceries
Chalk board dusters                                 foodstuffs
Pencils, pencil crayons                             cleaning materials
Paint brushes                                       crockery and cutlery
Puzzles                                             tablecloths
Educational toys                                    towels

Classroom Block:
One of the major achievements during the past 12 months has been the construction of
the new classroom block- comprising four new classrooms and ablution facilities.
However, in order to complete the block we still require the following materials.

Paint                                               light fittings and bulbs
Electrical fittings                                 cement
Ceiling boards                                      garden tools
Doors and door handles                              curtain rails and runners
Tiles                                               toilet seats, basins
Plumbing materials                                  furniture
Windowpanes                                         curtains
If you could assist in the supply of any of these items, we would be most grateful for
whatever you are able to offer, and we assure that every cent will be responsible
accounted for and used in a transparent manner to benefit the children in our care.

Background Information
For the past 16 years the Zimbabwe Downs Children’s Association has run an
administrative centre, library, meeting place and learning centre from a two and a half
acre property in Waterfalls, Harare. Thirty-five children attend the Learning Centre,
which is staffed by three dedicated and imaginative teachers. Two thirds of the
children have Down's syndrome.

These children are doing everything their parents were told would never be able to do.
Many are reading, writing and doing maths. Given a start like this, they will be far
more capable and independent when they reach adulthood. As a result of our outreach
workshops, many more children need a place at the Centre. Many are from lower
income families and cannot afford to pay even modest fees. Our policy is that no child
should be turned away.

Please help us to help them!

Yours sincerely

Trish Mbanga
Fund Raiser, Zimbabwe Downs Childre n’s Association

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