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					Site Optimization And Maintenance

Once a website has been designed, developed and submitted to search engines, a
proper revamping is required successfully for a website using site optimization and
maintenance to increase the site ranking, visibility, heavy traffic and online sales.

Search engine optimization is a process of fine tuning the website content, design
and code to perform well in search engine results. Our website optimization and
maintenance process helps to raise the SERPs (Search Engine Result Positions) of
the site, increase site traffic & acquire relevant quality links and correct issues like
outdated content, broken links and other issues that turn away potential customers.

Online marketing has been found to have significant consequence on customers’
online experience. Effective website optimization and maintenance removes show
stoppers like delayed page load, decreased traffic, inconsistent search results and
incomplete transactions.

Some of Site Optimization Techniques are:

Don’t need it? Don’t Use it
Before you make any update in a website, please remove any superfluous image
from the page design. Splash pages are considered as dead pages which most of the
search engines does not crawl or index. A fast loading, functional website gives more
business to the client than the website having intro page with splashy images and no
real content.

Keywords are the most important factor which helps to increase traffic, business and
visitors usability. In a website optimization, keyword placement is something
important which cannot be left out. A keyword should not be used more than three
to four times on a web page and it should be distributed equally.

Inbound Links
Inbound links, one of the crucial factors when it comes to site optimizing. Inbound
links can be developed easily using different search engine marketing strategy. If a
website contains more of quality inbound links, then search engines easily identifies
its strength.

Don’t clutter with too-many Ads
Don’t clutter the website with too many advertisements. Sometimes, the visitors
may get confused what’s the purpose of the site. The ads on the site should only be
a slight distraction from the site content.

Layout of the site
Webpage layouts, the important factor to be considered in a site optimization
technique. A site must be designed in such a way that it’s more pleasing to the eye.
The color, overall layout and link capability must allow the visitors to linger longer on
the site.

Page Loading
The most important thing a webmaster should remember is page loading. A site
must load very quickly or else visitors will return back eventually from the web page.
Try to avoid more images, unwanted scripts, flash, advertisement which are the
main reason for poor page loading. Visitors don’t have patience to wait till the page
gets fully loaded, so creative web solution should be provided with quality content,
few images, limited scripts, Ads and so on.


SEO is a slow and steady process required for a website to achieve higher rankings
on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Though, a site ranks high for
important keywords on search engines, there is no guarantee that it retains its
favorable position forever. So, a regular update of SEO maintenance is required for
the site.

Some of the Site Maintenance Factors are:

      Update
      Check Browser Compatibility
      Check for Broken Links
      Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly
      Link Checking
      Analytics
      Backups

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