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					"Yellow Emperor" Overview

    "Yellow Emperor" is the oldest classic of Chinese medicine theory.Later referred to as "via", the original
18 volumes, of which 9 volume name "Plain Questions"; Volume 9, no other title, when Han is known as the
"nine volumes," as it mainly dealt with acupuncture, meridians, so also known as "needle", said Tang Bing,
"Lingshu."To the Song Dynasty, Song Xian family history of Tibet, "Lingshu through" and to the general
circulation.After "Plain Questions", "Miraculous Pivot" a "via" of the two components of the spread in the
world. "Classic, "a book by one person for non-generally believed that the major part of the book is formed in
the Spring and Autumn period and the process of incorporation in its spread some later readers of the content
of essays.The book is rich in content, the book from the organs, meridians, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostic
methods, treatment, acupuncture, herbs and so on human physiology, pathology and disease diagnosis,
treatment, made a more systematic exposition, as in medicine laid a theoretical foundation.

    "Yellow Emperor" holistic concept, we have stressed the human body itself is a whole, emphasizing the
human and the natural environment is closely related to the use of Yin and explain physiological and
pathological phenomena, to guide diagnosis and treatment; the unity of opposites as yin and yang of the
universe everything between the production, development, and change the rule.Under normal circumstances
the body yin and yang balance, if this balance is upset, they get sick, stressed the spiritual and social factors
impact on the human body and disease and disease prevention, against superstition ghosts.A comprehensive
summary of the medical achievements of the Qin and Han ago, marked the conclusion of medical development
in the theoretical stage.The book has a high status in Chinese medicine, successive generations have become
medical home, laid stress on this book.Part has been translated into Japanese, English, German, French and
other characters on the world of medicine has resulted in the development of the impact can not be ignored.

About the author: Huang Di

     The earliest period of China's ancient legends Zongzu God, after the formation of the Huaxia tribe
recognized as the ancestor.Ancient times the area of water about Ji (ie, from Wei East today between the West
as of the Shaanxi-Gansu Huangshui to the territory of the ancient green Qijia culture areas) the formation of
the Yellow Emperor more advanced race, that is distinguished by the ancestor of the name.Huangdi people and
live in the ginger water (in this Qishan, martial arts into the vicinity of Wei) in the vicinity of the surname
Jiang Yan exchange marriage family for generations.After the family descendants of the Yellow Emperor in an
entry today in southern Shanxi, and create the Xia culture, then said Hsia.Hsia people into the Central Plains
has established China's first dynasty, Xia. "Jin Mandarin language "and" World of this "and" the Rites "in the"
imperial system ", said the son of the Yellow Emperor is less typical. "Historical Biography of Five, "said the
Yellow Emperor," surname Gongsun, named Xuan Yuan ", which the country is" Xiong. " "Yi Jing "," for
articles of this world "and other literature during the Yellow Emperor Sheng said there are many
inventions.Belong to the technical aspects of production, there Chuanjing for Mortar and pestle, make bows
and arrows, clothes cow riding for riding, for boat, etc.; belong to the material life, and have the system
clothes, Zhan crown, 2, etc.; spiritual and cultural aspects have to six decades, accounting for sun and the
moon, count, transfer calendar, create legal Lu, Sheng-yu, medicine, and text.There are of course many
inventions after the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi people but also reflects the achievements obtained. "Qin the
Warring States policy, "Su remember the" Yellow Emperor cutting Zhuolu Er bird Chi "and cutting Huandou
Yao, Shun and cutting three Miao, Yu cutting of work, Tom cutting the summer, King Wu said, adding that
that this is life, the Yellow Emperor The main record.Huangdi tribe through the summer, week two generations
of conflict with other ethnic groups, communication and integration, to the formation of a unified the Warring
States period Huaxia. "World of this "and" the Rites "and" imperial system "to all the gods and ancestors were
arranged into a series of branches of the Yellow Emperor, constitute a complete blood lineage.Since then,
people always put the Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor simultaneously, to represent the Huaxia from Yan,
Huang began to have a long history of history.

Canon of Medicine: Lingshu

   9 pin 12 of the original first lost the second third of small needle Solutions

   Evil Tibetan government Bing-shaped fourth root of the fifth Shouyao sixth Rigid

   Official needle seventh eighth of the God of Beginning and Ending of the 9th

   Do the 11th meridian the 10th through the 12th by the water

   Bone by tendons 13th degree of the 14th battalion 15th 50

   Camp battalion air the 16th pulse of Health will be the 18th degree of the 17th

   4:00 Air 19th Five twenty-cold and heat syndrome 21st evil

   Leprosy patients 22nd mad fever 23rd 24th Jue disease

   Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases of the twenty-fifth twenty-six weeks of paralysis 27th

   I asked the 28th Air Division must pass 29th 30th

   Gastrointestinal 31st person Juegu 32nd sea level on the 33rd

   Five random expansion of the 35th the 34th five-retention of urine and body fluids of other 36th

   5 V to the 37th Nishun read too fat, the 38th of the 39th blood contact

   Department of yin and yang, yin and yang, sun and moon Qingzhuo 40th 41st 42nd disease transmission

   Shun immorality dream 43rd 4:00 into the 44th day air outside hides the 45th

   5 Variable 46th Motokura 47th forbidden to take the 48th

   Yong-colored 49th of the fifty-first fifty-acu

   Wei Qi 52nd 53rd later years of pain, the 54th

   Nishun flavors 56th 55th 57th Water Expansion

   Wei Qi Feng 58th thief disorders jade 60th 59th

   Fixed lost five forbidden 61st 62nd 63rd weird theory
    Yin and Yang 25 people 64th pentameter flavors 65th all diseases start HEALTH 66th

    Analogue 67th Shang silent rage worry phrenic 68th 69th

    Evil Cold and Heat 70th 71st 72nd Babel

    Disease diagnosis of functional 73rd 74th barbed-foot section of true evil 75th

    Wei qi 76th Jiugong 8 Wind 9-pin on the 77th 78th

    Year-old Lucy on the 79th of the 80th great confusion ulcer 81st

    Huang Di Nei Jing Lingshu decode

    9 pin 12 of the original first

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: I e million people, support people and be wholly tax; I feel sad for
their not to have the disease as is.I wish must not allow to be poison, useless Stone, trying to use micro-needle
exercised through its meridian, tune their blood gas, Rong Qi Nishun discrepancies will be.Order to be
available to future generations, whom law will clearly make the final and eternal, not a long time must, use a
memorable, worth brokerage, very different chapters, specializations table for it and Zhong Shi.So that the
physical, first established needle.Appreciate further conditions.

    Chi Bo answer was: By extension, followed by Robinson requested, so that discipline begins with one last
nine Yan.Requests made by the Road!To a small needle, Chen will be too easy to enter.Cu shou shaped, obey
God.God from God, off the door.Not ocher fall sick, evil things knowing the original?Late in the speed of the
micro barbed.Keep off crude, Shang shou machine, machine moving, Stuck to empty.Aerial machine, quiet in
the microstructure.The past can not be closed, its to hard to follow.Those who know the road machine, not
linked to hair.I do not know machines Road, knocks not at all.Know these exchanges, to with of.The dark for
almost crude, Miaozai, sole and workers.Toward the the inverse of cis-comer, knowing Nishun, is the no
ask.Welcome snatching, evil may not virtual?The economic recovery of, the evil was not real?The resulting
welcome to Italy and the needle Road Bi carry on.     Applying acupuncture, virtual 则 false, at least the vent,
Wan Chen in addition Zhi, evil wins and empty.Big To said: Xu and disease are real, illness and Xu are
virtual.The false statement, Ruoyouruowu.After the police first.If the deposit if the death.For the virtual and
actual, if have to regret it.

    Reality in to, 9-pin the most wonderful, reinforcing and reducing the time to needle whom.Xie Yue, must
hold within, put out Zhi, Yang was ranked needles, evil must vent.According to the lead pin, is that the internal
temperature, blood can not loose, air will not be permitted too.Up, saying, follow along, meaning if the
concubines.If the line if the press, such as mosquitoes can win just like to stay as yet, such as the string must
go, so left is right, their courage was so just, outside the door is closed, the air is real, will not stay in the blood,
anxious to take vocal.

   Holding needle Road, Caine are to treasure.Is that piercing, no needles around.God is taking anything
away, the patient preferred.Blood were examined, gill Almost no weapon.Side when the thorn is bound in the
hanging sun, and the two health.God is not to go, know that the survival of patients.Yu Wang blood in the
home, as the exclusive Cheng, shear independent firm.

    9-pin in the name of different forms.First of Chan-pin, one inch in six; second is member pin, one inch in
six; third is mentioned pin, long three inch and a half; Si Yue Feng-pin, one inch in six; Wu Yue beryllium pin,
long four inches, wide two and a half; Liu Yue member sharp needle, one inch in six; seven said, needles, long
silver-sixth; 8 said, long needle, a long seven inches; 9, saying a large needle, a long four inches.Chan needles
were the first big end of acute, to diarrhea yang; member pin those needles, such as oval, arrangements Mount
subdivision shall not be injured the muscle in order to crash the manifold; put the needle, front, such as millet
Su Zhi Rui, the main feel pulse Do not trap, result of which the gas; front pin those edge Misumi to issue a
chronic illness, beryllium-pin who, at the end, such as Janus, to take a large abscess; member of sharp needle
who, as big as a PCT, and staff and sharp, the body micro-large to take violent gas; needles are pointed such as
mosquitoes can win the beak in order to quiet Xu to the micro to stay long for the support, and to take Tongbi;
long needle those sharp body thin, you can take away paralysis; big needle person, tip, such as club , Qi Feng
micro-members to crash bodies of water also.9-pin Bi carry on.

    Fu qi in the veins as well, evil in on the aggregate of the in clear air the next.Therefore, needle stuck clock
is evil out, needle in the vein the aggregate of the needle too deep the evil anti-Shen, sick benefits.Hence it is
said: skin tendons, each located.Disease all have advised.Different forms, each term they wish to, neither real
nor unreal.Loss lack of interest more than it is that very disease.Disease Yi Shen, take five clock to die, take
three clock were timid; wins yin to die, won the Shenyang are crazy, needle injury Bi carry on.

    Thorns of which he gas not to, no, regardless of their number.Thorn of without gas to, is go and see, Wu
Fu-pin.Pin all have times, different shape, the term it, for the thorn Zhi to be.Gas to and effective, efficient
credit, if the wind is blowing clouds, one understands that if see heaven, gill road to complete carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family internal organs are out between.Chi Bo said: five internal organs 5 Yu,
五 25 Yu, Six Hollow Organs 6 Yu, Shuangmianjiao 36 Yu, Meridian 12, venae 15, where 27 gas, more than
the next.The out as well, which slipped to Ying, the note to Yu, the act by, the entry for the joint, 27 gas and
deeds are in the V. Yu 也 .

    Day at the turn of 365 will, know these to be those of a word and the end, unknown to, dispersed
infinite.Said section who, air for the community procession out also.Non-skin bones also.

    View the color, the review of its head, know these scattered complex.1 The image, listen to his movement,
things knowing right from wrong, right main push of the left holding the Yuzhi, gas to away Zhi.

    Where a needle, we must first diagnose the troubles, as the air drama, Yi, is can cure 也 .Five organs of gas,
has never in the period, while the needles are anti-reality without, is that the re-dried.Re-dried die, and his
death is also static.Rule were to frequently reflect on your own gas, taking axillary and Ying.Five organs of
gas, has never in the outside, while the needles are anti-real inside, is that the inverse Jue.Inverse Jue is die,
and his death is also impatient.Rule for those who take four at the end.

   Stab victims of the not to, then fine vent; harm in height, is caused by gas.Fine vent the disease Yi Shen
and dread, cause gas is born a carbuncle ulcers.

    Five internal organs are Six Hollow Organs, Six Hollow Organs are 12 original, 12 of the original out of
four off, four Guan attending the five organs.Five internal organs are sick, when taken from 12 of the
original.12 carriers, five internal organs, the reason why the intrinsic 365 smell.Five internal organs are sick
too, should be out of 12 of the original.12 of the original all be out.Knowing the original, see it shall, with
knowledge the five internal organs victims of carry on.Yang within the Shao, the lung is also, in its original out
of too deep, too deep 2.Yang in the sun, heart, their original out of Daling Daling 2.Yin within a Shaoyang,
liver also, its original out of Taichong, Taichong 2.Yin in the Yam, spleen also, its original out of Bai, Bai
2.Yin in the lunar and kidney, its former out of too river, too River 2.Paste the original, out of dovetail,
dovetail one.Blind original, for neck Premiered, neck Premiered one.Unless stopped 12 of the original person,
attending internal organs Zhi and sputum were also.

    Expansion to take Sanyang, supper vent take morbidity,.

     Intrinsic current husband five organs Zhi and sputum also, analogy still stab, it's still polluted, it's still knot,
it's still close too.Barbed Although long still can pull out also, pollution although for a long time still can snow,
end though for a long time still solvable too, closed although long still can never have.Or made a long Illness
undesirable persons, not its to say.Husband's use of the needle, whichever is sick, it's still pulling thorns, it's
still snow pollution, it's still solution node, it still must close too.Disease though a long time, still can be
completed also.Words can not be governor, without his surgery also.

    Thorn all with heat, such as the hand probe soup; barbed cold clear who, if people do not want to row.Yin
Youyang disease who take under the tomb three years, is to no Scots, gas under Naizhi, no less complex is the
beginning.Disease of high and within the person, taken from the cloudy Yanglingquan; disease with high suits
the person, taken from yang Yanglingquan too.

    The second input

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: who stabbed the road, must pass twelve meridians for the
community circulates, collaterals for the community elsewhere, 5 Yu-Zhi the left, Six Hollow Organs for the
community and cooperation, of the four seasons are different, and five internal organs for the community
slipped Department wide number of degree, superficial, deep s-shaped, they are equal Centre at.Our family of

    Chi Bo said: Please statement secondly.Lung for small business, small business, the hand of the finger
inside too, as well wood; slip in thenar, thenar who hand fish for Ying; Note in too deep, too deep fish after
inch of depression were also, for the Yu; line in by drainage through drainage cunkou also, dynamic and not
home for the after; into the foot Chak, foot Chak elbow in the arteries also, to together.Hand Tai Yin through

    Heart out in red, in red, the hands that the tip is also, as well wood; flow in the Labour Temple, labor
Palace hands of the middle finger of this section within the room also, for the Ying; Note on Algol, Algol palm
after the two bone between the parties under those who have, for the Yu; line in the room so that, among so
Road, two bars between three inches into too, had the to, without too is only for the by; into the song Ze, Qu
Ze , Cubitus inexpensive settlement among those who have, Qu derived preference to cooperation.Hand Shao

    Liver out of a large London, Great London who foot the big toe from the output, and San Mao being also,
as well wood; slipped in between the lines, between the lines enough big toes too, for the Ying; Note on
Taichong, Taichong between the lines on the two-inch depression among those who have, for the Yu; lines in
the letters, the letters malleolus before a Cunban, depression among those who have to reverse the WAN, so
that and the pass, shaking feet derived preference to economic; into the Ququan, Ququan secondary bone, the
large tendons on also, knees derived preference to cooperation.Foot Jue Yin 也.

    Spleen for hidden white, hidden white persons, foot big toe tip of the inside too, as well wood; slipped in
most of the majority of this section after the settlement among those who have, for the Ying; Notes on Bai, Bai
carpal under also, To Yu; line in Shangqiu, Shangqiu malleolus subsidence among those who have, as the
warp; into the yin Yanglingquan, yin Yanglingquan, secondary bone settlement among those who have,
extension derived preference to cooperation.Full moon too.

    Kidney out of springs, springs are Zuxin also, as well wood; slide in natural grain, natural grain, natural
bone under who have, for the Ying; Note on the Pacific Creek, too River malleolus after the calcaneus on the
depression who also, as Yu; lines in complex slide, complex slide, the medial malleolus two inches, move and
endlessly, as the warp; into the overcast valley, Yin Gu, secondary bone, the large tendon under the small bar
on top also, Press to should be hand bent derived preference to joint.Foot Shao Yin through also.

    Bladder out of Yam, Yam who foot small toe on the tip as well, as well gold; slipped in through valley,
through valley, this section before the outside also, for the Ying; Note on beam bone, bundle bone, this section
after depression were also, as Yu; over Beijing bone, Beijing bone, foot outside long bone under the original;
line in the Kunlun, Kunlun, the lateral malleolus, the calcaneus on, as the warp; into the Committee, the
Committee , the popliteal Central, is a composite, the Commission and taken from.Full sun.

    Bile out of orifices Yin, orifices negative patients, foot small toe plays toe on the tip also, as well gold; slip
in Xia Xi, Xia Xi, foot small toe second toe between, the Ying; Note on Provisional sobbing, Lintong , up a
Cunban, depression who have, for the Yu; too Qiu Hui, Qiu Hui, lateral before the settlement were also, as the
original.Line in Yosuke, Yosuke lateral on secondary bone before and absolutely bone-side also, as the warp;
into the yang Yanglingquan, yang Yanglingquan, in the knee outside the settlement who have, for the joint,
stretching keeps luster in the .Foot Shaoyang also.

     Stomach for Li dollar, Li against the person, foot big toe in second toe on the tip also, as well gold; slip in
chambers, in chambers, second toe outside also, for the Ying; Note to trap valley, depression Valley who, on
the middle finger in between the upstream two-inch depression who also, as Yu; too red sun, red sun, foot
instep on Wucun depression who also, as the original, shaking feet obtained it; line in the solution stream, Xie
River, the Chong Yang inch semi-depression were also, as the warp; into the next tomb, under the tomb, below
knee three inch Heng bone three years also, to together; complex next three years three inches, for the giant
virtual on the cheap, complex, under the clean silver for the giant virtual next Yasuya; colon is, the small
intestine under, foot Yangming stomach veins are.Large intestine small intestine, all belong to the stomach is
full Yang-ming also.

    Triple Burner who SCO hand Shaoyang, for the relevant red, Guan Chong who hand little finger plays that
the tip also, as well gold; slip at the liquid gate, hydraulic door, the little finger plays that between, for the
Ying; Note on in the Example, the Example, this section after the settlement were also, as Yu; too much sun
pool, sun pool, in the wrist depression among those who have, for the original; line in Chlh-kou, Chlh-kou, the
wrist and silver two bone between depression who also, as the warp; into the yard, patio, in the elbow outside
the big bone on top of depression were also, for the joint, elbow obtained it; triple burner under Acupuncture is
enough big toe before, Shaoyang, after the in the popliteal foreign Lian, named committee yang, the sun
contact also, hand shaoyang too.Triple Burner who foot Shaoyang luni by the sun do not have, on the ankle
Wucun, do not enter consistent intestines, out of commission sun and the sun is, into contact bladder, about the
next focus, but in fact closed infirmity, virtual is left drowning survived by drowning is supplemented, closed
retention of urine is spilled Zhi.

    Hand-sun small intestine were last together hand the sun, for less Chak, less Chak, the little finger on the
tip as well, as well gold; slip in the former valley, the former valley, in the hands of foreign cheap this pre-
holiday depression were also, for the Ying; Note the following River, River, who, in the hand outside of this
section, after which, as Yu; too carpal, carpal bone, the hand-lateral carpal before the original; line in Yanggu,
Yanggu, the sharp bone of the settlement were also, as the warp; into the small sea, a small sea, in the elbow
within the large bone in addition, to the end of half an inch, depression who have, outrigger derived preference
to cooperation.Hand the sun by also.

    Colon SCO hand Yangming, for commercial Yang, Shang Yang, thumb times that the tip is also for the
well gold; slip in this section before the two, the Ying; note in this section after the three, as Yu; too gu, gu, at
thumb Qi bone between the original; line in the Yang River, Yang River, two bars between the settlement were
also, as the warp; into the music pool, in the elbow outside the secondary bone trapped persons, Qu arm
derived preference to cooperation.Hand Yangming also.

   Is that the internal organs of Yu, 五 25 Yu, Shuangmianjiao 36 Yu also.Six Hollow Organs are the feet
Sanyang, the joint at the hands of the also.

     Quepen among the Ren and also, it is called-day conflict.Time, Ren and lateral arterial Foot-Yangming
also, it is called people welcome; second clock, hand Yangming also, it is called Futu; three veins, hand the
sun, it is called skylight; four veins, foot Shaoyang also , named-day capacity; five clock, hand Shaoyang also,
it is called day-you; six clock, full sun, it is called Tianzhu; seven veins, cervical central the clock, Du also, it
is called Wind House .Axillary artery and hand-moon also, it is called Tianfu.Armpit Bound Shouxin Zhu also,
named Tianchi.

    Thorn stakeholders, Ka can not be less.Barbed Shimonoseki who owe no Qu.Barbed calf nose who bend
can not stretch.Barbed two stakeholders, drawing could not bend.

     Foot-Yangming, Xia throat arterial Also, Qi Yu in the Ying of.Hand Yangming, plays in his Yu things, not
to the song Cheek inch.Hand the sun when the song cheek.Foot Shaoyang in the parotid song cheek after.Hand
Shaoyang the ear on the end of the increase of bone above.Full sun Xia Xiang large tendon among the hair.

    Yin ulnar artery, in centimeters, 5 Yu-Zhi ban also.

    Pulmonary co-colon, large intestine were, preacher Fu.Heart together the small intestine, small intestine
are, by Sheng Fu.Liver together gallbladder, bile who Yijing Fu.Spleen combined stomach, those grains of
Fu.Kidney and bladder, are fluids Zhifu 也      .Shaoyang is a kidney, adrenal with lung, therefore the two
dirty.Triple Burner who, in dereliction of duty Zhifu also, waterways out of turn, all belong to the bladder, is a
solitary Zhifu also, is the Six Hollow Organs for the community and cooperation are.

    Spring to take collaterals Zhu Ying Tai by the sub-meat between the serious was deeply taken from, among
those who light taken from.Summer is taken from Yu Sun contact muscle skin on top.Autumn is taken
together, Yu Ruchun law.Winter is taken from wells Zhu Yu divided, For deep and remain with.This 4:00
ordinal, qi located, disease are the elderly, viscera of the Yi.Turn reinforced by, the Legislative and taken from,
can be made then have been.Wei Jue who, Zhang thorn and will afford so stand fast too.

    Small needle Solution No. 3

    So easy to Chen who easily expressed.Hard into those hard with the people.Crude keep shape, keep
needling also.The Code God who keep person blood gas is more than enough to fill diarrhea also.God
passengers who can draw a total would have.God who, righteousness also, customers are evil too.At the door
who, evil through a healthy atmosphere that access 也.Before I saw the fall sick person, the Prophet right from
wrong He Classics disease also.Bad idea on the original person, the Prophet He passed through in disease are
taken from office also.

    Barbed micro few late person, Xu Illness intention also.Crude keep stakeholders, and observing four but I
do not know the blood gas exchanges between good and evil.The Code machine who know keep gas
also.Machine moving without leaving its air who knows qi actual situation, with the needle Xu disease
also.Aerial machine, quiet to micro those needles in order to get gas, secret mind concentration gas not to lose
too.It to not every person, arrogant can not make up too.Qi to not pursue, Qi deficiency can not be spilled
too.Can not be linked to tumors, made gas volatile 也   .Knocks not made those statements I do not know the
reinforcing and reducing the meaning also.Blood gas analysis done at the air no less also.

    Know these contacts who know qi Ni Shun Shing virtual too.To contrast of who knows qi merit,
also.Rough the dark who, tied to unknown gas micro Mitsuya.Miaozai!Unique and those who work, do know
that acupuncture intention also.To those for the Ni Zhe, made air the virtual and small, while the small inverse
also.To those for the smooth those words of Qi-ping, ping those along too.Knowing Nishun is the no ask who
made what they are taken from Department also.Welcome and wins, and then, crash also; pursue the economic
and those who make up too.

    The so-called virtual is real, and then, air intake virtual when added that it also.Over the vent, and then, air
intake Sheng When diarrhea Chih.Wan-Chen in addition to, and then, to the blood 也           .Evil wins and empty
those words all by Arimori who are spilled their evil too.Xu and disease are facts, made by Xu in the illness
that out.Xu illness and those who are false, made by diseases in the Xu that out.Made real and the virtual
Ruoyouruowu who made real by a gas, empty no gas also.Review, and the first if the death if kept those words
qi actual situation, reinforcing-reducing priorities of the also, the review of its gas has been in the next and
always keep too.For the virtual to real, if have to regret those words up by Bi However, if it was also, diarrhea
then come to realize if it lost too.

    Fu qi in the veins as well, evil in the person, made evil among the people, hence the evil in also.Aggregate
of in person, made Mizutani, are entering into the stomach, perfection gas injection of the lung, cloud slipped
in the stomach, made by cold temperature and discomfort, improper diet, and disease was born in stomach, so
Ming Yue aggregate of at also.Clean air in the next person, made clear wetlands gas into people, will be from
the foot before, Hence it is clear air in the next too.Needle stuck clock, then the evil out of those who take on
the needle in the vein the aggregate of the person, taken from Yangming too.Needle too deep the evil anti-Shen
who made light float is a disease, do not want to deep stab also.The depth of evil from which the income,
Hence it is anti, Shen.Skin tendons have located who made the meridian all have owners also.Take five clock
to die, made sick in the gas shortage, but the needles do drastically Qi Zhu Yin of the pulse also.Take Sanyang
Artery of those, the only words to make diarrhea Sanyang of gas, the patients hope for natural no longer
have.Won the yin to die, made to take feet of five miles five to those who have.Wins Yang were crazy, right
and also.

     See the color, the review of its head, know these scattered complex, one has the shape of, those who listen
to their movement, made with colored Shanggong known at present.Knew the tune small size and big priorities
slip astringent to statements by the disease also.Things knowing right from wrong who knows of virtual evil
and good and evil and the wind also.Right main pushing the left holding the Royal, and then, words hold
needle and out also.Gas to away, and then, made up diarrhea atmosphere away Chih.Regulating Qi is the
Beginning and Ending of a person holding a heart.Day at the turn of 365 will be those collaterals Zhi
infiltrating various sections are also.

    The so-called five organs of gas, has never in the inner person, pulse tone in no way to anti-whichever is
outside the patient Department, and the sun through, together, have left needle so that yang, yang to the
internal re-dried, re-dried is dead carry on.His death also, no gas to move, so quiet.The so-called five organs of
gas, has never in the outside of the pulse tone things not to, anti-whichever Four Last Trunk, has left needle
and thus their yin, yin to the yang anti-entry, into the reverse, reverse the death carry on .His death also, yin
surplus, so impatient.

   So the review of its present those five internal organs to make colored through out.Chun-ming to make a
sound chapter.Sound chapter who, the words sound and his life is different too.

   Evil Cangfubingxing fourth

   Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: evil among the people do nothing?Chi Bo answer was: evil among
people with high too.

    Yellow Emperor said: compete with a degree or Down?Chi Bo said: Body and a half, evil in the too.Body
half has already were, humidifying also.Hence it is: evil among the people.No there is often, in the shade while
wandering in the Fu, in the sun then slipped in through.

    Yellow Emperor said: yin and yang are, different in the same type, the upper and lower meet, Meridian the
phase coherent, like a ring without.Evil among the people, or in the shade, or in the sun, up and down left and
right, without a permanent, Qi so Why?

    Chi Bo said: Zhu Yang's Society, all is surface.Human also, side trip could indicate the time and the new
force, if the food sweating, Cou reason to open while in the evil.In the face, the next Yangming.In the item, the
next the sun.In the cheek, the next Shaoyang.Which in themselves for the back on the sides, also, their
    Yellow Emperor said: one in the shade, how?Chi Bo The answer: in the negative patients, often from the
arm Heng before.Husband's arm and Heng, its Yam thin, the meat Nao Miyazawa, therefore all be in the wind,
alone hurt the shadows.

    Yellow Emperor said: This so injured his possession or Down?Chi Bo answer was: body into the wind, do
not move possession.So evil into the Yin and then the possession of gas real, evil into but not off, it also is to
the Fu.Therefore, the sun will slip on by, in the shade while wandering in the House.

    Yellow Emperor said: evil among the people dirty how?Chi Bo said: Chouyoukongju Ze sad.Cold cold
drink Ze form of lung injury, with its sense of the two cold phase, and foreign are injured, so Qi against
upstreanm.Fall has fallen, evil blood inside the left; if the rage, but not gas up, the plot Yu Pollution on, then
the injured liver.Has hit servant, if the drunk into the room, sweating as the wind, then the injured
spleen.Weightlifting has been hard, if the Housing excessive sweating bath water, then the injured kidney.

    Yellow Emperor said: Among the five organs wind, how?Chi Bo said: yin and yang, all sense of evil to be
trusted.Yellow Emperor said: Good, good.

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: the first face and physique as well, is a bone with tendons,
together with the blood in the air ear.Profile for the crack to Methylene Qi Death cold, or hand, foot and
relentless _, but their face does not suit, Why?Chi Bo The answer: 12 meridians, 365 contact, Qi and blood gas
were to go on the air orifices in the surface.Perfection yang on walking in the head and the eyes.Qi other air
walking in the ears but to listen.Qi cases of gas up for the nose and to smell.Qi aggregate of out of the
stomach, while taking a lot of explaining to taste.其 qi and body fluids, all the smoke in the surface, while the
skin and thick, the meat firm, it is very cold weather, can not beat them too.

    Yellow Emperor said: Among the evil, their disease-shaped collecting?Chi Bo said: Among the evil itself
is virtual, sprinkle Hsi dynamic shape.Good and evil among the people, micro, first seen in color, I do not
know on their body, Ruoyouruowu, if the death if kept, tangible and intangible, Mozhi their feelings.Yellow
Emperor said: Good, good.

   Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: I heard of it, reflected color, know these diseases, Ming Yue
Ming.Their pulse, know these diseases, Ming Yue God.Regardless of their disease, Zhi Department, Ming Yue
workers.I appreciate further see with knowledge, obtained by the, asked the very for it and how?

    Chi Bo answer was: Cardiff color corresponding pulse and feet also, such as the influence of beam drums
accordingly, no phase loss is also pursuing such circumstances leading to root out the foliage was also waiting,
so carry on root death may leaf blight.Color pulse-shaped meat, not with loss 也  .Was working for a refresher,
the second was to know God, know God and the next three carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing to smell.Chi Bo answer was: color blue owner, its pulse Hsuan,,
Chek owner, its pulse hook also, yellow owner, its pulse generation was, white owner, its pulse hair, black
owner, its gangue.Reflected in its color without obtaining the clock, with victory against keeping a pulse, then
the dead carry on; obtaining the phase of Pulse Health, infection is marked passed away.

   Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: five internal organs being born, the changes ill-shaped collecting?

    Chi Bo answer was: first determine their colored veins of five should be, is the disease are subjects are also

   Yellow Emperor said: color clock has been set, Bie how?

   Chi Bo said: creeping tune the pulse, rapid, small, large, smooth, astringent, and the disease will carry on.
    Yellow Emperor said: Tones do nothing?Chi Bo The answer: clock emergency who is also an urgent foot
of the skin; pulse delay who has slow feet Zhi skin; pulse small person, ruler of the skin is also less and less
gas; pulse large who foot the skin also Ben sky; pulse slip by, the skin will slip feet; pulse Shibuya who is also
ruler of the skin astringent.The above activities were changed, there is slight even.Gu Shan ruler who transfer
without waiting for Yu-inch, good contacts were transferred, not wait in the color.Can participate together of
persons,, can work every day doing manual Shiquan 9.Line both for the workers, the workers Shiquan 7.Bank
One, serving, getting off work, getting off work Shiquan 6.

   Yellow Emperor said: Will Pulses slow, rapid, small, large, smooth, astringent disease of type ru?

    Chi Bo said: Chen Yan Wu Zang 之 please change became.Xinmaitong urgent serious was the Zhizong;
sign anxious, as painful lead back, no less than food.Very slow, as the laughter; micro-relief, for the V beam,
in mind, the whole line, when Tuoxue.Very large, it lacks the throat; micro-large, for the heart Bi lead back,
good tear up.Small very good Yue; small to eliminate disease.Very good sliding thirst; micro-slip for the heart
hernia, cited umbilical, abdominal Ming.Shibuya is the Yin; micro astringent as blood overflow, Victoria Jue
tinnitus, Britain diseases.

    Pulmonary vein and even anxious for the epilepsy disease; micro acute lung fever and chills, lethargy,
cough Tuoxue, lead back the chest, if the nasal barrier.Very slow, as hyperhidrosis; micro-relief, to atrophy,
atrophy, partial wind, cows can not stop sweating.Large even for the tibial swelling; micro-large lung
paralysis, lead harness, from the evil see daylight.Small even for the discharge; small, for the consumer
paralysis.Smooth and even, for the interest Ben on the air; micro-slide, up and down the bleeding.Shibuya even
for vomiting blood; micro-astringent, as mice?, In the neck between the axillary branch, the next to cope with
their last, it shall carry on good acid.

    Acute hepatic vein fraudulent claims as abusive; micro anxious for the gas in the fertilizer Pollution on,
Ruofu Cup.Slow is very good vomit, refer, micro-relief for water Bi also.Very large within the carbuncle, good
vomit nosebleed; much liver micro-Bi, overcast shrink, cough cited lower abdomen.Very many small drink;
small as Xiaodan.Very _ sliding hernia; micro-slip is left drowning.Shibuya very Yi Yin; micro Shibuya Wei
Zhi Luan tendon paralysis.

     Very Chizong acute splenic vein; micro diaphragm in acute Wei, food drink on entry and also out after the
fertile foam.Slow very Weijue; micro slow the wind atrophy, limbs not, however without heart disease
Hui.Very big hit servant; micro greatly hernia, abdominal sepsis in the stomach in addition to large.Small very
cold and heat; small as Xiaodan.Very slippery _ infirmity; micro-slip for insects, poisonous scorpion belly _
heat.Shibuya very gut _; micro astringent as the internal _, and more under the pus and blood.

    Acute renal vein is very bone disease epilepsy; micro-urgent by Shen Jue Bentun, feet do not accept, not
after.Very slow folding ridge; micro-relief for the hole, hole who eat, so, out of the next crop.Vaginal atrophy
very large; micro greatly stone water has been down to the lower abdomen from the umbilical Shuishui
However, from the epigastric, dead dead.Small very Dong Xie; small tips for consumers hate.Slip very
infirmity _; micro-slip for the bone atrophy, can not take effect as from head no see.Shibuya very large
carbuncle; micro-astringent to not months, Shen hemorrhoids.

     Yellow Emperor said: six variable disease who puncture Zhi how?Chi Bo said: all anxious to give more
cold; slow to give more heat; large are much less blood gas; small who are less blood gas; slip by yang-sheng,
a slight fever; astringent give more blood, less gas, a slight cold.Therefore in barbed emergency who should be
deep and stay for it; barbed slow those light within rather sick hair pin to go to the heat; barbed great person,
micro diarrhea that their courage, not out of the blood; barbed slip by, disease hair pin and shallow in Zhi to
Xie Qi yang away the heat; barbed Shibuya who will be in the pulse, with its Ni Shuner stay long Zhi, we must
first press 而 hindrance to have pins, and have their hernia, not make it out of the blood, Yi and his pulse; all
small ones, lack of yin and yang and qi all, do not get sweet-needle drug Ye was adjustable.
    Yellow Emperor said: I heard the Six five organs of gas, Ying, Yu has joined as co, so that He Tao from
income, income security even before, it would appreciate further.Chi Bo The answer: The Pulse of difference
into the Yu Yang, the belong to the government Zheye.

    Yellow Emperor said: Ying Yu and cooperation, each name or Down?Chi Bo said: Ying Yu governing
foreign economic relations, cooperation within the government administration.

    Yellow Emperor said: governance within the government do nothing?Chi Bo said: taken from the joint.

    Yellow Emperor said: each name together almost?Chi Bo answer was: stomach together in three years,
together into the large intestine in an enormous virtual Shang Lian, small intestine together into the next in a
massive virtual clean, triple burner into the Venezuelan and yang together, merged with the Venezuelan central
bladder, bile into the Yu Yang Ling Quan Hop.

    Yellow Emperor said: taken from how?Chi Bo answer was: taken from three in persons, low-tarsal taken
from; giant virtual persons, what holds taken from; Committee Yang who, flexion and extension of a claim it;
Venezuela who bend and just take it; Yang Ling Quan who is vertical knee to Zhi Qi, the yang yang to the
Committee to take them; come from the foreign economy who draw out applications 而from God.

   Yellow Emperor said: Our family disease of the Six.Chi Bo answer was: surface heat the speaker
Yangming disease, the fish of Hand Yangming collateral blood disease, both tarsal veins above the vertical
subsidence persons, Foot-Yangming disease, the gastric vein also.

    Large bowel disease, intestinal pain in the cut, while the Ming bald.Weight felt in the winter cold that is
leaking, when the umbilical and pain, can not long stand, and stomach with the candidates, taking on the giant
virtual clean.

For gastric, abdominal _ expansion, epigastric care and pain, upper limbs on the sides, diaphragm pharyngeal
barrier, no less than drinking water, taken from three years also.

    Small intestine of patients, small abdominal pain, aches lumbar control testis, when Jiong later, when the
ears before the heat, if Han Shen, and even if heat alone shoulder, and hand between the little finger plays that
heat, if the pulse depression who measure whose waiting too.Hand Sun disease also, taken from under the
giant virtual clean.

    Triple Burner patients, abdominal Qi is full, belly particular firm, not urine, Jiongji, Yi Ze water remain,
namely inflation.Waiting outside in full sun, great contact, great contact between the sun Shaoyang, also found
in veins, get appointed Yang.

    Bladder patients, abdominal swelling and pain partial to hand-Press to, Justice Being the Desire urine Er
no, shoulders heat, if the pulse depression, and foot little toe and the tibial ankle after foreign Lim are hot, if
the pulse depression, take the Central Committee.

    Gall bladder patient, good heave a deep sigh, bitter mouth, vomiting places juice, heart under the light for
fear that people will catch Zhi, though of course it lacks a few saliva in which it lacks.Fundamentals and
Incidentals in the Foot-Shaoyang, also depending on the Meridians moxibustion 之 those under depression; its
cold and heat 者take Yang Ling Quan.

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn in the proper way or Down?Chi Bo answer was: Barbed this who will be in
the air holes, not in the meat section.Of cavitation, the needle travel in Lane; in the meat section, that is, skin
pain; up anti-diarrhea, the disease Masuatsu.Reinforcement bars in the slow, not evil, its the truth and not to
fish in troubled waters, anti also in the.Needle without trial, to smooth the inverse Ye.
   Root of the fifth

    Chi Bo said: heaven and earth with a sense of warm phase shift cold, yin and yang way, what little what
more, even the vagina, Yang Dodge.Occur in spring and summer, less yin, more yang, yin and yang stressed
that what up what spilled.Occur in autumn and winter, yang little more yin; yin and yang sheng decline, it
leaves withered, wet rain go, yin and yang, phase shift, diarrhea Ho Ho added.Odd evil away from the classics,
countless, I do not know the root node, internal organs, break off defeat hinge, opening and closing and take,
yin and yang big loss, no longer be taken.9 needle Hyun, to Zhong Shi; it can get circulates a nutshell
complete, I do not know circulates, salty needle must.

     Sun rooted in Yam, knot Yu Gate of Life.Vital who head Ye.Rooted in against Yang Ming Li, Yu forehead
big knot.Forehead large who clamp ear Ye.Shao Yang Yin rooted in orifices, knot in the window
cage.Window cage who ears Ye.Sun to open for the co-Yangming, Shaoyang to hinge, fold it open, then the
meat section of ditch Er sudden attack of a serious illness from the carry on.So sudden attack of a serious
illness who taken from the sun, as more than enough.Dereliction of duty were, flesh Wan Jiao and weak
也  .Hop off, then nothing to stop the gas from the carry on atrophy disease.Atrophy disease so those taken from
Yang Ming, as more than enough.Nothing to stop those infuriating Ji Liu, Chih-evil home.Fold axis, that is
bone and not be content to Yao.Therefore, those bone Yao, taken from Shaoyang, as more than enough.Bone
Yao who not income 也slow section.The so-called bone Yao who shake it also relies.When the theft Qi text as.

    Tai Yin rooted in hidden white, knot in Taicang.Shao rooted in springs, spring end Yu Lian.Jueyin rooted
in big London, knot Yu Yuying, contact Yu tanzhong.Moon is a composite, Shaoyang the hub.Therefore,
unfolding, then the Depository nothing to lose, diaphragm hole.Diaphragm hole who taken from Tai Yin, as
more than enough, thereby unfolding 者 air sick but still insufficient.Hop off that ghost, and Xi Bei.Were
taken from Jueyin grief, as more than enough.Fold axis, then the clock has node not pass.Unreasonable person,
taken from Shao, as more than enough, end who are taking inadequate.

    Full sun rooted in Yam, slipped Yu Jing bone, note in the Kunlun Mountains, into the Tianzhu, flying
也 .Foot Shao Yang Yin rooted in orifices, slipped on the Hill Market, Note on Yosuke, into the days of content,
the bright lights.Against Foot-Yangming rooted in Li, slipped Yu Chong Yang, Note on the next tomb, into the
others welcome, Hong Leong 也       .Rooted in a small hand-Ze Sun, slipped Yu Yanggu, note the small sea,
entering into the roof, supporting fair.Shaoyang rooted in customs red, slip Yu Yang Chi, of attention to Chlh-
kou, entering into the day-you, outside Sekiya.Yang-Ming Yang Hand rooted in business, slipped Yu gu, note
Yu Yang River, entering into the Futu, partial calendar Ye.This so-called twelve who were as taken from
Sheng contact.

    Night and day, 50 Camp battalion essence of the five internal organs, not a few, it is called crazy
students.The so-called 50 operators, five internal organs are bullied, holding the pulse population, the number
of 其 to also.50 action without generation of those five internal organs are bullied.40 dynamic generation of
those, a dirty-free gas.30 dynamic generation of those two dirty no gas.20 dynamic generation of those three
dirty, no gas.10 dynamic generation of those four dirty-free gas.Dynamic generation of less than ten persons,
five internal organs without gas.To short-term, to circulates.The so-called 50 generation of action rather than
those that often 也 know the period in five internal organs, to the short term are, first the number of first
thinning 也 .

    Yellow Emperor said: Nishun 5 body, spokesman joints the size of the meat stand of crisp, skin thickness,
Blood voicing the air, sliding astringent, clock the length, the number of Blood, Meridian, and any number
more than known to men, and Commoner ordinary man people in too euphemistically.Husband kings adults,
blood drinking ages, health Roucui, muscle weakness, blood gas Piaohan sliding profits, Qi Zhi Xu disease
superficial, deep puncture the amount of available almost similarities.Chi Bo answer was: Liang Shu
Lophanthus rugosus paste the taste, how can the same An?Gas slip that the disease, its gas Shibuya is a late,
small gas defended the needle spends shallow gas Shibuya is a large infiltration needle deep, deep the desire to
stay, want to light the disease.This perspective, stabbed commoner who, deep in order to remain with, barbed
adults who, micro to Xu, the interest because the gas Piaohan slip 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: shape qi Nishun how?Chi Bo said: qi deficiencies, symptoms of illness more than it
is evil wins also, crash them; shaped gas surplus, disease gas shortage emergency supplemented; shaped gas
shortage, disease gas shortage, this yin and yang qi all enough for him, not stab Zhi , gill Zhi is heavy
enough.Weight is insufficient yin and yang, all dried up, blood gas are exhausted, empty five internal organs,
tendons bone dry, old extinction, physically strong and no longer carry on.Form more than gas, gas more than
sick, we called yin and yang, all more than 也   .Acute diarrhea Qi evil, tune their actual situation.Hence it is
said: diarrhea for more than a person, who make up the shortage, what is called 也.

    Hence it is: I do not know Nishun thorns, really evil Competing.Man and supplemented, the yin and yang
overflowing, gastrointestinal charge Guo, liver and lung in _, Negative and wrong.Virtual and diarrhea, things
are empty meridians, blood gas exhaust dry, gastrointestinal _ the provision of the skin with thin, hair Cou yao
Jiao, Zhi day of his death to be.

     Hence it is said: to use the needle, adjust the yin and yang is to know.Adjust the yin and yang, refined gas
is light, together with the gas form, so that God concealed.Hence it is said: Shanggong flat gas, in the industrial
chaos clock, gas crisis students must clock out.Hence it is said: they clock caution also, the changes will
review Wu Zang disease, five Pulses should be, in reality virtual meridian, soft skin, thick, and then take Chih.

    Shouyao sixth Rigid

     Yellow Emperor asked in a small master said: I blasted for raw as well, with just a soft, there is weak there
is a strong and quite long, there Yinyou Yang, appreciate further side.

    Few teachers answer was: Yin in Yin and Yang in Yang, the trial known yin and yang, well-thorn Zhi.Ill
the beginning, thorn is justified.Like degree of disease side, and when appropriate.Hop on the internal organs
within and outside skin together in the bones.Therefore in yin and yang within and outside there are yin and
yang.Including those, five internal organs are negative, Liu Fu is Yang, absentee, as the Yin bones, skin to
sun.Hence it is said, of yin yin disease who stabbed Yu Ying yin, yang yang disease who puncture combined
yang, yin yang disease who puncture by yin, yin and yang disease who puncture venae .Hence it is said, who
called kidney disease in Yang style, called kidney disease in the shade by Bi, Bi Feng Yin and Yang called
kidney disease all.Bing physical pain but not those yang class also; invisible pain who yin class also.Invisible
pain who completed but Cinnamomum injury Qi Yang Chih.Emergency rule the shadows, without focusing on
Yang.Visible without pain who completed the shadows, while yang Chih injury.Anxious to govern the sun,
without attacking the shadows.Yin and yang, all moving, at first visible, invisible at first glance, to be
bothered, Ming Yue Yin Yang Sheng Qi.What we called no Table is not in, its shape soon.

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-Gao said: I heard a disease of qi that has, within the outside should do
nothing?Burgaw answer was: cold injury type, injury, anxiety or fear wrath gas; gas dirty injury, is Bing dirty,
cold injury form, is to be shaped; wind injured tendons, tendons and is should be.Outside air within this form

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn Zhi how?Burgaw The answer: those patients on the 9th, three stab it; Bing Jan
persons, 10 stab it; the number of near and far, this decline Zhi.Bi not long body who, as the blood contact, try
out the blood.

    Yellow Emperor said: inside and outside of the disease, ease of administration do nothing?Burgaw The
answer: not yet shaped into the dirty first Bing who stabbed the semi of their day.Dirty is the first form of the
disease and to be who stabbed a multiple of their day.This month, as easily had.
    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-Gao said: I heard form a priority, gas wax and wane, bone has the size of a firm
crisp flesh, skin has thickness, his basic stand Shouyao how?Burgaw answer was: Form and gas Renze Shou,
not with any Ze yao.Skin and meat with fruit Ze life, not with fruit Ze yao, blood gas meridian shape Ze Sheng
Shou, numerous forms are premature end.

    Yellow Emperor said: What andtransformation priority?Burgaw answer was: the skin form of charge
persons were slow life, the skin form of charge acute persons were premature end to form a large firm who
charge The gangue Junya, form filling and pulse weak and small to gas decline, decline of the Wei Yi.If the
shape of bone can not afford full Erquan small, carry on bone small ones keep emerging.Form filling and
strong and took part in a large meat rouge Zhe Jian meat, meat Chien Ting carry on; shaped charge and the
large meat-free sub-arguments are not strong Zherou Cui, Roucui Ze yao carry on.The days of life, so
legislation will form gas, and they view Shouyao who will understand this legislation will form gas, and then
using the PLC patients, life and death decisions.

   Yellow Emperor said: I heard Shouyao, no to degree.Burgaw answer was: base of a wall base, and to high
non-persons, 30 died unhappy.Plus he has a disease because of who die and less than 20.

   Yellow Emperor said: the phase qi win to stand Shouyao how?Bo Gao answer was: level one and Vigor to
shape life; disease and type of meat off Vigor to shape death, wins gas by Weiyi shape.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard there are three changes thorns, what three changes?Burgaw answer was:
barbed operators, barbed Wei who has been stabbed to stay cold paralysis of those.

   Yellow Emperor said: stabbed three variables are how?Bo Gao answer was: bleeding puncture operators,
who stabbed Wei outlet, who stabbed Han Bi heat.

    Yellow Emperor said: Ying and Wei Han Bi is sickness do nothing?Bo Gao answer was: Camp in sick
also, cold and heat less air, the blood up and down.Health of the sick but, when gas pain to go, anger anger
Ben ring, cold in the stomach among the passengers.Han Bi is sickness too, but not to stay, when the pain and
skin heartless.

   Yellow Emperor said: stabbed Han Bi heat how?Bo Gao answer was: thorn commoner who, in order to
quench the fire; barbed adults who, in order to iron the drug.

    Yellow Emperor said: medicine iron how?Burgaw The answer: The sun wine 2 pounds, Shujiao pound,
pound ginger, Guixin pound, where the four, all chewing Tsui, wine stains, use cotton Xu pound, thin white
cloth Si Zhang, and in wine, Zhijiu vector Yun Ma, the seal, coat, must not allow leakage.On the 5th and five
nights, exposed to dry out the cotton floc, dry complex collapse, in order to do their juice.Each stain must first
birthday of a child of their day, is the dry.Dry cotton with sediment and Xu, complex cloth towel complex, six-
seven feet long, for the 67 towel, then used mulberry carbon Sunburn towel to iron thorns between the cold
paralysis, so that the heat into The disease, cold recovery towel ironing Zhi Zhi Yi, 30 over the shelling
ceased.Sweat towel to wipe, it will be 30 all over the shelling ceased.Started in, none see the wind.Every stab
will be iron, so patients passed away.

   Official needle seventh

    Where to stab Zhi, officials pin the most wonderful.9 needle should all be as long, short, large and small,
all have facilities 也.Shall not be utilized, the patient unable to answer shift.Disease shallow needle deep,
internal injuries good meat, skin for the carbuncle; disease deep needle shallow gas and diarrhea diseases,
support for large pus.Disease small needle big, too much gas diarrhea, disease will damage; disease in small
needles, gas is not diarrhea, as too are lost.Loss of needles should.Who spilled a large and small are
inalienable.Have words and over, please made its facilities.
    Impermanence of skin diseases in office who is accessible by the disease needle Chan, Fu Bai not to
take.Disease in sub-meat, the take in order to realize the disease by acupuncture.Bi meridian inveterate disease
who take to front pin.Disease in the pulse, breath, when completed, and then, get to Chi-pin in the sub-wells
Ying Yu.Those for large septic patients, needle to take to beryllium.Disease outbreaks are Bi gas, take to round
sharp needle.Bi gas pain patients but not to those obtained with the needle.Disease in those taking the long
needle.Edema can not pass joint disease who take the big needle.Disease in five organs were fixed abode,
accessible front pin, sub-Yu Xie Yu Xing well, accessible four seasons.

    Where stabbed nine to be nine changes.Yue Yu a thorn, Yu Cizhe, stabbed by Ying Zhu Yu Yu dirty him;
second is all the way thorns, all the way Cizhe, disease, the taking under the barbed Fu Yu also; The third is by
the thorns, by Cizhe, gill The knot of a large contact points have been; Siyue pricking, contact Cizhe, barbed
small contextual blood also; Wu Yue points thorns, divided Cizhe, barbed points between meat; Liu Yue
drastically thorn thorn slump who stabbed a large abscess with beryllium needles; seven said, burr, burr who
stabbed floating Bi skin; 8 said, needling, giant Cizhe, left to take the right, the right to take the left; 9 Yue Cui
thorns, quenching Cizhe, gill Bi also burnt needle is taken.

    Where thorns are 12 to be twelve.Said, even a thorn, even Cizhe to heart if the hand straight back, straight
pain in the a thorn ago, after a stab to the mind paralysis.Stab this person, Chih-Pong needle.The second is
reportedly stabbed, reported Cizhe, tingling impermanence Department also.Up and down entrants, within the
non-needle injection directly to the left with the disease are by the, is a needle, multiple stab Chih.The third is
acupuncture technique, restore Cizhe, piercing the seaside, held before and after restoration Jinji to rule bars Bi
also.Si Yue Qi thorn, Qi Cizhe, straight into one, waterfront into two, with a small deep cold treatment; or say
the three stabbed three Cizhe, treatment of small deep Zheye Bi Qi.Wu Yue Yang stabbed, Yang Cizhe, are
within one, Pong in four, while the floating Zhi, to cure stroke in major cold Zhi Ye.Liu Yue straight needle,
straight needle who is a thorn Zhi cited paper in order to rule, inexperienced cold 之 也           .Seven said, lose
needles, lose Cizhe, straight Ruzhi out, thin hair-pin 而 depth of the order to rule arrogant 而 with heat Ye.Pat
said, short spines short Cizhe, biting Bi, while the depth of the shake slightly, caused by the needle of bone,
bone is also more than the next Morocco.9 say floating gill, floating Cizhe, Pong into the floating Zhi, to cure
acute and cold but also muscle.10 Yue Yin thorns, overcast Cizhe, about rates of barbed Zhi, to rule Hanjue; in
Hanjue, Shao 也 after ankle.11 Yue Pong acupuncture, acupuncture beside those piercing thorns beside each
one to those who are living in government remain paralysis.12 said, praise thorn, Zambia Cizhe, straight Ruzhi
out shallow in the number of hair-pin Er, is that the governance of carbuncle swollen bleeding Ye.

    Pulse for the community home, deep not see who stabbed the micro needle Er stay too long inside become
so frequent that are empty pulse gas also.Superficial veins were, do not puncture, according to the pulse is a
thorn Zhi absolutely no make sperm out alone out its evil ear.

    The so-called three-thorn, the gas out of Zhe Gu.Superficial skin puncture must first to the sun cult, and
then stab Ze Yinxie out who never less beneficial skin deep, caused by muscle, not the meat There is also the
branch; have meat between the branch, then the valley air out.Therefore, needling said: shallow in the
beginning thorn to by evil, from blood gas, after the puncture depth of the so yin evil being, the last stab deep
Zhi, the following valley air.What is called Ye.

    Therefore, with the needle, I do not know the year plus the air, rise and fall, and Reality in the beginning,
can not the work available.

   Where stabbed five, to meet the five internal organs, say half a gill, half Cizhe, light hair pin in the disease,
non-needle wound meat, such as plucking like to take skin gas, the lungs had.

    The second is tattooed Leopard, Leopard Man Cizhe, before and after the needle around, in the vein as it is
to those who take blood meridian, this heart be also.
    The third is related thorns off Cizhe, piercing the tendon is about to do, to get tendon paralysis, careful not
bleeding, the Liver should be also; or say deep thorn; Yue Qi a thorn.

    Si Yue Hegu thorn, gu Cizhe, about chicken feet, needle between the score of meat to take muscle
paralysis, the spleen should be too.

   Wu Yue lose spines lose Cizhe, straight Ruzhi out deep inside the matter to bone, in order to get Gubi, the
Kidney had.

    The God of the eighth

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: who stabbed the law, law must be present to God first.Blood,
pulse, business, air, spirit, the five internal organs for the community possessing Ye.To the obscene dirty is
fine from the loss of Iris, soul flying, Chi Italy indistinct chaos, intellectual consideration to the body who,
what and thus recognition?Days of sin and?Person had Down?What is Germany, gas, health, fine, God, spirit,
soul, heart, mind, blog, thinking, intelligence, concern?Will the so.

    Chi Bo answer was: days of Germany in me will also, Land Development in me will gas also.German gas
flow thin living 也 .Therefore, to that essence of the Seng; two fine Competing that God; contact with God, the
soul of those that; and access Called fine and soul; so that the heart of any of those things; heart be recalled
that the meaning; Italy keep that ambition for the community; for that blog and kept changing Thinking; for
thought and much consideration means that a Mu; Department for consideration and things that wisdom.

    Therefore the wise health also, applies by cold and heat will smooth 4:00, and joy, anger, and live office,
yin and yang and the transfer rigid-flexible section.If so, then evil is not to secluded, longevity and.

    Therefore in Chuti thoughtful persons were of trouble, grief and prostitution are more than Kongju
flow.Were moving because of sorrow, exhausted but never lost health.Joy who fear God and not loose
possession.Chou You are, gas shut-No.Rage who, confused and not rule.Kongju who fear God and not close

    Heart, Chuti thoughtful Ze trouble, and grief from the loss of Ze Kongju._ Breaking off the meat, hair
color keep emerging died sad winter.

  Chou You are injured spleen and understand Italian, Italian Man injured while chaos, limbs do not move,
Mao died in the spring of sad color keep emerging.

   Moving the injured liver sad soul, the soul does not hurt the mad forget fine, not fine is not correct, when
people reduce and Luan Yin tendons, bones do not move the sides, hair color keep emerging died sad autumn.

   Promise Ze lung injury joy soul, soul wounds are crazy, crazy person who does not exist meaning, leather
coke, hair color keep emerging died sad summer.

    Rage and not just the injured kidney chi, chi hurt the hi forget its preamble, not exhort Yang lumbar
flexion and extension, hair color keep emerging sad died on summer.

    Understand the essence of fear injury, while bone acid Weijue fine injury, when the bottom fine.Therefore
in the five internal organs are also the main Tibetan fine, not hurt, hurt the fall and Yin; yin no gas, no gas is
dead carry on.

    Therefore in those with a needle, the police view of state patients to know the essence, spirit, soul, soul Zhi
survival, the meaning of gains and losses, five were for injuries, needles should not rule that it also.
   Liver storing blood, blood soul homes, liver Qi Ze fear, actually angry.

    Spleen camp, camp means, spleen deficiency is not the limbs, five viscera disturbed, but in fact by the
steep negative abdominal distention.

   Tibetan heart pulse, pulse House of God, the heart qi is sad, actually laughing endlessly.

   Pulmonary gas reservoir, gas house soul, lung qi, qi is less stuffy negative, but actually drinking breast
Ying Yang asthma rates.

    Kidney essence, Chiu Chi, kidney virtual is Jue, actually inflation.Five organs disturbed.Will review the
five internal organs is a disease form, to know these qi actual situation, like the notes that it also.

   Beginning and Ending of the ninth

    Where the thorn way, Bi Zhong Shi, knowingly circulates, the five internal organs for the discipline, Yin
and Yang will carry on.Negative patients was the main dirty, Yang Zhe master Fu, Yang bullied in four late
bullied Yu Yin five internal organs, so diarrhea 者 Yingzhi, who followed up, with the knowledge to know
welcome, gas can be made and, gas Prescriptions, will pass yin and yang.Five internal organs are negative, Six
Hollow Organs as Yang, the world after transfer to the blood for the Union.Jingzhi prosper, and those who die
slow.No Daoxing private, must keep emerging calamity.

    Would like to Mukden Road, please word circulates.Beginning and Ending of those meridians Tamenori.I
welcome the pulse of people who, more than enough to know that yin and yang, peace and injustice, Heaven
Bi carry on.The so-called peace people who are not sick, not sick, pulse population who welcome the four
seasons and also, up and down accordingly and all contacts have six by the end of Pulse is not moving also, ins
and outs cold Wen defends Division also.Shape the meat will be commensurate with blood gas also, is that the
level of people.Less gas by the pulse population who welcome all small sizes are not known.In this way, the
yin and yang all insufficient yin yang is exhausted, diarrhea Yinze Yang off.In this way, can be will be willing
to drugs, not drinking as well as agents, so who Eph moxibustion.Si were not so crash, things are mad to carry
on the five internal organs.

   People greet one Sheng, disease foot Shaoyang, a Sheng and ankle, hand Shaoyang disease.Sheng Ying
two people, the sick in full sun, the second containing the ankle, the patient in hand the sun, who meet three
Sheng, Yang Ming disease in the foot, three-Sheng and ankle, hand Yangming disease.Sheng Ying four
people, and large and the number, named Yang Yi, Yi Yang for foreign cells.

    Sheng mouth of a pulse, the patient in the foot Jueyin; Jue Yin Yisheng and calm, in Shouxin Zhu.Pulse I 2
Sheng, disease foot Shao; 2 Prosperity to ankle, in the hands Shao.Pulse mouth Sansheng, full moon disease; 3
Prosperity to ankle, in the hands Tai Yin.Pulse I d Sheng, and large and the number, it is called Yin Yi.Yi Yin
as the internal relations, internal customs barriers and dead dead.I meet with people all Sheng Tai Yin clock
over four times, it is called off grid.Kwan qualified person, with short-term.

    People greet one Sheng, Xie Jue Yin foot Shaoyang and complement, 2 diarrhea and compensation, on a
take of, will be examined for all Er, sparse taken from the last gas and Naizhi.People welcome 2 Sheng, Xie
Shao full sun filled, 2 diarrhea and compensation, on the 2nd one taken from, will be cut and examined for,
sparse taken from, the gas and Naizhi.Three people meet Sheng, Xie Ming Er complement Taiyin foot, two
diarrhea and compensation, on the second taken from, must be examined for all Er, sparse taken from the last
gas and Naizhi.

   A pulse containing mouth, diarrhea and complement the foot Jueyin Shaoyang, two complement one crash,
one taken from Japan, will be examined for all Er, sparse, gain, upper air and Naizhi.Pulse I 2 Sheng, Xie Shao
Er make up enough sun, the second meeting of a crash, the 2nd one taken from, must be examined for all Er,
sparse taken from the last gas and Naizhi.Pulse mouth Sansheng, diarrhea enough Talin Er complement
Yangming, Second meeting of a crash, on the second taken from, will be cut and examined for, sparse and
taken from the last gas and Naizhi.So on the second take, and then, too, yang main stomach, large gas rich
valley, it can take on two Chih.

    I welcome all people and the pulse containing more than three times, Ming Yue Yi-yin and yang all, so
those who do not open, then the blood vessels are blocked, nothing, air, flow prostitution in, the five internal
organs internal injuries.Such persons, which moxibustion, things are changing is easier said than carry on his

   Where the road to puncture, atmosphere shelling ceased, yin yang diarrhea, tone air synergetic, intelligent
eyes and ears.Against the persons, blood gas not work.

    And effectively to those so-called Qi, Xie Ze Yi virtual, empty, without strong pulse so great as it also;
strong as it so 者 suitable though it is made, the patient not to the water.Complement the interests of reality,
facts, a stronger pulse Guer big as it also; husband not so strong as it 者 suitable though made fast, the patient
not to the water.It up then more, diarrhea and empty, though not with the needle pain, the patient will decline
to go.Through 12 meridians for the community must first get sick, then carry on the availability of
transmission with circulates.Therefore, the phase shift between yin and yang, the actual situation is not with
the dumping, taken from up his.

    Where the thorn from Taiwan are three stab to the Valley, gas, debased jump together, Yin and Yang Yi
home, Nishun the contrary, the ups and downs Yi Chu, 4:00 may not, be missed obscene Iris needle
away.Therefore, while Yang evil out of a thorn, and then stab Ze Yinxie out three stab Ze Valley gas to the
valley air to the shelling ceased.The so-called forbearance to those who have been up and indeed, have
diarrhea and the empty, so to know what valley air to also.Evil independence to persons, Yin and Yang can not
tune Erbing know more 也      .Hence it is: fill the real, diarrhea and empty, though not with the needle pain, the
patient will decline to carry on.

   Yin Prosperity to Yang and Yang make up the first, then diarrhea, the anions and instead Zhi.While yang
Yin Sheng, first fill the shadows, and instead, after diarrhea Qi Yang Zhi.

    3 between the pulse in foot big toe, the trial will in fact true, deficiency, diarrhea is the turn of that weight
virtual.Weight virtual Bing Yi Shen.Who stabbed the offenders, for that water according to the pulsating and
the real and the sick who are sick diarrhea Zhi, Deficiency Xu persons were supplemented.Counter this, the
sick Yi Shen.Its movement also, Yangming, the Jue Yin in Chinese, Shao next.

    Ying Ying Yu in the back and Yu in the back, shoulders virtual persons, to take over.

    Heavy tongue, barbed tongue poles to beryllium needles.

   Rather than flexor stretch owner, its disease tendons, stretched and unbending who have heart in the bone,
bone in bone Shou, Shou tendons in tendon.

   Up to one real, deep taken from, dilute according to You, to be extremely out its evil.One false, shallow
puncture of to raise the pulse, according to Yu illness, so that evil may not enter.Evil to also bear the disease,
Xu and Gu and air come the.The real person deep vein puncture, to vent their gas; pulse virtual persons,
superficial stab them so refined gas without spilled in order to raise the pulse, single out its evil.

    Barbed various pain who are really the pulse.

   Hence it is said: From the waist over, hands are the Lord of the lunar Yangming; from the waist below, are
Lord of Foot Yangming lunar.
   Disease is taken from under the person; Bing were higher taken from the next; disease-headed One taken
from foot; disease in lumbar 者taken from the popliteal.

   Patient who was born first, top-heavy; born in hands of the arm weight; are perpetually born, full
weight.Treat those patients by their first stab from the living Ye.

    Gas in the hair spring, summer and gas in the skin, autumn air in the sub-meat, winter air in the bones.Gill
disease who when all their Qi.Fat people as it is barbed, to the fall and winter Qi, gill Thin Man, to collect
spring and summer Qi.

   Pain at Yam also, by the hand of pain and not at Yam also, deep stab Zhi.Disease in the persons,
yang.Disease in the next at Yam also.Itch persons, Yang also, of shallow stab.

    Disease since the first negative patients, the first rule the shadows, and then to govern the sun; disease from
the sun first, we must first govern the sun, and then rule the shadows.

    Thorn hot Juezhe retaining the needle against the cold; thorn Hanjue, to remain for the heat needle
counter.Thorn hot Juezhe, two yin and yang; barbed Hanjue persons, 2 Yin Yang 1.The so-called 2 negative
patients, two thorns Yin also; a sun who stabbed a yang.

   Sick men, evil into the deep.Gill disease who should be deep and stay for the occasional stab of the day
undone, we must first adjust the left and right want to put their blood, gill Road Bi carry on.

   Where stab the law, law must be the review of its qi.Shape the meat is not off, less anger has ankle pulse,
ankle Juezhe, will for the Community thorn Zhi, bulk gas to be received, poly gas can be cloth.

    Secluded Jing Chu, accounting for between God, close household plug-you, soul ghost, specifically
intended for a God, fine gas divided, no celebrity voice to receive perfection, will be one the god, so aim at

    Remain with shallow, micro-and a floating Zhi, to shift its God, gas is off to.

    Men in women, the refused to do not out do not keep inside, is that of qi.

    Where Prohibition of thorns: New within the Do not puncture, do not stab in the new; have drunk not to
stab, stab do not have drunk; new anger Do not puncture, do not have barbed anger; new workers do not stab,
workers do not have thorns; have full Do not puncture, Do not eat has been stabbed; has been famine Do not
puncture, do not have thorns hunger; have been thirsty thorn do not have thorns Do not thirsty; shocked big
fear, will its gas is stabbed Zhi.Travel to those lying closed for that, for example food are are thorn Zhi.Travel
to persons, sit and rest that, for example line is thousands of miles are thorn Zhi.Unless stopped 12 prohibited
persons, the pulse gas scattered indiscriminately, against their business Wei, Qi and not time, so stab areas,
then into the disease in Yin Yang, Yin disease out of the sun, then the evil back to life.Unskilled workers do
not detect, is that the cutting body, physical fornication, is a consumer brain, body fluid, so, off its flavors, is
that the loss of gas also.

    Sun clock, the final also.Wear eye, fold, Chi Zong, the color white, skin is absolutely must Khan, Khan, is
finally must carry on.

    Shaoyang end who deafness, 100 to make vertical lines present never, never, Department Head, on the 1st
half dead carry on.The dead also, color and plainer, is dead.
    Yang finally who I present action, hi surprise, raved, yellow; its down-tested Sheng and unworkable, then
finally carry on.

   Shao end who face black, teeth long, dirt, bloating block, carry on the upper and lower barrier and
eventually died.

   Jueyin end who overflow dry heat, hi female, upset, and even the tongue volume, eggs shrink and
eventually carry on.

    Lunar end who closed abdominal distension, not interest rates, gas, eh, good vomit, vomit Inverse, reverse
Zemian Chi, not the upper and lower barrier against Ze, General Principles of the upper and lower surfaces are
not black, fur carry on to rival and eventually died.

   10th meridian

    Thunder asked the Emperor said: "no pulse" words, where the barbed truth, Meridian was beginning its
business lines, the metric system, within the sub-Wu Zang, six other foreign governments willing to make
news their way.

    Yellow Emperor said: students who started first as fine, fine as Er brain health, bone dry, pulse in the open,
bars for fresh meat for the wall, the skin firm Fur long, valley into the stomach, the road to pass pulse, blood
gas is the line.

     Thunder said: would like to hear the meridians is the beginning of Death.Yellow Emperor said: meridians,
it had to daredevil Health, Department all, and transfer actual situation, not unreasonable.

    Pulmonary vein hand luni played at the coke, large intestine under the contact, but also through the
stomach, upper diaphragm is the lung, pulmonary system from the cross out of the arms, the next through the
Ru, the line of Shao Yin Heart before, under the elbow, the arm through Under the Upper bone clean, into the
cunkou, the fish, through the thenar, the tip of the thumb; its support, from the wrist straight out of times that
after the clean out its side within.

     Is moving the fullness of lung disease, swelling and cough, Quepen in pain, and even then cross hands and
dim, this is the arm Jue.Those who are sick is the main lung, upper airway cough, dyspnea, thirst, ache, chest
full, Ru arm pain within the pre-Lian Jue, palm heat.More than arrogant, then the shoulder and back pain, cold
sweating stroke, urine is less.Qi is shoulder pain, cold, less is not sufficient to interest rates, female
discoloration.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then
remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng those who
meet three times Exists in big, empty, then less than a man who was also anti-Exists.

Artery of hand Yangming colon, starting from the tip of thumb plays that, through means the clean, the gu
between the two bones, the two bars into being, through the arm clean, clean outside into the elbow, on the
outside before Ru Lian, on the shoulder, out?Lian bone before the last out of the column were at the lower
income Quepen, contact the lung, under the diaphragm, is large intestine.And its support, from Quepen upper
neck, and through cheek, into the next gear, it is also out of relying on export, delivery people, the right hand
left and right Zhizuo last squeezed the nose.

    Is moving the sick tooth pain, neck swelling.Those who are sick is the main body fluid, yellow eyes, dry
mouth, congested nose bleed at the nose, Hou Bi, shoulder pain before the Er, thumb plays that do not have
pain, gas and more than then when those connections are too hot swollen; virtual Ze Han Li no longer.To this
end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold,
trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng persons, who meet three
times cunkou large; virtual who were less than welcome anti-Exists 也.
    Artery of foot Yangming stomach, at the turn of junction of nose and forehead from the nose, the next to
accept the sun clock, through the nose under the outside, into the upper teeth, it is also a lip ring relying on
export, delivery commitments under the plasma, but under the clean through after the aging, the Great
welcome, through the buccal car, on the front of the ear, passing through the master, through the hair, to the
amount of skull; their support, from big welcome welcome former servant, through the throat, into the Quepen,
under the diaphragm, is a stomach, contact the spleen; its linear, from under the mammary Quepen inexpensive
and under rely on the umbilicus, into the red in the air; its support those from the stomach, lower abdomen
through the years, down to the air impact of the joint, the following thigh relations, arrive V rabbits under the
knee patella, the tibia under the outside through clean, tarsal under the foot, into the middle finger in between;
their support persons, under the clean silver and other income in the next toe outside; its support, No tarsal on
into the big toes out its side.

    Is moving the disease Sasa Zhen Han, complaining about its being good, a few less, Yan black, sick to Ze
evil and fire, smell of wood-sun Ti surprise, however, heart about to move on, single-you and the office closed
Cypriot families.For the very high while the song is, abandon clothes And walking, Ben to the abdominal
distention, Jue for the shinbone.Is the main blood by those who are sick, crazy malaria temperature
prostitution, sweating, congested nose bleed at the nose, mouth Wai, lip gizzards, neck swelling, Hou Bi, large
abdominal swelling, swollen knee patella, Ying through milk, air blasting, stocks, Fu Rabbit , shinbone foreign
inexpensive tarsal Shang foot are pain in the toes do not, both before arrogant Ze body heat, Qi more than in
the stomach, then the consumer Valley good hunger, female yellow; body before the gas is insufficient both
Han Li, stomach cold Ze fullness.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented,
heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking
from.Sheng persons, who meet three times in Exists, empty, people are also welcome anti-less than Exists.

    Spleen foot luni pulse, starting from the tip of the big toe, toe through the white meat inside the occasion
after a nuclear bone, the medial malleolus before the ICAC, the kick inside, through the tibia, the surrender
before the Jue Yin, on the knee before the Independent Commission Against Corruption Unit within the , Ru
Fu, is the spleen, contact stomach, upper diaphragm, relying on the pharynx, Liantun this, San sublingual; the
branch who, from the perspective of the stomach be fooled diaphragm, heart note.

    The disease is moving the tongue, food is vomiting, epigastric pain, bloating, good eh, after the gas was
then rapidly decline as natural, all body weight.Those who are sick is the main spleen, tongue pain, body can
not shake, eat no less than, ache, heart under the Ji Tong, refer, discharge pond, the water closed, jaundice, not
lying, strong legislation, stocks within the swollen knee Jue, not enough big toe .To this end all patients, while
diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the
moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng persons, who meet three times Exists in big,
empty, less than one anti-ying Exists.

    Hand and Heart Shaoyin the pulse, from the heart, the heart is, under the diaphragm, and contact the small
intestine; its support, from the heart, the embrace pharynx, Department Head Department; the straight person,
but on the resumption of the lung from the heart, under the armpit, under the Inner through Ru Lian, OK lunar
Heart, the next elbow, the arm through Inner Lim, arrived in charge of the side after the sharp bone, into the
charge of Inner honest, through the little finger within, out of the end .

    Is the immobility of dry crop disease, heartache, Keer To drink is to arm Jue.Heart disease is the main by
those yellow eyes, hypochondriac pain, Er Arm pain after Lim Jue, hands hot pain.To this end all patients,
while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the
moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng who re-times the big man Exists welcome,
empty, less than a man who was also anti-Exists.

Small intestine hand sun pulse, from the little finger of the end of the hand along the outside of the wrist, the
ankle in straight through the next forearm clean out the inside of the elbow between the two tendons last post
outside through Ru Lian, a shoulder solution around the shoulder, cross on his shoulders, into the Quepen,
contact centers, through the pharynx, under the diaphragm, and arrived in the stomach, an intestine; their
support, from the neck through the cheek Quepen to present sharp canthus, but your ear; its support by Do
cheek?, arrived in the nose, to present inner canthal, oblique contact the zygomatic.

     Is moving the disease, crop pain, jaw swelling, can not care, like shoulder pull, Er may fold.Those who are
sick is the main solution, deaf, yellow, swollen cheek, neck, jaw, shoulder, Er, elbow, arm pain inexpensive
foreign post.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then
remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng who were
re-times the big welcome Exists, empty, less than a man who was anti-Exists 也     .

Artery of the bladder full sun, from the head of the epicanthal in the last volume, cross tops; its support, from
the top of the upper corner to the ear; its straight, from the summit of contact into the brain, also under the
other items, through the shoulder Po, the embrace ridge, arrived back in through the backbone into, contact the
kidney, is a bladder; its support, from the lower lumbar spine embrace, consistent hip, into the popliteal in; its
support, from Bo around inside, do not, the consistent shoulder blade, embrace within the ridge, over thigh
axis, through the thigh, the clean from the back, under the co-popliteal, the following consistently kick (_), the
lateral out after the bone through Beijing to the outside of little toe.

Fixed the disease is washed headache, head off like, items such as pull, ridge pain, waist like fold, thigh not the
music, such as the popliteal node, kick (_), such as crack, is the ankle Jue.Is the reinforcement, the sick person,
hemorrhoids, malaria, mad, crazy disease, the first?Item pain, yellow eyes, tear out, congested nose bleed at
the nose, key, back, waist, Tajiri, popliteal kick (_), feet were sore, not a small toe.To this end all patients,
while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the
moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng who were re-times the big welcome Exists,
empty, less than a man who was anti-Exists 也   .

Renal Artery of Foot Shao Yin, from under the small toe, go Zuxin evil, out of natural valley below, through
the medial malleolus, the other into the now, the more kick (_), with a popliteal clean inside, within the Unit
After the clean, consistent ridge, is a kidney, bladder contact; its straight, from kidney on the penetration of
liver diaphragm, and lungs in through the throat and push the tongue; its support, from pulmonary heart out of
contact, note the chest.

Is moving the patient hungry Yushi, wood surfaces such as paint, cough saliva have blood, drink Erchuan, sit
and wish, the present __ If no see, heart-shaped, such as suspended if the hunger.Gas shortage of the good fear,
the heart Ti-Ti as people catch is the turn of the bone Jue.Those who are sick is the main kidney, mouth hot,
tongue dry, swollen throat, upper air, crop dry and pain, ache, heartburn, jaundice, intestinal bleach, within the
spinal unit after the clean pain, Wei Jue, addicted to lying, with a single step thermal and pain .To this end all
patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped
under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Moxibustion strength from eating raw meat,
slow with Phi hair, big stick and step re-assumed.Sheng who re-times the big man Exists welcome, empty, less
than a man who was also anti-Exists.

    Heart Pericardium contextual pulse, starting from the chest, out of an Envelope, under the diaphragm,
calendar contact triple burner; the branch who, through the chest a threat, three inches under the armpit, on
arrival in the armpit, through the Ru, the line Tai Yin, Shao between the elbow into the middle and lower arm
bar line between the two, into the hands, through the middle finger, out of its end; their support persons, do not
thumb through little finger plays that, out of its end.

     Is moving the palm of heat illness, acute elbow Luan, axillary swelling, and even then Xiongxie branch is
full, mind Rui Rui major, Mianchi, yellow eyes, laugh endlessly.The main vein is the sick, worry, heartache,
palm heat.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then
remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng who
doubles on others Exists welcome, empty, less than one anti-ying 也Exists.

Triple Burner Artery of hand Shaoyang, starting from the tip of the little finger plays that, on the two fingers
between the wrist through the watches, the two bones between the outer arm, upper consistently elbow,
through the Ru, the upper shoulder, and hand over foot Shaoyang later, into the Quepen, cloth tanzhong,
scattered pericardium, diaphragm under, through an triple burner; its support, from tanzhong on the Quepen,
the above system ears, straight corner out of ears to bend under the cheek to?, its support, from ear ear, the ear
before running away, passing the former owner, pay cheek, to present sharp canthus.

    Is moving the disease deafness Hun Hun Tun Tun, though of swelling, Hou Bi.Who is the main gas, sick,
sweating, pain in head sharp canthus, cheek pain, ear, shoulder, Er, elbow, arm pain, are all the little finger
plays that do not.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness,
then remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng
persons, who meet twice in cunkou large, empty, people are also welcome anti-less than Exists.

Artery of Foot-Shaoyang gall, sharp canthus from the head, upper arrived Tau Kok under the ear, through the
neck line before hand Shaoyang, Shaoyang shot to his shoulder but after the delivery, into Quepen; its support,
from ear ear in ear before leaving to head after sharp canthus; its support, No sharp canthus, the next big meet,
qualifying for hand Shaoyang, arrived to?Next, add cheek cars, under the neck, together Quepen, the following
chest, and through diaphragm, contact the liver, gall bladder is, through threats, the outlet red, around the hair
international, cross into the thigh in disgust; its straight, from under Quepen armpit, through the chest, thigh
disgust over quarter of Pollution on cooperation, the following through the thigh Yang, clean out the knee
outside, before the next external auxiliary bone, straight down to touch absolutely bone-side down until the
lateral, through the tarsal on foot, into the little toe times between the toes; its support persons, on the other
tarsal, into thumb between the thumb differences through bone, out its side, also consistent Zhao Jia, a San

    Is moving the patient population suffering, the good heave a deep sigh, the heart hypochondriac pain, can
not Zhuance, and even then face a slight dust, body without cream Chak, full of foreign anti-heat, is the Yang
Jue.Who is the main bone by the illness, headache, jaw pain, head pain sharp canthus, Quepen the throat,
armpit swelling, saber Xia Gall, sweating Zhen Han, malaria, chest, flank, rib, thigh, knee, shin outside to
absolutely bone, lateral section of the former Jizhu all pain, no small toe second toe.To this end all patients,
while diarrhea Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the
moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.Sheng persons, who meet twice in cunkou large,
empty, people are also welcome anti-less than Exists.

    Foot Jue Yin Liver of Pulse, from the big toe on the occasion of hair bundle, the tarsus on the cheap
through the foot to an inch medial malleolus, the ankle Bacun, production of lunar later, the popliteal clean
inside, through the stock cloudy, into the hair in Guo Yin device, arrived in the lower abdomen, relying on the
stomach, is a liver, gall bladder contact, on a consistent diaphragm, cloth flank, through the throat, the forehead
on the fly down into even the present system, on the amount, and will be on top of Governor Vessel; its
support who, under the cheek from the present system, the ring inside lip; its support persons, rehabilitation
from the liver, do not consistently diaphragm, injection of the lung.

Is moving the patient back pain can not exhort Yang, her husband _ hernia, woman Shaofu swelling, and even
then, crop dry, surface dust, decolorization.Is the main liver by those who are sick, chest full, vomiting inverse,
supper leaks, Fox hernia, left drowning, closed infirmity.To this end all patients, while diarrhea Zhi Sheng,
virtual is supplemented, heat the Illness, then remain with cold, trapped under the moxibustion, Not Sheng is
true, in order by taking from.Sheng who doubles on others Exists welcome, empty, less than one anti-ying 也
    Hand lunar stop breathing, then the fur coke.Moon were, fur-line temperatures were 也 .Therefore, gas does
not Wing, then fur coke; fur coke, then peeled section body fluid; fluids peeled sections were then dry hair
claw fold; hair off those, the first death of Mao.2 Du D dead, fire wins gold too.

    Hand Shao stop breathing, then the clock is not working; pulse barrier, the blood does not flow; blood does
not flow, then the hair color does not Ze, so the face as black as painted wood by the blood before death.Wang
Du Kui died, the fire of the water wins.

    Enough Talin who stop breathing, the pulse does not wing muscles.A lot of explaining those text as
muscle.Wing veins not, then the muscles soft; muscles soft, you people over tongue wither; people full, lip
anti; lips against who died before the meat.A Tuk B dead wood wins soil also.

    Zu Shao Yin stop breathing, then the marrow.Shao who winter clock too, V-line and How bone marrow
were also, it is bone How, then meat, not the power; flesh is not blind date, then the meat is soft; the meat is, so
long dirt teeth, hair without Ze; Fat-free Chak who died of bone first.E Benedict had died, soil water is win.

    Foot Jue yin must, then the bar must.Jue Yin, the hepatic vein also, the liver is, Reinforcement merged
together, bar persons, together in the yin, while the context of text as the tongue.Pulse Front Wing it, then Jin
Ji; Jinji is cited tongue and egg, so lips and tongue blue egg volume contraction, the tendon the first to
die.Geng Xin Du die, Kim Seung is wood.

    V chi all must, the present system, roll, roll the head transport; Head Games were, for the blog the first to
die; blog the first to die, then carry on well the 1st half dead.6 yang must, then from the Yin and Yang phase,
from the Cou Li vent, Khan is a must, so once the eve of death accounted for the evening once accounted for

     Meridian 12 who divided the meat between the V-line, deep and not see; the common person, full moon
too lateral on, nothing hidden it also relies.Various pulse flotation and common persons, are collaterals 也       .6
Meridian, Shao Yang Yang large hand contact, starting in five fingers, elbows in the SCO.Drinkers, Wei Qi
first skin, the first full collaterals, collaterals first Sheng.Therefore, Wei Qi has been flat, business is full of
gas, while the meridians Dasheng.Pulses Curan actors, habitats, are evil, stay in the cart before the horse, do
not move the heat is trapped and the air is not strong, not the audience, is to do things knowing what Pulses
also differ.

   Thunder said: Why is it with the venae know Meridian is different too?Yellow Emperor said: Meridian
who often do not see also, Qi actual situation also, I know it a gas.Pulse opinion who are also collaterals.

    Thunder said: no to small children of his course also.Yellow Emperor said: After all collaterals are not
large between sessions, must be carried out must channel, the composite in the skin, which will all be found
outside.Therefore, all barbed collaterals who will end up even the blood of its thorns were.While no statement,
taken from acute to Xie Qi evil out of the blood.Leave your hair as Bi also.Where the patient vein, vein color
blue, then cold, and pain; red is hot.Stomach cold, hand contact and more young fish carry on; stomach with
hot, red fish, contact the occasion.Qi sharp black, to remain long Bi also.He has a red, black, with blue who,
cold and hot air.Green and shorter and less gas also.Where barbed cold and heat who are more blood contact,
between the Day 1 will be taken from the blood to make mindful of the fact, is the tune their actual situation.Its
small and shorter, less gas, worse, Xie Zhi is boring, boring and even the servants, not words, boredom is
anxious to sit Chih.

    Luni other hand, it is called out short.Starting from wrist partitioned and luni through, straight into the
hands, scattered into the thenar.The disease actually hand-sharp palm heat; virtual are unavailable?, Number of
urine left.Taken from the wrist to Cunban.Do not go Yangming 也    .
   Hand Shao Yin of difference, it is called-ri.To the wrist of a Cunban, do not and up, through the means in
my heart, Department of the tongue, an objective system.In fact, the support diaphragm, virtual can not be
made.After taking the charge of an inch, do not go the sun.

    Shou Xinzhu of difference, it is called within the customs.To the wrist two inches, for between the two
tendons, along by the above line in the Envelope.Heart actually hurts, virtual head was strong.Taken from
between the two tendons are.

    Other hand the sun, it is called support is.On the wrist Wucun, Shao within a note; the other who walk on
the elbow, shoulder contact?.Relaxation elbow section actually waste; virtual is life?, Small in size as that scab
scabies.Taken from the other also.

    Yangming the other hand, it is called partial calendar.Bound to the wrist, do not enter lunar; the other
person last through the arm by the shoulder? Last song cheek teeth hurt; the other persons, ear, joint in cases of
vein.Actually caries deaf; virtual paralysis is cold gear compartment.Taken from the other also.

    Shaoyang the other hand, it is called external relations.To the wrist two inches, outside around the arm,
note the chest, superior or subordinates Lord.Disease actually elbow Luan, virtual is not received.Taken from
the other also.

    Do full sun, it is called flying.Seven inches to the ankle, do not go Shao.Actually Qiu snapped, head back;
virtual is congested nose bleed at the nose.Taken from the other also.

    Foot Shaoyang of difference, it is called light, to ankle Wucun, do not go Jue Yin, the next contact Zu
tarsus.Actually Jue, virtual is atrophy lame, can not take effect.Taken from the other also.

    Foot Yang Ming of difference, it is called Leong.To ankle Bacun.Do not go lunar; the other persons,
through the tibial bone, clean, upper contact first item, all together by the atmosphere, and the next throat
though of contact.其 symptoms of illness against Zehou Bi tired Yin.Actually mad summit, virtual income is
not enough, tibia dry.Taken from the other also.

    Full moon of the other, it is called Kung-sun.After the last inch of this section do not go Yangming; the
other person, into contact gastrointestinal, Jue gas Shangni the cholera, but in fact in all intestinal pain; virtual
Ze bulging.Taken from the other also.

    Shaoyin the other foot, it is called the clock.When the ankle after around with, do not go solar; the other
person and go on through the pericardium, the foreign penetration lumbar.The disease is depressed air reverse,
actually closed infirmity, virtual is low back pain.Were also taken from the other.

    Foot Jue Yin of the other, it is called calabash ditch.To the medial malleolus Wucun, do not go Shaoyang;
the other person, by the tibia on the testis, knot in the stem.The symptoms of illness against the testis swollen
Death hernia.Actually quite long, empty the violent itching.Taken from the other also.

   Conception Vessel of difference, it is called tail nebula.Under the dovetail, scattered in the
abdomen.Actually Fupi pain is imaginary itch scratch.Taken from the other also.

    Du the other, it is called long strong.Embrace backbone of the above, bulk head, the next when the
scapular around, stick around the sun, into the consistent backbone.Actually ridge strong, virtual Ze head
heavy, high rolling Zhi, relying on those who have had spinal Zhi.Taken from the other also.

    Large spleen contact, it is called big package.A three-inch deep axillary, cloth Xiong Xie.Actually make
the pain body, virtual foes are 100 vertical.If the strike of this vein blood of contact persons, are taken from the
spleen large venae Ye.
    The above activities contact 15 persons, but in fact will see, it certainly under virtual.Sees them not see,
find the top and bottom.By different people, collaterals are the other also.

   The other 11th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I blasted Tao of heaven and earth together also, there are five
internal organs to be pentameter, five colors, five o'clock, five flavors, five also; outside Liufu to be six
law.Jian Yang Zhu six law by the combination and in December, 12 e, 12, 12 by the water, 12:00, 12
meridians are, why should this internal organs Heaven.Cardiff 12 meridians who were the reason why
students, the sick into the reason, why government people, the sick reason, the school for the community
beginning work for the community stopped.Of the rough easily, too hard on for the community.Will the clutch,
access how?Chi Bo Jishouzaibai said: passing a clear question also!The crude of the However, the interest also
for the community, please pawn words.

     Full sun is, do not enter the popliteal, its a lower rump Wucun, do not enter to anus, are bladder, kidney of
scattered, through the backbone, take care into the bulk; straight, from the backbone on the out of key,
complex belongs to the sun This was once also.Foot Shao Yin of being, to the popliteal, the sun do not go
together, from the kidney, is brought out when the 14 vertebral vein; straight persons, Department of the
tongue, back Yu Xiang, qualifying for the sun, this is a joint.Into a various shade of difference, are all being

    Foot Shaoyang of being, into the hair around the thigh occasion together in Jue Yin, among other persons
into the quarter of a threat, through the chest in an bile, scattered on the liver, heart more than to rely on
consistent pharynx, the Yi jaw, the bulk in the face , Department Head Department of Shaoyang in the outer
canthal together also.Foot Jueyin the positive, do not tarsal, on occasion, ranging from hair, qualifying for
Shaoyang, and all other lines, this is the two merged together.

Foot-Yangming the positive, from the spleen into the abdominal where is the stomach, the spleen of scattered,
on the heart through the last out of mouth through the pharynx, upper junction of nose and forehead?, Also
Department Head Department, qualifying for Yang Ye.Enough Talin the positive, from the thigh, co-Yu Yang,
and all other lines, upper end Yu pharynx, tongue in penetration, this is triple Ye.

   Hand the sun is that way, different from the shoulder solution, go into the axillary heart, small intestine Ye
Department.Shaoyin hand the positive, do not entering into the deep axillary tendon between the two, are heart
and throat to walk out of hand, co-head of the epicanthal, this is the Sihe Ye.

    Hand Shaoyang the positive, that day, do the summit, into the Quepen, Xiazou triple burner, scattered on
the chest also.Shou Xinzhu the positive, do three inches under the armpit deep, into the chest, do not belong to
the triple burner, out through the throat, the ears, under the co-Shaoyang finished bone, this is five merged

Hand Yang-ming is, from the hand through the Ying milk, do the shoulder?, Into the column of bone, Xiazou
large intestine, lungs are the last through the throat, the Quepen, co-Yu Yang Ye.Hand luni is, do not enter
deep axillary Shaoyin before walking into the lung, scattered large sun (intestine), upper out Quepen, through
the throat, composite Yangming, this Luhe Ye.

   The water XII

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: Meridian 12 persons, foreign complies 12 with water, while
belonging to internal organs.Cardiff 12 by the water provider, its a size, depth, Guang Xia, near and far
different; internal organs they embark size, not so much by the Valley, the corresponding how?Husband who
by water, by water-bound; five internal organs are, together soul and possession of air; Six Hollow Organs
were by Valley thereof, bullied and Yang of; meridians are subject to the business of blood.Together and to
cure, how?Background light puncture, moxibustion Zhi Zhuang few can hear or Down?

    Chi Bo The answer: Good, good question also!High non-degree days, not the amount of land to the wide,
what is called too.And his wife was born between heaven and earth, Luhe, within days of this height, the
breadth of itself, not human or can be measured and to also.Ruofu bachi people in, skin on the outer can cut
through keeps luster in the measure, his death could be dissected and sees them.Concealment of the strong
crisp, internal organs of the size, the number of Valley, the length of the pulse, blood of voicing, the number of
gas, 12 gas by as much less blood, more blood with less gas, and their are more than flesh, and their are less
blood gas, there are large numbers.His government needle Ai, the tune up his gas, consolidating their often out.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard of it, faster than the ear did not understand at heart, willing pawn smell.Chi
Bo The answer: The reason why this person should participate in world yin and yang, also, must be aware
of.Full sun outside the joint water, belonging to the bladder, and through waterways Yan.Foot Shaoyang
foreign joint Yu Wei, which is bile.Foot-Yangming foreign joint in sea water, which belongs to the
stomach.Enough Talin addition complies with the lake, which belong to the spleen.Foot Shao Yin Yu Ru-
foreign joint water, which is kidney.Foot Jue Yin Mian foreign cooperation in the water, which belongs to the
liver.Sun foreign complies Huaishui hand, belonging to the small intestine, while the waterway from
Yan.Hand-foreign joint Yu Luo Shaoyang water, which belongs to the triple burner.Hand Yangming foreign
complies river, which belong to large intestine.Complies with the water outside the lunar hand, belonging to
the lung.Hand Shao foreign joint economic water, which is heart.Shouxin Zhu foreign complies zhang shui,
which belongs to the pericardium.The above activities were internal organs 12 by the water, outside source, but
which has been intrinsic, euphemistically intersection outside, like a ring without, were by no different.So days
yang for yin, waist over for days, for the ground below the waist.Therefore, the sea north of the Zhe is a hidden
lake in the north of Zhe to yin yin; Zhang Yang south by the river north to Zhang who is the yin yang; Luo
River between south of persons, for the sun in the solar, This corner of yin and yang as well, so people with the
world with ginseng.

    Yellow Emperor said: The water should be meridians husband also, Qi distance superficial, deep, water,
the number of Blood, the different co-substituting barbed Zhi how?Chi Bo answer was: Foot-Yangming, a sea
of internal organs also, the pulse large, blood and more arrogant, hot and strong, do not stab this fails to deep
powder, not to stay and diarrhea Ye.Foot-Yangming thorn deep six points, leaving 10 call.Deep-fifth of the full
sun, leaving seven calls.Foot-Shaoyang deep quarter, leaving five calls.Enough Talin deep third, leaving four
calls.Foot Shao Yin deep half, leaving three cheers.Deep Foot Jueyin one point, leaving the second call.Hands
yin and yang, Qi bullied the road near, that their courage to later disease, Qi thorn deep who were not over two
hours, it was left, were no more than one call.Qi little long, the size, not too fat to heart rub Zhi, Ming Yue law
days, often, moxibustion and vice versa.Moxibustion and through this person, too bad the fire Ze marrow pulse
Shibuya, stabbed and had this person, then degassing.

    Yellow Emperor said: husband meridians the size, number of Blood, skin thickness were, firmness of flesh
the size of popliteal brittle and can measure almost?Chi Bo The answer: it could be a metric persons,
whichever is moderate Ye.Not quite off the meat, and blood gas is not bad 也    .Ruofu degree person, thin and
shape the meat off those evil can measure almost stabbed.Trial, cut, follow, palpable, according to, depending
on boom and bust in Tones of cold temperature is due to Shi at it that Shinya.

    The tendon 13th

Full sun tendon, from the small toe on the foot, the knot at the ankle, the evil on the knot at the knee, foot
under it through the outer end on the heel, along with the last, in the popliteal node; the other person, end in _,
the within the popliteal in clean, and in the popliteal and blossoming Yu hip, the item relying ridge; its support,
No income statement in the tongue; its direct those in the occipital junction, above, under the Yen, knot in the
nose; its support persons, for the present Internet, the next node on the cheekbone; its support, from outside the
ICAC after axillary node on the shoulder?; And its support are, into the armpit, on the Quepen, the knot in the
complete bones; its branch were out Quepen, evil on for cheekbone.The disease small toe support with
swelling and pain, popliteal Luan, ridge fold, Xiang Jin Ji, shoulders do not move, axillary branch in New
York Quepen pain, can not shake around.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that
number, with pain as the input, it is called mid-spring Bi also.

    Foot Shao Yang Zhi bars, starting from the little finger plays that, on the lateral end, through the tibia on
the outside clean, knot genicular Lian Yu; the branch who do not play outside the auxiliary bone, on the go
thigh, above the former junction Yu V rabbit, the latter, the junction Yu rump; the straight person, superior
sand quarter of a threat, before walking on axillary inexpensive and tied Ying milk, knot Yu Quepen; straight
who last the axilla, consistent Quepen, before the sun, through the ears, on the forehead, top of the cross,
Xiazou maxillary, upper end Yu cheekbone; support those end into the eyes canthus to outer dimensions.The
disease little finger plays that support change bars, cited knee external rotation tendon, knee flexion and
extension can not, popliteal Jin Ji, op thigh, after the lead Tajiri, that superior _ quarter of hypochondriac pain,
the lead Quepen, Ying breast, cervical dimension Jinji .From left to right hand and right time does not open, on
the right corner too, and ridings pulse and line, left contact on the right, so injury left corner, right foot without,
Ming Yue-dimensional bar intersection.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that number,
with pain for the lost, named Meng Bi also.

Foot Yangming tendon, starting in the middle three fingers, knot Yu tarsal, the evil things on the plus
prosthetic bone, the knot in the knee outside the clean, straight on end in the thigh axis, on through the threat is
a ridge; the straight person, on the follow _ , knot Yu knee; the support persons, end to outer secondary bone,
joint Shaoyang; its direct those last through V rabbit, upper end Yu thigh, together in the shade device, upper
abdominal and cloth, to which end Quepen last neck, the embrace mouth at cheekbone together, the next
junction into the nose, the sun together.The sun as their goal line, Yang Wei-head network; its support, from
the buccal end before the ear.The disease foot middle finger sticks tibial tendon transfer, foot jump Caine, V
rabbit tendon transfer, thigh before the heel, _ hernia, abdominal Jin Ji, cited Quepen and cheek, mouth
secluded Death; anxious person, present or not, heat the bars vertical, head not open, cheek bars are cold, then
anxious, cited cheek move the mouth of a vertical heat the tendons relax, slow victorious close, it is
secluded.Rule horse cream, cream Qi In emergencies; to liquor and Guangxi to slow by James Qi to the angle,
the mulberry, mulberry carbon that is home of the Canton, the heights to sit and wait.Anxious to extract iron
cheek, and drink wine, roast the United States dare not drinkers, self-improvement as well, whom only three
pat.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture administration to know that number to pain is lost, it is called the
spring quarter of Bi also.

    足 luni tendon, from the tip of the thumb inside the last node in the medial malleolus; its direct those within
the auxiliary contact on the knee bone, the shares through the overcast, knot on thigh, together in the shade
device, abdominal knot in umbilical, through the abdomen, the statement Yu rib, dispersed in the chest; its
internal persons, with Yu ridge.Its sick thumb sticks malleolus pain, tendon pain turn, knee pain within the
auxiliary, Yam cited thigh and pain share, Yin device York pain, the two cited umbilical hypochondriac pain,
pain inside cited Ying ridge.Governance in the burnt needle robbed stabbed to know that number, to the pain
for the lost, Mingyuemengqiu Bi also.

    Foot Shao Yin Zhi bars, starting from under the little finger, and foot luni tendon, medial malleolus evil go
under the knot at the heel, and the sun tendons together, and the knot under the inner auxiliary and luni tendon,
while the through overcast shares end at Yam device, follow the ridge, ranging from items within the embrace
backbone, end in the occipital bone, tendon and foot sun together.The disease with a single step transfer bar,
and the pain and through the junction by key switch bars.Disease in this person, the Lord?Chi and the spasm, is
unable to pull out, including those who can not Yang.Therefore, Yang sick, can not exhort waist fold, Yin sick,
not Yang.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that number, with pain for the lost.Were
cited, including iron drinking drugs, this bar off New York, New York made several serious was dead dead,
named Zhongqiu Bi also.
     Yin foot dedicated gluten, starting from above the thumb, on the junction Yu malleolus before the follow
tibia, the inner auxiliary node under the stock through the overcast, Results in Yin device, contact the various
bars.其 sick thumb sticks before malleolus pain, secondary pain inside, overcast shares transferred tendon pain,
vaginal devices do not, can not afford injuries to internal Ze, injured in the shade retracted into the cold Ze, Ze
longitudinal wound in very hot do not receive, treatment in line clear water yin; its patients were transferred
tendons, governance robbery in the burnt needle puncture to know that number, with pain for the lost, Ming
Yue JI Qiu Bi also.

    Hand tendon sun, starting from the little finger above the knot in the wrist, upper arm in through the clean,
sharp bone end in the inner elbow, the bomb should be above the little finger, into the knot in armpit; its
support persons, after taking axillary Lim, the round shoulder, leaving the sun through the neck before the end
of ear bones after the completion; its support who your ear; straight person, out of the ears, the next node in the
jaw, is present on the outer canthus.The disease within the sharp elbow bone supporting the little finger after
the clean pain, through the arm shade, into the armpit, armpit pain, armpit pain after the cheap, hoping the pain
around the shoulders, the ears should lead maxillary pain Ming, Mu Ming long trusted by the visual, neck Jin
Ji, was reinforced?Neck swelling, fever and chills were in the neck.Governance in the burnt needle puncture
Zhi robbery to know number to pain for the lost.It as swollen persons, the rehabilitation and sharper.The
cigarettes a last song teeth, head through the ear of ex-outer canthal, maxillary junction Yu Kok, Qi pain when
the tendon transfer support for those responsible.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment in order to
know number to pain is lost, it is called summer Bi also.

    Hand Shao Yang Zhi bars, means starting from the tip of the little finger plays, end in the wrist, the arm
through, knot in the elbow, on the outside around the Ru Lian, on the shoulder, go neck, hands together the
sun; the branch who, when the song into the cheek Department of the tongue; the support person, on songs
teeth, through the ears ago, is present outside the canthus, superior maxillary, knot Yu angle.When the disease
are those who have had that support change bars, tongue volume.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture
treatment, to know that number, with pain as the input, it is called on summer Bi also.

Hand Yangming tendon, from the tip of the thumb plays that, knot in the wrist, upper arm through, the knot in
the elbow, the upper Er, end in?; The branch who, around the shoulder, backing ridge; straight, from the
shoulder?On the neck; the branch who, on the cheek, end in the cheekbone; straight person, last shot before the
sun, on the left corner, contact head, under the right jaw.When the person had the disease, support and transfer
tendon pain, shoulder does not move around as the neck is not.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment,
to know that number, with pain as the input, it is called muong xia Bi also.

Hand luni tendon, from the thumb on top, follow that up, knot in the fish, the line outside Exists, on through
the arm and elbow in the end, within the Ru Lian, into the armpit, the Quepen, front shoulder knot? , the knot
Quepen, the next in chest, the bulk penetration Ben, co-Ben arrived in quarter under threat.The disease had
when the person, branch transfer bar, Tong Shen interest into Ben, threatening acute hematemesis.Robbery in
the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that number, with pain for the lost.Sounding name goes on Bi

    Shouxin Zhu of the tendon, from the middle finger, and luni parallel bars, junction Yu Lian Elbow, arm
shade, knot armpit, under the threat of scattered around the embrace; their support persons, into the armpit, San
chest, Results from the brachial.When the disease are those who have been, and chest pain before tendon
transfer support means Ben.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that number to pain is
lost, it is called MENG Dong Bi also.

    Hand luni tendon, medial starting from the little finger, knot Yu Rui bone, upper end of cubitus cheap last
into the armpit, cross Tai Yin, relying on milk, the knot Yu chest, under the Department of the umbilical
through the arm.The disease in acute heart Chengfu Liang, elbow under the net.The disease had when the
person, branch transfer tendons, tendon pain.Robbery in the burnt needle puncture treatment, to know that
number, with pain for the lost.Its pus into the V beam Tuoxue who died died.The tendons of the disease, then
fold Jinji cold, heat the gluten relax even if no income, no vaginal atrophy.Yang is urgent fold, Yin emergency
Ze exhort not stretch.Quenching Cizhe, gill cold anxious also, heat the vertical bars are not closing, useless and
burnt needle, it is called the winter quarter of Bi also.

   Yangming feet, hands and the sun, Jinji then I head for the secluded, canthus anxious not Death TV,
governance Jieru right too.

   14th degree of bone

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-high said: Pulse degree meridian made the length, why stand them?Burgaw
said: Qi joints the size of the first degree, Guang Xia, length, and the degree will carry on clock.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family you all degrees.Seven feet long Wucun people who joints the size of its
length the geometry?Bo Gao said: the first large bone Wai, Erchi six inches, four feet Wucun chest.Waist four
feet two inches.Who made the skull to cover items Kamanoe.Send the following to the aging, long foot, the
gentleman finally folded.

    Adam's apple in the following to Quepen, four inches long.Quepen the following to __, Long Nine Inch,
over the lung large, satisfied with the pulmonary.__ The following to-day hub, long Bacun, over the stomach
and the greater, less than the gastric.Horizontal axis the following day to the bone, long six inches and a half
longer than the ileum wide, satisfied the narrow short.Cross-bones, long six inches and a half.Lian Wang bone
within the secondary on the following to clean, long Ikamatsuki.Within the secondary above the clean the
following to the next clean, a long three inch and a half.Within the secondary under the honest, down to the
medial malleolus, long one foot three inches.Malleolus to the following, the length three inches.Knee popliteal
to the following subsidiary, foot six inches long.Affiliated to the following, the length three inches.Therefore,
bone circumference is too small and not.

    Angle to the column were the following long foot.Axillary line is missing from those long four inches.The
following threats to the quarter of axillary, long-Kamae.Quarter of the following threats to the thigh axis, long
six inches, thigh to knee the following axis, the long foot nine inch.The following to the lateral knee, foot six
inches long.The following bone lateral to Beijing, three inches long.Beijing bone the following to the ground,
one inch.

   Ear bone when finished those nine inch wide.Ears ago, when Germain who, one foot three inches
wide.Between the two zygomatic, quite different seven inches.Between the two breasts, nine inch and a half
wide.Between the two thigh, six inches wide and a half.

   Kamae foot long, four wide Cunban.Shoulder to elbow, foot seven inches long; elbow to wrist, a foot long
two Cunban.Wrist to the middle finger of this section, four inches long.This section to its end, a long four

Send the following items to the spine, long two Cunban, backbone to the tail bone the following _, 21, three
feet long, upper one-quarter inch in length and, singular points in the next, so上 The backbone of bone, 9
eighth inch per seven.The degree of bone everyone has, so the length is also established meridian.Therefore in
the meridians as its Zhi

    Is the body also, see float and its is hard, see Ming and large, the more the blood, thin and Shen, the more
the gas also.

   50 Camp 15th

   Yellow Emperor said: I would appreciate further 50 business how?Chi Bo answer was: day week
Ershibasu, lodging 36 minutes; popular line of the week, Senpachi points, on-line Ershibasu.People around the
upper and lower meridians before and after the 20 eight confluence, the whole body 16 Joji feet to be
Ershibasu leakage than a hundred carved to day and night.Calls to old friends and then moving clock, three-
inch gas line, fixed-rate breathing, gas line six inches; 10 rate, gas-line six feet, two points on line.270 interest
rates, gas lines 16 Joji feet in the air traffic in a week on their body, launched the second moment, on-line 2
pm.540 interest rates, gas lines and then week on their body, launched four carved, four-day trip is.2700
interest rates, gas lines 10 weeks in the body, into the water 20 carved, five places on the second line is.13 500
Interest and gas line 50 camps in the body, carved underwater 100, Japan Bank Ershibasu, leaking all carry on
doing the final pulse.The so-called transport persons, in parallel a few too.So 50 business equipment, may
make the universe life men, and all line 810 of feet too.

    Camp Air 16th

     Yellow Emperor said: qi Camp Road, in the Po valley.Valley into the stomach, the lungs are mass, lies
within, the fabric dispersed in, the dedication to those lines in through tunnels, often doing without has finally
undone before, is that the discipline of heaven and earth.Therefore, the injection gas from the lunar hand
Yangming, upstream injection of Foot-Yangming, down to the tarsus, the note big fingers, and the moon
together; up arrived thigh, from the spleen injection heart; through hands Shao, the axillary in the arm, note
little finger, together hand the sun; up by axillary out?, The attention of the epicanthal, on top of, under the
item, together full sun; follow the ridge, under the rump, down note the little finger on the tip, through Zuxin, s
to Shao; up Notes kidney from kidney Zhu Xin, the bulk in the chest ; through the heart of the main vein, the
axillary, the lower arm, between the two tendons, into the hands, the tip of the middle finger, also note the tip
of the little finger plays that, combined hand Shaoyang; up note tanzhong, scattered in the triple burner, from
the Triple Burner Note bile, a threat, note foot Shaoyang; down to the instep, the recovery from tarsal Note
large fingers, joint foot dedicated Yam, up to the liver from hepatic injection of the lung, on through throat,
into the fly down forehead Zhi orifices, study in the livestock gate.And its support of other persons, the
amount, through the summit, the next item, follow the ridge into the _, is Du also; contact yin device, the
excessive hair in, into the umbilical, the last through the abdomen, the entry Quepen, bet lung in return
lunar.This camp qi and deeds also, Nishun the often too.

    Pulse ° 17th

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family clock degrees.Chi Bo answer was: hands six Yang, from the hand to the
head, length five feet, five or six thirty feet.Six hand-yin, from the hand to the chest, three feet Wu Cun, 36 ten
feet eight feet, 56 three feet, together nijo foot.Yang six feet from the foot to the head, bachi, 68 Si Zhang
bachi.Feet 6 Yin, from feet to chest, six feet Wucun, 66 thirty feet six feet, 56 three feet together thirty feet
Jiuchi.Raise one's foot from foot to head clock, seven feet Wu Cun, 27 ten feet four feet, 25 foot, five feet ten
feet together.Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel, all four feet Wucun, 24 bachi, 25 foot, together Jiuchi.Joji
who are 16-foot-one, this gas through the tunnel 也large.

    Meridian is where those who support the cross for the contact, contact of difference who is Sun, Sheng and
blood diseases vocal person, who spilled Zhi Sheng, empty drink drug to be complemented.Wu Zang often
read in the last distributed to them within the 也   .Therefore, lung through the nose, lungs and the nose can get
smelly incense carry on; heart air through the tongue, heart and the tongue can get flavors carry on; liver
through the eyes, the liver and is present to distinguish colored carry on; temper through the mouth, spleen and
then I can get grain and carry on; kidney through the ears, kidney and the ear can hear five sounds carry
on.Five internal organs are not and are distributed to them is not working; Six Hollow Organs irregularities
were kept as carbuncle.Therefore, evil in the Fu is Yang channels do not and, Yang channels do not and the air
remain with, gas remain with the yang sheng carry on.Too yang, the negative Yin, Yin negative pulse remain
with the blood, the blood remain with the chi Shing carry on.Gas can not be too Shengze Yang Rong-chi also,
Hence it is relevant.Yang so strong, the yin unable to answer Wing also, twenty years before and Georgia.Yin
and yang all Sheng, not with glory, twenty years before the relevant box.Off grid shall not die and do on.
    Yellow Emperor said: ridings clock security from the safety stop, where air wing water?Chi Bo answer
was: ridings tachycardia, Shao of difference, from the natural bone after.The medial malleolus on, straight
through the overcast shares, into the shade, on through the chest, the entry Quepen, who meet on a prior into
the cheekbone, is head of the epicanthal, together in the sun, sun ridings and up, and gas phase also, was How,
currently gas is not glory, the present sub.

    Yellow Emperor said: gas lone five internal organs, not Wing Six Hollow Organs, Why?Chi Bo answer
was: qi not no line too, such as water and the like, such as Sun Moon tour endlessly, so overcast pulse Rong Qi
dirty, sun clock Rong Qi Fu, like a ring, no reason, Mo Zhi Qi Ji, finally undone before, Qi rush out of gas,
within the irrigated organs and external How Cou management.

    Yellow Emperor said: ridings veins are yin and yang, where the number of clock when it?Chi Bo said: man
a few Qi Yang, the woman several anions, when the number of those who are negative, their improper number
of persons to contact also.

   Camp will be the 18th of Health

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Yan suffer wrong people?Yin Yan will be?What gas is
doing?What gas is health?Camp security from the students?Wei Yan will be on?Old Zhuang different gas, yin
and yang ectopic, will appreciate further.Chi Bo answer was: who bullied Yu valley, valley into the stomach to
pass and the lungs, internal organs, tailor bullied, its clear who is battalion cloud for health, business in the
veins, and health in the veins, the endless business week , 50 ° undone General Assembly, the yin and yang of
intersection, like a ring without, Wei qi Yu Yin 25 degrees, line Yu Yang 25 degrees, divided into day and
night, so gas to the sun into the sky, Yam shelling ceased.Hence it is Japan and the Yang Long, as the Double
Ninth, middle of the night and Yin Yin Long else, so lunar Lord, the sun is outside the line of 25 degrees is
divided into day and night.Middle of the night is cloudy Long, midnight, after which the sun decline, flat and
overcast to make the sun be bullied carry on.Long Japan while yang, while yang decline on the West and Japan
to do the yin yang bullied into the carry on.Middle of the night while the General Assembly, Wan Min Jie
lying, Ming Yue Yin together, do while yang Yin Ping Dan bullied, so not had, and the world the same

    Yellow Emperor said: Elderly not the night close the eyes are, how gas Shiran?A young person, who does
not close the eyes day, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo answer was: Sheng Qi and blood are strong, smooth muscle,
airway communication, business trip without losing their health often, it is fine day and night close the
eyes.Old man Qi and blood decline of muscle dry, airway Shibuya, five organs of Vapor Bo, their business gas
declined less and Wei Qi in cutting, so day is not precise, night, close the eyes.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family business Enosaku deeds are never what way?Chi Bo answer was: camp
out in the coke, and health for the next focus.Yellow Emperor said: Our family is out of the three warmers.Chi
Bo answer was: on the coke out of the stomach catchy, and pharynx above, and through diaphragm, while the
cloth chest, take the axilla, through luni points and lines, also to Yang Ming, from the tongue, under the Foot-
Yangming, often associated with business all lines in the sun 25 degrees, line 25 degrees in the shade is also a
week 也 50 degrees undone hand lunar carry on the General Assembly.

    Yellow Emperor said: people have heat, food for stomach and their courage was undetermined, Khan was
out, or out of hand, or out back, or out of body and a half, it does not follow the road out of Wei Qi, Why?Chi
Bo said: Also injured in the wind, which opened Cou Li, Mao steam management leaks, Wei Qi are moving,
solid-not through the Road, the gas Piaohan slide disease, see open out, it is not from Road, so Ming Yue
leakage .

   Yellow Emperor said: Our family of coke by the.Chi Bo The answer: the focus is, and stomach, after a last
coke, this is bullied by, bleeding dross, steam and body fluids of the Bible of the last note is of the pulmonary
vein and the blood to instructions from the biological, MO expensive here Therefore, an exclusive line in The
Crossing, Ming Yue camp gas.

    Yellow Emperor said: husband Blood and gas, differences in the same type.What has?Chi Bo answer was:
Ying and Wei who refined gas also, blood recipients, air also, so Blood and Qi, Yan different in the same
type.It won the blood had no sweat, won the Khan had no blood, so life without the two students, two died.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family is under the coke out.Chi Bo The answer: under the coke, No ileum,
injection in the bladder, while the infiltration Yan; it Mizutani, who often also live in the stomach, into the
dross, and all made under the large intestine under the coke, but all under seepage.Do not juice the economic
bleeding, infiltration of the bladder through the lower burner and Yan.

     Yellow Emperor said: people drinking wine have the stomach, immature grain, while the urine under the
first alone, Why?Chi Bo answer was: Wine is a tap was cooked Valley.Defended its gas to clear, so after the
valley into the room first, Yan Gu while the liquid out.Yellow Emperor said: good.I heard on the focus or fog,
the focus, such as retting, the next focus, such as dereliction of duty, what is called too.

   4:00 Air 19th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Kazuo 4:00 of gas, the different shape, riddled shall it, there are
born, moxibustion barbed way, what is fixed?Chi Bo answer was: four seasons of gas, each location, the road
thorn moxibustion may cavitation is set.Therefore, learn spring, blood, divided between meat, worse, deep stab
Zhi, among those, shallow stab them; summer after taking Sheng Sun contact, the skin never taken
subdivision; autumn learn Yu.Evil in Fu, taken from cooperation; Dong Xing well taken, will be deep in order
to remain with.

Wen malaria Khan not, for the 59 You, the wind _ skin expansion for 50 Yu.Blood of those who take the skin
and do taken from.Morbidity, supper vent up above the yin Yanglingquan, all stay long Zhi, hot line Naizhi.

    Transferred tendon in the sun, to govern the sun; transferred tendon in the shade, to govern the
shade.Jiezucizhi.Central Valley only _ the first taken under the three-inch to beryllium needle needle has
stabbed two _ up while within, into undone Zhi, to do its _, will be strong.To alleviate the trouble Man, is
anxious to quiet the room on a thorn, _ do Naizhi.Closed drink drug side only drink when gill, side drink
without food, party food without drinking, without eating his food, 100 30 on the 5th.

    A paralysis not, long endless cold, Death whichever three years.Bone dry.Intestine inconvenience, to take
three years, Sheng Xie Zhi, virtual supplemented.Pandora style those elements barbed Qi swollen Shang.Has
been stabbed to sharp needle their premises, according to out its foul smells, swelling do Naizhi.Eat it side
food, no food he eat.

     Ming Chang belly, gas on the red chest, asthma can not long stand.Evil in the large intestine, gill Blind
original, giant virtual on inexpensive, three years.Abdominal control testis, cited lumbar, the red heart.Evil
person in the small intestine, and even testis system, are ridges, consistent hepatopulmonary, contact heart.And
fit the Jueni, the red stomach, smoked liver, scattered on the Blind, knot in the umbilical, so they chose to bulk
of the Blind of the original, to be the thorn lunar, take Jue Yin below, take the next giant inexpensive to go to
the virtual , according to its over-tested to Tones.

    Good vomit, vomit a bitter, long heave a deep sigh, Rui Rui mind, fear will catch them; evil in the gall
bladder, a reverse in the stomach, bile leakage, pain in the mouth, stomach qi inverse, then vomiting pain,
twenty years before and vomiting bile.Take the following three years.Wei Qi inverse, then stabbed Shaoyang
blood contact to close bile against, but tune their actual situation, to removing its evil.
     Diet high, diaphragm plug unreasonable, evil in the epigastric, in the Shang Wan, then stabbed under
suppression, the next epigastrium, then scattered away the.Small abdominal swelling, not urine, evil in the
triple burner, some taken from the sun big contact, depending on their collaterals and Pericardium Results and
blood were small contact, and epigastric swelling on, take three years.

    See the color, the review of its order, those who know these scattered complex, depending on Meiro to
know the survival 也 disease.1 The image, listen to his movement who were welcome to hold air intake
depending on the clock, Caine and Sheng and slippery, the sick days into the pulse soft, the sick the next, all
by the fact, the sick three days have been.Air port waiting Yin, who await the arrival of yang.

    Twenty-five evil

   Evil in the lung, the disease of skin pain, fever and chills, the wheezing, sweating, cough dynamic
shoulder.Taken from Ying foreign metaphor back three five organs Zhi-front, hand disease Press to, fast
course, is a thorn Zhi.Taken from Quepen in to Yue.

    Evil in the liver, the two threats of pain, cold in blood, including evil, do good valve section, when Jiao
Zhong.Taken from between the lines, to distract Pollution on, make up the three years to warm the stomach,
blood taken to San evil blood; blue veins between their ears, to removing its valve.

    Evil in the spleen and stomach, the disease muscle pain, more than yang, yin, then the hunger and
enthusiasm for good; yang deficiencies, more than yin, then cold in the bowel, abdominal pain; yin and yang,
more than all, if less than all, there are cold there heat, were transferred in three years.

    Evil in the kidney, the disease bone pain, vaginal paralysis.Yin Bi who, by of which he may not, bloating,
back pain, stool hard, shoulder neck pain, when dizzy.Taken from springs, Kunlun.As blood who do taken

    Evil heart, the painful disease, when the dazzling Xibei servant; as more than a lack of Tones 其lose it.

    Cold and heat syndrome 21st

    Skin cold and heat are not attached to seats, hair, coke, nose dry wax.No sweat, take Sanyang Zhi contact
to complement hand-Tai Yin.Cold and Heat are muscles, muscle pain, hair wax coke and dry lips.No sweat,
get Sanyo on the next to go to the blood who make up the moon, to out its sweat.

    Bone cold and heat, the sick nothing to safety, Khan Note endlessly.Teeth are not rotten, whichever Shao
Yu Yin shares contact; tooth has been dry, dead dead.Bone Jue no exception.Gubi, held section without the
pain, sweat note, bother.Morbidity, time-tested get, augmented.

    Body has been injured, and in cold blood out more, if the falling falling, limbs Xieduo No, it is called body
lazy.Whichever is the lower abdomen below the umbilicus three make.3 make those Yangming lunar also,
below the umbilicus three inch off-yuan.Jue Bi who Jue and abdominal gas on.Yin and yang of contact to take,
depending on the primary disease also, diarrhea yin yang by the 也  .

    Sides of neck of the artery were welcome.Were welcome, foot Yangming also, in infants and tendons
之 .Infant tendons, the hand Yang Ming also, sounding name Futu.Second pulse, pulse Foot-Shaoyang also, it
is called day-you.Second pulse, full sun, it is called Tianzhu.Axillary artery, arm lunar also, it is called Tianfu.

   Yang Ying headache, chest full of no interest, taken from people welcome.Violence Yin gas whip, take
Futu and tongue bleeding.Violence kept gas attack, eyes and ears unknown, take day-you.Violence
Luan?Dizzy, enough is not any body, take Tianzhu.Bi violence in reverse, hepatopulmonary Competing blood
overflow muzzle, take Tianfu.This is the day-you 5.
    Arm Yang Ming, have over the teeth into the cheekbone, it is called big welcome.The lower teeth caries,
taken from arm.Aversion to cold fill, is that not the aversion to cold diarrhea.Full sun into the cheekbone over
the tooth, it is called angle of Sun.On tooth caries, taken from the nose and cheekbone before.Fang disease, its
clock Sheng, Morinori diarrhea Zhi, virtual 则supplemented.The first expression taken from the nose outside.

    Foot-Yangming has squeezed the nose into the surface, it is called hanging skull.An oral, head of the
department into this, as there is for those responsible taken from.Excessive loss, lack of benefits, those benefits
against 其 .Full sun through entry into the brain who is an objective of this, it is called eye system.Leader of
pain, taken from the item between the two tendons.Into the brain is another yin ridings, ridings Yang, Yin and
Yang into Yin Yang, Yin from Yang, pay at the present sharp canthus, while Chen Mu Sheng yang, yin
Morinori rest in peace.

    To get the lunar heat Jue, Shaoyang, are leaving it; Hanjue to get the Yang Ming, Shao on foot, all remain
with.Longitudinal tongue saliva, the trouble Man, to get the Shao Yin.Zhen Han Han drum Sasa, not sweating,
abdominal distension trouble Man, take hand-lunar, gill virtual who stabbed the de also; barbed facts, 其 come
the thorns.

    Spring to take collaterals, to take minutes Cou summer and autumn to take air intake, winter pilgrimage
lose.Unless stopped four seasons, each time as homogeneous.Collaterals treatment of skin, sub-Cou
governance muscles, tendons and air intakes rule, rule by the lost bone marrow.Five internal organs, body has
five: V rabbit 1; Philip II, Philip who _ are; back three, five internal organs Trunk 4; Item 5.The five had ulcer
to die.

   Arm patients began, we must first take hand Yang Ming, Tai Yin Er sweating; disease before the first head,
we must first take items sun sweating; Bing began hind tibia were first to get the Yang Ming and
sweating.Arm Tai Yin can be sweating, foot Yangming can be sweating, so they chose yin and sweating
worse, just for the sun, take yang sweating worse, just is to the yin.

    Where thorns are harmful, but not to the essence of leakage; not be induced in the gas away.Vent the
disease even sulking fit fine, cause gas are born ulcer 也.

    Leprosy patients 22nd mad

    Project depends on the surface of the outer canthus, the sharp canthus; near the nose, including those for
the inner canthus; for the outer canthal, inner canthal under.

    Epilepsy disease beginning students, the first non-music, heavy head pain, depending on the look red even
for a very, Yier bother.Candidate is to the Yen.Toride Sun, Yangming, the lunar, blood changes so far.

    Epilepsy before any illness, but cited Mouth respiratory dyspnea palpitations who hand Yangming
designate the sun.Left strong, focusing on the right; right-strong, attacked the left, until the blood
changes.Epilepsy before any illness, first anti-rigid, and thus spinal pain, the foot-designate the Sun,
Yangming, lunar, sun, hands, blood changes so far.

    Governance epilepsy disease who often with home, examine how it is when taken between.Disease to, and
regard those who have had diarrhea Zhi, Yu gourd pot set into the blood, to their hair, the blood alone move
men, and do not move, moxibustion poor bone 20 strong.Poor bone who _ skeletal.

   Bone disease epilepsy who Yan, Zhu Shu tooth, sub-meat all over but bone home, sweating, trouble Man,
vomiting Dovo Mo, gas discharged, died.
    Tendon epilepsy disease, physically tired Luan acute large thorn major categories by the shuttle of a loom
large veins, vomiting Dovo foam, gas discharged, died.

    Pulse epilepsy disease who storms servant, extremities are swelling Er longitudinal pulse, pulse full, do
thorn bleeding, discontent, to items moxibustion sun, moxibustion pulse the waist with three-inch difference in
incomes, the meat of the various sub-transmission.Wo vomiting foam, gas discharged, died.Epilepsy disease
who send diseases such as mad who died died.

    Mad beginning students, the first since the sad also, hi forgotten, bitter anger, in fear for good to those who
hunger and fear, conquer the sun to take hand, Yang Ming, the blood become mindful of the fact, and to get the
moon, Yangming.Wild origin, a small bedroom not hunger, from high-yin also, self-defense bring wisdom,
self-dignity as well, good Swear, endless day and night, hand-rule to take sublingual Shao Ming Sun Tai Yin,
Sheng who sees them, are taken from, not Sheng, and Buddhism also.

    Obscurity, surprised, good laugh, song writing music, endless regime's reckless person, may great fear,
conquer the sun to take hand Yangming moon.Mad, head Wang Jian, ears jump to news, good call those few
being born; rule Toride Sun Tai Yin Yang enough Talin first two Kan.

    Were more wild food, good see ghosts, good laugh but not on the outside who has-won overjoyed to get
the rule is too Yintai Yang Yang, taken after the hand is too Yintai Yang Yang.The new crazy hair, not to be
so, we must begin to take Ququan around arteries, and Sheng Zhe blood, there are already, with admiration of
law taken from, moxibustion bone _ 20 strong.

    Wind inverse, storm swollen limbs, body Luo Luo, Xi However when cold, hunger Ze trouble, full Ze
fickle, taking too much table hand, foot Shao Yin and Yang Trail, take the meat Qing Xing, bone clean well
taken by the 也  .

    Jueni for the disease as well, enough violence clear, chest If we split, if the will of intestinal knife Zhi, tired
of Er can not eat, pulse size are astringent, warming to get the Shaoyin, to get the Qing Ming, Kiyonori
supplemented, Zhi Wen is diarrhea.Jueni Distension, bowel, chest full of no interest, under the chest to take the
second threat, cough and hands-on person, and back to lose water according to the hand, who is also quickly

   Not urinate within the closed, echinopus less Yintai Yang, and off-the long needle.Inverse gas, then
whichever is lunar, Yang Ming, Jue Yin, and even take Shao, Yang Ming, dynamic Persons by Ye.

   Less gas, body Luo Luo also, made by suction aspiration also, bone acid, weight, Xie Duo could not move,
make up Shao.Short breath is short, do not belong to, action air cable, make up Shaoyin to blood contact also.

    Fever 23rd

    Dried up, body side without the pain, made the same, rather further chaos, between the disease in sub-Cou,
giant needles taken from, the benefits of their lack of detriment to their surplus, is also reusable.

    Rush is sickness also, body pain who do not charge limbs; intellectual chaos less, his words micro-known,
can be cured; even can not be made, can not rule Ye.Disease since the first in Yang, who re entry in Yin, Yang
whichever is first, then whichever is overcast, floating 而 taken from.

    Fever three days, while the air intake static, people who welcome ankle, taken from various Yang, 59
stabbed to crash the heat, out of Qi Khan to substantiate the yin to complement it is insufficient.Body heat
even, yin and yang, who are quiet, do not stab him; it could Cizhe, snatch, Not sweating the vent.The so-called
Do not Cizhe have died attest.
   Fever on the 7th on the 8th, pulse mouth moving, Chuaner shorter, Ji Ci of Khan and from a shallow stab
hand of the fingers.

   Fever on the 7th on the 8th, pulse small, patients urinate blood, mouth dry, day and a half to death.Pulse on
behalf of those who, on the 1st death.

   Fever have all been sweating, and the clock is still calm, breathe and reheating, do not puncture the skin,
dyspnea serious was dead.

    Fever on the 7th the 8th pulse is not manic, manic ghost changed, after Chinese and a sweat; three days do
not sweat, on the 4th die.Khan, who has not, do not stab the Cou.

   Fever first skin pain, smothering nose full face, taken from leather, to the first needle, 59, exorbitant Zhen
nose, sopi in the lung, no, cable fire, fire-, heart.

    Shibuya fever first body lean while hot, tired exhort, dry lips and mouth overflow, taken from leather, to
the first needle, 59; skin swelling, dry mouth, cold sweating, cable connections in mind, no, cable water, water
were and kidney.

   Fever over excess drinking dry, good surprise, not lying, the meat taken from the skin to the sixth pin, 59,
head canthus blue, cable meat in the spleen, no, cable water, wood, the hepatic too.

    Fever face blue, brain pain, hand, foot and ankle, taken from between the tendons to the fourth pin Yu Sini;
tendon lame head dip, cable tendons in liver, may not, solicit money, gold, lung Ye.

    Fever few scared, Chi Zong-mad, taken from vein to the fourth needle, more than those who plunge, hair
disease to epilepsy, cord blood to heart, no, cable water, the water are and kidney.

    Fever, bone pain, body weight, deafness and well close the eyes, taken from bone to the fourth pin, 59,
biting; disease can not eat, rodent ears blue, rope bones in the kidneys, may not, solicit soil, soil who spleen也.

   I do not know the pain, fever, deafness, can not be self-closing, dry mouth, very hot sun, quite cold but
overcast, hot in the spinal cord, dead not rule.

Fever, headache, temporal _, currently?Pulse pain, good nosebleed, Jue fever also, taken from a third needle,
as more than enough chills and fever hemorrhoids.

     Fever, body weight, intestinal heat, take them with the fourth needle, its Yu, and under all toes, cable gas
in the stomach and armpit (should make contact) have gas also.

   Fever embrace umbilical Ji Tong, Xiong Xie full, taken from springs and Yin Ling Quan, get to the fourth
needle, needle, crop years.

    Fever, and sweating and out, and the pulse along Khan who fish taken from the occasion, too deep, mostly,
Bai.Xie Zhi is hot to go, augmented the sweating, sweating very large, transverse veins to take malleolus until

    Fever have been too impatient Khan and clock still Sheng, this is extremely yin pulse also, death; the static
pulse was perspiration but those students.

    Fever who, impatient Er Sheng pulse still not Khan who is also the Yang channels the extreme, death;
pulse containing static ankle was Khan who hygiene.
    Fever is not Cizhe nine: 1 said: no sweat, big fat red zygomatic offensive to die; second is: vent Erfu Man
serious was dead; The third is: present unknown, endless hot to die; Siyue: Old Baby hot and Fu Man to die;
Wu Yue: Khan not vomit blood and die under; Liu Yue: Tongue of the rotten, endless hot to die; 7 said: cough
Er nosebleed, not sweat, are perpetually out not to die; 8 said: pulp heat to die; 9 said: heat and Jing to
die.Waist pack, disease disease, tooth silent 也.Unless stopped nine who can not stab too.

    The so-called 59 Cizhe hands inside the three outside, where a 12 Yu.Five fingers, one each, all eight You
and feet is the same.Head into the next third of the three-inch hair, where six Yu.More into the fat three-inch
edge 5, where 10 Yu.Those below the ear after one mouth, one item, all six Yu.Top of the previous, Cong, one,
a hair, a clean spring, the wind pool 2, Tianzhu 2.

   Manxiong in the breathing gas, to get the lunar tip of the big toe to Zhao Jia such as scallion leaves, then
remain with cold, hot Ze Illness and gas under the Naizhi.

    Heart sharp pain hernia, to get the lunar Jueyin, and striking the blood to make contact.

   Houbi tongue volume, dry mouth, worry, heartache, inner arm pain inexpensive, can not and head, take
hands under the little finger plays that Zhao Jia, to end such as grasses and leaves.

    Project in Chi Tong, from the beginning of the inner canthus, taken from Yin ridings.

    Feng Jing body fold, first to get the sun and the popliteal and blood in contact bleeding, there is cold, take
three years.

    Retention of urine, taken from Yin ridings and San Mao, and blood on blood contact.

     Men such as insanity, women such as Cu, such as solutions of lumbar body, do not want to diet, get springs
first blood, depending on the tarsal Sheng who do see blood 也.

    Yin disease 24th

    Headache, a face swollen and bother, taken from the Foot-Yangming moon.Headache, pain in the first
pulse, heart sad, good sob, as the first arterial anti-Sheng who try to stab the blood, after the adjustment foot

    Headache, Ching Ching, head weight and pain of the head to write the five elements, line 5, first hand Shao
take after take full Shao.Headache, Italy forgetful, Press to not, take the head, face left and right arteries, taken
after the full moon.

   Headache, pain before entry, lumbar as should first take Tianzhu, then take full sun.Headache, headache
and even the ears before and after the pulse Chung hot, spilled the blood, taken after the Foot-Shaoyang.

    True, headaches and even brain to make pain, hand, foot and cold to the festival, dead dead.

    Headache undesirable Yu Shu who has hit fall, evil is in the blood, if the flesh wounds, pain does not have,
can you stab, not far from taking 也   .Headache not Cizhe large Bi evil, Japanese author, will make little more,
can not have.First half of cold pain, take the first hand-Shao Yang Ming, Shao Yang Yang to get the post.

    Jue heartache, and back with control, good Chi, such as from the back of his mind touch, round-backed
person, kidney heartache also, check here first bone, Kunlun, mad not already, take natural valley.Jue
heartache, bloating chest over the heart in particular, Tong Shen, stomach hurts too, taken from most, Pak.
   Jue heartache, pain, acupuncture his mind as to cone, heartache worse, spleen and heartache also, taken
from natural valley, river too.

   Jue heartache, color gray, such as Si Zhuang, all day may not heave a deep sigh, liver heartache also, taken
from between the lines, Taichong.

    Jue heartache, lying, if only home, heartache, the movement, pain Yi Shen, color change, lung heartache
also, fish taken from the occasion, too deep.

   Really upset, and hand-foot clear to the festival, heartache and even, on the eve of dead hair, evening hair
once dead.Pain can not Cizhe, there Sheng together, undesirable Yu Shu.

Refer, in the worm intestine and Jiao _, are not desirable in small needles; heart pain?Zuo Tong, swollen
polymer, between the upper and lower rows are ending pain, abdominal salivary hot hi thirsty out who is Kau
_ Ye.Together by the hand and insisted Zhi, no order was moved to a large needle Zhi, long tried, tested, fixed
bugs, are the needles.Fear of concentrated abdominal pain, in the form of those.

     And without hearing loss, take the ears; tinnitus, take ear artery; earache not Cizhe, ears have pus, if dry
hear talk, no ear heard also; deaf to take hand little finger plays that Zhao Jia pay with meat were first to take
hand, foot after the taking; tinnitus taking the hands of that Zhao Jia, on the left take the right, the right to take
left, take first hand, after taking foot.

   Zu thigh can not move side and taken from, in the hinge joint in order to benefit members of needles, large
needle can not puncture.Injection of blood disease, taken Ququan.

   Wind Bi prostitution gravel, the patient should not have 者 foot, such as discharge ice into the soup when
such stock tibia prostitution gravel, worries a headache, when the Man when the vomiting, dizziness has been
sweating If it persists, dazzling, sad-xi fear, short breath without music, and within three years die.

    Disease of the 25th

    Disease first and then Ni Zhe, to govern the present; first against and then the patient, to govern the
present; first winter and then those who are sick, to govern the present; first sick and then students feeling cold,
to govern the present; first heat and then ill persons, to govern the present .

     Before discharge and then at his birth the patient, to govern the present, will and Tones, is the rule of other
diseases.Then in full by the first patient, treat the symptoms; first after-discharge were, to govern the present;
first person in the least bothered then, to govern the present.

    Are polite, have the same air.Urine negative treat the symptoms, the size of convenience, to govern the

    The disease is more than the bid by the first rule of its present, post-treat the symptoms; disease and lack of
standard and the Zhi, first treat the symptoms after the administration of its this, I would like very long
between visits to Italy and Tones , among those parallel, very lone; first negative and then a small stool at him
sick to govern the text as.

    Miscellaneous Diseases 26th

Jue who rely on spinal and pain to the top of the first dark However, at present __ However, lumbar
strength.Popliteal in the sun to get the blood contact.
   Jue chest sounded swollen lip Luo Luo However, storm made difficult, or even can not be made, taking the

   Jue gas hose and can not be made to go, hand-foot clear, stool negative, to get the Shao Yin.

   Jue and ventral to the course, the more cold, belly Valley Valley, they urinate difficult to get the lunar.

   Crop dry mouth hot as glue, to get the Shao Yin.

   Knee pain, take calf nose to members of sharp needle, hair and between.Needle as big as Yak, thorn is no
doubt knee.

   Houbi can not say, to get the Yang-Ming; can be words, take hand Yangming.

   Malaria thirsty for inter-Day, taking the Foot-Yangming; Keer date and, taking hand Yangming.

   Tooth pain, no evil clear drink, to get the Yang-Ming; evil clear drink, take hand-Yangming.

   Deaf person without pain, to get the Shaoyang; deaf and pain who take hand Yangming.

   Bleed at the nose and not just, nosebleed blood flow, to get the sun; Nvxue, take hand the sun.Endless,
under the barbed bone Wan; endless, stabbed in popliteal blood.

    Low back pain, pain on the cold, take full sun Yang; pain with heat, to get the Jueyin; not exhort Yang, to
get the Shaoyang.Heat Erchuan, popliteal in the blood to get the Shao Yin contact.

   Without joy, anger, Yu Shi, Yan Yi small, barbed enough Talin; angrily say, stabbed foot Shaoyang.

   Yan pain, stab Ming and Yan Zhisheng hand vein bleeding.

   Xiang Yang pain can not exhort, gill full sun; not care, barbed hand sun.

   Belly full of large, upper left gastric, Zhixin, XiXi died in his fever and chills, dysuria, to get the Jueyin.

   Fu Man, negative stool, abdominal large, also chest crop to walk, breathe and drink however, to get the
Shao Yin.

   Fu Man is not of food, belly to the course, no bowel movement, to get the lunar.

   Heartache cited lumbar, vomit, to get the Shao Yin.

   Heartburn, bloating, Walls Of course, stool negative, to get the lunar.

   Heartache, lead back any rest, echinopus Shao; not already, take hand-Shaoyang.

   Lead belly full of heartache, down impermanence, then they urinate difficult echinopus Jueyin.

   Heartache, but the short is not sufficient to interest rates, stabbed hand Tai Yin.

   Heartache, when nine stab Zhi, press, has been stabbed Press to, legislation has been; not already, find
Answer down, stand-won has been.
   Yan pain, puncture of Foot-Yangming Quzhou artery, blood, has been established; endless, according to
Ying Yu through people, has been established.

   Inverse gas, trapped in barbed Ying those with lower thoracic artery.

    Abdominal pain, left umbilical artery puncture has been stabbed Press to, legislation has been; endless, gill
gas Street, had been stabbed Press to, legislation has been.

   Weijue end of four beams Man, is the disease Solved, Japan 2; not benevolent, on the 10th with
knowledge, round, sickness only.

    Year-old grass pungent, sneeze, sneeze it; interest-free, while welcoming Yinzhi illness, has been
established; shocked Zhi, also has.

   Zhou Bi 27th

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: Zhou Bi Zhi in itself is, move down only with the clock, around
the corresponding their lower, upper, room can not be empty, appreciate further the pain, the blood being
evil?The meat will be divided between the almost?What result is?The pain, the shift in, among less than under
the needle, the sustain time of pain, not as fixed rule, the pain has just carry on.He Tao Shi Ran?It appreciate
further?Chi Bo The answer: This congregation Bi also, non-Zhou Bi also.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family congregation paralysis.Qi Bo replied: This all in their place, made more
just, more more from home, to the right should be left to the left should be right, non-energy Zhou.Hugh has
also made more.Yellow Emperor said: good.Thorn of how?Qi Bo replied: stabbed this person, pain Although
only, will stab their premises, Wuling rise again.

    The emperor said: good.Our family Zhou Bi collecting?Qi Bo replied: Zhou Bi who is among the blood,
with the clock above, with the clock below, not about the when it.Yellow Emperor said: thorn Zhi how?Qi Bo
replied: pain from top to bottom are, first, 以 under which it had been stabbed, stabbed on it in after off
Zhi.Under the pain from those thorns on it in the first it had been later stabbed his next order to get rid Zhi.

    Yellow Emperor said: good.Anson this pain?He so famous?Chi Bo replied: cold moisture, customers
outside the hours in between the meat, pressing and as the foam, polyethylene foam may be cold, poly ranked
sub-meat division and a divided pain, pain, then the god classical example, Ze classical example of God heat,
heat the pain solutions, pain Xie Ze Jue, Jue if he Bi-fat, fat Ze so.The emperor said: good.I intended to carry
on that right.This period is not dirty, the outer skin without hair on, alone among the sub-meat, infuriating not
weeks, so called center Zhou Bi.Therefore, Bi thorn who must first cut in six-under after following it,
depending on the actual situation, and large junction and not through blood contact, and Deficiency pulse
trapped air person, rather Tones, ironing 而 Michiyuki.The Chi Kin quoted and-bound.Yellow Emperor said:
good.I have been obtaining the Italian men, and may also being to Ye.Nine persons have Xun truth, 12 the
disease is very yin and yang meridians.

   I asked the twenty-eighth

    Yellow Emperor homebound, the provision and asked about Yu Chi Bo said: I have heard by nine needle,
of yin and yang Nishun, six have been completed, I would like to be asked.Chi Bo withdraw Zaibai said:
passing a good question also, the first division of the mouth also.Yellow Emperor said: Our family of
mouth.Chi Bo answer was: husband riddled with beginning students as well, all born in wind and rain cold and
heat, yin and yang, joy, anger, eating the Home Office, was shocked Death fear.The blood gas separation, yin
and yang, dilapidated, Meridian Jue must, pulse Road barrier, yin and yang in the reverse, Wei Qi Ji Liu,
Meridian empty, blood gas is not time, is within normal.On the not been, please road its side.
    Yellow Emperor said: person owes who what Qi Shiran?Chi Bo answer was: Wei Qi day on line in Yang,
Noriyuki middle of the night at Yam Yam are the main night, night Zhe lying; Yang are the main, the shade
under the main person; it is integrated in the next yin, yang deficiencies, Yang cited in the previous, overcast
lead down, yin and yang with lead, so a few less.Yang best, chi Shing, the Mu Ming; yin and yang do Sheng,
the Wu carry on.Diarrhea foot Shao, make up the sun.

    Yellow Emperor said: Yue person who, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: Valley into the stomach, Stomach
injection of the lung.Today there are so cold and the New Valley, gas, all further into the stomach, so with the
new chaos, really evil-phase attack, gas and phase reverse, back in the stomach, so as Yue.Hand Tai Yin
added, diarrhea Zu Shao Yin.

    Yellow Emperor said: Hey person who, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: The yin yang prosperity to qi
deficiency, yin yang illness Er Xu, yin yang prosperity to absolute, so the sound of sobbing.Make up the sun,
diarrhea Zu Shao Yin.

   Yellow Emperor said: Zhen Han person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: chill off in the skin, Sheng yin,
yang deficiency, and are thus Zhenhanhanli, fill all yang.

   Yellow Emperor said: eh person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: chill off in the stomach, Jueni scattered
from the lower upper, back in the stomach, and are thus eh.Complement the Tai Yin Yang-Mei text as a
supplement say.

    Yellow Emperor said: sneezing person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: yang and benefits, full heart, for
the nose, so to sneeze.Make up the solar wing eyebrows, a brow said, also.

   Yellow Emperor said: Duo person who, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: gastric vein actually all virtual;
Zhu Ze tendons Xieduo virtual clock; tendons Xieduo Noriyuki yin force, air can not be complex, and are thus
Duo.Because of its location, meeting points between the meat.

    Yellow Emperor said: Mourning Erqi Ti a person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: heart those internal
organs Lord also; present who were pulse for the community gathering together, in the liquid way also; nose
and mouth are, qi portals.So sad Chou Youze heart, heart Ze internal organs are Shake, shake, Norimune pulse
feeling, were pulse flu is liquid Road open, fluid Tao opened, so Qiti the Yan.Liquid in the filling so fine How
air orifices Zhe also, so the liquid way hoi is sobbing, sobbing more than Ze fluid exhaust; fluid exhaust Ze
fine without irrigation, irrigation Ze fine and there is not seen men, and therefore Ming Yue won fine.The Sky
column by Xia neck.

   Yellow Emperor said: heave a deep sigh person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: Then your mind Worries
emergency department, acute heart qi Tao about, some proved detrimental, so heave a deep sigh Yi out of the
make up hand Shao Yin Heart, Foot-Shaoyang stay Chih.

    Yellow Emperor said: salivary next person who Shiran any gas?Chi Bo said: diet who are into the stomach,
the stomach moving hot Ze insect pest mobility gives the stomach slowly, slowly Ze Lian Quan stomach open,
so saliva, the complement Shao.

    Yellow Emperor said: Ming-ears person who, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: ear who were pulse for the
community gathering together, so the stomach empty Norimune pulse virtual, virtual Ze next slide, veins have
dried up who it is ringing in the ears, back off the master, hand thumb with the meat submission is Zhao Jia Ye

    Yellow Emperor said: person from Nie tongue, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: This Jueni take the pulse
gas generation to have.Little yin to Ze Nie tongue, small yang to Ze Nie cheek, lip Yangming gas to Ze Nie
carry on.As the main patients are supplemented.
    Unless stopped 12 evil who are singularly evil away empty orifices are 也              .So evil lies, are all
inadequate.Therefore, upper respiratory insufficiency, and brain feel dissatisfied, ear pain whom Ming, whom
suffered head tilt, head whom dazzling.Lack of gas, urinate whom they change, intestinal pain Ming
whom.Under the gas, then the heart is for the Weijue Man.Supplement under the lateral malleolus remain with.

    Yellow Emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Kidneys for less, to get the Shao Yin; lung Lord Yue,
take hand-Tai Yin, foot Shao; Hey persons, Yin and Yang must therefore make up the sun, diarrhea Zu Shao
Yin; Zhen Han who make up all yang; eh who make up lunar Yang; sneeze who make up the sun eyebrow;
Duo, because of its location, meeting points between the meat; sobbing out of the Sky cervical column by Xia,
Xia neck who carved head also; heave a deep sigh, make up a small hand Yin, Heart, Foot-Shaoyang, leave it;
Yin Shao under complement; ringing up customer master, Zhao Jia hand thumb with the meat delivery
persons; from Nie tongue, as the main patients are supplemented.Dizzy head tilt, top-up under the left lateral
them; Weijue heart Man, big toes on the foot two-inch thorns, remain with, one said, under the lateral
malleolus remain with Zu.

   Pass the 29th division

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard the first division, have heart possession, Fred was on the square, I would
appreciate further that hidden areas, then thereof, the Order governing the people, to cure under the body, so
that people without disease, and pro levels, Deese indecent, sons without distinction, pass to later generations,
there is no end, it can almost be heard?Chi Bo said: passing a Question 也 far.People with self-governance
husband, he and the administration of this government, small government and big government, country and
family management, can not reverse the rule also, but along just say husband.Shun those non-exclusive Yin
Yang clock, on the qi Nishun also, the people along its people Jie Yu-chih.

    Yellow Emperor said: Nobuyuki how?Chi Bo said: Popular ask immigration, into the family asked the
taboo, Upper Church asked the ceremony, asked the patient will be temporary.

    Yellow Emperor said: will the patient do nothing?Chi Bo said: husband of heat Xiaodan, then it is cold;
cold within a genus, then it is hot.Stomach heat Ze consumer Valley, is hanging heart good hunger.Umbilical
skin over hot, hot intestine, then the yellow, such as Mi.The following umbilical skin cold, cold stomach, the
abdominal distention; intestine in cold, then the leakage of bowel supper.Cold stomach, intestine heat, the
expansion and discharge, stomach heat, cold intestines, then the disease to drink, a small abdominal swelling.

     Yellow Emperor said: For cold drinks stomach, intestines For hot drinks, the two-phase inverse, we Zhi
how?Ju Fu kings adults, blood drinking ages, unbridled arrogance and young people from want, but they're
Embargo, Embargo Inverse-chi, Nobuyuki then strengthen their disease, they Zhi how?What the first rule?Chi
Bo said: have touched everyone in the world evil dead hi students, to announce its defeat, its language of good,
guide them with their will, opening them with their pain, although there is no way the person, there is no evil
listener or Down?

    Yellow Emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: spring first treat the symptoms, to treat them after this;
autumn and the first to govern the present, post-treat the symptoms.

    Yellow Emperor said: it is regrettable that the phase Ni Zhe?Chi Bo said: will this persons, food drink
clothing, Yiyu Shi cold temperature, cold without shelter sad, summer without sweating.Water drinker, not
Shining hot and cold non-Cang Cang.Of the proper cold temperature, so gas will be held, is not debased Ye.

Yellow Emperor said: avatars the segments of the Tibetan Yi _ meat, Yan designate the size of internal
organs.Kings and adults this husband, Powerbut throne of the king, and asked Yan, who is the hindrance
palpable, then A Down?Chi Bo said: avatars the segments, Tibetan government lids also, the reading of non-
facial Ye.
    Yellow Emperor said: Solid Organs of gas, reading in the surface who I known to carry on to the segments
for reading know but, how?Chi Bo said: Solid Organs Six House who, whom cover the lung, giant shoulder
depression pharynx, waiting reflected outside.Yellow Emperor said: good.

Chi Bo said: Solid Organs Six House, s heart the Lord, whom Quepen Road, skeleton bone designate more
than __.Yellow Emperor said: good.

   Chi Bo said: liver is, the Lord will make waiting outside, for any firm, depending on the project big or
small.Yellow Emperor said: good.

   Chi Bo said: spleen who presented to health, so welcome food, likes and dislikes, as a lot of explaining to
know good and bad.Yellow Emperor said: good.

   Chi Bo said: kidney donors, the Lord, the so far to listen to, as the ear likes and dislikes, to know these
sexual.Yellow Emperor said: good.Our family 6 Government 之waiting.

     Chi Bo said: the Six persons, whom the sea stomach, Pang skeletal, Great Neck, Zhang chest, grain is the
content.Nose and the long tunnel to designate large intestine.Lip thick, people long to designate the small
intestine.Fruit heads and bigger, and bile is horizontal.Nose out, bladder leakage.Nose central column, the
triple burner is about, this is why the Six candidates who are.Third down, possession of safety and good carry

   Must air the 30th

    Yellow Emperor said: I blasted a fine, gas, Tianjin, fluid, blood, pulse, I meaning that the spaces in our
ears, Jinnai identified as six, I do not know what it is exactly.Chi Bo said: Two Competing God, is shaped
together, often the first body health, is that fine.What is gas?Chi Bo said: the development of coke, declared
grain flavor, smoked skin, full body, Mao Zedong, if Wulu of irrigation, is that gas.What is Jin?Chi Bo said:
Cou reason to vent, sweating Qin Qin, is that Jin.What is fluid?Chi Bo said: Valley into the air is full, Nao Ze
note in bone, bone is flexion and extension, vent Ze benefit brain, skin moisturizing, is that solution.What
blood?Chi Bo said: bullied in the coke, juice changes in red, is that blood.What is pulse?Chi Bo said: Yonge
gas business, so nothing to avoid, is that the clock.

    Yellow Emperor said: six gas have, more than enough, the number of qi, the Truth and False brain, blood
Zhi voicing, how aware of?Chi Bo said: off those fine, deafness; gas off those present unknown; Tianjin off
those Cou reason to open, Khan large vent; liquid off those negative bone is flexion and extension, color yao,
brain consumption, tibial paralysis, ear number Ming ; blood off those white color, yao obviously not Chak,
the pulse emptiness, This waiting Ye.

    Yellow Emperor said: six gas persons, irrespective of the status of them?Chi Bo said: six gas who have
Department of the also, its something which good and evil, for often the main, natural grains and the stomach
for the sea Ye.

   Gastrointestinal 31st

     Bo Gao Huang Di asked to say: I appreciate further six House Dentani who stomach the size of the length,
how much do nothing by the Valley?Burgaw said: Please do short, superficial, deep valley by the distance
from the length of the degree of access: lip to nine minutes long teeth, mouth wide two Cunban; teeth after to
the epiglottis, three inches and a half deep, large capacity 5 together; tongue weight 12, seven inches long,
wide two Cunban; pharyngeal door weight 12, a Cunban wide.Foot six inches long to the stomach, stomach
tortuous bend, stretch the length two feet six inches, big foot Wucun, Path Wucun, large capacity three-Doo 5
liters.Small intestine attached ridge, the left loop on Diego product, who the note in the ileum, on the outside
attached to the umbilical.Back to the circle is 16, sophomore Cunban, diameter less per eighth of a half, thirty
feet long three feet.Ileum when the umbilical left ring back the next week while leaf plot, to be returned also
against 16 large four inches, diameter of a little half-Cun Cun, Long nijo foot.Intestine broad ridge to be the
ileum, the left ridge of the upper and lower leaf ring, the provision of large Bacun, Path 2 Cuncun the half, a
long two feet Bacun.Out of the entry to the stomach, four-inch long quarter of Liu Zhang, Hui Song ring
counter, 32 Ye.

    Ping human Juegu 32nd

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family did not eat person, seven died, Why?Bo Gao said: Chen made his so

     Big foot Wucun stomach, Path Wucun, two feet six inches long, horizontal flexion by about three to five
liters of water valley, where the valley, often leaving the second bucket, a bucket of water over 5 liters and the
last coke discouraged, out of its microscopic , Piaohan slide disease, the next focus under various intestinal

    Small intestine sophomore Cunban, diameter less per eighth of a half length thirty feet Erchi by Valley 2
fight 4 liters, 6 liters of water triple combination and 大 .

    Ileum a large four-inch, Path Cuncun little half a foot long nijo by Valley a bucket of water 7 liters and a

    Large intestine Bacun wide, diameter of the second half of Cun Cun, long two feet Bacun by Google co-
eighth of one triple nine liters.

     Stomach long, eight feet four inches where Wuzhang by fighting two liters of water a valley nine joint
combination and part of it, the number of gastrointestinal Valley also suffered water.Ping who is not, full
stomach and bowel empty, empty stomach and intestinal least the more virtual a more full, so angry and up
and down, the five internal organs stability, blood and interest, is the spirit of home, so God who Mizutani
essence of the gas also.Therefore, among the stomach, when the two struggle to stay valley, water, a bucket 5
l; so flat man-days after that, after the two liters and a half, on the 1st of 5 l, 5 l bucket 573 on the 7th, while
the remaining Mizutani do carry on; Kohei people do not eat drink for seven days the dead, small grain refined
gas fluids are to make it also relies.

    On the 33rd Sea

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: I heard thorn Act Teacher, Confucius's words, do not stray Yu
Ying and Wei blood gas.Cardiff 12 meridians those belonging to bowel and external contact in the Segment,
Master is the combination and in the seas almost.Chi Bo The answer: one has the four seas, 12 by the water.By
the water who are note in the sea, the sea between East and West, Ming Yue seas.Yellow Emperor said: people
suitable response how?Chi Bo said: people have marrow, there is a sea of blood, there are air sea water valley
of the sea, above activities the four to be universal too.

    Yellow Emperor said: well almost who Confucius's joint human world seas also, appreciate further suitable
response how?Chi Bo said: we must first know that yin and yang form Ying Shu is located, the whole world
will carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: determine how?Chi Bo said: stomach by water Valley seas, lose on the Gas Street
(red), the next three years; red veins are, for the twelve sea, its exports to the lies in Dazhu, the next for giant
virtual top and bottom for cheap; tanzhong who, for the air sea, its exports to the lies in column bone up and
down, the former is that people welcome the brain for the marrow sea, its exports to the in its cover, under the
Wind House.
    Yellow Emperor said: The above activities seas are, what benefit any harm?HE Sheng He defeated?Chi Bo
said: get along and live, have Nizhe defeated; know tone, Lee, I do not know of respondents harm.

    Yellow Emperor said: All men Nishun how?Chi Bo said: air sea more than those gas Manxiong, the Man
information Mianchi; air sea, then the gas low enough words.Sea of blood more than, you often want to their
bodies large and anger her knowledge of their disease; sea of blood shortage, offenders are usually like their
bodies small, narrow course I do not know their disease.Mizutani sea more than, the Fu Man; Mizutani sea,
then the hungry from Valley Fresh.Marrow more than, the light strength and more power, since through its
degree; marrow, then the brain switch to tinnitus, tibia acid dazzling run, present no see, slack safety lie.

    Yellow Emperor said: I have heard Nishun, Tones how?Chi Bo said: trial keep their Yu, and transferred its
actual situation, not guilty of the victims, along bidder complex, Ni Zhe defeat.Yellow Emperor said: good.

   Five random 34th

    Yellow Emperor said: Meridian 12, No for the five elements, is divided into four seasons, He lost in the
chaos?What was the rule?Chi Bo said: Five orderly, 4:00 morality is relative along the rule, phase reverse the

    Yellow Emperor said: What with Shun?Chi Bo said: Meridian 12 persons to meet in December.December
were divided into four seasons.Four Seasons, spring summer and winter, their courage was different, business
health go hand in hand, Yin and Yang is known, voicing irrelevant, so the Shunzhi and rule.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is reverse the disorder, Chi Bo said: clean air in the shade, an aggregate of the
sun, business gas along veins, Wei Qi retrograde, voicing coherence, chaos in the chest, is that the great
Man.Therefore, random gas heart, the ache secret Hey, exhort first static V; disorder in the lung, then exhort
Yang breath drink, took to calling; disorder in the stomach, for cholera; chaos in the tibial arm, compared with
four-Jue; disorder in head, was Jueni, heavy head dizzy servant.

    Yellow Emperor said: Five disorder who stabbed a proper way or Down?Chi Bo said: proper way since the
proper way to go, the trial Zhi Road, is that the body Bao.Yellow Emperor said: good.Our family their
way.Chi Bo said: gas is the heart are, take the hand of Shao Yin Heart Lord of Yu; gas is the lung who take the
hand of lunar Ying, foot Shao Yu, gas is to stomach those taken from full moon Yang Ming, no less than those
obtained ter, the gas is first person, taken from Tianzhu Dazhu, I do not know, to take full sun Ying Yu; gas is
arm feet, taken from first went to the blood, then whichever Yang Shao Yang Zhi Xing Yu.

    Yellow Emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: Xu entry Xu out that the conduction
gas.Reinforcing-reducing invisible, it means that the same precision.Right and wrong more than enough for
him, disorder of qi in the reverse too.Yellow Emperor said: allow passing a Road, next to passing on, please
forward to the mine version, Ming Yue chaos too.

   Expanding on the 35th

    Yellow Emperor said: Pulses should cunkou, how the expansion?Chi Bo said: the pulse large firm in
Shibuya who, inflation also.Yellow Emperor said: How to know Tibetan government has risen too.Chi Bo
said: yin to Tibet, Yang is the government.

   Yellow Emperor said: Fu qi cause inflation as well, because blood into Yeah, organs within the Down?Chi
Bo said: all three-Cun Yan, natural non-expansion of the house too.Yellow Emperor said: Our family
expansion Zhi homes.Chi Bo said: husband expansion who are is that organs, the row of organs and Guo
Xiong Xie, swelling of skin, so Ming Yue expansion.
    Yellow Emperor said: viscera in Xiongxie inland within also, if the box Kui Zhi possession of prohibited
devices also, who have the second round, different name and with the Department, a field among the gas
varied appreciate further it.Yellow Emperor said: unresolved his meaning to ask.Chi Bo said: husband chest,
viscera Guo also.Tanzhong who hearts Lord of Miyagi also; stomach who Taicang also; throat, small intestine
who send him; Stomach five orifices who Lvli portals; Lian Quan, Yuying persons, body fluid way
too.Therefore, internal organs are, each side limits, which disease each shape.Camp gas through the veins, Wei
gas against the vein bulge; Wei Qi and pulse through the divided skin expansion.Three in the crash, near those
who look, well those three times, without asking actual situation, working in the disease diarrhea.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family bulging.Chi Bo said: husband heart Expansion by worries a short breath,
Insomnia; lung inflation were, virtual full and cough; liver expansion by, Pollution on Man and the pain lead
belly; spleen swelling by, good dirty, limbs trouble exhort, weight can not win clothing, Insomnia; kidney
inflation are, Fu Man lead back the surging natural waist thigh pain.Six government expansion, bloating who
Fu Man, epigastric pain, smelling Jiaoxiu, harm to food, stool hard; colon expansion are, bowel and pain bald,
winter heavy feeling in the cold, the meal discharge is not of; small intestine inflation are, Shaofu careful
expansion, cited waist and pain; bladder inflation were, Shaofu and gas retention of urine; triple burner
inflation are, gas filled in the skin, gently but not strong; bile inflation are, under the threat of pain, swelling,
mouth pain , good heave a deep sigh.

    The above activities of various inflation are, on their ways in the knowledge that Nishun, needle lose,
diarrhea virtual filled, God removing its rooms, caused by evil lost is really not set, the crude for the
community fails, it means that fate; tonic reducing excess, God the property of their room, a long plug it
empty, it means that good work.

    Yellow Emperor said: Expansion by Yan life?He hence?Chi Bo said: wei qi in the body are often natural
and veins, through the sub-meat lines had Nishun, yin and yang and walk away, trusted by the day, the five
internal organs Gengshi, 4:00 sequential, grains are oriented.Then Jue gas in the next, Ying and Wei stay only,
cold reverse, the real evil with attack, the two gas Competing, are merged into inflation also.Yellow Emperor
said: good.Why FAQ?Chi Bo said: cooperation is to the true triple derived.The emperor said: good.

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Expansion of words without asking actual situation, workers in
diarrhea disease, recently, about, well those three times, today there are three rather than under owner, its over
Yan in?Qi Bo replied: This comment is caught in the meat Blind, and in those 也 cavitation.Not in the
cavitation, the gas within the closed, needle Keeping Blind, the gas not work, the more the meat, the health gas
chaos, yin and yang phase by.Its expansion is also, when the diarrhea and diarrhea, gas and therefore no less
than three but not the next, will be more on their ways, gas under Naizhi, no less than renew, you can
foolproof, Ukraine has Scots are almost?Its expansion is also bound to review Qi Mi, when the diarrhea is
diarrhea, when the supplement is added, such as drums should beam, evil, no less than those Down?

    Five retention of urine and body fluids of other 36th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Water Valley into the mouth, lost in the stomach, Qi solution do
for the five-day winter clothes thin, was drowning and gas, the heat clothing thick compared to Khan, sad air
and was sobbing, in the heat of gastric slow compared with saliva.Evil in reverse, then the air whom occlusion
and no, no, compared with the water expansion, I know these also, I wonder what the students?Our family
their way.

    Chi Bo said: Mizutani, are into the mouth, its taste has five, all attention on its sea.Body fluid the walk on
their ways, so triple burner outlet to warm muscles, filling the skin, for Tianjin, a flow without Walker for the

   Thickness of the Cou-day summer clothing management open, so sweating, cold meat left at points
between the polymer foam was pain.
    Profile for the Cou Li closed, air humidity not work underwater to stay in the bladder, was drowning and

    Internal organs, heart whom the Lord, ears whom to listen, head whom designate, lung whom phase, liver
whom will, spleen whom health, kidney whom the main things.Therefore, internal organs Zhi body fluid,
although the infiltration in the eyes, the heart sad and gas, the heart is anxious.Heart emergency is the lung
move, pulmonary give the liquid overflow.Husband's heart and lungs, can not always move first on the first,
the so cough cry out carry on.

    Heat the stomach consumer Valley, eliminating grain is insect up and down for.Stomach filling Guo,
therefore gastric slow, gastric slow the gas counter, so saliva out.

   Grain Zhi body fluid, and timeliness and to extract those, which penetrate the bone blank, benefit brain,
and downstream in the shade shares.

    Yin and yang and then to liquid overflow and dirty in the shade, fluids of all cut down, the next over the
virtual, virtual, so back pain and shin acid.

    Yin and yang Road barrier, universal blocking, triple burner and diarrhea, body fluid, so, Mizutani parallel
stomach among other in the ileum, to remain in the lower burner, no infiltration of bladder, the next focus of
expansion, water overflow was water swelling, the body fluid five Bie Nishun too.

    5 read five to thirty-seventh

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I heard thorns features five read, in order to observe the five
gas.Five gas those five internal organs, enabled also, 5:00 is the Vice also.Appreciate further five so when the
security out?Chi Bo said: those features, the five internal organs of the reading 也  .Yellow Emperor said: Our
family it out, so for regular.Chi Bo said: clock for air intake, color seen in Ming Tang, colored more out to be
5:00, all as they often, by the gas into the dirty, will be when the treatment.

    The emperor said: good.Colored independence depends on the Joss House Down?Chi Bo said: features
have been identified, Que court must Zhang, Nai Li Ming Tang, Ming Tang broad, fan cover, see, the side wall
of the high base, lead vertical ranks, the five colors is the rule, flat stroke majority, life in the hundred, Seeing
those thorns -will have, so the person who, blood gas surplus, muscles strong cause, it can be hard to pin.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family features.Chi Bo said: nose who, lungs officials also; present were the
liver of the officers are; lips were, spleen, officials also; tongue, the heart of the government also; ears were,
Kidney officials also.

    Yellow Emperor said: to officials what climate?Chi Bo said: to designate the five organs.Therefore, lung
disease who break the nose Zhang; liver disease, canthus Green; Pibing who lip yellow; heart disease who,
tongue volume is short, the zygomatic red; nephropathy, the zygomatic and Yan black.

    Yellow Emperor said: 5 clock security out, colored safety see, its regular color Scots who how?Chi Bo
said: features do not distinguish, Que court atelectasis, small Qi Ming Tang, Fan cover gone, then Pi Qi wall,
walls, under no base, vertical angle to the outside.In this way, although the usual Scots, conditions increase
disease zai.

     Yellow Emperor said: colored Zhi seen Mingtang to view the five internal organs of gas, about the abilities
of the various physical or Down?Chi Bo said: viscera in also, the inferior race homes, so up and down, all as
its degree also.
    Nishun too fat, the 38th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I heard needle tract in the Master, many graduates learned carry
on.Husband Gentleman, should regret it, and according to no firm natural persons also.Confucius's Q school
and cooked almost, to the scrutiny of the material from heart Seng Down?Chi Bo said: person for the Road,
who, on the cooperation in the day, the next joint in the land, in cooperation in personnel, there must be clear
rules, so as to degrees, the French seized custody, is later to be available for Yan.So the builders can not
release size and the intended short-long, waste Shengmo sky flat water as well, workers can not set rules and
for the round to moment and for the party.Know with this person, solid natural material, easy to use for
teaching, Ni Shun Zhi-Chang also.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family of natural how?Chi Bo said: a deep flooding, no skill, and the water can
be dried also.Through the humble never washed, but after can pass too.This remark qi slip Shibuya, bloody
water Voiced-bound Ni Shun also.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family too fat, white or black person a small length, each number or Down?Chi
Bo said: growth in quality, blood gas filling, firm skin leather, as to be evil, stab the person, deep and remain
with, the fat people.Wide shoulder axillary items, meat, Bo Hou skin and black lips clinical clinical course, the
blood black with cloud, its gas astringent to late.The man also, like it was taken and, stabbed this person, deep
and remain with, and more benefits of their number also.

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn Thin Man how?Chi Bo said: lean man who, thin color less meat Lian Lian
However, thin lips lightly, the levels of gas slip easily off the gas, the vulnerability of the blood, stabbed this
person, light and Illness.

   Yellow Emperor said: thorn ordinary people do nothing?Chi Bo said: depending on its white and black,
each Tones, Qi correct honest owner, its flesh and tone, stabbed this person, no abnormal number also.

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn warrior true bone who, how?Chi Bo said: thorn warrior true bone, firm flesh
slow section, monitoring supervision course, this person while in air Shibuya blood cloud, stab the person,
deep and leave the more beneficial its tens; Jin qi slip serum, stab the person, shallow and Illness.

    Yellow Emperor said: thorns baby do nothing?Chi Bo said: infant owner, its Roucui, less blood gas weak
stab the person to high barbed, barbed and disease shallow needle injection, then is he good for Japan.

    Yellow Emperor said: a deep flooding, how?Chi Bo said: serum gas cloud (slide), disease diarrhea Zhi is
air dried Yan.Yellow Emperor said: follow the humble never washed, how?Chi Bo said: blood aggregate of
Shibuya, disease diarrhea, things are by the can pass too.

    Yellow Emperor said: Pulse-bound Ni Shun, how?Chi Bo said: morbidity, hands, walking from the dirty
hands; hands Sanyang, from the hand to go first; feet Sanyang, take the foot from the ground; morbidity, feet,
foot away from the belly.

    Yellow Emperor said: Artery of independence Shaoyin down, Why?Chi Bo said: Otherwise, the husband
red veins are, internal organs sea also, internal organs are intrinsic Yan.On it were, out fly down forehead,
seepage Zhu Yang, filling all fine; the next person, note Shao great contact, out of gas Street, through the
overcast Unit of clean into the popliteal, the V line shinbone bone, down to the After the medial malleolus is
the other.Under it are, and in Shao-tested, seepage morbidity,; the former, V line out tarsal is the next through
the tarsal, into the big toes, penetration of various contact and temperature and muscle.So do not contact the
node is attached to fixed, fixed the Jue, Jue the cold carry on.Yellow Emperor said: Why Ming?Chi Bo said: in
order words be guided, cut and examined for their non-must move, and then still out Nishun trip also.Yellow
Emperor said: Jiong to passing!Sage for the Road, also.Out in the sun and moon, micro in the least bit, its non-
Master, practice makes Tao Chih.
   Blood contact on the 39th

    Yellow Emperor said: appreciate further odd evil rather than by the person.Chi Bo said: blood contact is

    Yellow Emperor said: Bloodletting and contact the servant who, Why?Blood out of the archer, Why?Blood
less black and turbidity are, what are?Blood clearing and half for the sauce are How is it?Needle injection and
swelling are, what are?Blood out if more than if few and pale gray who, Why?Needle injection while looking
the same and trouble Man who, Why?More bleeding and unwavering who, Why?Appreciate further it.

   Chi Bo said: pulse arrogant and blood deficiency who stabbed the then degassing, degassing the servant.

    Sheng and yin blood gas all over those, the blood slide, while fire thorn Zhi; yang accumulation of stay for
those without diarrhea, the blood black with cloud, it can not shoot.

    The new drink while the liquid penetration in the contact, without cooperation, and in the blood, so blood
out of the juice of other Yan; its not new drinkers, body of water, for a long time was swollen.

   Chi plot in Shenyang, its gas due to the contact, so stab the blood is not out of the air first, so swollen.

    Yin and yang of gas, its new Xiangde without harmony, so Xie, things are yin and yang all off, interior and
exterior phase from, so marking the green and natural.

   Blood of thorns out more color change and trouble Man who, by pricking the virtual, virtual through, those
who belong to yin, yin off, so tired of Man.

   Yang Xiang De and Bi were merged into this as an internal overflow in the classics, foreign note in the
contact.In this way, yin and yang, all surplus, although more bleeding and unable to answer false also.

    Yellow Emperor said: phase is how?Chi Bo said: blood who, Sheng Jian Wang to red, from top to bottom
impermanence Department, small in size as needles, as powerful as the reinforcement, then the diarrhea Zhi
foolproof too, so no loss of a few carry on.Lost a few and anti-all as its degree.

   Yellow Emperor said: needle into the meat and author, Why?Chi Bo said: heat due to the needle, the
needle heat, heat the inside with the needle, so Jian Yan.

   Yin and Yang voicing 40th

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard 12, in turn, to be 12 by the water provider, its colored different, voicing
different person blood gas if one should be the how?Chi Bo said: person blood gas, Gouneng if a, then the
world for men, and evil with chaos are almost?Yellow Emperor said: I asked one person, non-Q thing in the
world public.Chi Bo said: husband of a person who has chaotic gas, the world of images, some random, their
merged into one ear.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family popularity of voicing.Chi Bo said: by the Valley were dirty, bullied by
the Qing.Qing buyers overcast, cloudy buyers Yang.Turbid and clear who the out of the pharynx, clear and
turbid who are down.Voicing coherent, Ming Yue chaotic air.

    Yellow Emperor said: Fu Yin Qing and Yang cloud, cloud by Qing Qing who have voiced, voicing Bie
how?Chi Bo said: qi Dabie, the Qing were on the note in the lung, voiced by Xiazou in the stomach.Stomach
clear air, on the out port; lungs aggregate of, bet on by, the inner product in the sea.
    Yellow Emperor said: Zhu Yang are dirty, He Yang cloud even Down?Chi Bo said: hand the sun alone by
the yang of the turbid, hand lunar independence hindered by the Qing; its clear who walk on air orifices, its
cloud are downlink all through.Zhu Yin are clear, full moon independence under its cloud.

   Yellow Emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: clear who their courage was slipping, voiced by their
courage astringent, this qi often too.So who stabbed overcast, dark and stay them; stabbed Yang who, shallow
and Illness; voicing coherent persons, in order to adjust the number of Chih.

    Yin and Yang Department of sun and moon 41st

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard days yang for yin day sun, on the overcast, their co to man, how?Chi Bo
said: waist over the day, below the waist for the land, so days for the sun, for shade, so feet 12, in turn, to
should be in December, was born in water, so the next person to yin; hands and fingers to be on the 10th, on
the main fire, so in the last person to Yang.

    Yellow Emperor said: combination and in the veins, how?Chi Bo said: Yin, who, the first month for raw
Yang also, the main left foot Zhi Shao Yang; not who, in June, the main right foot Zhi Shao Yang.Mao who, in
February, the main left foot from the sun; afternoon who, in May, the main right foot from the sun.Chen who,
in March, the main left foot Zhi Yang; Si who, in April, the main right foot Zhi Yang.This two-yang together
in the former, twenty years before and Yang Ming.Applicants who, in July Yin is also the main right foot Zhi
Shao; ugly person, in December, the main left foot Zhi Shao; unitary person, in August, the main right foot Zhi
lunar; son who, in November, the main left foot Zhi lunar; Xu who, in September, the main right foot falls Yin;
hai who, in October, the main left foot falls yin; the two vaginal do, twenty years before and Jue Yang.

   A main left hand Zhi Shao Yang; have the primary right hand of the Shaoyang; B of the main left hand
from the sun, E the main right hand of the sun; C main left hand Zhi Yang, Ding Ming the right hand of the
Lord, these two fights together, so as Yangming .G master the right hand of Shao, Kui main left Zhi Shao, Xin
main right hand of the moon, Wang main left Zhi moon.

   So feet Yang who yin within a Shaoyang also; feet overcast at Yam within a lunar too.Hands and Yang
who, yang within the sun; hand-yin who yang within the Shao also.Waist above the sun, back below the

   Its five internal organs are, the heart is yang within the sun, the lung is yin within a Shao, liver as Yin Shao
Yang, spleen as yin within a Yam, Kidney Yin within a lunar.

     Yellow Emperor said: do nothing to rule?Chi Bo said: the first month in February, March, played on the
left, no thorn left foot the yang; April May June, played in the right, without thorns right foot yang, July Aug
Sep, popular in the right, without thorns right foot yin, Oct Nov Dec, popular on the left, no thorn left foot of

    Yellow Emperor said: Five Elements to the East for the B Mu Zhu spring.Spring who Cang color, the main
liver, the liver is, enough Jueyin 也.Jinnai to A for the left hand Zhi Shao Yang, irregularities in the number,
Why?Chi Bo said: This heaven and earth, yin and yang are also non-4:00 Five Elements inferior race row
also.Ju Fu Yin and Yang who, well-known and invisible, so the number may call 10 from may call 100, Sanzhi
to 1000, pushing the can million, what is called too.

    Disease transmission 42nd

Yellow Emperor said: I by the 9-pin on the Master, while the private view on Morokata, or a guide line of gas,
Joe Moses, moxibustion, iron, thorns,?, Drink one of the medicines, could jealously guarding yeah, will do-
bound Down?Chi Bo said: Ogata who crowd the square itself, not one of the best lines too.
    Yellow Emperor said: This is the so-called Code 1 Do not lose, everything complete by also.Today I have
heard of yin and yang to the insufficiency or truth, dip shift at fault, may rule is, appreciate further disease
changes, obscene pass never lost and can not rule, could be heard almost?Chi Bo said: passing a question to
have, such as the date of its wake almost Zhao, Jiong almost its close the eyes as night, can be rather into
submission, into God and all, graduates will into submission, God complacent Zhi, raw truth of God can be the
in Zhu Bo, can not pass on the offspring.

    Yellow Emperor said: What day wake up?Chi Bo said: out in the yin and yang, such as confusion for
optimal solutions, such as drunk Zhi Xing.Yellow Emperor said: What is the night close the eyes?Chi Bo said:
Yin by his quiet, desert by his invisible, folding hair management, upright heeling, immorality Pan Yan, blood
transfer slip, air into the dirty, abdominal pain under the obscene can be lethal, not so Health.

    Yellow Emperor said: air into the dirty, how?Chi Bo said: ill start the heart, on the 1st and the lungs, on the
3rd and in the liver, on the 5th and the spleen, three days not already dead.Winter nights and a half, a summer

    Disease start in the lung, three days and in the liver, on the 1st and the spleen, on the 5th and the stomach,
on the 10th not already dead.Winter in, summer out.

    Disease first occurred in the liver, three days and the spleen, on the 5th and the stomach, on the 3rd and the
kidney, three days not already dead.Winter into summer flea food.

    Disease start in the spleen, on the 1st and the stomach, on the 2nd and the kidney, bladder three days while
the backbone, on the 10th not already dead.Winter man-summer Yan food.

   Disease start in the stomach, on the 5th and the kidney, three days and Zhi backbone bladder, on the 5th
and the heart, on the 2nd endless, dead, winter night and a half, Summer yi LI.

    Disease start in the kidney, three days and Zhi backbone bladder, on the 3rd and the heart, on the 3rd and
the small intestine, the 3rd not already dead.Dong Tai Chen, Xia Yan Asr.

   Disease start in the bladder, on the 5th and the kidney, on the 1st and the small intestine, the 1st and the
heart, the 2nd not already dead.Winter cock, under the BU summer.

    Disorders in inferior race legend, in which case, there are death is not to stab him; between a dirty and two,
three, four dirty person, is to stab too.

    Immorality hair dream 43rd

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family immorality Pan Yan, how?Chi Bo said: good and evil within the passage
from the outside, but has not given care and anti-prostitution Yu dirty, shall not be office, health club and
business lines, with the soul is flying high, people dream of lying not safe to joy; gas prostitution Yu Fu, then
more than an outward, less than the inside; 气 prostitution Yu dirty, more than in the inner, less than on the

    Yellow Emperor said: more than enough physical or Down?Chi Bo said: chi Shing, the dream by fears
related to the flood; yang sheng, then the dream of fires burnt?; Yin Yang Sheng all, then kill the dream
phase.Shang Morinori Mengfei, falling under the Morinori dream; even get hungry and jumping, and jumping
to the very full; liver Sheng, the dream of anger, Qi Sheng, the dream of fear, crying, flying; heart and fit, the
dream of good laughs Kong Wei; temper Sheng, the Dream Songs, body weight do not move; kidney Sheng,
the two solutions of lumbar is not a dream.Unless stopped 12 Sheng who, to Er Xie Zhi, Li has.
Jue gas customers in mind, you dream of Okayama pyrotechnics; off in the lung, then the dream of flying, see
the spectacle of Gold and Iron complexes; off in the liver, then the dream forest trees; customer Yu spleen,
then the dream hills Daze, Bad housing storm ; off in the kidneys, then the dream Pro Yuan, no home water;
off in the urinary bladder, then the dream of a procession; off in the stomach, then the dream diet; off in the
large intestine, the Dream Field; off in the small intestine, then the dream together Yap Chong Qu; off Yu bile,
then the dream of First Instance from the scoop bucket; off in Yin devices are connected in a dream; customer
Yu item, then the dream of beheading; off to Tibial, the dream can not walk on before, and the Home Court in
depth to cellar; customer Yu Gu Gong , then the dream of starting a courtesy worship; customer Yu cells?,
then the dream would urinate.The above activities less than 15 persons, to the stand has also supplemented.

    Shun Qi is divided into four o'clock the 44th day

    Yellow Emperor said: husband riddled start living for the community, will warm dry summer and winter
storms starting from joy, anger, eating yin and yang, the Home Office, oxygenation, tangible, get dirty and
famous, I know these are.Husband's sickness, the more the day with Dan Hui On the evening plus night very,
Why?Chi Bo said: 4:00 qi 使 .然

     Yellow Emperor said: Our family 4:00 qi.Chi Bo said: Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn, winter
provisions, qi is often also, people should Zhi, to day is divided into four seasons, the DPRK was in spring,
Japan in summer, on into the autumn, winter and midnight .Beginning towards Ze popular health, symptoms of
illness decline, so once Hui; Japan-China sentiment long, as long as a victory evil, so security; Xi Ze
popularity declined until, evil beginning students, it is added; middle of the night played into the dirty, evil
living alone in the body, Therefore Jinya.

    Yellow Emperor said: Sometimes those who have anti-Why?Chi Bo said: is not 4:00 of gas, dirty
independence from the disease are those that are sure to dirty air for the community submission will not be
very numerous to Starting in its submission will not be won.Yellow Emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo
said: Shun Tin time, while the disease may be on.Shun those for the workers, Ni Zhe coarse.

    Yellow Emperor said: Good, I hear there are five variables stab to the main five lost.Our family of their
number.Chi Bo said: people have five organs, five organs, five variables.Five lost five variables, so 五 25 lost
to be 5:00.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family five variables.Chi Bo said: liver of male possession, the color blue, at
which time the spring, its sound angle, Qi Wei Suan, the diurnal and B; heart is male reservoir, its Sechi, at
which time the summer, the diurnal Bingding, its sound Zheng, Qi bitter; spleen Wei female possession, the
color yellow, at which time a long summer, their day of Wuji, its sound Palace, Qi sweet; lung for the female
possession, the color white, its sound business, at which time signs, their day Keng-hsin , Qi Weixin; Kidney
female possession, the color black, the time of winter, the diurnal Ren Gui, its sound feather, its taste salty.For
the five variables.

    Yellow Emperor said: to the main five lost how?Possession of the main winter, winter thorn well; color
main spring, spring gill Ying; when the main summer and summer lose thorns; tone main long summer, long
after the summer thorn; taste the main autumn, autumn needling combined.Is that the five variables to the main
five lost.

   Yellow Emperor said: all of the original Ann, which lost five.Chi Bo said: the original independence
should not be 5:00 to after combination and to meet their numbers, so 六 36 lost.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is the main reservoir in winter, when the main summer and tone the main long
summer, the main autumn flavor, color main spring.Appreciate further it.Chi Bo said: disease in the possession
of persons, taken from wells; lesions of colored persons, taken from Ying; sick time worse, taken from
transmission; lesions on sound persons, taken from by; through over the blood, the sick in the stomach; and
section of those affected by diet, taken from the joint, so the main co-Ming Yue taste.Is that the five variable

    Foreign hides 45th

    I heard 9-pin 9, more than by its tone pro, drew much of its meaning.Nine-pin husband who starts a while
last nine, however without his arteries 也    .Nine-pin husband who, with smaller no, the Party Congress no
things, not as deep, the high is not for the cover, trance without thinking and then rush out The Promise, She
Zhi complies with the personnel of the four seasons change Heaven also, however I would like to
Miscellaneous Zhi hairs, muddy beam into one or Down?Chi Bo said: passing a clear question also, non-
exclusive needle Yan, husband running the country is no different.

    Yellow Emperor said: I would appreciate further needle, non-national affairs Ye.Chi Bo said: husband
rulers, but Tao Yan husband, not morality, what can be big or small depth, mixed into one almost.

   Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing to smell.Chi Bo said: day and month Yan, water and mirror Yan,
Yan drum and ring.Husband out the sun and moon, losing its impact, Shuijing in Sheep, without losing its
shape, Guxiang It should Have not their claims after the shake should be and, although obtaining the situation.

    Yellow Emperor said: Jiong to passing!Manifest of the next can not cover, its not cover, losing Yin and
Yang Ye.Cooperation and police Zhi, cut and examined for, see keeps luster in the, if clean water mirror Zhi
losing its shapes too.Pentameter of the poor colored unknown, the five internal organs undulator, if Ze similar
attacks inside and outside, if the drum should beam, making sounds crashed, Shadow like shape.So far those
outside the hides within the Division, recently, the Division hides things, is that the extreme yin and yang,
heaven and earth cover, Tibetan Spirit orchid room, Fu Gan to vent Ye.

   Change the 46th Five

    Shao-Yu Huang Di asked, saying: I heard the beginning phase of construction of 100 diseases, will be born
in summer and winter wind and rain, through the hair of infiltration Cou management, or restitution, or left
only, or swollen sweat for the wind, or Xiaodan, or cold and heat, or leave numbness, or for
accumulation.Strange sexual misconduct overflow, countless, so appreciate further.Husband also got sick, or
sick of this, he or disease, to express him days, the wind almost for life, How different too?Fewer Yu said:
husband days wind, non to private people also, his deeds fair and honest, committed person find her, to avoid
those who have no Scots, people from non-requester and Offense.

    Yellow Emperor said: 1:00 encountered wind, while ill, the disease are different, therefore appreciate
further.Fewer Yu said: Good by his ask!Please than the craftsmen of.Craftsman grinding axes, theoretical
sliced off, the wood.Wood yin and yang, Shang Youjian crisp, who would not join the firm, crisp skin
relaxation were, to its cross section, while the lack of jin ax Yan.Husband into a wood, firm crisp different
persons were just strong, crisp and are easy to injury, the different conditions Choy, wood, skin thickness, the
number of juice, but different 耶 .Wood flea husband who leaves hua, Yuchun cream Gale, then the flowers and
the leaves wilt; long-drought exposure, the thin brittle wood are the branches, and leaves little juice wilt; long
Yin Yin Yu, who is thin-skinned and juicy, skin strain liquids and shallow; pawn storm on, then just brittle
wood, roots rock and the leaves were gone.Unless stopped five persons, all have injuries, conditions on others

     Yellow Emperor said: people should be wood, how?Fewer Yu answer was: a tree is also injured, were hurt
its branches.Branch of the just crisp and firm, unpaired the injuries.Person are often sick as well, also because
of joint management of skin Cou Without the strong person, evil by the House also, Guchang for the disease
    Yellow Emperor said: good person ill wind Jue strain liquids Khan, why would designate them?Fewer Yu
answer was: not strong within, Cou Li Shu, the wind good patients.Yellow Emperor said: Why not designate
dark meat firm An?Fewer Yu answer was: popliteal meat is not firm, irrespective of reason.Reasonable
grounds are thick, rough skin of Reasoning and not those Cou Li Shu.This remark Qi unaware Zhe.

    Yellow Emperor said: sick Xiaodan good person, why would designate them?Fewer Yu The answer: five
internal organs are weak persons, good disease Xiaodan.Yellow Emperor said: How to know the five organs
Zhi weak An?Fewer Yu answer was: weak husband who must have strong, strong and more angry, easily the
injuries were soft.Yellow Emperor said: How soft it with strong candidates?Fewer Yu answer was: this person
thin skin, and head strong use deep those long red rectum, his mind just, just the excess anger, anger qi
Shangni, ignore the accumulated, blood gas against the left, full leather hip muscle, blood not, turn to heat,
heat Ze eliminate the skin, and are thus Xiaodan.This comment is just their human violence and muscles that
the weak.

    Yellow Emperor said: good sick person cold and heat, why would elect them?Fewer Yu The answer: a
small bone weak meat, good disease chills and fever.Yellow Emperor said: How big designate a small bone,
the meat stand of crisp, Colors vary An?Fewer Yu answer was: zygomatic who text as bone.Zygomatic bone
big is big, the zygomatic bone small is small.Skin thin and its meat-free _, Qi arm cowardly cowardly course,
the almost natural color of its place, not their day with color, Unique and sewage However, This waiting
Ye.Then thin arm who Qi marrow dissatisfaction Gushan Bing cold and heat 也      .

   Yellow Emperor said: How good Bing Bi-designate person is?Fewer Yu answer was: rough handling of
meat were not strong, good disease paralysis.Yellow Emperor said: There they embark Bi Office Down?Fewer
Yu answer was: For Qi heights are all depending on their department.

    Yellow Emperor said: intestinal illness in the person of good build-up, why would elect them?Fewer Yu
answer was: not Ze thin skin, the meat will not be strong Er nur Ze.The case, gastrointestinal evil, vices and
evil tendencies to stay only, the accumulation of the spleen and stomach are among the injured, cold
temperature and not time, until slightly evil.Accumulation stay only, is from a large poly.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard disease form, known to carry on!Our family for the time being.Fewer Yu
answer was: to establish its first year, to know these hours.When the high-effect nowadays is perilous,
although not trapped, the year with Oki, The disease must be on, is that because of ill-shaped, five-discipline
are the Change.

    The possession of 47th

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: person blood gas spirit, it had instructions from health and Zhou
Yu life are also; meridians, it had blood gas-operation of yin and yang, How bones, joint profits are also; Wei,
Qi, who, so warm sub-meat filling skin, fat Cou management, opening and closing of the Division were also;
Chi Italy, it had imperial spirit, soul collection, suitable cold temperature, and the joy, anger, are Ye.Therefore
in the blood region and the meridians popular camp complex yin and yang, bones and muscles strong strength,
joint clearing and carry on; Wei, Qi and Li are divided into meat solution, skin tone soft, Cou management
compact carry on; Chi special meaning and the spirit and straight, soul ghost , regret can not afford to anger,
the five internal organs are not evil carry on; cold warm Ze Liu Fu of Valley, the wind is not as Bi, meridians
Tom Lee, the segments De-men, and this person is also often flat.Five internal organs, it had possession of the
soul of the spirit of those who have blood gas; Liu Fu, it had the Water Valley, but carries fluids are also.The
reason why a person subject to the heavens also, no Yu Zhi and foolish, is nothing to Xiang Yi Ye.However,
do have their independence Tianshou, but not debased the disease, and enduring, having committed the cold
wind and rain Death Great Heat, worse than unable to answer their damage; has separated from shielded room,
no Chuti of fear, however I still can not help in the disease, how An?Appreciate further it.
   Qi Bo replied: Jiong passing a Question 也    .Five internal organs, it had reference world, Vice yin and yang,
while the transportation four seasons, five of those also; five internal organs are, natural big or small, they are
equal, firm crisp, upright, leans toward persons, Liu Fu also big or small, length, thickness, colorectal,
urgency.The above activities 25 persons, all different, whether good or bad, or Kyrgyzstan, or fierce, please
made the square.

    Heart small ones safe, evil unable to answer injury prone injury accounted worry; heart are concerned
about the large, not wound, easily hurt Yu evil.The high-moon, heart lung, Maner forgetful, hard to open,
using words; heart, it is very hidden, the easily hurt Yu Han, Yi fear of using words.Kennedy Center, the
possession of security Morikata; heart disease Xiaodan good crisp is enthusiastic.Heart correct, then the benefit
is difficult, and injury; heart leans toward the manage different, no Shou Division also.

    Pulmonary, then drink less, do not drink asthma disease; lung large the excess drinking, good Bing Chest,
Hou Bi, inverse gas.With lung, then the upper airway, shoulder rates cough; lung lung under the force place
with Ben, good under the threat of pain.Kennedy is not lung disease, upper airway cough; lung brittle, then
suffer disease Xiaobi easily hurt.Lung correct, then the benefit is difficult, and injury; lung leans toward, the
side chest pain does.

    Pulmonary safety is dirty, not under the threat of the disease; liver, and stomach are forced forced to
swallow, forced to swallow the bitter diaphragm in, and under the threat of pain.Liver high, then the branch cut
Ben, Ben threat pull the interest rate; liver Pollution on an empty stomach under the force, under the threat of
air is vulnerable to evil.Kennedy is hardly hidden security liver injury; liver disease Xiaobi brittle is good,
easily hurt.Liver correct, then the benefit is difficult, and injury; liver leans, then under the threat of pain does.

Spleen is small, dirty safety, too hard to hurt the evil; splenomegaly, Minato _ and pain is pain, not Fleet of
Foot.Spleen, the threat of the pain _ cited quarter; spleen and intestine under the following attributed to the
lower increase in colorectal, you dirty Kushou evil.Spleen firm, then dirty, hard to hurt security; spleen crisp,
then good Bing Xiaobi easily hurt.Spleen correct, then the benefit is difficult, and injury; spleen partial dump,
full of good inflation is good too.

    Kidney small, dirty, hard to hurt security; kidney large, good disease back pain, can not exhort Yang,
easily hurt the evil.Renal high, then suffering back pain backbone can not exhort Yang; kidney pain under the
lumbar spine end, not exhort Yang for Fox hernia.Kidney firm, not low back pain patients; kidney crisp, then
good disease Xiaodan, easily hurt.Kidney correct, then the benefit is difficult, and injury; kidney leans, then
suffering back pain does rump.Unless stopped 25 changes who the person suffering in 病    .

    Yellow Emperor said: why know these An?Chi Bo said: Red Small-maker, the heart is small; rough
handling those big heart.No __ who hearts high; __ small, short, cited by, under the heart.__ Elderly, under the
strong heart; __ weak in thin persons, brittle heart.__ Straight down to those who do not move the heart
correct; __ Forest side who, heart leans toward也.

   White management who, pulmonary; rough handling those big lungs.Ying giant shoulder against those
who stuck throat, lung high; co-axillary Zhang threat who, under the lung.Hao shoulder thick those lung Jian;
shoulder thin persons, lung crisp.Pui Ying those thick, lung correct; threatened side were sparse, lung leans Ye.

    Cyan small truth, the hepatic small; rough handling, the hepatic big.Anti-joints are wide chest, liver high;
combined threat of rabbit joints are, under the liver.Xiong Xie a good person, firm liver; threaten the weak
bone, liver and crisp.Ying Hao Xiang De abdomen, the hepatic correct; threat held by partial bone, liver leans
也 .

    Yellow-maker, spleen; coarse-maker, splenomegaly.Exposed lip who Spleen; lips longitudinal who spleen
under.Caine who lip, spleen Jian; lips were big but not strong, spleen crisp.Lips just great persons, spleen
correct; lips move side who leans toward Ye spleen.
    Small black-maker, renal; rough handling those big kidney.High ear The renal high; ear trapped persons,
under the kidney.Caine who ear, kidney Jian; ears were thin but not strong renal crisp.Home teeth before ear
Hao car The renal correct; ear high The renal leans Ye.The above activities are all variable, holding Noriyasu,
cut should disease also.

     The emperor said: good.However, the question of non-Yu also, Our family has no sick person to do the
Rising Despite great fear of deep disturbance, Chu Ti ambition, still can not be reduced as well, very cold hot,
can not hurt him; he has separated from shield Interior, nor Chu Tizhi fear, natural escape from the sick,
Why?Appreciate further it.Chi Bo said: internal organs, evil house also, make words and so.Five internal
organs are small in size, less illness, bitter rival that of heart and great sorrow interference; five organs Jietai
who are slow to do, difficult to make in order to interfere.Five internal organs are those with high good high
initiative; five internal organs are under the person, well the people under.Five internal organs are strong, those
with no disease; five internal organs are fragile persons, separated from the disease.Five internal organs are
correct persons, and facilitate popular; five internal organs are leans toward those Xie Xin and that good steal,
not man level, repeated words, maybe.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family Liufu It should Have.Chi Bo answer was: lung combined large intestine,
large intestine were, skin it shall; heart combined small intestine, small intestine are, pulse it shall; liver
combined gallbladder, bile those bars it shall; spleen combined stomach, who flesh it shall; Kidney Triple
Burner bladder, triple burner bladder who Cou Li hairs it shall.

    Yellow Emperor said: suitable response how?Chi Bo said: lung should be leather.Thick-skinned persons,
colon thick, thin person, colon thin; skin relief, big belly in person, large intestine length; skin anxious persons,
acute and short intestine; leather slip by, Colorectal; flesh are separate from those of colorectal Results.

    Heart should be veins, thick-skinned persons, veins thick, thick veins were small intestine thick; thin
person, thin veins, veins are thin, thin small intestine; skin slowly by, slow pulse, slow pulse persons, large and
small intestine length; thin The pulse of the smallest, small, short small intestine.Zhu Yu Qu Yang meridians
are more than those small intestine junction.

Spleen should be meat, meat _ large firm who stomach thick; meat _ What those thin stomach.What meat _
small, who are not strong stomach; meat popliteal do not fit those stomach, the stomach and those below,
under the control of about negative.Those who are not strong meat spleen, stomach slow; meat _ are not small
in tired, anxious stomach._ How much meat in tired persons, gastric junction, gastric junction who the
possession of about adversities.

    Liver should claw, claw thick yellow who bile thick; claw thin color red those bile thin; claw strong color
green are, bile; claw How Sechi who bile slow; claw straight color white unqualified persons, bile straight;
claw evil, black and more color patterns in biliary junction 也.

     Kidney and bone density thick reason those triple burner bladder thick; rough handling thin-skinned
persons, Triple Burner bladder thin.Shu Cou-maker, triple burner bladder relief; skin without hairs were acute,
triple burner bladder urgency.Coarse hair of beauty who, triple burner bladder straight, thin hair of persons,
Triple Burner bladder junction Ye.

   Yellow Emperor said: thickness of the United States evil, there are forms, they 病 appreciate further.Chi Bo
The answer: as its external should be to know these concealed, you know that Bing carry on.

    Forbidden to take the 48th

   Thunder asked Yu Huang Di said: small child may be, through the Kowloon-pin 60, Danmu ground into
submission, who compiled almost never, for a long time scale are simple, natural yet chanting Front home, not
entirely intended to carry on solution Yu. "Foreign hides "made a muddy bundle, the so-called Ye unknown.Fu
Tai no, the little no, the size of the Promise, excessive heights, beam of how?Scholars and wit, or thickness,
intellectual consideration narrow shallow, not broad and deep, self-study if the small sub-Yu.Fear Qi scattered
small child to later generations, must in future generations, I question about the how?Yellow Emperor said:
passing a good question 也     .The first prohibited by the teacher, sat private Transmitting Also, cut arm drink
Blood Union has also, son wants to be-won, why not fast almost.

    Thunder Zaibai the sky, saying: Please press life and it will, is a fast three days whereas the hostel, saying:
I dare today Zhengyang, small child willing to be Union.Yellow Emperor is fast and all into the room, cutting
arm drink the blood of the Yellow Emperor parents wish, saying: today Zhengyang, drink blood transmission
side, a dare back remark those against by their misfortune.Thunder Zaibai said: by the small child.Yellow
Emperor is left holding their hands, the right granted book, saying: Be careful, be careful, I for the child,
whenever thorn truth, meridian as before, the battalion of its line, and know these metrics, within the barbed
five internal organs, outside the barbed Six Hollow Organs, scrutiny of health gas, for all diseases, mother-tune
their actual situation, the actual situation Naizhi, spilled the blood contact, blood Almost do not carry on.

    Thunder said: the reason Link euphemistically small child, they Testament also unknown.Yellow Emperor
said: husband about side who still have some capsule, capsule full Frydman about, you lose the leaks, Fang
Cheng Veuillot are all God and Eph.Thunder said: willing to lower material who do not upon the expiration of
covenant.Yellow Emperor said: that the work under conceivable covenant, can not the world teacher.

   Thunder said: Our family is working.Yellow Emperor said: Exists in the main, the people welcome the
Lord, the two corresponding, all come to the club, if the lead rope size Qi.Welcome spring and summer were
micro-large, autumn and winter cunkou micro-large, so, it is called peace people.

    Who meet twice the size in cunkou, foot Shaoyang disease, double the ankle, in the hand Shaoyang.Who
meet twice sick in full sun, twice Er ankle, the patient in hand the sun.Who meet three times, patients in the
Foot-Yangming, three times impatient hand Yangming disease.Sheng was hot, virtual, compared with cold,
compact, compared with Tong Bi, on behalf of the first very first room.Xie Zhi Sheng then, virtual 则
supplemented, tight pain Ze meat taken from points on behalf of Ze blood contact, and drink drugs, depression
go down, moxibustion, Not Sheng is true to by taken from, it is called by the thorns.Who meet four times
persons, and large and the number, named Yi Yang, Yi-yang for foreign cells, dead dead.Must review their
cart before the horse, the review of its cold and heat, to experience Qi diseases of internal organs.

     Welcome Exists than people twice, disease foot dedicated Yam, double the ankle, in Shouxin Zhu.Cunkou
times, patients in the foot Shao, double Er ankle, in the hands Shao.Exists in three times, patients in the full
moon, three times the ankle, in the hands lunar.Sheng is fullness, cold, the food, so, false is enthusiastic, out of
Mi, less gas, drowning discoloration, bear the Tong Bi, first stop on behalf of the first pain.Morinori Xie Zhi,
virtual is supplemented, and then close the first thorn moxibustion Zhi, on behalf of the blood contact, then
Diao, trapped under the only moxibustion Zhi, who under the settlement, pulse blood knot in the middle, has a
blood, blood cold, it should moxibustion, Not Sheng is true to by taken from.Cunkou four times, it is called
within the customs, internal stakeholders, and the large and the number of dead, dead.Will examine the review
of its history a little bit cold temperature to test Qi viscera disease.

    Lost through their business, is to travel through a large number.Large numbers, saying: Sheng Xie Zhi is
only imaginary are only supplemented, bear the thorn moxibustion, and drink drugs, depression is only under
the moxibustion, Not Sheng is true, in order by taking from.The so-called by the governor, drinking medicine,
Yi Yue thorn moxibustion, pulse emergency would be introduced, the weak pulse large, then the desire quiet,
no hard labor 也.

    Colored 49th
     Thunder asked Yu Huang Di said: colored independence depends on the Joss House Down?Kid Unknown
its so-called 也  .Yellow Emperor said: Mingtang who nose also; Que who glabella also; Ting who, Yen also;
fan who buccal also; cover those ears doors.For side during large step to the Tenth, are found outside, in which
case life, will be in the hundred.

    Thunder said: Five Characters Debate, how?Yellow Emperor said: Mingtang high bone to play, flat
straight, five internal organs secondary to the central, Six Hollow Organs, relying on its side, the first surface
in the palace court, the palace is under the pole, five internal organs, ease to the chest, resulting in true color,
the sick color gone, Ming Tang moist with clear facial features were not identified almost evil?

    Thunder said: it does not distinguish who can hear or Down?Yellow Emperor said: five colors opinion
also, all out of the color department.Ministry of bone depression who will inevitably carry on the disease.The
color of the Department by the passage of persons, even though Bing, dead carry on.

    Thunder said: Official five-color how?Yellow Emperor said: Qinghei in pain, yellow red is hot, white for
the winter, is that the facial features.

    Thunder said: disease Yi Shen, and its bad side, how?Yellow Emperor said: both inside and outside the
Yan.I cut the pulse, slippery little tight Shen, the sick Yi Shen, in the middle; people meet great care so
floating gas who have heart Yi Shen, out.The pulse mouth Fu Hua, the sick days into; people welcome a calm
and smooth, the sick day loss.I slip the pulse Shen, the sick day forward, including; its people welcome
contacts at floating slip containing those into the disease are on the outside.Pulses drifting and who meet with
small and big-inch tone, the sick have been difficult; disease in Tibet, Shen and large are easy to have, small is
inverse; disease in the House, the floating and large who have the disease are vulnerable.Ying Sheng Jian
person who hurt Yu cold air intake Sheng Jian, who injured in treated water.

    Thunder said: Israel made between food and even, how?Yellow Emperor said: the color of coarse-ming,
Shen yao than the latter, 其 of color entrants, disease Yi Shen; the color down, thoroughly scattered clouds, the
sick side has.Each of the Department of colored dirty, there are external are inside.Color from the outside to go
inside who have heart to go inside from the outside; its color from the inside to go outside the provider, its sick
to go outside from the inside.Bing was born in, we must first, the anions and to treat them after the sun, those
anti-Yi Shen.The disease was born in Shenyang, we must first Besides, after the government inside,
Countering, Yi Shen.The pulse Waterloo, in lieu of the elderly, the sick from the outside, head has seen, some
bad chi, the yang Zhi and also, variable only.

    Thunder said: boy got wind of who is the beginning of all diseases; Jueni those alpine shall it also, Bie
how?Yellow Emperor said: Que often waiting in the wind Ze thin, red cloud for the paralysis.Jue in for.This its
regular also; the disease are made for its color.

    Thunder said: people do not sick Cusi, how aware of?Yellow Emperor said: air entering into the organs
who do not carry on the disease and Zusi.Thunder, saying: infected more Ercu small dead, how can know
it?Yellow Emperor said: Red for the two Zygomatic major A thumb, the sick little more though, will
Cusi.Black out of court, as big as a thumb, will not the disease and Zusi.

    Thunder Zaibai said: Good, good!His death term or Down?Yellow Emperor said: the police made the time
to color.Thunder said: good peace!Death would like to smell.Yellow Emperor said: Ting who first surface
also; Que Shang who throat also; Que in those lung power; those under the pole, heart; straight down by the
liver also; liver left who, bile also; the next person, spleen also; Katagami who have stomach; Central who
have colon; embrace colon who have kidney; as kidney donors, umbilical also; face more than the king, the
small intestine also face below the king, the bladder is also sub-office; Quan who shoulder too ; Quan latter
arm also; arm under those hands;-head Azakami who Ying milk also; relying on the previous justice who
backs are; through dental car below, stocks also; the central person, the knee also; knee below, tibia power;
when the tibia below, foot also; huge score, they share in power; huge bend those knees Bin 也.The Part of this
internal organs are also the segments, each part.Some, with the yin and yang, yang and yin, when the Ming
portion million million when held.Able to do so, is that the road; fashion ectopic, Hence it is yin and
yang.Trial Chaze yao, it means that good work.

    Shen cloud as the internal, Ukisawa for foreign.Yellow red as the wind, Qinghei as pain, white for the
cold, yellow and cream Run for the pus, red blood fraudulent claims for the pain, very Luan, Han Shen for the
skin heartless.Department of the reflected colored, the review of its drifting to know superficial, deep;
watching Chak yao, in order to observe the success or failure; review of its casual and struggle, to know that
distance; as the color up and down, to know disease Department; product of God in mind, to know to
today.Therefore, no micro-phase gas, I do not know right from wrong, preferred not to go, I realized that the
new so.Color of not rough, Shen days the levels were not unknown Ze, the disease are not very.The dispersion,
Ju Ju course, not together; the bulk of the gas pain patients, poly unpaired Ye.

    Take heart kidney, heart first disease, kidney is to be color Jieru is.

Men's surface color is king, for small abdominal pain; eggs under pain; its won straight to stem the pain, high-
centered, under the US-led, Fox hernia _ yin is Ye.Women's surface is the king, for the sub-office bladder
disease, scattered in pain, stroke for the poly, side members about the shape as its color.Its dependence on
down to the callosum, the prostitution, there is profit, such as paste, for binge eating unclean.

    Left, left, right is right.The color are evil, and everything is without end, looking within the meaning of
Ye.Color who Qinghei 赤 yellow, are full of other rural clients.Do rural red who Qi Sechi, as large as elm
pod, Wang few days in the area.其 of color sharply, first to the air next to the sharply lower, left and right, such
as law.Five-color life dirty, green liver, red for the heart, white as the lung, yellow for the spleen, black and
kidney.Combined tendon of liver, heart combined pulse, pulmonary co-skin, spleen joint of meat, Kidney and

    On the fifty-Yong

    Shao-Yu Huang Di asked, saying: It was here, in parallel side by side, and less of their annual long Also,
clothing for different thickness are also, Curan encountered gale force storm, or illness or disease, or are sick,
or neither disease, Qi So Why?Fewer Yu said: The emperor asked how urgent?Yellow Emperor said: willing
to do smell.Fewer Yu said: Chun-Ching Hsia wind wind, cool breeze in autumn, winter wind.The above
activities were four seasons wind, their disease in different forms.

    Yellow Emperor said: 4:00 the wind, the patient how?Fewer Yu said: yellow thin weak meat, numerous
spring virtual wind; white thin weak meat, numerous summer virtual wind; blue thin weak flesh, numerous
autumn virtual wind; Red thin weak flesh, numerous winter virtual wind.Yellow Emperor said: Black not
feeling ill or Down?Fewer Yu said: black and thick-skinned flesh firm, solid style does not hurt Yu 4:00; its
thin and not strong meat, different color who have a long summer solstice and the imaginary wind, the sick
carry on.Qi Jian, who greet the Er muscle, long summer solstice while virtual wind, not ill carry on.Qi rind Er
muscles firm who will be re-felt in winter, inside and outside alike, is 病.Yellow Emperor said: good.

    Yellow Emperor said: Lady of the pain and do not bear the pain, the points have non-Yong
cowardly.Without the pain warrior husband who is hard to see the former, see the pain Ze only; husband mood
of the scholar in pain who press hard Ze fear, pain in case of fixed.Fu Warrior pain who see hard not fear, pain
in case of fixed; husband mood of the scholar who does not bear the pain, see the difficulty and pain, head turn
away from Pan, fear can not say, loss of gas, surprise, color changes, first die first students .I reflected in its
course also, I wonder what the, it would appreciate further.Fewer Yu said: husband reluctantly and who do not
bear the pain, skin thickness, muscle strong brittle, quickly or slowly as well, suggests, non-Yong cowardly.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family run by Ran Zhi Yong mood.Fewer Yu said: warriors who head deep
with solid, long red straight Yang, triple burner management cross, his mind straight side, great for the liver is
hard, filled with bile-front, anger is arrogant and chest pieces of liver and gallbladder held Wang, Yang, I.
canthus crack, hair from the face Cang, the Warriors were 也from the course.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family cowardly course run by the scholar.Fewer Yu said: cowardly persons
who head large and not diminished, with loss of yin and yang, Qi Jiao Li, longitudinal __ short and small, slow
the liver system, Qi bile dissatisfied vertical, stomach very, Pollution on air, although side was furious gas can
not complete their chest, liver and lung while held, under the complex gas decline, it is not long anger, the
mood of the scholar are run by natural persons也     .

    Yellow Emperor said: too scared of the scholar in alcohol, anger does not avoid the warriors who Shiran
how dirty?Fewer Yu said: Wine is fine water Valley, cooked Valley fluid also, that their courage Piaohan, of
their Yu stomach, the bloating, gas Shangni, moon, chest, liver and gall bladder floating cross, when is the
time, solid than the Warriors, gas decline is regret.And the warrior class, I do not know to stay away, it is
called wine Paradox 也 .

   Acu 51st

     Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: Our family feel exhausted Zhi Shu, out of the back Zhe.Chi Bo
said: Large Meridian back in the shuttle of a loom bone side of the Triple Warmer Meridian between the lung,
heart Meridian between five coke, coke between the diaphragm Acupuncture in seven, nine focal liver
Acupuncture in between, spleen Acupuncture in the 11 focus between between renal Acupuncture in 14
focus.Three-inch difference in incomes are squeezed by the ridge, then examined for enriching an Er,
according to Office, but will be in pain solution, is one of his lost too.Moxibustion Zhi Zhi they can not be
stabbed.Arrogant Ze Xie Zhi, virtual 则 supplemented.To fire up those not blowing Qi fire, to extinguish too;
to fire diarrhea of, and phlegm fire blowing Qi, Ai, pass the required Qi fire off too.

   Wei Qi 52nd

    Yellow Emperor said: five internal organs, it had possession of the spirit soul who also; Six Hollow Organs
were, and therefore the valley and the water line compounds were 也 gas within the dry five internal organs,
the outer contact the segments.Without the gas through its floating by, serving Wei Qi; its essence qi Bank in
through those gas for the camp.Yin and Yang go hand in hand, outside the inner intersection, like a ring, no
reason.Ting Ting Chun Chun almost, practice makes theft Zhi.However, respectively, yin and yang, there are
samples from between the actual situation.Yin and Yang can do twelve persons, known disease born; designate
actual situation lies who could get sick they embark; know Liu Fu qi Street, who, to know knot Qi Shao Yu
portal solution; can get soft by strong virtual stone , known reinforcing-reducing lie; knower Six specimens,
can be no confusion to all.

    Chi Bo said: Hiroya!Shengdi dynasty.Please make note of Robinson meaning words.Of the full sun, in the
limit of the above Wucun, the standard in the two contact Gate of Life.Vital who head Ye.Shaoyang of the
foot, between the orifices Yin, standard cage before the window.Window cage who ear Ye.Foot Shao Yin of
the country, the Lower and Upper Bound in the medial malleolus, the standard transmission and the tongue in
the back of the two pulse also.Foot Jueyin of the country, largely between Wucun the line, also marked in the
acu.Foot Yang Ming of this, the Li against, marked Renying, A conflict forehead cheek relying too.Full moon
of the country, in the last four inches before being sealed, marked with the tongue in the acu also.

    Hands of the sun, in the lateral, the standard one inch above the Gate of Life also.Hand Shaoyang of the
country, in the little finger on the two inches between the second means, standard in the ear, under the upper
corner of the lateral canthal 也 .Hand Yangming of the country, in the elbow bone, from the other sun, marked
the Yen is also under the joint pliers.Hand Tai Yin of this, the Exists among the standard in the axillary and
internal moving too.Hand Shao Yin of the country, the sharp bone end is also marked in the acu.Shouxin Zhu
of this, in charge of two inches between the last two bars, the standard in the armpit are also under three
  Designate the persons who, while under virtual Jue, is hot under the Sheng; on virtual Ze dizzy last
Morinori heat pain.So that the stone, never mindful of the fact of, empty, cited the sky.

     Please words qi street, there are street thoracic gas, abdominal gas with Street, the first gas with Street,
tibia with street gas.Therefore, gas in the head who only is to the brain; gas in the chest who until whichever is
the Ying and the acu; gas in the abdomen who until whichever is the acu, with red veins around Yu umbilical
arterial persons; gas in the tibia were, until whichever in the gas Street, and Cheng Shan ankle on the
following.Take this persons, used needles, they must first be in by hand in a long time, is a thorn to be,
Zhi.The governor, headache dizziness, abdominal pain over inflation, and the new.Pain who can move, easy to
have too; product is not painful, difficult to have been reported.

    On the pain of the 53rd

Yu Huang Di asked the little saying: the strength of bones, muscle strong brittle, skin thickness, Cou
management of the density, the different stone fire its needles?The pain of collecting?Thickness of the stomach
is not strong and so fragile, its poison collecting?Willing to do smell.Fewer Yu said: human bone strong, weak
tendons, meat, slow, thick skin, those resistant pain, the pain of its needle stone fire?No exception.

    Yellow Emperor said: The fire of coal, why would they know it?Fewer Yu answer was: to be black and
beautiful bone who fire?.Yellow Emperor said: its impatience needle pain stone, why would they know
it?Fewer Yu said: Jian meat skinned persons, intolerance needle pain stone in the fire?No exception.

    Yellow Emperor said: sick person, or both the injury, or easy to have, or difficult to have, its so
collecting?Fewer Yu said: while the injured, their body heat are more easy to have; more feeling cold, hard

   Yellow Emperor said: person wins drug, how aware of?Fewer Yu said: stomach thick, black color, large
bone and fat bone who were wins drug; Therefore, its thin and thin stomach who are numerous poisonous.

    Tiannian 54th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Our family were the beginning of the students, what gas built as
the base, He Li and the railings, where failure and died, He was born?Chi Bo said: to the mother as the base to
the parent for the railings; absence to die, students also get to atheists.

    Yellow Emperor said: what is God?Chi Bo said: blood gas has been and, health camps have been through,
the five internal organs become, air care center, completion of a Soul, is a man.

    Yellow Emperor said: Shouyao different person, or Yao Shou, or Cusi, or illness for a long time,
appreciate further Tao.Chi Bo said: solid five internal organs, blood, and stressed muscles solution benefits,
skin tight, business trip Wei, losing its regular, breathing micro Xu, gas line in degrees, Liu Fu of Valley, body
fluid Bhuyan, each as it often, and it could long.

    Yellow Emperor said: Life hundred person died, so what they are?Chi Bo said: Road tunnel to the long,
high to square base wall, through transfer Ying and Wei, 3 three years, the bone the meat over high, hundred
trusted by the end.

    Yellow Emperor, saying: Its Rise and Fall of qi, and even his death could almost hear?Chi Bo said: Life-
year-old, five internal organs will start, blood gas has been through, that their courage in the next, it is good to
go; two-year-old, blood gas containing muscle side before long, it is a good trend; three-year-old, five internal
organs Dading, strong muscles, blood vessels filled, so a good start; four-year-old, internal organs 12
meridians, Jie Tai Sheng Yi Ping Ting, Cou management before thinning, Ying decadent goods down, hair is
quite gray, Ping Sheng does not shake, so a good ride; five-year-old, liver failure before, thin lobe before, start
by bile, currently before unknown; six-year-old, heart failure gas before, if You Bei, blood gas Xie Duo, so
good lying; seven-year-old, spleen deficiency, dry skin; 80-year-old , lung failure, soul away, so articulate
error; 9-year-old, kidney coke, four dirty empty meridian; hundred, five internal organs are true, are to air,
Xinghai carry on alone and eventually died.

    Yellow Emperor said: it can not end life of the deceased, collecting?Chi Bo said,: its five internal organs
are non-kin, so that Road is not long, outer space by Zhang, breathing violent illness; another base foundation
wall is thin, small veins of blood, its flesh not stone, a few in the cold, blood deficiency, pulse is bad, really
evil phase attack, chaos and phase lead, so that the Chinese Long Life remains.

    Nishun 55th

   Yellow Emperor asked Bo-high said: I smell gas there Nishun pulse has rise and fall, some thorns, can
almost hear?Burgaw said: Nishun persons qi, yin and yang, 4:00 five elements earth, it should be also; pulse
Rise and Fall, it had more than enough candidates Truth and False blood gas; barbed Approximate who will
know that disease can be stabbed, yet to know its thorn, and their has not stab 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: Designate Zhi how?Bo Gao said: Art of War say no Ying Feng-qi, without imposing
array of attack.Puncture said: No thorns Xiao Xiao heat, strain liquids strain liquids Khan, no thorn, no thorn
of Pulse muddy muddy, no thorn disease and pulse-phase Ni Zhe.

    Yellow Emperor said: Designate it could puncture how?Bo Gao said: Shanggong, gill its outstanding
living also; Second, its outstanding Sheng Zhe stab him; Secondly, it has faded 也 thorns.Getting off work,
who stabbed his side hit him; with andtransformation Sheng Zhe also; their disease with pulse phase Nizhe
也 .Hence it is said: Fang Qisheng Also, do not dare to kill, stab it has bad, things will Dachang.Hence it is said:
Shanggong treating disease, where he has been ill, what is called too.

    Flavors 56th

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family has five flavors of forbearance, of their five internal organs, respectively,
how?Burgaw said: stomach those internal organs sea also, Water Valley, are entering into the stomach, internal
organs, are intrinsic aerodynamic stomach.Hi all its weird to go, Gu Wei Suan, go ahead liver, Valley bitter, go
ahead heart, sweet valley, go ahead spleen, Valley spicy, go ahead lung, Valley taste salty, go ahead
kidney.Valley gas fluids has been in, Ying and Wei Chase, is of dross, inferior race passed down.

    Yellow Emperor said: Ying and Wei trip how?Burgaw said: Valley before entering into the stomach, the
Bible of those first two focus for stomach in order to irrigate the five internal organs, do the two lines, Tao Wei
camp.其the atmosphere from the pump instead of entrants, are accumulated on the chest, Ming Yue Qi sea, out
of the lungs, through the throat, so call Ze out smoke can enter.Heaven and refined biogas often out of three
into a large number, it would not join the valley, half-day decline qi, qi day less carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Valley flavors can almost hear?Bo Gao said: Please do words.Grains: rice bran
sweet, linolenic acid, salty soy, wheat bitter, yellow millet Sim.Five fruits: dates Gan, Li acid, Li salt, bitter
apricot, peach Sim.Five animals: cattle sweet, sour dogs, pigs salty, bitter sheep, chicken Sim.Five dishes:
Kwai Gan, leek acid, Lophanthus rugosus salty, bitter scallion, onion Sim.

    Five colors: yellow Yi Gan, should acid green, black salt should, should suffer the Red, White should
Xin.Unless stopped five persons, each should have.Yi said the five colored persons, Pibing persons, Yi Shi rice
bran, beef dates Kwai; heart disease who Yi Shi Xing Xie wheat and mutton; nephropathy, Yi Shi Huang
soybean volume of pork Li Lophanthus rugosus; liver disease, Yi Shi Ma Dog Lee leek meat; lung disease
who, Yi Shi Tao chicken, onion yellow millet.
    5 ban: Xin ban liver disease, heart disease ban salty, sour Pibing ban, ban Gan kidney, lung ban hard.

   Liver color blue, Yi Shi Gan, rice bran, beef, date, Kwai are willing.Heart Sechi, Yi Shi acid, dog meat,
Ma, Lee, leek are acid.Spleen yellow, Yi Shi salt, soybeans, pork, chestnut, Lophanthus rugosus are salty.Lung
white, Yi Shi bitter, wheat, lamb, apricot, Xie Jie Ku.Renal color black, Yi Shi Xin, Huang millet, chicken,
peaches, onions are symplectic.

    Water swelling the 57th

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: water and skin swelling, bloating, intestinal Tan, refer, stone,
stone water, why do them?Chi Bo said: Starting in the water before, head swollen nest microcontroller, such as
the new bench from the shape of their body pulse, when the cough, cold overcast between stocks, hind tibia
swollen, belly is big, the water Yicheng carry on.Hand according to their belly and turning the sky, such as
wrapping the water-like, This is the candidate 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: Why skin expansion candidates are?Chi Bo said: skin expansion are, the cold air off
the skin between the Hasty obviously not strong, big belly, body make swelling, thick skin, according to the
abdomen, subterranean Er can not afford, abdominal color change, This is the candidate Ye.

   Bulging of them?Chi Bo said: bloating body Jieda, Expansion, also great with skin color greenish yellow,
web reinforcement, the this the waiting Ye.

    Intestinal Qin collecting?Chi Bo said: chill off Yu parenteral, and Defensive Qi Competing, gas may not
glory, because of some system, addiction to inside forward, foul smells are, the polyps are students.Her
beginning students as well, as big as chicken eggs, slightly Yi Yi large, to their cost, such as pregnant with the
Son-like, long Zhe from the old water according to Ze Jian, pushing the Ze shift, menstruation from today,
This is the candidate Ye.

    Rock Mass in collecting?Chi Bo said: Shi Zheng Jia was born in cells, the chill off at the sub door, child
gate blocking, air can not pass, bad blood when the diarrhea and diarrhea, nosebleed to leave only the Japanese
in order to benefit large, shaped like a pregnant child, menstruation is not to nowadays, Women are born can
be guided down.

    Yellow Emperor said: Bulging skin expansion can stab evil?Chi Bo said: first, expansion of the blood
spilled Qi contact, tone up his post, and striking the blood blood contact also.

    Wind 58th thief

    Yellow Emperor said: Master thief made wind evil assault also, is Bing Yan, this has its Buli shielded
room no point being, Curan patients, non-separated from thieves wind evil, Qi so Why?Chi Bo said:
euphemistically try some injuries to moisture, hidden among the blood, divided between meat, but not to stay
too long.Fall if the fall, including but not to bad blood, Curan joy, anger, not section, catering discomfort, cold
temperature from time to time, Cou reason not pass closed.And closed their in case of a cold, then arterial
blood gas condensation, and therefore with the passage of evil, was cold paralysis.He has a fever while
sweating, sweating is affected by the wind, although not encountered thieves wind evil, there must be issued
by Canada and Yan.

     Yellow Emperor said: who said this, Confucius, all the patients knew 也 not encountered evil, but also
for the community not Chu Ti Chi, pawn but ill owner, its so Why?Only because almost otherworldly
matters?Chi Bo said: This has not yet made it to stay evil, so chi has been bad, and some Mu, blood gas civil
strife, the two gas Competing.They never Zhe micro, sees them not see, deaf ear, so like ghosts.
   Yellow Emperor, saying: its wish only owner, its so Why?Chi Bo said: first, the wizard, knows all diseases
Korekatsu because the Prophet have heart for the community from the students who may wish it 也 .

   Wei Qi disorders 59th

   Yellow Emperor said: Wei qi to remain in the belly, pull plot No, not always by Wan-Yun, threatening
people support the stomach is full, breath call against interest, why would they go to them?Bo Gao said: its gas
accumulated on the chest 者 Upper taken from, are accumulated on the belly of those taken from under, up and
down all over those taken from near.

    Yellow Emperor said: taken from how?Bo Gao replied: product in, the diarrhea were welcome, days of the
conflict, and throats; plot on the next person, diarrhea and gas Street three years; up and down all over those
taken from top to bottom, and quarter of an inch under the threat; severe, chicken enough to take the.Advice to
the pulse large and urgent strings, and not to persons, and Fupi urgent worse, not stab 也 .Yellow Emperor said:

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-high said: flesh blood bones and muscles to know how a disease of An?Burgaw
said: color from the two eyebrows thin Chak, the sick in the skin; lip Qinghuang 赤 black, the sick in the
muscle; camp Qi How natural, the sick in the flesh; Meiro Qinghuang 赤 black, the sick in the tendon; ear
scorch by dust disease of bone.

    Yellow Emperor said: disease-shaped ru, taken from how?Burgaw said: husband riddled with change,
countless, natural skin with the Department, the meat Gui, blood gas are lost, bone there is.Yellow Emperor
said: it appreciate further.Burgaw said: Ministry of the skin, lose in four at the end; meat Pillar, a tibial arm
between various meat yang points, and foot Shao subdivision; blood gas Trunk, lose Yuzhu contact, blood to
remain, then the Sheng the sky, the Department no yin without yang bar, no left without right, where the
candidate disease; bones are those of bone air Yinao why those who benefit also.

     Yellow Emperor said: taken from how?Bo Gao said: sick husband changes, drifting depth of study not win,
all in their office, and patients were light of, depth of fraudulent claims, among those with smaller, fraudulent
claims of the public, with the change and adjust gas, twenty years before the work.

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-Gao said: the size of temperature and cold person too fat, old and strong I left,
Bie how?Bo Gao replied: 50 man-years have been for the old, 20 have been for the strong, 18 have been for
the little-year-old has been small.

   Yellow Emperor said: why degrees know these too fat?Burgaw said: fat people, there is cream,
meat.Yellow Emperor said: Do not this how?Bo Gao said: popliteal firm flesh, skin over those fat.Popliteal
meat is not firm, skin slow those cream.Flesh from those who are not with the meat.

   Yellow Emperor said: cold body temperature and collecting?Burgaw: his Christ, their meat and thick mud
management, physically cold, small reasons, physically hot.Fat owner, its firm flesh, small reasons were hot,
rough handling by cold.

    Yellow Emperor, saying: its not too fat, the size of how?Bo Gao said: cream, the more the gas and slow
longitudinal skin, it can be longitudinal vertical fertile belly.Meat, a large body capacity.Fat owner, its body
small revenue.

    Yellow Emperor said: how much blood the relationships among these ru?Bo Gao said: cream, the more the
gas, more gas were hot, hot are cold.Meat, the more the blood is full form, full form is flat.Fat person, the
serum, gas slip less, it is not great.This different from everyone Zhe 也.
    Yellow Emperor said: everybody how?Bo Gao said: everyone skin grease, can add also, the blood and gas,
not with more, so the shape is not a small little, each called body, Ming Yue everyone.

    Yellow Emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Bo Gao said: we must first do Third-shaped, the number of
Blood, qi voicing, then Diao, no abnormal after treatment.Therefore in one vertical and abdominal sag sweet
cream, meat, others, up and down a large capacity, lipid others, although fat can not be greater.

    Jade 60th

    Yellow Emperor said: I object to a small needle is fine also, the Master is made by SCO is to the day, the
next combination and the ground, in combination and in person, I think that the meaning of pin men, and
therefore appreciate further.Chi Bo said: What things than days or Down?Husband more than the needle, but
five soldiers were Yan, prepare to die also, a non-Seng.And his wife who, heaven and earth, the town also, the
impossible does not participate or Down?Husband rule the people, but also the only needle Yan.Husband
needle and five soldiers, Qi what Little Down?

    Yellow Emperor said: disease at birth, there is joy, anger, unexpected, improper diet, lack of yin, yang
surplus, business gas not, is made for the ulcer.Yin and Yang blocked, two Heat Competing, is concentrated
into a small needle taken from Nature?Chi Bo said: saint of those who can not make doing that evil can not
stay too.Therefore, considerable armies, flags across, knives and Chen Yu in the field who seek 也 this in a
day.People can make their trip, no knives against his soldiers to the difficulty of those in a day to teach also,
even for a moment the were likewise.Husband to make his body was ulcer is a disease, sepsis Zhi together who
do not have almost from the long road?Husband ulcer uncooked sepsis Zhi Success, not from the world, not
from the ground up, integrated micro-being born, it was not visible saints of autonomy as well, a fool by Qi
has become 也  .

   Yellow Emperor said: it has shaped, not by, pus has become, not to see; whom how?Chi Bo said: pus has
become, 10 dead life, so to become saints Ephesians, but clearly for the recipe, the Zhi Zhu Bo, so that those
who can afford the world after the heel and pass without a final time who was also its not.

    Yellow Emperor said: it has a pus and blood and then was almost?Not guided by a small needle treatment
or Down?Chi Bo said: rule of the smallest, small, and power is small, to promote peace and order large, the
more the damage, so its become sepsis owner, its the only Stone beryllium front for the community to take 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: more than almost all victims should never be?Chi Bo said: its Ni Shun Yan.Yellow
Emperor said: Our family Nishun.Chi Bo said: that the victim, Qi viewed with blue, black eyes small, is a
reverse also; internal medicine and vomiting who was the second against him; abdominal pain very thirsty, is
three against him; shoulder inconvenience item is also Sini; off-color tone hiss is Wuni 也.Addition to those
five persons, to shun carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Disorders in Jieyounishun can almost hear?Chi Bo said: abdominal distention, fever,
pulse large, is against him; abdominal Ming and Manchu, limbs, Qing Xie, the pulse of which is the second
reverse also; be defeated in battle and not just the pulse of which is three against him; cough and urinate blood
off shape, pulse small stiffness is Sini also; cough off shape, body heat, pulse small to illness, is that Wu Ni
也 this way, but died on the 15th carry on.

    The abdominal large expansion, four late Qing, De-shaped vent rather, is against him; bloating blood in the
stool, pulse and large, when the absolute, is the second reverse also; cough drench of blood, shape the meat off,
pulse, and is three inverse is also ; vomiting blood, chest full of lead and back, pulse small and illness, is also
Sini; cough vomiting, abdominal distension and supper the leaks, the pulse must, is Wuni also.In this way, not
as a time to die carry on.Workers are not police but stab this person is the turn of the so-called inverse rule.
    Yellow Emperor said: Jun Master even the words of needles, to match the world, the number of astronomy
degree of discipline within the other five internal organs, the Foreign Six Hollow Organs, Meridian 28 will be
the best of a week of discipline.Can kill people, not from the dead, the child can be contrary or Down?Chi Bo
said: can Shasheng people, not from the dead came.Yellow Emperor said: I heard of it, was inhumane,
however appreciate further Road, Front row at the people.Chi Bo said: Ming is also, necessarily also, her that
the sword can kill, if people will drink alcohol, though not to diagnosis, still known carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing to smell.Chi Bo said: person who is bullied, Google 也  .Valley by
the annotator, stomach also.Stomach who Mizutani blood 之 the sea.The line of clouds by the sea, the
people.Stomach qi and blood by a person, through the tunnel 也   .The tunnels are, contact the large internal
organs as well, snatching just say welcome.

    Yellow Emperor said: There are several up and down almost?Chi Bo said: Yingzhi Wuli, Middle mindful
of the fact, five to nothing, to the dirty air of the five best men, and it is 552 XV while doing its lost men, and
this so-called deprived of its weather are also, non-energy must following his life were 也 shelling out big
bucks.Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing to smell.Chi Bo said: peep doors, and those who stabbed and
died at home; entry and sharply and those who died in classroom.Yellow Emperor said: good almost square,
Ming Zai Road, please forward to the mine version, that treasures, handed on the world, that thorn ban, so that
people do not dare to sin, but the.

    Five banned 61st

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I heard stabbed five forbidden, what is the five banned?Chi Bo
said: cut their non-barbed 也    .Yellow Emperor said: I heard thorn five wins.Chi Bo said: no diarrhea should
never be won Zheye.Yellow Emperor said: I had heard of five stabbed.Chi Bo said: not too far up spilled
degree.Yellow Emperor said: I heard there Wuni thorns.Chi Bo said: disease and pulse phase inversion,
Mingyuewuni.Yellow Emperor said: I heard there were nine thorns should.Chi Bo said: knowing that 9-pin of
the theory is that the nine friendship.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is the five banned, can not appreciate further when stabbed.Chi Bo said: B
Day Zicheng, no barbed fact, no Fameng in the ear.Bingding day Zicheng, no vibration Egypt Yu Lian Quan
shoulder jets.E has four seasons on Zi Cheng, bony abdomen, to claw drip.Keng-hsin on Zi Cheng, bony knee
joint of the stock.Rengui on Zi Cheng, bony hind tibia, is that the five forbidden.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is five wins?Chi Bo said: type of meat has been won, is a won also; blood
after big wins is two wins also; large sweat after a three-time winner also; large vent after a four-won also; new
products and major blood after a 5 wins also.Euphemistically not diarrhea.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is Wu Ni?Chi Bo said: fever pulse static, Khan has a pulse Sheng ankle, is
against him; disease discharge, pulse loud, is the second reverse also; the Bi inalienable _ meat broken, body
heat, clock bias must, is three reverse also; prostitution and snatching shape, body heat, natural white color
yao, is under the blood after the nosebleed, the blood nosebleed Atsushige is that Sini also; cold and heat wins
shape, strong pump pulse, is that Wu Ni Ye.

    Activity lose 62nd

    Yellow Emperor said: Meridian 12, the lunar hand, foot Shao, Yang Ming, independent moving endlessly,
Why?Chi Bo said: gastric vein is also clear.Stomach for the internal organs of the sea, its clear air injection of
the lung, lung from the lunar thereof, 其 firms have to exchange information, enemies of a call, pulse and then
move, a suction pulse is also another move endless breath, so moving, but more than.

    Yellow Emperor said: too much qi Exists also, on 10 Yan interest, the next eight Yan Fu, Ho Road, from
also?I do not know the extreme.
    Chi Bo said: qi from the dirty also, Curan, such as crossbows of hair, such as water under the shore, Upper
decline in fish and the rest scattered by reverse gas decline, the so his actions Micro.

    Yellow Emperor said: feet Yangming, how so move?Chi Bo said: Stomach by injection in the lung, Qi
defended air upper punch persons, through the pharynx, to walk on air orifices, through the eye line, into the
brain contact, the Yan, the next guest host, through dental car, co-Ming, and Human welcome, do not go for
this at National Yang Ming Zhe Ye Wei Qi.Yin and Yang so up and down, 其 also differ if a.Therefore, Yang
Yang vein disease and small ones, for the inverse; Yin Yin vein disease and the major ones, the
reverse.Therefore, all dynamic stillness yin and yang, if the lead rope with dumping by disease.

    Yellow Emperor, saying: foot Shao what so moving?Chi Bo said: red veins are, twelve of the sea, and
Shao great contact, from the kidney, the out of gas Street, through the overcast Unit of inexpensive and evil
into the popliteal, the tibia through inexpensive, and Shao The classics, after the next into the medial
malleolus.Into a single step, the other person, the evil into the ankle, out of an enclosed, into the thumb
between the various injection contact to warm hind tibia, this clock also the constancy actors.

    Yellow Emperor said: Ying and Wei trip also, the upper and lower intersection, like a ring, no reason, this
has its Curan encounter evil wind, and every Big Chill, hand, foot and Xie Duo, yin and yang way of its
demise, with the association will lose, line phase loss Ye , how the air also?Chi Bo said: yin and yang of the
late husband will be four persons, in particular, this qi contact him; Fourth Street, who qi pathways Ye.Contact
must then track it through the four end the qi from the combined solution, with transportation, such as
rings.Yellow Emperor said: good.This so-called like a ring without, Mo Zhi Qi Ji, undone before the end, what
is called 也.

    Flavors of the 63rd

     Shao-Yu Huang Di asked, saying: punch into the mouth as well, all have to go, all had disease, acid go
bars, more than eat, is retention of urine; salt away the blood, more than eat, is thirsty; Xin away gas more eat,
it is heart-dong; hard to go bone, eat more, people change vomiting; willing to take the meat and eat more of, it
is rolled heart.I know these are, I wonder what the?Appreciate further it.Fewer Yu answer was: acid into the
stomach, its gas astringent as to provide, basis as the two coke, unable to answer out also, not that stay in the
stomach, the stomach and temperature, then bet bladder, Zhi cell BO cowardly may be reduced Quan acid,
about not pass, waterways not, so retention of urine.Negative patients, the final product Reinforcement also, so
go gluten acid entry and carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: salt away the blood, more than eat, very thirsty, Why?Fewer Yu said: salt into the
stomach; its gas up and go in the focus, of attention to the clock, you are moving flesh and blood and salty
Xiang De, then pour, pour Ze stomach juice in Notes, Notes to Ze stomach dried, dried Ze pharyngeal Road
coke, so good thirst and dry tongue.Blood persons, the focus of the road as well, so carry on salt entry and take

    Yellow Emperor said: Xin go gas, more than eat, is heart-dong, Why?Fewer Yu said: Sim into the
stomach, that their courage to go in the last coke, of coke who bullied Yang Zhe-operation of all Also, the gas
leek smoked Zhi Jiang, Ying and Wei qi, from time to time due,, stay long mind, the so-dong heart.Xin and gas
all OK, so Sim into all out with Khan.

    Yellow Emperor said: "go hard bone, more than eat, people change vomiting, Why?"Fewer Yu said: hard
into the stomach, grains of gas, are not overcome suffering, into the next epigastric pain, triple burner way, are
close but not pass, it changes vomit.Teeth who have bone end as well, so hard on entry and take bone, so enter
to go back, know these go skeletal.
    Yellow Emperor said: Gan take meat, eat more.Man is mind, Why?Fewer Yu said: Gan into the stomach,
their courage was weak, not on As the coke, stay in the stomach with the Valley who is soft and Zhe also,
stomach soft Ze slow, slow moving Ze insect pest mobility gives cause for Men heart.Its gas outside the pass
in meat, so willing to take the meat.

   Yin and Yang 25 were the 64th

     Yellow Emperor said: I heard the yin and yang of people collecting?Bo Gao said: between heaven and
earth within Luhe, without leaving in five, people should Zhi.Therefore, the Politics of 552-five, while the yin
and yang do not and Yan.Also inconsistent with the public make its position 五 I known to carry on.Our
family 25 person-shaped, flesh being born, and substituting other candidates, to know from the outside, the
collecting?Chi Bo said: "passing a note asking then and this is the secret of the first division as well, although
still not clear burgaw Chih.Withdraw from the meeting follow the Yellow Emperor is said: I heard of religion
right in Ephesians, is that weight loss may be Er vent Zhi, Zhi-day will be tired, I would like to get The Ming,
Jin cabinet Collected, not, away.Chi Bo said: first established five shape Five Elements, specializations
colored, very different form of five people and 25 people with carry on.Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing
to smell.Chi Bo said: Be careful, be careful, Morrison Please words.

    Tree-shaped person, than the upper corner like Yu Yu Cang emperor, his personality Cang color, small
head, long face and big shoulders and back upright small, hand-foot 好    .Talent, the labor force of heart less
worried workers at all, can not spring disease of winter flu.Foot Jue Yin, Tuo Tuo However, Tai Kok person
than Yu left foot Shaoyang, Shaoyang natural heritage left over.Left corner of the right foot Shaoyang person
than Yu, Shaoyang below with as natural.Titanium horn person, than Yu right foot Shaoyang, Shaoyang on
pushing in the course.Sentenced angle than in the left foot Shaoyang, Shaoyang However, under dry dry.

     Fire-shaped person, than the last levy, like Yu Chidi.The man widely _ Red face off a small head, good
shoulder, hand, foot and thigh abdomen small, line security to heart disease, shake the shoulders and back line
full of meat.Gas Light has fewer letters and more financial concerns, see something good Yan Ming, worried
about the violent death not life.Spring, summer autumn and winter can not, fall and winter flu disease of the
hand less clitoris nuclear Ran.Intrinsic quality person, than in the left hand the sun, the sun above the muscle
however, less than at the right hand person signs the sun, under the sun??However, the right than on the right
hand sign of the sun, the sun above the shark shark natural.Quality of the person sentenced to more than Yu
left the sun, under the sun Rhythm Rhythm branch support.

    Shape on the person, than in the last House, is similar to the ancient Yellow Emperor, the man yellow
round face, large head, the United States shoulder, big belly, U.S. stocks tibia, small hands and feet fleshy, up
and down match-line security, the what holds floating.Peace of mind, good instead of themselves do not like
power, good people attached.Spring and summer to autumn and winter not spring, summer flu disease of
enough Talin, Dun Dun however.Great Palace of the left foot than Yu Ming, Yang Wan-wan on
course.Kamiya person, than on the left foot Yang Ming, Yang Ming under the sill course.Palace person less
than the right foot Yang-Ming Yu, Yang Ming on, Shu Shu Ran.Left the Palace of the people, right foot than
the Yu Ming, Yang Ming under the Wu Wu Ran.

    Kim shape than the last business person, is similar to the White Emperor, his personality aspects of white,
small head, small shoulder lower abdomen, a small hand, foot and heel, such as fat, bone, the bone light.Body
clean, anxious calm the mind, defended, good and clerks, can fall and winter, not spring, summer, spring and
summer flu disease of.However, too Yin Duidun hand, Di business person than on the left hand Yang Ming,
Yang Ming on, Lian Lian however.The right business person, the left hand than Yu Ming, Yang Ming under
the Tuotuo course.The left than on the right business person Yangming, Yangming on prison monitoring
contingent.Small business person, than at the right hand Yang Ming, Yang Ming under the Yan-Yan Ran.

    Water-shaped person, than in the last feather, like the black emperor, his personality, black surface uneven,
the bulk of Lian Yi, big belly small shoulder hands feet, suddenly issued under the rump long and natural
extension of the back extension.Shao good bully who does not fear, death Slaughter.Spring and summer to
autumn and winter not spring, summer flu disease of.Zu Shao Yin Han Han Ran.Oba person, right foot than
Yu Sun, the sun above the natural cheek cheek.Few feathers person, than in the left foot sun, clean clean
natural under the sun.Fetters being, one more than in the left foot sun, the sun on top of Ann Ran.Therefore in
25 five-person form of change who deceive the public with Zhe is also the reason why.

    Yellow Emperor said: obtaining the form, not the color ru?Chi Bo said: shape win-color, color wins to
shape, to their victory in Canada when, flu is disease-line, are concerned about the loss of carry on.Form, color
Xiangde persons, rich and great music.Yellow Emperor, saying: its form, color, when a considerable victory,
almost in Canada know that?Chi Bo said: Any person out under bogey, often taboo plus-year-old, 16-year-old,
20-year-old, 30-year-old, 40-year-old, 50-year-old, 61-year-old people are great avoid, not without self-Ann,
flu is disease-line, we are concerned about missing men, and such a time, doing nothing evil thing is that in

     Yellow Emperor said: Master, upper and lower words of pulse, blood gas Zhi-shaped gas-designate like to
know, how?Chi Bo said: Foot-Yangming on blood gas containing the bearded U.S. long beard blood a little
gas to more than short, so gas as many bearded little less blood, blood gases were as little as no beard.Kiss
more than two paintings, full of blood gas Sheng Yang Ming under the United States is under the hair length to
the chest, blood gas as little more than the United States under the hair short to navel, holding rows are good
enough, good toe Sarcodina less cold, less blood gas to more than meat, good chilblains, blood gas were as
little as there is no thinning hair, dry sad, good Weijue, full paralysis.

    On top of Foot-Shaoyang, blood containing one through the U.S. long-bearded, blood multi-gas from at
least through the U.S. short-bearded, blood gas to more than a small little bearded, blood gases were as little as
there is no need felt in alpine Noriyoshi paralysis.Pain claw dry 也       .Under the Foot-Shaoyang, blood gas
containing the tibia U.S. long hair, lateral fat; blood gas as little more than U.S. tibial hair short, lateral skin
firm and thick, less blood less gas to more than Heng Mao, lateral thin and soft, blood gas were could range
from no hair, no lateral lean meat.

    Feet above the sun, blood gas Morinori Girl, eyebrow with hair of blood gas as little more than bad
eyebrows, face how many arguments, less blood gas to more than face more meat, blood gas region and the
beauty, under full sun, full of blood gas Morinori meat, firm heel, air less blood to more than thin, with air,
blood gas transfer are anywhere from several good bars, under the heel pain.

    Yangming hand on top of the U.S. blood gas containing the mustache.Blood gas to more than a small
mustache evil, blood gases were as little as no mustache.Hand Yangming blood gas Morinori armpit hair under
the United States, hand fish with warm, thin blood or winter are anywhere from several hands.

    Shaoyin on hand, blood gas Morinori United States in the long eyebrow, ear color the United States, blood
gases were as little ear coke evil color.Under the hand Shaoyang, blood gas Morinori more meat with warm
hand-rolled, cold blood gas are anywhere from several thin is, gas and less thin the blood to more than a multi-

     Hand over the sun, while blood gas containing more than to face more meat to flat, thin surface blood gas
were as little as evil color.Hand under the sun, the palm containing the meat full of blood gas, blood gas were
as little skinny palm to cold.

    Yellow Emperor said: 25 people who stab Zhi about Down?Chi Bo say: Girl who Artery of full sun, blood
and more evil eyebrow persons, blood gas rare and their fat Ze who is more than flesh, fat and not Ze who,
more than gas, blood shortage, those who lean without Ze, gas blood all inadequate scrutiny of its shape more
than a lack of gas and Tones, one can know Nishun carry on.
     Yellow Emperor said: thorn Qi Zhu Yin and Yang do nothing?Chi Bo said: its people welcome Exists to
adjust yin and yang, cut through the collaterals Zhi Ning Shibuya, end not through who are all Tongbi this on
their body, if extreme, no, so pour Shibuya, Shibuya condensate those caused by warm air blood and
Naizhi.Contact by the end leads, pulse and no blood knot, and referendum is the line, twenty years before: in
the air more than those who, under the guidance and, gas shortage in the person, push the rest Zhi, Qi Ji Liu
not to those which Yingzhi , will be out in The Crossing, is to the sustained, cold and hot war who guided
thereof, Qi Wan Chen blood who did not end, then while I Zhi, we must first know that 25 people were flesh
lies, so up and down , about complete 也thorns.

   Pentameter flavors 65th

    The right sign and a small sign, notes Sun 2 right, left and left-business levy, transferred left hand Yang
Ming Shang.A small sign with a large palace, adjusting the left hand Yangming, the right corner with the horn,
tone under the right hand Shaoyang.Big sign with a small sign, notes left on the sun, birds and small public Yu,
tune right foot under the sun, a small business with the right business right tone under the sun, fetters Yu and
Chung Yu, tune right foot under the sun, a small house with a large palace, transfer right foot Yangming, the
sub-angle and low angle, adjust right foot Shaoyang, the Di providers and to business, transfer right foot
Yangming, the Di providers and corner, adjust the sun left foot.

    Shang sign and right sign with cereals, livestock sheep, fruit apricot, hand Shao Tibetan heart, Sechi bitter,
when the summer.The birds and the Oba, the same grain soybeans, livestock pig, fruit Li, foot Shao possession
of kidney, salty black color, when the winter.The Palace and the Great Palace with millet grain, livestock
cattle, fruit dates, full lunar Tibetan spleen, yellow sweet, time on summer.SCB and the right, in consultation
with millet grain, livestock chicken, peach fruit, hand-Tai Yin possession of the lung, is white, spicy, when the
autumn.Corner and the Big Horn, with the valley Ma, pet dog, fruit Li, Yin Zang foot dedicated liver, color
blue Weisuan, when the spring.

    Great Palace and the corner, with the right foot Yangming, the left corner with the horn, with left foot
Yangming, the little birds with the right foot with Oba sun, left and right commercial business, with the left
hand Yangming, the increase in the same house with the big house left foot Shaoyang, the quality of
contracting with a large palace, with his left hand under the sun, contracting with the left foot Shaoyang horn
angle, the Oba and the Big Horn, with the right foot on the sun, Big Horn and the Great Palace with the right
foot Shaoyang, right sign, little sign , mass sign, the sign, sentence imposed, right corner, Di corner, corner,
horn, sub-angular.The right business, small business, Di business, the business, left business.Small house,
upper house, big house, Kamiya, left corner of the palace.Chung Yu, fetters feather, the feather, Oba, small

    Yellow Emperor said: woman Wu Xu, those with no blood gas or Down?Chi Bo said: red veins are
starting from cells in the Conception Vessel, on through the back, the sea for the meridian, its floating-suits
who, through the abdominal right upper row, will be in the throat, do the contact lip, skin blood gas containing
the full heat flesh, blood is predominant infiltration by Dan skin, raw hairs.The students this woman more than
at air, insufficient number of off the blood of its blood, the pulse of any red, not Wing lips, it must not grow

     Yellow Emperor said: Scholars injury in the shade, but can not afford absolute yin, yin not, however, its
should not, Qi so Why?Huanzhe independence to Why?Appreciate further it.Chi Bo said: Huanzhe removing
its case tendons, injured his red pulse, blood no longer diarrhea, skin junction, lip wing and thus should be no
students inside.

    Yellow Emperor said: he has a day Huanzhe well, has been hurt, not off in the blood, however, its should
not students by so Why?Chi Bo said: This Tianzhi Suo enough for him, washed his term not containing, were
not a bar, a gas-free blood, not lip wing, it should not students.
    Yellow Emperor said: Good to passing!Sage through things as well, if the sun and moon lighting, sound
and Gu Xiang, a voice of things knowing they hear their form, their non-Master, practice makes clear all things
fine.Therefore in sage, yellow as the color red, the more the heat, were plainer and less heat, less black to give
more blood gas, crush those who, sun and more blood; through beard in dire need of those, Shaoyang and more
blood, more than the United States to those Yangming blood, this natural 也the time.

    Lady of constants, the sun often little more than blood gas, blood Shaoyang less often and more gas, more
blood and more air Yang-Ming Chang, Jue Yin gas less often and more blood, more blood Shao often less gas,
the lunar often little more than blood gas, constant of this days.

    All diseases start HEALTH 66th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: husband riddled with the beginning of health is, both in summer
and winter rain, joy, anger, clear wet, joy, anger, hurt no section is dirty, wind and rain were injured, the clear
under wet the wound.3 injured by the gas heterogeneous, would appreciate further, Chi Bo said: 3 of gas from
different or in Yin or Yang Please words starting from the square, joy, anger, hurt not the festival for the dirty,
dirty wound infection is from the Yu Yin Also, clean the wet attack imaginary, then the disease onwards, the
wind and rain hit empty, then the disease from the last, is that the 3, As for the prostitution Iris, innumerable.

    Yellow Emperor said: I can not a few solid, so ask first heard the teacher is willing to Death Road, Chi Bo
said: wind and rain cold and heat may not imaginary, evil alone can not hurt.Curan every stormy and not sick,
cover non-virtual, so evil alone can not hurt.This will be a result of virtual evil wind, and their physique,
deficiency Xiang De, is off its form.Two solid meet for the crowd the meat firm, in which the imaginary evil
Ye arise from weather, and their figure, reference Yi actual situation, serious illness is into, gas has given
homes, because of Department in the name of, from top to bottom and foreign, is divided into three.

    Therefore in virtual evil among the people, began in skin, skin slow the Cou Li open and open the evil
from the hair into, arrived into the deep, deep is Maofa Li, Mao Fali the sound of rain however, so the skin
pain.Not to stay, then the transfer house Yu vein, when in contact, muscle pain, so pain when the interest rates,
large by the generation of go, stay and not go, pass by the house on at the time by, throwing sound of rain hi
shock.Stay rather than go round in the Yu Chuan, in the time of Yu, the six limbs by the barrier, then the
segments pain, lumbar is strong, but not to stay, mass care Yu Fu Chong pulse, when the red in the V body
weight pain, not to stay, mass care in the gastrointestinal, renal in the intestine when Ben ring bloating, bowel
supper vent is more than cold, food is not based, multi-heat the pond out of Mi.Stay rather than go round in the
gastrointestinal mass, the raise of the original between the veins keep Yu, Ji Liu not to, information made
product, or the Sun clock, or a vein, or the meridian, or the pulse Yu , or the Yu Fu Chong pulse, or the Yu
backbone tendons, or with the original Yu raise the stomach, the slow bar with Yu, Iris prostitution evil can not
win on.

     Yellow Emperor said: willing to do it by the natural smell.Chi Bo said,: its a Sun product made contact
person for Pulse, their product is between the upper and lower, arms Komago contextual home also, floating
and slow, can not sentence plot shelling ceased, thus, the contacts between the transitional stomach, Minato
irrigation infiltration Note , bald with sound, a cold is over mine __ lead, when it cut the pain, be strengthened,
its in the Yang-ming by hand, relying on umbilical door, fullness Ze benefit large, hungry Ze benefit
small.Strengthened, its Yu slow tendon as well, like the product of Yangming, satiation Ze pain, hunger
Noriyasu.Raise it with the original in the stomach also, pain relief bars suits with Yu, satiation is security,
hunger Ze pain.Strengthened, its Yu Fu Chong pulse who hides It should Have hands, been made under the
two chiral hot stocks, such as soup Wo Zhi-like.Strengthened, its Yu backbone bar, the latter in the intestine
hunger Ze plot see, eat Ze plot gone, Press to no.Strengthened, its Yu Artery of those who lost, blocking
barrier, no less than body fluids, pore orifices dry stasis, this evil from entering it from outside, from top to
bottom also.
    Yellow Emperor said: the beginning of positive health, to its become, how?Chi Bo said: the beginning of
positive health, get cold is born into a product Jue is also, the Yellow Emperor said: its cost product how?Chi
Bo said: Jue air of legs on Man, Man Health tibia cold, then cold blood coagulation tibia Shibuya, Shibuya Ze
cold blood coagulation Shang entering into the stomach, into the expansion in the gastrointestinal Ze _, _ Ze
parenteral Zhi juice expansion foam shall not be forced to gather scattered Japan so as to become active.Curan
drink more water, then the gut is full, not living section, excessive force, the collaterals injuries, contact
injuries Ze Yang spill blood, blood spills Zenv Xue, Yin contact injury Ze overflow within the blood, the
blood is in excess of blood.Contact the stomach wound was blood overflow Yu PN, parenteral there cold, foam
and blood Competing juice, then blend to unite not scattered, the plot into a carry on.Curan foreign Yu Han,
internal injuries Yu worry if angry, then gas Shangni, gas Shangni the six Yu barrier, temperature gas not,
coagulation Yun Li and dispersed, Shibuya body fluid infiltration, rather than go forward, while the plot, into
the carry on .

    Yellow Emperor, saying: its negative patients born, how?Chi Bo said: Concerned sad, heavy cold injury of
lung, liver injury anger, drunk to take to room, sweating when the wind spleen injury, excessive force, if the
Housing sweating Luo, the harm to the kidneys, the sick for the community within and outside the three who
也 .

    Yellow Emperor said: good governance do nothing?Chi Bo answer was: Review of their pain, to know
these should be, more than enough, when the fill is completed, when the diarrhea Ze diarrhea, not when Ni
Tian, is that to rule.

   Analogue 67th

   Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I heard 9-pin Yu, Master, and line is to the people, the people
could be blood gas, the different shape, or God dynamic range of the gas first needle; or gas and the needle
come across; or pin has been formulated, air walk alone; or a few thorns I realized; or hair pin while the gas
counter; or the number of gill disease benefit show.Unless stopped six persons, all of different shape,
appreciate further side.

    Chi Bo said: Double Ninth person, the spirit can easily move, their courage was easy to go 也  .Yellow
Emperor said: What is Double Ninth person?Chi Bo said: Double Ninth person, He He tall, good words
disease, what holds good high, more than cardiopulmonary visocera gas, yang slide prosperity to Yang, it is
God moving of the gas first.

    Yellow Emperor said: Double Ninth person and God is not a pioneer, Why?Chi Bo said: This man who is
also quite overcast.Yellow Emperor said: why do things knowing they were 也 quite overcast.Chi Bo said:
more sun, the more the hi; more shade, the more the anger, the number of anger, easy solution, Hence it is
quite overcast.其 yin and yang of clutch hard, so the God can not advance 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: its air and needle Encounter, how?Chi Bo said: yin and yang and the tune, and blood
gas Nao Ze sliding profits, so the penetration of the gas out, illness and come across too.

   Yellow Emperor said: The gas needle has a loner, why gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: The yin and yang many
small yin yang Shen and those containing floating, it has a needle, gas is over then, so lone too.

   Yellow Emperor said: I realized a few thorns, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: this person as much as yin
and Shaoyang, Shenyang of the gas to its gas hard, so I realized that too few thorns.

    Yellow Emperor said: the penetration of the gas Nizhe, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: their courage
against the disease with few thorns Yi Shen, non yin and yang qi, drifting 之 powerful still.Coarse for the
community euphemistically defeat, loss of work for the community, has the shape of gas without excessive
    The diaphragm 68th

    Yellow Emperor said: gas is on the diaphragm are, but also out into the water to drink, I known to carry
on.Insects for the next diaphragm.Those under the diaphragm, when the water quenching is out, I without his
intention, like Death smell.Chi Bo said: joy, anger, discomfort, food and drink section is not, cold temperature
from time to time, the flow of cold juice in the intestines.Flow in the intestine of the insect cold, insect cold is
accumulated, keeping on the next possession, then the stomach full Guo, Wei Qi is not camp, evil his
residence.Food is the food people insect pest control under the food is true, then under the control of virtual
evil victory, accumulation to stay, stay into the carbuncle, carbuncle into the next tube is about.Qi carbuncle in
the tube, that is the pain deep, carbuncle out who the carbuncle floating outside and pain, carbuncle epithelial

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn Zhi how?Chi Bo said: micro according to epilepsy, depending on the gas the
line, the first shallow stab Qi-front, slightly deep within the benefit, by the thorn of, not over three lines, the
review of its ups and downs that depth.Must have been stabbed to iron, so that heat into China, Japan and so
hot, the evil benefits decline, large carbuncle is a collapse.Wu to participate forbidden to inter inside, Tian Rui
inaction, is alright gas, after hardship, of Valley is under carry on.

    Worry rage speechless 69th

     Yellow Emperor asked the little master said: person Curan worry rage, no sound in terms of who, what
Road, Seven?What air travel?Make sound therefore made little?Appreciate further side.Few teachers answer
was: throat who Mizutani way too.Throat are, from top to bottom are also the reason why gas.Epiglottis were,
of Sound families are.Lips who are also fans of Sound.Tongue, the sound of the machine also.Uvula who
sound to pass in those.Fly down forehead and divided into gas of the discharge also.Horizontal bone who air
the so The Lord tongue too.Enemies Nasal hole tear out the non-recipient, fly down forehead does not open,
sub-gas loss also.Therefore in small and sick tired of thin, then fat, gas disease, the opening or closing in
profits, its outlet easily, its large, thick disgust, then the opening and closing difficult, the gas out of late, so
heavy indeed.No sound person who Curan, chill off in disgust, then tired of not hair, hair can not come, not to
its opening or closing, so no sound.

    Yellow Emperor said: thorn Zhi how?Chi Bo said: feet Shao, the Department of the tongue, contact at the
cross bones, and finally the epiglottis.2 diarrhea Qi blood, is an aggregate of avoidance.Epiglottis of Pulse, the
contact Conception Vessel, taken from days of the conflict, Qi disgust is made also.

    Chills and fever 70th

Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: chills and fever scrofula?Is neck axillary who are any gas to
students?Chi Bo said: euphemistically mouse?Cold and Heat Zhi gas also, but not to those who stay in the vein

    Yellow Emperor said: go and see how?Chi Bo said: rat?Of the country, all is dirty and the end of the out of
neck axilla, between its floating in the veins, but have not in the muscle, the outer for the blood and pus were
easy to go too.

    Yellow Emperor said: go and see how?Chi Bo said: Please guide them from the end, could decline to go,
but never Qi chills and fever.Review their channels to be Zhi, Xu to XU to to go and see, its small, such as
wheat are a thorn know, three stab it.

    Yellow Emperor said: life and death is regrettable decision Qi?Chi Bo said: opposite visual Zhi, including
red veins, up and down consistently Tong Zi, see a clock, one-year-old dead; see a clock and a half, half years
old at death; see the second clock, year-old dead; see the second pulse and a half year-old half dead; see three
clock-year-old died.See red veins no less than consistent Tong Zi, can be cured Ye.

    Evil 71st

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-high said: husband evil of the guests as well, or it makes your head does not
close the eyes are not lying out who, where gas Shiran?Bo Gao said: grains into the stomach also, its dross and
body fluids were air, consists of three tunnels.So were air plot in the chest, out of the throat, consistent heart
vessel, while the line of respiratory Yan.Camp gas who secretion Qi and body fluids, in Notes on the clock, of
that blood to Eishi the end of the injection to internal organs, to be engraved on the number of Yan.Solar terms
were, out its fierce qi Piao disease, and first in four end points between the skin and meat, while the endlessly
who 也   .Day day trip to Yang, the Night in the shade, often divided from the foot Shao, the line of internal
organs, this gas off in the internal organs Jue, then the independence of Wei Qi Wei Besides, the line in the
sun, not into the shade.Line in the sun is yang sheng, yang Shengze Yang bridge collapse, not into the shade,
yin, so time does not close the eyes.

    Yellow Emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Bo Gao said: to fill the gap, more than diarrhea Qi, tune their
actual situation, in order to pass on their ways, and overcome faults evil.Banxia a drink to, yin and yang has
links, Qi Li lying to.Yellow Emperor said: good.This so-called must ditch congestion, Chase Meridian, yin and
yang and of those who had Ye.Appreciate further side.Bo Gao said,: its soup square miles with water were 8 l,
YangZhiRhui million times, whichever is clean 5 liters, cooking, cooking with reed Eternal Flame, home
kaoliang cereals boiling a liter, five combined treatment Pinellia, Xu straw , so that exhaust to a liter and a half,
removing its dregs, to drink a small cup of juice, days and three little interest to know the degree, so the new
mover disease, multiple cup is lying, sweating is gone.Long by three drink it too.

    Yellow Emperor asked Bo-high said: Our family person the segments to be heaven and earth do
nothing?Bo Gao answer was: Cerebra, head round enough side to be the.Days of sun and moon, who has two
objectives; to have the island of Kyushu, people Jiuqiao; days of rain, people have joy, anger; days of thunder
and lightning, people a voice; days 4:00, people have four limbs; days pentameter, people has five internal
organs; day six laws, people Six Hollow Organs; days of summer and winter, people have chills and fever;
days 10 said, people have hand fingers; Chen had 12, people have enough fingers, stems vertical 以 suitable
response, the woman less than 2 to adopt a human form; days of yin and yang, who are husband and wife;-
year-old has 360 on the 5th, there are 365 people; land with mountains, people have shoulder knee; in a deep
valley, people have axillary popliteal; to ten 2 by the water, people have 12 meridians; to a stream, people have
Wei Qi; to have grass Ming, who had hairs; days day and night, people from lying; days USS, people have
teeth; to a hill , people section; to have rocks, people have high bone; to have trees, people raise bars; to a
concentration of Yap, who had popliteal meat; years there in December, 12 people; to a 4:00 does not Grass,
who has any child.Corresponding with this person who 也world.

     Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I would appreciate further support needle number, within the
needle management, vertical house meaning, to defend the skin open Cou management, how?Pulses inflection,
discrepancies and Yan to come out, Yan to the shelling ceased, Yan to and Xu, Yan to the disease, Yan to
infiltration, Six Hollow Organs The inputs in the body are, I would like to make hear their side.Chi Bo said:
God, asked, needle Bi carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Death is willing to smell.Chi Bo said: hand luni pulse, out of the tip of thumb,
within the bend, through the white meat occasion to later in this section is too deep to stay with Dan, outside
Wat, on, under this section, within the bend, and all contact will be cloudy Yu thenar, rapid pulse and note to
gas sliding profits, V line obstruct bone under the outer bend, while the line Exists for the last As Cubitus
inexpensive and into the large tendons on the under, within the bend, up Er Yin, into the armpit, within the
bend, take the lung.The inverse number Zhi Inflectional anterograde also.Heart of the pulse, for the middle
finger of the terminal, within the bend, through the middle finger inside the clean more than to stay in their
hands, V-line of two bones between the outer bend, the two bars between, from the elbow inside the clean, into
the small bar Under the two bones will remain, the entry in the chest, in contact at the heart vessel.

    Yellow Emperor said: hand luni pulse, independent non-Yu, Why?Chi Bo said: Shao, Xin Mai also.Mind
those internal organs large owners also, the house is also spiritual, Qi dirty strong, evil content is also unable to
answer.Rejuvenating the heart-breaking, heart-breaking to be God, God is dead to carry on.Therefore, evil is
the heart of various persons, all is heart envelope.Envelope are the heart of Pulse Lord also, so alone without
Yu Yan.

    Yellow Emperor said: Shao independence without Yu who are not sick or Down?Chi Bo said,: its foreign
economic disease and possession is not ill, so after the independent whichever palm by the sharp bone
end.Clock access to the rest of inflection, 其-bound Xu disease, Jie Ru Shao Yin Heart Lord of hand vein were
also in.The purpose of this Yu who, because the Truth and False Jixu to its gas taken from, is that because red
and diarrhea, due to decline the meeting, so those have to go evil, infuriating firm, is that the order for days.

    Yellow Emperor said: needle holder longitudinal care how?Chi Bo said: Fundamentals and Incidentals
must first know that 12 meridians, skin cold and heat, Rise and Fall of slippery pulse astringent.The pulse
slippery and Sheng, the sick days into; virtual, thin person, for a long time to hold; large in Shibuya, serving
Tongbi.Yin and yang, like a person, disease refractory.Qi cart before the horse is still hot, the sick still; its heat
to bad owner, its disease are also to carry on.Show their feet, the review of its crisp flesh firmness, size, sliding
astringent, cold temperature and dampness.Are present because, as the colors to know the five internal organs,
while daredevil Health.Depending on their blood, the review of its color, to know these cold and heat Tongbi.

    Yellow Emperor said: needle holder longitudinal care, I without his intention also.Chi Bo said: needle
holder of the Road, To end with is, security in order to quiet.Prophet actual situation and the line Ji Xu.Left
hand bone, through the right hand.No fruit and meat.To end with is diarrhea, skin supplement will be
closed.Auxiliary gas needle guide, the evil was obscene Iris, infuriating get home.

    Yellow Emperor said: do nothing to defend the skin open Cou reason?Chi Bo said: its sub-meat, left do its
skin, micro-end of the inner and Xu, fitness still struggle, evil have to go.

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: eight for the virtual, how each candidate?Chi Bo The answer: to
designate the five organs.Yellow Emperor said: Designate Zhi how?Chi Bo said: pulmonary heart with evil,
the gas remaining in the elbow; liver are evil The airflow of the two axillary; spleen are evil, that their courage
to stay in the two thigh; kidney evil, that their courage to stay in the two popliteal.The above activities were
eight false, all organs of the room, infuriating for the community through blood contact for the community
tour.Evil evil blood, not living to stay solid.Staying with the injured JinLuoNing Beck; organs may not flexion
and extension, so Juluan too.

    Babel 72nd

    Yellow Emperor asked the little master said: Yu Chang Wen people yin and yang, yin people what?What
is Yang who?Little master said: between heaven and earth within Luhe, separated from the five, who should
Zhi, Fei Tu yin and yang it also, but a little word ears, mouth unable to answer over the ming.Yellow Emperor
said: would like to hear a little of its meaning, there are worthy saints, the heart can be prepared by the Bank of
Down?Little master said: if there is a moon of people, Shao person, the Sun person, Shaoyang person, yin and
yang of peace people.All five people were, their attitude is different, each ranging from blood bones.

   Yellow Emperor said: its range, could almost hear?Little master said: luni people, greed and not
benevolence, under the Qi Zhan Zhan, good out of evil within the heart and not fat, not service to Time and
moving then Zhi, the luni people.
   Shao person, small corruption and Zeixin, see people die, often if it was good was fine harm, see Rong
people, is anti-sullen, Xinjinin without grace, the Shao 之people.

   Sun, the highest in the good word events, virtual incompetence, said Chi hair almost fieldwork, despite the
non-move, for the usual things for personal use, a matter may be defeated, and often have no regrets, this sun

    Shaoyang person, Shi meaning good self-blame, there is little official, then high self-advised, good for
diplomacy, not included, the Shaoyang 之people.

    Yin and Yang of peace people, lived quietly, doing nothing fear fear, inaction Shin Shin, Wan-course from
the property, or indisputable, with the change, respect for the Qian Qian, Tan without treatment, is called to

   Guzhi Shan Ai with a needle who, depending on who the five states, is the rule.Sheng who spilled the
imaginary are supplemented.

    Yellow Emperor said: The five states do nothing to rule others?Little master said: luni people, more yin
without yang, Qi Yin and Blood cloud, Qi Wei Qi Shibuya, yin and yang and, slow tendon Er thick, hastening
no diarrhea, no changing of.

    Shao person, multi-Yin Shaoyang, small stomach and large intestine, Liu Fu, no adjustments, Qi Yang
pulse small and large sun clock, will review and Tones, the blood trade off, that their courage easily loser.

    Sun people, more yang Shao, must like Diao, no off the shadows, and diarrhea Qi Yang.Yang weight off
are easy to crazy, Yin and Yang are off persons, sudden death, I do not know people.

   Shaoyang person, multi-Yang Shao, by small and large contact, blood in the air, the real and virtual yin
yang.Single Xie Qi collaterals, then the strong gas off Er disease, lack of gas, the patient can not afford to Ye.

    Yin and Yang of peace, their yin and yang, qi and, blood transfer, like attending the opposite elements,
depending on the pathogenic factors, Enron instrument, the trial is more than enough Morinori Xie Zhi, virtual
is further supplemented, Not Sheng is true, meridian Zhi, so adjust this yin and yang, the five states other
person who Ye.

    Yellow Emperor said: husband five state person who not phase it, Curan new session, known his deeds as
well, why do them?Few teachers answer was: you all are, I do not know the five states of others, so 552-five,
and five state of the people do not and Yan.Five-state person, especially inconsistent with the public
Zheye.Yellow Emperor said: Do five state person, how?Little master said: luni, their natural black like Dan
Dan, read under the Italian contingent, temporary clinical course grew up not hunchback popliteal However,
the luni people.

   Shao person, stealing his pleadings clear natural course, the solid to overcast thief, Yan Li and ankle, line
and like V, the Shao 之people.

   The sun, their shape Xuan Xuan Chu Chu, reflexive popliteal fold, the sun people.

    Shaoyang person, his pleadings piece of good legislation Yang, OK The good shake, Qi arms elbow, then
often out of the back, the Shaoyang 之people.

Yin and Yang of peace, their shape Committee appointed course, with the following course, Yong Yong Ran,
Yu Yu Ran, __ However, Doudou course, everyone Jieyue gentleman, this yin and yang of peace people.
    Functional 73rd

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: I heard 9-pin Yu Master, many carry on without number, I
inference that a discipline.I recite the Secretary of the child to listen to its management, non-Ze language I
please is the Road, so that future generations can no longer transfer patients, right in is biography, not its
people speak no evil.Chi Bo Jishouzaibai said: Please listen to the sage Road.

    Yellow Emperor said: needle truth, must know and qi lies, so up and down, yin and yang, exterior and
interior, the number of blood gas,-bound Ni Shun, travel in and out together, have been cutting plan.Results
known solution, known reinforcing deficiency and reducing solid, top to bottom valve, out through walk
abroad.In their trial, cold and heat output Yi Chu Lin Lu Yi, review by Qi Yu, Ming Yu through the tunnel, left
limb contact, to do things knowing they will be.Cold and hot war, can be combined and Tones, virtual and
actual neighborhood, and Michiyuki never know, so do not tune into thereof, specified in the Ni Shun, I
realized that can cure, yin and yang is not surprising to hear again from time to time.Trial Yu root and branch
review of its cold and heat, was the evil lies, not the almost 10 thousand thorns.Official notice nine needles,
thorns Road Bi carry on.

    Yu Ming Xu disease in 5 location, flexion and out, are structured.Yan Yin and yang together in the Five
Elements, internal organs, there are Tibetan, 4:08 the wind, to make a yin and yang.All-win position,
qualifying for Ming Tang, Department of color throughout, internal organs.Examine how it is pain, so up and
down, know these cold temperature, how by the host.Cold skin temperature slip trial Shibuya, know these are
hard, there are upper and lower diaphragm, where the idea on gas.Come on their ways, thin and sparse Zhi,
were deep in order to stay, and it could Xu prepossessions.Hot in the last, pushing and under; from top to
bottom who lead away it; as before the pain are often first taken from.Big Chill out, stay and fill them; into a
person who, from the joint diarrhea.Needle does not do, moxibustion for the community should.The gas
shortage, pushing the YangZhiRhui; under the gas shortage of product from them; yin and yang are empty, the
fire from when Zhi.Jue and Han Shen, bone clean trap, the cold over the knee, the next three years
Ling.Contact the shade too, just to stay-won, Han into the medium and push the line of it; by the settlement
were under fire is when it; knot tight contact firm, fire the rule.I do not know the suffering under the two
ridings, male female yin yang, good work by the ban on needle on the completion of carry on.

    Service with the needle, there must be rules, on as daylight, under Division 8 is to provide an odd evil,
while the concept of the people, the trial in the actual situation, not guilty of Qi evil.Spirit is a must-day, met
years old is true, save the numerous anti by their misfortune, twenty years before and will know days Ji, is a
word meaning needle.

    Act to the ancient, coming to this experience and watching Yu-yao ming, through the endless.Coarse for
the community not seeing your good work for the community.Mozhi its shape, if God like.

    Evil among the people, throwing sound of rain moving shape; good and evil among the people, first seen in
micro color, I do not know their body, Ruoyouruowu, if the death if kept, tangible and intangible, Mozhi their
feelings.Therefore in Shanggong extracting the gas, is save its germination; getting off work good on its
become, due to lost its shape.

    Therefore in industrial use needles, know where the qi, while good on its portal, Ming Yu breathing,
diarrhea up where the meaning of illness Xu, taken from between.Members of diarrhea will be used, cut and
turn Zhi, that their courage is OK, illness and Xu out, evil is out, stretch and Yingzhi, away from the Large
point, gas is out sick.Meeting will be square, outside guide them skin, so that when its doors, the left guide
them hinge, the right promoter is skin, micro-spin and Xu implication, will end with positive and safe to quiet,
firm with no solution, want to micro to stay, under the disease out of gas, pushing its skin, cover its external
doors are kept infuriating.To use the needle, not forgotten its God.
    Thunder asked in the Yellow Emperor said: pin on said: is the transmission right in, not its people speak no
evil, how can know these to be available?Yellow Emperor said: all right in, Renzhi their best, it could be next
such incident.Thunder said: Our family function do nothing?Yellow Emperor said: good for eyes, make visual
color; Cong ears who can listening; Jieji speech speaker, can pass on; Language Xu and quiet, manual
dexterity and heart trial meaning who can line needle Ai, Blood gas management and transfer of various Ni
Shun, Yin and Yang and the police chief Ogata.Slow Day soft tendon and heart and tone, can guide qi; disease
drug speech young people who can sleep carbuncle?Disease; claw hand pain drug, something good for the
injured, make product inhibition by Bi.All-win energy side is feasible, its name is Chang.Not its people, its
function fail, his teacher unknown.Hence it is: is made right in, not its people not to transfer, what is called
也 .Hand drug users, can try by turtles, turtles in the device under the home, while their on the 50 day death
men, and hand those who Gan, back to life as before 也   .

    Disease diagnosis of foot 74th

   Chi Bo said, the Yellow Emperor asked: I want to ignore the color hold pulse, single-tune their feet to
words and disease, to know from the outside in, whom do nothing?Chi Bo said: trial Qi foot Zhi prioritize
small and large sliding Shibuya, meat stand of brittle, while the disease form will carry on.

    Nest on the head as the person micro-seizures, such as starting a new bench-like, their body pulse, when
the cough, its sibling, the unfathomable and can not afford those, feng shui also skin expansion.

    Foot skin smooth, Qi Ze Nao who wind.Feet flesh weak solution and, nestled off meat, cold and heat,
dead.Ze-foot skin smooth and fat are, and the wind.Foot skin astringent who wind Bi also.Feet thick skin such
as dead fish scales who also drink water Iris.Skin very hot foot, ankle pulse Sheng, the sick temperature also,
the pulse even slide, the sick and that out.Foot skin cold, the pulse small those leaks, less gas.Foot skin Ju Ran,
who first heat, cold, cold and heat also; feet first cold skin, long and large the heat who are cold and heat also.

    The elbow with heat alone, heat above waist; hands with heat alone, heat below the waist.Elbow with heat
alone, Ying former heat; elbow with heat after the independence, shoulder heat.Arm in the heat alone who,
waist heat; elbow three four inches thick after heat who have intestinal worms.Hands with heat, heat the belly;
hands feeling cold, cold belly.The fish and white meat with blue blood who have cold stomach.

   Ft Ju Ginger, who meet the major ones, when the blood; feet firmly large, very small veins, less gas, avoid
any increase, would die.

    Red Zhebing project in mind, white in the lung, liver green, yellow in the spleen, black in the
kidney.Yellow can not name, the sick in the chest.

    Head pain clinic, red veins were from top to bottom, the sun disease; from under the person, Yangming
disease; from the outside to go in person, Shaoyang disease.

    Consultation and heat, red vein down to Tong Zi, see a pulse-year-old dead; see a clock and a half year and
a half dead; see two connections, year-old dead; see the second pulse and a half year-old half-dead; see three
clock-year-old dead.

    Pain clinic dental caries, according to yang, who alone had a hot, hot in zoco, in the right the right heat,
with heat in the next lower heat.

    Patient blood, the more the red hot it is, more green and more pain, more black for the long paralysis, more
red, more black and blue all over, see who chills and fever.

   Sore body color yellow, yellow stains, Zhao Jia yellow, jaundice also.An horizontal yellow urine red, pulse
small and shy person do not eat.
    Human disease, Qi Exists for Pulse, and the people of Pulse welcome small and large, and the drifting and
so on, the sick difficulty have been reported.

   Handball Shao pulse serious was pregnant child.

    Infant disease, his head against the hair are those who die.Ear from those who switch between the green
veins pain.Red stool supper vent valve, pulse small person, hand, foot and cold, hard already; supper
discharge, pulse small, hand-foot-temperature, vent involving changes.

    Of the four seasons change, summer and winter Korekatsu, heavy Yinbi Yang, Chong Yin will; therefore
the main cold overcast, the main hot sun, so Hanshen the hot, hot even the cold, Hence it is cold and heat, and
Heat cold, the yin and yang The variable also.

    Hence it is said: injury in the cold winter, spring heat illness; spring wound on the wind, vent intestinal
secluded summer students supper, summer and injuries in the summer, Akio malaria; fall injuries in the wet,
winter cough hygiene.Is that 4:00 ordinal 也 .

   Barbed really evil 75th Festival

    Yellow Emperor asked Yu Chi Bo said: I heard thorn five health, how?Chi Bo said: intrinsic 5 Wei, First
of vibration Egypt, second is Fa Meng, third is to claw, Si Yue thorough clothing, Wu Yue FAQ.Yellow
Emperor said: Master made five Wei, Yu unknown meaning.Chi Bo said: vibration Egypt who stabbed foreign
economy to sun illness also; Fameng who stabbed Fu Yu, to Fu disease also; to claw those barbed joint limb
contact him; Toru clothes were the best of barbed yang Qi Zhu Yu also; FAQ are the best of knowledge
transfer yin and yang, up spilled more than enough dump phase shift also.

     Yellow Emperor said: Wei Yan Zhen Egyptian thorn, thorn Foreign Economic Master is made to sun
illness, I do not know its so-called Ye.Death would like to smell.Chi Bo said: vibration Egypt who, yang took
an unusual move, the moon, chest, shoulder anger anger interest, atmospheric inversion, the breath drink sat V,
sick evil Egyptian cigarettes, not feeding information, please made vibration Egypt, Egypt is still sick Yu Zhen
.Yellow Emperor said: good.Taken from collecting?Chi Bo said: taken from day capacity.Yellow Emperor,
saying: its poor humble upper airway cough chest pain, taken from how?Chi Bo said: taken from clean
springs.Yellow Emperor said: taken from a number of almost?Chi Bo said: get-day capacity, those with no
more than one, the check spring clean those blood variables shelling ceased.The emperor said: Good, good.

     Yellow Emperor said: Wei Yan Fameng thorn, I shall not its intention.Husband Fameng those ears heard
nothing, saw no purpose, is made by barbed Fu Master Yu to Fu disease, any input dictates, therefore
appreciate further.Chi Bo said: passing a wonderful asked 也    .Approximate this thorn, needle pole also, gods
Zhi class also, I wrote the book, I still can not, and also, please made Fameng ears, still on Fa Meng Ye
illness.Yellow Emperor said: good.Death would like to smell.Chi Bo said: stab this person, will be in Japan,
stab their listening Palace, their eye, grievous ears, This is if you lose it.Yellow Emperor said: good.What
grievous ears?Chi Bo said: thorn evil hand firmly according to the two nasal passage, while the disease
Xiaoyan their claims, will be due in needles.Yellow Emperor said: good.This so-called Eph see whom, but not
visual, see and taken from, the gods Xiangde who 也   .

    Yellow Emperor said: Wei Yan to claw thorns, Master limb joints are made by barbed contact, like Death
smell.Chi Bo said: lumbar, physically and large joints; limb tibial others with the tubes becoming Cheung also;
stem vertical, physically in the machine, sex fluids of waiting, body fluid way too.Therefore, improper diet,
joy, anger from time to time, within the excess body fluid, is to remain in the testis under the Blood Road
barriers and endless days old, exhort inconvenience Yang, Xiang trend can not.However, the disease Jung
water, flattening, beryllium taken from stone, shaped not hide, often can not cover, so Mingyue to claw.The
emperor said: good.
    Yellow Emperor said: Wei Yan Toru thorn clothing, Master is made to make the spectacle of barbed Zhu
Yu Yang, has not always Department also.Death would like to smell.Chi Bo said: is more than yang, and yin
deficiencies, yin deficiency for heat, yang is more than externalize, heat, heat Competing thermal Yu Huai
carbon, cotton silk, near fear outside, not close, they can not close seats.Cou management block, then no sweat,
tongue, lips dry coke, wax dry benefits dry, bad diet to prevent the United States.Yellow Emperor said:
good.Taken from how?Chi Bo said: taken from Qi Tianfu Dazhu three marks, then stabbed the backbone to go
to the heat, make up lunar hand to him from sweating, heat to sweat rare, disease in the clothes
thoroughly.Yellow Emperor said: good.

    Yellow Emperor said: stabbed Wei Yan FAQ, Master, knowledge transfer is made to make yin and yang,
up spilled more than enough dump phase shift as well, puzzled why Solved?Chi Bo said: wind in the body,
blood partial virtual, empty enough, more than untruthful, not weight, tilting Wan Fu, I do not know
something, I do not know north and south, Chad Chad Shang, the first anti-first complex, reverse uncertain,
than it confused.Yellow Emperor said: good.Taken from how?Chi Bo said: Xie Qi is more than up for the
deficiency, yin and yang, calm down, with needles, then, illness in the FAQ.Yellow Emperor said: good.Please
Tibetan Spirit orchid room, afraid to jump to that out.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard thorn five evil, what is the five evil?Chi Bo said: patients who have epilepsy
who have a large capacity who are small, some in the heat, some in the cold but is that the five evil.Yellow
Emperor said: stabbed five evil how?Chi Bo said: All the five barbed evil side, but the five chapters, hate heat
elimination, swelling and everything is dead, Han Bi Yi Wen, of the smallest, Yiyang; large who must go,
please road its side.

     Where barbed carbuncle evil, no welcome Long, easy transfer of customs.No pus, more brittle Road line,
to eliminate its township unrest premises are scattered death, yin and yang had epilepsy all persons, taken from
its exports to diarrhea Zhi.

   Where the thorn big evil, day in small, leaking more than wins Qi, is the virtual benefits.Rob their general,
acupuncture Qi evil, as the muscle pro, not an anti its true, stab the meat between the various sub-yang.

   Where barbed Xiao Xie, Japan in big up for the deficiency, is harmless.As it in, welcome in the Trail, near
and far to do, he shall not foreign invasion thereof, is at their own expense, divided the meat among thorns.

    Where barbed heat evil, the more Cang Er, no return trips, are disease-free.Was opened, the provision of
gateway, so that evil come, is already sick.

    Where barbed pathogenic cold, with warm days, and Xu Xu to come to his or her God.Portal has been
closed, the confusion of false and true was emphasized that its gas deposits 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: official pin how?Chi Bo said: thorn carbuncle those with beryllium pin; thorn in
major, with front pin; barbed small person, with a sharp needle members; stabbed with heat, using only needle;
barbed cold but, with the slightest needles.

    Requests made solution theory, and the corresponding earth, and four seasons with the Deputy, ginseng
world, so for solution.Gradually Ru-under the previous health Wei Po, this is why as much as knowledge of
Qi.Yin and Yang who, cold and heat as well, hot Ze Zi in the rain, fewer roots juice, played out, the skin
slowly, Cou reason to open, blood gas reduction, Khan large leaks, skin nur Ze.Frozen water ice cold easily
easily, popular in the skin caused by, Cou management closed, no sweat, blood gas strong, firm flesh
astringent.When is the time, good deeds of water, but can not go to the ice, good to wear to those who can not
blow cold, those who use needles, they can not take four Jue, blood coagulation, firmly stroke between those
who do not, nor can that is soft.Therefore, the water line of those days will be warm, vanish cold solution, and
water feasible, to be worn with.Utah is also a network of contacts.Governance Juezhe, we must first reconcile
their after ironing, palm and axillary, elbow and foot, entry and ridge Tones, anger has been through, the blood
is OK.Then depending on their disease, pulse Nao Chak who stabbed and level it; strong tight who break the
Sanzhi, gas under Naizhi, this statement are also so-called solution.

    Needles and the like, is to transfer gas, gas product in the stomach to pass Ying and Wei, each his own.Qi
to remain in the sea, under which persons, of attention to the gas street on which those walking in the interest
Tao.It is enough Jue, were no less than gas, vein blood, coagulation and stay only, Vladimir fire tune, unable to
answer taken from.

    Those with a needle, we must first review of its meridian in reality is true, the hindrance to cutting and by
the bomb, depending on who should move, which is taken from under the post.Six tone, it means that no
disease, though disease, it means that self 也.Once on the real under the virtual rather than pass by, this must
have cross collateral Sheng increase in big classics, the Order blocked, as the diarrhea Zhi, the so-called
solution knot 也.

    The cold of heat, the first barbed Qi Xiang Sun, stay long Zhi, has been stabbed while ironing items of
scapula, so that heat under the joint Naizhi, but on this so-called push and those who 也    .The heat under the
cold, depending on the virtual clock and the trap is to the meridian were, taken from, gas under Naizhi, this so-
called lead-down and those who are.

    Hot Bianshen, mad Er Wang Jian jump to News raved, as the Foot-Yangming and contact taken from a
large, empty supplemented, who spilled the blood and the fact Zhi.Lying on its Yan, ranking his head prior to
the hands that squeezed by four carotid arteries, the sustained long, the volume and cut, pushing down to the
Quepen, the undone just as before, heat to Naizhi, this so-called push and scattered and those who 也.

    Yellow Emperor said: there is a pulse of Health dozens of patients, or pain, or epilepsy, or heat, or cold, or
itching, or numbness, or heartless, ever-changing, Qi so Why?Chi Bo said: euphemistically evil born.Yellow
Emperor said: I smell gas, some in the genuine qi, there is righteousness, there is evil.What is infuriating?Chi
Bo said: infuriating who suffered in the day, and the valley air and the charge itself is.Righteous person, is the
wind, from one side to non-real style, but also non-virtual wind.Evil person, virtual wind thieves hurt as well,
where people are deeply, not since last.Is the wind, of whom people are shallow, and self-Hop to it, air to
delicate, can not win really is irritating, so since last.

    Virtual evil among the people, throwing clarity dynamic form, from the hair of the hair Cou
management.Of their deep, internal pump in bone, compared with Gubi; stroke in the tendon, compared with
spasms; pump in the veins, the blood was closed, barrier was carbuncle.Pump in the meat, and Wei Qi
Competing, Yang winner, was hot, overcast winner, was cold.Cold is infuriating to go to the virtual, virtual is
the skin between the cold stroke.Its gas outward, Cou reason to open, hair of rock, gas exchange line,
compared with itching.Not to stay, then paralysis.Wei Qi not, was heartless.

   Virtual evil content on the body side and a half of their deep, internal home Rong Wei Rong Wei slightly
bad, is infuriating to, evil left alone, made for the dried up.Qi evil, inexperienced, vein side pain.

    Virtual evil into the body too deep, cold and heat Competing, stay long and in the winter and won the heat,
the meat dry bone pain; heat wins Qi cold, then Lanrou rot muscle as abscesses, internal injuries of bones,
internal injuries to bone bone loss.Before the disease has been reinforced, not flexor tendon stretch during
residence without anti-evil, fat for tendon slip.Some end, gas classical example, health and remain with gas,
not anti, body fluids stay long, slip joint and the intestine.For a long time who is several years old as, soft hand
Press to have been the end, gas classical example, body fluids remain with evil tendencies within a
condensation to easily very day, even to inhabit the former tumor.To hand on stand of some end, deep in the
bone, gas due to the bone, bone and air, and Japan so as to benefit large, compared to necrosis.Some knot in
the in meat, were air classical example, but not to stay evil, there is hot then turn back into pus, no fever,
compared with meat gangrene.The above activities were the number of gas, send it impermanence Department,
while often, who also.

    Wei qi 76th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: Our family trip Wei Qi, travel in and out together, collecting?Chi
Bo said: years there in December, Japan has 12 Chen, meridian as the warp, Mao You as the weft.Day week
Ershibasu and side seven stars, 四 28 stars.Housing Subaru as the weft, by the virtual Zhang.Therefore in the
sun room to complete, the Pleiades as Yin Zhi Xin.Yang primary day, overcast primary night.Therefore, Wei
Qi trip, night and day, 50 weeks on the body, day and date line in the sun 25 weeks, the Night in the shade 25
weeks, weeks in the Wu Zang.

    Therefore in every Yin Ping Dan, yang out of projects, project sheets qi up in the head, under the full sun
through, through the back of the tip down to the little toe.Qi San who do not at present sharp canthus, start with
the sun, down to the hand little finger between the lateral.Qi San, No sharp canthal at present, under the Foot-
Shaoyang, note between the small toe second toe.Hand Shaoyang more divided along side, down to the little
finger between.Other than those to the front of the ear, jaw joint in the vein, note the following line of Foot
Yangming to tarsus, the income between the toe.Qi San, from parotid start with Yang Ming, into the thumb
between, into the palm.Qi The foot also, into the Zuxin, the medial malleolus, down yin points, combined in
the head, so for one week.

     Therefore in a day without a care, popular line of the week and is the body 8; on line two homes, popular
line of three weeks in the body and is the body 6; on a three round, played OK in the body for five weeks and
is the body 4; four homes on line, Click OK in the body is the body seven weeks and 2; on line 5 homes,
popular line in the body for nine weeks; on line 6 homes, popular line in the body 10 weeks and is the body 8;
on line 7 homes , Click OK in the body 12 weeks in the body and is the body 6; diurnal 14 homes, popular 25
weeks in the body, and strange hours and is the body 2, Yang do in Yin, Yin bullied carry on.Beginning is
entering into the shade, often from the foot Shaoyin of attention to the kidney, renal injection in mind, the heart
note in the lung, pulmonary injection in the liver, liver injection in the spleen, the spleen was re note on kidney
week.Therefore in a nocturnal house, played OK in the shade and very Collected Tibetan week eight, and as
Yang-bound 25 weeks, while the compound was present.Yin and yang, night and day, together with four
singular points is of the body, and the very possession of the Second, is the reason why the lying enemies since
the time of Yan who have early, it also relies entirely singular points.

    Yellow Emperor said: Wei qi is the body also, the upper and lower contacts are not to designate gas and
barbed Zhi, how?Bo Gao said: How many minutes, on a length of spring summer and winter, each sub-
arguments, and then often Pingdan for the discipline to do the night before.Therefore in the 1st night,
underwater 100 engraved, carved by 25, half-day Zhi degree also, so not often have the Japanese into the
shelling ceased, with the length of days, all that discipline and barbed Zhi.Would like to designate the time,
patients with stage, the timing is wrong against candidates who riddled dead.Hence it is said: thorn facts,
stabbed it to also, gill virtual who stabbed the de too.This remark air survival time of actual situation and
barbed Zhi-designate the actual occurrence of gas lies waiting like the thorns is the turn of that every time.Is
Sanyang, will designate its gas is the thorn Zhi Yang, disease morbidity, is bound to designate its gas in the
shade divide thorn Zhi.

    Underwater moment, played in the sun; underwater two carved, popular in the Shao Yang; underwater
three carved, popular in the Ming; underwater four carved, popular in the Yin points.Five carved underwater,
popular in the sun; underwater six engraved, popular in the Shao Yang; underwater seven moment, popular in
the Ming; underwater eight carved, popular in the Yin points.Nine carved underwater, popular in the sun;
underwater 10 carved, popular in the Shao Yang; underwater 10 minute, popular in the Ming; underwater 12
carved, popular in the yin points.Underwater 13 carved, played in the sun; underwater 14 carved, popular in
the Shao Yang; underwater 15 carved, popular in the Ming; underwater 16 carved, popular in the yin
points.Underwater 17 carved, played in the sun; underwater 18 carved, popular in the Shao Yang; underwater
19 carved, popular in the Ming; underwater 20 carved, popular in the yin points.Underwater 20 minute, played
in the sun; underwater 22 carved, popular in the Shao Yang; underwater 23 carved, popular in the Ming;
underwater 24 carved, popular in the yin points.Underwater 25 carved, popular in the sun, this half-day Zhi
rating of.From room to complete 14 homes underwater 50 engraved, half a degree on line, back line of a house,
carved with seven carved underwater three quater.Congress should say: often days plus in places, also, popular
in the sun, Therefore in one day without homes, popular line of Sanyo line with Yin points, often not been the
case, heaven and earth with the discipline, one after another after another, eventually Complex beginning on
the 1st night underwater 100 engraved and do carry on.

    Jiugong eight wind 77th

    Too often a day of winter solstice, the highest palace of 40 on the 6th sting leaves tomorrow to stay home
40 on the 6th day, the doors 40 on the 6th home tomorrow, tomorrow, 40 on the 5th Habitat Yin Luo,
tomorrow the Home Temple 46 Day, the Habitat Committee of 40 on the 6th Xuan, age 40 on the 6th
tomorrow Habitat warehouse, the new Rockwell 40 on the 5th home tomorrow, tomorrow after stinging home
leaves the palace, said, carry on the winter solstice.

   So day trips to the day of the winter solstice, the highest leaf stung palace, where the number of days, from
one to the 9th, forever, in one.Often the case no has finally undone before.

     So one day shift, days will be up by wind and rain, wind and rain or walk in their day, few years the United
States and China An ill carry on.Top priority to the rain, after the sweat.So a winter solstice day change in
accounting for the monarch; too one in the vernal equinox date of change in accounting for phase; too one in
the Palace of the date of change in accounting for the clerks; too one in the autumnal equinox date of change in
accounting for the will; too a In the summer solstice, the day of change in accounting for the people.So-called
change agents, so a five-house day home, sick wind break trees, Yang sand, each of its owners, accounting for
their financial position.Because, as the wind has never been the share of the wind from their home town to the
real wind, the main health, cultivate all things; from Chong was the virtual wind, wounding were also the main
killing, the main victims.Would like to designate virtual wind and avoiding, thus, the sage on the road to avoid
imaginary evil, such as avoiding Shishi However, harmful evil unable to answer, what is called 也   .

    Therefore in too much into the resettlement of a stand in the palace, is the eight in the wind, as a share of
good and bad 也    .Wind from the south, it is called big weak winds, and their injuries also, within the house in
the heart, external to the vein, the main hot gas.Wind from the southwest to, it is called seeking winds, and
their injuries are, within the homes in the spleen, external to the muscle, its gas main for the weak.Wind from
the West, it is called just winds, and their injuries also, within the homes in the lung, external to the skin, its
gas main into dry.Wind from the west to the north, it is called off winds, and their injuries also, within the
homes in the small intestine, is to hand the sun outside the pulse, pulse never overflow, pulse closed the
junction barrier, good sudden death.Wind from the north, named Kang winds, and their injuries are, within the
homes in the kidney, external to the bone and shoulder Zhi backbone bar, its gas main was cold too.Wind came
from the northeast, it is called fierce winds, and their injuries also, within the homes in the large intestine, bone
external to the two under the threat of the axillary and the segments.Wind from the East, it is called infant Wu
winds, and their injuries are, within the homes in the liver, external to the bar in New Zealand and its gas main
for the body wet.Wind from the east to the south, it is called weak winds, and their injuries are, within the
homes in the stomach, the external muscles, their courage was the main emphasis.The eight winds are from the
virtual village, is to the patient.Three virtual Competing, was sudden attack of a serious illness Cusi.A virtual
two real sick was cream dew cold and heat.Guilty of two of its wet land, compared to atrophy.So sage shelter,
such as avoiding Shi Shi Yan.He has three virtual and partial in the evil wind, was servant dried up carry on.

    9-pin on the 78th

  Yellow Emperor, saying: I heard nine needles in the Master, a number of broad men, and I still can not
Wu, dare to ask the nine-pin Yan health, how so famous?Chi Bo said: 9-pin those large numbers of heaven and
earth also, began in the last nine.Hence it is: a day in France, two in France, the three legal person, four to
France, the five to chanting, six by law, to law star seven, eight winds of law, 9 to Hono.

    Yellow Emperor said: needle should be nine in total, how?Chi Bo said: husband Sage from Heaven and a
few also, one and nine, thus, to establish nine wild.9 The Nine, 99 81, to the number of brass bells from Yan to
pin numbers will be.

    A person, and the heavens.Days were, yang.Wu Zang It should Have days were lung, lung persons, Wu
Zang six government lids also, skin those lungs together also, who the Sun also.So whom rule needle, will be
to his head and Rui Qi at the end, so nothing out of depth and yang.

   Two, and the land.People, who should be earth, meat.So whom rule needle cylinder will be the end of their
bodies and members of Qi, so nothing to hurt the meat, injuries are angry and exhausted.

   Three, people.People, as the living, blood 也.Therefore, needle whom treatment will be greater their bodies
and members of Qi at the end, so that things can feel pulse depression, a result of which gas, so that evil

    Four and when.When those wind-off 4:08 into the meridian, for the survial of those 也 whom rule
needle, must cylinder his identity and Feng Qi at the end, that can be spilled hot blood, and inveterate disease
dried up.

   Five persons, sound also.Sound persons, divided into winter and summer, pm at the Meridian, the yin and
yang do, cold and hot war, the two gas Competing, who combined for the carbuncle 也 pus.So whom rule
needle, will make it last as Janus, you can take a large abscess.

    Six persons, legal 也 .Legal persons, transfer yin and yang, 4:00 and co-12 Meridian, virtual Evil on the
meridian and the storm Bi were also.So whom rule needle, such as the PCT will be so sharp, and the members
of Qi Rui, the micro-large body to take violent gas.

    7 who, too many.Stars who person distributed to them, evil is off on by, and for the Tong Bi, cooperation
in the meridians are also.So whom rule needle so sharp, such as mosquitoes can win the beak to the static to
Xu, micro to stay for long, upright Hence, in true evil to all, the needle and support those who 也.

    Eight persons, and the wind.Wind persons, person Gugong 八 section also.8 Masayuki virtual wind, eight
air assault, solution within the homes in bone between the lumbar section of Cou reason for the deep-Bi
also.So whom rule needle, will long their bodies, Feng Qi at the end, you can take deep evil far paralysis.

    Nine were wild also.Ye who were between the section of skin solution.Immorality lies within itself, such
as Feng Shui-like, while the remaining section can not be too large institutions who 也 whom rule needle so
sharp as pretty, the front micro-members to take the atmosphere can not be too joints are too.

    Yellow Emperor said: needle length of several Down?Chi Bo said: First of needle persons, copying towel
needle to the end of Cunban, Death Rui Zhi, one inch in six, the main heat in the head itself is.The second is
member of needles, copying Xu needle, his identity and eggs Qi Feng, six inch long, divided between
attending gas.The third is to mention needles, copying millet grain Zhi Rui, a long three inch and a half, the
main feel pulse get gas, so that evil out.Si Yue Feng-pin, copying Xu pin, his identity, Feng Qi at the end, one
inch in six, the main carbuncle hot blood.Wu Yue Pizhen, copying Jianfeng, wide two and a half, a long four
inches, the main large carbuncle pus, two hot competitors, 也  .Liu Yue member of sharp needle, copying PCT
needle, micro Daqi the end of the anti-small their bodies, so that may be deep and too long Kamazuka.Lord
take carbuncle Bi were 也   .Seven said, needle, take note on the hairs, six inch long, the main cold and heat
Tongbi were also in contact.Pat said, a long needle, copying Qi pin, long seven inches, the main take deep evil
far paralysis who 也  .Nine said, big needles, spread from the front pin, Qi Feng micro-members, four inches
long, the main joints are 也 not take the atmosphere.Needle-shaped Bi men, and the size of nine-pin length
method also.

     Yellow Emperor said: Our family figure, should be nine wild, how?Chi Bo said: Please words physique It
should Have Kuno also, left foot should be beginning of spring, their day Tiger Jichou.Zuoxie should spring
equinox, the diurnal YiMao.Left hand should be beginning of summer, the diurnal Wuchen Jisi.Ying throat
first head to be the summer solstice, the diurnal Heigo.Right hand should be beginning of autumn, which
Shigenobu had at the end.You Xie should autumnal equinox, the diurnal Xin.Right foot should be beginning of
winter, the diurnal Yi Hai Reform Movement.Tajiri should waist under the orifices winter, the diurnal
Prince.Six Hollow Organs shall be under the three dirty Zhongzhou, its big ban, ban is too large, one on the
day, Ji Zhu Wuji.Unless stopped nine persons, eight candidates are good lies.The main left and right upper and
lower body carbuncle swollen who want to conquer, not to its straight day of collapse rule is that the day of his
death, too.

    Shape East Chi suffering, sickness born pulse, and rule on moxibustion thorns.Shape bitter Chi Tung,
disease was born in bars, and rule with iron lead.Shape East Chi-tung, disease was born in flesh, and rule to
needle stone.Shape bitter Chi bitter, disease born in the pharynx to drink, and rule by Gan drug.Form factor
panic, tendons and blocked, disease born heartless rule massage wrong drug.Is that shape.

    Five internal organs gas, Heart, eh, lung primary cough, liver subject, spleen governing swallow, Kidneys

    Liu Fu gas lamps for the anger and the stomach is against dirty air, large intestine small intestine for the
leaks, the bladder is not about left drowning, the next focus for water overflow.

    Five flavors: sour hepatic, Xin lungs, hard into the heart, willing Rupi, salt into the kidney, fade in the
stomach, is that the five flavors.

   5 and: refined gas and the liver is concerned, and the heart is happy and the lung is sad, and kidney is fear,
and spleen were afraid, is that the five fine of gas, and was dirty 也.

    5 evil: Liver evil wind, heart evil heat, lung aversion to cold, kidney evil dry, spleen evil wet, this five
internal organs gas, evil also.

    5 liquid: Heart Khan, Liver sobbing, lung primary tear, saliva Kidneys, spleen governing fluid, the fluid is
out of the five also.

   Five workers: long as the injury of blood, a long injury lay gas, sedentary flesh wound, long-established
bone injury, a long line of injured tendons, and the five years of labor, disease also.

    Five choices: go acid tendons, Xin take gas, take the blood bitter, salty go bone, willing to take the meat, is
that five to take,.

    5 CD: disease in the bar, no food acid; disease in the air, no food Xin; disease of bone, salt-free water;
disease in blood, suffered without food; disease in meat, no food Gan.I addicted and Yushi, we may be more
also, will be suicides also, Ming Yue five cut.

    Five rounds: the disease in the bone Yin and Yang of the disease in the blood, vaginal disease in meat, the
disease in the winter sun, shade of the disease in the summer.

    5 evil: evil into the sun, was mad; evil into the shade, compared to blood hate; evil into the sun, turn
compared with epilepsy disease; evil into the shade, turn was Yin; sun into the shade, disease Jing ; overcast
out is to the sun, joy, anger, ill.
   Solid Organs: heart hidden God, hidden soul of lung, liver soul, spleen Italy, kidney essence chih.

    5 Main: Heart of the main vein, lung primary skin, liver and longitudinal bars, spleen governing muscle,
kidney and primary bone.

    Yang Ming and more blood and more gas, solar and more blood less gas, Shaoyang more gas less blood,
lunar and more blood less gas, Jue Yin much blood less gas, Shao more gas less blood.Hence it is barbed
Yangming blood gas, barbed sun bleeding foul smells, barbed Shaoyang outlet bad blood, gill lunar bleeding
foul smells, barbed Jueyin bleeding foul smells, barbed Shao outlet bad blood also.

     Foot-Yangming moon is in the table, Shao Yang Jue yin table, the Sun Shao for the table, is that the feet
yin and yang are.Hand Yangming moon for the table, Shaoyang Heart for the table, the Sun Shao for the table,
is that the hand of the yin and yang 也.

   Year-old Lucy on the 79th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: The words summer wound summer, autumn and disease malaria,
malaria hair to order, its so Why?Qi Bo replied: Evil in the Wind House, disease down through the backbone,
Wei, Qi, night and day, often in the wind Assembly Government, Qi tomorrow on the next section, so the date
for Yan, This is the first customer in the back 也      .Therefore, every The Wind House is Cou management
opening, Cou reason to open the evil in, evil into the disease to make, this is why Japan as yet Yan also.Wei qi
Sector Moral Government, on the next section, down to the tail end on the 21st, the 22nd into the ridge, the
focus of attention to V Chong pulse, his deeds on the 9th, for Quepen under way, with gas up, so little benefit
to the disease are.Five internal organs within which pump Yu, Wang even raise the original, Qi long road, that
their courage deep, his actions later, can not date and therefore the next day is the accumulation 而作Yan.

    Yellow Emperor said: As the wind each House of Wei, Qi, Cou reason is hair, fat is evil into the Yan.Qi
Wei Qi on the next section, then the wrong wind House, how?Chi Bo said: Wind House impermanence, Wei qi
to be, will be opening its Cou reason the air, the homes section, then the Government will also.

    Yellow Emperor said: good.Husband Wind and malaria also, phase similar, but the wind often, and malaria
especially in the time off, Why?Chi Bo said: trend to stay his execution, malaria gas with the meridian, within
the stroke Shen, Wei gas should therefore, is Sakuya.The emperor said: good.

    Yellow Emperor asked in a small master said: I heard 4:08 into the wind people, so there are summer and
winter, cold skin and anxious, but Cou Li Ze closed; summer Ze Li opened the skin, unemployment
Cou.Thieves wind evil, because to enter into?Will have eight positive imaginary evil, is to hurt or Down?Few
teachers answer was: not the case.Wind evil thief among people, shall not, the course will open its also, of their
deep within this very disease, their patients also, Cubao.Its closure is also, of their light to stay, The disease
also, Xu Chi.

    Yellow Emperor said: there is a mild cold Shi, Cou reason not to open, however there are pawn patient
owner, its so Why?Few teachers answer was: evil enter into the Emperor Fu Zhi.Although the flat opening and
closing ranks of its Cou management priorities, its Guchang sometimes.Yellow Emperor said: can hear
almost?Little master said: who is also coherent with the world, with the sun and the moon
accordingly.Therefore, over the sea water on the West Sheng, who blood gas product, sufficient muscle, skin
caused, Mao Fajian, Cou Li Xi, soot was, when is the time, although the case of robber style, of their shallow
not deep.To the monthly Guo empty, then the water Dongsheng, popular blood deficiency, Qi Wei Qi to, shape
alone, muscle reduction, skin vertical, Cou reason to open, hair residue, plastic rationale thin soot off, when is
the time of the event Thieves wind then its into the deep, patient, Cubao.
    Yellow Emperor said: he has a Curan sudden death sudden attack of a serious illness who, Why?Few
teachers answer was: 3 virtual who had died from violent illness also; have three with facts can not hurt 也
evil.Yellow Emperor said: Our family three virtual.Little master said: Take the years of decline, every month
empty, the timing is wrong sum, because the thief injured by the wind, is that the three virtual.Therefore, I do
not know three of virtual, work against the rough.The emperor said: Our family three real.Little master said:
Every year-Sheng, met full month may be the time of and, although the wind evil thief can not risk that it
also.Yellow Emperor said: Good to passing on!Out passing a Road!Please possession of Golden, Ming Yue
three really.However, this Kazuo Theory of too.

    Yellow Emperor said: Our family-year-old reason for all in the same patient, what so natural?Little master
said: This eight Masayuki waiting too.Yellow Emperor said: Designate Zhi how?Little master said: Designate
the person, often to the winter solstice day, so a stand leaf stinging palace, and at too, days will be up by wind
and rain who carry on.Wind and rain from the south who, for the virtual wind, thieves hurt those who are.Qi in
middle of the night to also, 10000 Minjie lying Frydman guilty also, so the old people less sick.Qi to day to
those peoples Xieduo and are in the imaginary wind, so 10 000 people sick.Virtual evil into the passenger in
the bone rather than on the outside, to its beginning of spring, yang big time, Cou reason to open, due to the
Beginning of Spring day, the wind from the West, and the people they are in the imaginary wind, these two
evil Competing through angry on behalf of those who carry on.Therefore, all closed its wind and the case of
Rain Images persons, Ming Yue met-year-old Lu Yan, due to years of age and, while the less a thief wind
those people with fewer and less death.Year old thief wind evil, cold temperature does not and then people sick
to death carry on.

     Yellow Emperor said: Virtual evil wind, it hurt, something he ru, waiting Zhi how?Few teachers answer
was: the first month the first nine days, too a home day stay Palace, the diurnal northwest wind, not rain, more
people die carry on.The first month the first nine days, Pingdan north wind, spring, people and more death.The
first month the first nine days, Pingdan northerly line, people sick and more persons, 10 have three also.The
first month the first nine days, Japan and the north wind, summer, people more than death.The first month the
first nine days, evening when the north wind, autumn, the people more than death.All day the north wind,
serious illness the deceased 10 and six.The first month the first nine days, the wind from the south, Ming Yue
dry township; from the West, Ming Yue bones of the dead, state-owned calamity, many people died.The first
month the first nine days, the wind from the east, Hair Salon, Yang sand, the state-owned large disaster
also.The first month the first nine days, the wind from the southeast line, the spring of death.The first month
the first nine days, day and temperature is not the wind who sold cheap, people are not sick; profile for the
wind, who sold you, the people sick.This so-called climate-old style, and residual injury are also.February ugly
no wind, people and more confidant disease; March Xu is not warm, the people and more cold and heat; April,
is no longer summer, the people more hate disease; October application is not cold, the people more violent
death.All the so-called wind who are fat, housing, off the trees, lifting sand from the hairs, hair Cou-maker

    Great confusion of the 80th

    Yellow Emperor asked the Chi Bo said: I try on in the Cold, Taiwan, in order and care, prostrate, while the
former, then the confusion.I personal differences, burglary in weird, independence, close the eyes alone, as the
peace of mind will air, for a long time and understand.Independent Bo independence dizzy, Phi hair Zhang
Gui, exhort and sees them, after Hisayuki not already have.Curan Since, He Qi Shi Ran?Qi Bo replied: internal
organs essence of the gas, both into the eyes at it fine.Akiyuki nest for the eyes, bones fine as Tongzi,
Reinforcement fine black eyes, Blood fine for the contact, Qi Ke qi fine for the dirty looks, the muscle fine as
constraints, wrapped collect bones flesh essence of the, with the pulse and for the system.Belongs to the brain,
after the item for.So evil in the entry, because every 其 the body is true, of their deep, then with the eye line to
enter the brain.Into the brain is brain transfer, brain switch to the lead head Department of urgency.Head
Department of emergency was dazzling to switch to carry on.Evil perfection, perfection is not compared to the
also, the fine powder.Fine powder depends on manifold, depending on the differences between two
objects.Present those internal organs essence of the also, Ying and Wei soul for the community often battalion,
air born.So God of workers is the soul of San Chi distracted.Therefore in Tongzi Black Eyed law was overcast,
viewed with red pulse method in the sun too.Therefore, yin and yang combined transfer and smart too.Projects
are the heart gave a.Heart, God of the house also, so mentally disorder rather than switch.Curan see very
Department spirit of the soul, casual does not Xiangde, Hence it is confused too.

    Yellow Emperor said: I questioned its course.I each of the Tung Court, not perplexed, go and see the
complex, I alone was Dongyuan bother Down?How different too?Chi Bo said: otherwise it would.Heart had
hi, God be evil, Curan with confusion, then the refined gas chaos, depending on the error, it is confusion, God
moved Naifu.Therefore in between those for the fans, fraudulent claims for the confusion.

    Yellow Emperor said: person forgetful person, any gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: the gas shortage, lower gas
surplus, gastrointestinal real and cardiopulmonary virtual.Empty the camp health to stay in the next, Hisayuki
not to time, the so forgetful 也 .

    Yellow Emperor said: person of good hungry but gourmand, what gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: refined gas and
in the spleen, the heat left in the stomach, stomach heat while eliminating grain, grain consumption Gushan
hunger.Wei Qi reverse on the epigastric and cold, so do not eat, too.

    Yellow Emperor said: the disease and those who can not lie, He gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: Wei Qi may not
enter in the shade, often stay in the sun.Stay in Shenyang is yang full, yang over the sun ridings Shing, not into
the shade the yin deficiency, so time does not close the eyes carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: disease present but not as who, what gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: Wei Qi to stay in the
shade, no line in the sun, stay in the shade while chi Shing, yin Sheng is overcast ridings over, not into the sun
is Yang Qi and therefore present closed 也   .

    Yellow Emperor said: as many as lying by, any gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: This person gastrointestinal large
and the skin wet, and sub-meat puzzled Yan.Stomach big is Wei Qi to stay for a long time; skin wet then
divided the meat did not understand, his actions later.Fu Wei, Qi, who, day day trip in the sun, the Night in the
shade, so yang to do is lie, the yin to do the Wu.Therefore stomach large, Wei qi stay for a long time; skin wet,
sub-meat puzzled, then line late.Stay in shade too long, that their courage is unclear, then want to close the
eyes, so much lying carry on.Of the intestinal small, the skin smooth to slow, sub-meat Xie Li, Wei-qi to stay
in the yang for a long time, so little close the eyes Yan.

    Yellow Emperor said: its very economic also, Curan more lying by, any gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: evil left
in the coke, the coke closed and not pass, have food if the Decoction and, health and air to stay for a long time
in the shade and not, therefore Curan more lying Yan.

    Yellow Emperor said: good.Treatment of this all evil, how?Chi Bo said: first Qi organs, punish its small
too, then tune their gas, Sheng were diarrhea Zhi, empty supplemented, we must first know that its shape Zhi
of the emotions and set is taken from.

    Ulcer 81st

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard stomach by the valley, the coke outlet to warm sub-meat, and keep joints,
through Cou reason.The coke outlet, such as dew, the injection valley, while the infiltration Sun pulse, body
fluid, and stressed that changes in the red for the blood.Blood and the Sun pulse first overflow, is a note in the
collaterals, all profit, is injection in the meridians, yin and yang have sheets, because interest rates are OK.Line
with broker, Zhou reasonable, and days of the contract, shall not stop.Cut and Tones, from virtual to real,
diarrhea and less than, illness is gas reduction, leaving you have.From real to virtual, make up the surplus,
blood gas has been transferred, and qi are held.I known blood gas Zhi-Ping and uneven, unknown ulcer for the
community from the health, success or failure of the time, and death in on that distance, why degree can hear
    Chi Bo said: Meridian stay line forever, and days of the same degree, and to co-discipline.Therefore, day
beds faulty, sun, moon and thin corrosion; to by the loss of discipline, waterways overspill of grass Yi
accomplished, and grains do not yield; path blocked, the people do not exchange, Lane poly-eup home, the
parting Yi Chu.Blood gas still course, please words and so.Husband's blood Ying and Wei, Zhou flow
endlessly, should be the stars, the next shall be subject to a few.Pathogenic cold off the meridian among the
blood weeping blood and sobbing is unreasonable, not General Wei Qi classical example, may not re anti, so
carbuncle swollen.Cold air into heat, heat wins were carrion, rotten meat, compared with pus.Pus and diarrhea
are bad tendon, tendon injury is bad bone, bone marrow consumption are, improper bone empty, no diarrhea,
Xueku empty, then the muscle and not with glory, Meridian defeated leakage, smoked in the five internal
organs, so possession of injury death carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: do smell like the shape of ulcer, and Ji Yue name.Chi Bo said: carbuncle on the crop
of hair, it is called Meng gangrene.Meng gangrene died, into pus, pus and diarrhea, plug pharynx, half dead.Qi
into pus persons, diarrhea, while a line is cream, cold, just three days.

    Occurred at neck, it is called yao gangrene.Qi carbuncle great to red black, not emergency treatment, then
the hot air down into the deep axillary, before the injury Conception Vessel, smoked within the HPS.Smoked
Hepatopulmonary, Shi Yuri death carry on.

   Yang left the big time, consumers remain key brain, it is called brain Shuo.The color is not music, items
such as pain and puncture needle.Bother who died can not rule.

    Occurred at the shoulder and Er, it is called defect carbuncle.His pleadings red black, emergency rule, this
is sweating to the feet, do not harm the five internal organs.Carbuncle made four on the 5th, succeed?Zhi.

    Red hair under your arms firm, it is called rice necrosis.Treatment by Stone, For thin and long, sparse
acupuncture Zhi, coated with wiring paste, on the 6th already, do not wrap Zhi.Qi Jian carbuncle collapse were
not for the sword to rely on gall, emergency rule.

   At chest, it is called well gangrene.Qi shaped like beans, three on the 4th level, and not early and under
Rufu, died, seven dead carry on.

   At Ying, named Gan gangrene.Color blue, Qi shaped like a valley real __, often bitter cold heat,
emergency rule, to eliminate its cold and heat, old death, death from pus.

    At threat, it is called failure defects.Failure defects are a woman is a disease also, moxibustion Zhi, The
disease large abscess pus, and rule, which is there is raw meat, as big as Chixiaodou, sitting Ling Alice roots
each one liter of water a Touliu liter cooking, dried to obtain 3 l , strong drink is thick clothes, sat on kettle on,
so that sweating to is enough.

    Shares issued in the tibia, it is called stock tibial necrosis.Not quite change his pleadings, but carbuncle
septic pump bone, not emergency treatment, died on the 30th carry on.

    At Tajiri, it is called acute necrosis.Big red Caine his pleadings, emergency rule, died on the 30th death
carry on.

    At stock Yam, named Red Shi.Not urgent treatment, 60 days died.Two shares, the dead, on the 10th when
the dead.

    At the knee, it is called defect carbuncle.His pleadings large carbuncle color change, cold and heat, such as
hard rock, do not rock, stone and die, to Qi soft, and those who are stone, raw.
   At various ulcer of the corresponding section who can not rule Ye.Fat Yu Yang who died hundred days; in
Yin who died on the 30th.

   At tibia, it is called rabbit gnawing, red to the bone his pleadings, emergency rule, where he hurt Ye.

    At malleolus, named slowdown.His pleadings carbuncle Also, color change, the number of inputs are
stones, mindful of the fact Qi cold and heat, dead.

    At sufficient levels, it is called four prostitution.His pleadings large carbuncle, emergency rule and zinnia

   At foot waterfront, named Li carbuncle.His pleadings little early as the little finger, hair, emergency rule,
removing its black persons; Needless to frequently beneficial, dead, dead hundred days.

   At toe, were off carbuncle.Its like red black, dead dead; not red black and die.Not bad, emergency cut, Not
have died, carry on.

    Yellow Emperor said: Master made ulcer, why do them?Chi Bo said: Wei Ji Liu camp among the
meridians, the blood weeping and no, no you but fail to pass from the Wei Qi, Yonge and not OK, so hot.More
than hot, heat wins, then the meat rot, rotten meat, compared with pus.However, not depression, bone marrow
not scorch, five internal organs not hurt, so Ming Yue carbuncle.

    Yellow Emperor said: What is gangrene?Chi Bo said: heat Chun Sheng, subsidence skin, tendons marrow
dry, even within the five internal organs, blood gas stops, when its carbuncle, the bones are good meat, it
demonstrated, so Ming Yue gangrene.Gangrene who basis as skin yao-Chien, the leaders, such as cow s
hide.Carbuncle owner, its thin skin to Ze.Measure whose waiting 也.

Huang Di Nei Jing: Su Wen

   Ancient innocent atmosphere of the first chapter of God, the second chapter of the third chapter of angry

   Golden real yin and yang of speech should be as large articles of the Fourth chapter Fifth chapter VI of yin
and yang Clutch

    Another View of article VII of the Ling Yin and Yang Lan Peru Code of article VIII of the six articles on
the ninth of Viscera

    Another View of the 15th chapter possession of Solid Organs generate different chapter XI of chapter XII
of France should

   Move on getting the 13th Decoction mash of sweet wine articles on the jade articles on the 14th to the 15th

   Articles by the end of appointment to the 16th article of the 17th pulse to subtle levels of human
meteorological papers 18th
   Possession of articles of jade machine really three nine-designate of the 19th chapter twenty chapter
twenty-first meridian Another View

    Possession of gas Law Vision of the twenty-second chapter five blood gas form gas Chi chapter twenty-
third article 24th

   Po-life of the whole angle of Article 58 articles are gods clutch of papers 26th chapter 27th of true evil

   Through assessment and reality about articles on the 28th lunar Yang Ming pulse solution papers 29th
chapter 30th

   Hot hot stab of chapter thirty-first thirty-second comments on the articles of chapter thirty-third blast

   Inverse tone of articles on the 34th chapter 35th barbed malaria malaria Posts 36th

   Faint cough of articles on the 37th chapter held the 38th chapter 39th of pain

   On the belly of the 40th article of chapter forty-first gill low back pain on the article forty-second wind

   Bi atrophy of articles on the 43rd chapter of the 44th chapter 45th Jue

   Disease can be strange disease of articles on the 46th chapter of the 47th chapter 48th largest singular

   Barbed pulse solution to the 49th article of the 50th article of chapter fifty-first gill Qi

   Barbed ban on blog articles 52nd barbed needle solution of articles fifty-third chapter 54th

   Thorn section of chapter fifty-fifth on the skin of articles on the 56th chapter 57th meridian

   Cavitation on the articles of the 58th Air House papers 59th chapter 60th of bone ideology

   Hydrothermal article 61st hole of the 62nd Tiaojing of articles on the articles 63rd Needling

    4:00 thorn against samples from the 64th chapter of the Biography of Bing Tian Yuan Posts 65th chapter
of the 66th century large

    Five runs great on the 67th chapter of six micro-aimed papers 68th largest gas on alternating major papers

     To a large chapter on the five permanent members of the 76th century Great Yuanzheng 71st 72nd on the

   73rd to really be big on the articles was to teach on the 74th chapter 75th

   Said calmly thinning of the 76th Five-off levy on the four missing 77th chapter of the 78th chapter

   Yin or yang side of Posts Rise and Fall of the 79th chapter of the 80th chapter of the 81st subtle Solutions

   Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen decode

   The first chapter of the Ancient naive
   Xi in the Yellow Emperor, born gods, weakened and can be words, as children, many have suggested,
homogeneous, long Atsutoshi, into and beyond the bounds.

    Tianshi is asked Yu said: I heard Shangguzhiren, Spring and Autumn are degree of hundred years, while
the movement did not decline; this person when, in Banbai The action are faded.Ye world all the time will err
or not?

    Chi Bo replied: last Guzhi Ren?He knows those laws in the yin and yang, and in astrology, food drink with
restraint, living a normal, not to make any rash of labor, and it could all shape and spirit, but do Throughout his
later years, is the degree to centenarians.

     When this person otherwise you to liquor slurry, to indulging often, drunk to the Housing, to desire doing
its essence, to dissipation of its true, I do not know who at least, from time to time Imperial God, his mind
works fast, reverse on the raw music , daily free section, so the rise and fall 也Banbai.

   Under the ancient sages taught husband also, all it means that evil thieves virtual wind to stay away
sometimes, Tian Tan nothingness, from which really is irritating, keep within the spirit, always patient safety.

     Is idle Er Shao Yu Chi, peace of mind without fear, shaped labor without getting tired, gas from a smooth,
all their wishes, Chieh-te like.It has its own food, allowed to serve, Leqi vulgar, heights do not phase Mu, his
people twenty years before and Park.

    Shi Yu is not the aim of labor, immorality can not be confused his mind, Yu Zhi and foolish, shy things, so
that with Tao.

    They are able to move in all degrees hundred years and who is not bad, not all of its moral crisis Ye.

   The emperor said: old people without children who do evil material power?However, the number of days

    Chi Bo said: a woman, kidney, teeth and hair grow longer.

    27 Er menstruation to, Ren and Tong, Sheng Tai Chong veins, menstruation from today, so there are

    Kidney qi, real teeth and a long pole.

    47 bones strong, hair is extremely long, body is healthy.

    57 Yangming channels weakened, face starts to darken, before falling hair.

    67 Sanyang decline in the last pulse, surface are coke, hair turns gray.

    77 Ren and virtual, Taichong pulse decline less, menstruation stops, tunnel barrier, therefore no pregnancy.

    Husband-year-old real kidney, fat, long teeth more.

    28 kidney Sheng, menstruation to, refined and spilled gas, and Yin and Yang, so to have child.

    38 The average kidney, bones and muscles strong strength, real teeth and long pole.

    48 bones Longsheng, full of strong muscles.
    58 kidney failure, hair falling into the tooth dry.

    68 yang failure in the last, face focus, Fabin awarded white.

   Liver failure on July 8, bars can not move, menstruation stops, less refined, kidney failure, are very

    88 teeth sent.

   Kidneys are the main water reservoir by the internal organs of the sperm and, thus, the five internal organs
Sheng, is able to diarrhea.

   This five internal organs are feeble bones solution fall, menstruation do men, and so Fabin white, body
weight, straight-line steps, without sub-ears.

   The emperor said: There have been years old and has a son by: Why?Chi Bo said: measure whose
Tianshou over, Grand Momentum often pass, while the kidney more than 也     .Although this child, but every 88
men, 77 women, but to do, and heaven and earth, refined gas are exhausted carry on.

   The emperor said: Cardiff Road, who are hundred years, can have sub-Down?Chi Bo said: Cardiff Road,
who will have veteran and full-width, body-year life though, can have children too.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard there is a real person who ancient, marshal world, grasp the yin and yang,
breathing fine air, independent obey God, if a muscle, it could be life spacious heaven and earth, there is no
end, this a life of its students.

   Middle Ages when a perfect person who Chun Tak-chuen, Tao, and Yu Yang, stressed Yu 4:00, passed
away from the popular, refined product to give full, march between heaven and earth, far beyond the eight
audio-visual, this cover benefit their life and strong by Ye.Also attributed to a real person.

    Second, there is the sage, and the Department of heaven and earth, wind from the eight grounds, suitable
Shi Yu Yu secular, Wu Hui anger heart, away from the line do not want to waste the clothing chapter, give
folk do not wish to view Yu, foreign workers do not form at all, no ideas of suffering in order to Tian Yu Wei
services to contentment is power, not spacious body, spirit rally to the cause, but also a few hundred.

    Second, there are wise men who rule heaven and earth, like the sun and the moon appears, the column
identified stars, reverse from the yin and yang, respectively 4 o'clock, from the ancient contract was Road and
make the longevity and a very time.

    4 atmosphere of God, the second chapter

    Spring March, this is the hair Chen.World all students, all things for the glory, the night lying to get up
early, broad step in the courtyards, was made slow form, so that Chi students, students not freeze to kill, to not
freeze wins, reward not freeze penalty, this shall be the spring air, good health Tao also; against it will hurt the
liver, the summer is a real cold change, Feng elderly less.

    Summer in March, this is the Fan show.World gas exchange, of all things Chinese reality, lying to get up
early the night, no appetite in the day, so do not blog angry, so Huaying Cheng Sau, to vent anger, and if the
love from home, this summer should qi, raising long way also; against it will hurt, fall to Jie malaria, on
instructions from the recipient less winter illness.

    Autumn in March, we called Yung-Ping, the weather in urgent, real gas to clear, as early as lying to get up
early, and chicken are flourishing, so that Chi peace, to mitigate the fall of punishment, convergence air, so
that gas levels fall, no outside his mind, so that Qi Qing, this fall should qi, the raising of revenue way also;
against it will hurt the lungs, the winter discharge for the supper, Feng Zang a few.

    Winter in March, this is a closed reservoir.Water ice to crack, if you're almost Yang, lying evening to
morning, will wait until daylight, so that if V if the hide blog, if indignant to the end, if it has something to go
cold on temperature, vent-free skin, make a rage wins.This winter should be qi, keep possession of the road
also; against it will harm to the kidneys, the spring is Weijue, Bong living less.

    Weather clean, bright person also, possession of more than Germany, so no less than Ye.

    Ze dawn sun and the moon are unknown, evil harm air orifices.Yang Zhe occlusion, to take gas Zhe Ming,
clouds are not fine, it should be no less than White Dew.

    Traffic does not form, so life is not all facilities and have no more than the name of dead wood.Foul smells
are not hair, not Festival rain, no less than White Dew, the Wan- Not rong.The number of thieves to wind,
heavy rain a few, the world is not with Paul 4:00, and Road phase loss, the young and the extinction.

    Only from the saints, thus, the body of strange diseases, all without losing, angry inexhaustible.

    Inverse gas are Chun Shaoyang choose not to change within the liver.

    Inverse gas are the sun in summer is not long, the heart within the hole gas.

    Inverse gas are lunar not accept the autumn, lung full of coke.

    Against the winter air is Shaoyin not hide, kidney alone Shen.

    4:00 Yin Yang husband who is also the root of all things.So keep the spring and summer sun sage, autumn
and winter Yin, to their roots; it with all ups and downs in the growth of the door, reverse its root is cutting Qi
this, carry on its real bad.Therefore, yin and yang and Four Seasons, the Beginning and Ending of all things
also; life and death of this also; against it will disasters Health, from which the disease can not afford to be
harsh, is that enlightenment.Road Sage-bound person, fool Pei Zhi.Yin and Yang are from the students, against
it will die; from which the rule against it will be chaos.Anti-cis for the inverse, is that within the cell.

   Therefore in saint had died disease, treating disease, disorder had died, treating disorder, what is called
也.Agents for disease has become a husband and then, chaos has become the latter rule, analogy still
Keerchuanjing, fight and cast cone, also late or Down?

    Angry sky-third of articles

    Yellow Emperor said: Airbus husband who since ancient times, students of the country, the Yu Yang.

    Between heaven and earth within Luhe, its gas island of Kyushu, Jiuqiao, five internal organs 12, and all
directions almost weather.

     Five of the hygiene, their courage was three, the number of persons guilty of this, the evil wounding, the
life of this also.

   Heaven atmosphere, and quiet Ze Zhi meaning rule, Nobuyuki Ze yang solid, although the evil thief,
unable to answer their damage, this due to the time of order.

    Saints pass it the spirit of service through the weather gods.Lost in the closed Jiuqiao within and outside
obstruct muscle, Wei gas dissolved, what we called self-injury, qi cut 也 .
   Yang, if they days and days, missing the by, is shortening his life and therefore made little.So day to day
when the light transport.Therefore in sun and thus on health outside of the 也.

   Due to the cold, want, such as transportation hub, living, such as shock, air is floating.

   Due to sweat in summer, tired of the breath drink, static is much to say.

   If the burnt charcoal body, sweating and scattered.

   Due to the wet, the first such wrap.Heat is not busy movement, a large gluten?Short, small bars Chi long.
?Short for the arrest, Chi length atrophy.

   Arise from gas, as the swelling.Four-dimensional phase generation, yang is dried.

   Yang who Fanlao Ze Zhang, absolutely fine, the provision of product in the summer, people fry Jue; blind
and can not, as the ear can not listen close, almost collapse if collapse or bad, Mimi almost non-stop.

   Yang who, furious ghost, and serum Normal Forms Wan-Yu, the people thin Jue.

   Yu tendon injury, longitudinal, if not his.

   Partial sweat disheartened, people dried up.

   Sweating see wet, prickly heat is a health acne.

   The Change sorghum, small foot Johnson held by such virtual.

Labor sweat when the wind, cold thin as _, Yu is acne.

   Yang person, fine then meditatively, while raising soft tendon.

   Opening or closing shall not, cold air from which, is Johnson hunchback.

Trapped pulse is?, Staying meat Cou.

   Yu gasification of thin, mass fear is good, and for the horror.

   Not from the gas business, reverse in meat handling, is a health carbuncle swollen.

   Soul Khan deficiencies, weak form of the gas flashes, Yu points to close, made for the wind malaria.

   So the wind who is the beginning of all diseases, while meat Cou closed quiet refusal, despite harsh winds
drug, Ephesians that it can harm, this due to the time of order 也.

   Therefore, the transmission of disease for a long time, not up and down and, for the good doctor Eph.

   Yang livestock product so died, and yang when separated.Compartment to become a crash, not urgent
Shoji, crude is invincible.

    So yang who on the 1st and the main outside.Ping Dan popular students, Takashi Japan and yang, yang on
the West and has been empty, valve is closed.Therefore in twilight and refuse collection, non-interference
bones, no see Wulu, anti these three, the shape is trapped thin.
    Chi Bo said: the sky overcast with possession of a very fine also, Yang Wei who was solid 也 the
outside.Yin cope with their yang, the thin stream of illness, and is mad.To cope with their yin yang, the five
internal organs gas dispute, Jiuqiao unreasonable.

    Chen Yang is a saint, tendons, and with bone marrow solid, all from the blood.The case of Ze reconcile
internal and external, evil can not harm, intelligent eyes and ears, gas stand as before.

   Wind off prostitution gas, refined is dead, evil hurt my liver.

   Thus satiation, tendons and cross-solution, intestinal bleach For hemorrhoidal.

   Therefore a large drink, then the inverse gas.

   So strong, kidney injury is a high-bone is broken.

   Where to yin and yang, yang is the solid density, the two are not and, if the spring without autumn, if the
winter is not summer.Result and is the turn of that holy degrees.

   Yang could not close it is strong, yin is a must.

   Yin Pingyang secret, spirit is the rule; yin and yang from the decision, refined gas is a must.

   By Yu Lu wind, cold and heat are students.

   Spring is wound on the wind, evil lingers, and it is Dong Xie.

   Summer injuries in the summer and autumn as Jie malaria.

   Fall injuries in the wet, Shangni and cough, issued to Wei Jue.

   Injury in the cold winter, spring will be warm diseases.

   4:00 of gas, more injured five internal organs.

   Yin born, this in five flavors; yin 5 Palace injured in five flavors.

   Therefore in flavor is too acid, liver in Tianjin, is the absolute temper.

   Taste too salty, a large backbone of labor, short muscles, heart gas suppression.

   Taste too sweet, full of heart asthma, color black, kidney qi value.

   Taste too bitter, his temper is not How, Stomach is thick.

   Taste too Xin, tendons and disheartened by relaxation, spiritual is central.

    Therefore in like and flavors, soft bones are bars, blood stream, Cou cessed close, so Ze backbone to
fine.Like Road such as France, long a destiny.

   Part Four Golden real speech

   Yellow Emperor and asked: day eight wind, the wind through five, what?
    Chi Bo replied: 8 high spirit evil that the wind, touch the five internal organs, evil disease.

   The so-called winner of the four seasons were spring and win a long summer, long summer and winter
Sheng, Dong-Sheng Xia, Xia Shengqiu, spring and autumn and win, win 也the so-called four seasons.

    Dong Feng was born in the spring of disease in the liver, Yu in the neck; southerly born in the summer, the
sick heart, and Yu in Sternocostal; westerly born in the autumn of disease in the lung, Yu in the shoulder; north
wind was born in the winter, disease in renal Yu shares in the waist, the central for the soil, disease in the
spleen, Yu in the ridge.

   Therefore, the spring air, the sick in the head; Xia Qi, the sick in the dirty; autumn air, the sick in the
shoulder; winter air, the sick in the limbs.

   So Chun-shan Bing Qiu nosebleed, Zhong Xiashan disease Xiong Xie, good disease Dong Xie long
summer cold, the autumn wind good disease malaria, Bi Jue good winter.

    Therefore, do not follow the ridings in winter, spring is not congested nose bleed at the nose; spring neck is
not sick, not sick summer Sternocostal; long summer without disease Dong Xie cold, the autumn wind is not
disease malaria, winter is not sick Bi Jue, supper vent and sweat 也  .

    Husband were fine, the body text as.Therefore, those hidden in fine, warm spring and not sick.Summer
heat no sweat who fall rife malaria, this level contacts law also.

   Hence it is said: Yin in Yin and Yang in Yang.Ping Dan Sun, the days of yang, yang yang also; Japan to
dusk, days, yang, yin yang also; Hop night to cock, overcast days, the yin Yin also; crowing to Ping Dan ,
overcast days, within a yin yang.

    Enemies should Zhi, spokesman husband yin and yang, are outside the yang within yin.Personal statement
yin and yang, then back to Yang, the abdomen is yin.Yin and yang organs in the human person made, you dirty
person for the yin, who was Yang Fu.Heart and lungs, and kidneys are all yin liver, gall bladder stomach and
large intestine small intestine are all yang triple burner Liu Fu.

   So Yu Zhi Yin yin, yang yang who, Why?Disease in the shade for the winter and summer disease Yang,
Chun disease in overcast, fall ill in the sun, as they are in, pin-shih, for the facilities.

    So back to yang, yang yang heart; back to Yang, the yin yang in the lung also; belly as Yin, Yin Yin of
kidney also, my liver yin within the yang; abdomen was overcast, cloudy within a Yam spleen Ye.

   Yin and Yang euphemistically table, internal and external male and female, with input had.Therefore, to
meet the days of Yin and Yang Ye.

    The emperor said: five internal organs should be 4:00, have received almost?

    Chi Bo said: there is.Oriental blue, into the pass in the liver, opens into the eyes, Tibetan experts in the
liver.The disease made horror, Qi Wei Suan, its class vegetation, Qi livestock chicken Sonotani wheat, it shall
4 o'clock, for the Sui Xing, is a spring air in my head.Its sound angle, several of its eight, is a known disease in
the tendon 也  .Smell smell of urine.

     Red into the heart through the South, open into the ears, hidden in the heart, so sick in the five organs.Qi
bitter, its class of fire, Qi livestock sheep, Sonotani millet, it shall 4 o'clock, for the Yinghuo star.Disease is
known in the pulse Ye.Its sound sign, several of its seven smell coke.
    Pass into the central yellow splenic, opens into the mouth, Tibetan experts in the spleen, so sick in the
tongue.The sweet, the type of soil, their livestock cattle, their grain millet, the four seasons for the town of
Star.Disease is known in the meat.Its sound Palace, several of its five, smell incense.

    Western white, into the pass in the lung, open into the nose, Tibetan experts in the lung, so Bing back.Qi
spicy, its class fellowships, animals horses, grain rice, it shall 4 o'clock, for the Vesper.Is a known disease in
the superficial thing.The sound providers, the beginning of winter frost, the smell fishy.

   Northern black, enter through the kidney, opens into the Second Yin, Tibetan experts in kidney disease in
brook it.Its taste salty, its class water, and animal pig, Sonotani beans, it shall 4 o'clock, for the jin sung.Is
known in the skeletal disease.Its sound birds, several of its 6, smell rotten.

     Gushan the pulse who would like to detect internal organs, a reverse one from the yin and yang of
discipline male and female table, possession of the mind, superior or subordinates in essence, not its people not
to teach, not its really not to grant, is that enlightenment.

   Yin and Yang should be as big on the fifth chapter

    Yellow Emperor said: Yin and Yang are heaven and earth as well, all things discipline as well, the changes
of parents, students kill the beginning, the gods 之Government will also.

   Treating Disease in this.

   Therefore, for the days of sun product, product overcast to farmland.Yin Jingyang dry, Yang Yin Long, yin
yang kill Tibetan, yang qi, yin forming.

   Extreme cold and heat, heat very health cold, cold cloud of Health, Health and clear heat.Clean air in the
next, the health supper vent; aggregate of the last, the students _ inflation.The yin and yang anti for, diseases
from 也inverse.

    Therefore, the Qing Yang for days, cloud overcast for the land; to air for the clouds, weather to rain; rain
out to gas cloud out of the weather.

    Yang out of the orifices so clear, cloudy overcast for the next orifices; Qing Yang made Cou management,
cloud overcast take five organs; Qing Yang real limbs, owned by Six Hollow Organs cloud overcast.

   Water yin yang fire is; Yang as Qi, Yin to taste.

    Taste, shape, form owned gas, gas go fine, fine naturalization, fine food gas, shape and eating, metaplasia
fine, aerial form.

   Taste wound shape, barotrauma fine; refined into gas, gas injury in the taste.

   Yin taste for the next orifices; yang out of the orifices.

   Wei Hou are the yin and thin as the yin and yang.A thick gas is Yang, thin as the yin yang.

   Wei Houze vent, thin to solution.Thin the air vent, thick is hot.

   Strong decline of gas fire, Fire less fierce.Zhuang food gas fire, gas fire eating less.Zhuang bulk gas fire,
small fire angry.

   Odor divergence is Yang Xin Gan, Suan Ku Chung vent are negative.
    Yin Yang wins the disease, while Yin Yang Sheng disease.Yang won the heat, yin win the cold.Heavy
cold is hot, re-heat the cold.

   Cold injury-shaped, gas heat injury.Gas pain, swollen wound shape.Therefore, the first pain and then
swelling Vapor injury shapes too, first form of swelling and then addicts hurt gas also.

    Wind Katsunori move, heat wins were swollen.Dry Katsunori dry, cold win the float, wet Katsunori How

   Five days of 4:00 to the growth of collections to students summer and winter wind dampness.Five people
have five internal organs of gas, joy, anger, sadness, anxiety or fear to students.

    Therefore, joy, anger, hurt air, cold and heat injury form.

    Rage damage to Yin, Yang injury Commotion.

    Jue gas up, full of veins to form.

    Joy, anger, no festival, summer and winter over, students are not solid.

    So heavy Yinbi Yang, Chong Yin will.

    Hence it is said: injury Yu cold winter, spring will be warm disease, injury to wind the spring, summer
students supper vent, summer injury Yu summer, autumn and will Jie malaria; fall injuries in the wet, winter
cough hygiene.

    The emperor said: I heard ancient sage, ethical human form, out of other organs, side contact, in turn, will
pass Luhe, all from the classics issued by cavitation, each office name, the valley is a bone, there are
played.Division inverse from each organized.4:00 yin and yang, try a broker.Should be within the outside,
there are table, his letter, almost natural.

    Chi Bo replied: East wind, wind-wood, wood, the acid, acid, liver health, liver health bars, health bars,
heart, liver primary goal.In days for the mysterious, man-made that, at the ground for the
technology.Metaplasia flavors, primordial wisdom Road, Yuen of the living God, God in the day as the wind,
in the land for the wood, the body is reinforced, in the dirty for the liver.In the color of Cang, in tone for the
angle, in the sound for the call, the change to hold, in the orifices for the purpose, the taste is acid, the blog for
the anger.Anger harms liver, sad victory anger, hurt tendons wind, dry air victory, acid injured tendons, Xin
Sheng acid.

    Southern heat, hot fire, the fire of Health bitter, bitter heart health.Heart blood, spleen and blood
health.Heart tongue.Its hot days in the land of fire, in the body as veins, in the dirty for the heart as red in
color, in the tone for the levy, the sound of the laughter, the change is concerned, the orifices for the tongue,
the taste is bitter , in the Chi for the hi.Hi, sad, fear wins hi.Gas heat injuries, cold heat wins.Injury suffered
gas, bitter salty victory.

    Central Health and wet, wet raw soil, native of Gansu, Gansu Health spleen, spleen and raw meat, meat,
lung and spleen of Health main port.Wetlands in days, in for the soil, in the body for the meat, for the spleen in
the dirty, yellow in color, the tone for the Palace, in the sound for the song, the changes to Yue, the orifices for
the exit, the taste for the willing , thought the emotions.Harms spleen, anger win thinking, wet flesh wound,
wind wins wet, willing to hurt the meat, sour victory Gan.
    Western Health dry, dry golden, Jin-Sheng Xin, Xin lung health, lung health fur, fur in the kidney, lung
and primary nasal.Dry in days, in for the gold, fur in the body is in the dirty for the lung, in the color white, the
tone for the business, the sound of the crying, the change for the cough, the orifices for the nose, the taste for
the symplectic , worry about the emotions.Distressed lung, Yoshikatsu worry, thermal injury fur, cold win
heat, Xin injured skin, bitter victory Sim.

    Northern Health and cold, cold raw water, aquatic salty, salty health kidney, bone marrow Kidney, Marrow
liver, kidney primary ear.In days for the cold, the ground for water in the body as bone, renal in the dirty, black
in color, the tone for the birds, the sound is complaining about its being, in change for the chestnut, the orifices
for the ears, the taste for the salty , in the blog for fear.Fear of harm to the kidneys, thinking victory fear, cold
injury blood, dry win cold, salt injury of blood, sweet salty victory.

    Hence it is said: Heaven and earth, of all things down also; yin and yang, who the men and women flesh
also; about those yin and yang of roads; water and fire persons, the yin and yang signs also; Yin and Yang
who, all things can be is the beginning.Hence it is said: Yin account, yang Moriya, Yang out, yin and gave a.

    The emperor said: yin and yang, but since the law?

   Chi Bo said: yang are fever, Cou management closed, whom exhort surge suppression rough, no sweat
while hot, dry teeth to bother injustice Fu Man dead, can not be summer and winter.

   Yin won the body cold, sweating clear length, the number of Li and cold, cold Ze Jue, Jue Ze Fu Man
dead, can not be summer and winter.The yin and yang fare better than the change in shape can also disease.

    The emperor said: This two tone, how?Chi Bo said: knower seven losses and eight benefits, while the two
adjustable, I do not know with this, then the Premature Ageing section also.

     At forty years since the semi-chi also, carry on living decline.Fifty years of weight, eyes and ears are not
smart carry on.In 60, overcast atrophy, a big decline in gas, Jiuqiao negative, the next virtual on the real, Tiqi
all the carry on.

    Hence it is: know it is strong, I do not know of old, so the name with a different ear.Wise observation with
a fool Review different, less than a foolish man, more than wise, more than the eyes and ears of intelligent and
strong, old rejuvenation, physically strong and beneficial treatment.

    The wise thing for the inaction of the Lok Tian Rui can be, from the wish to blog in Nothingness observe
fast, so infinite life, and the world final, this sage governance body also.

    Days less than the Northwest, it is also northwest of yin, while the right eyes and ears were not as good as
the left-ming.Dissatisfied southeast, south-east yang so, but enough people left than the right-chiang also.

     The emperor said: how natural?Chi Bo said: Oriental yang, yang are perfection, and last, and was down on
the other hand Shangming virtual, so smart and hand, foot and inconvenience to the eyes and ears.Western Yin
also, overcast are perfection and the next, and prosperity to the next is next on the virtual, so the eyes and ears
do not mean that we can hand-foot-smart.Therefore, all sense of the evil, which is the right even in the next or
left very, yin and yang in this world can not all as well, so evil his residence.

    Therefore, days of intensive, in tangible, day eight century, to five reasons, so the parents for everything.

   Qing Yang heaven, cloud overcast go to the actual occurrence of movement of heaven and earth, gods
whom discipline, it can grow collections, and finally undone before.
    But sage is equipped with day to support their head, the next like to to support their feet, the waterfront
staff for the nourishment of the five organs.

   World through the lung, to air through Yu, crop, culture through the liver, Lei Qi and heart, spleen Gu Qi
and Yu, Yu Qi and the kidney.

    6 by the River, stomach for the sea, Jiu Qiaowei water column of gas.

   The world is whom yin and yang, yang rain Khan The world is right-it; releasing gas yang winds of
Heaven and Earth name was.Thunder storm weather, against weather Yang.

    Therefore, lawless days of the disciplinary rule, not to truth, the disaster Zhiyi.

    So evil wind matter to lightning-fast storm, Gushan ruler, rule fur, followed by treatment skin, followed by
the rule tendons, followed by treatment Six Hollow Organs, followed by treatment five internal organs.Rule
five internal organs were, half dead half also.

   Therefore, evil days, a sense of the harm to the five internal organs; Water Valley feeling cold and heat, is
Bad for the Six Hollow Organs; Land Development humidity sense, the tendons and skin damage.

    Therefore, use of needles, from Yin Yang cited, quoted from the yin yang, left to the right rule to the left of
the right rule, as I know the enemy to know where the table to view over and less than truth, see micro too,
used Almost not.

    Good patient who, observing color feel pulse, first do yin and yang, voicing conceivable part of the trial; as
breathing, listening to sound, and make the right hard; View balance rules, with knowledge that the primary
disease; according to size, concept drifting sliding astringent conceivable born to cure disease.They never lose
no consultation is carry on.

    Hence it is: since the beginning of disease also can stab it; its Sheng, can only be bad.

    Therefore, its light and YangZhiRhui because heavier and less Zhi, its dynasty to Akiyuki.

    Form is insufficient, the temperature through chi; fine enough, fill them with flavor.

    Its high individual and thus Yue; the next person, lead and dried them; in full Zhe Xie is to the inside.

   He has a evil person, that the sweat stains form; their skin by sweat and hair of; its Li defended by those
who, according to the royalties, in fact, Zhe Fallen and diarrhea Zhi.

    Examine the opposite elements to do just soft.

    Yin Yang disease treatment, disease treatment yin yang.

    Determine their blood gas, stick to his village.

    Are determined in the blood is desirable, Qi should switch Yinzhi.

    Yin and Yang article VI clutch

   Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard days yang for yin yang day, month to Yin.Size of 360 days into a
month-old, who should Zhi.Yin and Yang should not be this three-Yin Sanyang; its so Why?
   Qi Bo replied: Yin and Yang who may call the number ten, pushing the can 100 is the number to 1000,
pushing the can million, million, large countless, and her to any one.

    Days of follow-up to set, everything Fang Sheng.Not out to those who, Ming Yue Yin Office, named Yin
in the Yin; Ze out to persons, Ming Yue yin within the yang.

     Yang to the positive, yin whom the Lord.Health because it spring, summer long due to close because of the
fall of Tibet because of winter.Husband often four plug heaven and earth.Yin and yang of change in others,
also may call the number a few.

    The emperor said: Our family has three Yinsanyangzhi clutch.Chi Bo said: south saint standing, the former
said, Kwong Ming, the latter said, Taichong.Taichong land, named Shao, Shao above, it is called the sun.The
sun from the Yam root, end the Gate of Life, named yin within the yang.

   Dubbed the extensive previous in the body specified.Guang Ming under the Dubbed the moon, lunar ago,
named Yang.Yangming Li versus starting from the root, it is called yin within the yang.

   Jue yin table, named Shao Yang.Shao Yang Yin orifices starting from the root, it is called yin within a

   Therefore in San Yang Zhi clutch also: the sun is open for the whole family Yang Ming, Shao Yang Wei
Shu.Three-phase loss may not have been, stroke not freeze floating, Ming Yue 1 Yang.

     The emperor said: morbidity, Our family?Chi Bo said: outside of the sun.Who is yin within.What, then for
Yam, Qi Chong in the next, it is called Tai Yin, the lunar effect on the implicit white root, it is called yin in the

    Tai Yin after, named Shao, Shao root from the springs, it is called in the Shao Yin Yin.

    Shao ago, named Jue Yin, Jue Yin Tai root from London, absolutely yin yang, it is called yin must yin.

    Therefore in morbidity, Zhi clutch also, lunar is open, Jue Yin for the whole family, Shao Wei Shu.Shall
not lose by three-phase also, Shen stroke not freeze, it is called a shade.

__ Yin and yang, positive transfer for the week, gas in shape table and, for complementary to each other Ye.

    Another View of chapter VII of the yin and yang

    Yellow Emperor and asked: who has four through twelve from, what is?Chi Bo replied: 4 by, should be
4:00; 12 from, should be in December; in December should be 12 pulse.

    Veins are yin and yang, yin know Yang Zhe know, know know yang negative patients.

    Where the sun, there are five 五 25 Yang.

    The so-called negative patients, really dirty 也.See was failure, failure die 也.

    The so-called Yang who, epigastric 之 yang.

    Do Yu Yang who know ill Office also, different from negative patients, knowledge of life and death.

    Sanyang in the head, morbidity, in hand, the so-called il.
    Do Yu Yang who know avoid disease, the other in Yin who know the period in life and death.

    Like mature yin and yang, no plan and the public.

   The so-called Yin and Yang who last Zhe to yin to the yang Zhe, Jing Zhe was overcast, dynamic person to
Yang, who later was overcast, the number of persons for the sun.

    Who holds possession of real Pulses tachycardia, Liver hanging absolutely urgent, on the 18th death; heart
to the suspended must, on the 9th death; lung to the suspension must, on the 12th death; kidney to the
suspension must, on the 7th death; spleen to suspended must, on the 4th die.

   Said: 2 yang disease heart and spleen, have not hidden the music, not on women; its transfer to the wind
away, transports it for the interest Ben who died died.

Said: Sanyang for the sick, fat, cold and heat, swelling under the carbuncle, and for the Wei Jue, __; its transfer
to Sauzay, transports it to?Hernia.

    Said: the incidence of a sun, less air, good cough, good discharge; its transmission for the heart valves,
transports it to repeat.

    2 Yin Yang 1 disease, the main horror, back pain, good eh, good less, it is called wind Jue.

    2 yin and yang disease, good expansion, heart full of good air.

    3 Yin Sanyang disease, for the partial wilt easily, limbs do not move.

   Yang said, hook a drum, drum an yin said, hair, Drum said, Yangsheng urgent strings and drums to no way
should we say rock Yang, Yin and Yang had said, with slip.

   Yin compete in, the sun interference in, the soul is not hidden Khan, Sini sky, as from smoke lungs, makes

    Yin born, and this said, and.

    Therefore in just and just, break loose yang, yin is dead.

    Nao Ze Rigid discord, qi is a must.

    Yin is dead, but died three days, students are yang, but died on the 4th.

    Yin Yang died of old persons, the heart that the health of liver yang, the mind that the death of lung yin,
lung weight of the kidney called the yin and kidney yin of the spleen that the provision of, dead dead.

    Results were Yang, swelling 4.

    Node negative patients, a liter of blood in the stool, then node 2 l, three-junction 3 liters.

    Yin and Yang knot oblique, more Yinshao Yang said, stone water Shaofu swollen.

    2 Yang knot, it means that consumer.

    Sanyang knot, that is separated.
   Morbidity, knot, that of water.

   Results of a yin and yang, it means that Houbi.

   Yin yang another stroke, that of a child.

   Yin and Yang deficiency, intestinal bleach death.

   Increase in the yin yang, it means that sweat.

   Yin Yang pump, it means that collapse.

     All morbidity, stroke, 20 day and night, half dead; 2 overcast all stroke, 13 died when sick; an overcast all
stroke, death on the 10th; Sanyang pump and the drum, three days dead; 3 Yin Sanyang all stroke, trusted full,
fat, do not be hidden song, on the 5th death; 2 sun all stroke, the disease are warm and dead, has died, but died
on the 10th.

    Ling Lan Peru article VIII of the Code of

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Our family of 12 with so dirty, something which ru?

    Chi Bo replied: passing a note asking 也.Please then words!Heart who monarch officials as well, the gods
out of Yan.

    Lung were compared with Government Official Fu, governance section of the Yan.

    Livers, General and is for strategy.

   Chiang Kai-shek Government Official bile Zhe, Yan decision out.

   Tanzhong who minister to make it official, joy out of Yan.

   Spleen were, the official food Lin, Yan weird out.

   Colon who preacher official, change the Yan.

   Small intestine were, by Sheng official, compounds the Yan.

   Kidney donors, for strength of the government, the Yan clever trick.

   Triple Burner who must ditch the official, Yan channel out.

   Bladder who states the official who body fluid reservoir Yan, gasification can ensure a carry on.

    The above activities 12 officers who lost Ye shall not be compared.Therefore, under the main Ming Ze
safety, this regimen Ze life, not the world does not Scots, that the Commonwealth is DCH.Main unknown Ze
12 official crisis, so Tao rather than pass blocking, form is the major injury, this health Ze calamity, thought
the world who Qi were big danger, beware of the Ring.

   Shido in the micro, are enormous, who are familiar with its original.

    Jiong to passing, Consumer Qu Qu, who are familiar with Zhao in particular.Min Min of when, what are
the good.
    Trance in total, was born in the least bit, the least bit in total, starting from measurement, Chiyuki million
to be, can benefit large, pushing the Party Congress, its form is the system.

     Yellow Emperor said: Praise be, I heard nothing left the road, the Great Sage Zhi industry, and Vision
Boulevard, select auspicious days of non-homogeneous ring not by the 也  .Yellow Emperor is a good choice Jiri
trillion, while the Tibetan spiritual orchid room to pass Paul Yan.

    6 of article IX of Viscera

   Yan Huang Di asked: I heard of 66 headings, in order to become an old man to 99 system will, namely,
some 365 people, that heaven and earth, be numbered.I do not know its so-called An?

    Qi Bo replied: passing a Q Zhao also, please then words!Cardiff 66 headings, 99 system will, so there is
degree days, the air, a few also.Day degrees, so there were also in the sun and moon system, fate, it had
discipline metaplasia can be used.

    Days for the sun, for shade; day sun, on the yin; Bank took part in discipline, Zhou justified.On-line once,
while on-line 13 degree odd Yan.Therefore, the size of the 5th month made 360 years old, more than the
surplus product gas leap carry on.

    Li end in the beginning, the table is in the middle, pushed over in the end, the days of degree completion
carry on.

   The emperor said: I have heard day degrees carry on.Our family fate, combination and why?Chi Bo said:
days to 66 for the festival, to order 99 system will, days on the 10th, six days a week actually and, a six-cover
and Zhong Sui, 360 Japanese law also.

    Husband since ancient times Babel who health of the country, this was yin and yang.Its gas Kyushu
Jiuqiao, and all directions almost weather.

    Therefore, its students five, that their courage 3.

    Made three days, the three formed, the three and adults, three and three, Hopewell was nine.9 divided into
nine wild, wild as the nine nine dirty; so dirty d-shaped, five dirty God, to be combined for the nine dirty Chih.

    The emperor said: I have heard 6699's Society also, Master made product gas surplus in width, appreciate
further what gas?Please Master Fameng FAQ Yan.Chi Bo said: The secret of God, the first division pass
Chih.The emperor said: Please then smell.Chi Bo said: on the 5th that the candidates, three candidates that the
gas, gas that when the six seasons that the old, and all its attending Yan.Of Five-phase attack and all rule, final
day of the cycle, when legislative gas cloth, like a ring without, waiting likewise Act.Hence it is I do not know
the year plus the air, rise and fall, and Reality in the beginning, not the workers carry on.

    The emperor said: the beginning of Five, like a ring without, Qi too much less than how?Chi Bo said: Five
gas is more established, each has won, the Change of empty Sheng, This is often 也  .

    The emperor said: Ping gas collecting?Chi Bo said, without too were 也.

    The emperor said: too much less than do nothing?Chi Bo said: There are also the by.

    The emperor said: What is the win?Chi Bo said: Chun-sheng long summer, long summer and winter
Sheng, Dong-Sheng Xia, Xia Shengqiu, spring and autumn and win the so-called victory was the time of the
Five Elements, each ordered to dirty air.
    The emperor said: Why do things knowing they win?Chi Bo said: can seek to also, all return before spring,
before the arrival of the to, what we called too, are the numerous thin, and take the win 也         .Ming Yue,
regardless of gas obscene, debased in health, workers can not be banned.To not to, we called less than, then the
regime's reckless win, but born Shoubing, the numerous thin Chih, Ming Yue air force.To those who ask its so-
called, when gas to 之    .Would like to designate the time, gas can on the timing is wrong anti-designate,
regardless of the five governance, debased in health, workers can not be banned also.

    The emperor said: there is almost no attack?Chi Bo said: Heaven of gas, no impermanence Ye.Without the
passage of gas is that very, very much to decrease it carry on.

    The emperor said: very sake of change how?Chi Bo said: change to infection is marked, the micro
Katsunori, the victorious have great.Therefore important senses the evil is dead men, and it decreased slightly
the time of non-, for the time 则Jinya.

   The emperor said: good.I heard oxygenation, tangible, because changing the style rectification of
names.Heaven and earth movement, yin and yang, and its low in all things what what more can hear almost?

    Chi Bo said: note zai asked also, days to Canton, not degrees, in Tai, not quantity.Great spirits ask, please
Chen Fang.Grass colored, colored the variations can not win as, grass flavors, very weird beauty can not win,
Shi Yu different, each has pass.A five-day cannibalism gas, to people with food flavors.Five air into the nose,
hidden in heart and lung, upper to make colored Xiu-ming, voice can chang; flavors entrance, hidden in
stomach, smell has been hidden to keep the five gas, gas, and was born, and body fluid complementary to each
other, God is the self.

    The emperor said: dirty like collecting?

    Chi Bo said: hearts were students of the country, God variable also; its in the face, the charge and in the
blood, for the yang within the sun, through the summer 气.

    Lungs are the air, the, soul between him; Its Manifestations in the hair, the charge and in the skin, the yang
within the Tai Yin, through the autumn air.

    Main stung kidney donors, sealing possession of the country, fine between him; Its Manifestations in the
hair, the charge and in the bone, for the yin within a Shao.Through the winter air.

    Liver is, stop this very, Soul home also; Its Manifestations in the claw, its charge in the bar, to health blood
gas, Qi Wei Suan, the color Cang, this is the yang within the Shao Yang.Tung Chun-gas.

    Spleen, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, triple burner, bladder who eat Lin of the country, home of
Camp also, called center device, able to turn dross, turn out Zhe taste infiltration also, Its Manifestations in
four white lips, the charge and in the muscle, Qi is sweet and the color yellow, the Yam and the like, Tung

    Where the 11 dirty, depending on the bile Ye.

   Ying Sheng enemies a disease in Shaoyang, 2 Sheng disease in the sun, the three diseases in the Ming
Sheng, more than four-Sheng Yang for the grid.

   Exists a Jue Yin Sheng disease, two disease Shao Sheng, Sheng disease in lunar three, four Guan Yin
Sheng has been for the.
    Sheng Exists in all people and welcome more than four times the off grid.Artery of the relevant cells, can
not win the very essence of the heaven and earth gas are dead carry on.

   Wu Zang tenth generation articles

   Combined pulse has the mind, Qi-rong color also, its main renal too.

   Lungs are the skin together, Qi-Rong Mao also, its main heart.

   Liver joint reinforcement also, Qi-rong claws also, its main pulmonary 也.

   Spleen combined meat, its wing lip also, its main my liver.

   Kidney combined skeletal its Wing-fat, also, its main spleen 也.

Therefore in many food salt, then pulse coagulation sobbing and color; more fresh pain, then skin and hair
pulling is issued; more food Sim, then Jinji and claw dry; more food acid, then the meat should reach _ and lip
exposed; more food Gan , then the pain and pleasure, the injuries in this punch for the community.For it is hard
heart, lungs For Sim, For acid liver, spleen For sweet, salty renal For this five flavors of the joint also.

Five organs of gas, so color green as grass hereby who see death, yellow, such as Citrus aurantium to die, as
black as _ to die, red as Nvxue to die, to die of white, such as skeletons, the five colors opinion die.Cui Yu
Qing as those students, such as comb and live red, yellow, such as crab belly and live, such as the line is cream
white and live, as black as Wu Yu and live, the five colors opinion students also.Born in mind, such as the
onyx wrapped Zhu.Born in the lung, such as the onyx wrapped in red.Born in the liver, such as the onyx
wrapped 绀  .Born in the spleen, such as the onyx wrap including Lou fact.Born in kidney, such as the onyx
wrapped purple.The five organs were born outside the Wing 也   .

    Color-flavor when the five internal organs, white when the lung Sim, red when the hard, green when the
liver acid, yellow when the spleen sweet, black base when the kidney.Therefore, when white skin, red when
the clock, blue when the tendons, and yellow when the meat, and black when the bone.

    Various pulse who are part number; various myeloid who belong brain; various bars who are belongs to
section; all blood recipients, all belonging to heart; all qi persons, all belonging to the lungs, the limbs and
joints Stream overnight also.Enemies lying attributed to liver blood, liver and blood and can be regarded, by
the blood to step foot, the blood can be affected by palm grip, refers to the blood and can be proactive.Lying
out of the wind Zhi, HI Zhe Stagnation in the skin, tachycardia was sobbing condensate Yu, Ning Yu foot by
Wei Jue.These three anti-blood-bound and not the air, and are thus Bi Jue Ye.Twelve people have Otani,
stream 354, less 12 Yu, Wei gas, leaving only euphemistically, evil for the community a customer, needle
stone edge away Zhi.

   Would tell the beginning of the five decisions for the discipline.For the beginning, first built their
home.The so-called five decision who has five veins.

    Top of illness with headache, the next virtual SIIC, too little Yin Juyang in the foot, if extreme, into the
kidney.In particular, many have suggested, Dr. Meng, present offerings deafness, the next fact is true, than in
the foot Jue Yin Shao Yang, and even the hepatic inflow.Fu Man _ inflation, support diaphragm flank of
animal threat, the next Jue on the run, had the enough Talin Yangming.Upper airway cough, Jue in the chest,
had in hand Yang Ming Tai Yin.Upset headaches, disease of the diaphragm, Yang Shao-off in the giant hand.

    Husband Pulses big or small, slippery Shibuya drifting, you can refer to another.Signs of the five internal
organs, can be analogy.Five internal organs with sound, you can sense.Colored micro-clinic, can head the
police.Pulse can be combined color, can be foolproof.
   Red veins matter to also, Chuaner firm.Patient said: storing gas in, when the harm Dubbed the heart of
food safety paralysis.Was outside the disease, thinking Er guilty conscience, from which it is evil.

   White veins matter to also, Chuaner floating.Under the virtual reality, surprise, there are product gas in the
chest, Chuaner virtual.Dubbed the lung paralysis.Cold and heat, Er Shi-won are also drunk.

    Green Pulse matter to 也  .Long and about bombs.Storing gas in mind, the limb flank of animal.Dubbed the
liver paralysis.Alpine-won, and the hernia with the law.Headache, back pain of the foot.

    Yellow vein matter to have, big and empty.Storing gas in the belly, there Jue gas, named Jue
hernia.Women with the law, have the disease to limbs, sweating as the wind.

    Black veins matter to have the last strong and large.Storing gas in the lower abdomen and cloudy, it is
called kidney paralysis.Bath-won, water one's clothes.

    Where the Church with colored veins, yellow face head blue, yellow face red eyes and face yellow head
white, yellow face Meguro who all may live.Surface green red eyes and Mianchi Mejiro, face blue Meguro,
face black head white, Mianchi head blue, all die.

   Another View of article XI of the Wu Zang

   Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard alchemist, or brain for the dirty, or stomach for the dirty, or that
Fu.Dare ask more contrast, are from that is that I do not know the Road, appreciate further said.

    Qi Bo replied: brain, marrow, bone, veins, gallbladder, female cells in this six persons, to being born.Yu
yin are dirty as the ground, so possession without diarrhea, it is called the House of odd constant.

    Husband motility, small intestine, triple burner, the bladder of this five-person weather being born, its
weather days, it is not possession of diarrhea.By Wu Zang aggregate of this, it is called transfer of the house,
this can not stay long, diarrhea who lose too.

   Anus five internal organs to make, Mizutani, not for long.

   The so-called five internal organs are, possession of refined gas without diarrhea as well, so upon the
expiration of not real.

    Six Hollow Organs were, mass compounds not possessing, it is also real and can not be filled.Why they
were, the water entrance to the valley while the intestines empty stomach, food under the stomach and bowel
virtual reality.

   Hence it is solid and the discontent over without really should.

    The emperor said: air intake for the five internal organs Why the Lord?Chi Bo said: stomach Zhe Sea
Water Valley, Liu Fu-yuan also great.Flavors entrance, hidden in the stomach for the nourishment of five
internal organs, gas, gas exports also Taiyin also, is a smell of internal organs, are out of the stomach, changes
seen in air intakes.Therefore, five gas into the nose, hidden in heart and lung, heart and lung ailments, but the
nose is also detrimental to whom.

    Where will the review of its treatment under his or her own pulse, and watch his blog agreed, with disease
   Bound, ghosts who can not with words D'; evil in the needle that the stone, not to clever with
words.Patients must not rule, the sick will be dead, no power carry on rule.

    Different chapter 12th of the French side should

  Yellow Emperor and asked: medicine for treatment is also a different disease and treatment, all the more
Why?Chi Bo replied: topography Shiran too.

   Therefore, the domain of the Orient, the beginning of heaven and earth by the students also.Salt fish, the
beach Bang Shui, its people to eat fish and addicted to salt, all security of their office, the United States its
food.People keen angler, salt, wins blood, so the black Shu Min Jie Li.The disease are all carbuncle ulcers, Qi
Expelling Stone.So Stone who has also come from the east.

     Their Golden West, by domain, sand between, the universe quoted Ye received.Qi China Ling habitat,
windy, strong water and soil, his people are not recommended by brown clothes, eat the fat 其China and China
fertilizer, so the evil can not be injured his body, the disease are born, their non-Expelling Poison.It poisons
Zhe Yi from the West.

    The North who, Heaven and Earth by The Collection of domains are also closed.Gaoling home of its place,
the wind ice ice-cold, Qi folk music field office rather milk food, dirty, cold and full of disease, Bing Qi
Expelling moxibustion.Therefore, moxibustion Bing who also came from the north.

    The South who, heaven and earth, director of support, and yang is also the pot Department.Its
underground, soil and water weak, Wulu for the community gathering together.His people acidophilus and eat
Fu, so the Minjie Chihlee and Red, The disease Luan Bi, Qi types of combination of micro-needles.Therefore,
those nine-pin, also from the south.

    The central service provider, its horizon to wet earth so all Ye Public Health.Qi China Grocery rather than
labor, so the disease in many Weijue chills and fever.Qi Expelling guided by ridings, it is guided by ridings are
also out from the center also.

   Therefore, hybrid sage to cure, proper place should, therefore rule so different from what patients who are
more, ill feelings, knowledge of governance in general 也.

    Move on getting the 13th of articles

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard The ancient medical treatment, although its shift on getting well, may I
wish the and had.Present and future medical treatment, to govern the poison, the needle stone treatment
without, or more, or diseases, and Why?

    Qi Bo replied: between animals to ancient home, move to cold, overcast home to summer, no dependents
within the twilight of the tired, the shape of foreign officials without extension, this tranquil of the world, evil
can not be too deep.It can not govern the poison, the needle can not rule Besides stone, it can be moved by the
wish which has been refined.

    In a world otherwise, and worry Yuan inside, suffering form injuries Besides, they lost from the four
seasons, summer and winter the reverse should.Number to the thief wind, virtual evil day and night, to the five
internal organs within the bone marrow, skin trauma air orifices, it will be very minor illnesses, serious illness
die.So I wish the can with yourself.

    The emperor said: good.I want the Pro patients, view of life and death, never suspected, For Qi to be, such
as ASE, can almost hear?Chi Bo said: color contacts who are also God the Gui, the first division of the transfer
    Ancient Israel to hire loan-to-quarter clock and through divine reason, combination and Five Elements,
4:08 wind Luhe, separated from its regular, change the phase shift, to watch his wonderful to know these to be,
For Qi to be, then the color pulse is carry on.

    Color to be on the pulse to be months, often can seek to be, its Yoya.Cardiff color variation to be 4:00 for
Pulse, the God that you, in harmony with gods.So far students near death, the Health and channels to be long,
Ming Yue sage.

    Middle Zhi medical treatment, to conquer the soup liquid on the 10th to wind 5 to 8 disease of paralysis.On
the 10th endless, rule of grass grass roots of plant Zhi Su Zhi, ins and outs to help, specimens have been
obtained, evil is the service.

    Twilight world of the disease also, is not, rule not the 4:00, I do not know sun and the moon, does not
reverse the trial from, disease form has become, Naiyu microneedle Besides, the soup liquid to treat them, the
unskilled Xiongxiong that can attack, so disease has not been, since the new disease complex.

    The emperor said: Our family arteries.Chi Bo said: rule to be very, no husband color pulse, used in middle
age, and rule for big.Reverse from the line, the specimen shall not, death of God lost the country.To it on the
new, trusted by a real person.

    The emperor said: I heard the be made in the Master men, and Master made without leaving color pulse,
we know this Yu.Chi Bo said: rule very was.The emperor said: What is a?Chi Bo said: a person who has-
won.The emperor said: how?Chi Bo said: plug-you close families, faculties patients, several asked their
feelings to their wishes, may God prosper, absences perish.The emperor said: good.

   Decoction mash sweet wine of the 14th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: for the corn soup liquid and mash sweet wine do nothing?Qi Bo replied: will
rice, straw crop, pay, who finished rice, rice-income firm.The emperor said: how natural?Chi Bo said: This
was heaven and earth, and, should their league, it could be to the End: When cutting to obtain, it can be to
strong 也  .

    The emperor said: ancient sage mash liquid to make soup sweet wine, for instead of what has?Chi Bo said:
ancient sage soup liquid mash sweet wine for those that prepare ears!Ancient husband for soup liquid, so as
Frydman service also.

   Middle united world, moral decline slightly, when evil to, into submission foolproof.

   The emperor said: How is it a world of do not have.Chi Bo said: a world of poison attack which will be
homogeneous, Chan Shi Ai governance Besides 也needle.

    The emperor said: form and function do not harm the blood were what?Chi Bo said: God did not gave
a.The emperor said: What God did not make?Chi Bo said: Stone could never pin.Mental progress, Chi Italy,
has died, so disease is not more.This essence of God to the bad, operating health is not recovering.What?Shi
Yu infinite, while more than worry, precision air relaxation worse health than doing sobbing, so God of
without disease to the unhealed 也 .

    The emperor said: the beginning of health is sick husband, very little very fine, we must first end into the
skin.Ill say this good work into them registering, it is called inverse, the needle can not rule stone, medicine
can not and also.Liang Qi method obtains this work, observe their number, relative distance voice on brother
heard in ears, head found in five colors on, but not cured patients who have almost Hexia not earlier?
    Chi Bo said: disease-oriented, work as the standard, the specimen shall not, refuses to accept evil, what is
called 也.

    The emperor said: it has not from the hair of the students, the five internal organs are yang in order to
exhaust, body fluid filling Guo, its soul single, solitary good at, the gas consumption in, the form can not be
compared with the clothing protection, the four most urgent and moving, is in the form of gas refuse to impose
on, the rule is regrettable?

    Chi Bo said: Mercedes Benz in the balance, to Wan Chen Cuo, micro four-pole, temperature Yi Miao stab
their premises in order to resume its shape.Ghost door open, clean government, when refined to suit; 5 Yang
has been announced, Shu Di five internal organs, so fine self, form self-Sheng, flesh and blood with Paul, giant
gas is flat.The emperor said: good.

   Jade on the 15th to article

   Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard Kuiduo odd constant, referring to different used how?Qi Bo replied:
Kuidu those superficial, deep degree of disease also; Qi Heng who made strange disease also.Please speak Tao
matter to the number of colored tachycardia, Kui Du Heng Qi, Tao is one.

    God does not turn back, not turn back, is missing the machine.To several Zhi to, the micro approach, with
the mine version, Ming Yue Yu machines together.

    Appearance see about up and down, all in their to.The color of those who see the light, liquid soup
attending, the 10th has been.Qi see deep who will be attending Qi, on the 21st already.Qi see those big deep,
mash attending, hundred days have been.Color yao face off dead, hundred days do have.

   Pulse short stop breathing death, disease and even death of virtual temperature.

    About color see up and down, all in their to.For the inverse, from under; women the right to reverse, left
from; man left the counter, the right is from.Yi, Chong death, heavy and kill.

    Yin and Yang against him, and governance with wins in the balance, strange things are constant, Kuiduo
things too.

    Pump pulse Bi lame, chills and fever at the turn.Pulse alone to air grievances, vent to seize virtual
blood.Alone a deficit, from the virtual.

    Qi Heng Bank methodology in order to Taiyin before.Say the numerous line against the win, against the
dead.Said, from the victory line, from the living.8 Wind wins four seasons, before finally being undone,
retrograde is over, not the plural of carry on to completion.

   Articles by the end of appointment to the 16th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: diagnosis to ru?Qi Bo replied: the first month in February, before the weather
side, to gas origin, popular in the liver.

   April weather in March Square, scheduled to air hair, popular in the spleen.

   May June weather Sheng, to air high popularity in the head.

   Beginning July August chi killed, popular in the lung.

   Beginning in September, October chi ice to gas before closing, popular mind.
   Nov Dec ice complex, to air together, played in the kidney.

    San Yu Chun stabbed it, and with the sub-management, blood out shelling ceased.Fraudulent claims pass
gas, is also among those rings.

   Xia Yu Puncture, Antiaris shelling ceased.Make mad circle, under pain Bing will.

    Free Methodist Church Fall stab skin, up and down with the law, God changed shelling ceased.

   Winter thorn opening into sub-Yu Li, fraudulent claims and valleys, scattered among Zhe under.

    Seasons, all have spines in their method.Spring and summer barbed points, gas micro-pulse chaotic, into
prostitution bone marrow, the patient can not be more, people do not eat, but also, and less gas.

   Spring thorn Autumnal Equinox, spasms against the gas ring to cough, disease diseases, and is shocked
when, then and cry.

   Winter and spring barbed points, evil was hidden, it is inflation, disease diseases, and they want language

   Summer thorn equinox, disease diseases, and is falling into solution.

    Summer thorn Autumnal Equinox, the patient diseases, and is silent hearts desire, Ti-Ti as people catch

   Summer and winter thorn points, the patient diseases, and very little gas, when the desire anger.

   Autumn Equinox thorns, sick endless, it is Tiran, want to do something, from forgetting Zhi.

Qiu stabbed Xia points, patients not already, it is beneficial addicted to lying, and because good _.

   Autumn and winter thorn points, patients not already, it is cold when Sasa.

   Winter thorn equinox, patients not already, people can not sleep lying, sleep while see.

   Winter thorn summer hours, sick unhealed, gas, statements of Victor Chu and paralysis.

   Winter thorn autumnal equinox, the patient not already, it is good thirst.

    Those who stab chest, will avoid the five internal organs.Center Zhe ring die, die in the spleen Zhe on the
5th, the 7th in the death of kidney donors, died of lung Zhe on the 5th.Septal who are all injured, its sick
though more, but the old must die.

    Avoid the five internal organs are thorns, known inverse from 也.The so-called from those diaphragm and
spleen and kidney between, ignorance was not the contrary.Thorn chest who will with cloth Ji was this, he
cloth from a single stab, stab stab Zhi unhealed complex.

   Needles must Su, shaking swollen needle puncture by thorns Do not shake, this thorn 之 could never

    The emperor said: Our family 12 meridians Zhi end how?Chi Bo said: sun pulse, his back also wear eye
fold Chi Zong, the color white is a must sweat out the dead carry on.
    Shaoyang end who, deafness, 100 are vertical, Department Head must Huan.Department of the 1st half to
death must, his death is also the first green color, white is dead carry on.

    Yang finally who I head movements, good surprise, raved, color yellow.By Sheng their lower, upper,
inhumane then finally carry on.

      Shao end who face long black teeth scale, bloating closed, the upper and lower barrier and eventually carry

   Lunar end who, bloating closed, not interest rates, good eh good vomit, vomit then reverse, reverse is
Mianchi, not against the upper and lower barrier, not General surface black, fur coke and eventually carry on.

   Jueyin end who overflow dry heat, good female, upset, and even the tongue volume, eggs shrink and
eventually carry on.The twelve of the loser.

      On the 17th chapter to be subtle pulse

    Yellow Emperor and asked: diagnostic methods ru?Qi Bo replied: diagnostic methods often Pingdan, chi is
not moving, yang is not casual, not into the diet, not containing the meridians, collaterals and mix thoroughly,
blood is not chaos, it is available it had been pulse diagnosis.

    Qiemo movement and as shrewd, observing colored, more than enough view of the five internal organs,
Six Hollow Organs strength, Rise and Fall of shape, this parameter Ng, daredevil students divided.

   Blood husband Government will also tachycardia.As long as a gas treatment as short as gas disease, the
number of Ze bother, while a major disease progress.

    Shang Morinori shortness of breath, the next Morinori flatulence, on behalf of the qi decline, gas rules less
astringent while heartache.

      Hun Hun leather to such springs, the sick and then color and disadvantages; rain, the de as strings must die.

    Smart husband who colored the air,, I also.For example red white wrap Zhu, do not want, such as ocher;
white goose feather For example, do not want, such as salt; Green For example Cangbi Zhi Ze, do not want,
such as blue; Yellow For example Lo wrapped realgar, do not want, such as loess; black For example re- paint
colors, do not want, such as land-Cang.Colored subtle as see men, and its life soon.

    Husband smart person, so as all other white-black, short-long trial, to long for the short, white to black.Ze
fine carry on so bad.

    Five internal organs are within a Moriya.Sheng dirty in the least arrogant person injured fear, sound like
words from the chamber, is also in the wet qi.Words, and micro, all day Naifu speaker, this won the gas
also.Clothing is not convergence, language of good and evil, not to avoid intimacy who the gods 之
disorder.Depository not hide who is the portal not also, springs not only who is not Tibetan 也 bladder.Must
abide by health, fell in their death.

     Fu-chiang also feel exhausted by the body.First by the House of smart, head tilt, as the deep spirit will
carry on wins.Back by the House of the chest, shoulder and back with the song, bad government will carry
on.The House of renal waist, transfer roll can not, carry on kidney will be exhausted.House of the knee by
tendons, flexion and extension can not, line the hunchback attached, tendons, exhausted carry on.Bone marrow
is the House who can not long stand, line the vibration out, carry on bone will be exhausted.Be strong, health,
loss of strength have died.
    Chi Bo said: anti 4:00 who, more than for the fine, less than the consumer.Insufficient to be too fine,
should be more than enough tips for consumers.Yin and Yang is not appropriate, the sick sounding name off

   The emperor said: Pulse Qi 4:00 Fixed how?Know where it is regrettable that disease?Known disease by
changing how?First known disease, including how?First known illness outside do nothing?Does this five,
could almost hear.

   Chi Bo said: Please statement with the days running China also.Things, the Liuhe within the universe
changed, yin and yang should be, he Spring warm for the summer heat, he autumn and frustrations, for the
winter anger, four changes on the vessel with up and down to the spring should be in the regulations, the
summer should be in the moment , should the value fall and winter should be in the right.

    Therefore in the Winter Solstice 40 on the 5th micro-yang, the yin microburst; the summer solstice on 40
on the 5th yin yang micro-micro, the yin and yang, sometimes, with the pulse period, period and phase loss,
known by the sub-pulse.Per term, old friend died.Subtle in the vein, must be aware of, police Zhi Yuki,
beginning from the yin and yang, beginnings and has been, from the Five Elements of Health, Seng has degree
four seasons is appropriate.Do not miss this meeting diarrhea, and heaven and earth as one, have a feeling, to
know life and death.

   Therefore in co pentameter sound, color together the five elements, yin and yang pulse.

   Know the dream is related to flood Yin Sheng fear, yang is a dream burning fire burnt.

   Yin Yang Sheng all, then kill the dream phase damage.

   Shang Morinori Mengfei, falling under the Morinori dream, and jumping to the very full, very hungry and
jumping to take; liver containing the dream angry, Qi Sheng is a dream 哭.

   As many insects gathered short dream, snake dreams with destroying as many injured.

    Therefore in support pulse tactics, Xujing to protect.Spring float, such as fish swim in the waves; summer
in the skin, general more than almost everything; autumn under the skin, stinging insects will go; winter in the
bone, stinging insects thorough gentleman room.Hence it is said: to know in person by the Millennium, known
outside of the end of the beginning as this six persons who Pulses Dafa.

   Heart pulse strong and long, when the disease tongue volume can not be made; its soft and casual person,
when the consumer ring itself.

   Lung firm and long pulse, when the disease Tuoxue; its soft and casual person, when the disease irrigation
Khan, now no longer distributed 也.

    Liver pulse strong and long, color is not blue, when the disease fall if the stroke, because blood in the
Pollution on, cause asthma inverse; its soft and loose color who, when the patient overflow to drink, overflow
drinker, thirsty violence and more drinking, they pass into the muscle skin stomach outside of.

   Stomach firm and long pulse, its Sechi, when the disease off thigh, the soft, scattered by, when the disease
food paralysis.

Spleen pulse strong and long, the color yellow, when the disease less gas; its soft and loose color does not
Zemin who, when sick _ swollen, Flow-like too.
     Renal firm and long pulse, the color yellow and red who bow when the disease; its soft and loose those
little blood when the disease has not Fu also.

   The emperor said: diagnosis was acute heart vessel and this why the disease, disease-shaped collecting?Chi
Bo said: hernia Heart disease name, Shaofu when physical 也   .The emperor said: How short?Chi Bo said: dirty
mind as male, whom the small intestine so that, twenty years before when the physical Ye Shaofu.

   The emperor said: diagnosis was gastric vein, disease-shaped collecting?Chi Bo said: gastric vein actually
expansion, virtual is leaking.

    The emperor said: disease and changed into what?Chi Bo said: wind became cold and heat, as elimination
of hate, Jue as the summit of illness, long wind vent for the supper, pulse air into Pandora.Disease changes,

     The emperor said: Zhu carbuncle swollen spasms pain, euphemistically quiet?Chi Bo said: This cold Zhi
swelling, eight wind variable also.The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: ratio of 4:00 of the disease,
its treatment of the more wins also.

    The emperor said: There are so sick launched five internal organs, injury vein color, why the idea on the
long-standing disease of violence to almost?Chi Bo said: passing a note asking also, do not sign the pulse of
small color wins, the new disease also; collect the pulse does not seize the color wins who this long illness,
also; collect the clock and won all five colors makers this long illness, also; will collect all five colors pulse
and no wins is new to the disease is very.Liver and renal vein and to the color of red Cang, when the disease
damage not see blood, has to see blood if the water is wet.

    Foot in both sides of the Norisue threat also, outside foot kidney-designate, feet in the belly-
designate.Attached to the left waiting outside the liver, in order to designate Ge, the right to designate outside
the stomach, spleen waiting within.Attaching the right lung designate outside, waiting within the chest, left
lateral heart-designate, in order to designate tanzhong.Before the waiting before and after the post-
designate.Actually the person on the chest throat thing they had.Next actually under those Shaofu waist Thigh
Knee tibial foot in the thing they had.

    Coarse person, Yin Yang is more than enough for the enthusiastic too.To illness to Xu, the next virtual
reality, as the summit of illness Jue.To XU to illness, upper, under virtual reality, evil wind.The evil wind so
those affected are yang.

    Shen pulse breakdown with all persons, Shao Jue also; Shen breakdown scattered those cold and heat also;
floating 而 dispersing Qi is Qu servant.Various floating rashness who are in the sun, was hot; its a rash in the
hands of various small and Shen who are in the shade, was bone pain; its a static 者in the foot.Number of fixed
generation, the sick in the yang pulse 也.Vent and then pus and blood.

    Been cut with all those who, more than yang Shibuya are also, sliding by more than yin him; yang Wei
fever no more than a sweat to sweat more than yin body cold, yin and yang, cold and spare no sweat.

    Suits of pushing, rather than in, there are also trusted product.By extension, within, not outside, the body
has the craze.By extension basis as the last but not the next, back foot Kiyonari.Push down the next and not on
the first item pain does.By matter to bone, the smallest number of pulse gas, lumbar sore body have Bi also.

   Weather on the 18th chapter level people

   Yellow Emperor and asked: who ru flat?
   Qi Bo replied: people call Traditions of a move, a suction pulse is re-fixed, fixed-rate breathing, pulse 5
move, leap to heave a deep sigh, life on level one.Who do not the disease is very flat.

   Patients often do not transfer patients, doctors are not ill, so they settled for the patient to adjust it as law.

   Calls to a dynamic pulse man, a suction pulse of a dynamic, on a little gas.

    Calls to clock three people move, moving, but a suction pulse three impatient, foot temperature thermal say
disease, foot disease does not heat pulse slip said, the wind, say Bi astringent pulse.

    Calls to action were more than four clock say die, never to say die clock, Chad said, sparse at first glance
the number of dead.

    Regular gas intrinsic level person in the stomach, the stomach flat person who often gas also, counter
person said, no stomach qi, Ni Zhe death.

    Chun said, gastric micro-strings, taut stomach and small say more than liver disease, but stomach said, no
dead strings.Mao said, the stomach while the autumn disease, Mao said, even this disease.Dirty really scattered
in the liver, liver, fascia gas also.

    Long summer flat stomach and said, Microsoft is weak, weak little more than say Pibing stomach, but on
behalf of the stomach and said, no dead, weak, Winter said, there are stone disease, weak or even say this
disease.How dirty true splenic, spleen muscle gas also.

    Yue-Ping Xia gastric micro-hook, hook, saying little more than the stomach heart disease, but stomach
said, hook Ji died, Stone said, the stomach while winter disease, stone or even say this disease.Dirty really pass
in mind, the heart of Tibetan blood gas also.

    Mao said, micro-level fall of the stomach, lung, saying less hair and more stomach, but stomach said, no
dead Mao Mao said, while the spring chord disease, strings and even say this disease.Dirty truth than the lung
to Yin and Yang Ying and Wei-line also.

    Stone said, micro-level winter stomach, kidney stone, saying little more than the stomach, but stomach
said, no dead stones, stones and a hook, saying the summer disease, hook even say this disease.Really dirty
under the kidney, kidney or bone marrow gas also.

   Stomach and large contact.Dubbed the Virtual Village, Guan Ge contact the lung, for the left one, its action
should be clothing, gas pulse were also.

   Containing the number of absolutely asthma, whereas most patients, the node Er Wang has actively carry
on.Never to say die, milk under the action should be clothing, air vent 也cases.

    Yu Zhi cunkou too and less than, the veins in the hand Exists shorter, say headache; Exists in hand for the
elderly, said, hind tibia pain; Exists to promote Shang hit in hand who said, pain in the shoulder ridge; Shen
and firm who Exists , say disease in; Exists floating Er Sheng persons, say disease outside; Exists sunken and
weak, said, refer, less abdominal pain, cold and heat, and hernia; Exists Shen and Wang, Yue Pollution on a
plot, the belly of a cross-plot pain: Exists in a calm and shy, said, cold and heat.

   Jian Sheng slippery pulse who said, out sick; pulse of small solid and firm, the sick included.

    Small weak pulse to Shibuya, it means that a long illness; pulse slip float and sick persons, that the new
    Rapid pulse who say Mass in a small abdominal hernia.Slip said, the wind pulse, pulse Shibuya said,
paralysis, slow and slippery say enthusiastic, Sheng and Jian said inflation.

    Pulse from the yin and yang, disease easy to have; pulse inverse yin and yang, the patient has been
difficult; clock was 4:00 for forward, say a disease is not his; connections between anti-4:00 and did not say
hardly have been dirty.

Green said, more than arm veins the blood off, slow pulse foot astringent, it means that solution _, On Shing
pulse lying off it means that the blood, it means that a sliding scale astringent pulse, sweating, cold feet after
the discharge pulse that small, often with heat pulse foot thick it means that enthusiastic.

    See Keng-hsin and died of liver, heart, see Ren Gui death, see B die spleen, lung see Bingding dead, had
died of renal see E.Is really dirty, see, are dead.

    Carotid pulse of asthma disease cough, saying the water, head wrapped in micro-swelling, such as lying
silkworm-like said, took its water.

    Female yellow red safety lay persons, jaundice.Who had been drinking, such as hunger, stomach jaundice.

    Face swelling say the wind.Hind tibia swollen, saying the water.The Definition of head yellow jaundice.

    Woman hand pulse Shaoyin worse, pregnant pregnancy.

   Pulse with reverse from 4 o'clock, not dirty form.Spring and summer while the veins thin, floating large
winter The gangue, Ming Yue against four o'clock.

    The wind is hot and pulse quiet, vent and delinking real blood, patients in the virtual pulse, the patient
outside the pulse strong astringent who are refractory, Ming Yue against four o'clock.

    Grain-oriented people with water, enemies must have died, Mizutani, pulse no stomach qi is dead.The so-
called non-Wei Qi who was really dirty, but the clock can not stomach qi Ye.Not the so-called pulse Wei Qi,
the hepatic non-string and kidney do not rock are.

   Pulse to the sun, the long loud; Shaoyang clock to, first the number of first thinning, first short first length;
Yang pulse to the floating large and short.

    Fu Ping Xin Mai years, numerous such Lianzhu, such as the heart through the Langgan Yue Ping.A basis
for Stomach-based.Heart vessel disease to, Chuan Chuan even genera, of which slightly bent say heart
disease.Xin Mai to death, before the song after the home, such as operating Hook said, desperate.

    Ping pulmonary vein to, Yan Yan Nie Nie, such as loading and elm pod, said, pulmonary level.Stomach
based the autumn.Pulmonary vein to disease, flattening, such as through the chicken feather, say lung
disease.Pulmonary vein to death, such as the floating objects, such as wind Chuimao, said, died of lung.

    Pinggan pulse to weak close the mouths, such as the distal pole said, exposing the liver level.Chun-Yi Wei
Qi-oriented.The hepatic veins to, earned solid and the slide, such as through the pole, said, liver
disease.Hepatic veins to death, acute Zhang Yi Jin as new bow string, said, died of liver.

    Ping splenic vein to, and away from the soft phase, such as chicken practice, the said, spleen level.Yi Wei
Qi-based long summer.Disease Pibing years, while the surplus real numbers, such as chicken feet move, say Pi
Bing.Splenic vein to death, sharp as hard as a bird beak like a bird from, such as houses leak, water and the
like, said, spleen and death.
    Level of renal vein to, Chuan Chuan countless like a hook, of which he firmly said, according to renal
level.Dong Yi Wei Qi-oriented.Kidney disease, such as pulse to lead Ge, according to the benefits that strong,
say kidney.Death to fat, such as renal vein wins claim, the provision of the provision of solid stone stone, said,
dead kidneys.

    Possession of machine real jade articles 19th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: spring pulse, such as strings, while ru string?

    Qi Bo replied: Spring vein, the hepatic Also, the East the trees are beginning health is the reason why all
things, so the gas to soft, light virtual and sliding, side straight to a long, twenty years before and strings, this
person against disease.

    The emperor said: ru the counter?Chi Bo said: its gas to real and strong, we called too, disease out.Its gas
to false and the micro, we called less sick in the.The emperor said: too much and not as the spring pulse, the
sick are collecting?Chi Bo said: too much is very forgetful, Hu Hu dazzling run and the top of illness; the less,
the cause chest pain and lead back, at least under the two threatened flank of animal.

    The emperor said: good.Summer Pulse as hooks, ru the hook?Chi Bo said: tachycardia heart of summer,
the south fire also, the reason things Sheng are long, so the gas bowl to decline, twenty years before and hook,
anti this are sick.

    The emperor said: ru the counter?Chi Bo said: their courage to go also Shing Shing, what we called too,
the sick out, that their courage to go against not sheng Sheng, hence is not as sick in.The emperor said: clock
summer too and less, both the disease are collecting?Chi Bo said: too hot and the skin itself a cause of pain, to
get involved; its not as a cause of worry, cough were seen on sleep, for gas under the vent.

   The emperor said: good.Autumn Pulse as floating, the floating ru?Chi Bo said: those who fall pulse, lung
as well, the Western Jin also, all the reason harvests.Therefore, its gas to light virtual to float, to go to San
urgent, Hence it is floating, against this are sick.

    The emperor said: ru the counter?Chi Bo said: its gas to the Central Mao Jian, Liang Peng, virtual, we
called too sick out; its gas to gross and micro, less than what we called the sick in the.The emperor said:
autumn clock too and less, both the disease are collecting?Chi Bo said: too much a cause of back pain against
anger.Resentful resentful However, Qi is less than a cause of asthma, respiratory cough less anger, on the air
with blood, the press and Bing tone.

    The emperor said: good.Winter pulse such as business, ru the camp?Chi Bo said: winter tachycardia and
kidney.Northern water also, the reason Hancang things are.Therefore, its gas to Shen to stroke, Hence it is
business, this person against disease.

    The emperor said: ru the counter?Chi Bo said: its gas to, such as bombs that the stone, what we called too
sick out; the last instance, several persons, what we called less sick in the.The emperor said: winter clock too
and less, both the disease are collecting?Chi Bo said: It is too much solution is _, spinal vein pain, and less gas
is not freely their opinion; its not as a cause of Xinxuan, such as disease, hunger, _ in the clear, ridge in pain,
Shaofu full, urine changes.

   The emperor said: good.The emperor said: 4:00 ordinal, a reverse from the variation also, what the main
course alone splenic vein.Chi Bo said: splenic vein by soil also, orphaned dirty to irrigation were also four

   The emperor said: good and evil, however, available to be found in the spleen or Down?Chi Bo said: good
and not have to see, evil can be seen.The emperor said: ru evil can be seen?Chi Bo said: its to water and the
like who we called too, disease out.If a bird Hui who, what we called less sick in the.The emperor said: Master,
spleen was isolated dirty word, the Central to four irrigation front, Qi too with less, both the disease are
collecting?Chi Bo said: too much a cause of four is not held, Qi is less than the very Jiuqiao barrier, named
Chung Keung.

    Royal Quran into the sky, Zai Baier Jishou said: good.I have great connections to the world is to the
number of colored tachycardia, Kui Du Heng Qi, Tao is one, God does not turn back, not turn back, is missing
the machine, to several Zhi to be, closer to the micro, the Zhi jade, Collected organs, each once Reading,
named Jade machine.

    Five internal organs bullied its born, handed on to their victory, their homes air born and died in their
victorious.Disease and death, we must first transmission line, to its numerous, patient is dead.This remark is
also retrograde qi, it died.

    Liver bullied in mind, communication is to the spleen, gas homes in the kidneys, to the lungs and
died.Heart bullied in the spleen, mass is to the lungs, air homes in the liver to kidney died.Spleen bullied in the
lung, mass is to the kidney, air care in mind, to the liver and died.Lung bullied in kidney mass is to the liver,
spleen qi homes Yu, Zhixin died.Bullied in liver kidney, mass is to the heart, gas homes in the lungs, spleen to
die.Euphemistically reverse die, on the 1st night, one-fifth of this total approach to death so early evening Ye.

    Yellow Emperor said: five internal organs connected, shift Jieyou times.Five internal organs are sick, then
the transfer of its victory, died.France in March, if in June, if the three days, if on the 6th.Transfer when the
five organs died, is pass along their beat times.

   Hence it is said: Do Yu Yang who has never known disease; other in the shade who know the period in life
and death.Made their plight known to die.

    Therefore in the wind who riddled 之are long.

    This cold off on others, people completed the straight hair of the skin closure Er is hot.When is the time
when Khan and fa.Plasmodiophora Bi Sheng heartless, when is the time to iron and fire moxibustion Tom
thorn away Zhi.Front rule, the lung disease into the house, it is called pulmonary paralysis, hair cough on the
air Vladimir rule, lung or liver mass and-bound, called kidney disease liver Bi, a Yue Jue, hypochondriac pain
out of food.When is the time, can, if harsh.Front rule, the spleen of liver mass, called kidney disease spleen
wind, hair Bi, belly heat, to worry, the yellow.At this time, can be medicine, bathing.Front rule, spleen kidney
of transmission, the sick sounding name hernia refer, Shaofu?Heat and pain, a white, a Yue Gu.At this time,
can be medicine.Front rule, renal mass heart, sick tendons and lead to the urgent phase, called kidney disease
Zhi.At this time, moxibustion can be medicine.Front rule, full on the 10th, France when the death.Kidney due
to heart mass, heart mass and the complex-bound anti-lung, fat, cold and heat, law died when three years old,
disease in the times have.

    Nevertheless, his Death mover, not ruled transmission, or transfer of a non-inferior race, no inferior race
entrants, sorrows and joys, anger, anxiety or fear, that may not be followed, it is a serious illness carry on.

   So hi, big virtual Ze kidney by men, and anger Ze liver by men, and grief Ze Qi by men, and fear Ze
tempered by men, and worry Norizane gas by men, and this is also their ways.Therefore, five patients, 五 25
changes and the transfer of.Communication, Travel on, who also.

    Bones withered, large meat trap, the chest full of air, breathing the inconvenience, Qi aerodynamic shape,
on the June death, really dirty vein, see, is to the approach of.

    Bones withered, large meat trap, the chest full of air, breathing the inconvenience, cited in neck pain, died
on January.See really dirty, is to the approach of.
    Bones withered, large meat trap, the chest full of air, breathing the inconvenience, pain within the shoulder
cited items, body heat, removing the meat break rouge.See really dirty, died in a period in October.

   Bones and immediately became trapped under a large meat, shoulder intramedullary consumption, action
benefits decline.Really dirty to see, for a year-old dead, are reflected in its real dirty, is to the approach of.

    Bones withered, large meat trap, the chest full of gas, abdominal pain, heart inconvenience, shoulder key
body heat, breaking rouge de meat, Mukuang depression.See really dirty, present but not people, would die;
the people who see to have died when their victorious.

    Death to the virtual body in the emergency, the five internal organs never closed, pulse Road barrier, gas
does not contact, such as falling into the female, not two.The clock will not come if interest rates were a five,
six to its shape the meat is not off, really dirty, though gone, still die.

    True hepatic veins to the Chinese and foreign emergency, such as through the blade, select the Select by
music masters such as string course, plainer and not Ze color, hair pack, is dead.True pulse to, Caine and
stroke, such as through Coix son, numerous natural, Sechi does not ze black, wool packs, is dead.True to the
pulmonary veins, large and imaginary, such as the hairiness of human skin, the color white is not ze red hair
off, is dead.True to the renal veins, stroke in no way should, if that bombs rock, the provision of the provision
of course, not ze black and yellow color, hair pack, is dead, true to the splenic vein, the weakness of their first
few sparse at first glance, the color yellow green is not ze, hair off , is dead.Veins were all really dirty, all died
also died.

     Yellow Emperor said: see real dirty, saying die, Why?Chi Bo said: five internal organs are, are intrinsic
aerodynamic stomach, Zhe Zhi five organs of this also; organ qi, but can not cause the hand from the moon,
will arise from the Wei Qi, and even in the hands lunar Ye.Therefore, each of its five internal organs, the moon
itself as for the hand too.So evil winner, refined gas decline Ye.Therefore, disease worse, not with all As for
the hand Stomach moon, it really dirty view of the gas alone, alone see, the sick wins dirty also, twenty years
before death.The emperor said: good.

    Yellow Emperor said: Any review of its qi healing color, pulse Rise and Fall, a new disease so, is the rule
not the time after.

    Gas may form, that can cure the color to float, it means that easy to have; clock from 4:00, it means that
can be cured; weak pulse Yi slip, there is Wei Qi, Ming Yue Yi rule, take them with time; shaped gas loss, that
of the refractory; color yao not Ze, that the difficulty has been; pulse solid to strong, it means that Yi Shen;
pulse inverse 4:00, as non-government, police will be four difficult, but next to announce.

   The so-called inverse Four Seasons, Spring was pulmonary vein, renal vein was the summer and fall have
heart vessel, the winter was splenic vein; and at Shibuya are suspended must Shen who Mingyue inverse 4:00.

    Not dirty form, in the spring and summer while the pulse Shibuya, autumn and winter The gangue floating
large, it is called reverse four o'clock.

    Heat pulse static disease; vent and large veins; off the blood vein itself; disease, the clock real strong, the
sick out, strong pulse were false; are intractable.

    Yellow Emperor said: I heard actual situation Yi daredevil students, appreciate further the situation?Chi Bo
said: Five real death, five virtual death.The emperor said: Our family five five virtual reality?Chi Bo said:
Sheng pulse, hot skin, abdominal distension, before and after the blocked, stuffy dim, we called five
real.Thready pulse, cold skin, breath, profit before and after discharge, restaurants would not join, what we
called the five empty.The emperor said: give birth by the time Why?Chi Bo said: pulp gruel the stomach, vent
injection only, then the virtual living persons; body after Khan was profit, then the real live person.Measure
whose waiting 也   .

   3 of article twenty-nine candidates

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard 9-pin Yu Master, a number of broad, innumerable.I appreciate further
arteries to be descendants of the world after the transfer, with the bone marrow, possession of the liver and
lung, drink blood and by, dare not vent.Make joint Heaven, there must circulates.Chi Kwong Li stars should be
the next vice 4:00 five elements, something which is more mutual, winter sun shade in summer, people
suitable response is regrettable that, appreciate further side?Qi Bo replied: passing a wonderful question
also!This world matter to the number.

    The emperor said: Our family matter to a few world, qualifying for humanoid flesh, through daredevil
students, whom how?Chi Bo said: Heaven and Earth matter to a few starts, and finally nine Yan.

   One person-day, two way, three people, so three, three three nine, to be nine wild.

    There are three enemies, the Department has three candidates to daredevil students to office all, and to
transfer actual situation, but Chuxie disease.

    The emperor said: What is 3?Chi Bo said: there are lower, there is central, with the upper part of the
Department have three candidates.Three candidates who one day, there are places, some say.Will refer thus
leading to this, he thought really.

   Upper-day, two places to artery; upper, the cheeks on the vessel; upper one, before ear artery.

   Central days, hand-moon also; middle ground, hand-Yangming also; central, hands Shao Ye.

   Lower-day, foot Jueyin also; lower to, foot Shao also; lower one, full lunar Ye.

    The lower part of the day so designate the liver, to designate kidney, spleen and stomach, were to

    The emperor said: central Taiwan designate how?Chi Bo said: some day, some way, some people, days
designate the lungs, to designate the chest of gas, people with heart-designate.

   The emperor said: in what the top candidates are?Chi Bo said: some day, some way, some people.Days
waiting Tau Kok atmosphere, and to designate air of articulate people to designate the eyes and ears of gas.

    Three persons, each day, each way, the people.Made three days, three made of land, three for adults.Three
of the three, Hopewell was nine, nine field is divided into nine, nine field in nine dirty.So God dirty 5, shape
dirty four, together for the nine dirty.Five internal organs had failed, the color will yao, yao die carry on.

     The emperor said: designate how?Chi Bo said: we must first degree 其 andtransformation too fat to adjust
its gas Truth and False, but in reality diarrhea Zhi, virtual 则 supplemented.Must first removing its blood and
then Diao, no, regardless of their disease-ping period.

    The emperor said: daredevil students do nothing?Chi Bo said: Sheng-shaped pulse thin, less is not
sufficient to interest rates up in danger.Xingshou pulse large, multi-gas chest to die.Gas may form and live.Wu
did not participate in tone, disease.Three-phase loss of nine candidates were to die.Artery of the upper and
lower left and right corresponding like those Bing Chung participants very up and down left and right to die
with loss of uncountable.Although the independence of the central waiting tone, and the public loss of visceral
compared to die.Designate central Taiwan subtraction was executed, head sunk their death.
    The emperor said: how to know where the disease?Chi Bo said: that the nine small independent candidates
were ill were dominant disease, diseases are diseases alone, late alone were disease patients with heat alone,
alone feeling cold disease, those patients under depression alone.

    To the left the foot, ankle Wucun Press to go, Shu right hand while the bomb was as much as the ankle, it
shall Wucun more than those who do not squirming natural disease, it shall muddy aware of this disease in
those patients hand, natural persons in the hand slowly disease.Can not to Wucun it shall, bomb should not be
their death.

    Off the flesh is not to die.Central first few sparse at first to die.The pulse generations hook, the sick in the

     Corresponding nine candidates are, from top to bottom if I, not with loss.The later the disease for a
candidate, two candidates even after the infection is marked, the later the three candidates dying.Called the
latter, should not all have.Review of its entrails, to know the period in life and death, will be the prophet, in
turn, then known abnormal pulse.Shinzo pulse see wins death.Ghost, full sun, who, at the feet not flexion,
death will wear eye.

   The emperor said: Dong Yin Xiayang how?Chi Bo said: Artery of nine candidates were never Zhe Xuan
Shen fine for the shade, the main winter, so Yi midnight death.The number of hours for the ankle asthma
Sheng Yang, the main summer, so Yi Japan and die.

     Therefore in patients Yiping Dan die cold and heat.Japan keen and fever Zheyi death.Wind by Yi sick
patients die.Disease of crops, Yi midnight death.The pulse first few sparse at first, later than the first disease
first those on death by the four seasons.

    The meat has been off form, although nine candidates tune is death.Although seven clinics see, nine
candidates are accomplices, who were dead.Telling the deceased, the trend to disease, and disease by month,
like a disease rather than the seven clinics also, it made immortal.If seven attending the disease, its pulse is
also losers dead carry on waiting.Bedford Yue eh.

    Will start questioning their disease, and now is that the side disease, then the cut through the pulse,
depending on the meridian drifting above the hindrance from under the counter.Pulse and the sick who are not
sick, the pulse later by disease; connections between those who are not dead, dead skin author.

    The emperor said: it could rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: After the patient to govern the economic, Sun Sun
Collateral treat the symptoms of blood contact.Leukemia body with pain were the collaterals.The disease in the
singular evil, evil odd pulse in Needling Zhi, stay thin section of the barbed Zhi sternly.SIIC under virtual cut
and from which, claims end leads collaterals, prick out the blood in order to see Michiyuki.Tong Zi less than
the higher of the sun, wear looking at the sun has never, to this daredevil Seng, must be very cautious.Lateral
fingers and hands, the fingers left needle.

    Another View of chapter twenty-first meridian

   Yellow Emperor and asked: static and dynamic person residence Yong mood, pulse is also almost the
Change?Qi Bo replied: mere mortals fear rage static work are all variable also.

    Nocturnal asthma is out of the kidney, lung disease obscene gas.

    Some fear of falling, gasping for breath out of the liver, spleen damage prostitution Qi.

    Some panic, breath out of lungs, Obscene gas sad.
   Ferry or servant, breath out of kidney and bone.

   When is the time, brave gas lines already, who was in the mood for the disease also.

    Hence it is: would tell the way and watching people brave mood, skin, flesh and blood, can know these
feelings, that the clinic law also.

    Therefore, even full diet, sweating in the stomach.Surprise and snatching from fine, sweating in it.Prudent
travel, sweating in the kidneys.Rush fear, sweating in the liver.Shake body toil, sweat Yu spleen.

   Therefore, winter spring and autumn seasons yin and yang, from the excessive use of sick, this is often 也.

   Fresh air the stomach, San skilled in the liver, obscene aerodynamic bars.

   Fresh air the stomach, an aggregate of hearts, prostitution skilled pulse.

   Pulse flow through, by the gas attributed to the lung, pulmonary towards Lotus, Inseminated Yu fur.

   Joint precise pulse Mao, Qi Yu Fu, Fu Ming spirit, to remain in possession of four.

   Gas attributable to weigh, weigh in order to level, air intake into the inch, to daredevil Health.

    Drink into the stomach, You Yi Jing gas on transmission in the spleen, temper, fine powder, the attribution
of lung water passage, lost under the bladder, water, fine fabric four to five by the parallel.Complies with four
seasons, five internal organs, yin and yang, Kuiduo that often Ye.

   Independence to the sun dirty, Jue breath virtual inverse gas is also more than yin yang insufficient.Table
when the club spilled, take under Yu.

   Yangming dirty independence to, is the yang, and also heavy.When diarrhea yin yang, taking under Yu.

   Shaoyang dirty independence to, is Jue gas also.Death before ridings large, take under Yu.

   Shaoyang independence to persons, nor had a yang.

     Lunar dirty stroke who really heart provinces, five pulse breath, stomach qi uneven, morbidity, 也.Yoshiji
its next Yu, Yin yang diarrhea.

    A single Xiao Yang, Shao Yang Jue 也        .Yang and Yu, the four pulse fight Zhang, gas attributed to
kidney.Should the collaterals; diarrhea yin yang.

   A yin to, Jue Yin and the Rule 也  .True virtual _ heart, Jue gas to stay thin, fat, white sweat, transfer food
and medicine, treatment in the next Yu.

    The emperor said: What is dirty like the sun?Chi Bo said: like Sanyo and floating 也 .The emperor said:
Shaoyang dirty like what?Chi Bo said: as a yang, a dirty Yang who really should not slip.The emperor said:
Yang Ming Ho as dirty?Chi Bo said: like big floating 也.Lunar dirty pump, made by V drum 也 Yin stroke to
kidney Shen did not float too.

   Tibetan Qi of articles twenty-second time
   Yellow Emperor and asked: 4:00 five elements combined human form and rule of law, from ru, ru the
counter?Gains and losses meaning, appreciate further such incident.

    Qi Bo replied: Five persons, Five Elements also.More expensive, more humble, to know life and death to
decision success, may be five internal organs of gas, even between the time of death Seng phase of

    The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi Bo said: The liver in spring, full Jue Yin Shaoyang attending.B of
their day.Acute liver pain, acute drinking willing to slow Zhi.

    Heart of Summer, hands less Yintai Yang attending.Their day Bingding.Heart pain relief, emergency food
acid to royalties.

    Spleen Governing long summer, enough Talin Yangming attending.E had its day.Wet spleen pain, acute
pain Yi eat dry season.

     Lung main autumn, hand Yangming lunar attending.Their day Keng-hsin.Pulmonary gas Shangni bitter,
bitter emergency food to vent Zhi.

   Kidneys winter, feet less Yintai Yang attending.Their day Rengui.Dry kidney pain, acute food Sim to
Runzhi, open Cou management, are also caused by body fluid ventilation.

    Disease in the liver, the more in the summer, summer diseases, and even autumn, autumn and death, held
in the winter, starting in spring.Forbidden when the wind.

    Liver disease, the more the Probucol, Probucol diseases, and increase in the Keng-hsin, Keng-hsin and
death, holding on Ren Gui, from the B.

   Liver disease, Ping Dan Hui, even under the BU, midnight quiet.

   Liver For casual, casual of emergency food Xin, Xin supplemented with acid diarrhea of.

    Heart disease, the more in the long summer, long summer diseases, and even in winter, dead of winter,
held in the spring, starting in the summer.Fresh hot warm clothing ban.

    Heart disease or who had been in the E, E have diseases, and increase in the Ren Gui, Ren Gui death, held
at B, from the Probucol.

   Heart disease who Japan Hui, very middle of the night, Pingdan static.

   For the soft heart, acute drinking of salt to soft; with salt supplemented, Gan diarrhea of.

   Disease in the spleen, the more in the autumn, autumn unhealed; even in spring, die spring, held in the
summer, starting from a long summer.Temperature and food satiation ban, wetlands How clothes.

    Pibing who become the Keng-hsin, Keng-hsin and unhealed and added to B, B dead, holding Yu Bingding,
starting from Wuji.

   Pibing who, on yi LI Hui, sunrise and even, under the Asr static.

   For ease of spleen, acute drinking willing to mitigate the Zhi, with bitter diarrhea Zhi, Gan supplemented.
    Disease in the lung, the more in the winter.Winter diseases, and even in the summer, the summer death,
holding the long summer, starting in the autumn.Ban cold food, warm clothing.

    Lung disease, the more the Ren Gui, Ren Gui diseases, and increase in the Probucol, Probucol death, held
in E has played in the Keng-hsin.

    Lung disease who, under the BU Hui, Japan and even, midnight quiet.

    Lung wish to receive, emergency food acid with harvests, with acid supplemented, Xin Xie Zhi.

Disease in the kidney, the more in the spring, the spring of diseases, and even on long summer, long summer
and die, who in the autumn, starting in the winter, guilty of quenching _ ban hot food, warm clothing Sunburn.

    Nephropathy, and with increasing B, and B diseases, and than it has E, E has immortality, who Yu Keng-
hsin, from Yu Ren Gui.

    Nephropathy, midnight Hui, seasons and even, under the Asr static.

    Kidney For Jian, the emergency food hard to firm, with a supplement of bitter, salty diarrhea of.

   Cardiff itself is evil at the customer Yu.Yisheng add to the more they are born, to its numerous overgrows,
As born to hold, contented and their place the sky; we must first set of Pulse five internal organs, is to speak of
and even between the time of death Seng phase of construction .

    Liver disease, the two lead Shaofu Pollution on pain, anger is good.__ Not see the purpose of virtual ears
heard nothing, the good terrorist, as will be complemented.

    Whichever by Jue Yin and Shao Yang, gas against the headache.Deafness is not clever, cheek swelling,
take blood recipients.

    Heart disease who chest pain, threat support full, under the threat of pain, Ying back between shoulder
pain, pain in arms.Virtual is a large chest and abdomen, with cited Pollution on aches and lumbar.

    Whichever by less Yintai Yang sublingual blood provider, its change in blood diseases who stabbed Xi.

  Pibing persons, body weight, good meat hunger atrophy, foot No-line, good Chi, the foot pain.Virtual Zefu
Man, bowel supper vent, not of food.

    Whichever by moon, Yang Ming, Shao blood recipients.

Tuberculosis who cough inverse gas, shoulder pain, sweating, knee and thigh __ rump full shade all share the
pain.Virtual is less gas, can not report income, deafness, crop dry.

    Whichever is through, the lunar full sun, the Pericardium in blood recipients.

   Nephropathy, abdominal large tibial swelling, cough body weight, sleep sweating, hate the wind.Virtual is
chest pain, big belly, small abdominal pain, Qing Jue agree not happy.

    Whichever is less Yin Taiyang blood by those.

    Liver color blue, Yi Shi Gan.Rice, beef, date, Kwai are willing.

    Heart Sechi, Yi Shi acid.Bean, dog meat, Li, leek are acid.
    Lung color white, Yi Shi bitter.Wheat, lamb, apricot, Xie Jie Ku.

   Spleen yellow, Yi Shi Xian.Soybeans, pork, chestnut, Lophanthus rugosus are salty.

   Renal color black, Yi Shi Xin.Yellow millet, chicken, peaches, onions are symplectic.

   Xin San, acid collection, sweet relief, strong bitter, salty soft.Poison attack evil.

   Grains for food.Five fruits.Five animals for the benefit.Five vegetables for filling.

   The smell, serving together to complement the fine Qi.

    The five who have Xin, sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and each have their benefits, or casual, or income, or
slow, or anxious, or firm, or soft.4:00 five internal organs, the patient should have the following flavors.

   Vision Twenty five gas articles

    Flavors are in: acid hepatic, Xin lungs, hard into the heart, kidneys into salty, sweet Rupi is five into.

    5 gas by the disease: the heart is, eh, lung as cough, liver for the language, spleen as swallowing, kidney is
less, for the sneezing, stomach gas against the Yue, for fear, large intestine small intestine for the leaks, the
next focus of overflow for the water bladder adverse Wei infirmity, is not about left weak, gallbladder Wei
anger, for five patients.

   And refined by five: refined gas and heart Noriyoshi, and in the lung will be sad, and we are concerned
about the liver and in spleen Ze Wei, and in kidney is fear, is that the five and, virtual and phase and Zheye.

    Five internal organs are evil: evil hot heart, lung aversion to cold, wind evil liver, spleen evil wet, dry
kidney evil.Is that the five evil.

    Five organs of liquid: Heart for the Khan, lung Wei Chui, liver for the tears, saliva spleen for the kidney to
sleep.For the five fluid.

    Flavors the ban: Xin go gas, gas disease is not more food Xin; salt away the blood, leukemia-free and more
salty food; hard to go bone, bone disease suffer no more food, willing to take the meat, eat more meat disease
is not willing; acid away tendons, tendon disease is not more food acid.Is that the five forbidden, without so
much food.

    5 disease may send: Yin disease in bone, Yang disease in the blood, vaginal disease in meat, the disease in
the winter sun; Yam disease in the summer.Is that the five rounds.

    5 The random evil: evil into the Yu Yang Ze crazy, evil entering into the yin Ze Bi; stroke Yang was the
summit of disease, stroke, compared with Yin Yin; premise can Yinze Jing Yang, Yin yang out in anger.For
five random.

    5 evil see: spring pulse was autumn, summer and winter clock too, have a long spring and summer pulse,
summer and autumn have connections, have a long winter and summer pulse, it is called yin yang out, disease
died of good anger.Is that the five evil, the same as those ordered dead dead.

    Collection of five internal organs: heart hidden God, hidden soul of lung, liver soul, spleen Italy, stored in
the kidney.Is that the possession of five organs.
   The main five organs: heart of the main vein, lung primary skin, liver and longitudinal bars, spleen
governing meat, kidney primary bone.For the five internal organs are the main.

    Five injured workers: long as the injury of blood, a long injury lay gas, sedentary flesh wound, long-
established bone injury, a long line of injured tendons.Is that the five injured workers.

    Five pulse should be like: liver clock string, heart vessel hook, spleen pulse generation, pulse gross lung,
kidney and gangue.Of Pulse is that the five internal organs.

   Blood gas Keishi Posts 24th

    His wife, a constant, the sun less often and more blood gas, Shaoyang often less blood and more gas, more
gas and more regular blood Yang Ming, Shao often less blood and more gas, Jue Yin often less gas and more
blood, more often lunar low blood gas.The days of constant.

   Custom and full sun, and Shao, Shao Yang and Jue Yin for the table, Yangming and lunar for the table, is
enough Yin and Yang Ye.Custom and hand the Sun and Shao, Shaoyang and Heart for the table, Yang and Tai
Yin as the table is for the hand of the Yin and Yang Ye.

    Suffering from this known hand-foot-yin and yang, where the healing must first go to the blood, it is to
suffer, servers, manipulated and then spilled more than make up for inadequate.

    For back Yu, milk between its two first degree, in folds, but also to his grass-half degrees, that the two
corner with Zhu also, is the move to degree of their backgrounds to make it home on the corner, a large column
of Qi ridge , two the next corner, when his next corner who, lungs Yu also.

    Under the complex once, Yu heart also.Under the complex once, Yu also left corner of the Liver.Right
corner of the spleen, Yu also, under the once complex, Kidney Yu also, for the five internal organs Zhi Yu, Zhi
rating of thorns moxibustion.

   Form of music in pain, sick, born veins, Treatment by moxibustion stabbed.

   Form of music in music, the sick was born in meat, rule needle stone.

   Shape bitter Shigaraki, disease born tendons, and rule by iron lead.

   Zhi-shaped bitter bitter, was born in the pharynx, crop disease, and rule by 100 drugs.

   Form factor panic, Meridian blocked, disease born heartless rule mash medicine massage.

   Is that the five shape-chih.

    Barbed Yangming bleeding gas, barbed sun bleeding foul smells, bad blood outlet barbed Shaoyang,
barbed outlet lunar bad blood, bad blood outlet barbed Shao, barbed Jueyin bleeding foul smells 也.

   Po-life of the whole angle of the twenty-fifth chapter

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Days Forte set, everything learned preparation, more precious than
human.People to Heaven and Earth aerial, forming method for the four seasons.King Zhong Shu, do want the
whole angle.Form of the disease, Mozhi their feelings, leaving prostitution of the community, was in the bone
marrow, the heart of private concern.I want to pin in addition to their disease, whom how?
     Qi Bo replied: Cardiff salt taste salty owner, its air vent so that device-chun; string must owner, its sound
the cries of defeat; wood deposited by, its leaves hair deeply sick person, his claim Yue.People of these three,
is that bad government, poison-free treatment, short needle-free access, euphemistically must skin injury, the
blood gas war black.

   The emperor said: I chanting their pain, chaos and confusion against whom very heart.The disease can not
be more generations, the people heard of it, that the residual thief, whom do nothing.

    Chi Bo said: his wife was born, the suspension order on the day; Heaven and gas, life of the people
say.Person can be Four Seasons, the parents whom heaven and earth; knowledge of all things are, it means that
the Son of Heaven.Days of yin and yang, who has 12.Days of summer and winter, people have actual
situation.The yin and yang of heaven and earth to those who, losing 4:00.12 truth were known, Divine
Perception can not bully also, to keep changing and moving eight, five wins is more established, the number of
hours that can achieve independence and Reality into a single, Ka Yin to micro, taking anything away from the

    The emperor said: life, physical, separated from Yin and Yang.Heaven and gas, do as the nine wild,
divided into four seasons, months with the size of a short day length.All things and to not win amount.Actual
situation Ka Yin, I question the square?

    Chi Bo said: Wood winning the gold while cutting, the fire was water off, soil was wooden and over, gold
was fire and shortage of water have to land and must all things be so, can not win dried.Therefore, those
needles are hanging cloth five world: Qianshou total of more than food, Mozhi Chih.First of rule of God,
second is know-cultivation, third is known poisons are true, Siyue system Stone size, Wu Yue know viscus
flesh for the diagnosis.Five law all legislation, all have first.This armageddon thorns also, virtual person false,
over who leaked Zhi, euphemistically public workers are known to have.Ruofu Heaven is to, shall be moving,
and it shall, if sound, followed by if the film, Road no ghosts, loners.

    The emperor said: Our family their way.Chi Bo said: who stabbed the truth, we must first rule of God, the
five internal organs has been set, nine candidates had been prepared, the latter are maintained needle, the
public pulse gone, the public fierce Vladimir news, inside and outside Xiang De, without in order to form first,
playable exchanges is to others.People have actual situation, not to the past five virtual, five do not really far
away, to its as fat, not between Shun.If the service manual, pin Yao and uniform.Jing Yi as the meaning of
concept change Sik, is that tied to, Mozhi its shape.Reflected Wu Wu, reflected millet millet, from the
reflected fly, I wonder who.V, such as cross-bows, as issued from the machine.

    The emperor said: ru and virtual?Ru than action?Chi Bo said: Virtual will be required to actually stab, stab
with facts to the imaginary.The gas has to, Shen Shou Do not miss this, the depth of the blog, if a distance,
standing on the edge into the abyss, the hand grip such as the tiger, God no business publicly available

    8 is the 26th chapter of the gods

    Yellow Emperor and asked: clothing with a needle, there must be rules Yan, HE Ze today what law?Qi Bo
replied: Heaven is, the co-Yi daylight.

    The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi Bo said: who stabbed the law, law must designate the moon and
stars, 4:08 is the gas, gas is set gill Zhi.

    Therefore in days of warm sun and the moon, the human blood Nao Wei flotation liquid and therefore
easily spilled blood, gas and easy; profile for Japanese Yin, the people weep and Wei Qi Shen
coagulation.Months before blood gas before students are fine, Wei, Qi, are founded; Guo least the blood gas on
real, muscle Jian, Guo month empty, then the muscle cut, the meridian is true, Wei gas to, and form alone,
based on blood gas transfer because of the time and season Ye.

    Is the profile for no thorns, no doubt warm days; month old without diarrhea, The full moon does not help;
months Guo empty rule.Is that too sometimes Tones.Order for days, when the virtual Sheng, shift light
positioning, being executed under treat it.

   So Sun and Moon born diarrhea, is that the dirty virtual; fill the expiration month, blood gas Yang Yi;
contact has left the blood, Ming Yue Shigemi; Guo air and rule on, is that the disorder through.Negative and
wrong, true evil does not do, SHEN stay only, outside the virtual civil strife, immorality is starting.

    The emperor said: what the stars are waiting eight?Chi Bo said: stars who visit are so sun and moon
system.8 are those that the eight virtual evil wind to Zheye the hour.Four Seasons spring summer and winter so
the gas is located in order to adjust the time that it also.8 Masayuki virtual evil 而 avoided not to commit
too.To the body every day of the virtual and the virtual, with a sense of deficiency, its gas to the bone, into the
five internal organs were injured, waiting for rescue workers, unable to answer the injuries.Hence it is said:
days bogey should know too.

    The emperor said: good.Qi Law stars who, I heard the men, and to appreciate further to ancient law.Chi Bo
said: to the ancient law who is also the Prophet needle, and examination of persons coming to this, the Prophet
on cold temperature, month of empty Sheng, to designate the drifting air, the tone of the body, stand there and
watch his experience also.

    Watch tied to those made by Rong Wei qi Without the form on the outside, while working alone know
it.On a daily cold temperature, empty Sheng month, 4:00 qi drifting, reference consistency 而 Tones Wu,
workers often vision.However, do not form in addition, twenty years before and concept tied to Yan!Through
the Infinite One, you can also transfer to future generations.Therefore in different work is also the reason
why.However, no form is seen outside, so all can see 也 the invisible, taste ribs, so that tied to, if God like.

    Virtual evil persons, eight Masayuki virtual evil also; good and evil persons, physique if forced sweating,
Cou reason to open every virtual wind, in which people are micro.Therefore Mozhi their feelings, MO
reflected shape.

    Shanggong save its sprout, they must first see the three nine-designate of gas, make notes unbeaten for
rescue, twenty years before and Shanggong.Save its clock out has become, save that it has lost, save its
become who made nine three candidates do not know the phase loss, illness and the invincible are, know these
where those attending three nine known diseases of pulse Department designate and rule, twenty years before
and keep their doors Yan.Mozhi their feelings, and see evil shapes too.

    The emperor said: I heard insertion, without the meaning.Chi Bo said: diarrhea will be square, side by side
Sheng is also a gas.Full monthly side also, on a daily warm side as well, to put their lives side will also, in
order to inside information side suction needle, Naifu switch to designate the square suction needle, the square-
designate calls Er Nai Fu Xu cited needles, twenty years before and diarrhea must be square, its gas and line

    Meeting will be with members of the staff were OK too.Walker, the shift in.Thorn will in-Rong, a basis for
suction needles.Therefore, party members and non-needle too.

    Therefore repose who will know andtransformation too fat, blood gas Rong Wei The Rise and Fall.Blood
gas who were God, can not not like to raise.
   The emperor said: wonderful to passing on as well, co-humanoid in the yin and yang, 4:00, and Reality
should, be tied in on their non-Master makes perfect Michiyuki.However, the number of words and Spirit
Master, what shape?What is God?Death would like to smell.

   Chi Bo said: Please words shape, form almost shaped head tied to, and asked their disease, cable is to the
economic, Hui natural in front, Press to no, I do not know their feelings Hence it is shaped.

   The emperor said: What is God?Chi Bo said: Please word of God, God from God, refusing to listen to,
head out, open heart and blog first, Hui Tao Ran alone, I unable to answer made, all as the single view,
appropriate if faint, plain single out, if the wind and cloud , Hence it is God.3 whom the original nine
candidates, nine needle on, do not keep 也 .

    True evil clutch of papers 27th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard 9-pin 9, which is the Master of Nine, 99 81 I do carry on through his
meaning.The Rise and Fall of gas made, so dumping move.Under the above adjustment to the left of the right
tone.More than enough, reinforcing and reducing the wing lose, I know the carry on.Rong Enosaku
euphemistically inclined shift, and Reality born, non-evil from the outside can enter the economic 也 also
appreciate further evil Zhi in by their patients collecting?Taken from how?

   Chi Bo and answered: husband degrees from the sages, will be in heaven and earth; so days of residential
degrees, to have been water, people meridians.

   World mild, then by the water quiet; cold, you weep by the hydrogel; days of summer to heat, then boil
over with water, from the pawn storm, then by the waves from the Bay and Long.

    Husband's evil entering into the vein also, cold Ze HI sobbing, Ze Nao summer qi, which evil into the
virtual customer, and as was the wind through the water, through, arteries, to also, from time to time, Gansu,
his deeds in the veins, through the course through.

   And at Exists in the hands, sometimes big, sometimes small, the big evil to, small ones flat.His deeds
impermanence Department, the yin and yang, not for the degree.To police Zhi, three nine candidates.Curan
every of the early stop in his path.

    Plans to needle aspiration, not make gas disobedient.Static to stay for long, without so evil cloth.Needle
aspiration, in turn, to get gas as it is.Guidelines call waiting Needle, call to do is to go all out of the
atmosphere, so Ming Yue diarrhea.

    The emperor said: insufficient, supplemented, how?Chi Bo said: we must first palpable 而 the hindrance,
cut 而 Sanzhi, were extended Press to, playing and anger, focus on the under, through and taken from, guide
them outside the door to close its God.Call to make within the needle, in order to quiet stay for long, as it is a
gas to, such as when the expensive, I do not know nightfall.Its gas as well as, proper and self-protection,
climate to attract needle, not out of gas, each in his office, pushing whole family its doors, so that air deposits,
leaving only the atmosphere, so Ming Yue added.

    The emperor said: Designate air how?Chi Bo said: evil husband to contact, enter in through also, homes
Yu blood into its cold temperature does not Xiangde, such as the surge in the beginning also, the time came,
for it is not often in the.

    Hence it is: square it to also, will by shelling ceased Zhi, stop and taken from, not every Qi Chong Er Xie
    Infuriating those who, by the gas also, through Air Void, twenty years before it to not be closed, what is
called Ye.

    Hence it is: evil does not designate the trial, the atmosphere has passed, Xie Zhi Ze infuriating off, off is
not complex, evil complex to, and build patients benefit.Hence it is Qi to not pursue, what is called 也.

     Those who can not be linked to hair, hair pins, to be evil sometimes diarrhea matter to carry on.If the first,
if the latter, blood gas done, not the disease are under.Hence it is: know these desirable, such as hair dryer, I
wonder if taking deductions vertebra.Hence it is said: Mystery Road, who is not linked to hair, I do not know
Without the fat plane be refunded, what is called Ye.

    The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: This attack evil 也.Illness by going out of
blood, undone Qi infuriating.

    This evil has not set a new customer Rongrong Office also.While pushing the front, lead the Ze only,
against the thorn of, warm the blood.Thorn out of the blood, The disease has been established.

   The emperor said: good.However, true evil to tally, Long waves can not afford, candidates Zhi how?Chi
Bo said: trial palpable through three nine candidates Zhisheng virtual and Tones.Detect the left and right, up
and down with loss, and subtract those dirty disease are to review Zhi.

    I do not know three persons, yin and yang do not, heaven and earth, regardless; to designate, the days
waiting days, people who designate.Transferred into the government, to be three, twenty years before and I do
not know three stab abnormal pulse between nine candidates, although larger than and to the workers can not
be restrictions have been.

    Punish punishment not excessive, Ming Yue great confusion, rebellions and large been, really is not
complex, use is indeed true, to evil is true, with the needle without justice, there was a gas thief.Away people's
righteousness in order to control as the inverse, Rong Wei scattered, infuriating Offenders.Alone with the evil
within, must people live long, for one day of calamity, I do not know 3 9 candidates, it is not long long.

   I do not know of a year for five elements together, with wins for Canada, released evil attack is absolutely
human longevity.

    Evil new customers to have not been given office, pushing the the prior Yinzhi is only closed on the
diarrhea Zhi, The disease legislation has been.

    Through assessment and reality about the 28th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: What is truth?Qi Bo replied: evil Sheng is real, refined gas wins the virtual.

     The emperor said: actual situation of them?Chi Bo said: Qi persons, lung deficiency type Ye.Gas Nizhe,
full cold too.Non-the time the students, the time is dead.I all so dirty.

    The emperor said: What is really important?Chi Bo said: the so-called heavy with facts, made great fever,
gas heat pulse is full, is that heavy really.

    The emperor said: club meridian real collecting?Why rule people?Chi Bo said: meridians are real, urgent
and foot pulse is slow inch Also, both when the rule.Hence it is sliding from, Shibuya Inverse 也          .Husband's
actual situation who are its object class before, so five internal organs, flesh sliding profits, may be long 也.
    The emperor said: The gas shortage, more than by air, how?Chi Bo said: contact gas shortage, more than
those by the gas pulse and feet Cold in hot mouth.Autumn and winter for the inverse, spring from, government
primary patients.

    The emperor said: The virtual contact full of them?Chi Bo said: Man who through virtual contact, full
scale heat, cold astringent 也 pulse mouth.This spring and summer of death, autumn and winter students
also.The emperor said: rule this person do nothing?Chi Bo said: contact at least through virtual, moxibustion
Yin thorn Yang, through full contact virtual, barbed Yin moxibustion Yang.

   The emperor said: What is important virtual?Chi Bo said: pulse gas on the virtual ruler is true, is that the
heavy virtual.

    The emperor said: Why governance?Chi Bo said: the so-called deficiency who also made
impermanence.Scale virtual who's pace timid natural.Pulse virtual person, not overcast 也.That are.Slide the
students, Shibuya is die.

    The emperor said: cold storms, the pulse full and actual collecting?Chi Bo said: reality and slip the
students, while the reverse is actually dead.

     The emperor said: pulse really full, hand, foot and cold, the first heat, collecting?Chi Bo said: Spring and
Autumn are students, summer and winter is dead.Pulse is floating and astringent, astringent and hot body to

    The emperor said: its shape to make full of them?Chi Bo said: its shape to do over those big strong rapid
pulse, astringent and should not, and foot.In this way, so from the students, against the dead.

   The emperor said: What gives life from the reverse have died?Chi Bo said: the so-called from the person,
hand, foot and Winn.The so-called Ni Zhe, hand, foot and Cold in.

    The emperor said: son of the disease hot milk, a small clock hanging those collecting?Chi Bo said: hand-
foot-Wen Zesheng, cold have died.

   The emperor said: heat stroke, breast wheezing children who shoulder rate, pulse collecting?Chi Bo said:
wheezing shoulder income persons, pulse solid earth.Reduce the health, acute is dead.

   The emperor said: intestinal bleach blood in the stool of them?Chi Bo said: fever is dead, cold the students.

    The emperor said: intestinal bleach under the foam ru?Chi Bo said: pulse were students, and a floating
pulse is dead.

   The emperor said: intestinal bleach under the pus and blood collecting?Chi Bo said: clock hanging must be
dead, Waterloo is health.

   The emperor said: The case of intestinal bleach, body does not heat pulse must not hang ru?Chi Bo said:
The Definition of Waterloo students, hanging Shibuya The Definition of death, to the dirty period Zhi.

    The emperor said: epilepsy disease ru?Chi Bo said: pulse of the big slide for a long time himself, strong
rapid pulse small, dead dead.

    The emperor said: epilepsy Illness pulse, the actual situation of them?Chi Bo said: virtual can rule, but in
fact dead.
    The emperor said: Xiaodan actual situation of them?Chi Bo said: clock real big, sick for a long time to
cure, a small clock hanging strong, disease can not rule long.

    The emperor said: shape degrees, degree of bone, veins degree, tendons degree, why the idea on rating of?

   The emperor said: spring pole rule meridian, summer very rule by Yu, fall very governance Six Hollow
Organs.Winter is occlusion, occlusion, less drug use and needle-shih.The so-called small needle that the stone,
suggests, non-ulcer.Ulcer when not waiting for are back.

    I do not know the carbuncle, Press to not hand had first arrived, a large shade beside barbed hand with
three Wei Ying vein, 2.

   Ye carbuncle hot, barbed foot Shaoyang 5.More than the thermal stab, stab Shouxin Zhu 3, barbed big yin
meridians hand who will be the third big bone.

    Violence carbuncle tendon Ru, with the divide and pain, soul Khan endless, cell gas shortage, governance
in by Yu.

    Abdomen full to capacity, Press to come down, and get hands sun meridian those stomach also raise
too.Shao Yu Pong 5 to spine silver, with round sharp needle.

    Cholera, the five barbed Yu Pong, Ming and on foot beside the three.

Thorns?Shock pulse 5: The five-needle hand-moon, the sun stabbed through five, who stabbed one hand Shao
Yin meridian waterfront, foot Yangming 1, the ankle Wucun three needle puncture.

    Where the rule Xiaodan, servants strike, dried up, Wei Jue, full of hair against the gas, fertilizer and
elegant, the hastening 也 sorghum.Must plug closed septum, upper and lower barrier, then the Anxiety of the
disease is very violent.Violence Jue Er Deaf Cypriot side closed barrier, violence within the thin air Ye.Stroke
patients are not from the outside, so keep 也thin.Plantar lame, the cold wet of the disease also.

    Yellow Emperor said: jaundice, violent pain, mania, Jue crazy, long inverse born.Five internal organs
injustice, Six Hollow Organs occlusion born.Headache, tinnitus, Jiuqiao adverse gastrointestinal born.

    Tai Yin Yang On the 29th chapter

  Yellow Emperor and asked: lunar Yangming to table, the spleen and stomach veins 也.Illness but different

    Qi Bo replied: yin and yang of ectopic, even virtual reality more and more against the more from, or from
within or from outside, are from different, so patients have different names.

    The emperor said: appreciate further, went also.Chi Bo said: Yang by weather, the main things; negative
patients to gas also, the Lord.So Yang Road real, virtual vagina.Gu Fan Yang thief who winds due, virtual evil,
do not drink festival food, personal from time to time at Yam due,.Yang due, then into the Six Hollow Organs,
overcast due, then into the five internal organs.Body heat from time to time into the Six Hollow Organs are
lying, call for the surge; into the five internal organs are anger over occlusion, supper under the vent, for a long
time for the intestinal bleach.Therefore, the main weather larynx, pharynx Lord to gas.Therefore, by the
atmosphere of sun, shade by moisture.

   Therefore, from the foot up the yin to the head, but down through the arm to the fingertips; yang line from
hand to head, and down to the foot.Hence it is yang patients up to extremes, the yin patients downlink pole and
on.Therefore, only those who are injured on the first affected by the wind, were injured in the wet, the first
subject of the next.

    The emperor said: Pibing without quadriplegia Why?Chi Bo said: limbs are intrinsic gas in the stomach
and not to the classics, will result in the spleen and trusted by the intrinsic too.Can not stomach this Pibing out
their body fluids, limbs not intrinsic Mizutani gas, gas days in decline, negative pulse Tao, aching muscle, are
not air on Health, it is not Yan.

    The emperor said: When the spleen is not the Lord Why?Chi Bo said: spleen were Tonari.The central
government, often a long four dirty 4:00, on the 18th sent the rule, not independence from the
Mainland.Asplenia often the stomach and Earth perfection.Soil and live all things and of heaven, so head down
to the main when not enough.

     The emperor said: spleen and kidney membrane linked to ear, and to whom out their body fluids Why?Chi
Bo said: morbidity, full moon are also, the pulse penetration stomach, the spleen is, contact the overflow, so
lunar-line gas in whom morbidity,.Yangming were table also, internal organs of the sea, is also the qi in
Sanyang.Bullied by the various organs in their Yangming, so for the stomach out their body fluids.Limbs not
intrinsic gas Mizutani, Japan to benefit decline, negative vaginal muscle and no gas to health, so do not Yan.

    Chapter thirty-pulse solutions of Yang-Ming

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Foot Yangming vein disease, the wicked and the fire, smell of wood tone is
Ti, however alarming bells and drums is not fixed, smell of wood tone and shock Why?Appreciate further it.Qi
Bo replied: Yang Ming who, gastric vein also, stomach those territories also, so surprised by the smell of wood
tone, wood, soil evil.

   The emperor said: good.Their evil fire Why?Chi Bo said: Yangming main meat, pulse and blood gas
Sheng, the evil of visitors are hot, hot even the evil fire.

    The emperor said: its wicked Why?Chi Bo said: Ming Jue is Chuaner regret the, regret the are wicked.

   The emperor said: or Chuaner the deceased, or Chuaner living, Why?Chi Bo said: Jueni with dirty is dead,
even by the students.

    The emperor said: good.Disease and even the disposable clothes and walk, climb and singing, or to not eat
for several days, over wall on the house, the last of the Department of thing Qi factors can also, disease anti-
capable Why?Chi Bo said: limbs are all text as yang.Yang Sheng is real limbs, but in reality could look 也  .The
emperor said: their clothes and take those who abandon what has?Chi Bo said: excessive heat in the body, it
also abandoned clothing want to go.The emperor said: its raved Swear not avoid intimacy and singer Why?Chi
Bo said: yang are people raved Swear not avoid intimacy and Yushi, so do not jump to take, Yushi.

    Hot on the article 31st

    Yellow Emperor and asked: this husband fever who are typhoid class also, or more, or die, his death tailor-
6 on the 7th between his more tailor the 10th over, Why?I do not know the solution, therefore appreciate

    Qi Bo replied: great positive persons, all yang are also.The pulse with the wind the government, it is all
yang main gas also.Person injured Yu cold also, was sick hot, hot though even death, and its two senses Haner
sick, will not go to die.

     The emperor said: appreciate further shape.Chi Bo said: typhoid day, great positive due, and therefore the
first items of pain, lumbar strength.
    On the 2nd due, Yangming.Yangming main meat, the pulse Xia nose, contact at the head, head pain and
fever so dry nose, not lying 也.

   Shaoyang due, three days, Shaoyang main bile, the pulse through the threat of contact on the ear, so
Xiongxie pain and deafness.Sanyang meridian, are by their disease, without entering into the dirty person, so
Khan only.

    On the 4th lunar due, lunar clock cloth stomach, contact Yu, crop, so Fu Man and overflow dry.

   Shao due, on the 5th.Shao Guan renal vein, contact Yu Lung, Department of the tongue, it is dry mouth
and tongue dry Er Ke.

   Jue Yin due, on the 6th.Jue Yin Yin pulse through the device and the contact in the liver, so tired over the
capsule shrinkage.

   3 Yin Sanyang, internal organs are Shoubing, Rong Wei No, the five internal organs unreasonable, then
dead carry on.

    It does not the two being in the cold but, on the 7th great positive disease decline, headache little more; the
8th Yangming disease failure, fever little more; on the 9th Shaoyang disease failure, deafness micro-Wen; on
the 10th lunar disease decline, belly reduction as before, the appetite, the 11th decline Shaoyin disease, thirst
only dissatisfaction, an ancient dry Yier sneeze, the 12th decline Jue Yin disease, cystic vertical, Shaofu micro,
the atmosphere were to go, sick days are gone.

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: conquer the pulse exercised through its dirty, disease on
the decline passed away.The unexpired portion of three days, Khan only; its full three days, can vent it.

   The emperor said: fever can be more, have left behind when those Why?Chi Bo said: all those who left,
even strong eaten hot, it has left 也 this is all subject to disease there has been bad and the heat reservoir,
because Valley gas thin, two heat consistency, it has left too.The emperor said: good.Rule left do nothing?Chi
Bo said: depending on the actual situation, adjust its inverse from, can certainly passed away.

   The emperor said: When any rule heat illness?Chi Bo said: sick little more heat, meat Ze complex, multi-
Food is left behind, this the restrictions have been.

    The emperor said: its two flu patients who in the cold, the pulse shape to be with sick of them?Chi Bo said:
the two senses the cold, the sick day is great positive and Shaoyin all patients, the headache, dry mouth and
trouble over; on the 2nd and the moon are all Yangming disease, the belly covered with hot, not Yushi
delirious words , on the 3rd and Jue Yin Shao Yang is all disease, is deaf capsule contraction faints.Water
slurry would not join, I do not know who died on the 6th.

    The emperor said: five internal organs had been injured, Liu Fu barrier, Rong Wei not work, so after three
days is dead, Why?Chi Bo said: Yang Ming are twelve meridians 之 are long, their blood gas Sheng, so I do
not know who, on the 3rd that their courage is to do, so carry on death.

    Where the disease typhoid fever were made of temperature, the first summer solstice days, the patient
temperature, after the summer solstice days, as the disease summer.When are the summer and sweat, do not

    Chapter thirty-second heat of thorns
    Liver fever who first yellow urine, abdominal pain and more horizontal, body heat.Hot competition is
raving and panic over threat of pain, hand, foot and ankle, not nestled.Keng-hsin and even, B Khan.Dead air
against the Keng-hsin.Echinopus Jue Yin Shaoyang, its staff members against the headache, pulse cited punch

   Heart fever who are not happy the first few days are hot, hot fight the Death sad, bored good vomiting,
headache Mianchi, no sweat.Rengui very, Bingding sweat.Gas against the Rengui dead, stabbed hand less
Yintai Yang.

    Splenic fever who spearhead weight, cheek pain, ache, Yan Qing, vomit, body heat.Hot competition is low
back pain, not with pitching, Fu Man vent, two jaw pain.B even, E has profusely; gas against the B die
echinopus lunar Yangming.

    Hyperactivity patients, the first sound of rain from the hair of natural Jue, bad cold, tongue yellow
fever.Hot competition is cough, chest pain Ying go back, not great interest, unbearable headaches, cold and
sweating.Bingding very, Keng-hsin and sweat.Gas against the Bingding death.Hand Tai Yin Yang stabbed,
bleeding, such as soybeans, have been established.

    Kidney fever are, first low back pain Heng sour, bitter thirst few drinks fever.Heat pain and strong
competition is key, Heng cold and acid, with a single step heat, do not express freely their opinion.The reverse
is key pain, the staff member natural light.E has been very, Rengui sweat.Gas against Ze E had died.Echinopus
less Yintai Yang, Zhu Khan who, to their victory on sweating too.

   Liver fever who, left cheek first red; heart fever who, Yan first red; splenic fever who first red nose;
Hyperactivity sick, right cheek first red; kidney fever, Yi first red.

   Disease has not yet issued, see the Red who stabbed Zhi, it is called treatment of disease.

    Fever from those played by the Department to phase it, Qi stab the Counter who just three weeks.Heavy
inverse have died.Zhu while Khan who, to win their day, Khan large that out.

    Various governance fever to drink Kansui is stabbed Zhi, appropriate responses must be cold, the Home
Office only cold, cold shelling ceased 也body.

    Fever first Xiongxie pain, hand, foot and ankle, Foot-Shaoyang thorns make up the Tai Yin.Fraudulent
claims to 59 gill disease.

   Fever patients start arm, barbed hand Yangming lunar Er sweating only.

   The first who started the first blast, the sun and sweating barbed items only.

   Fever first body weight bone pain, deafness, good close the eyes, echinopus Shaoyin sick very 59 stab.

   Fever, dizzy first run while hot, Xiong Xie full, echinopus less Yin Shaoyang.

   Sun Wing vein color cheekbones, fever 也      .Wing did not pay, say this and get sweat, wait for it.Pulse
compete with Jueyin see who death is but three days.

    Qi fever with renal inside, Shaoyang Artery of color Ye.Shao Yang Rong cheek color for Pulse before,
fever Ye.Wing did not pay, say this and get sweat, wait for it.See who fight with Shao clock, death is but three
    Fever cavitation, the three main inter-vertebral chest under the heat, four vertebrae between the main
diaphragm in the next heat, the next five vertebrae between the main hepatic heat, six vertebrae between the
main spleen under the heat, the next seven vertebrae between the main renal heat.Jung also in _, item for three
vertebrae were also trapped.

   Larger under the zygomatic cheek against the pelvic mass; lower teeth cars Fu Man; zygomatic after
hypochondriac pain; cheek were also diaphragm.

   Comments on articles 33rd fever

    Yellow Emperor and asked: who are sick temperature, sweating hot and pulse ankle to frequently complex
disease, not sweat bad, raving can not eat, disease name for that?Qi Bo replied: disease name Yin and Yang
exchange, submission is die.

    The emperor said: appreciate further, said Chi Bo said: So sweating people who were born in Valley,
Valley, was born in essence, this evil pay dispute Yu blood derived Khan who is evil is but excellent wins
也 .Jing Sheng then when can eat without reheating; complex with heat evil also, Khan Zhe refined gas, all this
sweating and to frequently re hot who is evil win as well, can not eat those fine not to serve 也.Disease and left
who could stand its life is toward Ye.Jufu heat on, saying: sweating and pulse are still impatient Sheng their
death.This pulse is not corresponding with sweat, this is also to cope with their disease, its dead tomorrow
carry on.Raving who are demoralized, loses the dead, now see the three dead but not his life, although more
will die too.

     The emperor said: trouble over sick fever sweating, trouble over not sweat solution, this why the
disease?Chi Bo said: sweating and fever were the wind, sweat and worry over not understand who Jue also, the
wind Jue called kidney disease.The emperor said: Death is willing to smell, Chi Bo said: Yang main gas giant,
it should first be evil, Shao its Custom and also, from which get hot if the people are, from which the Ze Jue
Ye.The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: table thorn Zhi, drink service soup.

    The emperor said: Lo Wind is sick of them?Chi Bo said: Lo Wind in the lung, its for the disease as well,
makes strong, the close the eyes, as, saliva out if the nasal discharge, bad air and Zhen Han, this is the disease
of workers wind.The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: relief to the pitch.Ju Jing Yang cited in Three
Days, their middle on the 5th, not a sperm donor on the 7th, cough Qinghuang aldicarb, Qi shaped like pus, as
big as a projectile, from the mouth if the nose out, no Ze lung injury, lung injury Ze die.

    The emperor said: ill Nephropathy who face Fu monsters, obstruct harm in words, can not stab?Chi Bo
said: virtual improper thorns, improper puncture and stab, after the 5th will be to its gas.The emperor said: its
to collecting?Chi Bo said: will be less gas to the heat, the heat from the thoracodorsal Up to the head,
sweating, hot hands, dry mouth, bitter thirst, urine yellow, swollen heads, belly Ming, hard-line body weight,
menstruation does not come tired of not eating, not being Yan, Yan is now cough, sick sounding name Feng
Shui, Law of the puncture.

    The emperor said: appreciate further said.Chi Bo said: The evil Minato, the gas must be false; deficiency
who will rule, Yang.Therefore, when a small gas heat and sweating too.Yellow urine who have Shaofu
craze.Those who can not are Yan, stomach, and also not.Yan is a very positive cough, the lungs are
forced.Water vapor all have those first found in micro-swollen heads Ye.

    The emperor said: Why speak?Chi Bo said: of crops, Yin also, the heads of yin and also, abdominal Zhe
Yam for the community home.Therefore, water in the belly who will make heads swollen also.Infuriating
Shangni, so bitter tongue, dry mouth, lying not being Yan, Yan Ze cough up clear water is too.The waters sick,
so not lying, lying is shocked, shocked Ze cough even Also, the belly of Ming, the sick of the Yu stomach
also.Thin spleen is annoying, can not eat.No less than those who eat, epigastric separated also.Body weight is
difficult to entrants, gastric veins Zuye.Menstruation does not come by, too close cell contacts, cell tachycardia
is a heart, and contact in the cell in this gas up and forcing the lungs, heart qi can not the next one, so
menstruation not to come.

   Reverse transfer of papers 34th

   Yellow Emperor and asked: very warm person too, very hot too, hot and tired over those whom Why?Qi
Bo replied: yin and yang win less also, so hot and tired of full 也.

   The emperor said: personal non-clothing cold also, and Africa have cold as well, from living in cold
what?Chi Bo said: Bi gas also is a large, multi-yin yang less, so cold as the water out of body.

   The emperor said: people have limbs heat, cold, such as Grilled fiery every person Why?Chi Bo said:
people who are yin deficiency, yang sheng, limbs Zhe yang, Yang Xiang De and Yin deficiency of two small,
containing less water can not destroy the fire, while the sun alone rule.Sole ruler can not grow as well, alone
win shelling ceased ear.Sunburn fiery wind and if every person is a person when the meat sparkle too.

    The emperor said: one emits cold, not hot sun fire, thick clothing not warm, natural ice-free chestnut, is
why the disease?Chi Bo said: is the person who wins prime kidney to water things, the Sun Qi failure, kidney
fat dead wood is not long, a fire water can not win two.Kidney by water also, but was born in bone and kidney
is not alive, full of marrow can not, so cold even the bones also.It is not frozen chestnut, the hepatic a yang,
heart 2 yang, kidney and solitary dirty also, a water can not win the second fire, it can not be frozen chestnut,
sick sounding name Gubi, is the man when Luan section also.

    The emperor said: one man's meat harsh persons, although nearly also Xu, yet still harsh too, is that what
disease?Chi Bo said: Rong Qi, Wei Qi really are, Rong Qi Ze heartless, Wei Qi-so, Rong Wei all false, then
the heartless and do not have the meat as before too.With people and go rather have, say die.

    The emperor said: people are not lying against the gas is instead a sound who are not lying and resting
without sound, some in the personal information have sound as before those gains and horizontal lines Erchuan
who was lying there not those who can not OK Erchuan, are not lying lying Erchuan who are dirty Shiran
what?Appreciate further it.

     Chi Bo said: not lying there sound is instead who is also the inverse Yang, foot Sanyang Zhe down, this
inverse upstreanm, it also means there is sound.Yangming those stomach veins also, stomach who Liufu sea,
its gas is down.Yangming inverse, not from their hands?It shall not lie 也 .Next by saying: Stomach, then lying
anxiety, what is called 也 .

    Husband living as before and those who rate with sound, the lungs of collaterals against also, by the up and
down with no collaterals, but no action after it left, collaterals of the patients have minimal, it is instead a
living as before Otoya.

   Husband not lying, lying is asthma who is a customer of water qi.Water husband who flow through the
body fluid and also, kidney donors dirty water, the main body fluid, master bedroom with asthma Ye.The
emperor said: good.

   Malaria on the 35th chapter

   Yellow Emperor and asked: husband Jie malaria are born wind, which sometimes cover for those who
Why?Chi Bo and answered: malaria Zhi origin also, the first starting from hairs, less stretch is made, Han Li
drum jaw, all lumbar pain, cold to the inside and outside are hot, headache, such as broken, Ke Yu cold.

   The emperor said: What gas Shiran?Our family their way.Chi Bo said: Conflicts between yin and yang, up
and down, the actual situation more as yin and yang phase shift also.
    Yang and Yu Yin, the solid and the yin yang, Yang virtual Ze Han Li drum-throated also; Kui Yang Ze
low back pain in the first item; Sanyang all virtual Ze Sheng chi, chi Katsunori Haner bone pain; cold Born in,
so foreign were cold; yang is hot outside, yin Ze heat, then breathe Er Ke, Gu Yu cold Ye.

    This obtains Summer injuries Yu summer, heat Sheng, concealed within the skin, stomach, the food are
also the qi rong.

    This is Khan empty and shallow, Cou reason to open, as was the autumn air; sweating encountered wind,
and get them with bath, water vapor within the skin care, and gas and home health.Day on-line gas Zhe Wei
Yu Yang, the Night in Yin, Yang and out of this anger may be overcast and in thin, inside and outside with
thin, as is said,.

    The emperor said: During the Day of Why?Chi Bo said,: its air of homes deep within the thin in Yin, yang
solitary, Yin Xie in the, yin and yang, not out of contention, based on inter-Day Sakuya.

     The emperor said: good.Japanese Yen on his works with those with early gas Shiran what?Chi Bo said:
evil government off the wind, down through the backbone, night and day, the General Assembly of Wei Qi
Feng House, Qi tomorrow on the next section, so the make the decision for Yan.The first customer in the back
as well, each House As the wind, then the Cou Li open, Cou reason to open, then into the evil, evil enter, then
ill be, this day is slightly beneficial for Yan also; the government out of the wind on the next section, bone
down to the _ on the 25th, the 26th entry on the ridge, the focus of attention to underlying backbone of Pulse,
their courage up, on the 9th for Quepen under way, with high gas day, pretending to be increasing in the
morning and.

    During the day tumors, the five internal organs from the evil within the thin, horizontal even raise the
original also.Qi long road, their courage was deep, his actions later, not all lines with the Wei Qi, not all
out.Between the date it is Sakuya.

     The emperor said: As per Master Feng Wei Qi Yan House, the Cou Li is fat, fat is evil in, into the disease
for, on this section of Wei Qi, their courage was your hair as well, inappropriate style government, of their day
on how?

     Chi Bo said: off in the first paragraph of this evil, who is also down through the backbone.Therefore,
actual situation is different from the middle of the evil, you shall not be deemed its wind Government will
also.Therefore, the first item on the evil of those gas to the first item of the ill; in at the back 者 gas to the back
of the ill; in Yu lumbar who lumbar gas to the ill; in Yu sibling who gas to the hand, foot and disease.Wei, Qi,
lies and evil matched, then the disease for.So the wind impermanence House, Wei qi will be opening its Cou
issued by the reason, evil for the community together, then the Government will also.

   The emperor said: good.Wind and malaria husband also, similar to the similar, but the wind often alone,
malaria may sometimes off-by Why?Chi Bo said: trend to stay his execution, Guchang in, malaria gas with the
meridian, within the Thin Journal, it should be is made of Wei Qi.

    The emperor said: malaria first cold and then with heat Why?Chi Bo said: Summer injury Yu the Great
Heat, Qi Khan big out, Cou management development, due to the summer event of cold air cold water Tsang,
hidden among the Cou management of skin and fall injuries on wind, then the disease into a carry on.Husband
feeling cold, yin also, the wind who yang also, the first injury and then hurt in the wind in the cold, so cold and
then start the craze.Disease to when, it is called cold malaria.

   The emperor said: first hot then cold but Why?Chi Bo said: The first injury in the wind, then wound Yu
Han.So Cold in the first heat and then.Yi Yi made, it is called temperature malaria.
    Qi, but hot and not feeling cold, yin never before, yang solitary, less gas is tired of injustice, hand, foot and
hot and wish to vomit, it is called hate malaria.

     The emperor said: The husband who made more than diarrhea Zhi, insufficient supplemented, this is more
than hot, cold as inadequate.Malaria were cold husband, Tom warm fire can also, and the heat, not ice cold
also, euphemistically more than enough and the like.At this time, good things can not only be the self-failure,
is a thorn Zhi, Qi so Why?Appreciate further said.Chi Bo said: He He stabbed by words without heat, without
thorns of Pulse muddy muddy, strain liquids strain liquids Khan, no thorns, so are yet to know its against the
rule 也disease.

   The origin malaria husband also, and in yin yang, when is the time, but Cinnamomum Sheng Yang, for
which no gas so the first Han Liye.The comeback against a very yin yang, yin yang and complex and in
addition, the yin and yang of fact, it is the first heat Er Ke.

   Cardiff gas by malaria, and in the Yangsheng Yang and Yin in the Yin is winning?Yin Katsunori cold,
Yangsheng the heat.Malaria who seldom 也cold qi.Disease is extremely complex.

   Made to the disease also, fiery heat, such as wind and rain is not which deals with others.Therefore, by Yan
Yue: Fang Qisheng, the necessary destruction, its decline as well, things will be great Chang, what is called 也.

   Husband malaria group who are not fat, too, not cloudy and yang and yin are not so Tones, infuriating
De'an, evil is death.Therefore, workers can not rule that it has made to its gas against 也.

    The emperor said: good.For the attack do nothing?Early Yan collecting?Chi Bo said: malaria Zhi and hair
also, the yin and yang and the shift as well, will end is the beginning from the fourth.Yang has been injured,
overcast from, thus, Jin Shu their premises to the time before, so that evil may not enter, not the yin, the trial
contact candidates be found in the Sun Sheng Jian and blood who are taken from, and without this truth to and
by Ye.

    The emperor said: Malaria is not fat, it shall it be?Chi Bo said: malaria air who will flourished even more
true, when the data is even qi.Disease in the sun is hot and pulse calm, quiet in the shade while Haner veins,
very bad is all yin and yang, Wei gas from, so ill off, health and complex illnesses, but also air episodes.

    The emperor said: when, or to a few rooms on the 2nd day hair, or thirsty, or thirsty, Qi so Why?Chi Bo
said: During the days, evil and Wei Yu Liu Fu gas customers, and sometimes can not Xiangde phase loss, it is
for a few days off too.Malaria were ranked ahead of Yin and Yang also, or perhaps even less, so, or thirsty, or

    The emperor said: On the injury in the summer made the summer and fall will be malaria disease, malaria
need not be by what this also?Chi Bo said: This should be Four Seasons 也 .The disease shaped by the anti-four
o'clock.Han Shen Qi to fall sick, cold winter and less patients, patients evil wind in spring, summer and
hyperhidrosis patients.

   The emperor said: husband sick with the cold temperature and malaria malaria, but are safe homes, homes,
Ho dirty?

    Chi Bo said: temperature malaria who winter-won in the wind chill into possession in the bone marrow, to
spring the yang big time, since evil can not be out for the event Dashu, brain flashes, muscle consumption, Cou
reason to vent, or The hard, evil and Khan are out, the disease is hidden in his kidneys gas start out is to the
outside is also inside.In this way, yin and yang, yang is hot carry on.Anti-bad qi into the complex, into the
yang, yang is cold carry on.Therefore, the first hot and then cold, it is called temperature malaria.
    The emperor said: hate malaria collecting?Chi Bo said: those who hate the lung known as malaria fever,
and fit in body, Jueni on impulse, rather than actual leakage of gas due to be hard, Cou reason to open, the
wind within my house in the skin, divided between meat and hair, hair is yang sheng, Sheng yang does not
weaken the disease carry on.Its gas is less than in the shade, it is hot but not cold, air containing points in mind
the meat in between suits the house, it is consumer Shuo off meat, so Ming Yue hate malaria.The emperor
said: good.

    Barbed malaria Posts 36th

足 malaria, it is heavy head low back pain, cold from her own, after the first cold heat, Heheyeye course,
hot Deodorant has been a hard, barbed] in the blood.

    Foot Shao Yang Zhi malaria, is the body Jie Ji, less cold, less heat, evil see people, see people Ti Tiran,
heat and even more sweat, gill Foot-Shaoyang.

    Foot Yangming malaria, is the first cold shower Hsi, sprinkle Hsi Han Shen, long is the heat, heat to sweat,
glad to see ASE anger, is a fast course._ Foot Yangming toe on thorns.

   Foot luni malaria, it is not music, good heave a deep sigh, do not eat more cold and heat sweating, sick to
Noriyoshi vomit, vomit has is bad, is taken from.

   足 luni malaria, is vomiting and even more cold and heat, less heat and more cold, want to close the doors-
you Officer, The disease has been difficult.

    Foot Jue yin malaria, is lower back pain, Shaofu full, urination, such as retention of urine-like, non-
retention of urine 也.Plural, meaning fear, gas shortage, the belly of Yi Yi, echinopus Jueyin.

   Pulmonary malaria are indeed scary, Han Shen hot, hot good surprise, if seen who stabbed hand lunar

   Heart malaria who is bothered even, for enriching water, anti-cold and more, not very hot, barbed hand

    Liver malaria who is color gray natural heave a deep sigh, his Zhuangruo dead, stabbed foot Jueyin see

    Spleen and malaria are, it is cold, belly pain.Heat and bowel in Ming, Ming has been sweating, echinopus

   Kidney malaria who is Sasa However, lumbar pain, mildly hard stool, head dizzy dizzy course, hand, foot
and cold.Barbed Shaoyin full sun.

    Stomach malaria who is and illnesses, but also, good save, rather not eat, eat, while supporting full of
big.Wang Yangming lunar foot vein puncture bleeding.

    Malaria puberty Fanger, barbed toe artery, opening its air, out of the blood, stand cold.

    Malaria party seeking to cold, barbed hand Yangming moon, lunar Foot Yangming.

   Pulse over a large acute malaria, barbed dorsal Yu, with the needle Yu Pong 5 flank of animal and one
each, suitable too fat out its the blood.

    Malaria rapid pulse small real, moxibustion tibia Shao, thorn that well.
   Pulse over a large acute malaria, barbed dorsal Yu, Yu in five flank of animal, and one each in the back
Yu, conformal As for the blood.

    Malaria large virtual pulse slow, cheap medication, should not use needles.

    All anti-malarial, such as food are starting, is to cure, it had been, then the timing is wrong 也.

   Malaria and the clock all gone, stabbed 10 fingers bleeding, blood will have to go.First, as the body red,
such as red beans are the best of taken from.

    12 malaria who did not send it all at the same time, the review of its ill-shaped, to know these illnesses, but
also how Pulses.Send it the first time, such as food are the thorn Zhi, a thorn Decline, two thorns will know,
three stab already, endless two sublingual vein puncture bleeding, endless thorn] in Moritsune bleeding, but
also spinal puncture item has already squeezed who must have been.Sublingual vein of two persons, Lian
Quan Ye.

Thorn malaria who must first, regardless of their disease by the first mover, the first stab Zhi, the first
headache and severe, the first barbed head and the two places the two eyebrows among; first lumbar pain who
first stab] in the blood; first arm pain were first stab hand Shao Yang ten fingers; first full shin soreness, the
first stab of Foot-Yangming 10 fingers bleeding.

    Wind malaria, malaria made the sweating evil wind.Barbed Sanyang of blood recipients by the back Yu.

    _ Very sore, according to various non, named Zhou marrow disease.By Chan needles must bone bleeding,
Li has.

    Small body pain, thorns Yam.

    Well all of yin no bleeding, a thorn among Japanese.

    Malaria thirsty, but for inter-day, full sun, thorns.Keer for inter-day, gill foot Shaoyang.

    Wetlands not malaria Khan for 59 stab.

    Faint on the 37th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: what internal organs were cold and heat phase shift?

    Chi Bo said: renal transplantation cold in the liver, carbuncle swollen less gas.

    Move cold in the liver spleen, carbuncle swollen spasms.

    Liver transplantation cold heart, separated in the wild.

   Move cold heart in the lung, pulmonary consumption.Consumers who drink a soak in the lung two dead

    Cold in the kidney lung shift for the water gushing.Chung who is not kin by abdominal, water and gas off
the large intestine, Fleet of Foot Zewu bald, such as cystic disease of Li Jiang Shui too.

    Transfer heat in the liver spleen, was shocked nosebleed.
   Liver transplantation heat in the heart, then died.

   Transfer heat in the lung center, mass consumption for the diaphragm.

   Lung heat transfer in kidney mass was soft corneal opacification.

   Renal splenic heat transfer, mass deficiency, intestinal bleach, death can not rule.

   Cell transfer heat in the bladder, the retention of urine female blood.

   Urinary bladder heat in the small intestine, diaphragm intestinal inconvenience for the population Mi.

   Heat Transfer in colorectal intestine, is Fu refer, as Shen.

   Transfer heat in the stomach and large intestine, good food and lean into, it means that food also.

   Stomach bile transfer heat Yu, Yi Yue Food also.

    Bile transfer heat in the brain, then Bi Yuan Xin junction of nose and forehead.Biyuan who voiced no less
than just aldicarb, too, pass from nosebleed contempt, Ming Mu.It may therefore also the faint.

   On the 38th chapter of cough

   Yellow Emperor and asked: lungs cause coughing Why?Qi Bo replied: internal organs are people cough,
non-exclusive lung 也.

    The emperor said: appreciate further shape?Chi Bo said: fur lungs were merged together.Fur first be evil,
evil to its merged together.Qi Han diet human stomach, lung from the pulmonary veins on the As, then the
lung cold, cold is outside the lung within the joint, evil and therefore of passengers, compared with lung cough.

   When all five organs Shoubing its non-transfer to the time with each.

   Man and World coherent, so the five organs each administration, the feeling in the cold is Shoubing, micro
was cough, serious was to vent the pain.

    By autumn the lungs first by evil, by the spring of the liver first given by one, by the summer while heart
be given by one, by Yam the spleen first given by one, by winter and the renal first due,.

   The emperor said: Why differences?

   Chi Bo said: lung cough Zhi-like, cough and wheezing are sound, even the Tuoxue.

   Heart cough Zhi-like, cough is painful, throat intermediary medium, such as stem-like, and even the throat
swelling, Hou Bi.

    Zhi-like liver cough, cough Pollution on pain between the two, can not even turn, turn over the next two
flank of animal.

   Zhi-like spleen cough, cough is Youxie pain under the shade of lead shoulder, but he can not even move,
move the cough drama.

   Zhi-shaped kidney cough, cough is low back pain with lead and even the cough saliva.
   The emperor said: Six Hollow Organs Zhi cough how?An illness suffered?Chi Bo said: five internal
organs Zhi cough, is a shift in the Six Hollow Organs.

    Spleen cough endless, the stomach due,.Zhi-like stomach cough, cough and vomiting, vomiting and even
the snake out.

   Hepatic bile by one's cough is endless, cough Zhi-like bile, cough vomiting bile.

    Lung cough not already the large intestine the Change, colon cough-like, cough and loss.

   Heart endless Ze small intestine due, cough, cough-like small intestine, cough and loss of gas, gas and
cough all lose.

   Renal cough not already the bladder given by one, bladder cough-like cough is survived by drowning.

   Cough not already the triple burner due,, triple burner cough-like cough and Fu Man does not Yushi drink.

   Euphemistically tight in the stomach on the lungs, people sleep more than tear gas against 也 edema and

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Governance dirty treat the symptoms Yu, Fu should treat
the combined treatment, edema treat the symptoms by.The emperor said: good.

   Give pain of papers 39th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard good words day who must have experience on others, truthfulness old
persons, there must be cooperation today; truthfulness of people who must have tired to have.So the Road to a
few extremely perplexed and so-called ming.

   Today I asked the Master, so that words and know that, as the visible, palpable and accessible, so that
experience to ourselves and Fameng FAQ, Ke Deer Press Down?

    Chi Bo Zaibaijishou said: Ho Road, asked An?The emperor said: Our family person feel exhausted Death
pain, where gas Shiran?Qi Bo replied: Meridian popular forever, and circumferential endless, cold air entry
through the protracted late.Sobbing and not, off the clock, the blood is less in the vein of the air passenger and
unreasonable, so pawn but pain.

    The emperor said: its pain or Curan mindful of the fact; or Tongshen endlessly; or Tongshen not press; or
Press to stop the pain; or Press to no good; or asthma action should start; or with heart and back cited the pain;
or flank pain with Shaofu phase while those who cited; or abdominal pain, vaginal shares are quoted; or pain
Su Xi who made product; or Curan killing me I do not know people who have few rooms back to life; or pain
while vomiting; or abdominal pain and then discharge; or unjustifiable pain and were closed.Unless stopped all
pain, all different forms, Bie how?

    Chi Bo said: chill off the clock, the clock is cold, cold veins were reduced curl, curl the clock constraints
reduce acute, the outer lead a small contact, so pawn but pain.May Gui is pain legislation, due to the weight of
the cold, the pain numbered.

    Among the cold off on the meridian, and Kyung thin gas, the pulse full, full of the pain may not have.Cold
Ji Liu, Gui gas from on the pulse charge large blood gas chaos, so Tongshen not press too.

    Chill-off between the stomach, under the original membrane, blood may not scattered, small contact so
acute pain guidelines.Bulk water according to the flesh, it is only by the pain.
   Chill off in the embrace of Pulse ridge is deep, according to that they are not and, therefore 也 Press to no

   Chill off of punching clocks, red veins starting from the relevant element, with the ventral straight, cold
segment arrivals pulse blocked, pulse is not General Qi consequent, it should hand carry on breathing.

    Chill off the back of Pulse Yu, the pulse sobbing, sobbing pulse is blood deficiency, blood deficiency is
pain.Qi Yu note to heart aches when compared with lead.Press to the hot air to hot air to the pain on the carry

    Chill off in Jue yin pulse, pulse Jue yin who contact Yin devices, hinges on the liver.Chill off the clock,
then the blood weeping rapid pulse, so flank pain carry on with Shaofu phase lead.

   Jue Yin shares in gas-off, chill on and Shaofu, sobbing the next phase of blood lead, so abdominal pain,
vaginal Unit Citation.

    Chill off in the small intestine between the original film, contact the blood into the blood and sobbing into
the big not by blood gas Jiliu not OK, so Suxi made product carry on.

    Chill off in the five internal organs, Jueni on the vent, exhaust yin, yang is not in, so Curan killing me I do
not know who gives life and carry on anti-gas complex.

    Chill off in the gastrointestinal, Jueni it reflects, so sore vomiting Ye.

   Heat to stay in the small intestine, gut pain, hate hot parched, the firm may not dry out, so close
unreasonable pain and carry on.

    The emperor said: the so-called words, and those who know that also, depending on which shows how?

   Chi Bo said: internal organs to make a solid department depending on their five-color, red to yellow fever,
white was the cool, Qinghei for the pain, the so-called blind eye can see Zheye.

   The emperor said: palpable and may be how?Chi Bo said: disease, as its main strong pulse, while those
under the blood and depression may apply palpable derived Ye.

   The emperor said: good.I know that all diseases from qi Also, anger is gas, the HI gas is slow, sad the gas
consumption, fear of the gas, the cold gas is closing, Gui are gas leaks, the gas panic disorder, labor is gas
consumption, thinking is angry.9 gas is different from what disease of the students?

    Chi Bo said: Wrath of the qi inverse, if extreme, vomiting and supper vent, so gas up and carry on.

    Yoshinori gas and the Chi-tat, Rong Wei Tom Lee, so carry on gas slow.

     Department of grief Norizane acute lung cloth leaves move, but the focus is bad, Rong Wei dispersed, heat
in, so carry on gas consumption.

    But fear is fine, but then the focus of close, close the air also, also the focus of expansion under, so gas No
carry on.

    Li Han Ze Cou closed, gas not work, so carry on gas revenue.

    Li Gui Ze Cou open, Rong Wei Tong, Khan large vent, so air vent.
    Shock the heart unwanted and return nothing of God, taking into account nothing will, so carry on gas

   Workers is breathing sweating, both inside and outside Vietnam, so carry on gas consumption.

   Thought is keep their heart, God have somewhere to go, but no action to stay upright, so angry carry on.

   On the belly of the 40th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: ill trusted full, once you can not eat evening meals, this why the disease?Qi Bo
replied, entitled: bulging.

   The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Treatment by Keya sweet wine, a known, two have been.

   The emperor said: the time of disease recurrence, Why?Chi Bo said: This diet section, so when the sick
也.Although the disease has the time, so when the patient gas accumulation in the abdomen also.

    The emperor said: sick Xiongxie support over who harm in eating, disease to the smell Xingsao foul,
clearing solution, the first Tuoxue, four clear, dazzling, always before and after the blood, disease name why,
why have them?

    Chi Bo said: disease name Xueku, this was the young, has great off the blood.If the drunk into the room,
the air exhaust, liver injury, so menstruation bad little not to come.

   The emperor said: rule do nothing?A basis for any surgery?Chi Bo said: to 4 Ukraine?Bones, Lu Ru, two
materials blend Zhi, pills to bird eggs, the size of beans to five Pill After the meal, drinks with abalone sauce,
Lee gut, and injured liver also.

    The emperor said: ill have Shaofu Sheng, up and down about Jieyou root, this why the disease?To cure is

   Chi Bo said: sick sounding name V beam.

   The emperor said: V Leung Ho therefore be them?Chi Bo said: Wrap large sepsis, Home stomach, the non-
governance, rule of each cut in accordance with lethality.

    The emperor said: how natural?Chi Bo said: The next due to yin, will be under the pus and blood, on the
force epigastric, epigastric Xia diaphragm within the carbuncle of Health, the long illness also,
refractory.Home umbilical for the inverse, ranking below the umbilicus from, do not move urgently wins, on
the thorn law.

The emperor said: people with physical thigh shares _ are swollen, ring navel and pain, is why the disease?Chi
Bo said: disease name volt beam, the wind root also.Its gas overflow in the large intestine and was at the Blind,
Blind original in below the umbilicus, so ring navel and the pain also.Can not move them, move them to the
water drowning Shibuya is a disease.

    The emperor said: Master a few words enthusiastic, consumers in non-service Sorghum Grass stone
drug.Stone drug hair Chen, herbs mad.Cardiff keen consumers of those are rich people, this ban on sorghum, is
not to its heart, cut herb stone medicine, is the disease diseases, and would appreciate further said.

    Chi Bo said: husband Grass of gas the U.S., stone medicine qi defended, both Qi dyspnea disease Jian Jin,
so non-slow heart and who can not serve the two.
    The emperor said: can not service the two, why natural?Chi Bo said: husband hot Piaohan, drug gas is no
different, the two meet, fear of internal injuries spleen, spleen were earth also, and bad wood, serving the drug
were to B on more of.

   The emperor said: good.Ill Ying swelling, headache chest full of bloating, this why the disease?Why have
them?Chi Bo said: Name Jueni.

   The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: moxibustion Zhi is Yin, stone is crazy, to their courage
and, is curable 也.

    The emperor said: how natural?Chi Bo said: chi back on, more than last, while moxibustion Zhi yang into
yin, into the Yin, Yang Qi is stone, virtual is crazy, to their courage and conquer, make-chuan.

     The emperor said: good.Pregnant with the Son and to know why students also?Chi Bo said: body clock Ye
illnesses which innocent.

    The emperor said: pain in patients who have fever and Why?Chi Bo, saying: infected with heat pulse 也
yang to Sanyang 之 also differ.People welcome a Shengshao Yang, 2 Shengtai Yang, Sheng Yang c, into the
shade 也 .Husband into the yin yang, so sick in the head and abdomen, swelling and headache is _.The emperor
said: good.

   Lumbar puncture the 41st chapter of pain

Full sun pulse, low back pain is cited items such as re-shaped ridge Tajiri back, stabbed her], the sun serious
bleeding, no blood not spring.

    Shaoyang is low back pain, such as the acupuncture its skin, the follow through the course can not exhort
belief, can not care.Barbed end of Shaoyang into bone bleeding, bone formation of bone in the knee
independence from foreign Lim who, summer, no bleeding.

    Yang Ming is back pain, can not care, see if those who care, good grief.You stab Ming in the first three _
up and down and bleeding, no blood not fall.

   Foot Shao Yin is low back pain, spinal pain cited in Lim.Thorn on the second Yu Shao Yu
malleolus.Spring no blood, bleeding too much, not Fu also.

    Jue yin pulse is low back pain, such as Zhang crossbow string in the waist.Jue yin vein puncture, in _ heel
belly of the fish, the hindrance to numerous natural, is a thorn Zhi.The disease is obviously not good words
silently Hui, barbed ter Yu.

    Solutions pulse is low back pain, shoulder pain lead, head sparsely However, when the left urinate.Thorn
in the knee muscles pulse solution partitioned] Honest cross veins outside bleeding, blood changes shelling

    Solutions pulse is low back pain, such as a belt, is often the bow-shaped, good fear.Thorn solution veins]
in the node contact, such as millet, gill blood shot to black see Chixue it.

   Yin is the same clock back pain, pain, such as hammer home where anger natural swelling.In the same vein
puncture of yin and lateral malleolus absolutely bone-side, three You.

    Yang Artery of Victoria is back pain, pain, swelling the natural anger.Artery of barbed Yang-dimensional,
pulse together with the client under the sun, the go to the foot.
    Heng contextual pulse, is low back pain, can not exhort Yang, Yang servants are afraid, may move back
injuries, contact value must, evil blood classical example.Thorn Zhi in] Yang tendon between the] few inches,
value for home in two You bleeding.

    Perineum of Pulse, it is lower back pain, pain on the Luo Luo natural sweat.Khan dry people can drink,
drink has been like to go.Thorn rectum veins on three You, in ridings the] next Wucun cross home, depending
on the Sheng were bleeding.

   Fei Yang of the pulse is low back pain, pain on anger anger course, even the sadness to fear and barbed fly
yang vein, the medial malleolus on the Wu Cun, Shaoyang before and Yin dimension of the Council.

Chang-yang clock is low back pain, pain cited Ying, head __ However, even the anti-fold, tongue volume can
not be made.Barbed inner ribs for the second Yu.The medial malleolus on the large tendon before lunar, the
upper ankle two inches by.

     Scattered pulse is low back pain and heat, heat and even health troubles, waist if bails home where even the
left urinate.Thorn in the anterior cruciate flesh scattered pulse points, the contact outside the clean, beam pulse
for the three Yu.

    The meat of Pulse is low back pain, can not cough, cough the tendons shrinking emergency.Stab the meat
of Pulse for 2 You, in the sun, the Shaoyang absolutely skeletal.

Low back pain rely on spinal and pain to the head, Jiji However, currently __ natural stiff servant, barbed
enough sun] in the blood.

Low back pain on the cold, barbed full sun Yang; the Spurs enough Jueyin; not exhort Yang, gill foot
Shaoyang; in hot Erchuan, echinopus Shao, thorn] in the blood.

   Low back pain on the cold should not care, gill Foot-Yangming; on the Tottenham full moon; in hot
Erchuan, echinopus Shao.

    Stool hard, barbed foot Shao; Shaofu full, echinopus Jueyin.If folding can not exhort belief, can not move,
barbed full sun; cited ridge within the clean, echinopus Shao.

Low back pain guidelines Shaofu control _, not Yang; barbed waist Tajiri submission is, the two condyles
shoulder blade, the monthly death as You few, fat needle legislation has been left to take the right, the right to
take the left.

    Wind of articles 42nd

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Wind wounding also, or cold and heat, or enthusiastic, or cold, or for the
Pandora wind, or dried up, or wind, the disease are different, their names different.Or internal to the internal
organs, I do not know the solution, appreciate further said.

    Qi Bo replied: culture hidden in the skin between the no-pass, shall not be leaked.

     Wind those good deeds and several variables, Cou reason to open, then Saran cold, close the hot and
stuffy.Qi Han also, the decline of water to drink; its heat as well, the consumer muscle.It makes Tu Li can not
eat, it is called cold and heat.
    Culture of the Ming the stomach, through the veins and on to present the inner canthus, their human fat, the
atmosphere must not leak, was enthusiastic about the head yellow; people thin is leaking and cold, was cold in
the other and cry out.

   Atmosphere and the sun all in, line various pulse Yu, scattered at points between the flesh, and Wei Qi
coherence, a life of its disadvantage.Therefore, the muscles angry _ and have ulcers, Wei gas has condensate
and not work, so the meat a heartless too.

    Pandora who has gas heat Fu Rong, their courage was not clear, so its a bad nose and color column failure,
skin ulcers collapse.Cold off the clock instead of to, named Pandora wind, cold and heat, or sounding name.

    To spring B injury in the wind by the liver-wind, summer and Bingding injured in the wind were to mind
the wind, to on summer E has been injured in the evil by the spleen wind to autumn Keng-hsin of the evil
person as lung air to winter Rengui of the evil by the kidney wind.

   Wind in the internal organs Zhi Yu, also organs wind, each into its portal, the middle was side wind.

    Atmosphere through the air House and on was chest wind, into the department head, was head wind, eyes

   Drinking stroke, compared with air leakage.

   Into the room sweating stroke, compared with the wind.

   New Mu stroke, the first wind.

   For a long time into the wind, the wind was intestine, supper vent.

   External Cou management, was leaking air.

   Therefore the wind those riddled with long as well, to the change, is for his illnesses, but also,
impermanence side, however there is the atmosphere has caused.

    The emperor said: the five organs of different shapes are what wind?Appreciate further consultation, and

   Chi Bo said: lung Wind like, sweating evil wind, natural white color Peng, during cough, short breath, day
and date are poor, have great evening, attending the eyebrow, the color white.

    Wind-shaped heart, sweating evil wind, Coke must improve anger scared, Red, disease and even the words
will not be quick diagnosis in the mouth, Qi Sechi.

  Liver Wind-like, sweating evil wind, good grief, color micro-Cang, choking dry good anger, hate when
women attending the heads, the color blue.

    Wind-like spleen, sweating evil wind, the body lazy fall, four do not want to move, color thin yellow, do
not eat, attending in the nose, the color yellow.

Kidney-shaped wind, sweating evil wind, natural face edema, spinal pain, can not now stand, the color _,
hidden song unfavorable diagnosis in the muscle on the color black.

Wind-shaped stomach, neck, sweating, bad air, food and drink it down, plug barrier diaphragm, abdominal
good expansion, loss of clothing is _ inflation, food cold is leaking, the attending Xingshou and big belly.
    The first wind-like, head, face sweating, evil wind, at the head wind on the 1st, the very sick, headache and
not the inside to the air date, then the disease little more.

    Leakage of shape, or sweating, often can not be unlined, food is sweating, if extreme, body sweat,
breathing bad air, clothing, How often, dry mouth, thirst good, do not labor.

   Vent like wind, sweating, sweating vent clothes, the mouth dry, upper stains its wind, not a matter of labor,
physical pain to do, then cold.The emperor said: good.

   Paralysis of the 43rd chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Bi Zhi quiet?Qi Bo replied: Cold Wind from the three gas mixed together and
for the Bi also.

   Qi trend line winner for the Bi, the winner for the Tongbi cold, moisture winner as the Bi also.

   The emperor said: he has a five-person Why?Chi Bo said: in order to encounter this winter who is Gubi,
met this spring and those for tendon paralysis; to encounter this summer were the pulse paralysis; to Yam In
such a paralysis for the reinforcement; to those who fall for the leather case of this paralysis.

    The emperor said: internal organs inside the house, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said: Organs have together,
the sick for a long time and not to those who, within the homes of their merged together.Therefore, Gubi
endless, complex sense of the evil, which will in kidney; tendon Bi endless, complex sense of the evil, which
will be in the liver; pulse Bi endless, complex sense of the evil, which will be in the heart; muscle paralysis
endless, complex sense of the evil, in care of splenic; skin Bi endless, complex sense of the evil within the
house in the lung; the so-called paralysis who, when all its weight felt in Cold Wind 之gas also.

   Bi at the customer feel exhausted all those lung paralysis those annoying full Chuaner vomiting.

   Heart paralysis were pulse blocked, heart trouble while under the drum, sharp upper respiratory Erchuan,
choking dry good, eh, Jue gas on the fear.

   Ganbi those nights lying Ze surprise, more drinking, the number of urine, such as pregnant for the lead.

   Shenbi who, good expansion, Tajiri to on behalf of the heel, in lieu of the first ridge.

   Spleen Bi who fell four mutilated, made cough vomiting juice, for the large plug.

   Intestinal paralysis who drink out of a few may not, in the struggle with asthma, when the fat supper vent.

   Cell paralysis who Shaofu within the bladder by pain, if Waugh to soup, Shibuya Yu urine, for the clear
nasal discharge.

   Chi who is God of static pool, rash is dead.

   Since the times of eating, stomach is injured.

    Obscene gas breathing, paralysis gathered in the lung; prostitution gas anxiety, paralysis poly mind;
obscene gas left drowning, paralysis gathered in kidney; obscene lack exhaust gas, Bi gathered in the liver;
prostitution air muscle must, Bi accumulation in the spleen.Zhu Bi admiration also benefits are also.Qi culture
of winners, their human easily have been reported.
    The emperor said: Bi, at which time the deceased, or the pain for a long time, or easy to have owner, its
why An?Chi Bo said: of their dirty who die, it lingers long bones ache asked who, among those who stayed in
the skin trade has been.

    The emperor said: its customers Yu Six Hollow Organs were Why?Chi Bo said: eat drink are another
residence, text as their disease.Six Hollow Organs also have Yu, Yu cold, their moisture, and food drink
suitable response, through Yu infiltration, the homes Qifu 也.

   The emperor said: needle rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: there are five internal organs Yu, Liu Fu are
combined, divided through the veins, each have their hair, the do as before, the disease recover 也.

    The emperor said: Rong Wei qi, also is paralysis or Down?Chi Bo said: Rong Zhe Water Valley refined
gas as well, and transfer to the five internal organs, sprinkle Chen Yu Liu Fu, Ye are to entering into the
vein.Therefore, pulse up and down consistently through the five internal organs, contact Six Hollow Organs
are.Water Valley Health were also defended by air.The gas Piao disease sliding profits, not into the vein
also.Therefore, through the skin into divided between meat, smoked in the heart and diaphragm membrane,
dispersed in chest and abdomen in respect of its gas is sick from gas are more, not moisture combined with
cold, it is not paralysis.

    The emperor said: good.Paralysis or pain, or heartless or cold, or hot, or dry, or wet, its so Why?

    Chi Bo said: too much pain by cold air, there are cold so pain does.

   Its not painful but cruel disease for a long time into the deep, Rong Wei trip Shibuya, when the dredging
meridian, so unreasonable, the skin is not business, it is inhumane.

    Qi feeling cold, yang little more yin, and the patients with benefits, so Cold in.

    Thermal those yang more yin less disease Vigor, Yang was overcast, so the Bi hot.

   Qi hyperhidrosis Er How those measure whose every wet Jinya.Yang little chi Shing, two gas Sheng, so
sweating and How 也 .

    The emperor said: husband paralysis is sickness, no pain Why?Chi Bo said: Bi is the weight of bone; is not
flow pulse in blood clotting; is not stretched flexor tendon Ze; is meat Ze heartless; is skin Ze cold.So with the
five who are not pain.

    Where the paralysis and the like, every cold Ze insects every hot Ze vertical.The emperor said: good.

    Atrophy of the 44th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: What are the five organs atrophy people?

   Qi Bo replied: Lord of the body fur lung, heart blood Lord of the body, the body fascia Liver, spleen
governing body muscle, kidney and bone marrow master of the body.

    Hyperactivity focus leaves it, the fur weakness, rapid thin, the birth to the atrophy lame too.

    Heart gas heat, the next pulse Jue and on the next pulse on the virtual, virtual birth to the pulse of Wei, Shu
analysis of pull out, without any to have shin vertical.

    Liver heat, while bile leakage bitter mouth, dry fascia, fascia Mikinori Jinji and Luan, made for tendon
   Temper heat, then dry Er Ke stomach, muscle heartless, fat atrophy for the meat.

   Kidney heat, then do not give lumbar, marrow and cord cut, fat, bone atrophy.

    The emperor said: why have them?Chi Bo said: the length of the lung were also dirty, covered for the heart
also, death has lost, what we seek not, then of lung woo, woo the thermodilution leaves coke, twenty years
before: the five internal organs Hyperactivity leaves for coke, made for the atrophy lame, what is called 也.

    Sad too much, you must contact cell, cell contact must, then the yang in action, made Norizane collapse
under the blood of several urinate.Therefore, this disease, saying: big by empty, made for the muscle paralysis,
atrophy pass for the pulse.

    Infinite thought, like no, obscenity in the outside, into the room too much, relax tendons were vertical,
made for tendon atrophy, and white prostitution.So the next by saying: tendon atrophy were born within the
liver to make too.

    Have gotten in the wet, with water as a matter, if the stay, the Home Office with wet, muscle How stains,
rather than Bi Yan, fat atrophy for the meat.So the next by saying: meat atrophy who-won wetlands.

    Some travel weary, every hot Er Ke, thirst is yang within the cutting, which cutting the hot joint in the
kidney, kidney donors dirty water also; this water, numerous fire, then the marrow and cord virtual.It is not
adequate any body fat, bone atrophy.So the next by saying: bone atrophy who was born in a large hot too.

    The emperor said: why do them?Chi Bo said: Hyperactivity who is white, while the gross failure; heart
overflows with heat Sechi Er collaterals; liver color with heat Cang Er claw dry; spleen with heat-color yellow
flesh creep; kidney with heat-color black and tooth dry.

   The emperor said: If the Master made without regret.Atrophy of those who made rule, independence of
Mind Why?

    Chi Bo said: Yangming were a sea of internal organs, tendons were the main profit, were the main beam of
bone and tendon organs are also benefits.Red pulse those meridians sea also, the main infiltrating the valley,
and Yangming Yu were reinforced, yin and yang?The case will be reinforced, together in the gas Street,
Yangming whom long they were all with connections to the contact Yu Du.Therefore, Yang Ming is true, then
cases of vertical bars, with pulse does not lead, it is not enough atrophy 也.

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: all up for the Ying 而 exercised through its Yu, tune their
actual situation, and its Nishun, tendons and flesh, by the month, each in its time, infection is marked passed
away.The emperor said: good.

   On the 45th chapter Jue

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Jue Zhi those cold and heat, Why?Qi Bo replied: yang decline in the next was
Hanjue, yin was declined in the next heat Jue.

     The emperor said: Jue heat it as hot as well, will the number of under foot Zhe Why?Chi Bo said: yang
from the table on in foot fingers.Yin tachycardia, concentrated in a single step and gather in Zuxin, it wins the
first step yang craze.

    The emperor said: Hanjue of the cold too, will be from the fingers and on the knee who, Why?Chi Bo said:
yin from the fingers in foot Sato, concentrated in below-knee the polypropylene on laptop so yin win, from toe
to knee suddenly, the cold is not from the outside, both from the inside, so yin sheng, from toe to knee
suddenly, the cold is not from the outside, both from the inside.

    The emperor said: Hanjue He lost in the course have?Chi Bo said: those who pre-yin, were reinforced by
the accumulation of, lunar and Yang are the co.Chun Xia Zeyang less gas and more and yin, however the
winter is yin yang prosperity to decline; this person by nature and strong, with wins in the fall and winter use,
to struggle under the gas can not be complex, refined gas overflow, the evil influence of without due from
also.Gas due to, the yang decline, not seepage business collaterals, yang day loss, chi alone in the, hand, foot
and whom it is cold too.

    The emperor said: Jue ru-ing too hot?Chi Bo said: alcohol into the stomach, then the collaterals upon the
expiration of the meridians is true, spleen governing the stomach out their body fluids by Ye.Qi is yang into
yin, yang the plans Stomach, Stomach, then fine air dried, refined gas exhaust, is not doing its limbs are.This
person must be drunk if the full number to the Housing, gas accumulated in the spleen are not allowed to loose,
the alcohol and Valley Gas thin, heat storage in China, it is hot all over the body, heat Er female red
Ye.Drinking prosperity to Piaohan husband, a kidney failure, yang alone win, so heat is also hand-foot-whom.

   The emperor said: Jue or is Fu Man, or is not, and violence, or to far to the 1st half-day, I realized that
people as Why?Chi Bo said: Sheng chi on the other hand, under the false, the next virtual is Distension, yang
sheng last, the next gas back on, but against evil, against Ze yang chaos, chaos yang, then I do not know

    The emperor said: good.Our family falls six meridians like disease can also.Chi Bo said: Ju Yang falls,
then the swelling has a head weight, feet can not row, made the silly servants.

  Yangming falls, then the disease want to take the call epilepsy, Fu Man shall not lie, Mianchi while hot,
Wang Jian who jumps to conclusions.

Shaoyang falls, the storm cheek swollen and hot deaf, hypochondriac pain, _ can not be shipped.

Luni Jue, the Fu Man _ expansion, after the negative, not Yushi, Food is vomiting, not lying.

   Shao falls, then the dry mouth female red, Fu Man heartache.

Jueyin falls, then Shaofu swelling, abdominal pain, Jing urinate negative, good lying, knees, overcast reduced
swelling, _ heat.

   Morinori spilled it; virtual filling in them; not containing the truth in order by taking from.

Lunar Jueni, _ anxious Luan, heartache cited abdomen, the primary patient treatment.

   Shao Jue Ni, virtual full of vomit changed, discharged clear, the primary patient treatment.

    Jue Yin Jue Ni, Luan virtual low back pain over the previous close delirious words, the primary patient

   Morbidity, all inverse, not before, makes hand-foot-cold, three days dead.

   Sun Jueni, stiff servant, vomiting blood, good bleed at the nose, the primary patient treatment.

   Shaoyang Jueni, adverse authorities, organs of the disadvantaged, not waist line item can not care, hair
appendicitis can not rule, scared to die.
   Yang Ming Jue Ni, cough or fever, good surprise, nosebleed, vomiting blood.

   Hand Tai Yin Jue Ni, virtual full and cough, good vomit foam, the primary patient treatment.

   Shouxin Zhu Shao Jue Ni, heartache lead throat, fever died, not governance.

   Sun Jueni hand, deafness sobbing out, items not care, waist not exhort Yang.Primary patient treatment.

   Hand Yang-Ming Shao Yang Jue Ni, hair Houbi, choking swelling, spasm, the primary patient treatment.

   Disease to the 46th of articles

    Yellow Emperor and asked: is sick epigastric epilepsy who consultations when ru?Qi Bo replied: attending
the persons, when the climate stomach pulse, the pulse when Shen Fine, fine Vapor inverse Shen, Ni Zhe, who
welcome the frantic, even Morinori heat; people who welcome the stomach veins also, against Er Sheng, the
hot accumulated in appetite, no, it was carbuncle 也stomach bladder.

    The emperor said: good.People who are lying and have anxiety, Why?Chi Bo said: dirty some injuries, and
the fine has been Zhi Send the security, enemies can not be suspended 其disease also.

    The emperor said: Xiaoyan lay person who shall not, Why?Chi Bo said: viscera of the lung are covered
also, Qi Sheng is a large clock, large clock shall not Xiaoyan lay, of yin and yang of the singular constant.

    The emperor said: sick Juezhe, calm and pulse diagnosis to bear in the right, left floating pulse was late, or
Bing primary security in?Chi Bo said: Attending the winter, right by Shen pulse solid tight, this should be
4:00, left floating pulse was late, this inverse 4:00, when the primary disease in the left kidney, quite relevant
in the lung, when the back pain Ye.

    The emperor said: How short?Chi Bo said: Shao Guan Shen Luo pulmonary veins, this was pulmonary
veins, whom kidney disease, so kidney is a disease of low back pain also.

    The emperor said: good.Sick neck abscess, or stone rule, or acupuncture rule, but have switched.Its real
security in?Chi Bo said: This exposed in such persons 也 qi interest carbuncle who should go and see the
needle expulsion.Blood accumulation arrogant husband who should stone and diarrhea Zhi, the so-called
differences with the disease treatment 也.

     The emperor said: angry mad sick person, the disease is quiet?Chi Bo said: Born yang.The emperor said:
why make people mad sun?Chi Bo said: yang who, because of violence will be too off decision, Gushan anger
also, Jue Yang called kidney disease.The emperor said: How aware of?Chi Bo said: Yang Ming are often
moving, giant Yang Shao Yang fixed, fixed and moving, big disease, This waiting 也     .The emperor said: rule do
nothing?Chi Bo said: seize their food i.e..Husband ingested in Yin, long-winded Yu Yang, so seize their food
i.e..Make contact for the drink service to pig iron, pig iron contact husband who, under the gas disease 也.

    The emperor said: good.Pyrolysis falling sick body, sweating, such as bath.Evil wind less gas, this why the
disease?Chi Bo said: sick sounding name wine style.The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo, saying: The
Alismataceae, each operation is very, elk fifth title, together with three that summarize the post-meal.

   The so-called depth of the fine, of whom hand, such as needles.Mount 之 shear, together are, Caine also,
Bo who, China also.

    Shang by those words qi Babel Ye.Next by those made by patients were also noted.Synopsis who daredevil
students also.Dial degree who cut into Chih.Qi Heng who made strange disease also.The so-called Church who
may not be so strange disease 4:00 die.Hang those to 4:00 die.
   The so-called Premier who demand that it also cut side, made all the reasoning to ask its pulse.Degree who
have lent Bing Department to 4:00 degrees Chih.

    Church of Disease chapter 47th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: who are heavy, in September and dumb, this why An?Qi Bo replied: cell of
the collaterals must 也.

    The emperor said: How short?Chi Bo said: cell contact persons, linked to kidney, Shao Guan kidney of
Pulse, Department of the tongue, it can not be made.

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: no rule also, when the complex in October.

    Puncture said: non-destructive lack of interest more than to into its rash.

    And Tones.

    The so-called non-destructive enough, physically and win thin, useless Chan-shih; useless Qi more than
those of the belly of the visible and vent, vent out of the Diseases of the fine independent trespassing, the
twenty years before as too rash.

    The emperor said: Pollution on full gas against the disease, two-year-old not already, is why the
disease?Chi Bo said: called kidney disease information product, this might in the food, not thorns moxibustion,
product of guidance on medication, drugs alone can not rule 也.

The emperor said: people with physical thigh shares _ are swollen, ring navel and pain, is why the disease?Chi
Bo said: Dubbed the underlying disease beam, the wind is also the root.Its gas overflow in the large intestine
and was at the Blind, Blind original in below the umbilicus, so ring navel and the pain also.Can not move
them, move them to the water drowning Shibuya 之disease also.

    The emperor said: very few people have foot pulse, Jinji and see, why this disease?Chi Bo said: This so-
called rash tendon, is a human abdomen will be anxious, white black see, the very sick.

    The emperor said: people are sick headache, with endless number of years, this safety-won, name Why
disease?Chi Bo said: When a committed Big Chill, internal to the bone, marrow and introduce a brain-based,
brain reverse, so that headache, teeth are pain, disease name Jueni.The emperor said: good.

     The emperor said: ill population willing to persons, disease name for that?Why have them?Chi Bo said:
This five-qi overflow as well, sounding name spleen paralysis.Husband flavors entrance, hidden in the
stomach, spleen qi and body fluids whom line perfection in the spleen, so that people willing to also, in this
fertile issued by then and this is the number of people will eat the extra fat Ye sweet.Fat person, it is heat, Gan
who is in full, so the gas overflow, to Diabetes.Treatment by LAN, in addition to Chen gas also.

    The emperor said: sick bitter mouth, taking Yang Ling Quan.Mouth in pain, disease name for that?Why
have them?Chi Bo said: Dubbed the guts hate disease.Liver husband who, within a will also, depending on the
gall bladder, pharynx and punishments, the number of people who do not plan must consider, so timid, whom
gas Shangni and mouth pain.Treatment by biliary raise Yu, government officials compared to 12 in the yin and
yang in.

    The emperor said: those who have retention of urine, day dozens of steep, this are insufficient.Fever, such
as carbon, such as cell cervical Ying, who welcome ankle Sheng, breathing air reverse, this is more than
也 .Lunar clock as small as those issued this are insufficient.The disease and Angola?Name Why disease?Chi
Bo said: disease in the Tai Yin, Qi Sheng in the stomach, rather in the lung, the sick sounding name Jue, dead
dead.This was five more than the so-called, two are insufficient.

    The emperor said: What is five more than?Second, inadequate?Chi Bo said: the so-called more than five
persons, five patients more than the gas also, two are insufficient, inadequate gas has also sick.This addition
was more than five, which was less than two, this is not where their bodies do not form, also died out now!

    The emperor said: epilepsy disease are born sick, the sick sounding name that?An obtained?Chi Bo said:
disease called fetal disease, this-won in the womb, the mother has been shocked, but not gas on, the refined gas
and home, so that children made for the epilepsy disease 也 .

    The emperor said: sick monsters like water, cut the pulse great tight body pain who do not form thin, not
eating, eating less, names such diseases?Chi Bo said: disease of the kidney, called renal wind, the wind can not
eat kidney, good surprise, surprise has been the heart to die gas atrophy.The emperor said: good.

   Great Church on the 48th chapter

    Liver full, full of kidney, lung full of all reality, that is, swelling.

Lungs Yong, Chuaner least two flank of animal; two flank of animal liver Yong Moon, lying Ze surprise, not
urine; kidney Yong Fu Man at least the foot and tibia in size, thigh _ big, lame easily dried up.

Xinmaitong over big?Chi spasms; hepatic veins little anxious?Chi spasms; hepatic veins surprise storm, some
horror, pulse, if not to dark, dead himself.

   Small acute renal vein, hepatic veins small acute heart vessel small emergency, do not refer, drums are all.

    Journal of the liver and kidney and stone water, and float as feng shui, and virtual for the dead, and want to
surprise a small string.

   Shen large acute renal vein, hepatic vein Shen great urgency are all hernia.

   Acute heart to heart pulse sliding hernia.Lung pulse pump for the pulmonary hernia.

    Sanyang anxious to refer, morbidity, anxious for the hernia.2 Yin anxious for?Jue, 2 Yang anxious to

    Splenic vein outside the drum for the intestinal bleach Shen, himself a long time.Hepatic veins of the gut
bleach little slow and easy treatment.Renal vein Small is great, and the intestinal bleach under the blood, blood
temperature and body heat to die.Darling bleach also in blood, two dirty with the patient to cure it.Shen
astringent as the pulse of small intestine bleach, death of their bodies with heat, hot see seven dead.

    Shibuya stomach drum pulse, large drum outside the stomach; Xinmaitong small firm anxious, all
diaphragm dried up.Men's hair left, the woman made the right, do not turn dark tongue can cure, since the
30th.It from those dark old, the years but less than 20 persons-year-old dead.

    To the pump pulse, blood nosebleed fever to die.Hanging hook floating pulse to pulse as often.Pulse to like
asthma, it is called violence Jue, violence Juezhe do not know and hide.Pulse to the instance, several, sharp
shock people, three on the 4th himself.

   Pulse to float together, floating together shown with a rate 10 to above, is by air to enough for him, dead
micro-see 90 days.
    Pulse to pay fiery course, is the heart Akiyuki I won also, dry grass to die.

    Pulse to such scattered leaves, is the liver to the virtual as well, wood leaves were gone and died.

    Pulse to the customer, such as provinces and provincial-off persons, pulse Haner drums, is the inadequacy
to the kidney, suspended to date Chinese died.

    Pulse to as Wan mud, is stomach fine to have enough partners, Yu pod off and died.

    Pulse to as horizontal cells, is courage to be enough for him, died Wo cooked.

    Pulse to the thread, such as strings, is the cell to fine enough for him, truthfulness disease, frost and died, is

    Pulse to paint, such as pay, pay paint those around waterfront to also, micro-see on the 30th death.

    Pulse to such springs, floating drum muscle, the inadequacy of the Sun Qi for.Low odor, leek British died.

   Pulse to as decadent and Earth-like, Press to not, is enough muscle to have gas.Colored vision of black,
white base made dead.

    Pulse to a suspended Yong, Yong hanging those big floating hides all the benefits that are second to the
inadequacy of Yu-Zhi.Hydrogel died.

    Pulse to the knife, such as Yan, Yan knife who float a small emergency, according to The stand of great
urgency, the five internal organs Wan heat, cold and heat alone and in the kidney as well, so their human can
not sit, Spring Comes to death.

    Pulse to as Wan slippery hands are not straight, not straight handed person, according to various non were
likewise.Is the large intestine to the inadequacy of gas.Jujube leaves students died.

    Pulse to fear if China were very good, do not want to sit or lie down enact often heard, is the inadequacy of
hernia to.JI Qiu died.

    Posts 49th pulse solution

   The so-called swollen sun, back pain who Shui, the first month the Sun Yin, Yin sun.Yang out of the first
month, while in the chi-sheng, Yang without self-views also, so swollen, waist Shui pain also.

    Partial disease was lame virtual who yang frozen solutions of the first month, to air out also.The so-called
partial empty those cold winter quite insufficient, Gupian virtual is lame too.

    The so-called strong-drawing back those yang rather large fight, it is also strong.

    The so-called tinnitus who yang things Sheng on the jump, so tinnitus also.

    Even the top of the so-called mad disease who do the on the yin yang from the next, the next virtual on the
real, so the summit of disease 也mad.

    The so-called floating Wei deaf persons, are in the gas also.

    Income for the so-called dumb persons, Yang Sheng has been so bad for the dumb 也.
     In wins and Jue, was dumb haiku, the kidney also, Shao Jue not to those who have.

    The so-called heart hypochondriac pain who Shaoyang, Shaoyang Moriya made.Sheng are the table also
the mind, in September to do the yin yang sheng, so heart hypochondriac pain 也.

     The so-called non-anti-side who take things Tibetan chi, physical possession is not fixed, it is not anti-side

    So if extreme, jump who do bad things in September, but fell off the vegetation of China, then the gas to
the yang and yin, yang arrogant and under the long, so that jump.

    Yang Zhen Han who called Sasa, Yangming were afternoon also, in May Sheng yin yang Also, yang and
yin in addition, it Sasa Zhenhan 也.

    The so-called tibial swelling and stock that is not the recipient, is the yin 也 May Sheng Yang.Yang Zhe
declined in May, while a yin, the struggle began with the sun, so do not charge tibial swelling while
intrafemoral 也.

    Who called on Chuaner for water, yin undone on the next, on the Evil in the viscera, the so for the water

    The so-called small gas chest pain who are also water vapor in the viscera; water sellers are also chi, chi in
the middle, so less gas is also chest pain.

    Even the so-called Jue, the wicked with fire, smell of wood tone was shocked by Ti, however, yang and
yin with thin, water and fire bad, so vigilance but also scared.The so-called family-you want independence,
while the Department are closed, yin and yang with thin also, do the Yin Yang Sheng, Gu Yu independent
family-you door closed.

    For by so-called disease to be high and singing, disposable clothing and walking are the yin and yang and
the yang suits the complex struggle, so to make disposable clothes and go too.

   The so-called pulse-off Sun, then the headache and abdominal swelling are Allergic Rhinitis, Yang and
Yu, the last contact were then the Sun moon also, so headache Allergic Rhinitis abdominal swelling 也.

    The so-called patients who Lunar expansion, lunar tzu, in November things are hidden in the gas, twenty
years before disease expansion.

    Called on those who take the heart is, eh, go to the previous Sheng Yin Yang, Yang Ming is a contact
center, twenty years before and have to walk on the heart is eh.

     Food is so-called vomit who filled while the overflow material, so vomiting also.

    The so-called too soon after the natural gas are as faded, December yin yang and a next dynasty to, twenty
years before: too soon after the natural gas are as bad Ye.

     Thorn to the 50th of articles

     Yellow Emperor asked,: stab to appreciate further?

   Qi Bo replied: disease are drifting, there are superficial, deep puncture, each to its management, not too far
Road, off of Ze internal injuries, not as birth to the outside obstruct, obstruct Ze evil of men.Not superficial,
deep, there was a big thief, moving within five internal organs, epigenetic serious illness.
    Hence it is said: there is the hair of Cou disease management who have the skin who have in the muscle,
there are those in the veins, there were in the bar, there were in the bone, there were in the marrow.

   Therefore in barbed hairs Cou reason no harm skin, skin wounds Plans to move the lung, pulmonary
mobility gives autumn Bing Wen malaria, Su Su Ran Han Li.

    Stab wound meat without skin, flesh wound Plans to move the spleen, splenic mobility gives 七 four
seasons on the 12th month, the sick do not eat, bloating trouble.

   Stab the meat can not hurt pulse, pulse injury Plans to be tempted, heart disease Ze summer heartache.

    Vein puncture wound without tendon, tendon injury while moving within the liver, liver disease hot action
is spring and tendons relax.

   Barbed tendon injury without bone, the bone is fixed within the kidney, kidney disease and immobility
means winter inflation, low back pain.

Piercing no harm marrow marrow injury Ze sales Shuo _ acid, natural body solution _ not carry on.

   Qi of articles fifty-first gill

    Yellow Emperor and asked: superficial, deep stab Our family divided.Chi Bo replied: freezing had no
tendon injury, stab wounds tendon Convicted of meat, meat stab wound without pulse, skin puncture veins had
no injuries, stab wounds Paper had no meat, no meat stab wound bars, gill bar had no injury bone.

    The emperor said: I known the so-called, would appreciate further solution.Chi Bo said: piercing without
injury to the tendons, pin to the tendon away, less than skeletal.Gluten-free meat stab wound to the meat away,
behind bars Ye.Vein puncture the meat can not hurt those who, to the clock away, less meat.Pulse No injuries
were stab skin to skin away, less than veins also.The so-called stab wounds meat without skin, skin disease, the
needle into the skin without injury meat.Stab the meat without injured tendons who had meat in the bar also,
barbed bone tendon without injury who had gluten in skeletal.What is called anti also.

   Barbed ban on articles 52nd

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Our family cut the number?

   Qi Bo replied: dirty are vital, must be aware of.Born in the left liver, hidden in the right lung, heart
Division table, kidney ruled?, Spleen and punishments, stomach whom city.

    Blind diaphragm above, there are parents, seven of the waterfront, in care, from the Blessed, a reverse of
the blame.

   Thorn center, on the 1st death.Its movement is eh.

   Stabbed in the liver, on the 5th death.Its movement for the language.

   Stabbed in the kidney, on the 6th death.Its movement to sneeze.

   Stabbed in the lung, three days dead.The move to cough.

   Thorn in the spleen, on the 10th death.The move to swallow.
   Puncture of the gall bladder, the 1st half dead.Its movement to vomit.

   Barbed tarsus upper veins the blood out of more than death.

   Barbed slipped clock face, unfortunately for the blind.

   Thorn in the brain households, into the brain death legislation.

   Sublingual vein puncture in too, as the blood out of more than dumb.

   Contact the vein puncture with a single step cloth, not as swollen blood.

    Large vein puncture Xi, servant is bleaching.

   Gas Street in the vein puncture, blood could not, for the swollen rat servant.

   Puncture spinal cord was slouching in between.

   Thorn milk on the breast, for the swollen root loss.

   Thorn in the retraction Quepen gas leaks, people cough reverse.

   Invagination of the swollen belly of the fish gill hand.

    No thorns waiting, so popular disorder; no thorn rage, so popular reverse: workers who Thornless; without
thorns new full of people; the great famine of people without thorns; thirsty people Thornless; Thornless

   Barbed Yin stocks veins, blood from more than dead.

   Clock master assassin sunk in, as the internal leakage is deaf.

   Barbed knee patella fluid is lame.

   Thorn arm lunar clock, hemorrhage, stand dead.

   Shaoyin foot barbed connections, virtual heavy bleeding, hard words for the tongue.

   Ying Zhong thorn stuck in the lung to breathe against the Yang-interest.

   Barbed elbow in the retraction air classical example for it and not flexion and extension.

   Three-inch thorns sunk under overcast shares, it is left drowning.

   Axillary thorns sunk between threat, it is cough.

   Drowned out in the bladder puncture Shaofu makes Shaofu full.

_ Intestines swollen thorns stuck to.

   Bone in the supraorbital vein puncture settlement for leakage is a blind.

   Barbed joints fluid out flexion and extension may not.
      Chi chapter fifty-third of thorns

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Our family and Reality in to?Qi Bo replied: Gas solid shape reality, Qi form is
true, this is also its often anti-disease of this person.Yamori and fit, this valley virtual deficiency of its regular
as well, against the Zhe disease.Real blood real pulse, pulse virtual blood deficiency, This is often also, the
person against disease.

    The emperor said: How the anti?Chi Bo said: Qi body heat, we called revolt even.Valley gas into the many
and few, what we called revolt even.Valley would not join the Keta, we called revolt even.Small pulse of
blood, we called anti also.Pulse less blood and more, we called anti also.

      Vigorous cold body may of typhoid fever deficiency, injury-won summer.

      More than the gas into the small valley who have off-won blood, even under wet home.

      Valley gas into the few and many who have evil in the stomach and lung.

   Small blood veins more, drink in the heat too; clock the smallest number of large blood, veins are
atmosphere, water slurry would not join, what is called too.

      Husband with facts, gas into power; virtual persons, air that out.Gas facts, heat also; deficiency who Cold

      Into the facts, left open for air needle; into virtual who left closed needle for air.

      Posts 54th pin solution

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Our family of nine-pin solution, and Reality Road.Qi Bo replied,: thorn virtual
then more, and then, the craze under the needle.Air exercise in the craze.Vent the expiration of those needles,
cold also, Qi is the Cold in.Wan-Chen in addition to, and then, the blood of evil.

      Evil Katsunori virtual, and then, the needles do not press.

    Xu Er disease then more persons, Xu Er illness by a pin them; disease Er Xu and empty those diseases out
of needles and water according to Xu.

      The false statements were, as much as cold air temperature.

      If not if those diseases are unknown.

      Review, and the first who has also known disease.

    For the virtual and the real person, not to lose its working methods.If you've got to regret those from its law

      Reality in to, 9-pin the most wonderful person, its all there should have.

      Who make up the time of diarrhea, and gas opening or closing in Congruence Ye.

      9-pin in the name of different shape, pin it as reinforcing and reducing poverty also.
   Those who really need the imaginary barbed needle retention, yin Long to, is to pin him; barbed virtual
must in fact those yang Long to, needles, heat, is to needles.

   The gas has to, be careful not to lose keep those do not change should.

   Depth in the Chi who know disease and outside it.

   Distance as one who, also designate the depth of Qi.

   Standing on the edge into the abyss who dare not fall Ye.

   Hand such as holding a tiger, its strong desire also.

   God, no business objects available to the public who view Seishi patients without left as Ye.

   Under the innocent meaning who want to end with positive also.

   R is the god who wish to bile of patients present, the manufacture of their God, so easily were also in gas.

    The so-called three-in those three inches under the knee Ye.And those who called tarsal, knee lift points
are easier to see Ye.Giant virtual who stuck by Jiao Zu _ independence.Those who were trapped under the
next Lian also.

    The emperor said: I heard should be world 4:00 9 pin yin and yang, appreciate further side, so to be
available to future generations that often 也.Chi Bo said: husband one day, two places, three, four o'clock, five
sounds, six law, Seven, eight winds, nine wild, physique should Zhi, needles should all be, Hence it is 9 pins.

    Human skin should be days, man meat should be ground, contacts should be people who tendon seasonal,
the human voice should sound, who shall be yin and yang combined gas law, human tooth face should sing,
who should be the wind out of gas, people Jiuqiao 360 15 contact should be wild.

    Therefore, a leather needle, two needles of meat, three-pin connections, four-pin reinforced, five-pin bones,
six-pin tone Yin, Yijing seven pin, 8 pin except the wind, 9-pin Tung Jiuqiao, in addition to 365 solar
terms.The owners also have what is called.

    Human mind should be eight wind; popularity should be days; human hair eyes and ears of five sound
teeth, six law should pentameter; were yin and yang, blood gas should be in vein.

    Human liver project suitable response Jiuqiao 365 people a day in order to observe static and dynamic two-
designate them with colored Seven candidates should send a parent to designate Palace Ze Wu Yin Zheng Yu
6 business angle is more than enough to be the Second Law to designate a compete with more than nine field a
candidate Yu should be closed up by three changes of a sub-section of people waiting more than vent tooth
angle changes very little blood-fifth of sixth priority designate less than one-third of the ninth sub 4:00 man
cold joints warm in cold dampness 4:01 should be the opposite designate one of the four parties for solution.

   Thorn section of chapter fifty-fifth

   Barbed home not attending, listening to the patient words, pain in the head disease, for possession of
needles.Thorn to the bone disease has been, is no flesh and blood and skin injury, skin 者 could never

   Vaginal piercing 1, beside the four winds, cold and heat treatment.
   Deep post-Zhe thorn big dirty, dirty puncture forced back, back Yu Ye.Thorn Zhi forced dirty, dirty
Council belly cold and heat to the shelling ceased.With the stabbed Zhi to, hair pin and light bleeding.

   Government corruption swollen who stabbed rot on a large depth, as the carbuncle small thorn.Thorn in
major multi-blood, while the small depth of the, will end as it is only within the needle.

Disease Shaofu storing, taker _ below the minimum abdominal shelling ceased.Xia interbody spinal puncture
both sides of 4, two iliac         stab flank, the guide has been under the belly of gas heat.

    Disease Shaofu, abdominal pain, not the bathroom, sick sounding name hernia, was cold.Barbed Shaofu
between the two stocks, condyle bone between the lumbar puncture, puncture 而 considerably over the best of
spiritual sickness.

    Disease in the tendon, spasms, and arthralgia, not OK, it is called tendon paralysis.Reinforcement for the
so barbed, barbed divided between meat, not the bones also.Disease from the disease has only reinforced spirit.

    Disease in the skin, skin pain to do, it is called muscle paralysis, injuries in the alpine.Barbed Oita small
points, while the depth of the multiple needle to heat as it is, no break my bones, break my bones, carbuncle
hair is changed.Fever has only to do various points.

   Disease of bone, bone weight can not move, bone marrow pain, chill to, it is called Gubi.Zhe stab wound
deep veins without the meat as it is.A life of its Oita small points, bone fever has ended.

    Disease in all Yang channels and cold and heat, and cold and heat various points, it is called crazy.Thorn
Zhi virtual connections, as do fever has only points.

    Disease onset age of serve, and died on serve, and died on 45 issued, it is called epilepsy.Various points of
various vein puncture.Its no cold but to pin Tones disease only.

    Wind and cold and heat illness, spiritual sweating, several times a day before, the first stab venae various
sub-arguments, sweating and cold and heat, three days a thorn hundred days only.

    Kashin-Beck Disease wind heavy eyebrows fall, it is called wind, gill muscles so.Sweating Hundred Days,
barbed bone marrow sweating hundred days, all 200 pins on eyebrows Health shelling ceased.

   Cortex of the 56th chapter

   Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard there are divisions skin, veins are brokers, tendon junction contact with
bone are measured, they fall ill vary.Do its divisions, so up and down, yin and yang, where the disease is
always, appreciate further Road.

   Qi Bo replied: For more on the skin to the meridians to discipline those who, all by alike.

    And Yang Yang, named harm gadfly, up and down with the law, depending on the department who have
floating contact, all contact 也Yang-ming.The multi-color blue Ze pain, paralysis was busy, yellow red the hot,
more white Ze cold, colored all see, the cold and heat Ye.Sheng then into the passenger in contact via.Yang
master, the yin Lord.

    Shaoyang the Sun, named Shu hold.Up and down with the law, depending on the department, there are
those floating contact, all contact Ye Shao Yang Zhi.Sheng then into the passenger in contact through, so in
the sun by the Lord, in the shade were the main out to seepage in the period, all by alike.
   Sun Yang, it is called off axis.Up and down with the law, depending on the department, there are floating
contact persons, contact the Sun are also.Sheng then into the passenger in contact via.

    Shao yin, named Shu Ru.Up and down with the law, depending on the department, there are those floating
contact, all contact 也 Shao Zhi.Yu Sheng can enter the customer contact via, its income by also, from the sun
by the Department of attention to, its the person, within the note the bone from the shade.

    Heart yin, it is called harm shoulder, up and down with the law, depending on the department, there are
floating contact person, contact 也Lord of all hearts.Sheng then into the passenger in contact via.

    Moon yin, it is called off hibernation.Up and down with the law, depending on the department, there are
those floating contact, all contact 也luni.Sheng then into the passenger in contact via.

    All twelve collaterals who skin services also.

    Therefore in the beginning of all diseases of Health also, we must first Yu fur.Evil in the areas, then Cou
reason to open, then open into the passenger in the vein, and not to leave, pass on by, stay and not go, pass on
the Fu, the barns in the stomach.

    The beginning of evil into the skin as well, dating back from the hair of course, open Cou reason, their
income in contact 也 the mere mention of collaterals Sheng; of their customers Yu through as well, who felt
empty, is a trap, its stay in the bones Zhi rooms.Cold as many spasms pain; thermal relaxation over the tendon
bone consumption, meat Shuo _ broken hair straight defeat.

    The emperor said: Master made the skin 12, an illness are ru.

    Chi Bo said: skin who Pulses Department also.Evil than the skin, then the Cou Li open hoi is evil into the
passenger Yu collaterals, collaterals full, of attention to the meridian, meridian over, then into the house in the
bowel Ye.Therefore, those who have skin segment is not born with serious illness 也     .The emperor said: good.

    On the 57th meridian article

    Yellow Emperor and asked: husband collaterals opinion also, Qi colored different, Qinghuang 赤 black is
different, so Why?

    Qi Bo replied: After a constant color, while the contact is uncertain variable also.

    The emperor said: through, regular color of them?Chi Bo said: heart red, white lung, liver and blue, yellow
spleen, kidney and black, all should be the color Ye Qi meridians.

    The emperor said: contextual yin and yang, should up his or Down?

    Chi Bo said: the color of their contact Yin and Yang contextual discoloration uncertain, with the four
seasons and the line also.

    Pour cold to more than weep, weep the Qinghei condensate; hot as many Nao Ze, Ze Nao is yellow
red.Often euphemistically color, it means that disease-free.Colored with see who is meant by cold and heat.The
emperor said: good.

    Cavitation of the 58th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard cavitation 365 to be an old, unknown it is willing to pawn smell.
   Chi Bo Jishouzaibai replied: Jiong passing a Question An?Its non-precision emperor spent his Tao Yan
makes perfect, as intended to make words and please overflow Department.

    Royal deterred from holding hands while they say: Confucius's open I could never understand, was not
seen to Department Head, ears have not heard the number, but at present have clear, ears to Cong carry on.

    Chi Bo said: This so-called refined people Yi language, Liang Ma Yi Yu Ye.

    The emperor said: fine person easily than non-words as well, really a few words to open the world of man,
more than the visitors this real number, Fameng FAQ, is not enough theory also.However I do appreciate
further Master Yi-Chi made their premises to make it their solution, please Collected Golden, not back.

    Chi Bo Zaibai the sky, saying: Morrison Please words, back and heart phased and pain, the treatment with
the 10-day conflict and on the vertebral century.Shang Ji Zhe epigastric also, under the discipline Zhe Guan-

   Department of Thoracic and evil yin and yang back about this, before and after the pain of their disease
Shibuya, Xiong Xie pain and no interest, no lie, on gas, short breath, side pain, pulse full, the clock skew the
rump, contact Xiong Xie, Guan heart septal branch , on the shoulder plus days of the conflict, ramp under the
shoulder, cross 10 vertebral next.

    Dirty Yu 50 points.

    Fu Yu 72 points

    Hot Yu 59 points

    Shui Yu 57 points

    Head of the five elements, line 5, 552 of fifteen.

_ Liang Peng in all five, all 10 points.

    Ojo Shang Liang Peng, the one where two points.

    Floating Head Tongzi white two points.

    Tired of the two points in the second hole thigh.

    Calf nasal two points.

    Ears over heard two points.

    Brow of the two points.

    End Bone 2 points.

    A top central hole.

    Occipital two points.

    On two points off.
   Big welcome two points.

   Shimonoseki two points.

   Tianzhu two points.

   Giant virtual down inexpensive four points.

   Qu teeth two points.

   Days suddenly a hole.

   Tianfu two points.

   Days-you 2 points.

   Futu two points.

   Skylight two points.

   Shoulder Solutions 2 points.

   Guanyuan a point.

   Committee Yoji point.

   Shoulder Ching 2 points.

   Dumb door hole.

   Let a point.

   Chest Yu 12 points.

   Pui Yu 2 points.

   Ying Yu 12 points.

   Two points divided the meat.

   Two points on the horizontal ankle.

   Yin and Yang ridings four points.

    Water in the various sub-Yu, Yu in the air trap heat, cold and heat Yu tired in the second in two skeletal

   Big ban under 25 in Tianfu Wu Cun.

   All 365 points, needle run by line also.

    The emperor said: I known cavitation between, tour needle home, appreciate further contact Sun Valley,
also to be Down?
    Chi Bo said: SUN Contact 365 points will be also used to be one years old, to overflow strange evil to pass
Rong Wei.Rong Wei Ji Liu, Wei Rong Yi San, air dried blood with.Addition to fever, which is less
gas.Disease diarrhea without relent to pass Rong Wei, see the diarrhea Zhi, without asking the Council.

   The emperor said: good.Our family valley of the Council also.

    Chi Bo said: dark meat for the Valley Assembly of meat for a small river, the meat between the valley's
Society.Rong Wei in line to be the atmosphere.Xie Sheng Qi stasis, veins hot meat defeat, Rong Wei No,
certainly for the pus, domestic marrow, outside of destroying the popliteal.Stay in the section Minato, will
surely lose.Product cold kept and Rong Wei not home, the volume shrinkage reinforcement of meat, ribs may
extend the elbow.Gubi within and outside the inhumane, Ming Yue enough to stay in the valley 也 Big
Chill.Valley 365 points will be.Should be one year old.Its small Bi abandoned himself to lust, through the vein
contacts, micro-needle As a result, and method the same.

    God is about to avoid the sky, Zaibai said: today Fameng FAQ, Collected in Golden, not back.Is Collected
Jinlan a chamber, the Department said, cavitation is located.Chi Bo said: Sun contextual connections do not by
those containing the blood spilled when those connections are 365, and note on the contact, communication
note 12 collaterals, non-exclusive 14 collaterals also, within the solutions of diarrhea in of those 10 contacts.

   Gas House of papers 59th

   Full sun for those issued by pulse air, 78 points.

   Two brow one each.

   Entry into the hair to three inches and a half Pong 5, quite different three inches.

   Its floating-gas in the skin of persons, where the five elements, line 5, 五 25.

   Large bars on both sides of items, each one.

   Government on both sides of the wind, the one.

   Xia back the following to the rump end of 21, 15 each one, five internal organs Zhi Yu all five, Six Hollow
Organs Zhi Yu all six.

   Appointed the following to foot little toe side, the six-Yu.

   Foot Shaoyang those issued by pulse air, 62 points, corners, every second.

   Straight-Eye on the hair within five.

   Front corner and one each ear.

   Under the front and one each ear.

   Rui hair, each one.

   Guest host, each one.

   Trapped in the ear, each one.
Shimonoseki one each.

Parotid tooth car after each one.

Quepen each one.

Tuck under the three-inch, Pollution on to the flank of animal, eight each one.

Thigh hinge in front, one each.

Below the knee to foot little toe second toe of the six Yu.

Foot-Yangming vein blood were issued, 68 points, the amount of hair next to the three skull.

Face a congested nose bone and air.

Big welcome for a bone and air.

People greet each one.

And one each in outer space Quepen bone.

Ying, one each in the interosseous.

Xia dovetail addition, when the milk under the three-inch, Xia epigastric all five.

Xia umbilical wide three-inch, all three.

Under the homogeneous two-inch, Chivalrous all three.

Gas Street arteries in one.

V rabbit on each one.

3 in the following to meet the toe and the eighth Yu, points where the cave air.

Hand the sun pulse gas for those issued, 36 points, head of the epicanthal one each.

Head outside and one each.

Qiu bone under the one.

Ear on each one.

And one each ear.

Giant bone hole one each.

Ye Qu and one each on the bone hole.

Columns each and a bone stuck.

Shang roof four inches, one each.
   Solution of the one shoulder.

   Three inches off his shoulder, the one.

   The following elbow to the little finger of the hand of all six Yu.

   Hand Yangming vein gas, tumors, 22 points.Nasal air outside the clean items on the two.

   Bone and air of a big welcome.

   Column bone will be the one.

    ?Bone will be the one.

   Elbow to the hand thumb plays the following refers to all six of the Yu.

   Hand Shaoyang those issued by pulse gas 32 points, one each under congested nose bone.

   After each one eyebrow.

   Corner of each one.

   After completion of bone under each one.

   Item before the full sun, one each.

   Xia Futu one each.

   And one each in the shoulder Ching.

   Zhen shoulder and one each in the next three inch partitioned.

   Elbow to hand little finger plays the following refers to all six of the Yu.

   Du those issued by air, 28 points.

   Key central 2.

   After eight of the hair.

   Three surface.

   Dazhui the following to the end and the next 15 points rump.

To descend 21 _ spine law also.

   Ren and those issued by the gas, 28 points, two central jets.

   Ying bone stuck in the one.

   Under the three-inch dovetail, epigastric Wucun, epigastric the following six inches and a half to cross a
bone, abdominal vein law also.
   Vaginal other one.

   The heads of each one.

   Lower lip 1.

   A break off diplomatic relations.

   Those issued by Chong gas pulse, 22 points.Xia outside the half inch dovetail to Qi-inch one.

   Xia next to the five-pronged, to cross an inch of bone, abdominal vein law also.

   Zu Shao Yin tongue.

   Jue pubic hair and one each in the rapid pulse.

   Shaoyin the one hand.

   Yin and Yang ridings each one.

   Hand, Foot and Morona those issued by international air connections.

   All 365 points 也.

   60th chapter of bone ideology

   Yellow Emperor and asked: I got wind of who is the beginning of all diseases.Needle rule do nothing?

    Chi Bo replied: Wind from the outside in, is Zhenhan sweating, headache, body weight, aversion to
cold.Rule government in the wind, adjust its yin and yang, is insufficient fill, enough and to spare diarrhea.

   Wind neck pain, stab the wind House, Wind in the vertebral government.

Wind sweating, moxibustion _ hee, hee _ waterfront in the back three inches under the ridge of the Xia,
Pressure in the patients call _ hee, hee _ should hand.

   Wind hate the wind, thorns brow.

   Lost pillow in shoulder transverse interosseous.

   Qi Yu arm off to make ridges in the elbow is moxibustion.

    _ Contact quarter inflation threat cited Shaofu and pain, stab _ hee.

spine end.

Mouse?Cold and heat, cold government also stabbed.Cold outside Government Solutions business in the
subsidiary knee.Taken outside of the knee, so worship; take Zuxin who make kneeling.

    Ren and who, at the very beginning under the wool over the international, through the abdomen, the last
element off to the throat, through the surface into the head on yee.
   Red veins were played on air Street, and Shao-tested, Xia umbilical up to the chest and scattered.

    Conception Vessel for the disease, seven men inside the knot hernia, pelvic mass poly woman vaginal

   Chong vein as disease, inverse gas in emergency.

   Du for the disease, strong ridge fold.

    Du who Shaofu the following starting from the central bone.Ting holes into the Department of Women, the
hole female pores side also.Qi contact through vaginal device, together usurped the throne room, around the
usurped, the other around the hip, at least in contact yin and yang together had a huge, Shao Shang shares ridge
is consistent within the kidney after the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

    And the sun into the eyes of the epicanthal from the last summit of the amount of pay, upper contact into
the brain, also under the other items through the inside shoulder Bo.Xia arrived back in the ridge, into the
kidney through the backbone contact.

    The men follow the stem down to usurp, and women and so were its Shaofu straight, consistent umbilical
central, the consistent heart, Ruhou on Yi, Central Department of the two projects under the central lip.

    This illness, from pain heart Shaofu a rush, not after, as the red hernia, Qi female infertility, infirmity
hemorrhoids, leaving female, premium dry; Du Du ill governance, governance of the bone, the fraudulent
claims in below the umbilicus camp.

   Gas has sound on it who govern the throat Central, in the middle who Quepen.

   The disease on the red hose who treat the symptoms gradually, gradually those, the Xia Yi 也.

Jian knee extension and unyielding, to govern the Jian; sit and knee pain, to govern the machine; legislation to
govern the skeletal solution while summer off; knee pain, pain and thumb, to govern the popliteal; sit and knee
pain, such as property hermit, to govern the relations; knee flexion and extension can not, govern the back
inside; even _ if off, live and Ming Yu
not long stand, rule Shaoyang Dimension, out on the Wucun.

    Secondary bone on bone under the Jian Wang, Xia hip for the machine, knee interpreted as skeletal
relations, Xia knee bone is connected skeletal, skeletal lower secondary, secondary for the popliteal, popliteal
for the pass, the first transverse bone pillow.

    Shui Yu 57 points, Tajiri on the five elements, line 5, V dodder on two lines, line 5, about the line, line 5,
the ankle on the line, line 6 points.

    Marrow space: in the back third, sharp bone in the skull under the international one in the gingival-basis;
be reused after a bone in the next item; one over the spine, in the wind Fu Shang.Spine under the empty space
under the rump bone; number of marrow space, Xia nose in the face; or bone space in the mouth, when the
shoulders.2 Po shoulder space, in the Po within the yang.Forearm empty, four-inch in-arm IIIB ankle bone
Buddhism between the two.Femur above the knee in the stock Yang created several four inches._ Bone space,
the upper bone in the secondary.International bone stock air, moving in the hair for the next.Rump bone blank,
at the Bi Gu, the quite different four inches.Flat bones have no marrow infiltration reason Minato hole, easy
cord-free air.
   Methodology in cold and heat moxibustion, moxibustion first item Dazhui to several strong year; times
moxibustion chunks of bone.To the number of years strong.

Depression as those who back moxibustion Zhi Yu, Zhi lifter arm shoulder trapped by moxibustion,
moxibustion Zhi between the two quarters of threat, absolutely bone-side lateral on moxibustion and feet little
finger plays interphalangeal moxibustion Zhi, _ subsidence pulse moxibustion Zhi, after lateral moxibustion

   Kennedy Quepen bone pain, such as shear reinforcement were moxibustion Zhi, Ying Zhi moxibustion in
depression among bone, metacarpal bone beam under the moxibustion Zhi, three inches below the umbilicus
Guan Yuan Zhi moxibustion, moxibustion Zhi Mao International artery, below knee silver partitioned
moxibustion Zhi , foot of Yangming tarsal artery moxibustion, moxibustion the top of the previous.

    Dogs are gnawing between moxibustion Zhi, three strong, that dog injury law moxibustion Zhi.

    Where as moxibustion 29.

   Fresh moxibustion of injury, endless who will depending upon the sun were too few of barbed Qi Yu and

    Hydrothermal articles on the 61st hole

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Why Shaoyin main renal, renal why the main water?Qi Bo replied: Yam 也
kidney donors.Yam who hold water also, lung Zhetai Yin also, Shao Zhe Dong pulse 也.Therefore, its present
in his kidneys at the end in the lung, are water 也.

    The emperor said: Why can gather water in renal disease?Chi Bo said: Stomach related kidney donors
also.Closed negative, so gather water from their class also.Overflow in the skin up and down, so as Fu
swollen.Zhou swollen who gather water and fall sick.

    The emperor said: the waters are born with renal or Down?Chi Bo said: kidney donors female Tibetan as
well, to gas up and who are kidney, while the raw water tap was done.Hence it is: Yam Yong, the workers and
even the renal sweating, sweating every kidney in the wind, shall not enter in the viscera, shall not be more in
the skin, off in the mysterious House line on the skin, the pass from Fu swollen, the is to the kidney, it is called
风 .The so-called Mystery House who sweat for air.

    The emperor said: water Yu 57 persons, is what the Lord has?Chi Bo said: Shenshu 57 points, plot the
gathering together of yin, water is also from access.Tajiri on line 5 by the five elements, this
Shenshu.Therefore, under the Zhou water disease swollen, big belly, calling for the surge, not lying who
samples all disease, lung therefore call for the surge, kidney as edema, lung can not lie for the inverse, with
input into all affected persons, water and gas for the community to stay too.

    V Unakami the second row, row five persons, the Kidney Street 也         .Morbidity, for the community and
Finding Yu feet.Ankle, every line, line 6 persons, the renal vein is also under the line, it is called Taichong.All
57 points who are the yin dirty contact, water is a customer.

    The emperor said: venae points spring to take the meat Why?Chi Bo said: those trees before the spring
administration, liver beginning students, liver urgent, its wind illness.Regular meridians and its deeper breath,
no time to go, so take the meat between sub-collaterals.

   The emperor said: Xia Sheng taken by the sub-Cou Why?Chi Bo said: rule before the summer by fire,
mind gas before long, weak pulse thin air, leaving excess yang, hot smoked sub-Cou, which, upon.Therefore,
by taking sub-Cou Sheng, must go to the skin of the ill persons, evil Home shallow 也.By those so-called
Sheng, Yang pulse 也.

    The emperor said: autumn pilgrimage Yu Why?Chi Bo said: those golden autumn before treatment, the
lung will receive kill, gold will win the fire, in co-yang, yin first win, not containing moisture and body chi,
not depth, so they chose to diarrhea Yin Xie Yu, taken together with virtual Yang evil, yang bad start, so get
on together.

    The emperor said: get well Ying How is it winter?Chi Bo said: Dong Zhe water before treatment, renal
side closed, yang bad little yin Jian Sheng, Ju Yang Fu Shen, Yang channels are, for it is well taken against the
following yin, yang in real take Ying.Hence it is: get well Ying winter, spring is not congested nose bleed at
the nose.

    The emperor said: fever 59 Master Yu made rule, I on His meaning, do not receive their premises, office
appreciate further due to hear their views.Chi Bo said: those who head the five elements five lines to the hot
sun all the more inverse also, Dazhu, Ying Yu, Quepen, back Yu, the eight were to crash chest 之 craze.Gas
Street, Three Mile, giant virtual clean from top to bottom, the eight persons, to the craze for diarrhea stomach
之 .Cloud Gate?Bone, Venezuela, marrow space, the eight persons, to the craze for diarrhea extremities.Five
internal organs Yu Pong 5, the 10 persons to five internal organs 之diarrhea craze.The above activities were 59
points, left and right are hot too.

   The emperor said: Man injured in the cold, while the transmission is hot, Why?Chi Bo said: cold Shengze
Sheng Fu craze.

    On the 62nd chapter Tiaojing

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard puncture words more than diarrhea Zhi, less than supplemented, what
is more than, what is inadequate?Qi Bo replied: more than five, and five less often Yu He asked?The emperor
said: willing to do smell.Chi Bo said: more than God, there are insufficient; 气 surplus, there is inadequate;
more than blood, there is inadequate; shape more than there is inadequate; blog more than, is
insufficient.Unless stopped 10 persons, its gas range Ye.

     The emperor said: people have refined gas, fluids, limbs, Jiuqiao, five internal organs 16, 365, are students
all diseases, all diseases uncooked, there are actual situation.This Master is more than made five, and five less,
why Seng Down?

    Chi Bo said: five internal organs are also born.Stored in the Heart of God husband, pulmonary gas
reservoir, liver blood, spleen meat, stored in the kidney, and this shape.Chi Italy Pass, the five internal organs
within the body shape is made with bone marrow.Road to the five internal organs are all out through the tunnel
to blood gas.Blood gas is not, and, riddled with changes in health are not readily Moritsune tunnel Yan.

    The emperor said: God is more than enough of them?Chi Bo said: God enough and to spare laugh
endlessly, God will be sad enough.Blood gas is not and, five internal organs stability, Evil Yu-shaped hairs
sprinkled Hsi onwards, not entering into the meridian Ye.Therefore, micro-Ming Yue God.

     The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: God enough and to spare the blood spilled
its small contact, and bleeding do not deep exclusion; not in its big economic, air is flat.God is insufficient,
depending on the virtual contact, according to Er Zhi Zhi, gill 而 profits, not out of the blood, no vent its gas to
pass up his, air is flat.

    The emperor said: Barbed micro-how?Chi Bo said: Do not release massage, a needle Do not exclusion,
lack of moving air in, air trusted by the complex.
    The emperor said: good. (Gas) is more than enough how?Chi Bo said: Gas is more than the cough on the
gas, enough gas is less interest rate profits.Blood gas is not and, five internal organs stability, skin micro
disease, Ming Yue white gas micro-discharge.

    The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: more than the spilled gas up his tunnel
without getting injured by, no out of the blood, no vent its gas.The tunnel will make up less than without out its

    The emperor said: Barbed micro-how?Chi Bo said: Do not release massage, a needle as him, saying, I will
be the depth of the, proper people will be leather, refined gas from the V, evil scattered, nothing breaks, gas
vent Cou management, infuriating is Xiangde.

    The emperor said: good.Do nothing more than a lack of blood?Chi Bo said: blood is more than the anger,
lack of the fear, blood gas is not, and, five internal organs stability, Sun contact water overflow, then after a
stay in the blood.

    The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: enough and to spare the blood spilled by Qi
Sheng, out of the blood; less depending on their virtual classics, the pulse inside the needle in, stay long and
they view, a large vein disease out its needle-free so that blood leakage.

    The emperor said: thorn to remain blood how?Chi Bo said: as the blood contact, prick out the blood, the
blood was not so bad after entering into the order into their illness.

    The emperor said: good.Form more than enough how?Chi Bo said: shape more than the abdominal
distension, diameter urinate negative.Not less than the limbs, blood gas did not and, five internal organs and
stability.Muscle peristalsis, Ming Yue breeze.

   The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: shape enough and to spare Xie Qi yang,
yang make up less than the contact.

    The emperor said: Barbed micro-how?Chi Bo said: take hours between meat and no, their economic, non-
injured his contact, health complex with anger, evil is the cable.

    The emperor said: good.Chi is more than enough how?Chi Bo said: Chi is more than the bloating supper
discharge, less than the Jue.Blood gas is not and, five internal organs stability, joints are moving.

    The emperor said: reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: Chi is more than the natural tendons of
blood were spilled, less than the slip up its rehabilitation.

    The emperor said: Barbed not and how?Chi Bo said: that is to take the free in the classics, the evil that is
able to stand empty.

     The emperor said: good.I have heard and Reality in shape, I wonder why the students?Chi Bo said: Yi qi
and yin and yang with tilt, air chaos Yu Wei, blood by reverse Yu, blood gas away from home, a real one
virtual.Blood and in the shade, air and in the sun, so as Frantic.Blood and in the sun, air and in the shade, is in
the Gui.Blood and in the last, gas, and the next, upset regret the good anger.Blood and in the next, and in the
air, chaotic and hi forget.

    The emperor said: the blood and in the shade, air and in the sun, so blood gas away from home, what is
real?What is virtual?Chi Bo said: blood gas were thermophilic and aversion to cold, cold is weeping can not
flow, temperature and the consumption away the actual occurrence of gas for the community and to blood
deficiency, blood for the community and for the deficiency.
    The emperor said: the owner of the blood and gas person ear.This Master is made by blood and the virtual,
gas, and the virtual, there is no real or Down?Chi Bo said: There is a real person, no person is true, it is gas and
there was no blood, blood, and no gas.This loss of blood and gas, so the virtual Yan.Contextual contact with
the Sun after all inferior to that of blood, compared with the gas and solid Yan.Blood and gas and go in on was
great Jue, Jue is sudden death, anti-gas complex are students, not against the dead.

    The emperor said: real person by what way has never been?Ho Road, from the virtual person to go?Reality
in to.Appreciate further it.Chi Bo said: Fu Yu Yin and Yang Jie You will.Note in Yin Yang, Yin Moon, the yin
and yang are flat to charge its shape, nine candidates, if a, Ming Yue-ping people.Husband's health is evil, or
born in overcast, or was born in Shenyang.The Yang who was born in, summer and winter rain-won; its shade
were born, have dietary residence, joy, anger, yin and yang.

    The emperor said: the wind and rain hurt how?Chi Bo said: the wind and rain hurt as well, first off in the
skin, the incoming pulse at the Sun, Sun pulse is passed over in vein, collaterals are lost in the big full
meridian, blood gas and evil and, in the sub-Cou-off between the pulse Jian Tai, Hence it is real.Facts, foreign
firm is not full of water according to water according to the pain.

    The emperor said: alpine of wounding, how?Chi Bo said: alpine among the people, the skin does not close,
tight muscles strong, wing blood and sobbing, Wei Qi to, Hence it is false.Virtual persons, Nie inadequate
provision of gas, enough water according to the gas temperature, thus, the fast but not painful.

   The emperor said: good.Yin the Practical how?Chi Bo said: joy, anger, no section, then the chi Shangni,
Shangni is under virtual, are moving under the virtual is yang.Hence it is really carry on.

    The emperor said: yin Health virtual how?Chi Bo said: hi, qi, the sad qi consumption, consumption Ze
pulse empty.Due to cold food, cold smoked over, the blood gas to weep, twenty years before and virtual carry

    The emperor said: The word yang is cold outside, the heat yin, yang is hot outside, Yin Sheng is within the
cold, I have heard of men, and I do not know it by the natural 也    .Chi Bo said: Yang bullied in the coke to
temperature between the skin and sub-meat, so chill out, then the focus is bad, the focus is bad, it is left alone
in the cold outside, so Han Li.

   The emperor said: yin Health Heat do nothing?Chi Bo said: be weary, and qi decline less, Valley gas not
containing, the focus not, under the epigastric barrier, Stomach heat, heat smoked chest, so heat.

    The emperor said: Yang Sheng Health external heat how?Chi Bo said: focus on unreasonable profits, the
skin tight, Cou management occlusion, Yuen House blocked, air can not vent more health, so hot outside.

    The emperor said: Yin Shengsheng in cold do nothing?Chi Bo said: Jue gas Shangni, cold product in the
chest without diarrhea, and diarrhea are warm to cold gas left unattended, the blood clotting sniffle, and pour
the pulse is bad, the pulse grand to Shibuya, so in the cold.

    The emperor said: yin and yang, and blood gas in and the sick shape to become, gill of how?Chi Bo said:
thorns were taken from this by the tunnel.Blood in the battalion, to take gas to health.Zai with the shape, the
number of heights for four seasons.

     The emperor said: blood gas to and, in order to become ill-shaped, yin and yang with the dumping,
reinforcing and reducing how?Chi Bo said: diarrhea with facts, and fit is within the needle, needle and gas all
in order to open its doors, such as the benefit of its users, needle and air all out, refined gas does not hurt, evil
is, the outer door is not closed to out the disease, shake big the Road, as the benefit of its way, is that the big
crash, will be cut out of the atmosphere is Qu.
    The emperor said: Buxu how?Chi Bo said: needle holder and not to put in order to determine its meaning,
waiting call within the needle, air out the needle in, needle air four plugs, sperm unable to go, side solid and
the disease-pin, gas into the needle out, heat can also, blocking its doors , evil cloth casual, refined gas trusted
by depositors, dynamic weather, the recent gas without losing much gas is to, is that the pursuit of.

    The emperor said: Master, who made actual situation, ten, was born in the five organs, five organs five
pulse ear.Cardiff 12 meridians are students by disease, this alone made the five organs Master.Cardiff 12
meridians who are contact 365, section ill will be meridians, Meridian is a disease, there are actual situation,
combination and why?Chi Bo said: Five Organs Six Hollow Organs and who may therefore for the table,
meridian support section, the health actual situation, the disease are the home, with the embodiment.

    Disease in pulse, blood transfer; disease in blood, and Tones of contact; disease in the air, and Tones of
Health; disease in meat and meat sub-Tones; disease in the tendon, and Tones of tendons; disease of bone,
bone transfer.Burnt needle puncture its next move and with the emergencies we.Disease in bone quenched iron
injections.I do not know the pain of disease, as the two ridings.Physique have pain, nine patients waiting Mo,
then Needling pain is the patient left and right vein needling Zhi.Will like to hear his nine-designate, needle
thus prepared.

    Needling of the 63rd chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: I heard Needling, without his intention, what Needling?

    Qi Bo replied: Cardiff evil guest in shape also, we must first house on the skin, stay and not go into the
homes in the Sun pulse, to stay and not go into the house in the collaterals, to stay and not go into the house in
turn, within even the five internal organs, scattered in the stomach, yin and yang all sense of the five internal
organs are injured, this evil from the superficial infiltration, most in the five internal organs 之 times have
not.That is to govern the economic Yan.This evil off the fur, into the homes in the Sun contact, not to stay,
blocking barrier, not into the classics, lies within a large contact, the Health and disease is very odd.Cardiff
Evil big contact persons, left the right note, right note left, up and down around and through coherent and
distributed in four at the end, that their courage impermanence Department and refusal to Yu by Yu, Ming Yue
Miao thorn.

    The emperor said: Our family Needling to the left take the right, to the right take the left, how?How do
giant thorn with them?Chi Bo said: Evil in, left Sheng is the right disease, right-Shing is left disease, also
moved easily by the left pain did not have, and the right clock the first patient, so who will needling of, will,
their economic, non-contact pulse 也 .Therefore, the patient contact, Qi pain and Meridian Community Service,
so Ming Yue Miao thorn.

    The emperor said: Our family Needling how?Taken from collecting?Chi Bo said: Evil Shao Zhi in foot
contact, Death is painful, inflation, Xiong Xie leg over, no product who stabbed Zhiqian natural bone bleeding,
such as food are nothing, not already left to take the right, the right to take the left.Emerging disease who have
taken on the 5th.

    Evil at Hand Shao Yang Zhi contact, is Houbi, tongue tired, dry mouth, upset, arm outside the clean pain,
hands behind head, stabbed in the hands that plays that Zhao Jia, on to the end, such as grasses and leaves, the
one Wei, Zhuang were established have been, old man there are have been left to take the right, the right to
take the left, this new disease for several days already.

    Evil Jue yin in foot contact, it is sharp pain Death hernia.Full thumb Zhao Jia stabbed with meat delivery
person, and a You, man has been established, there are already women, left to take the right, the right to take
the left.
    Evil in full sun contact, shoulder pain is the first item.Echinopus Zhao Jia little finger with the meat
delivery person, the one Wei, Li has.Endless, stab the next three You lateral, left to take the right, the right to
take the left, such as food are already.

    Evil contact the hand and Yang, so popular Manxiong, the breathing Er flank of animal limbs, chest
fever.Barbed hand thumb plays that Zhao Jia, on to the end, such as grasses and leaves, the one You left, take
right, the right to take the left, such as food are already.

    Evil on the arm of the hands, can not be bend.Barbed Qi ankle, the first to refer to the pain by, is the thorn
Zhi.Number of months of life and death, health day on a You, on the 2nd 2 You, on the 15th 15 You, on the
16th 14 Yu.

    Evil Artery of ridings in full sun it makes your head hurt, from the inner canthal start.Thorn under half an
inch by the two lateral You left thorn right, right-left puncture, such as line miles are nothing.

    People have fallen fall, bad blood left, the belly full expansion, not after.Drug benefit to drink this on the
injured Jue yin pulse, the next contact injury Shao Zhi.Thorn under the foot medial malleolus, before the
natural bone, blood vessels bleeding puncture foot tarsal artery.Endless, and one each on the thorn San Mao
Wei, see blood has been established, the left gill right, right-thorns left, good grief do not panic music, such as
the right gill.

    Evil contact the hand Yang-ming, is deaf, when the sound is not heard.Zhao Jia stabbed hand thumb plays
that end up as grasses and leaves of a Wei, Li Wen.Endless, barbed middle finger with the meat delivery by
Zhao Jia, Li Wen.Heard from time to time who can not stab too.Wind ears were also stabbed it so the number
of right-left puncture, the right gill left.

    Where Bi exchanges impermanence Department who, in the sub-meat between the pain and thorns Zhi, to
months and death number, use the needle, with the air rise and fall, that You the number of needle skip days Ze
degassing, less than the number of days the gas and diarrhea, thorn left right, right-left puncture, the patient
had only, like our endless thorn complex method, on day one You Health, the 2nd 2 You, an increasing Zhi, on
the 15th 15 You, on the 16th, 14 Wei, gradually Less.

   Evil-tested in foot Yangming, is congested nose bleed at the nose, upper teeth cold.Full finger plays that
Zhao Jia stabbed with meat delivery person, the one You left thorn right, right-left puncture.

     Evil Foot Shao Yang Zhi in contact, is hypochondriac pain, no interest, cough and sweating.Echinopus
little finger plays that Zhao Jia with meat delivery person, and a You, not interest rates have been established,
sweating legislation only, cough Zhe Wen Yi diet, day has been.Thorn left right, right-left puncture, the patient
has been established, with admiration, such as law covered thorn.

     Evil Shao Zhi in foot contact, it is though of pain, not in food, good anger for no reason, Ben Shang walk
on air.Central Artery of thorns with a single step, the three-Yu, where six spines have been established.Thorn
left right, right-thorns left, though of the swelling, not in sleep, sleep when not out who stabbed before the
natural bone, blood has been established, the left gill right, right-left puncture.

   Evil luni in foot contact, is low back pain, lead Shaofu control subtle, not suppressing interest rates, gill
Solution of lumbar spine end, the two shoulder blade above, Yu is back to a few months of life and death to
You, hair pin has been established, thorn left right, right-left puncture.

    Evil Sun in foot contact, is Spasm, back anxious, lead threat and pain, stab it from the beginning item a few
spine Xia ridge, by Illness should start as pain, stab Zhi Wei Pong III, has been established.
   Evil Shaoyang Zhi in foot contact, stay in the hub is in pain, thigh can not move, gill axis in order to
needles, cold then stay for long.Pin number of months of life and death, has been established.

   Various governance by barbed Zhi, who had no disease which are Needling Zhi.

   Deafness, gill hand Yangming, endless, barbed Qi Tong Mai, a former ear.

   Dental caries, gill hand Yangming.Endless, stabbed the pulse, into the teeth of, legislation has been.

    Evil among the five internal organs, The disease also, pulse cited the pain, time to time only, depending on
the disease Needling is to the hand, foot and Zhao Jia, the depending on the clock, out of the blood, a thorn
between the day, a thorn with admiration 5 has been stabbed.

    Miao Chuan lead the teeth, lip cold sore tooth, depending on its dorsal vein blood recipients, go and feet
the previous Zhao Jia Wei Ming middle finger, hand thumb, on the one time that Zhao Jia Wei, Li has left to
take the right, the right to take the left.

    Evil in the hand, foot and feet and Yang Shao lunar contact, the five will contact both ears, upper left
corner contact, five contact all dried up, people were moving body clock, while the form of ignorance, Qi
Zhuangruo dead, dead, or said, Jue.

    Zhao Jia stabbed on the inside of the feet thumb to end such as grasses and leaves, after the barbed Zuxin,
after echinopus middle finger on the one Wei Zhao Jia, hand thumb after the thorn inside, to end such as
grasses and leaves, after the palm thorn Lord, Shao Rui bone side, the one Wei, Li has.Endless, to bamboo
blowing Qi ears, Di Qi left corner of your hair, a square inch of the burnt treatment, drank a glass of wine, not
drinkers, irrigation Zhi, Li has.

    Where the thorn in total, to ignore its meridian, from which cut 而 而 Tones trial Qi Deficiency and
Excess.No tone, by the thorn it; a pain as amended is not sick, Needling Zhi.Depending on the skin due to
blood contact are the best of taken from this Needling 之workdays.

   4:00 barbed inverse of papers from the 64th

    Jue Yin Yin paralysis more than disease; less heat paralysis disease; sliding hernia fox infection is marked
by the wind; Shibuya infection is marked by Shaofu product gas.

   More than skin Bi Zhen Shao hidden; lack of diseased lungs Bi; sliding hernia is the wind of lung disease;
Shibuya are integrated urinate blood disease.

   Tai Yin is more than sick of meat numbness, cold in; inadequate disease spleen Bi; sliding hernia is the
wind spleen disease; Shibuya is disease product, trusted when full.

    More than Yangming, abnormal pulse paralysis when body heat; less heart disease paralysis; sliding
infection is marked by heart the wind hernia; Shibuya infection is marked by positive, good surprise when.

   Gubi disease more than the sun, body weight; inadequate kidney disease paralysis; slip kidney infection is
marked by wind hernia; Shibuya infection is marked by positive, good when the top of illness.

   Shaoyang more than Bing bar Bi, threatened over; inadequate paralysis liver disease, liver infection is
marked by the wind sliding hernia; Shibuya infection is marked by positive, when the Jin Ji head pain.

   Therefore in the spring air in the channel, the summer air contact in the Sun; long summer air in the
muscle, autumn air on the skin, the winter air in the bone marrow.
    The emperor said: I so appreciate further.Chi Bo said: Zhe weather before spring open, to air before the
leaks, frozen solution vanish, the water passing through, so popular in the veins.Summer persons have full gas
overflow, into the Sun by blood contact, skin enrichment.Long summer who are Sheng meridian, in excess
muscle.Were received before the autumn weather, Cou management occlusion, skin lead emergency.Winter
who covered in blood gas reservoir.Within the bone marrow, through the five internal organs.Therefore in evil
person, often with the blood of the four seasons spends a customer.To the change, not for the degree course
will be from qi, Pi Chuqi evil, evil will be chaos in addition to its gas is not health.

    The emperor said: reverse 4:00 and Health chaos Qi how?Chi Bo said: spring gill vein, blood gas spill, it is
less gas; spring gill muscle, blood gas ring counter, is upper airway; spring gill bones, blood gas in the, cause
abdominal distention.

Summer thorn meridians, blood gas is dried, it is solution _; summer gill muscle, blood gas in it, it is good
fear; summer gill bones, blood gas Shangni, anger is good.

    Qiu stabbed meridians, blood gas Shangni, is forgetful, autumn gill vein, gas is not an outsider, it is lying,
do not want to move; autumn gill bones, blood gas in bulk, it is Han Li.

    Winter thorn meridians, qi and blood are off, it is unknown purpose; winter thorn collaterals, internal gas
leak, leave for large Bi, winter thorn muscle, yang dried absolutely, very forgetful.

    The above activities 4:00 Cizhe, took an unusual move is a disease, can not not from too, and vice versa a
riot gas prostitution disease Yan.I do not know it stab through the four seasons, disease born to from the
inverse of righteous civil strife, with thin and fine, will review nine candidates, righteous chaos, refined gas is
not transferred.

     The emperor said: good.Centre said, stabbed five organs died, and the dynamic is eh.Died of liver on the
5th, its dynamic for the language.Died of lung three days, and the dynamic for the cough.In the kidney on the
6th death, and the dynamic is sneezing less.In the spleen on the 10th death, the move to swallow.Five internal
organs stabbing people die, and the dynamic is changing according to possession of the candidate, know these

    Sample chapter on the 65th disease transmission

    Yellow Emperor and asked: disease in samples from the do nothing against the thorns?

    Qi Bo replied: thorn of any party, will do yin and yang, before and after the corresponding reverse from the
get facilities, specimen phase shift, twenty years before and has marked the Qiuzhi Yu standard, has in this and
Qiu Zhiyu this, there is its This and Qiuzhi Yu standard, there are marked and Qiu Zhiyu this.Therefore,
standard treatment are derived by taking, a preference for the derived who have obtained against taking those
who have derived from the taking.Refresher reverse and from, is the no ask, known specimens, 10 000 million,
when held, I do not know specimen, is that the regime's reckless.

    Yin and Yang against the husband from, specimens for the Road, also, small and large, made a conceivable
harm of all diseases, few and more shallow and Bo can be made by one with knowledge 100 Ye.Shallow depth
with knowledge, almost makes me know how far the police, marked with the words, and easy to not freeze.

    Anti-rule for the inverse, governed from.

    Disease first and then Ni Zhe, to govern the present; first against and then the patient, treat the symptoms
of this.
   First cold and then those who are sick, to govern the present; first patient and then students feeling cold, to
govern the present.

   First heat and then ill persons, to govern the present; first students in the full heat and then who treat the

   First and then discharge patients who rule the present; first leaked and then his birth the patient, treat the
symptoms of this.We must first and Tones, is governance of other diseases.

    Disease in the first over and then the first who treat the symptoms; first in full and then bother who govern
the present.

   People have the same kind gas.

    Little big disadvantage, treat the symptoms; little Italy, to govern the present.

    Disease and more than, while those of the first rule of its present, post-treat the symptoms.Disease and the
lack of standard and the Zhi, first treat the symptoms, to treat them after this.

    Move between the police and even to Italy and Tones; room side by side, serious was lone, first small and
then large negative ill persons, to govern the present.

    Heart disease transmission by husband, first heartache, on the 1st and cough, on the 3rd threatened limb
pain, on the 5th block barrier, body pain, body weight, three days is not dead.Winter nights and a half, a
summer day.

    Lung disease cough, at least three days while the threat of limb pain, physical pain day body weight, on the
5th Er expansion, on the 10th is not dead.Winter in, summer out.

    Limb threatening liver disease over the first dazzling, three-day body weight of pain, on the 5th and
inflation, less abdominal pain three days tibial lumbar acid, three days is not dead.Into winter, early summer

Pibing Aching body weight, on the 1st and inflation, on the 2nd Shaofu lumbar pain, shin acid, three days back
_ tendon pain, urination closed, on the 10th is not dead.Winter meditation, Yan Xia food.

Nephropathy Shaofu lumbar pain, acid cloud, three days back _ tendon pain, urination closed, on the 3rd
abdominal distension, two threatened limb pain three days, three days is not dead.Dong Tai Chen, Xia Yan

Stomach fullness, the 5th lumbar pain Shaofu, _ acid, three days back _ tendon pain, urination closed, the
body weight on the 5th, the 6th is not dead.Winter nights and a half, Summer Die.

Bladder disease, urinary closed, on the 5th small abdominal distention, lumbar pain, _ acid, the 1st abdominal
distention, pain in the body day, the 2nd not dead.Winter cock, under the BU summer.

   Disorders in inferior race is the legend, in which case, there are dates of death, not stabbed.Ended up 34
between a dirty dirty who is to stab Ye.

   Tian Yuan Tai Chi on the 66th chapter

   Yellow Emperor and asked: Five Royal five days to summer and winter dampness Health wind.Five
people have five internal organs of gas to Health Anxieties joy, anger, fear.On the Introduction of Five-phase
attack, and all rule, the end of the day, again and again, I known to carry on.Our family with three candidates
do nothing together Yinsanyangzhi them?

    Ghost Yu District Jishouzaibai replied: Chiu also asked to passing.Fu Yin and Yang of Five persons,
heaven and earth as well, all things discipline, changes in the parents, life and death of the beginning, the gods
of the House, all can be almost unreasonable.

   Therefore, it means that things of Health, and material very embodiment of change; eventuality that the
God of yin and yang; God with no party, that the holy.

   Changes to use the husband also, in the days mysterious, man-made that, at for the technology, chemical
and biological flavors, Tao primordial wisdom, mysterious God of Health.

    God in Heaven for the style, for wood; in the days heat, in the land of fire; in days for the wet, in the land
for the territory; in the days to dry, the land for the payment; in days for the cold, the ground for water
.Therefore, in days for the gas, forming in the manner and form gas flu, and metaplasia things carry on.

    However, Heaven and earth, of all things down Ye.About persons, yin and yang of the roads.Fire and
water who are also the signs of yin and yang.Kim Wood who Beginning and Ending Ye growth.The number of
gas and form wax and wane, the upper and lower phase response, and profit and loss Akira carry on.

   The emperor said: Our family of Five, also how the Lord?Ghost Yu District, said: Five gas run, the final
maturity date, when the main non-exclusive.

    The emperor said: Will the so-called too.Ghost Yu District, said: Tian Yuan Chen anyhow so register
before the text reads: Void profile Liao, Jau-Ji Meta, 10000 materials beginning of Five eternal, cloth gas true
spirit, the President Kun Yuan, Jiuxing suspended Lang, Qiyao deal with.Yue Yin Yue Yang, Yue said, just
soft, quiet was not only spaces, cold and heat relaxation, health and biochemical technology, materials is salty
Zhang, Chen Si 10 world, what is called Ye.

    The emperor said: good.What is gas number, shape wax and wane?Ghost Yu District, said: yin and yang of
gas, the respective numbers, twenty years before and three Yin Sanyang also.Shaped wax and wane, that the
Rule of the Five Elements, each with less than 也 too.Therefore, its is the beginning, is too to less than
followed; insufficient to, more than from God.Welcome Tomoyuki know, gas can on.Days should be days Fu,
Cheng-age years straight, triple the rule.

     The emperor said: phase response up and down how?Ghost Yu District, said: summer and winter wind,
fire, dampness, yin and yang are also days, 3 Yinsanyangshang mailer.Muhuo soil Jinshui, to the yin and yang
is also the growth of collections under the suitable response.

    Long days of sun shade, ground to kill yin yang possession.

    Days of yin and yang, to have yin and yang.Mu Huo gold soil water and fire, to the yin and yang also, the
growth of collections, so there is yin yang, yin in yang.For heaven and earth, yin and yang, it shall be days of
gas, moving the rest, it is five years old while the right move; to be in the gas, keep quiet, the place, so 6 and
the ring will be.Static phase response, adjacent up and down, yin and yang with the wrong, but changed by the
students also.

    The emperor said: the next century, with its several Down?Ghost Yu District, said: six days for the festival,
five for the system to order.Zhou weather persons, six for the equipment; end to discipline persons, five for
one week.Jun fire to clear, with fire in place.56 consistency, while the 720 gas as a discipline, where the three-
year-old, 1 000 440 Gas, where 6-year-old, and for the week, less than too, Sri see all carry on.
    The emperor said: Master's words, the upper end weather, completed in the next century, indeed learned
that carry on.Our family and Collected over the last to cure people, to cure under the body, so that people
evident, from top to bottom and pro, Deese obscene, children and grandchildren worry, after the world pass
without a final, it can almost be heard?

    Ghost Yu District, saying: to a few of the machine, forcing the haste to slim it to see, Qi to be recoverable,
Jingzhi prosper, and those who die slow, no Daoxing Hong, must-day calamity.Would like to Mukden Road,
please made you really want.

     The emperor said: Kind words beginning who will in the end, good words recently, will know these well,
is the great and the Road to a few perplexed, the so-called carry on tomorrow.Master would like to push the
second, and so structured, short but not deficient, but not absolutely long, easy to use memorable, whom
discipline.To several Zhi to be willing to do smell.

   Ghost Yu District, said: Zhao passing a Question?Out passing a Road!Such as the drum should beam,
making sounds crashed 也     .Chen Wen Zhi, B Zhi-year-old, land transport systems it; B Geng Zhi-year-old, Kim
Yun orthodox; c Xinzhi years, water systems it; Ding Wang Zhi-year-old, wood transport system it; E Kui Zhi-
year-old, fire transport system Zhi.

    The emperor said: its three-Yin Sanyang together the how?Ghost Yu District, said: Meridian Zhi-year-old,
the see Shao; ugly not appear yet old, the see lunar; Yin Nobuyuki years old, See you at the Shao Yang;
Maoyou Zhi-year-old, upper, see Yang; Chen E Zhi-year-old, upper view the sun; has hai for years, the see Jue
Yin.Shao also the so-called standard, the so-called final 也Jue Yin.

    Jueyin above the atmosphere-owner; Shaoyin above the heat-owner; moon above, moisture-owner;
Shaoyang above the phase Huozhu it; Yangming above, Lord of the dry gas; the sun above cold-owner.So this
also is that the six yuan.

   The emperor said: light passing a Road, next to passing on!Please forward to the mine Edition, Collected
Golden, the department said, Tian Yuan Ji.

    Five runs great on the 67th chapter

  Huang Di Ming Tang sit before being day classes, clinical view of octupole, test build five permanent

    Please Heavenly Master and asked him, saying: On the movement made heaven and earth, gods whom
discipline; yin and yang movements, summer and winter Chang Qi Zhao.

    I heard the number five sport in the Master, Confucius's words, are the main age of each of the five gas
Seoul, the first a set operation, more than because of the Theory.Ghost Yu District, said: Lord of soil had a
gold master B g, water main C Xin, Mu Zhu Ting Wang, Huo Zhu E Kuei.Meridian above, Shao-owner; ugly
is not above the lunar-owner, Yin Shen above, Shaoyang Lord of; Maoyou above, Yangming Lord of; Chen
Xu on the sun-owner; has Hai Zhi on Jueyin Lord of.Sub-yin and yang, Qi so Why?

   Chi Bo said: Ming is also, in this world of yin and yang 也.

     Husband may call the number the number of persons, among men are yin and yang.However, the joint is
the number of those who had 也 available.Fu Yin and Yang who is the number to 10, pushing the can of white
is the number to 1000, pushing the can million, Taoism and the person, not to the number of push to as the
term suggests.
    The emperor said: Our family it is the beginning.Chi Bo said: Zhao to passing!Asked too.Tian Yuan Chen
table book too before the text, Dan days of gas, divided by the bovine female E; _ days of gas, has been
divided by the end in mind; heaven atmosphere, and by the danger room Liu ghosts; prime days of gas,
through the Kang Di Ang Bi; Hsuan Tien atmosphere, and by the Zhang Yi Lou stomach; the so-called E who
had been divided, Kui Zhen Bi angle, then the portals of heaven and earth.

   Husband began waiting for the community, Road born, not unreasonable 也.

    The emperor said: good.Of those who made heaven and earth, of all things down; about those yin and yang
of the road; unknown its so-called An?

    Chi Bo said: the so-called upper and lower persons, age and down see the yin and yang of the data is
even.Left and right who see all the Jue Yin, Shao left and right sun; see Shao, left lunar right Pericardium; see
the moon, left Shaoyang, right Shao; see Shao Yang, Yang Ming left and right lunar; see Yang-ming, left the
sun, right Shaoyang; see the sun, left Jue Yin, right Yangming; the so-called life and their place north face,
words and see 也  .

   The emperor said: What next?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin in the last, then the next Shao Yang, Yang Ming left
and right lunar; Shao in the last, then the next Ming, left the sun, right Shaoyang; moon in the last, the sun the
next, Jue Yin left and right Yang Ming; Shaoyang in the last, then the next Jue Yin, Shao left and right sun;
Yangming in the last, then the next Shao, left lunar right Pericardium; the sun on the moon in the next,
Shaoyang left and right Shao; the so-called face south to order the place, words and see 也 .

    Upper and lower phase meet unexpectedly, cold and heat adjacent, gas was plans and do not Xiangde
infection is marked.

   The emperor said: Gas was rather sick, Why?Chi Bo said: The following Pro, the wrong-places.

   The emperor said: movement of them?Chi Bo said: who the right line on the next line of those who left,
about Heavenly Circuit, but I could also covered.

    The emperor said: I heard a ghost Yu District, said: who should be in quiet, this is again revealing a Master
of Left Bank, I do not know its so-called An?How Our family Seng Down?

    Chi Bo said: heaven and earth movement, the five elements to move complex, although the ghost Yu
District, just waiting on it, still can not time out.

    Husband with the changes, days hanging like, in shape, Qiyao latitude is true, the five elements Li to; land,
it had set the shape of class is also generated.Virtual, so there should be days out fine gas also.The dynamic
form of fine, still leaves the fundamental and also, they will look to Qi, as, although too far known.

    The emperor said: to it as the next whether or Down?Chi Bo said: to man under the Void is also among

   The emperor said: With almost?Chi Bo said: Chih-air move.

   To dry on dry, heat to steaming Zhi, the wind to move them, to Runzhi wet, cold to Jian Zhi, fire to Wen.

   Therefore, the next cold, dry and hot in the last, moisture in the fire during the procession, six into the
summer and winter, so that deficiency, biochemical Ye.

   Katsunori to dry so dry, summer Katsunori geothermal, wind wins the earth, victory is in the wet mud, cold
win is to split, fire to win the solid carry on.
    Tai said: heaven and earth, air, why designate them?Chi Bo said: heaven and earth, air, won for their
recovery, not shape the consultation is.Pulse Law said: Heaven and Earth change, not to pulse diagnosis, what
is called 也.

    The emperor said: between the gas collecting?Chi Bo said: with the gas where the period for the left and

    The emperor said: of Zhi how?Chi Bo said: while their gas and pain of its gas is sick.

    Disease in his position improperly, Diego shift his position disease, fall risk his position, size, white and
die, Taoism and their death.Established its first year, to know these gases, so should see, and then is death
Seng Nishun can be made.

     The emperor said: summer and winter wind, fire, dampness, in the co-author of the how?Why is everything
its biochemical?

    Chi Bo said: the East wind, wind-wood, wood, the acid, acid, liver health, liver health tendons, tendon
health center.

    In days for the mysterious, the man that, at the ground for the technology; metaplasia flavors, Road
primordial wisdom, mysterious of the living God, of anger.

    God in Heaven for the style, for wood, for the tendons in the body in the air as soft, in the dirty for the

    The nature of the noise, and its moral is, its use for the move, the color of Cang, proud of its technology, its
insect hair, for the bulk of its government, issued its order announced, the change pull destroyed, the calamity
for the meteorite, its for the acid taste and their efforts to anger.

    Anger harms liver, grief anger wins, wind harms liver, dry win wind, acid injured tendons, Xin Sheng acid.

    Southern heat, hot fire, the fire of Health bitter, bitter heart health, heart blood and spleen blood students.

    Its hot days in the land of fire, in the body for the clock, in the gas as interest rates, as in the dirty heart.

Their sex for the summer, their virtue is wet, use of the dry and the color is red, translated into Mao, Qi pest
birds, of his own for the next, then their depression steam, which changes Yan Shuo, Qi calamity burnt?, Its
taste for the bitter, Kwong as hi.

    Hi, sad, fear wins hi; thermal injury gas, cold win heat; bitter wounds gas, bitter salty victory.

   Central Health and wet, wet raw soil, native of Gansu, Gansu Health spleen, spleen and raw meat, meat
hygiene lung.

    In days for the wet, in for the soil, in the body for the meat, the gas is sufficient, in the dirty for the spleen.

Static and their sex, their virtue as the How, use of the, and its color is yellow, Qi into profit, Qi worms?, Of
his own for the Mi, then their cloud, and their change note to calamity prostitution collapse, its taste is Gan,
Kwong was thinking.

    Harms spleen, anger Sheng Si; wet flesh wound, wind wins wet; Gan injured spleen, acid Sheng Gan.
    Western Health dry, dry golden, Jin-Sheng Xin, Xin lung health, lung health fur, fur health kidney.

    Dry in days, in for the gold, in the body for the fur, into the gas as in dirty lung.

   The sex is cool, its moral is clear, its use is solid, its color is white, it turned into convergence, the insect
mediated, the government is strong, its so Wulu, its changes and chill off of their calamity Cang, its taste To
Xin, Kwong is concerned.

    Distressed lung, Yoshikatsu worry; thermal injury fur, cold win heat; Xin injured skin, bitter victory Sim.

    Northern China Health and cold, cold raw water, aquatic salty, salty health kidney, Kidney bone marrow,
cord liver health.

    Their days cold, the ground for water, in the body as the bone, in the air for the firm, in the dirty for the

    Their sexual Wei cold, their virtue was the cool, use of the (Que word), its color is black, translate into Su,
Qi insect scales, of his own as static, then their (Que word), the thixotropic Lie , Qi calamity hail, salted, its
taste and their efforts for fear.

   Fear of harm to the kidneys, thinking victory fear; cold injury blood, cold dry wins; salt injury of blood,
sweet salty victory.

    Five gas is more established, have first of all, not its carparks is evil, when their place were under.

    The emperor said: disease of the Change ru?Chi Bo said: Gas was the micro, not Xiangde have great.

    The emperor said: the main-year-old collecting?Chi Bo said: more than gas, then the system has to win but
insult very much; the less, you have the numerous, insult Er Travel on, had the victory, light and
humiliates.Humiliated by the evil against, humiliated and be evil, too few in fear.The emperor said: good.

    Six micro-large of articles aimed 68th

    Yellow Emperor asked, saying: Alas, far zai!Tian Zhidao also, such as welcoming a cloud can still test if,
as the abyss, its very welcome clouds Mozhi.Master a few words like Kill Road, I heard the Collected in the
heart of private differences, I do not know its so-called An?Yi-Chi Master would like to make statements such
incident, so that the end is immortal, not a long time must, the ways can almost hear?

   Chi Bo Jishouzaibai replied: passing a clear question!Tian Zhidao Also, because of days of this order, the
Rise and Fall when.

    The emperor said: Heaven 66 the festival to appreciate further, ups and downs Why?

    Chi Bo said: up and down a bit, about a century.Therefore, the right hand of Shao Yang, Yang Ming rule;
Yangming right hand, the sun rule; sun right hand, Jue Yin rule; right hand Jue Yin, Shao-rule; Shaoyin right
hand, lunar governance; Taiyin right hand, Shaoyang rule; This so-called qi standard, cover the south and
receive him.Hence it is: a result of days of order, rise and fall time, shifting light positioning, are established
and treat it, what is called 也.

    Shaoyang above, anger rule, in view Pericardium.

    Yangming above, dry Qi rule, in view Tai Yin.
    The sun above the cold rule, in view Shao.

    Jueyin above the atmosphere of governance, in view Shaoyang.

    Shao above the heat rule, the see the sun.

    Moon above the moisture rule, in view Yangming.

    The marked difference, gas should be the vision.

    The emperor said: he has to but to have to not to have to the too, Why?

    Chi Bo said: to the to and; to not to, to air less than him; before the arrival of the to, to have more than gas.

    The emperor said: to not to be spared and to, how?Chi Bo said: should be smooth when, or inverse, were
turned against the students, from change disease.

  The emperor said: good.Please words and should be.Chi Bo said: things students it shall also, Grand
Momentum it shall also.

    The emperor said: good.Geographic Our family should be six, air spaces, collecting?Chi Bo said: obvious
the right hand of the king of Fire-places.Jun fire right hand, back one step further and rule with fire, complex
step further and rustic rule.Complex one step further, Jin qi rule.Complex one step further, water vapor and
rule.Complex one step further, wood gas rule.Complex one step further, Jun fire rule.

   Under the phase fire, water qi; under the water, soil qi; the soil, wind qi; the wind, Jin qi; gold bit under the
anger takes it; monarch under fire Yam Love takes it.

   The emperor said: Why?Chi Bo said: while that Kang, Cheng is the system.System were biochemical, rise
and fall outside the column; will suffer from serious disease.

    The emperor said: Ups and Downs of them?Chi Bo said: Non-their place is evil, when its position is
positive, the evil will become very, regular micro.

    The emperor said: What if bit?Chi Bo said: Wan Lam d wood, fire, Wan Lam afternoon, the four seasons
of soil Wan Lam, Kim Wan Lam unitary, water sub-clinical, so-called year-old will, qi level also.The emperor
said: Non-bits of them?Chi Bo said: Ye-old non-participants.

    The emperor said: soil as a sport-year-old, upper see Tai Yin; fire as a sport-year-old, upper see Shao
Yang, Shao; gold sport-year-old, upper, see Yang; wood as a sport-year-old, upper see Pericardium; water
transport-year-old, upper see the sun; how?Chi Bo said: days of the meeting also, it said, days Tianyuan book

    Tin Fu-year-old will be collecting?Chi Bo said: FOO could also one day too.

    The emperor said: Its something which ru?Chi Bo said: day break for law enforcement, old bit is the line,
so one day break for the honored person.

    The emperor said: evil amidst the how?Chi Bo said: in law enforcement who have heart rate Er crisis;
Bank of China to make those holders of the disease are Xu; the honored person who died of the disease are
    The emperor said: spaces in easily as well, collecting?Chi Bo said: Throne minister makes favorable, Chen
bit Jun Inverse.Inverse then the disease close to its devastating speed; Yoshinori The disease is far, its
disadvantages micro; the so-called second fire has.

   The emperor said: good.Appreciate further step collecting?Chi Bo said: the so-called Step persons, 60
degrees while odd.Therefore, 24-step product profit or engraving said, 也.

    The emperor said: The Change Five and Six should be collecting?Chi Bo said: bit circulates, a junior high
gas up and down different requirements has great Bones.

   The emperor said: find Answer how?Chi Bo said: the weather begins A, gas began to child, child A
consistency, order day-old legislation, would like to designate the time, gas may be on.

    The emperor said: appreciate further aged 6 gas, always early Yan collecting?Chi Bo said: Ming passing a
question too.Jiazi Zhi-year-old, the early atmosphere, and the number of days started the moment underwater,
and finally 87 engraved half.Second, the gas, started 87 engraved sixth, and finally 75 engraved.Three of gas,
started 76 carved, engraved half finally 62.D of gas, started 62 engraved sixth, and finally 50 engraved.Five of
the gas, started in 50 minute, and finally 37 engraved half.Six of gas, started 37 engraved sixth, and finally 25
engraved.The so-called sixth day days workdays.

    Yi Chou years old, the beginning of the gas, the number of days begins at 26 moment, and finally 12
engraved half.Second, the gas, started 12 engraved six points, finally underwater 100 engraved.Three of gas,
started the moment, and finally 87 engraved half.D of gas, started in 87 sixth moment, and finally 75
engraved.Five of gas, started 76 carved, engraved half finally 62.Six of the gas, began carving 62 sixth, and
finally 50 engraved.So-called six-day-workdays.

    Bingyin years old, the beginning of the gas, began 50 days of the moment, and finally 37 engraved
half.Second, the gas, started 37 carved six, and finally 25 engraved.Three of gas, started 26 carved, and finally
12 engraved half.Four of the gas, started 12 sixth moment has finally carved underwater 100.Five of gas,
started the moment, and finally 87 engraved half.Six of gas, started in 87 sixth moment, and finally 75
engraved.Sum of the so-called 63 days also.

    Dingmao years old, the beginning of the gas, began 76 days of carving, and finally 62 engraved
half.Second, the gas, began carving 62 sixth, and finally 50 engraved.Three of gas, started 50 minute, and
finally 37 engraved half.D of gas, started 37 engraved sixth, and finally 25 engraved.Five of gas, started 26
carved, and finally 12 engraved half.Six of gas, started in 12 sixth moment, engraved engraved on the water
100.The so-called 六 days workdays.Times Wuchen early years of gas recovery, started the moment, so not
often have, again and again.

    The emperor said: Our family of its year-old candidate of them?Chi Bo said: note to passing a question
too.On-line the week, the weather began in the moment.On-line and then weeks, the weather began 26
engraved.Japan Bank for three weeks, the weather begins 50 minute.Day trip around the weather started 76
engraved.Japan Bank for five weeks, started the moment the weather complex, the so-called one Kiya.

   Therefore in Yin Xu-year-old gas afternoon together, d no hai-year-old gas together, Calvin Chen Shen Qi-
year-old son together, have unitary ugly old gas in conjunction with, undone before the end.

   The emperor said: Our family of their use also.Chi Bo said: Introduction days are seeking of the country,
made to those who seek a position of people who made the gas exchange requirements.

   The emperor said: What is gas exchange?Chi Bo said: up and down the position, gas exchange among the
people of the home also.
    Hence it is said: Tianshu on the weather-owner; Tianshu under the earth-atmosphere-owner; gas exchange
distinction, popular from which all things from which, what is called 也.

    The emperor said: What junior high school?Chi Bo said: Any 30 degrees while the early Church?In the air
with the law.

   The emperor said: Junior Why?Chi Bo said: So sub products also.

   The emperor said: Death smell like?Chi Bo said: first person to air as well, in those weather.

   The emperor said: its movements collecting?Chi Bo said: qi movements, even the universe can be used.

   The emperor said: appreciate further use of them?Chi Bo said: l have been settling in, drop by that day;
down Yier l, l are that way.

   Weather decreased flow in the earth, to gas up, gas Teng in days, so heights phase response, lifting phase
because, while the change to carry on.

    The emperor said: good.Alpine phase meet unexpectedly, heat adjacent, building phase value, he has heard

   Chi Bo said: Gas have Sheng Fu, Sheng Fuzhi for, virtuous and technology, useful for a change, and
change the evil his residence.

    The emperor said: What is public pool?Chi Bo said: husband for raw materials, from the technology, the
extreme thing, by the almost changed, the changes with thin, 也run by the key to success.

   Therefore, there is reciprocating gas, with a Chi Su, 4 Persons have, but the sake of change, come the wind.

   The emperor said: Chi Su reciprocating, wind run by students, and the sake of change, it is because of the
Rise and Fall change ears.Travel almost in the success of Reliance V, Why?

    Chi Bo said: success or failure of Forest V, students almost moving, dynamic and not have, then turned to
carry on.

   The emperor said: term or Down?Chi Bo said: no, no transformation, static and the phase of construction.

    The emperor said: no biochemical or Down?Chi Bo said: out of waste, the machines of God destroy; lifting
interest rates, the gas stand alone risk.

    Therefore, non-access, no to health, long, strong, old, already; non-lifting, no to health, long-based,
income, possession.

    Therefore, device, biochemical Yu, devices scattered the points, and biochemical means carry on.So are all
different, are all down.

   Of a big or small, of nearly far.

   While the four of you always have to defend, while disaster Zhiyi abnormal.

   Hence it is said: no invisible suffering, what is called 也.
   The emperor said: good.There is not no transformation or Down?Chi Bo said: passing a note asking
An?And Road contract, but real 也.The emperor said: good.

    Great on gas alternating the 69th chapter

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Five Movements more rule should be days of yin and yang back and forth,
cold and heat meet with really evil with thin, internal and external separation, six by the undulator, five gas
dumping move, too less, post-merger wins, like words and the beginning but there are always names can
almost hear?

    Chi Bo Jishouzaibai replied: passing a Q Zhao also!Is the Ming 也.The God of your first teacher
biographies, Chen Though I, to hear their purpose.

    The emperor said: I heard right in not taught, is that an unjust, mass non-person, and slowly vent Tianbao.I
sincerely Feder, not enough by Shido; But the sons of sorrow it does not end, like Master Paul infinity, flow in
the non-polar, I Division the case, then thereof, how?

   Chi Bo said: Please then made that it also.On by saying: Cardiff Road, who Shangzhi astronomer and
geographer, Zhong Zhi personnel, can be a long time, what is called 也.

   The emperor said: What has?Chi Bo said: This gas-places.Astronomers who, astronomy.Status of persons,
geographical 也  .Those who pass the change in sentiment, personnel 也 too are innate, not as those who
acquired the so-called rule of the people should Chih.

    The emperor said: Five of a sport, too ru?

    Chi Bo said: old wood too, popular culture, Pitu by evil.China Bing supper vent, food by weight, tired of
injustice, intestinal Ming, abdominal support full, should be Suixing.Even the Huhu good anger, dazzling run
top of illness, of gas is not political, angry independence rule, clouds things flew, vegetation restless, and even
shake off the anti-hypochondriac pain and vomiting and even, Chong Yang never were, dead dead, should be

    Old fire too, Yan Shu popular gold lung by evil.China disease malaria, less gas, cough, blood, crop, blood
leaks, note, the overflow dry, deafness, in the heat, shoulder heat, should Yinghuo star.Even the chest pain,
threat support full, hypochondriac pain, Ying back pain between shoulder, arms in pain, bone pain and fever as
steeped.No gas collection, gas single out a long rain frost, should jin sung.On temporary small Yin Shaoyang,
fire burnt?, Ice (water?)Springs dry up, coke dry matter, the more sick mad anti-delirium, cough wheezing
Ming, even under the blood spill endless, never too deep who died died, should Yinghuo star.

    Soil is too old, rain wet pop, renal water by evil.China Disease abdominal pain, clear Jue, Italy is not
happy, tired body weight injustice, should the town star.Even the muscle atrophy, atrophy does not receive
enough line, good Chi, foot pain, hair full of drink, food less, the limbs do not move.Metamict get bit,
possession of gas V-based, gas single rule, Quan-Yong River Yan, dry Chak raw fish, wind and rain as large,
soil collapse, scales seen in the mainland, the patient Fu Man pond leaks, intestinal Ming, and anti-next even
while Taixi must who died died.Should Suixing.

    Old gold too, dry air pop, wood is affected by evil.Pollution on the people of two patients, less abdominal
pain, red eyes and pain, epicanthal ulcer, ears heard nothing.Chill and even, then the weight of injustice
trouble, chest pain lead back, and pain over the two lead Shaofu threat, should be Vesper.If extreme, cough
inverse gas, shoulder and back pain; Tajiri knee thigh __ Zu Yin shares are ill should Yinghuo star.Jun gas
collection, gas, the vegetation convergence, Cang dry carving meteorites, violent anti-pain patients, not a threat
against the side flank of animal, Keni even blood overflow, Taichong never were, dead dead.Should be Vesper.
    Water is too old, cold pop, evil harm Firelight.Body heat bother people disease, manic palpitations, Yin
Jue, up and down in the cold, delirium heartache, cold morning to, should jin sung.Even the big shin
abdominal swelling, cough sleep sweating, hate the wind, rain to Egypt and fog deceive depression, should be
the town of Star.In temporary sun, rain drop ice cream from time to time, moisture change things, sick of
intestinal anti-Fu Man Ming pond vent, potable, so, thirsty Erwang run, the door must God who died, has died,
should Yinghuo jin sung.

   The emperor said: good.Qi is less than collecting?

    Chi Bo said: note to passing a question too!Years less than wood, dry is the lines, gas loss should,
vegetation late Wing, chill and even then just the provision of those trees, learned wilt Cang dry, should be
Vesper.People ill, clear, flank of animal hypochondriac pain, less abdominal pain, intestinal Ming, pond
leakage.When the rain to cool, should Futoshi, Sonotani Cang.In temporary Yangming, anger defeats,
vegetation re-Wing, of gas is rapid, the town should be Taibai Star, its main Cang early.Yan Shu Fu Ze
Meteors, wet dry, Roucui coke dry vegetation, lower body regeneration, China Qi-based real sick sore Rush
gizzards carbuncle acne cold and heat, should Yinghuo Bai, Bai Jian Sonotani.White Dew early fall, to close
murderous row, Hanyu pests, insects eat Gan Huang, Pitu by evil, after gas of red, heart treatment gas late last
victory lung gold, white gas is a bend, Sonotani fail, cough Er Qiu, should Yinghuo Futoshi.

    Years less than the fire, cold is the lines, not long political and material wing down.Very tragic and
condensate, the yang, so, is off the beauty should be jin sung.China chest pain patients, threatening full
support, the two hypochondriac pain, Ying shoulders back and arms between the inner pain, depression take
Mongolia blind, dumb violent heartache, chest complex large phase lead and Pollution on with back pain, not
even the flexor extension, hip thigh, such as gender, should Yinghuo jin sung, the valley Dan.Yu Fu Ze Egypt,
heavy rain and to the black gas is shame, disease greedy pond Fu Man no less than cold water to drink, the
intestinal Ming vent injection, abdominal pain, violence Luan paralysis, is not adequate any body, the stars
should be the town of Star, not a mysterious valley.

    Years less than soil, the wind is the big firms, not made by gas, vegetation Mao-rong.Flying overgrows,
show not real, should Suixing.China Bing supper vent cholera, abdominal pain, weight, muscles Yao Fu,
muscle?Acid, good anger, dirty air uprising, insect sting attached earlier, cold salty disease in the town should
be Suixing star whose valley _.Complex are close political grave, were carved wooden Cang, Xiong Xie sharp
pain and Lower Shaofu, good heave a deep sigh, insectivores Gan Huang, gas customers in the spleen, _
Valley is reduced, people eat less loss of flavor, Cang Valley is a loss, Bai Sui Xing should be.In temporary
Jue Yin, water is not ice, Thoroughfare to see, organ qi is not white is no longer, should Sui Xing, China is

    Golden age of less than, inflammation is the line of fire, gas is used, long-winded post-Sheng, Shu Wu to
Mao, dry Shuo in line should Yinghuo star.China Disease shoulder dim weight, congested nose sneezing,
bloody note, the income after the gas is, should Vesper, Sonotani Jian Mountain.Fu Ze Hanyu violence to is
zero, hail and frost to kill things, and cell Jue Yin and Yang against uplink, household head pain, extension and
roof windows, heating, should jin sung, Dan Valley fail, people sick mouth sores, if extreme, heart ache .

    Years less than the water, wet is to larger, long-winded anti-use, whose chemical is rapid, the number of
summer rain to, should the town of Star.China Disease Fu Man, body weight How the leaks, water cold ulcer,
lumbar pain shares issued, shares of knee popliteal _ inconvenience, trouble injustice, foot atrophy Qing Jue,
foot pain, if extreme, Fu swollen, possession of gas is not governance, the kidney does not balance, should jin
sung, Sonotani black millet.On temporary lunar, the Big Chill a few move Thoroughfare early possession, plot
the ice, the sun died, the people sick cold diseases in the next, even the Fu Man edema, should be the town of
Star, its main _ Valley.Complex is a large storm hair, grass Yan wood zero, growth is not fresh, pale time-
varying, bones, and the provision of meat?Chi, visual __, Shu Wen matter, muscle fat, gizzards, gas and
diaphragm, the pain Yu confidants, Huang Qi is a loss, Sonotani not registered, should be Suixing.
   The emperor said: good.Our family is the time.

   Chi Bo said: ask also noted zai?Less than wood, the spring has Mingtiao law Nobuyuki, then it has Wulu
cool autumn the Politics.A miserable cold spring residual humble wins, then burnt Shuo Yan Shu Summer,
The Re.Qi calamity East, Qi dirty liver, flank of animal care within the disease are a threat, external joints.

   Fire less, Xia Youbing Mingguang with conspicuous, then it has a serious frost in winter the Politics.A
miserable summer cold condensate Lie Zhi-sheng, not faint when heavy rain and Egypt The Re.Qi calamity
South, Qi dirty mind, within the homes themselves for the disease are a threat, the external meridians.

   Soil is less than, the four-dimensional with moist cloud of Egypt, the spring has removed the Politics of
drum-ming article.Four-dimensional floating Teng oscillation pull the variations in the chill autumn with The
Re-lin heavy rain.Qi calamity Siwei, Qi dirty spleen, confidant of the disease are in homes, the external
muscular limbs.

    Gold less, Xiayou Guang Yu was an order of steamed, then the winter there is serious It should Have
condensate purge, summer has burned Liao Yan Shuo the variations in the autumn frost hail The Re.Qi
calamity West, Qi dirty lung disease are a threat within the homes themselves for shoulder, the external coat.

    Water less than four-dimensional a turbulent cloud of Egypt Run, not when there is wind germinal It
should Have.Four-dimensional fat Egypt faint at first note the variations in vibration is not pulled when
floating The Re.The calamity North, its dirty kidney disease within the homes of their lumbar bone marrow,
the external valley kick knee.

    Husband of Five of the government, still weighed also, high suppression of those, who give the next,
should the technology, changes are complex of this growing collection of truth into the air, often also,
disorders were four plugs carry on earth.Hence it is movement of heaven and earth, gods whom Chi, yin and
yang of reciprocating, cold and heat Chang Qi Zhao, what is called 也.

   The emperor said: Master, change the words of the five qi, be the four seasons, can be described as learned
men, and fu qi unrest, met and made contact, made uncertain will, Curan disaster together, why on them?

    Chi Bo said: The dynamic weather changes, not often in solid, while the German-based disaster decree,
designate different Qi Ye.

   The emperor said: What has?Chi Bo said: the East wind, wind-wood, their virtue and dressing, Qi
metaplasia Wing, his political Shu Qi, then their winds, and their varying vibration hair, Qi disaster scattered.

Southern heat, hot fire, demonstrate their virtue, whose chemical Fan Mao, his political Mingyao, then their
heat, the changes in the marketing Shuo, Qi disaster burnt?.

   Central Health and wet, wet raw soil, their virtue damp steaming, prepare the ration of abundance, of his
own quiet, then their wet, which changes at first note to the disaster Lin collapse.

    Western Health dry, dry golden, their virtue clean, whose chemical tight convergence, cut his political
strength, then their dry, the changes in the chill, Qi Cang meteorite disaster.

    Northern China Health and cold, cold raw water, their virtue sad Tsang, whose chemical Qing Mi, Su Ning
of his own, then their cold, the changes in the Li Lie, Qi disaster hail ice cream.

    Based on observation of its dynamic color, virtuous, there is technology, there are political, there is order,
there is change, there is disaster, and material from which it was, but that it also should.
    The emperor said: Master, waiting behind the words of old, but it too should be five-star, this decree An
investigation into the disaster of calamity is very easy to change while also, Death, however, and if his is also
the change or Down?

     Chi Bo said: Edward thereof, it is therefore not frivolous, not should not have.Death, however, actors, gas
at the turn of variable also, it should not Yan.Hence it is often not to be Death, what is called Ye.

    Yellow Emperor said: it shall do nothing?Chi Bo said: All their gasification 也.

    Yellow Emperor, saying: its firm by Xu disease Nishun collecting?

    Chi Bo said: Tao to stay for a long time, against the Code and small, is that the save.

    By Road and left to go to the speed, music and off of, is that the province nor had they left behind.

    Stay long and ring, or from or attached to, is that the proposed disaster, with Germany also.

    Should be near the small, should far is great.

     Mount and large, often times one of its of very large regular bis, which calamity that also; small often one
of its reductive; small constants, and second, that the Pro TV, save at fault also with Germany, Blessed virtues,
over those Oct.

     As the opinion is also, high and far is small, then the next in recent large, so large are joy, anger, near, far
little is good and bad fortune.

    Transport is too old, then shipped Star North Vietnam.Xiang De luck, then the line of Tao.

   Therefore, Games-year-old too, fear star eclipsed, while the chief mother; less than the color and its

    Who Xiao Qu Qu, Mozhi has his own, Min Min for granted, what are the benign regime's reckless no sign,
said Wei Hau Wong.

    The emperor said: its disaster should be collecting?Chi Bo said: also all its technology as well, so there is
time to rise and fall, guilty of Ni Shun Ling, the number left behind, saw good and evil shape, places is the
winner and losers, good and bad sign should carry on.

    The emperor said: its good and bad What An?Chi Bo said: pregnant with anger, worries and mourning,
Arisawa are dry, the Elephants often also, must like the police Zhi.

    The emperor said: those who compete with six different Down?Chi Bo said: like see heights, it shall one
also, enemies should Zhi.

     The emperor said: good.Their virtue of decree motion and motionlessness gains or losses are
collecting?Chi Bo said: An investigation into the disaster of decree can not add power; outcome of rise and
fall, can not be phase one; between big or small, can not be compared over him; used lift, can not be compared
without him; the action undone from the ear.

   The emperor said: its disease of collecting?Chi Bo said: Dehua who qi xiang; decrees were, qi Zhang;
Variation who Fuzhi discipline; disaster calamity those injured at the beginning; gas winner and not with the
winner's disease; important sense in evil have great也.
    The emperor said: good.The Theory of the so-called nothing left, Story Zhi industry, Vision Boulevard,
through the endless, research in non-polar 也 heard of truthfulness days who will be in person, truthfulness
old who will experience this, truthfulness air who will chang in the matter, good words should be those of the
same heaven and earth, good words of those who made changes, through divine truth, non-Master makes
perfect words Shido Secular.Liang Zhao and Tibet is an optional Spirit Room, every once Reading, Ming Yue
Qi alternating, non-fast not fat, careful instruction also.

    To a large chapter on the five permanent members of the 70th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Void boundless, five back thin, ups and downs different phase from the profit
and loss, Our family level gas, ru the name, ru and Kiya?Chi Bo replied: Chiu also asked to passing; Wood
said, and deposited the fire said, Sheng-ming, said, preparation of land, gold, saying the trial level, water Yue
Jing Shun.

    The emperor said: its not as how?Chi Bo said: Wood said, and the Committee, fire, say V Ming said,
inferior soil monitoring, Kim said, from the leather, said, dry stream of water.

    The emperor said: What is too much?Chi Bo said: Wood said, occurred, the fire said, He Xi, say London
soil Fu, King said, firmly into the water said, Spread.

     The emperor said: 3 qi discipline, appreciate further waiting.Chi Bo said: note to passing a question
too!Apply and Zhi Ji, Talmud week trip, Yang Shu Yin cloth, five levels of publicity.Its gas side, with their
sex, use of right and wrong, Qi metaplasia Wing, its class vegetation, to his political divergence, Qi climate
mild, then their winds, and their dirty liver, liver Qi Wei Qing; its main purpose, Sonotani Ma, The fruit Li, in
fact nuclear, it shall spring, Qi insects Mao, Qi pet dog, the color Cang; the support bars, where the disease are
full of acute bronchitis, Qi Wei Suan, its sound angle, its physical backbone, several of its eight.

     Sheng Ming Ji, Zheng Yang and conquer, Germany Shi Zhou Pu, five of balance.Their courage was high,
their sexual speed, use of burnt burning, whose chemical Fan Mau, its class of fire, of his own Yao Ming, Yan
Shu Qi candidate, then their heat, Qi dirty mind, heart has its chill, its main tongue shape cereals , its fruit
apricot, in fact contact, it shall Xia, Qi pest birds, Qi animals horses, Sechi; the blood, have heart?Chi, Qi
bitter, its sound sign, its physical connections to several of its seven.

    Preparation of the century, air-assistance days off, Druid 4 G, 5 of Narinaga.Its gas level, their sexual
Shun, use of heights, whose chemical fullness, its class of soil, of his own quiet, Qi climate humid steam, then
their wet, Qi dirty spleen, spleen Qi Wei Feng; its main port, Sonotani millet , harvest date, in fact, the meat, it
shall long summer, Qi worms?, Qi livestock cattle, the color yellow, Qi Yang meat, the disease are not, the
sweet, its sound Palace, its physical skin, its tens of five.

     The trial level is discipline, to close without war, without killing prisoners, five of Vision.Its gas cleaning,
its nature is just, use of scattered, whose chemical strong convergence, its class gold, his political Jin Su, Qi-
designate clear cut, then their dry, Qi dirty lung, lung Qi Wei heat; its primary nose, Sonotani rice, its fruit
peach, in fact shell, it shall fall, Qi insect medium, Qi livestock chicken, the color white; its support fur, The
disease cough, Qi spicy, its sound business, its property outside is hard, ShuJiu.

    Static Nobuyuki century, Tibet not freeze damage, good governance, the five of salty whole.Its gas out, its
nature, its derivative with Waugh, whose chemical coagulation firm, its class of water flow to his political
speech, Qi waited for Su, then their suddenly, dirty kidney, kidney Qi Wei wet; its main two anion Sonotani
beans, its fruit chestnut, in fact, How, it shall winter, Qi insect scales, Qi animal pig, the color black, Qi Yang
bone marrow disease are Jue, its taste salty, its sound feathers, its physical How, several of its six.

   Therefore, students not freeze to kill, long not freeze penalty, of not freeze the system, received not freeze
damage, possession of not freeze suppression, is that the flat gas.
    Committee and Zhi Ji, is that the victory of Health, anger is not political, of gas is Young, long-winded
self-balancing, income that is early, when the cool fall rain, clouds and Xing, vegetation night Rong, Cang dry
carving down, things show Er indeed, skin the meat filling.Its gas convergence, use of polyethylene, and the
dynamic Xu tears arrest slow, its offer horror, Qi dirty liver, its fruit jujube Lee, in fact, shell, Sonotani millet
rice, the bitterness of its taste, the color white Tsang, Qi pet dog chicken, its insect medium hair, its main Wulu
sad Tsang, the sounds, horn, saw its fear of disease shaking note, from the payment of 也       .And contractors with
a small angle, corner angle and is the same, and are in consultation with the business.The disease support waste
carbuncle swollen sore, Qi Gan insects, evil hurt my liver.The Palace and the Palace are the same.Xiao Se
chill, then Yan He boiling, cataract in three, the so-called follow-up also, its main flying beetle larvae Zhi.Is to

    Fu Ming Ji, is to win long.Long-winded does not declare, possession of anti-gas distribution, gas revenues
from the government, that is of value, give the number of cold clear, summer is so thin, bearing compounds
hygiene, health and not long into the solid and the juvenile, the event which has been the old, Yang gas yield,
insect sting early possession.Qi Qi Yu, use of violence, and the dynamic Chang-V shift, send it pain, Qi dirty
mind, its fruit Li Tao, in fact, contact How, Sonotani bean rice, Qi bitter salt, the color Xuan Dan, Qi animal
horse pig , Qi Yu scale insects, their home ice cream cold, the sounds, Zheng Yu, forget the disease are faint
doubts sad.From the hydration also.Little sign with a small feather with the previous business and are in
consultation with the.Upset and evil.Ning Li Lie miserable, then heavy rain storm Lin, cataract in nine, the
Lord suddenly Note, thunder shock, Shen _ (Yin and Meaning in Music) Yin Yu.

    Supervisors century BC, is that simplify.Of gas is not so, the political independence of Health Chang, long-
winded the whole, the rain is a fault, to close air flat, cold and Xing, vegetation beauty of the show are not
really into the husks.Its gas dispersion, use of statically determinate, and the dynamic ulcer Chung, sub-
collapse carbuncle swollen, send it How stagnation, Qi dirty spleen, its fruit Li Li, in fact, How nuclear,
Sonotani beans Ma, Qi Wei Suan Gan, the color of greenish yellow , Qi livestock cattle dog, Qi worms?Hair,
its main floating anger vibrating hair, the sounds, uterine horn, over whether the disease are plug flow, from
the wood of Ye.Little house with a small angle with the upper house and the palace are the same, the same
corner with the positive angle, The disease supper leaks, splenic injury Ye evil.Vibration pull fly, then Cang
dry scattered, Qi calamity four-dimensional, its main failure fold, tigers clean gas is used, the Health
Administration is the disgrace.

    From the reform of the century, is collapsible.After the gas is received, anger is Young, long compounds
German government is the promotion of fire, Shu class to Fan.Its gas Yang, use of ankle cut, and the dynamic
Keng Ban dim Jue, send it cough, Qi dirty lungs, its fruit Li Xing, in fact, shell contact, Sonotani Ma Mai, Qi
Bitterpungent the color white Dan, Qi livestock chicken sheep, insects Kai Yu Qi, Ming Yao Yan Shuo their
home, the sounds, commercial signs, the disease are sneezing cough congested nose bleed at the nose, from the
cremation Ye.Small business with little sign the same, the business and is in consultation with, and positive
angle with the upper corner, the evil Ye lung injury.Yan light Helie, the ice cream hail, calamity seven, its
main scales V pig rats, old gas back to, is Big Chill students.

    Dry flow of a century, is anti-yang, so do not give possession, of gas Naichang, long-winded that the sting
does not harbor insects, soil Run by springs, vegetation shall Mao, Rong Sheng full show.Its gas stagnation,
use of seepage discharge, and the dynamic firm just send it dry dry, Qi dirty his kidneys dates apricot fruit,
meat How in fact, Sonotani Shu Ji, Qi sweet and salty, the color _ Xuan, Qi livestock pig cow, Qi insect
scales?, its main Egyptian Yu faint nebula, the sounds, Yu Gong, Wei Jue disease are strong, and from soil-
based也  .Small birds and small house with, on the Temple and palace are the same, The disease infirmity Hong,
evil and kidneys also.Egypt faint Showers, then the vibration pull pull destroyed, cataract in one, its main fox
hair wet dog, change is not hidden.

   Therefore by the line of danger, do not speed and to, violence malaria without virtue, anti-disaster and Zhi,
who complex micro-micro, and even fraudulent claims re the air, often 也 .
     Occurred century, is Kai Chen.Soil catharsis, Cang gas up, and cloth of yang, yin is over, angry Chunhua,
all things for the Wing.Qi metaplasia of gas the United States, of his own bulk, then their article Shu, and the
dynamic out dizzy summit of illness, their virtue Kai Ming extravagant chap, the changes in the vibration pull
pull destroyed, Sonotani Ma Rice, Qi animals towards each other, its fruit Li Tao, the color blue yellow and
white, Qi Wei Suan xin, Qi as the spring, up his foot dedicated Yinshao Yang, Qi dirty liver and spleen, Qi
Mao mediated insect, its physical backbone outside the firm, the disease are angry.The same angle with the
previous business too.Then the gas on the sign inverse of the disease are Tuli.Not service their virtue, then the
income gas rehabilitation, autumn Qijin all, even the chill, clear air as large, grass wood zero, the evil is
harmful to the liver.

    He Xi Zhi Ji, is a fan-mao.Internalization chi, yang outer wing, Yan Shu Shi-based, object to Chang.Whose
chemical in length and gas high, of his own, and if his so obvious, and the dynamic Yan Zhuo jump
interference, their virtue noise Yu steam heat, which changes, intense inflammation boiling Sonotani wheat
beans, Qi livestock sheep swine, its fruit apricot Li and the color of 赤 Xuan, Qi Bitterpungent salty, Qi like
summer, Qi handling less Yintai Yang, Pericardium Yin Shaoyang, Qi dirty heart and lung, Qi Yu insect
scales, veins How the sediments, its sick laugh malaria blood Sores flow arrogant red eyes.And positive sign
on the same feather.Qi collected, The disease
hidden gas Naifu, see coagulation miserable time, if extreme, rain, frost and hail, all cold, upset and evil.

    Dun Fu Zhi Ji, is a broad-based.Houde quiet, smooth long to profit, Yam in fact, materialized fully
into.Smoke Egyptian deceive Yu, seen in thick soil, heavy rain line, moisture is available, government is the
provision of dry.Whose chemical round, its gas abundance, of his own quiet, then their week of preparation,
and the dynamic How plot and build, their virtue soft and heavy mud, the changes in the shock, floating
sudden crumbling and its valley Ji Ma, Qi livestock cattle dog, its fruit jujube Li, the color _ Yuen Tsang, Qi
sweet and salty acid, its like a long summer, up his enough Talin Yang, Qi dirty spleen and kidney, Qi
worms?Hair, its physical muscle nuclear, The disease Fu Man, 4 do not move fast to the wind, evil injured
spleen Ye.

    Jian Chih-Yu Cheng Ji, was quoted as income.Weather cleaning, to air out, yin yang with the rule of, dry
out their political and material to the Secretary as to close air fan cloth, not the end of contact.Qi into, their
courage was cut, his political purge, then their sharp cut, and the dynamic storm off ulcers Fever, their virtue
Wulu Xiao Se, the changes in the chill carving zero, millet grain rice, Qi livestock chicken horses, peach and
apricot fruit and the color of Baiqing Dan, Qi Weixin Suanku, Qi like autumn, Qi handling Tai Yin Yang, Qi
dirty lung liver, Qi Yu insect medium, its physical shell contact, drink the disease are dyspnea, chest?Yang
interest.Shang Zheng and are in consultation with the.Of the hygiene Qi, The disease cough.Violent political
change, then the name of wood is not glory, Roucui coke first, long-winded Williams saved, the fire flow Yan,
Shuo and to, spread to dry, evil 也 lung injury.

    Dayan Chi flow is to be enclosed.Cold Division materialized, world Yan Ning, possession of government
with cloth, long so do not Yang.Whose chemical cold, their courage was strong, his political Mi, then their
flow injection, and the dynamic drift vent Wo Chung, their virtue condensate miserable cold atmosphere, the
changes in the ice cream hail, Sonotani beans, millet, Qi livestock pig cow, its fruit chestnut jujube Dan _ the
color black, its taste salty Kugan, Qi Zu like winter up his little Yintai Yang, Qi dirty kidney heart, Qi insect
scales?, How full of its property, The disease expansion.The birds and the air is not of too long.Regularization
gas through massive government, while Egypt faint gas exchange, heavy rain falling, the evil and kidneys also.

    Hence it is said: Heng virtue, then the victory to complex; political Hang its reasoning, the assimilation of
the victory, what is called 也.

    The emperor said: days less than the Northwest, right-left Haner cool; to dissatisfaction with the southeast
right-left heat and temperature, Qi so Why?Chi Bo said: yin and yang qi, their league management, too little
Bones.East of the South, yang, yang owner, its fine down in the next, so the right and left temperature
heat.Northwest, overcast 也  .Yin owner, its fine Feng Yu, on the right so the left Haner cool.Is to have the
abilities are cool and gas.The higher of cold gas, the following individual gas heat, so Shi Zhe expansion of
cold and cool, warm were sore, inflation has been under Ze, Khan of Ze sore already, this Cou opening and
closing of the regular management, too few of the different ears.

    The emperor said: its Shouyao, collecting?Chi Bo said: sex fluids by Bong its life; Yang Jing by lowering
their human premature end.

    The emperor said: good.The disease also, rule how?Chi Bo said: Northwest of the gas, cold and the casual,
south-east of the gas, received Wen, the so-called Ye same disease with different treatment.Hence it is said
cold air cooler, governance in the cold and cool, line water stain it; temperature gas heat, governance in the
warm, strong within which to defend, with its gas will enable the level is, leave to the contrary.

    The emperor said: good.A state of gas, chemical and biological Shouyao is different, so Why?Chi Bo said:
their league management, topography Shiran 也    .High the chi-rule, pollution rule under the yang, yang winner
congenital, acquired vaginal winner, this Geographic often, biochemical could never understand.

   The emperor said: he has a Shouyao Down?Chi Bo said: the higher of its gas life, the next person that their
courage yao, to the size is different too.Little by little differences, the big big difference, so medical treatment
who will be tomorrow Road, geography, yin and yang fare better than the air, one after another, person
Shouyao, biochemical phase, is the shape of gas can carry on Interpersonal Perception.

    The emperor said: good.One Year has no disease, while those who do not have possession of gas should
not be, Why?Chi Bo said: The weather system, some gas from Ye.

    The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi Bo said: Shaoyang, Tian, anger beneath which, on the lung from
the white, from gold to use, vegetation calamity, fire, see burnt quenching, leather money and consumption,
Great Heat for OK, cough sneezing, congested nose bleed at the nose, Stuffy Nose Day ulcer , cold and heat
Zhou swollen.

    Popular in the earth, dust flying, painful stomachache, Jueni diaphragm barrier, its main storm speed.

    Yang Ming, Tian, dry air beneath, liver on from, Cang from wood with old, soil is a calamity, the number
to the Cangzhou desolate, wood cutting grass withered, hypochondriac pain, red eyes and dark chestnut out
vibration, tendon atrophy can not long stand.

    Violence is the summer heat to the earth, yang Yu, hair, urine changes, cold and heat, such as malaria, even
the heartache; fire line in the dry, water is not ice, is see Thoroughfare.

    Secretary-day sun, the cold air beneath, gas up from the heart, while the fire and out.Dan, the King is a
calamity, when the cold clear move Katsunori water ice, fiery smart, hot heart trouble, premium dry, good
thirst, congested nose sneezing, Xibei few less, the heat regime's reckless, cold Naifu, frost down from time to
time, forgetful, if extreme heartache.

Soil is moist, water Feng Yan, Han-off to, Shen Yin-based, moisture change things, water to drink internal
audit, the Man did not eat the skin harsh _ meat, tendons and negative, even while Zhou swelling, behind well-

    Jue Yin, Tian, atmosphere beneath, temper on from, but on and Long, yellow, the water is a calamity, land
use reform.Weight, muscle wilt, food by mouth cool, popular Void, of Clouds shake, turn project tinnitus.

   Fire Vertical Qi violence, land is summer, hot flashes consumption, red Waugh, the Thoroughfare few see,
water is not ice, the speed of its offer.
    Shao, Tian, heat beneath, from the lung on the white, the gold use, vegetation calamity.Asthma vomiting,
fever and chills, sneezing congested nose, nosebleed, Stuffy Nose, Great Heat popular, even the sore burnt
burning, gold sparkle stone flow.

   Dry land is clear, the number to the Cangzhou sad, hypochondriac pain, good heave a deep sigh, chill lines,
vegetation change.

    Secretary lunar day, moisture beneath, kidney, on from the black water from the change in Egypt to take
cloud, negative chest, a big decline in gas Yam wilt, but can not afford to do, at a time when anti-waist Shui
pain, dynamic transfer inconvenience Ye , Jueni.

    Possession of land is overcast, Dahan and to, insect sting attached earlier, Epigastric Distension pain, to
strong ice Caine, less abdominal pain, when the harm to water, by sealing gold is increasing, taste is salty, the
water line cut 也.

    The emperor said: Breeds year-old with no education, governance failure, where gas Shiran?Chi Bo said:
six gas five, with similar terms can win, Sheng of the same, but different on the decline, this heaven and earth,
biochemical often 也     .Therefore, Pericardium, Tian, caterpillars static, sterile insect Yu, Kai-insect
fragmentation; left spring, caterpillars education,?Insect consumption, plume worms sterile.

   Shao, Tian, Yu Jing insects, worms sterile medium, not a caterpillar; in the spring, birds insects sterile,
medium sterile insect consumption.

Tai Yin, Tian,?Insects static, scale insects sterile, not a feather worms; in spring, bare insect education, not a
scale insect.

Shao Yang, Tian, Yu Jing insects, caterpillars education,?Insect fragmentation; in spring, birds insects sterile,
medium insect consumption, the caterpillars of infertility.

   Yang Ming, Tian, Kai-worm static, sterile insect Yu, Kai-insect fragmentation; in spring, insects mediated
education, caterpillar consumption, not a feather worms.

Sun, Tian, scale insects quiet?Insect education; in spring, scale insects consumption,?Sterile insects.

    Failing to take the various transport, then Jinya.Therefore, some system of gas main, have students stand
age, to gas system has won, the weather has been winning, space system, color, shape to the system, five types
of bad Sheng, each with its gas of the Takaya.Therefore, the fetal and pregnant infertility, failure of
governance, this qi Chang 也  .

    Called the root as well, rooted in foreign Zheyi 5, put biochemical other, five gas, five flavors, five colors,
five, five Takaya.

    The emperor said: What has?Chi Bo said: rooted in the person, Ming Yue God Machine, God to the
machine information; roots in the foreign persons, Ming Yue gas legislation, gas only is by no.Therefore each
system, each victory, each students, have become, twenty years before and I do not know the year plus the air,
with the difference, not words biochemistry, what is called 也.

    Tai said: until the biochemical gas, gas dispersion and the physical, gas distribution and breeding, as the
gas eventually change his message to one also.However, the capital flavors, biochemistry has thickness, the
number of mature, circulates is different, so Why?Chi Bo said: in air and rule itself, not days, not students, to
not are long.
   The emperor said: Our family their way.Chi Bo said: chill dampness whose chemical is also different, so
Shaoyang in the spring, cold drug is not health, Qi Weixin, his government suffered acid, its valley Cang Dan.

   Yangming in the spring, not Pathogenic Heat and Toxin Health, Qi Wei Suan, their courage was wet, his
government hard Gan, Sonotani Denzel.

In the spring sun, heat toxin does not of Health, Qi bitter, salty light her rule, Sonotani _ millet.

   Pericardium in the spring, disinfection does not of Health, Qi sweet, his government Suanku, Sonotani
Cang red, their courage was special, its taste is.

    Shao in the spring, cold drug is not health, Qi Weixin, his government hard Gan, Sonotani Dan White.

Tai Yin in the spring, the dry drug is not health, its taste salty, and their courage was hot, his government Gan
Xian, Sonotani _ millet.

    Of Chun-Ze Xian Shou, IPCC Ze Xin sake of all knowledge.

   Hence it is: up and down from which those, who rule against it down to where the success or failure of the
Tones of cold and heat.

   Hence it is: remove the check, get outside to take in, so that it may too; to drug users in thick medicine,
numerous drug users in order to thin drug, what is called 也.

    Anti-air, the sick in the last, to take under; disease in the next, to take over; disease, the waterfront taken

   Hot to cold treatment, temperature and-bound; governance cold to hot, cold and-bound; treatment
temperature in order to clear, cold and-bound; rule clear to warm, hot and can move.

    Therefore Cancellation by cutting Zhi, spit under Zhi, augmented diarrhea Zhi, long the new with the law.

    The emperor said: disease in the not is really not strong, and the polymer and scattered, how?Chi Bo said:
note to passing a question too!No product were to ask its dirty, empty 则 supplemented, medicine to remove
Zhi, food to follow, line watermarks Zhi, and one outside, could have been completed.

    The emperor said: toxic non-toxic, serving about Down?Chi Bo said: a new disease in a long, square in
size, toxic and non-toxic, Gu Yi often carry on the system.Large drug treatment, 10 to Sixth, often drug
treatment, 10 to the seventh, the small drug treatment, 10 to its eight, non-toxic treatment, 10 to go,
nine.Valley Meat, fruit and vegetable nutrition, do not take excess amount, getting injured.

    Endless, complex lines, such as law, must first-year-old gas, no cutting days, no Shing Shing, no Debilitate
the Deficient, and left one day of suffering and evil no cause, no loss is absolutely one long disease.

    The emperor said: the sick men, with gas never healthy, sick to the barren do nothing?Chi Bo said: Zhao to
passing!Asked the sages also, of no generation, must not violate.Fu meridian using links, blood gas Yi from,
complex deficiency, and the public with Qi, nourish it, and Zhi, static, pending, the true to its gas, no to
dumping move, its shape is Akira, angry with long, Ming Yue Sheng Wang.So great to say no on behalf of, no
breach, the necessary support will be and, let it come to rehabilitation, what is called 也 .The emperor said:

    Six-major on the articles is the 71st century
    Yellow Emperor and asked: 6 of 6 variables, wins re prostitution governance, stand by the light Xin acid
salt has, I know it carry on.Husband of five as a sport, or from five gas, or against the weather, or from the
weather and inverse to gas, or gas from the earth but against the weather, or Xiangde, or Xiang De, I could not
clear the project, the desire of Babel century, from the truth, and their transport, tune their technology, so up
and down and morality, not with wins Toronto, World movements, without losing their times, of Five Vision
line, not to good of his own, stressed the positive taste, from the counter how?

    Chi Bo Jishouzaibai replied: passing a Q Zhao also!The world of discipline, change of origin, non-sage can
a poor management of its to Secular!Chen Though I Please Chen Tao, so dying to, a long time without

    The emperor said: would like to Master By extension, the second, from its class order, the main points in
part, the Secretary were specializations, Zhao Qi fate, of his being, then it can almost be heard?

   Chi Bo said: first to establish its year to of his gas, Five Elements, run the numbers; summer and winter
wind, fire, dampness, Lin Yu of the technology, then heaven can see people air adjustable, yin and yang,
Comfortable, nearly without confusion, may call the number the number, please then words.

   The emperor said: Sun government do nothing?Chi Bo said: Chen Xu of the century also.

    Sun, too angular, lunar, Imjin, Saigon, its operation winds, and their dismantling of the Kai Ming
disordered; its variable vibration pull pull destroyed; its dizzy out Muming disease.Tai Kok (first positive), a
small sign, too Palace, a small business, too feather (final).

    The sun, so sign, lunar, Wuchen, the Reform Movement Far from levy, transport it hot, whose chemical
noise Yu sultry summer; its strong boiling inflammatory changes; The disease hot Yu.Tai Zheng, less house,
too commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the beginning).

    The sun, too Palace, lunar, between Twenty-year-old would (the same day breaks), Awake-year-old would
(the same day breaks), and Yin Aye Win, whose chemical Gentle Shigesawa; the shock drift sudden change;
the disease under wet weight.Pacific Palace, a small business, too feather (the end), too much angle (initial), a
small sign.

    The sun, too commercial, lunar, Dragon, Geng-Xu, ship it cool, whose chemical Wulu Xiao Se; its variable
chill dying; the disease dry, full chest back dim.Too commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the
beginning), so sign, little palace.

   The sun, too Yu, lunar, Bing-chen-day break, Leisure day break, its operation suddenly, tragedy Li Lie of
condensate; its ice cream hail change; its disease Dahan stay in the valley.Tai Yu (end), too angular (early), a
small sign, too Palace, a small business.

     Administrative Secretary for days, the sun above activities, gasification run birth, weather Su, to calm.Pro
Taixu cold, yang is not so, water and soil and morality, should jin sung town of Star.Sonotani Xuan _, his
political purge, then their Xu.Cold massive political, Ze Yang-free flame, then made to wait for the
fire.Shaoyang in the rule, when the rain is a career.Only very scattered rain, but also on the moon, clouds
toward the North Pole, wetting is a cloth, Ze flow of all things.Cold Fuyu, the thunderous in the next, alpine
atmosphere, and held at air exchange, the public disease alpine hair, muscles wither, wilt not charge enough,
How overflow spilled blood.

  The beginning of the gas, to gas transfer, gas is a large temperature, the grass is early Rong, China is Li,
Wen disease is made, fever, headache, vomiting, muscle Cou sore.
   Second, the gas, cool the anti-large, people are miserable, the grass is Yuhan, then anger suppression,
people sick Qi Yu in full, the cold is beginning.

    Three, gas, day political cloth, cold line, rain is falling, people sick cold, anti-enthusiastic, ulcer injection,
the heart hot dim boring, dead to die.

    D of gas, rheumatism pay dispute, weathering the rain, is long, is based, is into, the people less sick hot
gas, muscle wilt, foot wither under the Note 赤 .

    Five of gas, Yang Fu-based, grass is long, is based, is into, people are comfortable.

   End of anger, to air is wet so that line.Yin Ying Tai Xu, Egypt stunning countryside, the people are
miserable cold, wind and even, Countering, pregnancy is dead.

    Age should therefore hard to Wen dry season, will break the stagnation gas, the first source of information
whose chemical, ameliorate its luck, Fu Qi victorious, no to violence than the students by disease.Food Valley
in full its true age, to avoid evil in order to calm its being false, suitable gas with different, how much and
rule.Hot and cold and dampness of the same person, different alpine by dampness, so they were considerably
over the same, but different and less oil, used cold winter far, far cooler with cold, warm with warm far, far
away with a hot heat, should eat the same method There were abnormal false, anti is by disease, so when.

    The emperor said: good.Yang Chih-cheng, how?Chi Bo said: Maoyou of Kiya.

   Yang, less angular, Shao, heat recovery with victory, Far from business, Dingmao (old Council), Ding, its
operation wind, heat.Small angle (first positive), so sign, a small palace, too commercial, small birds (final).

    Yang, less Zheng, Shao, Hanyu Sheng complex with, Far from business, mao (the same age would be),
GuiYou (the same age would be), its transport heat, Hanyu.Little sign, too Palace, a small business, too feather
(the end), too angular (early).

   Yang, less house, Shao, cool wins re same, The Spring, Ji You, ship it rain cool.Small house, too
commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the beginning), so sign.

    Yang, less commercial, Shao, Sheng complex with cool, Far from business, YiMao-day break, Yiyou-year-
old will, too one day break, their transport cold, hot cold.Small business, too feather (the end), too angular
(early), a small sign, too Palace.

    Yang, less birds, Shao, Fu Sheng rain with wind, a small palace with Xin Mao, Xin, Xin Mao, its transport
in cold, rainy wind.Small birds (end), less angular (the beginning), so sign, too Palace, too commercial.

     The above activities, Tian Yang Chih-cheng, gasification run the day after tomorrow.Weather emergency,
to air out, then their post-Yang, Yan Shu lines, dry-Chien, Chun Feng is the rule.Air dry Cross movement,
flow in gas exchange, multi-yang Shao, becoming rain cloud House, humidification is deposited, very dry and
Ze.The Valley, Dan White, who asked Valley life too.A product of its consumption of white feathers.Golden
Fire and morality, should Taibai Yinghuo.Of his own cut, its so sharp, stinging insects is see, water is not
ice.Sick people cough, though of Cyprus, cold and heat made violence, Zhen Li infirmity nausea, clearing the
first and strong, caterpillars are killed, the heat, the violent, mediated insect is calamity.Send it calm, wins for
their recovery, disturbance and chaos, heat the gas, held at air exchange.

    The beginning of the gas, to gas transfer, coagulation before Yin, Su-gas before the water is ice, Hanyu
technology.The disease of thermal expansion, face edema, good sleep, congested nose bleed at the nose,
sneezing less, vomit, urine yellow red, if extreme, Lin.
    Second, atmosphere, and Yang is the cloth, the people are comfortable, matter is the health wing.Li as
large, the public good sudden death.

    Three, gas, day political fabric, cold is OK, hot intercourse, while Ze extremely dry, cold and heat people's

   Four of the gas, Hanyu down, sick violence servant, Zhen Li delirium, less dry air, crop, cited drinking,
and for the heartache, carbuncle swollen sore, cold malaria hastening bone atrophy bloody.

    Five of the gas spring counter-line, grass is the Sheng-Rong, China gas and.

   The end of the gas, yang cloth, anti-warm climate, insect sting to see, water is not ice.China is Campion,
The disease temperature.

     So Fresh-year-old Valley in order to calm their courage, food inter-valley 以 him from evil, old wish to use
salt to bitter to Xin, Khan Zhi and Qing, Sanzhi.In his or her luck, not to be evil, break the stagnation gas
resources whose chemical source.To the severity of cold and heat, making the process more than less, with the
heat of those days, many of those with clear, cool with cool far, far away with a hot heat, cold with a cold
away, far away with a warm temperature, food should the same method.With leave to the contrary, This Road
is also anti-Proponents of chaos by heaven and earth, yin and yang of Kiya interference.

   The emperor said: good.Shaoyang the government do nothing?Chi Bo said: Nobuyuki Yin Chi also.

    Shao Yang, Tai Kok, Jue Yin, Renyin (same-day break), Renshen (same-day break), which transport air
drums, whose chemical Kai Ming disordered split, the changes in the vibration pull destroyed pulling out the
disease are dizzy, support threats, horror.Tai Kok (

    First positive), less sign, too Palace, a small business, too feather (final).

   Shao Yang, Tai Zheng, Jue Yin, the Tiger-day break, Shigenobu-day break, its operation summer, whose
chemical noise Yu Oh, the changes in the yen strong boil.The disease, the heat Yu, Yi-blood, blood leaks,
heartache.Tai Zheng, less house, too commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the beginning).

    Shao Yang, Tai Temple, Jue Yin, Jia Yin, Jia Shen, the transport rain, whose chemical Gentle Shigesawa,
which changes, sudden shock drift.The disease weight, Fu swelling, swelling of the liver to drink.Pacific
Palace, a small business, too feather (the end), too much angle (initial), a small sign.

    Shaoyang, too commercial, Jue Yin, GY, Gengshen Far from business, its operation cool, whose chemical
Wulu clear cut, which changes, and chill and withered.The disease shoulder chest.Too commercial, small birds
(the end), small angle (the beginning), so sign, little palace.

    Shao Yang, Tai Yu, Jue Yin, Bing Yin, Bingshen, the Su-Wan Han, whose chemical coagulation miserable
Li Lie, the changes in the ice cream hail, disease are cold, swollen.Tai Yu (end), too angular (early), a small
sign, too Palace, a small business.

     The above activities Shaoyang Division days, political, gasification run birth.The weather is, to air
interference, wind storms are held, wood Yan Sha Fei, Yan fire is streaming, Yin Xingyang of rain is should
be, fire wood Palit, should Yinghuosuixing.Sonotani Tan Cang, the government strictly, then their
interference.Therefore, wind-heat parameter cloth, boiling cloud properties.Lunar cross-flow, when the cold is
to, cold rain and play.People sick in the cold, outward sore, discharge within the full, so people met by the, and
not fight.The back and forth for, the people sick and heat, malaria vent, deaf and close the eyes, vomiting, the
anger, swelling and discoloration.
    The early atmosphere, and to move air, the wind is shaking victory, is to go cold, waiting is a big
temperature, vegetation early wing.To not kill in cold, febrile disease are attributable to their disease and Forth
in the air, blood red eyes overflow, Keni headache, vaginal bleeding, threatened at least, in the sore skin Cou.

    Second, the gas, fire, anti-depressive, white Egyptian everywhere, clouds becoming rain House, numerous
wet wind, the rain is zero, China is Hong.The disease depression in the last heat, Keni vomiting, sore hair at
the chest, crop adversely, headache or fever, faint confused abscess.

    Three of the gas, day political fabric, Yan Shu to, Shaoyang Pro, the rain is a career.China keen disease,
deafness close the eyes, blood overflow, boils, cough, vomiting, congested nose, nosebleed, thirst, sneezing
less, Hou Bi, red eyes, Good sudden death.

   D of gas, cool and even, Yan Shu room of white dew drop.Of the people and peace, the disease is full,
body weight.

   Five of gas, Yang is going to cold is the rain is falling, valve is closed, just as early as withered
wood.China cold evil, a gentleman well.

    End of anger, to air is the wind as well, all things anti-health, the fog of fog, their disease can not help but
shut down, upset, and yang do not hide Er cough.

    Ameliorate its luck, praised by the victorious.Will break the stagnation gas, first take of the source of
violence than non-health, severe illness can not afford, it should age appropriate salty acid vent seepage Zhi
Zhi, stains your hair Zhi, cold temperatures in view of gas-tune their too.Among those with the cold of wind-
heat, cold, few different style of hot, hot hot far, far away with a warm temperature, with cold winter and far,
far cooler with cold, fresh with the law should, This could never understand.With leave to the contrary, the
anti-stage disease is by Ye.

    The emperor said: good.Luni government do nothing?Chi Bo said: ugly not appear yet Kiya.

   Lunar, less angular, sun, heat recovery with victory, Far from palaces, Landmarks, DingWei its operation,
wind, heat.Small angle (first positive), so sign, a small palace, too commercial, small birds (final).

    Lunar, little sign, sun, Hanyu Sheng complex with, Gui Chou, Gui Wei, the transport heat, Hanyu.Little
sign, too Palace, a small business, too feather (the end), too angular.

    Lunar, little house, the sun, solve any complex with the victory, Far from Palace Kichuta day break, Kang
Xi too one day break, their transport rain, Fengqing.Small house, too commercial, small birds (the end), small
angle, (early), so sign.

    Lunar, less commercial, solar, thermal compound with cold win, Yi Chou, Yi Wei, ship it cold, hot.Small
business, too feather (the end), too angular (early), a small sign, too Palace.

    The above activities lunar Division days, political, gasification operation of running the day after
tomorrow.Yin specifically their political, yang retreat, strong winds, the weather down, to air on Teng,
wilderness faint Wu, white Egyptian everywhere, clouds Ben Antarctic, Hanyu number to, bad things
accomplished in the summer.China Disease alpine Fu Man, body _ anger, Fu Pi inverse swelling,
Hanjuejuji.Wet winter and morality, faint yellow and black Egypt, popular gas exchange, the town of stars
should sing.Of his own Su, its so lonely, Sonotani Qian Xuan.Therefore, pour in the shade, cold product in the
next, Kansui victory was hail of fire; the sun died, murderous look is OK.Therefore, should more than high,
less than desirable, the surplus should night, less than desirable early.And Earth-based 也 benefit qi.Gas from
which the public has, in too much inter-valley orders.
    The beginning of the gas, to gas transfer, is to go cold, spring air is, the wind is come, raw cloth all things
for the glory, of the people and be comfortable, rheumatism, with thin, rain is later.China istihaadah overflow,
JinLuoNing arrested strong, bad for the joints, tendons wilt body weight.

     Second, the gas, the fire is, objects of commitment, China is and.The disease Wen Li lines, far and near salt
if the wet steam with thin, rain is when the drop.

    Three, gas, day political fabric, moisture reduction, to gas-teng, when rain is falling, winter is followed, a
sense of the alpine, then people sick body weight, Fu swelling, chest, belly full.

    D of gas, fear the fire came, and damp steaming, to gas-teng, the weather has separated from the cold dawn
twilight, steaming hot with thin, grass smoke condensate, non-wetting flow, the White Dew shade cloth, to
become autumn.China Disease Cou thermal management, blood storm overflow, malaria, trusted full heat,
group of inflation, even while Fu swollen.

   Five of gas, miserable that has been lines, cold dew, the frost is early fall, vegetation, yellow fall, cold and
body, a gentleman well, people sick skin Cou.

    End of anger, cold massive, wet Dahua, cream is a product, Yin is the condensate, water ice, the sun
died.Sense in the cold, then the joint confinement of patients, lumbar Shui pain, cold and dampness in the air
exchange and to promote disease 也   .

     Will break the stagnation gas, and take of the source, the benefits of One Year gas, no make evil win.Food
Valley with all its real age, between the valley to keep it fresh sperm.Therefore, appropriate age to suffer Wen
dry season.Serious was issued Zhi vent, Not fat, not leaking, then the moisture spills, meat, skin fold collapse,
and water exchange of blood.Yang will praise the fire, so very cold Yu, similarities and differences from the
air, fewer of their Hanya.With the cold but with heating, with the wet to dry of those; differences were less of,
more of the same person.Much cooler with cold, cold with a cold away, far away with a warm temperature,
with hot much heat, should eat the same method.Leave to the contrary, This Road also.Proponents of the
disease is very anti.

    The emperor said: good.Shao Chih-cheng, how?Chi Bo said: Meridian Zhi Kiya.

    Shao, Big Horn, Yang Ming, Prince, Horse, its operation winnowing, whose chemical Ming disordered Kai
split; its variable vibration pull destroy pull; the disease branch at least.Tai Kok (first positive), a small sign,
too Palace, a small business, too Yu (

   Tai Yin, so sign, Yangyin, Lunar-day break, Wu Wu too one day break in its operation, Yan Shu, whose
chemical noise Yao-Yu Pan, the changes in the yen strong boiling, on the disease are fever, blood overflow.Tai
Zheng, less house, too commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the beginning).

    Shao, too Palace, Ming, six decades, Sino-Japanese in its operation, rain, rain when the ration of soft and
smooth.The changes in the drift at first shocked, in the disease are re-covered.Pacific Palace, a small business,
too feather (the end), too much angle (initial), a small sign.

    Shao, too commercial, Yang Ming, Boxer (same-day break), Gengwu (same-day break), Far from business,
its operation cool King, whose chemical Wulu Xiao Se; its variable Su withered.Under the disease are
clear.Too commercial, small birds (

    End), small angle (the beginning), so sign, little palace.
    Shao, too Yu, Yang Ming, the Rat-year-old will, Heigo its operation, suddenly, of condensate miserable Li
Lie; its variable ice cream hail, disease are cold the next.Tai Yu (end), too angular (early), a small sign, too
Palace, a small business.

     The above activities Shao Division days, political, gasification run birth, to purge gas, the weather clear,
cold summer pay, increase the dry heat, rain clouds Chi House, the wetting line is, when the rain is
falling.Golden Fire and morality, should Yinghuo, Bai.Of his own tomorrow, its so cut its valley Dan
White.Fire and water held in the air cold and heat exchange, while the disease is the beginning.Fever was born,
the Qing Bing was born, the cold and heat Ling quarrel at the guilty, people cough disease, blood
haemorrhagic discharge, congested nose sneeze red eyes and epicanthal ulcer, Hanjue the stomach, heartburn,
back pain, abdominal big crop dry, swollen Shang.

    The beginning of the gas, to gas transfer, will go dry, cold is beginning hibernation resume possession of
the water is ice cream complex down, wind and even, yang Yu.China anti-careful, joint confinement, lumbar
pain Shui, Yan Shu will play, and foreign sore.

   Second, the gas, yang cloth, the wind is a line of spring to now, things should glory, time to chill, China is
and.The disease pouring, Muming red eyes and Qi Yu Yu rather hot.

   Three of the gas, day political fabric, fire line, Shu Fan type of fresh, cold air time to.China Disease faint
heart pain, cold and heat more as, cough and red eyes.

    D of gas, Rushu to, heavy rain line, cold and heat to each other.People sick and heat, though of dry, yellow
hate, congested nose bleed at the nose, drink fat.

    Five of gas, fear of fire the Pro, anti-summer to the park is based, things are students, is Evergreen, China
is Hong.The disease temperature.

   End of anger, so line dry, I fire inside the cells, swelling in the upper, cough, and even then blood
overflow.Chill several cite the Wu fog nebula.Disease of skin Cou, included with threats, even under cold
Shaofu 而作 the land will be involving changes.

    Will ameliorate its luck, capital One Year win, break the stagnation hair, first take of the source, not to
storm off the students by disease also.Valley Fresh-year-old full-really is irritating, food grain in order to avoid
false inter-evil, age appropriate salt to soft up while the tune on it, even Zeyi suffering hair it; to acid harvests,
and security under it, and even bitter vent Zeyi Zhi.Shi different from what by how much gas the same, with or
winter weather Zhe Thanh Hoa; with land-based gas by Yi warm.Hot much heat, with cool far cooler, with
temperature much temperature, with cold much cold food should the same method.There are anti-fake, This
could never, anti is to carry on those diseases.

    The emperor said: good.Jue yin government do nothing?Chi Bo said: Yi Hai Zhi Kiya.

   Jue Yin, small angle, Shaoyang, heat recovery with victory, Far from what angle, Dimba-day break,
Dinghai-day break in its operation, wind, heat.Small angle (first positive), so sign, a small palace, too
commercial, small birds (final).

    Jue Yin, small sign, Shao Yang, Hanyu Sheng complex with, Kimi (the same age would be), Guihai (the
same age would be), its transport heat, Hanyu.Little sign, too Palace, a small business, too feather (the end),
too angular (early).

   Jue Yin, small palaces, Shaoyang, Delicate wins re the same, Far from what angle, Jisi, Yi Hai, ship it rain,
Fengqing.Small house, too commercial, small birds (the end), small angle (the beginning), so sign.
   Jue Yin, small business, Shao Yang, Fu Sheng hot with cold, Far from what angle, Otomi, now seeing its
operation, cold, hot cold.Small business, too feather (the end), too angular (early), a small sign, too Palace.

    Jue Yin, small birds, Shao Yang, Sheng-Fu with wind and rain, Government House, Xinhai, its operation
in cold, rainy wind.Small birds (end), small angle (the beginning), so sign, small house, too commercial.

    The above activities Jueyin Division days, political, gasification run the day after tomorrow, promise Far
from old, gasification run the same day, the weather disturbance, to air the positive and lofty wind, heat from
which the clouds becoming rain House, humidification is, the wind Fire Palit, should Suixing, Ying Huo.Of his
own scratch, then their speed, Sonotani Tan Cang, between the valley were made too.Qi consumption of paper
products feather angle.Hot dry winds, for victory is more complex, stinging insects to see, water is not ice, the
fever line in the next, the wind line in the last patient, the wind dry win complex, and form to them.

    The early atmosphere, and cold start Su, murderous side to, the public disease under cold on the right.

   Second, the gas, not cold, Chinese snow ice, murderous Shihua, frost is falling, were grass coke, Hanyu
number to.Yang Fu, People in the heat illness.

    Three, gas, day political fabric, when the wind is held.People sick sob out tinnitus out dizzy.

    D of gas, Rushu heat with thin, dispute over the left.Sick people and for the Fu Huang hate swollen.

    Five of the air, dampness has surpassed the standards, Shen Yin is the cloth, cold and body, wind and rain
is OK.

     End of anger, fear the fire chief, Yang is Dahua, stinging insects appear, not ice water, to air big time, grass
is the students, people are comfortable.The disease Wen Li.

    Will break the stagnation gas resources whose chemical source, praised it luck, not so evil wins.Years of
age wish to use symplectic tone on tone with salt, the fear of fire atmosphere, and no jump Offense.Away with
warm temperature, with heat away heat, cool with cool far, far away with a cold winter, food should the same
method.A false abnormal, And this could never understand.Against a person sick.

    The emperor said: good.Master words indeed learned men, and why of his course to be Down?Chi Bo said:
passing a Question 也Chiu.Six gas husband who rows a time, just a bit, Guchang to the first nine days Pingdan
as of the first month, see their place the idea on where the carry on.Win more than his message to the first, and
to the movement will not be after this Tian Zhidao the air, often 也   .Transport of non-surplus, non-shortage, is
that is old, and at when the time to.The emperor said: Sheng Fu atmosphere, and its regular in also, disaster
calamity pm, candidates also do nothing?Chi Bo said: those of non-gasification is that disasters can also.

    Tai said: heaven and earth, the number circulates how?Chi Bo said: note to passing a question too.Is the
Ming 也   .Since the beginning of the last few, but finally, the years and a half ago, Lord of weather, age and a
half later, to Lord of gas, up and down interaction, Lord of gas exchange, old Jihua Yi.Hence it is bit out, air
can see almost on the so-called gas also.

    The emperor said: I Division the case, then thereof, not to its numbers Why?Chi Bo said: the number of
gas used, of contact with ups and downs, bad Morita has, with its technology also.The emperor said: Our
family assimilation of them?Chi Bo said: air temperature vernalization with, the summer heat of the fire with
the faint twilight, with the victory and complex, dry clearing smoke revealed the autumn of the same, clouds
and faint close the eyes of Egypt with a long summer, with the cold frost of winter ice, the World 5 Win six qi,
more often with the Rise and Fall 也   .
    The emperor said: Run the same day of the five days were Ming Yue Fu, I know it carry on.Our family
with land nationalization process What An?Chi Bo said: too much while the same day of a Third, while the
same day of Zheyi less than three; too while the same manner of a Third, less than the same localization Zheyi
3.This is also where 20-year-old.

   The emperor said: Our family has its so-called?Chi Bo said: Jiachen Awake, plus lunar too Miyashita,
Renyin Renshen too Kok plus Pericardium, Boxer vendors, plus Yangming Gengwu too, so those three.

   Kimi less Gyehae levy increase under the Shaoyang, Boxer Xinwei Yu small increase under the sun, a
small sign next to Japan on GuiYou add Shao, so those three.

   Leisure in temporary Shao Wu Wu Tai Zheng, Tiger Shigenobu too sign in temporary Shaoyang, Bing-
Chen Yu, on the Pro Leisure Pacific Sun, in which case three.

    Dimba Dinghai little corner of the Pro Jue Yin, YiMao Yiyou small traders Pro Yangming.Ji Chou Kang
Xi, a small palace in temporary lunar.In this way 3 In addition to this 20-year-old, not increase not provisional

   The emperor said: What added who?Chi Bo said: too much, increase the breaks the same day, less than the
same age will also increase.The emperor said: Pro by what?Chi Bo said: too less, Jie Yue-day break, and
change the number of lines, shape it seldom sick, life and death, early Yan ears!

    The emperor said: Master made away with a cold winter, hot far from hot, I have known the course.What
Our family far away?Chi Bo said: hot hot not guilty, not guilty of cold winter, and from, Ni Zhe disease, can
not have no fear of your distance, the so-called fashionable six members.

    The emperor said: cool and collecting?Chi Bo said: Secretary gas with hot, with hot non-offenders,
releasing gas Secretary cold, with winter not guilty, releasing gas Division cool, with cool no offense,
Secretary gas to temperature, with temperature not guilty.Room air with its main non-committed, differences
were small invading their home, is that the four fear, will be like the police Zhi.

    The emperor said: good.The offenders collecting?Chi Bo said: the weather is revolting, solder balls Ze, and
won its primary be committed to peace for a period, but not before, is that evil anti-winner.Hence it is said: no
loss of days of the letter, no reverse Qi Yi, no wing Qisheng, none at revitalization, is called to rule.

    The emperor said: good.5 years old Chi luck main line, which has almost constant?Chi Bo said: minister
invited second.

    Six decades, Sino-Japanese-year-old, upper Shao fire, in the very palace of soil movement, under the Ming
Jin.Heat of the second, rain of five, dry of four, is based on the so-called Ye.Ration of salted cold, in the bitter
heat, acid, under heat, so food and medicine Takaya.

    Yi Chou, Yi Wei-year-old, on the lunar soil, in small business payment operation, water under the
sun.Heat of cold-based compound with the victory, the so-called evil of Japan also, disaster seven
Palace.Wetting 5, Thanh Hoa four of six cold, is based on the so-called 也 bitter ration of heat, acid and,
under the willing hot, so-called food and medicine Takaya.

    Bingyin, Bingshen-year-old, upper Shaoyang with fire, too feather in water, under Jue yin wood, cremation
second cold of six, weathering three are based on the so-called also, whose chemical with salted cold, the salt
temperature, under Xin Wen, the so-called food and medicine Takaya.

     Dingmao, Ding-year-old, on the Yang-Ming Jin, in a small corner of wood movement, Shao under
fire.Thanh Hoa complex with heat of victory, based on the so-called evil also, disaster Sannomiya, of 9 dry,
weathered three to seven heating, is based on the so-called Ye.Ration of the bitter, small temperature, the Sim
and, under the salty cold, the so-called food and medicine Takaya.

   Wuchen, the Reform Movement-year-old, upper solar water transport in the fire signs too, under the Tai
Yin soil, cold of six, seven heating, humidification 5, is based on the so-called Ye.To bitter ration of
temperature, in Gan and, under the sweet warm, the so-called food and medicine should also.

    Jisi, Yi Hai-year-old, on Jue yin wood, in a small palace of soil movement, Shaoyang phase under fire,
weathering Thanh Hoa wins complex with the so-called evil of day also, the five disaster Palace, weathered
three of five wet, cremation 7 , is based on the so-called too.Whose chemical on Xin Liang, in Gan and, under
the salty cold, the so-called food and medicine Takaya.

    Gengwu, Boxer-year-old, the Shao fire, the gold is too commercial operation, under the Ming Jin, Heat 7,
Thanh Hoa 9, dryness of nine, is based on the so-called Ye.Ration of salted cold, in Xin temperature, under the
acid temperature, the so-called food and medicine Takaya.

    Xinwei, Boxer-year-old, on the lunar soil, in small birds and water and under the sun, water, weathering
the rain of recovery with victory, based on the so-called evil too.Disaster of a house, the rain of five, of a cold,
is based on the so-called Ye.The heat of the suffering, the suffering and, under the bitter heat, so food and
medicine should also.

    Renshen, Renyin years old, the Shaoyang with fire, too much angle in the wood movement, wood under
the Pericardium.Cremation 2, weathering eight, is based on the so-called 也 .The salt of the cold, acid and,
under Xinliang, a so-called food and medicine should also.

    GuiYou, mao-year-old, on the Yang-Ming Jin, the small sign Fire Games, the next Shao fire.Arguments on
the outcome of cold with the so-called evil of day also.Jiugong disaster, of 9 dry heat of two, is based on the
so-called 也.Whose chemical on bitter small temperature, the salt temperature, salt under cold, the so-called
food and medicine Takaya.

    Jia Xu, Jia-chen-year-old, the sun, water and land transportation in the Pacific Palace, under the lunar soil,
cold of six, five-wetting, is also of Japan.Ration of the bitter heat, the bitter temperature, under the bitter
temperature, food and medicine Takaya.

    Now seeing, Otomi years old, on Jue yin wood, in a small business Jinyun, Shaoyang phase under fire,
heat of cold of the outcome of the same evil tendencies of day also.Seven disaster Palace, weathered eight,
Thanh Hoa 4, cremation second degree is also.Its based on Xin Liang, acid and, under the salty cold, food and
medicine should also.

    Landmarks DingWei years old, on the lunar soil, in a small corner of wood movement, under the sun,
water, heat of Thanh Hoa with the outcome, degree of evil also.Disaster Sannomiya, rain of five weathered
three of a cold, is based rating of.To bitter ration of temperature, in Xin Wen, Gan, under heat, food and
medicine Takaya.

   Tiger, Shigenobu-year-old, the Shaoyang with fire, the fire levy in operation too, the next Jue yin wood,
cremation 7, weathering three, is also of degree.Salt ration of the cold, and lower in Gan Xin Liang, food and
medicine should also.

    The Spring, Ji You-year-old, on the Yang-Ming Jin, the small palace of soil movement, under Shao fire,
weathering the outcome of Thanh Hoa with the evil tendencies of rating of.Five disaster Palace, Qinghua 9, the
rain of five to seven heating, is also of degree.To bitter small ration of temperature, in Gan and, under the salty
cold, food and medicine Takaya.
    Geng-, Geng-Xu-year-old, upper solar water transport in the gold business too, under the lunar soil, of a
cold, Thanh Hoa 9, the rain of five, is based rating of.Ration of the bitter heat, in Xin Wen, Gan, under heat,
food and medicine Takaya.

   Government House, Xinhai years old, on Jue yin wood, the little birds water, Shaoyang phase under fire,
weathering the rain of the same outcome, based rating of evil.Disaster of a house, weathered three of a cold,
cremation 7, is based rating of.Whose chemical Shang Xin Liang, in bitter and, under the salty cold, food and
medicine Takaya.

   Horse, Prince-year-old, upper Shao fire, in the very corner of wood movement, under the Ming Jin, Heat 2,
weathering eight, Thanh Hoa 4, is based rating of.The salt of the cold, the acid cool, under the acid
temperature, food and medicine should also.

    Gui Wei, Gui Chou-year-old, on the lunar soil, the small sign Fire Games, under the sun, water, cold Hua-
yu of the outcome of the same, degree of evil too.Jiugong disaster, rain of five, two cremation, of a cold, is
based rating of.The temperature of the bitter, the salt temperature, the next Gan heat, food and medicine should

    Jia Shen, Jia Yin-year-old, upper Shaoyang with fire, in the very palace of soil movement, under Jue yin
wood, cremation second rain of five to eight weathering, are based rating of.Ration of salted cold, the salty and
the next Xin Liang, food and medicine should also.

    Yiyou, YiMao years old, on the Yang-Ming Jin, a small business in gold shipped, the next Shao fire,
heating of the outcome of the same cold, evil influence of rating of.Disaster seven palaces, dry of four, Thanh
Hoa 4, Heat 2, is also of degree.Whose chemical on bitter small temperature, the bitter and, under the salty
cold, food and medicine Takaya.

    Leisure, Bing-chen-year-old, the sun, water, birds in the Pacific water, under the lunar soil, cold of six, the
rain of five, is also of degree.To bitter ration of hot, salty temperature in the lower Gan heat, food and
medicine Takaya.

   Dinghai, Dimba-year-old, upper Jue yin wood, in a small corner of wood movement, Shaoyang phase
under fire, Thanh Hoa with the heat of victory, based rating of evil.Disaster Sannomiya, weathering three
cremation seven, is also of degree.Whose chemical on Xinliang, the Sim and the next cold salty, food and
medicine should also.

   Leisure, Wu Wu-year-old, upper Shao fire, the fire levy in operation too, under the Ming Jin, Heat 7,
Thanh Hoa 9, is also of degree.Ration of salted cold, in Gan Han, under acid temperature, food and medicine

    Ji Chou, Kang Xi-year-old, on the lunar soil, in a small palace of soil movement, under the sun, water,
weathering the outcome of Thanh Hoa with the evil tendencies of rating of.Five disaster Palace, the rain of
five, of a cold, is also of degree.Ration of the bitter heat, the Gan and the next Gan heat, food and medicine

   GY, Gengshen years old, the Shaoyang with fire, too commercial gold operation in the next Jue yin wood,
cremation 7, Thanh Hoa 9, weathering three are based rating of.Ration of salted cold, the symplectic
temperature, under the Xin Liang, food and medicine should also.

    Xin Mao, Xin-year-old, upper Yang-Ming Jin, the little birds and water and under Shao fire, weathering
the rain of victory with the evil tendencies of rating of.Disaster of a house, Thanh Hoa 9, of a cold, heat of
seven, is based rating of.Whose chemical on bitter small temperature, the bitter and, under the salty cold, food
and medicine Takaya.
    Imjin, Saigon-year-old, the sun, water, in the very corner of wood movement, under the lunar soil, cold of
six, eight weathering rain of five, is based rating of.To bitter ration of temperature, acid and, under the sweet
warm, food and medicine Takaya.

    Kimi, Guihai, on Jue yin wood, the small sign Fire Games, the next phase of fire Shaoyang, Han Hua-yu of
the outcome of the same, degree of evil too.Disaster Jiu Gong, weathering eight cremation 2, is based rating
of.Whose chemical Shang Xin Liang, in the salt and lower salt cold, food and medicine Takaya.

    The above activities periodic Chi, Sheng Fu is based, there are constant, must be aware of, refresher Qi to
who ended a word, unknown to, dispersed infinite, what is called Ye.The emperor said: good.Five transport of
gas, almost too are old?Chi Bo said: Yu pole is made, to be sometimes make the decision for.

    The emperor said: Will the so-called too.Chi Bo said: five permanent members of the gas, too less, send it
different too.The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi Bo said: too Zhe violence, less than Zhe Xu, even the
patient assailant, Xu Zhe hold the patient.The emperor said: too few do not and ru?Chi Bo said: too Zhe its
tens of percent, less than Zhe several of its health, soil health is often.

    The emperor said: its fa collecting?Chi Bo said: Yu-hair to soil, rock valley shock, Lei Yin gas exchange,
Egypt yellow black into white gas, sudden profound floating, flying space rock hit, flooding is from, Hustle
Man Yan, Tian horse grazing land.Of gas is deposited, good rain too, before students began long before the
beginning of into.Heart disease so people distention, Ming and number of expansion after the threat _ if
extreme heartache, vomiting cholera, drink fat injection, the Fu swelling body weight.Ben rain cloud House,
Xia own sun, mountain Zeai faint, they were on hair also.Its four gas cloud Wang Tianshan, floating birth and
death, anger the correlations.

    Kim Yu-your hair, day cleaning to clear, Delicate tracheostomy, a large move is cool, Cao Shu floating
smoke, dry air in rows, Wu fog several, murderous years to, vegetation Cang dry, gold is sound.Therefore,
China Bing Keni, heart full of lead Shaofu threat, good sharp pain, not anti-side, crop dry surface dust, color
evil.Shanze scorch, soil Cream halogen, anger is a hair too, that their courage 5.Night Zero White Dew, Mang
sound sad, anxious omen Ye.

    Water stagnation is made, is to avoid yang, yin sharp move, Big Chill and even, Kawasawa Yan Ning, cold
atmosphere became frost, if extreme, yellow and black faint nebula, pop QiJiao, and it is killing frost, the water
is see Cheung .It hurts people off cold disease, lumbar Shui illness, bad for the joints, flexion and extension
inconvenience, good Jue Yin, Jian Pi, Fu Man.Sun died, empty plot Shen Yin, white Egyptian faint close the
eyes, but is fa.Its gas before and after the second fire.Void deep mysterious, gas still hemp powder, micro-see
to seclusion, color black yellow, anger of the sign Ye.

    The stagnation is made of wood, Void Egypt faint, cloud waste shall disturbance, wind and even, discount
houses made of wood, wood to change.So beware of people sick epigastric aches, upper branch on the sides,
diaphragm pharyngeal barrier, food drink no less than, if extreme, tinnitus dizzy turn, are illiterate people,
good stiff storm servant.Void Cang Egypt, Tianshan same color, or gas cloud if the color yellow and black Yu,
Wang can not afford to rain clouds, but is made also.Its gas is uncertain.Long River grass Yan, soft leaves
were overcast, Song Yin mountains, Hu Xiaoyan Xiu, anger the correlations Ye.

     Yu-hair to the fire, Void swelling nebula, Ming dynasty failed, Yan fire line, Great Heat to, Shanze burnt
burn the wood flow-chun, massive Teng smoke, earth floating cream halogen, sealing is reduced, Creeping
yellow, made popular confusion , after wetting is.Therefore, less gas people sick, sore carbuncle swelling,
chest on the back of the first flank, 4 _ anger, group of expansion ulcer Rush, vomiting inverse Chi Zong, bone
pain, joint is a fixed, lower injection temperature malaria, belly sharp pain, Note the overflow of blood, semen
is a small, red eyes and heart heat, if extreme, dim boring Oh?, good sudden death.Greater Vancouver carved
end, Khan How Yuen House, they were on fa.Its gas 4.The static force and dynamic recovery, anode anti-yin,
so is the technology is as wet, Huafa hydrogel, mountains and snow, Yan Ze Yang afternoon, anxious the
correlations Ye.

    It should Have there anger and then return for it, and watch his extremes are all fa.Wood made no, the
water with the fire had.Would like to designate the time, patients with stage, the timing is wrong counter-year-
old, five gas not, biochemical collections, the government no Heng.

    The emperor said: hair but hail snow water, soil hair but float at first, wooden hair and destroyed off, blond
and clear, the fire made the twilight air Shiran ignorant of what?Chi Bo said: how much gas, made it
seldom.Micro to become a their courage, and fraudulent claims under it, collect the next gas, but see known 也    .

   The emperor said: good.Five persons qi hair bit improper Why?Chi Bo said: order the difference.The
emperor said: There are several almost worse?Chi Bo said: after all 30 degrees and there are strange too.

    The emperor said: gas to and who has what?Chi Bo said: Far too then its to the first, and then its to the far
post, then the norm of 也 .The emperor said: Er was to Zhe Why?Bo Qi Yue: Non-too non less, then to that time
is not something that those who harm also.

    The emperor said: good.Of gas and sometimes those of non-Why?Chi Bo said: too much by the time, less
than who wins 也the property of their own.

    The emperor said: 4:00 atmosphere, and to have early Yan heights, and as its candidate collecting?Chi Bo
said: OK there Nishun to have Chi Su, so too Person innate and acquired less than Person.

    The emperor said: What would appreciate further line of An?Chi Bo said: westbound gas spring and
summer gas northbound, eastbound gas autumn and winter gas southbound.Therefore, gas began in the spring,
the autumn air starts on gas began in the summer.Standard began in the winter air, spring air starts left, the
right began in the autumn air, gas began in the winter after the gas began in the summer before, this is of the
norm of 4:00.Therefore, the Most High, the winter Qi often, to the next place, often in the spring
air.Bijinchazhi.The emperor said: good.

     Yellow Emperor and asked: Five and Six qi should see six of the positive and the Change of Discipline six
ru?Qi Bo replied: Cardiff 6 gas is discipline, there is a change in technology, there is a negative victory, useful
ill designate different Qi, Di Yu Why should it be?The emperor said: willing to do smell.

    Chi Bo said: Please then words.Qi Centre at husband also, Jue Yin Centre at peace, Shao Centre at the
Xuan, lunar Centre at the Egyptian muggy, Shaoyang Centre at the Yan Shu, Yang Ming Centre at the fresh,
sun Centre at the cold atmosphere, of the norm of the time too.Jueyin Centre at the government for the wind, as
Hing Kai; Shao Centre at the Fire House, to Shu-Rong; lunar Centre at the government for the rain, for the
surplus staff; Shaoyang Centre at the government for the heat, the line out; Yang by to kill the House for the
Division for the G-Cang; Sun Centre at the government for the winter, to return possession; Secretary of the
norm of too.

    Jueyin actions, and living for the wind shake; Shaoyin actions, and proud of the shape see; lunar actions, as
into clouds and rain; Shaoyang actions, as long as the fan fresh; Yang actions, and to receive the Wulu; sun
actions, as well as possession; gasification constancy 也 .Jueyin actions, and for the wind, and finally for the Su;
Shaoyin actions, and for the thermal students, for the cold; lunar actions, and for the wet, the rain is finally
note, Shaoyang actions, and the fire of Health, is finally steaming damp; Yang actions, and for the dry
students, the end is cool; sun actions, and the cold of Health, for the temperature of the norm of Germany 也    .

Jueyin Centre at by Mao of, Shao Centre at the emergence, the lunar Centre at the?Of, Shaoyang Centre at Wei
emergence, as a mediator of Yang Ming Centre at the Sun Centre at the scale of the German of the norm of
    Jueyin Centre at the biochemical, Shao Centre at proud of, the lunar Centre at the Acculturation, Shaoyang
Centre at the Mau-based National Yang-Ming Centre at the firm of the Sun Centre at the possession of,
political activity often 也.

    Jueyin Centre at the floating anger too cold, too Xuan Shao Centre at the cold, lunar Centre at the Thunder
sudden injection Gale, Shaoyang Centre at the Piaofeng burnt cream Liao Ning, Yang Ming Centre at the
scattered temperature of the Sun Hail to the Han-xue Bai Egypt, the Change of regular gas too.

    Jue Wei Yin Centre at Perturbations that to meet with; Shao Centre at the brilliant flame, for the twilight;
Tai Yin Centre at the Shen Yin, white and Egypt, for the night close the eyes; Shaoyang Centre at the light
display, the Clouds, as twilight; Yangming Centre at the smoke and Egypt, to cream, to fresh cut, to sad Ming;
Sun Centre at is just solid, the firm Mount, for the establishment, so that lines the norm of Ye.

    Jueyin Centre at the Village emergency, Shao Centre at Wei ulcer restrain anger fever, lunar Centre at No
drink for the product is separated from Shaoyang Centre at vomiting as sore as sneezing, Yang Ming Centre at
the floating virtual, Sun Centre at the flexion unfavorable disease often Ye.

Jueyin Support Centre at the pain, Shao Centre at Wei surprise and confusion, aversion to cold tremors,
delirium, lunar Centre at is filled with, Shaoyang Centre at alarming calm, dim ignorant of the sudden attack of
a serious illness, Yin Yang-Ming Centre at the congested nose rump shares knee thigh __ foot disease, the Sun
Centre at were lumbago, disease often Ye.

    Jueyin Centre at the Ruan brutal, Shao Centre at contempt for the tragic jump nosebleed, lunar Centre at
the vomit of cholera in full, the Shaoyang Centre at the Houbi tinnitus vomiting Chung, Yang-Ming Centre at
cracked exposing the Sun Centre at To sleep Khan spasm, often 也disease.

Jueyin Centre at the hypochondriac pain, vomiting vent, Shao Centre at the English laugh, lunar Centre at the
re-Fu swollen, Shaoyang Centre at the sharp note,?Chi, violent death, Yangming Centre at the congested nose
sneezing, Sun Centre at the basins, prohibited disease often 也.

    The above activities 12 Change who reported German virtue, to technology to melt, reported government
to government, reported that orders to order the high-high gas, gas go down,, the gas after the latter, the former
in the preceding gas, gas is , the gas, while foreign companies, the spaces in Chang 也     .Therefore, victory is
moving the wind, heat wins were swelling, heat is dry, cold win the float, wet Katsunori How the leaks, and
even then the water closed Fu swollen, with the gas located to the changes made by ear.

     The emperor said: Our family of their use also.Chi Bo said: husband six gas use, but as of the return
victorious, it is too rainy technology, applied to the sun; cold of the sun, Shi Yu Shao, Shao heating, Shi Yu
Yang; Yangming dry technology, Shi Yu Jue Yam; Jue chilly wind of, to impose Tai Yin, the life In a sign of
it also.

    The emperor said: Contentment their place of them?Chi Bo said: complacent in their positions with
normalization also.The emperor said: Our family data is even.Chi Bo said: ordered to place the party on known
also.The emperor said: Six of the gas is empty or full of them?Chi Bo said: too few differences too.Xu and too
often those who matter to the smallest number of violent died.

    Tai said: heaven and earth, air is empty or full of them?Chi Bo said: the weather enough to air followed; to
gas shortage, the weather from which, transported home in which the often-hsien.Evil are numerous, owned by
the same and, with the transport return from, and Health The disease also.Therefore, the victory was the
weather drop down, the next win is to air transfer and on.How much difference to their sub-micro were small
differences, serious was a large difference, even the bit easy to gas exchange, trade is greatly changed born
disease to carry on.Great to be said: very discipline fifth, micro-discipline seven, the difference can be seen,
what is called too.

    The emperor said: good.On the word heat without committing heat, cold without committing cold, I want
to close cold near hot how?Chi Bo said: note to passing a question too.Issued and near heat, attack in the near
cold.The emperor said: not fat, not attack, but guilty of cold guilty of heat collecting?Chi Bo said: cold and
heat within the thief, The disease Yi Shen.

    The emperor said: Our family without the patient collecting?Chi Bo said: No person Seng, there were
Jinnosuke.The emperor said: living collecting?Chi Bo said: near heat the heat to the near cold is cold to winter
and to the firm not, Fu Man, pain, acute, lower profits disease of carry on.Heat to the body heat, spit next
cholera, ulcer sore, dim Yu, note, the?Chi, swelling, vomiting, congested nose bleed at the nose, headache,
joint change, Routong, blood overflow, blood leaks, leaching Bi is a disease to carry on.

     The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: when will Nobuyuki, offenders governance in order to win

    Yellow Emperor and asked: woman heavy, dangerous drugs ru?Chi Bo said: there are so destructive, no
perish 也.The emperor said: so what is also appreciate further?Chi Bo said: great product great together, which
can be committed also, sad for their semi-mindful of the fact too, had their death.

    The emperor said: good.Yu the worse, rule how?Chi Bo said: Stagnant Wood, Fire stagnation of the, soil
Yu wins, Jin Yu leakage of water Yu folds, natural-tune their gas.Than those folds, their fear is also the so-
called diarrhea Zhi.The emperor said: leave to collecting?Chi Bo said: there is the disguise of gas, no
restrictions have been.The so-called main gas shortage, modest victory also.

   The emperor said: to zai.Sage, world Dahua, running headings, Lin Yu Zhi Chi, yin and yang of
governance, cold and heat an order of the non-Master makes perfect Michiyuki, please Tibetan Spirit orchid
room, the department said, six-Masaki, non-fasting is not dare to show, Shen Chuan also.

     To really be big on the article 74th

    Yellow Emperor and asked: Five gas intercourse, empty or full, even as, I know it carry on.Six gas
partition, Secretary Heaven and earth, its to collecting?Chi Bo Zaibai replied: Ming passing a question
too.World great century, people of God through should have.

   The emperor said: Our family SCO Manifest, under the co-tied to do nothing?Chi Bo said: The Road is the
main, work of the doubt too.

    The emperor said: Our family on their ways also.Chi Bo said: Jue Yin, Tian, whose chemical to the wind;
Shao, Tian, whose chemical to heat; moon, Tian, whose chemical wet; Shao Yang, Tian, their technology in
order to fire; Yang, Tian, whose chemical to dry; Sun, Tian, whose chemical to cold, to the temporary dirty
place an order for the patient also.

   The emperor said: Localization how?Chi Bo said: Secretary-day with the candidate, between the air

     The emperor said: room air What?Chi Bo said: Secretary about who is that between the gas too.

     The emperor said: Why differences?Chi Bo said: Lord years old Chi-year-old room air by Ji-step too.

    The emperor said: good.Old master do nothing?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin, Tian as weathering, in the spring for
the acidification, the Secretary gas as Cang-based, inter-gas for the automation.
    Shao, Tian for heating, in the spring for the suffering of, not the Secretary gasification, the highest gas for
the burning of.

Lunar Division days wetting, in spring for the Sweet, Secretary gas as _ of, between the gas to soften.

   Shao Yang, Tian was cremated in the spring for the suffering of, the Secretary gas for Dan based, inter-gas
was out of.

   Yang-Ming Division days dry of, in the spring for the Sim-based, Secretary air a prime-based, inter-gas to
Thanh Hoa.

   Sun, Tian was the cool of in the spring for the salty, Secretary gas as Hyun-based, inter-gas for the
possession of.

     Therefore, treatment who will be out six of the partition, with its weird colored born, Wu Zang are advised,
is to made empty or full, disease Seng thread also.

     The emperor said: Jue Yin in the spring, but Suanhua first, I know the carry on.Weathering were also in
collecting?Chi Bo said: popular in places, so this also, I air the same method.The almost day by, day of the air
also; this almost to those in the air too.Heaven and gas, six points and everything metaplasia carry on.Hence it
is: I would like designate gas should, without loss of pathogenesis, what is called too.

   The emperor said: its main disease of them?Chi Bo said: Secretary-year-old prepared material, the
exhaustive primary carry on.

    The emperor said: first-year-old property Why?Chi Bo said: Heaven and specialization also.

    The emperor said: Secretary gas are collecting?Chi Bo said: Secretary gas were the main years of age with
the course, more than enough too.

   The emperor said: non-Division-year-old material what are?Chi Bo said: bulk also, so the quality with the
upgrades also.Smell a thickness, sex with a ankle static rule to maintain the amount of force of a superficial,
deep, what is called too.

   The emperor said: dirty old main victims of what?Chi Bo said: to the victorious in life expectancy, its

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: on prostitution in the next, the Kappei it; foreign
prostitution in the period, the winning rule.

     The emperor said: good.Ping gas collecting?Chi Bo said: like the police yin and yang where the transfer of,
to level three.Is by Shoji, anti-person anti-government.

    The emperor said: Master made police yin and yang where the Tones, on the words of people meet and
cunkou Accordingly, if the lead rope, big or small Qi, Ming Yue Ping.Yin lies cunkou, collecting?Chi Bo said:
as the old North and South can see Zhi carry on.The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi Bo said: North of
politics-year-old, Shao in the spring, then cunkou not; Jue Yin in the spring, then the right should not; moon in
spring, then the left should not; Southern affairs years old, Shao, Tian, the cunkou not; Jue nether days, then
the right should not; lunar Division days, then the left should not; all should not those against their consultation
will see carry on.
    The emperor said: scale designate collecting?Chi Bo said: North of politics-year-old, morbidity, in the
next, then inch should not, morbidity, in the last, the foot should not be.South of politics-year-old, morbidity,
in the day, then inch should not, morbidity, in the spring, the foot should not be, about the same.Hence it is
know these to those who, in a word and the end, I wonder if its to be, dispersed infinite, what is called too.

    The emperor said: good.Heaven and earth, air, within the obscene and ill of them?Chi Bo said: old
Pericardium in the spring, the wind prostitution by the victory, the way gas is unknown, plain ignorance, the
grass is an early show.China Disease Sasa Zhen Han, good stretch a few less, heartache support over the two
threats in anxious, eating no less than, diaphragm pharyngeal barrier, food is vomiting, abdominal distension
good eh, too, after gas, the faster course, such as failure, the body are important.

    Old Shaoyin in spring, hot prostitution by wins, then the flame floating Kawasawa, shadows, anti-
ming.China Disease belly often Woo, gas on the red chest, gasping for breath, can not long stand, cold and
heat the skin pain, Mu Ming tooth pain?Swelling, chills and fever such as malaria, Shaofu in pain, abdominal
large, stinging insects do not hide.

    Old moon in the spring, grass is the early glory, wet prostitution by the victory, the Egyptian faint Iwatani,
yellow anti-see black, Yam turn.China Disease drink product heartache, deafness, muddy muddy Tun Tun,
overflow swollen Houbi, Yin disease blood see less abdominal pain, swelling, not urine, disease Chong
headache, head seems off, items like pulling back may fold, thigh can not back, popliteal, such as knots, _ as

    Old Shaoyang in the spring, the fire prostitution by the victory, the flame out of the countryside, cold and
heat more to.China Disease Note vent 赤 , less abdominal pain, female red, and even then blood will, Shao
with the candidate.

    Year-old Yang in the spring, dry prostitution by the victory, the fog fog clear close the eyes.China Disease
hi vomit, vomit and bitterness, good heave a deep sigh, the heart hypochondriac pain, can not be anti-side,
even the crop dry, surface dust, body without cream Chak, foot outside the anti-heat.

   Year-old sun in the spring, winter and prostitution by the victory, then pour Su miserable Li.China Disease
Shaofu control testis cited lumbar, upper red heart pain, blood see crop pain, jaw swelling.

    The emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: all gas in the spring, the wind prostitution in, the
rule to Xin Liang, combined with the bitter; to Gan slow Zhi to Xinsan it; heat prostitution in, the treatment
with salty cold, combined with the joys, to acid harvests to suffer hair it; wet prostitution in, the rule in and
Heat, served with sour light to hard dry season, to light leakage Zhi, fire prostitution in, the treatment with
salty cold, accompanied Kuxin to acid harvests to suffer hair it; dry prostitution in, the rule in bitter
temperature, accompanied Camsing to suffer under; cold prostitution in, the rule to Gan heat, accompanied
Kuxin to salt diarrhea Zhi to Xin Runzhi, to suffer Jian Zhi.

    The emperor said: good.Weather The Change collecting?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin, Tian, wind prostitution by
the victory, the Void Egypt faint, cloud properties to disturbance, cold Seng Chun gas, running water is not
ice.China Disease epigastric care and pain, upper limbs on the sides, diaphragm pharyngeal barrier, food high,
the tongue, food is vomiting, cold vent bloating, runny discharge refer, water close, stinging insects not sick of
this in the spleen.Chong Yang absolutely dead, dead.

    Shao, Tian, hot prostitution by the victory, anger heat to the fire lines of his own.China Disease chest
vexed hot, premium dry, the right flank of animal over, skin pain, chills and fever cough, heavy rain and to,
Tuoxue blood leaks, congested nose bleed at the nose, sneezing vomiting, female discoloration, and even then
sore Fu swelling, shoulder arm Ru and Quepen of pain, heartache lung _, abdominal large full, swelling
swelling and cough, diseases of the lung, feet Ze absolutely dead, dead.
    Moon Secretary-day, wet prostitution by the victory, while Shen Yin and cloth, the rain changed withered,
Fu swollen bone pain, vaginal paralysis.Yin Bi who Press to not, lumbar the first item pain, when dizzy, stool
hard, yin No, hungry Yushi, cough saliva, there were blood, heart, such as hanging.Disease of the the kidney,
too brook absolutely dead, dead.

   Shao Yang, Tian, fire prostitution by the victory, the warm air pop, golden political grievances.People sick
headache, fever, aversion to cold and malaria, hot on the skin, pain, discoloration yellow red, mass into water,
body surface Fu swollen, Fu Man Yang income, vent Note 赤 , sore, cough Tuoxue, ache, chest heat, even the
congested nose bleed at the nose, sick of this in the lung.Tianfu absolutely, dead dead.

    Yang Ming, Tian, dry prostitution by wins, then the wood is late Wing, grass is the Younger, bones and
muscles within the variable.China disease left flank of animal hypochondriac pain, cold-ching, the sense of
malaria, a large cool leather-designate, cough, belly Woo, note vent joiner pond, were wooden grabbing
students, Wan-Yu, the grass Coke's first heart threatened violence pain not anti-side, crop dry surface dust and
low back pain, her husband?Hernia, the woman less abdominal pain, present ignorant of the canthus, ulcer sore
acne carbuncle, stinging insects to see, sick of this in the liver.Taichong absolutely, dead dead.

    Sun, Tian, cold prostitution by the victory, the cold counter to, water and ice, the blood changes in, the hair
for the carbuncle ulcers.China Disease Jue heartache, vomiting blood, blood leaks, congested nose bleed at the
nose, good grief, when the dazzling servant.Wan Huo-yen strong rain storm is the hail.Chest, belly full, hot,
elbow Luan, tuck swelling, heart faint major, Xiong Xie epigastric uneasiness, Mianchi yellow eyes, good eh,
crop dry, even the color _, Keer want to drink, disease of the heart.Shenmen absolutely, dead dead.

    The so-called angry, know these dirty too.

     The emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Division days, gas, wind prostitution by Sheng, Ping
to Xin Liang, accompanied Kugan to Gan slow Zhi to acid diarrhea Zhi.Hot prostitution by wins, level with
salty cold, accompanied Kugan to acid harvests.Wet prostitution by Sheng, Ping to suffer heat, accompanied
Octyl to suffer dry season, to light leakage Zhi.Wet even on the heat treatment to bitter temperature,
accompanied Camsing to Khan Guer only.Fire prostitution by Sheng, Ping to acid cold, accompanied Kugan to
acid royalties to suffer hair Zhi, to acid Fuzhi.Hot lewd same.Dry prostitution by the victory, flat to bitter wet,
accompanied Octyl to suffer under.Cold prostitution by Sheng, Ping to Xin heat, combined with the joys, to
salt diarrhea of.

    The emperor said: good.Evil anti-victory, rule how?Chi Bo said: Wind Division, the clear anti-victory,
treatment with acid temperature, accompanied Kugan to the Xin-Ping.Heat Division, the cold anti-victory, rule
to Gan heat, accompanied Kuxin to Xianping of.Wetlands Division, the hot anti-victory, rule to bitter cold,
served with salty willing to bitter level of. .Fire Division, the cold anti-victory, treatment with Gan heat,
accompanied Kuxin to Xianping Zhi.Dry Secretary, the hot anti-victory, governance in order to level the cold,
accompanied Kugan to acid level is in order and for profit.Cold Secretary, the hot anti-victory, cure it with
salty cold, accompanied Camsing to hard level is.

    The emperor said: its Secretary-day evil wins collecting?Chi Bo said: weathering in the day, clear anti-
victory, treatment with acid, temperature, combined with the joys.Heat of the day, cold anti-victory, rule to the
sweet warm, served with bitter Octyl.Wetting in the day, hot anti-victory, rule to the bitter cold, combined with
the bitter acid.Cremation in the day, cold anti-victory, treatment with Gan heat, combined with the Ku
Xin.Dryness of the day, hot anti-victory, treatment with Sim cold, accompanied Kugan.Cold of the day, hot
anti-victory, cure it with salty cold, accompanied Kuxin.

    The emperor said: six gas win how?Chi Bo said: Jue yin win, tinnitus Cardiovascular Rehabilitation,
confused confused Yu Tu, stomach and diaphragm, such as cold.Wind a few move?Insects are not AIDS.Flank
of animal threat to air and, of and for the heat, urine yellow red, epigastric care and pain, upper limbs on the
sides, intestinal Ming supper leaks, less abdominal pain, injection under the 赤 , even while vomiting, phrenic
pharyngeal barrier.

    Shao Zhi-sheng, the heart of heat, good hunger, pronged reaction, air travel triple burner.Yan Shu to, wood
is subsidized, the grass is withered.Vomit against the ankle trouble, Fu Man pain, runny discharge, transfer to
Red Waugh.

    Luni victory, anger within the depression, sore in the middle, dispersed in, the disease in the flank of
animal threats, even the heartache, hot cell, headache, Hou Bi, key strength.Independence within the Yu Sheng
is moisture, cold-pressed coke and pain to stay top of each other lead glabella, stomach full.Rain a few to, dry
of is see.Shaofu full, waist Shui Chung Keung, within the inconvenience, good note the leaks, with a single
step temperature, heavy head, hind tibia Fu swelling, drink made in, the Fu swollen in the last.

    Shao Yang Zhi-sheng, hot-off in the stomach, ache, heartache, red eyes, vomit, vomit acid, good hunger,
earache, female red, good shock, delirium.Violent heat consumption Shuo, grass wilt of water dry, medium
worms are flexor.Less abdominal pain, the next fertile 赤 .

And Yang Sheng, Qing hair at the left flank of animal hypochondriac pain, pond leaks, plug within the crop,
outgoing?Hernia.Large cold chill, Wah Ying change capacity, Caterpillar is the calamity.Chest inconvenience,
though of Cyprus and cough.

    Sun Sheng, Ying Li and to the non-time water ice, birds are after the technology.Hemorrhoids malaria hair,
Hanjue the stomach is endogenous heartache, Yin is the ulcers, hidden song unfavorable mutual cited Yin
shares muscles arrested harsh, blood coagulation and sobbing, contact the full color change, or blood leakage,
skin has swollen belly full of fresh cut, hot Anti-up, the first item Hang top brain households pain, head, such
as off; winter and into the lower burner, transfer to How diarrhea.

    The emperor said: rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Jue yin win, rule to Gan Qing, accompanied Kuxin to acid
diarrhea Zhi.Shao Zhi-sheng, rule to symplectic cold, served with brackish to Gan diarrhea of, luni wins, cure
it with salty hot, accompanied Xingan to suffer diarrhea for.Shao Yang Zhi-sheng, treatment with Sim cold,
accompanied Gan Xian, to Gan Xie Zhi.And Yang Sheng, treatment with acid temperature, accompanied
Xingan to suffer vent Zhi.Sun Sheng, treatment with Gan hot, served with bitterness, with salty diarrhea Zhi.

     The emperor said: six qi complex collecting?Chi Bo said: note to passing a question too.Jue yin complex,
full of Shaofu strong, sharp pain in emergency.Yan wood sandstorm,?Insects do not rong.Jue heartache, sweat
hair vomiting, restaurants would not join, into the back, muscles out dizzy Qing Jue, and even then Rupi, food
paralysis and vomiting.Chong Yang absolutely dead, dead.

Shaoyin The Re, Oh hot inside as, irritability congested nose sneezing, Shaofu colic, fire see burnt?, Crop dry
sub-note upon, the air in the left and upward on the right, cough, skin pain, violence dumb, heartache, Yu to
take not know who is throwing Hsi aversion to cold Zhen Li, delirium, cold Yi Er hot, Keer want to drink, less
air-bone atrophy, across intestinal inconvenience, outside edema, Yue eh.After the red of gas, running water is
not ice, hot lines, which is mediated insect no longer.Disease Rush gizzards sore, ulcer acne hemorrhoids, and
even then into the lung, cough and Bi Yuan.Tianfu absolutely, dead dead.

    Luni complex, humidity is a move in the full body weight, food and drink, so, yin on Jue, ignore the
inconvenience, drink made in, the cough sound.Heavy rain line, scales seen in the mainland, head pain, but is
out Chi is even worse, vomiting and close silent, spitting clear liquid, and even then into the renal orifices,
diarrhea excessive.Taixi absolutely dead, dead.

    Shaoyang The Re, a large heat around the corner, dry burnt hot, medium insects are consumed.Shock Chi
cough nosebleed, heart hot irritability, tens of hate wind, Jue gas upstream face, such as floating and Egypt,
currently is?Chi; anger within the hair, for the mouth Mi, vomiting inverse, blood overflow, blood leaks, hair
and as malaria, aversion to cold dark chestnut, cold extreme anti-heat, excess collateral coke dry, thirsty, water
slurry, the mere mention of yellow red and less Grand Momentum wilt, turn back into water, transfer to Fu
swelling, and even the lungs, cough and blood leakage.Foot Ze absolutely dead, dead.

    Yang-ming Fu, clear air large-scale, forest Cang dried caterpillars are Li.Disease of flank of animal threat,
gas attributable to the left, good heave a deep sigh, and even the heartache, not full of bloating and leaking,
vomiting bitter cough Yue worry, illness in the diaphragm, the headaches, and even the hepatic, horror
spasms.Taichong absolutely, dead dead.

    Sun Fu, Jue gas upstream, aqua rain ice, feather worms are dead.Heart Health and cold stomach,
mediastinoscopy negative, and whether this heartache, headache and good grief, when the dazzling servants eat
less, waist Shui anti-pain, flexion and extension inconvenience to crack the ice firm, the sun died, Shaofu
control testis, cited lumbar, the red heart, saliva out of water, and for Yue, eh, even then into the heart,
forgetful, good grief.Shenmen absolutely, dead dead.

   The emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin of the complex, treatment with acid, cold,
accompanied Camsing to the acid spilled in order to slow the Gan.

    Shao of the complex, treatment with salty cold, accompanied Kuxin to diarrhea of Gan, in order to receive
the acid, made of hard to soft of salt.

    Luni complex, governance in the bitter heat, accompanied Octyl to suffer diarrhea Zhi, dry season, vent

    Shaoyang of the complex, treatment with salty cold, accompanied Kuxin to soft of salt to the acid
collection, made of hard work; hair near heat, cool and no offense.Shao with the law.

    Yang-ming Fu, treatment with Xin Wen, accompanied Kugan to vent Zhi suffering to suffering under to
acid supplemented.

   Sun complex, treatment with salty hot, accompanied Camsing to bitter firm of.

     Governance Zhu Sheng Fu, cold but heat is heat are cold Zhi Wen who Ching, Ching by Wen, scattered by
harvests, inhibition by Sanzhi, dry those Runzhi, worry those slow Zhi, Jian those soft-Zhi, brittle by Jian Zhi,
faded supplemented, the strong diarrhea Zhi, the security that their courage, Bi Qing Bi Jing, the symptoms of
illness declined to belong to their cases, this rule generally 也.

    The emperor said: good.Qi down What An?Chi Bo said: body more than half its gas three men, and days,
no less, the weather-owner; body and a half less, gas three men, and to be divided as well, to air-owner.To
name life gas to gas life office, in terms of the disease are a half-day so-called hub 也.

   Therefore, the victory down all the patients to names them; next to win but on all patients to-day name
was.The so-called victory to be reported to air Qufu without fa.Complex to not to earth synonyms, Jie Ru
complex gas to France also.

    The emperor said: win their recovery move, when there is often almost?Gas it is necessary or Down?Chi
Bo said: when there are often spaces of the gas-free, he often.The emperor said: Our family on their ways
also.Chi Bo said: the beginning of the final three gas gas, weather-owner, victory often also; 4 gas to make the
final gas, to air their master, their recovery often Ye.A win is complex, no victory is not.

   The emperor said: good.Fu Yi Er Sheng collecting?Chi Bo said: to win undone, the number of
impermanence also, bad Naizhi ear.Fu Yi Er win, no longer the harm, the injured students also.
   The emperor said: complex and anti-disease Why?Chi Bo said: Habitat not its position, not Xiangde
也.Large complex Qisheng, the host beat them, so anti-disease also, the so-called fire hot 也.

    The emperor said: rule ru?Chi Bo said: Fu Sheng-qi Also, micro who followed, fraudulent claims and rule;
qi complex as well, and were level is, violence by snatching.With the victory all gas, Home Safe Qufu, no,
regardless of their number, to level three, This Road also.

    The emperor said: good.Customer master of winning re how?Chi Bo said: off the main atmosphere, and
win without negative too.The emperor said: its inverse from collecting?Chi Bo said: Lord wins against,
customer wins from, the ways 也.

   The emperor said: its sick of them?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin, Tian, customer wins the tinnitus out dizzy, and
even the cough, the main victory is Xiongxie pain, tongue hard words.

    Shao, Tian, customer wins are congested nose, sneezing, of the neck, shoulder dim fever, headache, less
gas, fever, deafness, Mu Ming, and even then Fu swelling, blood overflow, sore, cough and asthma.Lord wins
the heart hot irritability, and even the full support of hypochondriac pain.

   Secretary lunar day is the first face-off wins Fu swelling, breathing asthma.Lord wins the chest is full, food
Yier dim.

   Shao Yang, Tian, customer Katsunori Dan gizzards outward, and for Dan blaze, sore, vomiting inverse,
Hou Bi, headache, excess swelling, deafness, excess blood, which is Chizong.Lord wins the chest over, cough,
Yang interest, even with blood, hand heat.

   Yang, Tian Qing complex than within, then cough, nosebleed, though of Cyprus, heart Ge heat, cough
more than, the white blood out of their death.

    Sun, Tian, customer wins the chest negative, clearing nasal discharge, feeling cold are cough, the main
crop in the Ming wins the throat.

    Pericardium in the spring, customer wins was big bad for the joints, within the strong arrest Zhi Jing,
outside inconvenience; main Katsunori bones Yao and, when the pain of waist.

Shao in the spring, off Katsunori low back pain, Tajiri, stocks, knee, thigh, _, _, foot pain, dim heat to acid,
Zhou swelling can not long stand, urinate will be changed.Katsunori Jue up the main gas, heartburn, fever, Ge
in Bi were made public, occurred at flank of animal threat, soul Khan not hide, Sini sky.

   Moon in the spring, is winning customers under the heavy foot atrophy, they urinate from time to time; wet
under customer focus, hair and How to swelling diarrhea and disease hidden by Bach.Katsunori cold over the
main counter, food drink it down, even compared with hernia.

    Shaoyang in the spring, off Katsunori back pain instead of having an aversion to cold, if extreme, under the
white female white; main Katsunori hot anti-uplink, while the customer in mind, heart ache, fever, grid, but
will vomit, Shao with the candidate.

    Yangming in the spring, off Katsunori clean air, the Shaofu Kin Man, and several have diarrhea.Main
Katsunori waist heavy abdominal pain, cold Shaofu students, under the joiner pond, then Hanjue the intestines,
the red chest, and even the breath, can not long stand.

    The sun in spring, winter and within Complex I, the spinal Tajiri pain, flexion and extension negative,
shares in the pain of knee tibial foot.
    The emperor said: good.Rule do nothing?Chi Bo said: the higher of suppression Zhi, who under the
Integrated Traditional, more than folds, less than supplemented, accompanied by the interest, and to the timely
and necessary in his or her subject and object, his or her own cold temperature, with those against it, different
person from which the .

    The emperor said: cold by heat treatment, heat treatment or winter, gas of those who had against it, from
which no Xiangde 者 YU aware of carry on.Its taste is collecting?Chi Bo said: wooden spaces in the main, Qi
diarrhea with acid, its up to Xin; fire place Lord, Qi diarrhea to sweet, and its complement to salty; soil spaces
in the main, Qi diarrhea to suffer, and its complement to Gan; gold taste Lord, its up to acid; water level of the
main, the diarrhea to salty, its up to hard.

    Jue yin off to Sim supplemented to acid diarrhea Zhi, to slow Gan Zhi, Shao visitor, to salt supplemented
to Gan Xie Zhi, to salt harvests; luni customers to Gan supplemented to Xie Zhi hard to slow Zhi
Gan.Shaoyang of customers in order to complement the salty, the sweet-diarrhea to soft of salt.Yang-ming off
to acid supplemented to Xin Xie Zhi, to suffer discharge them; Sun customers to suffer supplemented to salt
diarrhea Zhi, to suffer Jian Zhi, Xin Runzhi to develop Cou management, resulting in body fluid ventilation

    The emperor said: good.Yin and yang of Three and appreciate further.What?Chi Bo say: Gas How many
differences can be used.

   The emperor said: Yangming What An?Chi Bo said: the two co-ming Yang.

   The emperor said: Jue Yin Why?Chi Bo said: two vaginal remains.

    The emperor said: how much gas, disease wax and wane, treatment has priority, square in size, appreciate
further about how?Chi Bo said: gas with heights, the sick are far and near, permit a foreign, governing with the
severity of, his or her own to the Wei it also relies.

    Congress should also, Jun 1 Chen 2, Legend of the system also; Jun 2 Robinson 4, even for manufacturing
also; Jun 2 Chen 3, Legend of the system also; Jun 2 Robinson 6, even 之system adopted.

    Hence it is said: Over the past were so astonished, even those far from it; Khan were not in Church, not to
those below spouse; fill the governance system to slow, to make up the system in order under the rule of
emergency; urgent is the smell thick, thin scent reduce the , to which his or her own, what is called too.

    Receding rather Mean disease may smell, and then, it had been greedy Er, no more 其 system
also.Therefore in the road level air near the parity, the system of small their service also; far and parity, the
system great their service also; large are fewer, smaller then a few more, as many of Nine, ranging from II to.

   Church does not go the dual is the turn of that heavy side; even does not go the anti-accompanied taken
from the so-called anti-cold and heat from the disease is very cool and.

    The emperor said: good.Born in this disease, I know it carry on.Born bidder, rule how?Chi Bo, saying:
infected opposite of this, disease of the bid, government opposite of this, the bid for us.

    The emperor said: good.Qi six wins, how can designate them?Chi Bo said: catch to him; clean air Diners,
dry season wins also, the wind wood by evil, liver disease grow wherever; heat Diners, Fire wins also, gold dry
by the evil, lung health Yan; cold Diners, water Korekatsu Also, hot by evil, heart disease grow wherever;
moisture Diners, the territory of wins also, Kansui by evil, kidney health Yan; flourish to, wood wins also, soil
moisture by the evil Pibing grow wherever.The so-called sense of evil and sick also.By years of false, then the
evil Jinya.The timing is wrong is the sum of evil Jinya.Case of air-month, also evil Jinya.Important sense in
evil, then the critically ill carry on.A victory of gas, it to must Fu also.
    The emperor said: its connections to collecting?Chi Bo said: Jue Yin matter to the pulse string, Shao matter
to the pulse hook, lunar matter to the pulse Shen, Shao Yang Zhi Tai and floating, Yangming matter to short,
astringent, Sun Tai and long.To and instead Norihira to overgrows infection is marked at 而 Countering
disease, to not to Zhe disease, before the arrival of the disease to the person.Yin and Yang Yi end up in danger.

    The emperor said: six gas samples are from different how?Chi Bo said: gas there from the person, there are
from the specimens, there are those who are not from the specimens 也.The emperor said: like Death smell.Chi
Bo said: Shaoyang moon from the less Yintai Yang from the from the standard, not from the samples Jue Yin
Ming, also from the almost.Thus was born from the person of this, there are specimens from the sample of
those who, from those in the gas as of 也.

    The emperor said: anti-clock to patients who, on their consultation collecting?Chi Bo said: pulse to and
from, according Without the drum, Zhu Yang alike.The emperor said: Various anti-yin, the pulse ru?Chi Bo
said: pulse to and from, according to the drum even Moriya.

    Therefore in all diseases of starting something from this person, born of bidders, who are born in the air,
there are those who take the derived, have to take standard derived from those derived from those who have to
take in air, there to take samples derived from those obtained with reverse take those who have derived from
the taking.Inverse, is smooth also, if suitable, against 也.

    Hence it is said: and the knowledge standard, used non-Scots, knowing Nishun, is the no ask, what is
called 也 do not know who made diagnosis not enough chaos through.So great to say: unskilled hehe, that can
see, the end has been made hot, cold Bing complex before, with one shaped, fan chaos after consultation, what
is called Ye.

   The Road to the specimen husband Bo, small and large, can be made victims of a conceivable sickness,
marked with the words, easy and non-destructive, observing this with the standard, gas can be adjusted so the
knowledge that winning resume, for the million people type, day Bi carry on the road.

     The emperor said: The Change Sheng Fu, Yan-ru back?Chi Bo said: Cardiff to win the winner has been ill,
illness has been resentful resentful Meng 也 undone.Cardiff by the complex who wins do the sky, was the very
place, it seldom wins, there are less complex and more wins and the and, win false and true, the days often 也.

    The emperor said: victory for their recovery, dynamic improper position, or sometimes until after, Qi so
Why?Chi Bo said: qi fu Sheng students and their differences of decline also.Rise and Fall of summers and
winters cool and use, in four-dimensional, it began moving yang temperature, flourished in the summer; The
dynamic began in the Qing Yin, Sheng Yu Han; the difference between its sub-seasons.So great to be said: He
is warm Spring; for the summer heat; he Autumn anger, anger for the winter.Move according to four-
dimensional, scouts are owned by, Its final shows beginning is known, what is called too.

   The emperor said: There are several almost worse?Chi Bo said: and where the 30 rating of.

    The emperor said: the pulse should be all of them?Chi Bo said: poor with the Fa-rectification, when the
time away 也   .Pulse to be said: the spring is not heavy, no strings summer and winter is not astringent, autumn
is not the number, is that the four plugs.Shen said, very sick, strings and even said, disease, harsh even say
sick, a few even say sick, see Yue disease, complex disease see say, did not go away, saying disease, not to say
to patients, anti their death.Hence it is qi spend the Secretary also, such as balancing phase can not lose 也 .Fu
yin and yang of gas purity, the chemical and biological treatment, moving from the severe illness, what is
called 也  .

   The emperor said: nether of them?Chi Bo said: Hence it is quiet possible the two vaginal and two Yang-
ming Hence it is clear.Nether to the placement, summer and winter Bones.The emperor said: points to
collecting?Chi Bo said: Called to gas to, gas per Predicate.To qi with, different sub-gas, the so-called heaven
and earth is Kiya.

    The emperor said: Master Yan Qi started before the Spring and Autumn, winter and summer gas starts, the
remaining known to carry on.Natural gas reciprocating six, main-year-old rarely also, its complement diarrhea
how?Chi Bo said: up and down the main, with its Yau Lee, is its taste, its Yoya.About the same method.Big
To said: Shaoyang Lord, after the first Gan Xian; Yangming Lord, after the first symplectic acid; the sun Lord,
after the first bitter salty; Jue Yin Lord, the first acid, Xin; Shaoyin Lord, after the first Gan salt; luni Lord,
dries Gan.Accompanied by benefits, funds to birth, is that of qi.

    The emperor said: good.Husband riddled with uncooked too, are born in cold Shushizaohuo, which is used
to the Change of too.The words were spilled Zhi Sheng, virtual is supplemented, I tin to alchemists, the
alchemist is not yet used Shiquan, I hastened to ask arteries will be OK, beam corresponding drum, still pulling
thorns snow Khan, Handicraft sacred, available Press Down?Chi Bo said: scrutiny of the pathogenesis, no loss
of air should, what is called too.

    The emperor said: Our family Pathogenesis of them?Chi Bo said: all the wind out dizzy, all belonging to
the liver; all winter closing argument, both are kidney; Zhu Qi Fen Yu, all belonging to the lung; all wet
swollen over, all belong to the spleen; various hot dim Chi, all belonging to the fire; all their primary concern
sore, all are heart; Zhu Jue fixed the leaks, all belong to the next; various atrophy breath vomit, all belong to,
the various cut-off drum Li.Such as the mourning of God to defend, all belonging to the fire; Zhu Jing Xiang
strong, both are wet; various inverse rushed, all belonging to the fire; all large abdominal swelling, both are
hot; all the more mad dry, all belonging to the fire; all violent tonic, all belong to wind; various diseases audio,
drum like a drum, all are hot; Disorders in Fu swelling, pain acid horror, all belonging to the fire; all turn
against brutal, fluid turbid, both are hot; various disease fluid, crystal-clear cold, both are cold, all vomiting
acid, under the forced injection violence, all are hot.

    So great to say: keep pathogenesis, each performs its genus, there are those who find Answer, not those
who find Answer, Sheng are its duties, empty its duties, we must first five wins, Shu Qi blood gas, so that it
tune up, and To peace, what is called too.

    The emperor said: good.Yin and yang of flavors with collecting?Chi Bo said: divergence as Yang Xin Gan,
Suan Ku Chung vent to yin, salty Bay vent was overcast, lights, vent seepage as Yang.Six or income or casual,
or slow or rapid, or dry, or profit, or soft or firm, to the benefit thereof, transfer its gas to level also.

    The emperor said: derived from non-modified atmosphere who rule do nothing?Toxic non-toxic, Ho Ho,
after the first, appreciate further Tao.Chi Bo said: toxic non-toxic, the rule-based, proper size system has also.

   The emperor said: Please words and the system?Chi Bo said: Jun-Yi Chen 2, a small system also; Jun
Kazuomi 3 Junior 5, into the system too, a minister three Zuo Jun 9, and rule China also.

    Cold but heat is heat are cold Zhi, micro were against it, fraudulent claims from which, Caine who cut Zhi,
customers in inter-Zhi, labored Wen, Results were Sanzhi, left by the attack, and dry those How Zhi, In
emergencies delay of, San who received the detriment of those Wen, Yi who-bound, shocked by level of, on,
under the Morocco of the bath of thin the robbery of, open the hair of, proper thing for it.

   The emperor said: What is reverse from?Chi Bo said: Nizhe Shoji, from those anti-government, from a few
from the many concept being to have.

    The emperor said: Hachi What?Chi Bo said: hot for winter use, because of heat with cold, Se Yinse use,
pass by GM, will be the main underlying it, but first they cause, beginning is Ze with Its final is different, can
break product, can be Caine to collapse, gas and can enable the must have.
    The emperor said: good.Atmosphere obtained by collecting?Chi Bo said: dynamically from which the
reverse 而from which the order against it, sparse gas so stressed, their could never understand.

    The emperor said: good.Disease and foreign collecting?Chi Bo said: from the inside than those transferred
inside, from the outside within the person, governing its external; from the inside outside and flourished in the
outside of the first adjustment within this latter rule Besides, from the outside, within which flourished in the
period, we must first Besides then adjust its internal; foreign inconsistent and, while the primary disease

   The emperor said: good.Fiery complex, aversion to cold, fever, like malaria-like, or hair day or a few days
between the hair, Qi so Why?Chi Bo said: Sheng Fu atmosphere, and will be met when there somehow.Yin
and yang little more than, their hair days away; yang and yin little more than, their hair was still around.The
composite thin victory, the Rise and Fall Festival, malaria likewise Act.

    The emperor said: cold to hot on the word governance, governance of heat to cold, but not waste Shengmo
The Alchemist An even more could never understand.Hot cold sick person of without heat, sick feeling cold
and heat in winter, two by key in the new complex from the disease, but since the rule?Chi Bo said: of without
heat all winter and those collected on the Yin; heat in the cold but, taken from Yang; called to ask its an 也.

    The emperor said: good.Service Haner against heat, clothes against heat and suddenly, so Why?Chi Bo
said: to govern the King Air is a revolt even.

    The emperor said: dead king and natural persons Why?Chi Bo said: note to passing a question too.Died
flavors are 也 .Husband punch the stomach, all owned by the joy, the first hepatic acid attack, suffering a first
heart, willing to start Rupi, Xin first lungs, into renal salt first, for a long time and by air, the constant 也
materialized.Gas by the long, yao 之which was also.

    The emperor said: good.Party system monarch and his subjects, what are?Chi Bo said: the main disease
that monarch, the king of that Chen Zuo, Ying-chen-felt so, suggests, non-down Mishina.

   The emperor said: Mishina What?Chi Bo said: good and evil so clearly different Kanya.

    The emperor said: good.Disease and foreign collecting?Chi Bo said: adjust qi side, will do yin and yang,
will be one, each stick to his village.Within those within the rule, except outside the rule of micro who Tones,
followed by Equaled, Sheng were snatching, under Khan who, cool and cold and heat, ring them with is, with
its Yau Lee, like Road such as France, 10,000 held foolproof, blood is flat, long a destiny.The emperor said:

   To teach the chapter on the 75th

    Huang Di Ming Tang sit while and asked, called Thunder: The Road doctors know almost child?Thunder
replied: reciting the probable solution, solutions can not do, but do not specify, but not Chang Ming, Qun Liao
enough to rule, less than to Hau Wong.Would like to be affected by tree degree days, 4:00 yin and yang
combination and, other stars and the ASE to Akira by value, later Yiming, an expert Shen Nong, was to teach
at Queen suspect.

    The emperor said: good.No loss of, euphemistically yin and yang table, should also lose the upper and
lower male and female phase.The trail known astronomer and geographer, Zhong Zhi personnel, can be a long
time to teach Zhong Shu, no doubt Scots, Medical Road, on the articles to be available for future generations,
can treasure.
    Thunder said: Please use the solutions of chanting by the Road.The emperor said: Yin Chuan almost deaf
child?Said: I do not know.Said: husband Sanyang days for the industry.Volatile up and down, while the
disease to the joint, partial damage yin and yang.

    Thunder said: Sanyang Mordaunt, please hear the solution.The emperor said: Sanyang independence to
those who are Sanyang and to and from such as wind and rain, on the top of illness, disease under the
leak.There is nothing out of, which has no positive, no broker, no up and down to book another appointment.

    Thunder said: Chen Shu rule more, said it intended to.The emperor said: Sanyang Zhe to yang, positive
and was shocked and sick from the wind, to such as Pi?, Jiuqiao all Cypriots, Pang Yi-yang, dry crop glottal
stop.Yin is at the upper and lower volatile, thin as intestinal bleach, what we called Sanyang straight heart, not
from the lay person to sit, then the whole body disease of Sanyang.

    And to know what the world, why do not yin and yang, the four seasons, combination and the five

   Thunder said: Yang made no other, made eye shade, please play by the solution that Shido.

    The emperor said: Son, if subject to transfer, I do not know co-Shido Yi confusion teacher education,
language to children Shido Zhi.Damage five internal organs, bones and muscles to be negative, the child made
no other unknown is the world carry on the primary school to do.Kidney and never, regret the regret the sunset,
not calm, not Yin personnel.

   Said calmly on the 76th

    Huang Diyan sit, called Thunder and asked him, saying: Yu Song-books by patients who view if view
miscellaneous school, and at more than class, through cooperation is something that I made sub-director,
internal organs, stomach and large intestine gallbladder, spleen cell bladder , brain aldicarb saliva, weeping,
from the water by the line, euphemistically person born, negligence rule, the child works and Ming can
Shiquan, that is not known, the blame for the world.

    Thunder said: Morrison Please reciting scripture next pulse, and even many carry on.Different than other
classes, still better able to Shiquan, but also safe enough to Ming?

    The emperor said: Do not try through the five internal organs of the child over, Six Hollow Organs what it
has not, and, needle stone defeat, should poison the soup liquid flavor, with words and shape, learned words to
right, does not know.

  Thunder said: virtual liver, kidney, spleen weight are very tired of injustice, when the cast poison,
Moxibustion Stone soup liquid, or has been or is not already, appreciate further solution.

   The emperor said: What the public year-long, little question, I really asked to self There any.

   I asked the sub-yao ming, Yan Shang next child toward this Why?

   Fu spleen floating like lung, kidney small floating like spleen, liver acute renal Shen scattered like it
euphemistically work for the community when the disorder, however from a customer-won.

   Ruofu three dirty civil ginseng home, this boy Zhi aware of asking Why?

   Thunder said: this was, headaches, spasms, bone weight, cowardly little natural gas, Yue, well, Fu Man,
when the shock is not addicted to lying, this is also how dirty your hair?Floating pulse Er string, cut with Rock
Hard, I do not know the solution, complex question is why those three dirty to know these than the class also.
    The emperor said: husband calmly suggests, the husband elderly Ze Qiuzhiyufu, young Zeqiuzhiyu by, in
strong Zeqiuzhiyu dirty.This child has said, are eight wind Wan heat loss, eliminating the five internal organs
Shuo, transfer phase by evil.Float and string husband who is also insufficient kidney; sunken and that the stone
is within the kidney was also; mood less natural gas who is a channel not work, and qi eliminating cable
Ye.Cough trouble injustice who is kidney inverse Ye.One atmosphere, and disease in a dirty also.Three dirty
words, if all OK, not law also.

    Thunder said: this was the four fall dismembered, cough blood leaks, and ignorance of that diagnosis of
lung injury, Qiemo floating large and tight, not stupid rule.Unskilled, under Stone, recovered, and more blood,
the blood just as light as possible this what things are?The emperor said: son can rule known that many carry
on with the disease lose.Analogy Yi Hong-Fei, also washed in days.

    Cardiff by the person medical treatment, Xunfa Morito, material aid than the class of enterprise be tied,
through the Shang and the next, why should holy.

   This pulse is floating and large virtual husband who is the absolute temper than to go outside the
Yangming stomach also.

    Sanshui husband two numerous fires, based on chaos and impermanence 也pulse.

    4 dismemberment falling, spleen Akiyuki not do this too.Cough who is the water vapor and Yangming
也 .Blood leaked those connections were also in urgent blood nothing.Ruofu that lung injury who mad by the
loss of Yi Ye.Not cited more than class, is known unknown 也.

    Cardiff lung injury who do not abide by temperament, Stomach unclear, not by the gas to make, really
dirty bad decision, absolutely beside meridians, the five internal organs leakage, do not bleed at the nose Ze
vomiting, which are two incompatible class also.

    For example, days of the invisible, Land Development unreasonable, white and black stray far from the

    Is the loss I had men, and to sub aware of, so do not Gaozi, Ming cited calmly than class, is called center
clinic light, is that Shido 也.

    Sparse than five articles on the 77th

    Yellow Emperor said: Alas far zai!Min Min almost as if the abyss, if welcome clouds, can still be
measured as the abyss, cloud Mo Zhi Qi Ying occasion, the art of saints, for the million people style, on CD-
chi meaning, there must be rules, followed by the number abide by through the medical, million people for the
deputy.The story of five over four virtues, Ru Zhi Zhi Down?

    Thunder withdraw Zaibai said: Robinson young small, Meng Yu to confusion, had not heard five and four
virtues, than the types of names, virtual guide them through the heart nothing right.

    The emperor said: Fan Wei would tell the person, you will be asked to try after the cheap, though not of
evil, the sick from the endogenous, it is called off camp.After the greedy rich taste, it is called loss of precision,
five gas lingers, and the sick.Diagnosis of medical engineering, not organs, the same footer-shaped, diagnosis
of the doubt, I do not know name of disease, the body day by day, Qi azoospermia, disease-free gas deep, Sasa
However, when the shock.Deep disease who spent on health in its outer, inner wins Yu Rong.The loss of good
work, I do not know condition, nor had one also goes to treatment.
    For medical consultation where those restaurants will ask the Home Office, violent music violent pain,
pain after the music started, all injuries refined gas.Precision air exhaust must, disheartened by physical
damage.Rage damage to Yin, Yang injury Commotion.Jue gas up, full of veins to form.Yu healing, I do not
know insertion, I do not know condition, the essence of days off, and evil is, nor had this rule 2.

    Good for the pulse who will than the class, Qi Heng, calmly aware of, as workers do not know, the
inadequacy of your appointment, nor had this rule 3.

   There are three regular consultations, will be asked the poor, as Prime Minister lost wounds, and want to
Hau Wong?So your off potential, although not in the evil, the spirit of internal injuries, body destroyed.

   Beginning after becoming rich and poor, though not injured evil, skin coke tendon flexor, atrophy lame as
Luan, medicine can not be serious, can not move God, outside weak, chaotic to the abnormal, disease can not
be moved, then the medical No, this rule four had also.

   Any patient who must know that circulates, there are more than aware Xu, Qiemo ask name, when
combined men and women.

   Results from the absolutely Wan, joy, anger, anxiety or fear, emptiness five internal organs, blood gas
from the Code, workers can not know, what the Language of surgery.

    Taste the rich hurt, cut tendons Juemo, physical rehabilitation line, so Ze endless, so injured lose knot and
stay thin with IIB, pus product chills and fever.Unskilled rule, urgent thorn yin and yang, the body dissolved, 4
to switch bars, dead on a stage, doctors could not specify, do not ask the hair, but made day of her death, also
careless, nor had this rule 5.

   Unless stopped five persons, are subject to unreasonable operation, personnel unknown Ye.

    Hence it is: sage cures, must know that world yin and yang, 4:00 brokers, internal organs, male and female
table.Moxibustion Stone, poison the Lord, calm and personnel to clear by the Road, something which greedy
rich, diverse product management, and asked young Long Yong reason to fear the trial at a branch, known
disease of the beginning, eight are nine candidates, consultation will be deputy carry on.

   Healing way, gas within the Po, through seeking its grounds, could wish for, had in the table.

   Keep data governance, without loss of Yu Li, can do this surgery, life-long non-Scots.

   I do not know Yu Li, Wan-hot five internal organs, carbuncle hair Six Hollow Organs.Medical
consultation without trial, is that the disorder, keep this rule, and by the phase out.

   On through the next through, Kui Du Yin and Yang, Qi Heng Fifth, never to Ming Tang, the trial was
always, you can run wild.

   Intrinsic loss of four articles the 78th

    Yellow Emperor in the Ming Tang, Thunder Questionable.Yellow Emperor said: Master the almanac,
patient many carry on.Test the meaning of words gains and losses, so find her, so err.Thunder replied: follow
withstand industry, Jie Yan Shi Quan, who fault the time, please press being to solution is also.

    The emperor said: young children, intellectual due for evil, will be about taking hybrid 耶   .Husband
Meridian 12, collaterals 365, the person knowingly euphemistically, work for the community through can be
used.So, who do not Shihcyuan.Mental experts, Chi means nothing, outside the internal phase loss, so when
the suspect Almost.
    Yin and Yang against the patient from the truth I do not know, one of the lost carry on this rule.

    Death is not subject to division, to make any rash complicated surgery, wrong words for the Road,
renamed from power, abuse of Stone aftermath blame themselves, this rule the second loss of Ye.

    Does not apply to rich and poor villas are sitting and thickness, shape cold temperature, should not diet, not
other people the courage of confidence, I do not know than the class, adequate self-disorder, not self-evident,
this rule has three lost.

    Medical consultation, regardless of their start, suffering diet Disloyalty, over the living room, or injured in
the drug, not the first word of this, Death holds cunkou, what disease can be in and raved as the name of the
poor for the coarse, this rule has four missing.

    The speakers are people in the world, Chi thousands of miles away, unknown size of the theory, diagnosis
without the personnel, the number of way rule, unhurried Paula.

   Exists take hold, not in five pulse diagnosis, all diseases have played before Yi self-hatred, division left its
utmost Therefore in governance can not Free Methodist Church, abandoned operation in the city, when the
jump rule more, stupid heart contented.

    Alas, Miu Miu tied to, who are familiar with their ways.Road, great persons, to be in heaven and earth,
with the four seas, Ru not been aware of decree, by order specify for the night.

    Yin and yang kind of article 79th

    Meng started to, take the provisional view of octupole Huang Diyan, is eight wind gas, and asked Thunder
said: yin and yang, and the like, meridian way, the Fifth by the Lord, how dirty the most expensive.Thunder
replied: Spring Green B, in primary liver, rule 72 days, is the master clock, the minister of its most expensive

   The emperor said: but after reading up and down, yin and yang, calm, your child has said, even under the
most 其.

   Thunder to fast on the 7th, when a complex Questionable.The emperor said: Sanyang was through, two-
dimensional Yang is a sun for the travel department, this knowledge circulates five organs.Sanyang the table,
two yin, the yin to a must for new moon night, but a joint to its reasoning is.

    Thunder said: not specified by the industry?The emperor said: the so-called Sanyang who was by the
sun.Sanyang clock to hand moon, string float instead of sink, never to degrees, police to heart, combination
and yin and yang theory.Second, those so-called Yang Ming also, to hand-moon, the string of non-urgent drum
Shen, Gui to to the patients were dead.Yang Shao Yang a person also, to even people on hand lunar welcome,
never been suspended chord urgency, this disease of Shaoyang Also, post-yin is dead.

    Morbidity, who are the Lord, the Six Classics.Intersect at lunar, V drums do not float, over the heart
Chi.Moist to the lung, its gas bladder go, even outside the stomach.Alone to a cloudy, menopause flotation, no
drums, hook and slippery.This six-pulse persons, Chad Chad Yin Yang, Zodiac and delivery, Miao through the
five internal organs, together in the yin and yang.Mainly rock, then to the customer.

    Thunder said: Chen noted Meaning, by mass, in turn, Chung was quiet way to tally with ease, I do not
know yin and yang, male and female do not know?The emperor said: Sanyang parent, 2 Wei Yang is a sun for
the discipline; morbidity, as the mother of two yin as female, a shade for the independence to make.
   2 Yin Yang 1, Yang Ming main disease, numerous one yin, soft, dynamic, Jiuqiao are Shen.

   Sanyang an overcast, the sun pulse win, a shade not far, civil strife five internal organs, outside the shock.

   2 Yiner Yang disease in the lung, Shao pulse, Sheng spleen lung injury, trauma 4.

    2 Yiner Yang were submitted to, disease in kidney, Swear regime's reckless, crazy to the summit of

   2 yin and yang, for kidney disease.Chi-off tour in mind epigastric, lower air orifices dike, blocking barrier,
limbs parting.

   Yin and yang on behalf of the must, this yin Zhixin, impermanence and down, and out I do not know,
hypopharyngeal Yu dry, spleen disease in the earth.

    Second, morbidity, Yang, Yam are in, yin yang, however, not only yin yang, yin and yang, and must,
floating for the blood thinner, Shen-laws for the pus.Yin and Yang are strong, down to the Yin and Yang, the
co-Manifest, under the joint tied to, attending daredevil Seng period, then with beginning of the year.

    Thunder said: Will the short term, the Yellow Emperor should not.Thunder complex question, the Yellow
Emperor said: In the economic theory.Thunder said: Will the short term?Yellow Emperor said: disease of
winter in March, patients who co-Yu Yang, to spring and the first month, veins are dead cards, are owned by
the spring.

    Disease of winter in March, logical done, grass and willow were killed, both yin and yang in spring, never
of the Meng.

   Yang Chun said, March is a disease to kill, yin and yang are never, on the grass dry.

   Summer in March is a disease, Yam, but on the 10th, yin and yang, delivery, of the Xian water.

    Disease of autumn in March, Sanyang all, the dead themselves.Yin and Yang intercourse who can not
stand to sit, sit can not play.Sanyang independence from, the water of the stone.2 Yin independence to, on the
water containers.

   Parties rise and fall of the 80th chapter

     Thunder and ask how much qi, what is inverse, what is from?Yellow Emperor The answer: Yang left,
overcast right, the old from the less from the next, is a return spring and summer sun for a living, go for the
death of winter, autumn and winter living on the other hand the return is based on how much gas, inverse are
all Jue.

    And asked: more than Zhe Jue or not?The answer: a, on high, Hanjue to the knee, less those who fall and
winter die, old man winter health, on no less than gas, headache top of illness, may not seek Yang, seek shade
without trial, five repeat no sign, if the home wilderness, if V empty room, rain is almost, unhappy day.

   Is less gas falls, people jump to dream, Qi extreme fans.Sanyang must, morbidity, micro, gas for less.

   Lung Qi is the white people dream of things, see people cut blood borrow some.When the dream of
keeping a military war.

    Stomach qi, then the people who dream of boats drowned, an auspicious time is a dream-volt water, if fear
   Liver Qi, the dream of Orchid Grass, an auspicious time is not a dream from the underlying tree.

   Heart Qi, then the dream of fire penis, an auspicious time and jumping burnt burning.

   Spleen deficiency, then the dream of inadequate diet, keeping a building wall and jumping when the cover

   Qi euphemistically five internal organs, more than yang, yin deficiencies, combination and five clinics, and
Tones of yin and yang to the meridian.

    Consultation with 10 degrees, saving people, pulse degrees, dirty degree, meat degrees, tendons degrees
Yu degrees.Yin and yang do, from a human disease.Pulse impermanence, San yin yang rather, non-clock off,
the impermanence line consultation will be up and down, Qing Jun degree China, has greatly boosted by the
division, so that surgery is unknown, be aware of reverse from, is the regime's reckless, who lost male female,
abandoned Yin Yang-laws, I do not know combination, it is unclear diagnosis, transmission, after the world,
paradoxically, from the chapter.

   To Yin, the weather must; to the yang, to gas shortage.Yin and Yang and delivery, perfect person for the
community line.Yin and Yang and pay those rock yang, yin to post.

    The people who are attending the Road, has support of yin and yang and, strange constant trend, is 60,
attending joint micro things, yin and yang of change tracking, Chapter V of the situation, in which the theory,
to be holy and Reality , will be a matter of five times, to know This is enough consultation.

     Is not cut Yin Yang, patient die; may not yin yang, keep learning not Cham.I do not know know left from
right, know I do not know left from right, to know the unknown, the notice after the first and I do not know, so
long rule.Good to know the ugly know, know disease is not known disease, known Kochi, the know know to
sit on, knowing only known, used a century, is a patient Road, Jesus Christ is not Scots.

    From all over, the lack of knowledge, degree of thing up and down, pulse thing for Georgia.Qi is the weak
form of death, and qi is more than enough dead air pulse; pulse more than gas, lack of hygiene and qi.

    Is attending a generous, and sat up there often travel by line, to turn the gods, must clear will net, on the
Concept of view, the Division 8 good and evil, do the five Central, feel pulse movement, through the sliding
scale meaning Shibuya cold temperature, depending on its size, combination and sickness, a reverse from the
order may, re known name of disease, diagnosis can be Shiquan, lose favor, so Attending or, as the interest rate
as intended, so losing structured, Road, and even see the truth behind, and it could be a long time.I do not
know this rule, loss of menopause management, words jump of death, what we called unjust.

   Microscopic solution of the 81st chapter

    Yellow Emperor in the Ming Tang, Thunder please said: Chen Chuan-trip Education Tuition to by on the
quiet, method, yin and yang, Moxibustion, soup liquid by AIDS, have kidney unscrupulous line rule may not
be able Shi Quan.If the first word sad joy, anger, dampness cold and heat, yin and yang of women, what it is
exactly those.Lowly rich, person body, which from the group, the pass enables the thing to fit in the Taoist
Arts, would like to hear life carry on.Is there _ leakage Zhiwen Yu servant, not by who want to hear their
shape.The emperor said: Great carry on.

    The public does not cry, and tears, if they tear out the few, Qi so Why?The emperor said: There are also
the by.
    Q. I do not know the complex from water born out of aldicarb, which is also from.The emperor said: If you
ask this person, no good governance 也      .The work of craftsmen know, Tao born.Husband's heart who, five
internal organs s field of specialization fine also, orifices Qi Head who also, Chinese color who-Rong
也 .Virtuous person is also, the gas and the eyes, there is death and worries, known in the color.

     Is sad is Qi Xia, Qi Xia water run by students, who were water, water also, water who Yam 也   .Yam who,
Kidney perfection, these fine water so not who is the essence tried, too, supplemented wrapped Zhi.No it is
water, too.To mark the water fine husband, Fire essence of God, fire and water with a sense of consciousness
all sorrow, the water is present students also.So saying said: sad heart sad sounding name Chi Chi and cardiac
intensive Gongcou into the eyes 也   .

    The air mass is all sad at heart, Yu Zhi Jing does not pass, but grief Chi alone, so he endured that out.Qiti
those brain also, brain are Yin Ye.Marrow were, bone Mitsuya.So Naoshenweiti.

    Chi by Bone Lord also.Is water and tear from, and then, the line type is also the husband of aldicarb, with
those who weep, for example, a brother who, anxious is all death, students are all students, their chi to early
grief, is all out of the rampant Tiqi也.All the while with his wife from Tiqi who belongs category also.

   Thunder said: Great carry on.Will not those who cry, and tears, if a rather small, from which aldicarb is not
Why?The emperor said: husband who weep not, weep not sad too, do not weep, God does not kindly Also,
God does not kindly, then go rather sad, yin and yang stalemate, sobbing security can come alone.

    Fu-chi who regret the grief, regret the the red shade, red shade to the head while Chi Chi to the God does
not keep precise, objective spirit, Tiqi that out.And the child alone is not recited by the husband does not read
words or Down?Jue is present no see.Mrs. Jue Ze yang and was on the yin and the next, Yang and was alone
on the other hand the fire light also; Yin and Yu go down, cold feet, cold feet Ze expansion 也      .Numerous V
husband of a water fire, so head canthus blind.

   Is a red wind, Qi Xia and beyond.Among the head winds husband also, keep in essence within
yang.Tempers head is burnt, so see the wind as Qi Xia 也.Have in comparison with the husband of fire blast of
Health, is the rain, And this class also.

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