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									SAC Minutes 11-24-2008

President Sham ask us what our favorite Thanksgiving Dish is.

Approval of Minutes
Rep. Liu presented the minutes from 11-10-2008 and the minutes was approved as amend

SF City ID Cards
Rep. Liu present Sheila Hagen-Chung from City ID Card. Sheila gave a power point
presentation regarding the City ID Card program. The San Francisco ID Card will allow
discount at varies places. The card will be a proof of identity, address, age and any
medical information that is request by the card holder. This program will launch in mid-
January 2009.

Student Delegate Report Out
The Resolution of A-G to be part of the high school graduation requirements and allow
open enrollment to AP and honor classes.

Youth Vote Results
Rep. Ben Martinez present the data of Youth Vote. Rep. Lee mention that there were too
many mistake in Youth Vote to be taken seriously. Rep. Tamayo-Lee also mention that in
order to take this seriously, there should be a level of professionalism. Rep. Ben Martinez
also mention that every Social Studies department head should have gotten the results.

A-G Requirements
Rep. Ben Martinez presents the Resolution of A-G to be part of the high school
graduation requirements. Some concerns were there will be an increase of drop outs and
it will be hard for immigrants to catch up since they will be taking ESL classes. Rep.
Tamayo-Lee present data compare to the school district in San Jose that they’re
graduation numbers is higher than San Francisco because they have A-G as part of their
graduation requirements. Student Delegate Wallace move to approve the Resolution
urging the San Francisco Board of Education to Make A-G Requirements Part of the
General High School Graduation Requirements presented by Rep. Ben Martinez. Rep
Tamayo-Lee second this motion. There were 13 ayes, 7 nays and 1 abstaining.

New School Calendar
Jessica Link gave a general description of the new calendar for next school year. More
information will be follow in the next meeting.

SAC Retreat
President Sham announced there will be a retreat next week in place of a meeting. We
will be using one of the conference rooms in DCYF. A retreat is to have a bonding
experience and come up with a goal for this year.
Staff Report Out
Jessica Link gave a general overview of how the CADA Leadership Conference went.
There were many different workshops on how to be a better leader. Rep. Tsang comment
that the public speaking workshops were very interesting. We all sworn into SAC.

Committee Report Out
Rep. Rose gave a report that the Youth Summit Committee met and the date of the
Summit will be January 29, 2009. The location will be at Fort Mason Center. The
Committee is asking members to provide ideas for workshops.

Public Comment
Rep. Ben Martinez gave an overview on how the School Site Council Summit went.
Henry Pan mention there will be a Prop. 8 rally this Friday 4:30pm at City Hall. Rep.
Tamayo-Lee mention a while back a program adopted that will call parents every day in
their native language and tell them how their child’s grade is for the day. Students will
also be able to view their grades online and will be able to get any homework assignment
that they missed because of their absence in school.

The following people were not present:

1. Tracy Luong – Academy
2. Daniel Chan – Burton
3. Damanique Ia – Downtown
4. Valerie Petelo – Downtown
5. Luis Esparza – Ida B. Wells
6. Brianna Niver – Independence
7. Nathan Chein – Lincoln
8. Anne Chavez – O’Connell
9. Raquel Joya Garcia – O’Connell
10. Alethea Huang – Marshall
11. Anna Chow – Washington

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