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					            EPA Region 6                                                                      1-(800) 887-6063
            Office of Environmental Justice                     1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75202
            and Tribal Affairs                               http://www.epa.gov/earth1r6/6dra/oejta/index.html

             Tribal Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs)
What are PPGs?                                                •   Nonpoint Source Management – CWA Sec.
  EPA provides financial assistance to tribes and                 319(h)
intertribal consortia to help them plan, develop, and         •   Wetlands Development Grants Program –
implement environmental programs. A tribe may                     CWA Sec.104(b)(3)
receive these funds in individual environmental               •   Water Quality Cooperative Agreements –
program categorical grants or choose to combine two               CWA Sec. 104(b)(3)
or more grants in a Performance Partnership Grant             •   Public Water System Supervision – SDWA
(PPG).                                                            Sec. 1443(a)
                                                              •   Underground Water Source Protection –
Why Were PPGs Created?                                            SDWA Sec. 1443(b)
  Under traditional categorical environmental                 •   Hazardous Waste Management – SWDA
program grants, recipients receive funds to administer            Sec. 3011(a)
and implement air, water, waste, pesticides, and
                                                              •   State and Tribal Response (Brownfields) –
toxics programs. Each categorical grant can only be
                                                                  CERCLA Sec. 128(a)
used for the specific purposes set out in the authority
                                                              •   State Underground Storage Tanks – SWDA
for that particular grant.
                                                                  Sec. 2007(f)(2)
                                                              •   Pesticides Cooperative Enforcement –
  For many years, grant recipients wanted greater
                                                                  FIFRA Sec.23(a)1
flexibility in how they use and manage the grant
funds they receive from EPA. In 1995, EPA asked               •   Pesticide Applicator Certification and
Congress for new authority to provide this flexibility.           Training – FIFRA Sec. 23(a)(2)
Congress responded by authorizing EPA to award                •   Pesticide Program Implementation – FIFRA
PPGs.                                                             Sec. 23(a)(1)
                                                              •   Lead-Based Paint Program – TSCA Sec.
  PPGs may streamline some administrative                         404(g)
requirements, give recipients greater flexibility to          •   Toxic Substances Compliance Monitoring –
direct resources to their most pressing environmental             TSCA Sec. 28
problems, and make it easier to fund efforts that cut         •   Environmental Information Exchange
across program boundaries.                                        Network–EPA Appropriations Acts
                                                              •   Pollution Prevention State Grants – PPA Sec.
What Entities are Eligible to Receive PPGs?                       6605
  Tribes and intertribal consortia are eligible for
PPGs. The tribe or intertribal consortium must be         Do PPGs Have the Same Accountability
eligible to receive each of the two or more grants        Requirements as Other Tribal Grants?
combined in the PPG.                                        All tribal grants – categorical grants and PPGs – are
                                                          subject to the same reporting, joint evaluation, and
 Tribes must continue to implement each of the            other accountability requirements of Part 35. Just as
programs combined in a PPG. PPGs do not supersede         for any other grant, tribes are held accountable for
any laws, regulations, or delegation agreements.          achieving the outcomes and outputs set out in PPG
                                                          work plans. Tribes with PPGs continue to report
Which Grants Are Eligible?                                information into national data systems and submit
  • General Assistance Program (GAP) – The                any other reports required by law or regulation.
      Indian Environmental General Assistance
      Program Act of 1998                                 Where Can I Get More Info on PPGs?
  • Air Pollution Control – CAA Sec.105                     For more information on Tribal PPGs, refer to 40
  • State Indoor Radon Grants – TSCA Sec. 306             CFR 35, Subpart B -- Environmental Program Grants
  • Water Pollution Control – CWA Sec.106                 for Tribes, or contact the EPA Region 6 Office of
                                                          Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs.
How Will PPGs in EPA Region 6 Work?                   Match Requirements
  EPA Region 6 will work with tribes who show an         • Each environmental program grant included
interest in applying for PPGs. The following is             in the PPG that has a cost share of greater
proposed guidance for how these grants will be              than five percent, the required cost share
managed.                                                    shall be five percent of the allowable cost of
                                                            the work plan budget for that program.
Criteria for Participation                               • After the first two years, the Regional
    • 40 CFR Section 35.532(2)(b) – Applicants              Administrator must determine through
        must meet the requirements for award of             objective assessment whether the grantee
        each environmental program from which               meets socio-economic indicators that
        funds are included in the PPG.                      demonstrate the ability of the grantee to
    • The environmental program must be on the              provide a cost share greater than five percent.
        PPG eligible list provided above.                • If the Regional Administrator determines that
                                                            the grantee meets such indicators, then the
Length of PPG                                               Regional Administrator shall increase the
   • There will be a two-year work plan and                 required cost share up to a maximum of 10
       budget for initial PPG.                              percent of the allowable cost of the work plan
                                                            budget for each program with a cost share
Frequency of Grant Reporting                                greater than five percent.
   • Quarterly reporting will be required for the        • The Regional Administrator may waive the
      initial PPG. The grantee and EPA Project              cost share required under this section upon
      Officer may negotiate alternative reporting           request of the grantee, if, based on an
      frequency in subsequent awards. Please note           objective assessment of socio-economic
      that reporting must be consistent with                indicators, the Regional Administrator
      applicable program regulations.                       determines that meeting the cost share would
                                                            impose undue hardship.
Work Plan Format
  • Individual work plans and budgets for each
      program will be required during negotiation
      of the PPG. The final budget will be
      combined in the final PPG application.

Quality Management Plans (QMPs) and Quality
Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
   • The Quality Assurance Office only requires
       one Quality Management Plan (QMP) for a
       PPG, and it must be updated annually.
   • However, Quality Assurance Project Plans
       (QAPP) may be required for particular media
       programs included in the PPG. The
       frequency of updates is determined by each
       media program.

GAP Online
  • General Assistance Program (GAP) grants
     that are part of a PPG will not be required at
     this time to submit work plans, budgets, or
     reporting to GAP Online.

Annual Performance Reviews
   • Tribal Grantee will be required to conduct
      annual reviews with the PPG Project Officer.

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