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					   The Analects of Confucius

   Historical family said: "Confucius Name Hill, word Zhong Ni.The first
Song.Shu Liang knot father, mother Yan.To Lu Xianggong two years, Geng-Xu
of the old, in November Boxer Health Confucius in Lu Changping Township
corner Yap.For the children playing, often bean Zu Chen, Li-Rong set.And
long, as the committee clerks, feeding quantity level; for the Division
level Officials of animal fan interest.Appropriate week, I asked the
ceremony in both anti-and disciples into benefits.Jia Sheng Zhao Gong
twenty-five years, Confucius's Eve five, while Ben Zhao Gong Qi, Lu
disorder.So to Qi, for high Akiko retainer to pass almost King
public.Niger River closed to the public For the field, Yan Ying can not
be, confusion of the public.Confucius carry out, almost anti-Lu.In Imjin
year fixed, Confucius in 43, while the Chi Family Strong unauthorized,
the Chen Yang Hu for arbitrary dictatorship.Therefore, neither an
Official Confucius, deflected repair poetry, books, ritual, music,
disciples Mi Chung.Nine Boxer, Confucius in 51.Hill is not accustomed to
public order charges bank Chi Family, Zhao, Confucius, who are heading
for, Erzu not work.Confucius was set in both the public slaughter, one
year, the Quartet is the, therefore abandoned common phenomenon, but also
for large Sikou.Decade Chou, Qi Hou Yu Jia Gu phase scheduled
Association, Qi Lu who owned land invasion.Years mao to Chung as Chi
Family from the slaughter, fell three are, to close the hoplite.Meng
refused to fall into, surrounded not be able to.14 years of Otomi,
Confucius in 56, camera and action do, punish Shaozheng Mao, and Wen
national policy.March, Lu peace and order.Let people go to female music
disheartened Zhi, Ji Huanzi by the.Country has not cooked meat used in
sacrifice ZU to the doctor, Confucius line.Appropriate health, the main
cloud at Zi Yan Zou brother's wife.Suitable for Chen, Guo Kuang, Kuang
Yang Hu and arrest of people think.Only solution, but also health, the
main Qu Boyu home, see the South Sub.To the appropriate Song, Huan
Japanese brown bear Yusha of Sima.Went, fitness Chen, primarily of Sadako
home town.Home-year-old while the anti-in health, public spirit can not
be used.Jin Zhao retainers Buddha chuckle to Zhongmu River, called
Confucius, Confucius, who are heading, not fruit.See Zhao Jianzi the
West, to the river and against, but also the main Qu Boyu home.Ling Chen
asked the public, not the line, complex, such as Chen.Ji Huanzi and
death, last words that Kang will be called Confucius, until whichever of
its minister, Kang Nai Zhao Ran Qiu.Confucius, such as Cai and Ye.Chuzhao
Wang will be closed bookstore to Confucius, Yoshitada and child, can not,
Nai Zhi.And anti almost Wei, when the public has been Death Ling, Wei Jun
Zhe for enriching for the administration of Confucius.And Ran Qiu for the
Chi Family, and the Qi combat meritorious, Kang Nai Zhao Confucius, the
Confucius owned by Lu, the 10 year Dimba real duke Ai, and Confucius in
68 carry on.However, the end can not be used Lu Confucius, Confucius is
not Centered Around, is a book transfer Book of Syria.Delete poetry with
music, order easily Tuan, Department of, like, that diagram, classical
Chinese.Disciple Yan cover 3000 and body through the six arts were 70
persons.14 years Gengshen, Luxi hunting Huo Lin, Confucius for the Spring
and Autumn.Xin next year, Zi Wei died.16 years of Saigon, April Ji Chou,
Kongzi Cu, 73 years, buried Lu Si on the north of the city.Disciples are
serving three-year mourning heart away, but Zi Gong Lu on the graves, all
six Confucius'Birth carp, Zibo fish, the first pawn.Bo sashimi anxious
words Zisi for moderation. "

   Ho said: "Lu Analects 20.Do not have asked Wang Qi Analects of
Confucius, to know, where 22 of its 20 in the Chapters, many of the Lu.On
the wall of Confucianism and the ancient, sub-sub-Chang Yao said, asked
that the next chapter one, two sub-sheets, where 21, Ethnic Chinese and
Lu are not on the same. "

   Cheng Master said: "The Analects Book, into the door on a sub-Tzu
who, so the books to children, said two sons alone."

   Cheng Master said: "Reading the Analects of Confucius: a totally no
matter who read; have read the latter of which have one or two of joy;
have read the post and those who know better; a straight one wonder after
reading the hand dance their legs unconsciously and those who. "

   Cheng Master said: "people today can not read.Such as reading the
Analects of Confucius, when these people have not read, then just read
these people, is never read. "

   Cheng Master said: "Rhythm from 17 8 Reading the Analects of
Confucius, was already Xiao Wenyi.Reading longer, Danjue meaningful. "

   Reading of the Analects of Confucius Mencius method

   Cheng Master said: "As to the Analects of Confucius Mencius-based
scholars.Analects of Mencius both governance, the Six may be dead and
carry on tomorrow.So when the concept of saints who read for meaning
through, and the saints so carefully, the reason why The saint saint, but
I do not suggest a reason why those, so those without.Sentence while the
demand for, and the flavor of the day chanting, in the night and think of
them, level of their heart, and changes of gas, Que the suspect, then the
meaning of visible saints carry on. "

   Cheng Master said: "Anyone who read the text, must first Xiaoqi Wen
Yi, then you can seek their views.Xiao Wenyi and see no meaning those who
do not have. "

   Cheng Master said: "The Analects of scholars shall all be his
disciples asked the Department will ask the sage A Department will be
heard today, naturally you win.Although Confucius and Mencius back to
life, but in order to teach people.If the language of deep Bangladesh
seeking interesting, and even into the future conservation of Health
temperament! "

   Cheng Master said: "Where to see English Meng, and be familiar with
Taste.Sage words shall all have, not only as a saying.People only see two
books all have, to do more to life also. "

   Cheng Master said: "On the Theory of only reading, meaning they self-
sufficient.Scholars should be interesting.If language solution was
intended to be inadequate. "
   Or ask: "and will be a critical Department of Bangladesh to see
how?"Cheng Master said: "Solid is good, but the end is not Banjialian
contact the ear."

   Cheng Master said: "Confucius is a natural language sentence, every
word is true words of Mencius."

   Cheng Master said: "First Reading of the Analects of Confucius
Mencius scholars, such as weigh scales similar to, in order to measure
things, the length of the severity of the natural appear."

   Cheng Master said: "Reading the Analects Mencius not know, the so-
called 'Although many have thought Xi'."

   Volume school in the first

   Confucius said: "Learning While Learning, not a pleasure?Have friends
from afar?Is it not resentful, not have a gentleman or Down? "

   A Master said: "The man also Xiaodi, and well make the mistake of
those who seldom carry on; bad commit, but good for disorder who are not
of too.This gentleman works, the establishment and Dawson.Xiaodi also
those of its benevolence this with! "

   Confucius said: "clever, fresh carry on Jen!"

   Has Master said: "My day provinces My body: man seeking the disloyal
or Down?Intercourse with his friends instead of letters or
Down?Communication was not a Down? "

   Confucius said: "Road Qiansheng the country: Keiji The letter, Save
the love, so that when people with."

   Confucius said: "disciples into the filial piety, while the younger
brother, like the letter, the Pan-loving public, and benevolent.Any
energy left, Ze Yi Xue-wen. "

   Zi Xia said: "Yin Yin easy to color, things parents can exhaust their
ability to devote his life serving his prince, and friend exchange keep
its promise.Although said, not learned, I will say that he has it means
that. "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen do not re not prestige, science is not
solid.Main faithful.Than those who had no friends.Do not fear to abandon
them through the. "

   Has Master said: "filial, China and Germany Kiko carry on."

   Sub birds in Zi Gong asked, saying: "Master The state also is bound
to hear the government, seeking it with?Suppression with and? "Zigong
said: "Master Wen, Liang, Christine, Kim, so to get the.Master of the
requirements of also, its all the requirements of different people and
almost? "
   Confucius said: "Father, watch his blog; father did not watch his
deeds; three years of zero change in the way the Father is indeed carry
on filial piety."

   A Master said: "ritual purposes, and for you.Kings of Dawes for the
United States, big or small the.Have not, to know and the and, not to
courtesy of, nor feasible also. "

   A Master said: "Trust the past to justice, the words can be too
complex; Christine ceremony near, far too humiliating; by losing their
parents, may in all cases."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen food without seeking full and no place in
seeking security, sensitive thing but cautious in speech, there is Yan
Road and, indeed eager to learn also."

   Zigong said: "poor but not flatter the rich without arrogance,
collecting?"Confucius said: "can also.If the poor and not music, who have
wealth and manners. "Zigong said: "poem: 'If all such consultations, such
as Zhuo, such as grinding.'The Williams of that and? "Confucius said:
"give also, before they can be gone with Poetry!Notice to all persons to
make the right. "

   Confucius said: "No person not known suffering, suffering people do
not know."

   Volume for the second administration

   Confucius said: "To the political morality, such as North Star, in
its place while the stars were."

   Confucius said: "Poetry 300, a word, say 'wicked ideas'."

   Confucius said: "If you govern them with punishment, and the people
to avoid the shame; Road to Germany, with propriety, have shame and

   Confucius said: "My 10 five on learning, volunteer work, 40 while the
middle age fifty, I knew fate, 60 and ears along, 70 and I act, not

   Xiao Meng Yi son asked.Confucius said: "Nothing against."Fan Chi Yu,
the child told him, saying: "Meng Sun asked my filial piety, I said, 'no
breach'."Fan Chi said: "What has?"Confucius said: "Health, a matter of
courtesy; death, buried them with ceremony, festival with propriety."

   Xiao Meng Wubo asked.Confucius said: "Only sick of parents worry

   You asked filial son.Confucius said: "Importance of filial piety who
is able to support that.As for the pleasures, of aerosol support;
disrespect, why do almost? "
   Zi Xia Q. Xiao.Confucius said: "color is difficult.Emergency services
of its employees disciples, have food and drinks, Mr. dishes, was that
almost filial piety? "

   Confucius said: "I made all day and back, do not violate such
stupidity.Took the province of the private, is sufficient to send.Back

   Not stupid. "

   Confucius said: "depending Therefore, from the view of it, observing
how it is.Renyansouzai?Renyansouzai? "

   Confucius said: "Reviewing the Old, can serve as a teacher."

   Confucius said: "One should not be."

   Zi Gong asked the gentleman.Confucius said: "first of its words, and
then from the."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen weeks than not, bad people than not

   Confucius said: "Learning without thought is labor lost thought
without learning is perilous."

   Confucius said: "attack almost heresy, Sri harm has!"

   Confucius said: "by!Hui women know it Down?Aware of you know, I do
not know as I do not know, that is knowledge. "

   Dry sub-Xue Lu.Confucius said: "more questionnaire, be careful on the
rest, the widowed Mrs; more common Que Scots, Cautious and the rest are
widowed regret.Few words in particular, few regret lines, which carry on
Lu. "

   Duke Ai asked: "What is the public service?"Confucius said: "upright
and put aside all spent in vain, then the public service; move straight
embarrassing of all wrong, then the people refused to accept."

   Ji Kang asked: "so that people respect, loyalty to persuade, Ruzhi
He?"Confucius said: "The Council shall by Zhuangze Jing, Xiao-Ci Zezhong,
good teaching and can not move, then advised."

   Or that Confucius said: "If Xi is not political?"Confucius said: "The
book says: 'However, almost filial piety, Friends of brothers, impose on
a government.'Is also political, Xi it as the government? "

   Confucius said: "People without a letter, I do not know it could
have.Cart without Yi, car-free crossbar for yoking horses, their line of
zai why? "

   Zi Zhang asked: "The world has known?"Confucius said: "Yin Li for the
summer, the profit and loss, known also; weeks due to Yin Li, the profit
and loss, also known; the following week, or who, although Best Solar is
also known."

   Confucius said: "The Ghost Erji of non-, flatter too.See justice is
not without courage also. "

   Volume II eight-yi No. 3

   Confucius said that Chi Family: "Eight Yiwu in court, can be
tolerated also, what can not tolerate too?"

   3 Zheyiyongche.Confucius said: "'provision of the public phase of
peacekeeping, the emperor Mu Mu', Xi take on three of the Church?"

   Confucius said: "People without benevolence, such as Li Ho?People
rather than benevolence, such as music how? "

   Lin Fang asked for the ceremony.Confucius said: "What a Great
Question!Ceremony, with its luxury also, Ning Jian; funeral, with its
easy to have, Ning Qi. "

   Confucius said: "barbarians royal, as Zhu Xia of death also."

   Chi Family trip to Taishan.Son that Jan Yu said: "Female unable to
answer save with?"Replied: "can not."Confucius said: "Alas!Mount Tai has
been that, almost as Lin Fang? "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen nothing fight, will also shoot me!Courtesy
content which, under the drinking, the struggle for a gentleman. "

   Zi Xia asked: "'Qiaoxiaoqianxi, beautiful eyes hope Xi, plain that
the brightly Xi.'What has? "Confucius said: "Painting after."Said:
"Ritual?"Confucius said: "Business is also starting to who!Poems passed
away before they can be with. "

   Confucius said: "Speaking, I can be words, can not sufficiently
attest; Yin Li, I can be words, Song Zheng is also inadequate.It is also
less than literature, I can sign for less then carry on. "

   Confucius said: "imperial ancestral sacrifice from both irrigation
and to those who, I do not want to carry on View."

   Imperial ancestral sacrifice is said or asked.Confucius said: "I do
not know too.Zhi said that who of the world also, its like all Williams
said almost! "That his palm.

   Offerings such as, ritual, such as God.Confucius said: "I do not and
sacrifice, if not sacrifice."

   Sun-Jia asked: "its mei Austria, Ning-mei, stove, what are?"Confucius
said: "Otherwise, Huo Zuiyu days, nothing to pray also."

   Confucius said: "Week supervisor of the second generation, Yuyu Hu
Bunya!I from the week. "
   Child into the temple, every thing asked.Or said: "As everyone knows
that Zou's son Li-Down?Into the temple, every thing asked. "Son heard
him, saying: "Yes ceremony also."

   Confucius said: "Shooting is not the main paper, Weili different
subjects, Gu Zhidao also."

   Zigong want to Gao Shuozhi grain ration sheep.Confucius said: "give
too, love their sheep Seoul, I love the ceremony."

   Confucius said: "serving his prince to do ceremony, people think that
flatter too."

   Set the public asked: "Jun envoy, minister serving his prince, Ruzhi
He?"Confucius said: "Jun envoy to ceremony, Chen serving his prince to

   Confucius said: "Guan Ju, music without prostitution, without sorrow

   Duke Ai asked the agency to kill me.Jae I said: "Xiahou Shi to loose,
people of Yin to Bo, Li Zhou Dynasty, say to the people tremble."Son
heard him, saying: "be done not say, then do not bridge, and let bygones
be bygones."

   Confucius said: "Vessels in small Zai Zhong!"Or said: "Guan Jian
Down?"Said: "Management's three return, official functions are not
proactive, nothing thrifty?" "What, then Guan chirye Down? "Said: "Bang
Jun tree cock, cock tube's also the tree; Bangjun of two king of the
good, there are anti-goblets, tube's also anti-goblets.Management's
conceivable ceremony, everyone knows ceremony? "

   Master Lu child language music.Said: "Music has its known: the
originator, Xiru also; from which, pure as also, sparkling like also, if
Yi has to become."

   Miriam seal people see.Said: "As Sri Lanka is also a gentleman, I can
not see also Wei Chang."From those which appear.A said: "23 children, and
hang it on the funeral or Down?There is no way the world is also
numbered, will be Master of wood Tudor days. "

   Son that Chalmers, "make the United States men, and they do good
deeds."That force, "to make the U.S. men, and less than adequate, too."

   Confucius said: "Home is not wide disrespect for the ceremony, the
Pro funeral is not sad, I View zai why?"

   Volume II Liren fourth

   Confucius said: "Liren to the United States.Optional non-Department
of benevolence, Yan know? "
   Confucius said: "No benevolent Department can not long about, can not
merit music.Benevolent Ani, who know Jen Lee. "

   Confucius said: "Only good people can be benevolent, to the wicked."

   Confucius said: "Gou Zhi Ren-men, and no evil also."

   Confucius said: "you are rich and noble people also do not get their
Road, Not Office, also; poor and humble people of the evil is also, not
be of their Road, not too.Gentleman to Ren, Bi fame?Gentleman without end
against the kernel between food, will be so rash, Dianpei will result. "

   Confucius said: "I have seen good benevolent, evil is not
benevolent.Good benevolent, no lucky enough; evil is not benevolent, it
is benevolent, but cruel not to increase its body almost.There can use
their power in the day almost benevolent?I have no power is
insufficient.Cover that there have men, and I have not opinion also. "

   Confucius said: "People had also, all of their party.View over, Sri
known benevolent. "

   Confucius said: "hear the Dao, Life and Death."

   Confucius said: "Shi Zhi Tao, and shame bad food bad clothes who did
not meet with the meeting also."

   Confucius said: "a gentleman in the world has no proper also, no Mo
also, meanings and ratio."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Nationwide, Villain pregnant soil;
gentleman pregnant punishment, villains Wai Wai."

   Confucius said: "Put on the profit-line, multi-blame."

   Confucius said: "can give way for the country or Down?What has?Can
not be courteous for the country, such as the gift that? "

   Confucius said: "Do not risk-free position, suffering from it stand;
no known risk of MO, also seek to know that."

   Confucius said: "Participation almost!My Dao consistent. "Has Master
said: "Only."Child out.Doors were asked: "What has?"Has Master said:
"Cardiff Gentleman, Forbearance just say."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Yu Yu Yi, Yu Yu Lee villain."

   Confucius said: "emulate Yan, see the no-but also within the self-

   Confucius said: "his parents a few remonstrance.See rather further
from, they do not violate respect, labor and not complain. "

   Confucius said: "Parents toward society.You Must Have. "
   Confucius said: "Three years without change in the way the Father is
indeed carry on filial piety."

   Confucius said: "parents, the should know too.A mixed feeling of joy
and fear. "

   Confucius said: "In ancient words no, shame bow Zhi is also

   Confucius said: "to some loss of persons, fresh Chu State."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen For Ne in words, but sensitive to the

   Confucius said: "Virtue does not remain isolated."

   Zi You said: "serving his prince a few, Sri shame men, and the number
of friends, Sri sparse carry on."

   Volume III of the Fifth Gongye Chang

   Son that Gongye Chang, "but his wife also.Although bond Xie among the
non-severity of the offense also. "Wife of their son.

   Son that the South content, "states a proper way, not waste; state
there is no way, from the Third Observation."To the wife of his brother's

   Child that the child offered, "If the gentleman who zai!Lu no
gentleman who take Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Yan? "

   Zi Gong asked: "Chi is also collecting?"Confucius said: "Women
devices also."Said: "What devices are?"Said: "Hu Lian also."

   Or said: "Yong, Yan without talent."Confucius said: "Yanyong
talent?Royal person to export to, and fail to hate others.I do not know
their benevolence, Yanyong talent? "

   Shi child to paint carved open.Replied: "I can not believe the Sri
Lanka."Son said.

   Confucius said: "Road No, by beam floating in the sea.From it by and
I were? "Zi heard of hi.Confucius said: "by Ye Hao Yong me, nothing

   Mengwu Bo asked: "Zi Yan Nature?"Confucius said: "I do not know
too."Asked.Confucius said: "by also, Qian Cheng a country, can rule it is
given also, I do not know its jen." "Demand is also collecting?
"Confucius said: "we seek, 1000 Room of Yap, Bai Cheng House, also can
kill whom, I wonder if its jen." "Red is also collecting? "Confucius
said: "Red is also, belted stand towards, and guests can speak with, I do
not know its jen."
   Son that Zigong said: "Women and the back is also what more?"Replied:
"give also dare to look back.Back Wen also to know 10, to know, thanks to
news of a second. "Confucius said: "Fred as too!I like also with the
female Eph. "

   Zai Yu daytime sleepiness.Confucius said: "朽木不可雕也, dirt can not
whitewash the wall also, and what was to punish."Confucius said: "I
started at the people, listen to his words and his deeds letter; Jinwu to
people, listen to his words and deeds.In to and change is. "

   Confucius said: "I no just those."Or said: "Shen doorpost."Confucius
said: "doorpost also want, nothing recently?"

   Zigong said: "I do not want to impose person I have, not imposed on
people; I want."Confucius said: "give itself, not Seoul clinics also."

   Zigong said: "Confucius's article, Ke Deer smell also; Master's words
and Nature it, nor heard too."

   Zi have heard, not the can do it, lest there is news.

   Zi Gong asked: "Why it means that the text Kong Wenzi also?"Confucius
said: "Min and studious, always ask questions, it means that the text is

   Child that the child produced, "there are four Yan Gentleman: The
Bank has also Christine, being to also respect, their support people also
benefit, it gives the people are righteous."

   Confucius said: "Yanping Zhong and people pay good, long while

   Confucius said: "Zang Wenzhong Home Tsai, Shan Festival algae mace,
ru he knows too?"

   Son Chang asked: "so Yinzi Wen Shi as Yoshitada three, no happy
expression; 3 has the no resentful color.Old Yoshitada the government of
the will to notice the new Yoshitada.Collecting? "Confucius said:
"Loyalty carry on."Said: "benevolent Down?"Said: "unknown, nothing Jen?"
"Cui Zi killing Qijun, Chen Wenzi by Arima 10, abandoned the breach
Zhi.As he states, Zeyue: 'I still have my doctor Cuizai. 'Violation
of.One of the state, then You Yue: 'I still have my doctor Cuizai.
'Violation Zhi.Collecting? "Confucius said: "Qing carry on."Said:
"benevolent Down?"Said: "Unknown.Then nothing is Jen? "

   Wen-son think twice.Son heard of it, said: "Again, Sri Lanka without

   Confucius said: "I would rather Wuzi Bang proper way is to know, is
stupid is no way to state.The knowledge can be and also, its stupid too.

   Son Chen said: "go with!Go with!I simply mad kid party leaders,
Feiranchengzhang, I do not know why the CD. "
   Confucius said: "Bo Yi, Shu Qi to forgive and forget, resentment is

   Confucius said: "what the so-called micro-high straight?Or begging XI
Yan, begging all of its neighbors and with. "

   Confucius said: "fair speech, so that color, Zu Gong, Zuo Qiuming
ashamed of, Hill is also ashamed of.Hide resentment and Friends of the
people, Zuo Qiuming ashamed of, Hill also ashamed of. "

   Yan Yuan, Ji Road paternity.Confucius said: "Er Zhi Japanese sample
the statement?"Zi said: "like traveling, clothing and furs, and friends
were.Spacious of which he no regrets. "Yan Yuan said: "Let no Fa Shan,
Shi-free labor."Zi said: "Our family child ambition."Confucius said: "An
old man s friends, faith, little by Cherish."

   Confucius said: "passed away almost!I had no energy reflected from
the defendants and those who are within. "

   Confucius said: "The room as at the beginning, there must be
faithful, such as those Yan Qiu, as is also eager to learn, Qiu."

   Volume III of the Sixth Yong

   Confucius said: "Yong also make the south."Zhong Gong Q sub-sub-
Sombra, Confucius said: "can also simply."Zhong Gong said: "Ju Jing and
simple lines to the Pro of their people, not can almost?In short trip
home, Jane is a big no simple or Down? "Confucius said: "the words of
Yong Ran."

   Duke Ai asked: "what is studious disciple?"Confucius said: "There Yan
Hui who eager to learn, not anger, not II had.Unfortunately, short-lived
dead wrong!This also will die, did not hear a good scholar. "

   Son to Yu Qi Hua, Su Ran child for the mother, please.Confucius said:
"with kettle."Please interests.Said: "with Yu."Five children with Su Bing
Ran.Confucius said: "Red is also the fitness of Qi, by fat horse,
clothing furs.I have heard of also, following a rich gentleman weeks can
not be rushed. "Si-whom slaughter, with SU 900, speech.Confucius said:
"no!Hsiang-tang, almost to the neighborhood with Seoul! "

   Son that the Zhong Gong said: "Son of Policy of plowing-oxen and
angle, Sui Yu do not use, the mountains all their homes?"

   Confucius said: "Back too, does not violate the benevolence of their
heart in March, while the rest Yan Sun and Moon to just carry on."

   Ji Kang asked: "That goes also by the politicians can?"Confucius
said: "the fruit also, in almost any politician there?"Said: "grant also
will enable politicians also?"Said: "give up too, in almost any
politician there?"Said: "we seek, can politicians also?"Said: "we seek
arts, in politics there is almost what?"
   Min Tzu Chi Family to slaughter for the fee.Zi Qian said: "Good for
my speech Yan.If I were complex, then I will carry on in Wenshang. "

   Bo ox illness, the child asked for, since the execution of their
hands-you, said: "The death and life carry on husband!Man was also while
Williams sick also!Man was also while Williams sick also! "

   Confucius said: "Yin Zai, back too!A basket for cooked rice food,
poured drinks, in the alley.People stand it and worry, did not allow his
music.Xian Zai, back too! "

   Ran Qiu said: "Non-Gentleman does not say, force are
insufficient."Confucius said: "force is insufficient, a middle and
waste.This woman painting. "

   Son that the Zi Xia said: "Women as a gentleman of Confucianism,
Confucianism inaction villain."

   Sub-city tour for the military slaughter.Confucius said: "Women have
people Yan Fall Down?"Said: "There Tantaimieming those lines not help
diameter.Non-business, perhaps a room of The Yan also. "

   Confucius said: "Bangladesh is not the anti-logging, Ben and the
Palace.To entry, making his horse, said: 'non-am after, horses do not
enter too. '"

   Confucius said: "Good habits do not have the talent and have the Song
of the United States, almost free from a world of hard now!"

   Confucius said: "Who can not help families out?Ho Mok also by the
Slovak Road? "

   Confucius said: "Quality wins Wenze Ye, Wen-Sheng quality is
history.Gentle, and gentleman. "

   Confucius said: "The students who are straight, without undue
Fortunately for raw also free."

   Confucius said: "aware of and those who were not as good, better than
the music and those who were."

   Confucius said: "more than human, you can also language; human
following, not words also."

   Fan Chih asked about knowledge.Confucius said: "the meaning of
service people and ghosts and a distance, indeed know carry on."Asked
Ren.Said: "benevolent first and then be difficult, indeed benevolent."

   Confucius said: "Some are water, Others Mountain; the wise move,
benevolent static; Knowing music, different people have different life."

   Confucius said: "Let one change, Lu; Lu one change, all."

   Confucius said: "Gu Gu did not, Gu zai!Gu Zai! "
   Jae I asked: "benevolent, though told said: 'Well there is Yan
Yan.'Also from the of? "Confucius said: "He is also for course?Gentleman
can die too, not stuck too; bullied are not a monopoly of wisdom also. "

   Confucius said: "gentleman learned in the text, be courteous, they
can carry on Front side husband!"

   Nan-zi, Zi does not say.Vector of Master said: "I have not those
Heaven reject me!Heaven reject me! "

   Confucius said: "The Golden Mean as Germany has, its Zhiyi almost!Few
years on the public. "

   Zigong said: "If the people and to Bosch the public economy,
collecting?Jen almost be said? "Confucius said: "what in the kernel, must
also holy peace!Yao and Shun all its still sick!Benevolent husband, who
had Yuli standing, he seeks also to reach people.Energy and Analogy can
be said Ren side also. "

   Volume IV and VII of the above

   Confucius said: "Narrating the letter and the good old, stolen than
my Lao Peng."

   Confucius said: "Mo and knowledge of, insatiable in learning,
tireless in teaching, what are my zai?"

   Confucius said: "Virtue does not repair, do not speak science Zhi,
Wen Yi can not resettlement, poor can not change, What I would worry

   Son of Oscillation, application application, such as also, Yao Yao as

   Confucius said: "Shen Yi I bad also!Numbered I no longer dream of the
Duke of Zhou. "

   Confucius said: "Tao, virtue, abide by benevolence, in the arts."

   Confucius said: "more than self-beam repair, I there is no lack Hui

   Confucius said: "No anger no Kai, do not want but can not speak no
hair, do not give a corner to corner against the three is not too

   Child eating at a funeral by the side, perhaps a full also.So day to
cry, not songs.

   Son that Yan Yuan said: "used the line, House of the reservoir, the
only Dole and I have a husband!"Zi said: "sub-line forces, the Who
with?"Confucius said: "violence Tiger Von River, dead regret who I do not
and are.Pro will also do the fear, those who have made a good plan. "
   Confucius said: "Rich and rectifiable also, though Zhibian people
in,; I whom.If not seek, from the Wu Suo good. "

   Son of the Shen: Qi, war, disease.

   Qi Wenshao child in March, I do not know meat.Said: "The picture
shows the music of The Sri Lanka does not have!"

   Jan Yu said: "Master the Weijun Down?"Zigong said: "Connaught.Wu
Jiang of asking. "Income, said: "Boyi, Shu Qi who has?"Said: "The ancient
sages also."Said: "Resentment Down?"Said: "Qiu Ren Ren derived, how can
complain."Out, said: "Master not to be."

   Confucius said: "Fresh food sparse water, Qugongerzhen of, music is
in one carry on.Injustice and the rich and expensive, to me, such as
clouds. "

   Confucius said: "Add my years, 50 to learn easily, no larger than can
carry on."

   Ya Yan, poetry, books, executive gift, are also elegant language.

   Yeh Kung asked Confucius in Zi, Zi does not.Confucius said: "Women do
not say Xi, the man is also excited, forgot to eat, music to sadness, and
I do not know that old age is coming on."

   Confucius said: "I am not a born with knowledge, good old, and those
who are sensitive in order."

   Inherit strange, strength, disorder, God.

   Confucius said: "Three lines, must be my teacher Yan.Choosing the
good from the, the poor are the corrections. "

   Confucius said: "Germany was to be born, Huan Japanese brown bear
what its like to be?"

   Confucius said: "23 children to me almost hidden?I no hidden almost
Seoul.I no lines and not with the 23 children who is also Qiu. "

   Teach children to four: text, line, loyalty, reliability.

   Confucius said: "saint, I can not but see the carry on; may see a
gentleman who can carry on Sri Lanka."Confucius said: "

   Good man, I can not but see the carry on; may see the exercise and
who can carry on Sri Lanka.Death and to have, but for the virtual
surplus, about and for the Thai, almost hard to exercise and carry on. "

   Son fishing without classes, Yi did not fire places.
   Confucius said: "I do not know which to build and those who have, I
am not the one.Tamon choosing the good from the, more common and
knowledge of, aware of times too. "

   Hard and made each village, the boys see the door of people
confused.Confucius said: "Instead of progress also, do not have their
back, the only He even!People have to enter clean, with clean also, not
guaranteed to have their. "

   Confucius said: "Benevolence to passing away?I would like Ren, Ren
Zhi Yi Sri Lanka. "

   Chen Li Division lost almost asked Zhaogong know?Confucius said:
"Knowing ceremony."Confucius retired, pursued on the progress of Wu Ma,
said: "I have heard that a gentleman is not the party, the party has
almost a gentleman?Taken for the same surname as Wu Jun, that the Wu
Mengzi.Jun conceivable ceremony, everyone knows ceremony? "Wu Ma period
to notice.Confucius said: "Hill also fortunate, Gou had, people will be
aware of."

   Child song and good with people, will make the contrary, then, and

   Confucius said: "Man, Mo I still people.Practice is essential
gentleman, the Wu Wei Zhi something to. "

   Confucius said: "If St and benevolence, is my Qi Gan?Whom tire of
suppression, Tireless, the cloud can be described as Seoul passed away.
"Public West said: "is also the only disciples can not learn."

   Son disease, Zi, please pray.Confucius said: "There is all?"Zi Lu
replied: "There is the.Lei said: '

   Seoul was down only to pray God. '"Confucius said: "Hill prayer years

   Confucius said: "Luxury is not Sun, Jian is solid.Sun also its not,
rather solid. "

   Confucius said: "person is narrow minded and pessimistic."

   Son temperature and Li, Wei Meng not, Gonger security.

   The eighth volume IV Tabor

   Confucius said: "Tabor, its indeed D'also passed away!3 in the world
so that the people will not get the said Yan. "

   Confucius said: "Gonger rude is labor, be careful and rude are
unhappy, courage and rude to chaos, while direct and rude twist.Benedict
in the pro-gentlemen, is Man Hing Yu Yan; old friends are not left
behind, the people do not steal. "
   Zengzi are sick, call door disciples, saying: "Kai to the full!Kai to
the hand!Poem 'hard work, standing on the edge into the abyss, treading
on thin ice. 'Now then, I know to avoid husband!Boy! "

   Zengzi are ill, Meng Jingzi of asking.Zeng Zi Yan Yue: "The bird will
die, a plaintive whine; people will die, his words would be
good.Gentleman that you almost Dao 3: Dynamic appearance, Sri Lanka is
far behind violence carry on; are color, Sri Lanka in recent letters
carry on; the diction, Rice carry on much vulgar times.Following the
implementation bean things, then Yuji deposit. "

   Has Master said: "not to be able to ask in order to ask the widow;
absent, real Ruoxu, committed without school, Formerly Amigos taste
engaged in Sri Lanka carry on."

   Has Master said: "six feet Zhi alone can care, you can send the order
of hundred miles, a large section of the Pro and can not be won too.Man
and a gentleman?Noble people. "

   Has Master said: "Scholars can not does not Yih, long way to
go.Benevolence as, not a heavy one?Dying, do not have far to go? "

   Confucius said: "Xing was poetry, stand ceremony.In music. "

   Confucius said: "Use the People, not so aware of."

   Confucius said: "Good Yong disease of poverty, disorder.People rather
than benevolence, is already rather Illness, disorder. "

   Confucius said: "If only Duke of beauty, so arrogant and stingy, the
other view has also been insufficient."

   Confucius said: "Three years study, and will not Valley, is also not
easy to get."

   Confucius said: "devout,   studious, Shou Shan Road dead.States would
not join dangerous, chaotic   state is not home.The world will see a proper
way, no way is hidden.State   Wealth, poverty and cheap Yan, a disgrace;
state there is no way, rich   and expensive Yan, a disgrace. "

   Confucius said: "Not the place, did not do their government."

   Confucius said: "The teacher loved the beginning of the Rebellion
Guanju, lengthy almost!Yinger zai. "

   Confucius said: "mad not straight, rather than Dong, sincere sincere
and not the letter, I do not know Zhi carry on."

   Confucius said: "Learning is like less, I still fear making

   Confucius said: "lofty and imposing!Shun Yu-Zhi has the world also,
but not with Yan. "
   Confucius said: "Great is Diana Yao a ruler!Lofty and imposing!Heaven
is great, the only Yao Chih.Sway me!China incompetent name Yan.Lofty and
imposing!He has a success; Hwan almost, its an article! "

   Shun Youchen five and world governance.King Wu said: "I have ten
people Treacherous."Confucius said: "Not difficult, not its
recognition?Tang Yu occasion, in Sri Lanka as Sheng.A woman Yan, nine
only.One-third of the world are second to serve Yin.Weeks, Germany, its
indeed D'also passed away. "

   Confucius said: "Yu, I naturally carry on seamless.Philippine Food
extent which rendered almost filial spirits; bad clothes extent which
rendered the United States almost fu crown; humble palace, and all his
canal.Yu, seamless course I carry on. "

   Kango Zaihan ninth

   Zi Han Yan Li, and life, and benevolence.

   Up to Lane partisan, saying: "What a Great Confucius!Learned and
nothing to become famous. "Son heard of that door disciples, saying: "Wu
He executive?Executive Royal Down?Executive shoot Down?I Executive Royal
carry on. "

   Confucius said: "Ma Mian, Li Ye; this is also pure, Jian.I
herd.Worship, the ceremony also; this prayer almost, the Thai
also.Although the violation of the public, I from the next. "

   Must fourth child: no sense, no will, not solid, not me.

   Child's fear of Marina.Said: "neither King Wen, the text does not
hereby or Down?Days of mourning will be refined as well, after the dead
shall not have the gentle; days of mourning are not too refined, as to
how its Peter who? "

   Large slaughter asked in Zigong said: "Master saint and?So great to
have? "Zigong said: "vertical solid days of the holy, and there can be
too."Son heard of it, said: "I know big kill me!I little too cheap, so
many things to despise.More than a gentleman to passing?Much also.
"Prison said: "If cloud, 'I do not try, so Art'."

   Confucius said: "I have known to passing?Ignorance.A mean person
asked to me empty, I knock the ends of the exhaust Yan. "

   Confucius said: "not to phoenix, river no map, my husband passed

   Child see Qishuai who were with Guzhe crown clothes, see the,
although few will be made; off of, will trend.

   Yan Yuan Kui Ran sighed, said: "Yang indemnity or higher, strong
drilling indemnity; looking for the former, the latter suddenly
Yan.However, good follow through Master attractive, Bo my culture, about
my gift.Let them go, I was both exhausted and, if the Legislative
Chelsea.Sui Yu from Taiwan, the end of the also. "

   Son disease, Zi Chen the door man.Disease leisure, said: "numbered
zai!The trip by the fraud also and no subjects

   And as a minister.I Who is bullying?Bullying days or Down?And hands
to minister to their deaths also, no peace in the hands of child almost
died from 23?And to the vertical shall not funeral, I almost died in the
road? "

   Zi Gong said: "There is jade in Sri Lanka, Yun Kui and possession of
all?Merchants who sell all seeking good? "Confucius said: "Put the
zai!Put the zai!Jia who I have to be. "

   Son wants to Home Jiuyi.Or said: "humble, Ruzhi He!"Confucius said:
"Home of the gentleman, how humble of?"

   Confucius said: "I self-defense anti-Lu, then music is, Ya Chung get
what they want."

   Confucius said: "out of the thing or poor, husbands and brothers into
the matter, funeral dare not exhortation, not wine difficulties, what are
my zai?"

   By a river, said: "lost time is never!Day and night. "

   Confucius said: "Wu Wei brought the matter to Germany as Hao Sezhe

   Confucius said: "For example, the mountain, unpaired one basketful,
only, I only have; such as the plains, although follow-up a basketful
into, I will too."

   Confucius said: "Language of not lazy person, its back also!"

   Son that the Yuan, said: "Xi Hu!I also reflected progress was not
seen only too. "

   Confucius said; "Miaoerbuxiu who have carry on husband!Show who have
not really carry on husband! "

   Confucius said: "Houshengkewei, how can we know to Persons not now
have?40, 50 without smell Yan, Sri Lanka has also been less than fear. "

   Confucius said: "French words, to almost impossible?Change it as
you.Xun with words, can not, Sir?Interpretation of it as you.That instead
of Yi, which do not change, I end Ruzhi He also passed away. "

   Confucius said: "Lord loyalty, no friends than have those, too, do
not fear change."

   Confucius said: "An army may have won the handsome, man can not be
too demoralizing."
   Confucius said: "Yi spacious Frame of gowns, and clothing fox raccoon
dogs were established, and shame that the owner, its from the also? 'Not
jealous not to do, why not Zang? '"Zi life chorus.Confucius said: "It
could never understand, why Zang enough?"

   Confucius said: "the cold of winter, and then after the birds are
known Evergreen."

   Confucius said: "Some are perplexed, benevolent not worry, the brave

   Confucius said: "can and common school, sure of the outcome and
appropriate Road; can Sik Road, join the election and legislation; can
stand, know for sure and right."

   "Tang Di of China, but its side.TRS it not?Room is far and.
"Confucius said: "The thinking has not, how much of a husband?"

   Kango Hsiang-tang 10th

   Confucius in the Hsiang-tang, Xun Xun as also, it seems not the
speaker.Their ancestral court document in words, the only Kinji.

   North Korea, and the next doctor made, pressed as also; and the
doctor made, Yen Yen as also.Jun in, Di walk reverently as also.With and
as also.

   Junzhao to Penang, such as color Bo also, such as foot leap too.The
military's and the legislature, left and right hand.Clothing before and
after the front of clothes as too.Trend into the wing as also.Bin back,
will restore Ming Yue: "Bin regardless carry on."

   Into the public service, they bow like also, if not.Li is not in the
door, line does not fulfill the threshold.Through spaces, such as color
Bo also, such as foot leap also, his words seem insufficient.Photo by Qi
and Prediction bow as also, those who breath like endless.Out, drop
first-class, succeed color, Yee Yee as also.No order trends, such as the
wing also.Complex and their place, Di walk reverently as also.

   Executive Kyu, bow, such as also, as numerous.On as editors, under
such grant.Bo, such as war color, full shrinkage reduction, if
followed.Enjoy the ceremony, there is Appearance.Private face-to-face,
such as the Discovery Discovery also.

   Gentleman not to Gan purple silk decorated.Purpurin do not think that
obscene clothing.When the summer, Zhen linen Xi, will form out Zhi.Ziyi
Gao Qiu, Su Yi fawn fur, yellow in fox-fur robe.Obscene Qiu long.Short
the right sleeve of a robe.The thick fox raccoon to home.To the funeral,
do not wear nothing.Non-curtain-chang, slay Zhi.Gao Qiu Xuanguan not to
hang.Kyrgyzstan month, will be in court dress and the DPRK.

   Qi, there must be clear of clothing, cloth.Must have sleep, clothing,
long a half.Qi, will become food, home will be moved to sit.
   Food is too refined, cuisine is too delicate.He eat stale and the
fish hungry and the meat lost, not food.Color evil, do not eat.Smell bad,
do not eat.Loss Ning, do not eat.From time to time, do not eat.Not cut
straight, not food.Not the sauce, not fresh.Although meat and more fresh
air not to win.But wine immeasurable, less chaos.City Gu Jiu Preserved
food or water.Fresh ginger is not withdrawn.Little food.Festival in the
public, not places meat.Flesh not three days.The three days, do not eat
carry on.Food does not say, sleep is not made.Although the sparse food
Caigeng, melon festival, Qi will also.

   I is not correct, does not sit.

   Local people drinking, those who stick out, Williams out of carry
on.Nuo local people, court dress and stand the throne order.

   Asked him at the state, Zaibai and delivery shall.Kang fed drugs,
thanks to the subject of.Said: "Hill less than, dare not try."

   Stable burning.Son Tuizhao, said: "wounding or Down?"Do not ask Ma.

   Jun Give Food, will now seat to taste it; Jun gift fishy, will mature
and recommend them; Jun give students, will be the livestock.Serve food
in Jun, Jun Ji, the first meal.Illness, Jun sees them, the East first,
plus court dress, drag the gentry.Jun Ming Zhao, does not carry on once
the drive line.

   Into the Imperial Ancestral Temple, every thing asked.

   Friends die, nothing to return.Said: "at my funeral."Friend feed,
although traveling, non-sacrificial meat, not worship.

   Sleep is not dead, not home.See Qishuai who, although sex with, will
change.See who and Guzhe crown, although obscene, will be in
appearance.Xiongfuzheshi Zhi.Type of negative version of those.Arimori
dishes, will change color and make.Xun Lei Fenglie, will change.

   L car, will now stand Executive Sui.The car, not in care, not illness
words, not pro-that.

   Color Sri Lanka move men, and Raymond and then set.Said: "Jenny
ridge, Tokiya!Tokiya! "Zi Tomoyuki, smell and made three.

   Juan Liu advanced XI

   Confucius said: "advanced in the music, Savage also; backward in
music, a gentleman.If used, the I from the advanced. "

   Confucius said: "From my Chen, Tsai who neither and doors."Virtue:
Yan Yuan, Zi Qian, Ran Bo Niu, Zhong Gong.Words: kill me, Zi
Gong.Political affairs: Jan Yu, Ji Road.Literature: children travel, Zi
   Confucius said: "Back to the nor those who have helped me, in Wu Yan
nothing is said."

   Confucius said: "Koya Zi Qian!Kundi between their parents do not
talk. "

   The Three baigui South Yung, the son of Confucius to the wife of his

   Ji Kang asked: "what is studious disciple?"Confucius said: "There Yan
Hui who eager to learn, unfortunately short-lived dead wrong!This also
will die. "

   Yan Yuan died, Yen Lu requested that the coffin child of the
car.Confucius said: "The feeling only, but also the words of his son
also.Carp was dead, there is no coffin coffin.I not only line that Zhi
coffin.To I from the doctor after the line is not only also. "

   Yan Yuan died.Confucius said: "eh!Heaven is destroying!Heaven is
destroying! "

   Yan Yuan died, the child crying grief.From The Definition: "Son muses
carry on."Said: "there is grief or Down?Non-wife of the grief and Who! "

   Yan Yuan died, the door burial of human desires, Confucius said:
"no."Practice was the door man.Confucius said: "also, as I still return
to the Father, the Son also be not as the Jew.Not I, husband and 23
children have. "

   Village Road, asked the gods.Confucius said: "not something people,
how can he do ghosts?"Dare to ask the dead.Said: "know life, how can we
know death?"

   Min child paternity side, Yen Yen as also; Zi, trekking as also; Jan
Yu, Gong, pressed like also.Sub-music. "If the are not their natural
death. "

   Lu Long House people.Zi Qian said: "still consistent, Ruzhi He?Why
convert? "Confucius said: "

   His wife without saying, Yanbiyouzhong. "

   Confucius said: "The Joseph Xiwei by the door in Hill?"Doors were
disrespectful Zi.Confucius said: "also Shengtang by the men, and not into
the room also."

   Zi Gong asked: "Teacher and business are what Yin?"Confucius said:
"Teachers have been, are not in him."Said: "

   What, then more and division? "Confucius said: "too far."

   Chi Family wealth to the Duke of Zhou, but we seek the adjunction of
whom amassed.Confucius said: "Non-Wu Tu also.Kid
   Sounding drum and the attack, and can also. "

   Chai is also stupid, ginseng Lu, also the provision of teachers by
also condole.

   Confucius said: "also his concubine almost back, repeatedly
empty.Give not ordered, and Huo Yan, 100 million in repeatedly. "

   Zi Zhang asked good live by.Confucius said: "No practice track, not
into the room."

   Confucius said: "Benedict is on, the gentleman who almost?Zhuang are
almost color? "

   Zi Lu asked: "Zhu Wen Si line?"Confucius said: "There is father and
brother in, Sri Lanka-bound Ru Zhihe its smell?"Jan Yu asked: "Zhu Wen Si
line?"Confucius said: "Bank of Sri Lanka Press."Public West said: "also
asked by the Sri Lankan press row all, The Master said, 'there are
brothers and fathers in'; request also asked the Sri Lankan press row
all, The Master said, 'Wen Si-bound'.Red is also confused, afraid to ask.
"Confucius said: "Please, will retire, so into it; also and by the
people, so back to."

   Child's fear of Marina, Yan Yuan after.Confucius said: "My girl is
dead to carry on."Said: "If in, back to dare to die?"

   Hideko However, asked: "That by the, Secretary of State and Ran Qiu
indeed?"Confucius said: "I asked to sub for the differences, the question
has been by the and seek.The so-called ministers are: The Road serving
his prince, not the only.And also by the demand today is indeed a
minister carry on. "Said: "What, then from the persons with?"Confucius
said: "Killing Father and the king, not from too."

   Zi Zi Gao for the fee to slaughter.Confucius said: "Son of a thief
his wife."Zi said: "there are people who Yan, a Sajik Yan.Why read, and
then to learn? "Confucius said: "Therefore in those evil husband

   Zi, who Xi, Jan Yu, public West Questionable.Confucius said: "to my
almost Fall day long, no I want to make too.Home Zeyue: "I do not know
too! 'Or known as Seoul, then why zai? "Zi Lver while saying: "Qian Cheng
of the country, almost photo among the major powers, in addition to
divisions and brigades, consequent to famine; for by the

   S, ratio, and three years, can have courage, and Tomokata also.
"Master contempt Zhi. "Demand!Seoul collecting? "Replied: "Party 6 70,
such as 5 60, seeking whom also compared and three years, can meet the
people.As its music, to once a gentleman. ""Red!Seoul collecting?
"Replied: "non-said, all capable, willing to learn Yan.Ancestral things,
such as together, side Norimi willing to small phase Yan. ""Point!Seoul
collecting? "Drum Sihhi, Keng Seoul, Joseph and homes for.Replied:
"Persons different essays almost three sons."Confucius said: "He injured
or Down?Also the word chi, also. "Said: "Mo Chun those spring clothes
things around.Crown by 56 people, the boys 67 people, bath xi, praying
for rain, the wind almost dance, chant and go. "Master Kuiran sigh,
saying: "I and the points are!"A third son who had post-Xi.Zeng Xi said:
"husband three sons Zhezhi Yan collecting?"Confucius said: "The statement
also Kwong also passed away."Said: "Did any higher than that of the
also?"Said: "for the country to ceremony, his words not to the actual
occurrence of contempt to." "The only requirements are also non-state?
""On square 6 70 5 60 rather than the state as also those? ""Red is the
only non-state also? ""Ancestral together, non-feudal and how?Whom is
also a small red, practice makes whom big? "

   Juan Liu, Yan Yuan 12th

   Yan Yuan asked about benevolence.Confucius said: "Oneself for
Humanity.Day Oneself, the world Gueiren Yan.Benevolence has been, to
passing by people? "Yan Yuan said: "I ask the head."Confucius said:
"Evil, Evil, hear no evil speak no evil, do not move indecent
assault."Yan Yuan said: "Though, make it my business lesson."

   Zhong Gong Ren asked.Confucius said: "If they see a large bin out to
the public, such as bearing a large festival.Others have behaved, not
impose on others.In the state no complaints, no complaints at home.
"Zhong Gong said: "Though I Min, make it my business lesson."

   Sima Niu asked about benevolence.Confucius said: "benevolent words of
Ren."Said: "The words of Ren, Sri Lanka has been almost that of
benevolence?"Confucius said: "whom difficult words have almost no Ren?"

   Sima Niu asked the gentleman.Confucius said: "Gentlemen do not worry
about fear."Said: "No worries and fears, that the gentlemen of Sri Lanka
has almost?"Confucius said: "introspection is Not Enough, husband to
worry about any fear?"

   Sima Niu worry, saying: "All people have a brother, I die alone."Zi
Xia said: "The carry on business news: Sishengyouming, Fortune is in
Heaven.King gentleman without loss, and people Gonger polite.Within the
four seas are brothers.Gentleman worry about not having brothers? "

   Zi Zhang asked out.Confucius said: "invasion of slander, and skin,
the Se, no Yan.Can be said to have gone out.Infiltration of the skin by
the Se traduce No Yan, indeed far too passed away. "

   Zigong asked about government.Confucius said: "enough food.Foot
soldiers.Confidence of the people carry on. "Zigong said: "must resort
away, in Sri Lanka before the three what?"Said: "to soldiers."Zigong
said: "must resort away, in Sri Lanka before the two what?"Said: "to
eat.Death has always been, the people can not stand. "

   Child into the spine, saying: "Gentlemen of quality just say, why the
text is?"Zigong said: "Xi Hu!Master of the said gentleman.Si less than
the tongue.Man still has quality, quality of the text still has.Haw Par
of (leather Hang), Utah dog

   Sheep (leather Hang). "
   Duke Ai asked if it was there said: "In hunger, with enough Ruzhi
He?"There if I replied: "Japanese sample Toru Down?"Said: "Second, I
still insufficient, Ru Zhihe its Tetsuya?"Replied: "the people enough,
what with the lack of monarch?Enough people, what with the foot ruler? "

   Zi Zhang asked Zonta, Book of Master.Confucius said: "Lord faithful,
migration, justice, Zonta also.Love For the students, evil and wish him
to die.He wanted his students, You Yu their death, doubts also. "

   Qi Jinggong asked Confucius.Confucius said: "the prince is prince,
the minister is minister, Father Father, Son Son."Male said: "Good,
good!If the letter is not Jun-Jun, Chen did not minister, the father not
father, son not son, although the grain, I have to eat to all? "

   Confucius said: "film made by those who can break the prison, which
by the also?"Zi-free places promise.

   Confucius said: "In hearing litigations, I still people, will also no

   Son Chang in politics.Confucius said: "Home of the No tired, line
them with loyalty."

   Confucius said: "gentleman learned in the text, be courteous, they
can carry on Front side husband!"

   Confucius said: "gentlemen oblige, not adult evil.Anti-villain is. "

   Ji Kang asked Confucius about government.Confucius said: "Politicians
are too.Sub-commander to is, what am straight? "

   Ji Kang risk of theft, asked Confucius.Confucius said: "Xunzi Zhi do
not want to, although not reward the theft."

   Ji Kang asked Confucius, saying: "If the killing is no way to have
Road, collecting?"Confucius said: "If the government, Yanyong kill?Son to
do good, and the public good carry on.Gentleman of the wind, the Wise Man
grass.Wind grass, must Yan. "

   Son Chang asked: "What persons can be called up to carry on this
predicament?"Confucius said: "He Zai, Dole called up who?"Son Chang
replied: "In the state must hear, must hear at home."Confucius said: "It
is also heard, non-up also.Fuda also those directly and good quality of
justice, police made the concept of color, consider the following
people.The state will be reached, at home we do.Also those who heard of
it, color and line to take against the kernel, the highest of the non-
suspect.Will be heard in the state, will be heard at home. "

   Fan Chi from the tour in praying for rain dance under, said: "I dare
Zonta, repair evil thought, and distinguish the confusion."Confucius
said: "Good
   Zai ask!First post too, non-Zonta and?Attack the evil, evil without
attacking people, wanted to pick and non-repair?Yizhaozhifen, forget the
body, and its parent, non-confusion and? "

   Fan Chih asked about benevolence.Confucius said: "love."Asked to
know.Confucius said: "Knowing."Fanchi not reach.Confucius said: "upright
and put aside all really regrettable, really regrettable that those who
can make straight."Fan Chi retreat, see Zi Xia.Said: "I have seen Master
township and asked to know, Confucius said, 'upright and put aside all
really regrettable, really regrettable that those who make straight',
what are?"Zi Xia said: "Fu Zai made me!Shun had the world, selected from
the public, held Gao Yao, devoid of virtue disappeared.Tom has the world,
selected from the public, give Yi Yin, devoid of virtue disappeared. "

   Zi Gong asked friends.Confucius said: "advice and good Road, not the
only, no stern or gentle."

   Has Master said: "gentleman friends through literature, to Friends of
the Fu Jen Catholic."

   Juan Qi Zi 13th

   Zi Lu asked about government.Confucius said: "First of the labor
of."Please interests.Said: "No tired."

   Zhong Gong as Chi Family slaughtered, political issues.Confucius
said: "First Yuji, amnesty is less than, to Run."Said: "

   Where There's talented people and give them? "Said: "Er-held
knowledge.Seoul do not know, people whose homes all? "

   Zi said: "Wei Jun for the government to be the Son and the child will
be the first XI?"Confucius said: "shall be rectified!"Zi said: "There is
Zai, son of the roundabout too!Xi of its being? "Confucius said: "Ye Zai
by the too!I do not know a gentleman in it, cover lacking also.Name is
not correct, the words ring true; words ring true, then nothing will be
accomplished; nothing will be accomplished, then ritual out of fashion;
ritual out of fashion, then the penalty is not in; penalty does not, then
people 无所措手足.Name of the gentleman will speak of it also, words must
be possible also.Gentlemen in their words, Gou just say nothing. "

   Please learn Jia Fan Chi, Confucius said: "I better farmer."Please
learn to garden.Said: "I as an old gardener."Fan Chi out.Confucius said:
"Villains Oh, the Fan should have!On the manners, the people Mo Gan
Bujing; Shang Hao Yi, then refuses to accept the people Mogan; Shanghao
letter, you do not love the people Mogan.Husband's case, it is the
negative square of the people swaddling clothes of his son and Zhi Yi,
Yan Yong Jia? "

   Confucius said: "recite poetry 300, to teach him to political, not
reached; to the Quartet, not specifically on; though many also Xi that?"

   Confucius said: "The body is not ordering it; their errors, though
that is not from."
   Confucius said: "Lu-wei of the government, brothers."

   Son that the son of Jing Wei, "Good room.Only then, said: 'sexual
immorality carry on. 'Rare, said: 'Gou End carry on. 'Rich, said: 'Gou
U.S. carry on. '"

   Appropriate sub-Wei, Jan Yu servant.Confucius said: "Shu carry on
Zai!"Jan Yu said: "Shu carry on both.How can add Yan? "Said: "the
wealth."Said: "not only rich men, and how additional Yan?"Said:
"Education has to."

   Confucius said: "Gou useful to those who.Of months it can also,
Sannianyoucheng. "

   Confucius said: "good man for the state a hundred years, they can
carry on winning residual kill.True indeed is the word also! "

   Confucius said: "If the king, the world will then Jen."

   Confucius said: "Gou is the body men, and in almost any politician
have?Not being the body, such as Masato what? "

   Ran sub Tuichao.Confucius said: "He Yan also?"Replied: "There is
political."Confucius said: "being to have.If the political, though not my
order, I heard of it with. "

   Set the public asked: "a word which can make the country prosperous
and monkeys?"Confucius said: "Words can not if its a few too.Person
Yanyue: 'King and difficult, not easy for the minister. 'Such as the
difficulty to know King and also, not nearly a word and make the country
prosperous Down? "Said: "In a word the state funeral, with all?"Confucius
said: "Words can not if its a few too.Yan Yue person: 'I almost no music
for King, the only violation of his words and Mo to have. 'Mo of the
violation as it is also good but do not have good or Down?Mo of the
violation, such as poor also, not nearly a word and almost state funeral?

   Yeh Kung asked about government.Confucius said: "Over the last say,
far to come to."

   Ju Zixia parent for the slaughter, asked about government.Confucius
said: "No haste makes waste, no see little benefit.Haste makes waste, not
reached; see little benefit, while not a major event. "

   Yeh Kung-language Confucius said: "I party with Naomi who, his father
busy movement of sheep, and sub-certification."Confucius said: "My party
is different from the direct person is.Implicit parent for the child,
child parent hidden, which carry on straight. "

   Fan Chih asked about benevolence.Confucius said: "Home Office,
Christine, Deacon King, and were loyal.Although the barbarians can not
give up too. "
   Zi Gong asked: "What people in this predicament can be said to
him?"Confucius said: "line has a shame to the Quartet, not insult Jun
Ming, can be described as persons carry on."Said: "I dare followed."Said:
"lineage, said Xiao Yan, Hsiang-tang, brother Yan said."Said: "I dare
followed."Said: "Promises must be kept and action must be resolute,
Kengkeng natural villain zai!Suppression can also plays carry on. "Said:
"Today the politicians be?"Confucius said: "eh!

   Shau struggle of people are afraid of such operators. "

   Confucius said: "Bank of China and not with, will also Maniac
almost!Those crazy aggressive, timid person doing what we have. "

   Confucius said: "Southern Man has Yanyue: 'people without permanent,
not for witch doctor.'Good husband! ""Is not identically the German, or
transferee of shame. "Confucius said: "No accounting for just say."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen and diversity, not at uniformity."

   Zi Gong asked: "good for everyone Township, collecting?"Confucius
said: "sure of the outcome also." "Township were all evil, collecting?
"Confucius said: "sure of the outcome also.The good and not as good of
local people, the poor are evil. "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen easy and hard to say too: that of not to
Drive, not to say; its people are, the device.Villain is difficult to say
obviousness: that the while not to Road, to speak; and people are seeking
preparation Yan. "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Thailand without arrogance, without pride
Thai villain."

   Confucius said: "fortitude, dull, almost benevolence."

   Zi Lu asked: "What people in this predicament can be said to
him?"Confucius said: "earnest, bearded bearded, Yee Yee as also can be
described as persons carry on.Friends earnestly, mustachioed bearded,
brother Yee Yee. "

   Confucius said: "good man Christians seven years, they can carry on
that Jung."

   Confucius said: "Christians to not fight is that the discard."

   Juan Qi Xian asked the 14th

   Gazette asked shame.Confucius said: "state tactics, Valley; state
without Road, Valley, a disgrace."

   "G, cutting, resentment, desire not work forth, can be
benevolent?"Confucius said: "You can make things difficult men, and I do
not know Jen is also."

   Confucius said: "Disabled to a place, not to persons carry on."
   Confucius said: "State a proper way, endangering the crisis line;
state without Road, Sun made the crisis line."

   Confucius said: "virtuous person, there must be made.A speaker, not
virtuous.Benevolent, there must be brave.Brave, not a kernel. "

   Nangong suitable asked Confucius, saying: "Yi Shan She, ao boating,
not all of their natural death; Yu Ji Gong-Jia, while the world."Master
did not answer, Nangong appropriate out.Confucius said: "If the gentleman
who zai!Suntech Zai If people! "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen have carry on without benevolent husband,
not villains but also benevolent."

   Confucius said: "Love can Do not labor or Down?Devoted, can not to
Hui Down? "

   Confucius said: "To order: Pi Chen, Jame s, Shishu discussion,
modification of pedestrian Zaiyu, East Village sub-production polish to."

   Or asked the sub-products.Confucius said: "Hui people."West asked the
child.Said: "He zai!He Zai! "Asked Guan.Said: "people.Yap Pian Bo's 300
wins, rice sparse food, no teeth, no one complained. "

   Confucius said: "Poverty is difficult without resentment, rich
without arrogance easily."

   Confucius said: "Meng Gongchuo, Zhao Wei for the old is good, not as
Teng Xuetai Fu."

   Zi Lu asked adults.Confucius said: "If Zang Wuzhong of knowledge,
Gongchuo of unto Bianzhuangzi the courage, Ran Qiu Zhi arts, culture them
with music, that adults can carry on."Said: "He who must now adults?See
Leath meaning, Danger mandate, for a long time to forget the words of his
life, but also that adults carry on. "

   Son asked Gong Shu Wen Zi Yu public Minja said: "Master letters
almost without saying, do not laugh, do not take Down?"Public Minja
replied: "to those who had also reported.Master then made when the people
tire of their words; music and laughter, people tire of his smile;
justice and take, people tire of their take. "Confucius said: "Sure, not
at its recognition?"

   Confucius said: "Zangwu Zhong Lu to prevent demand for the after,
though, saying not to Jun, I do not believe in too."

   Confucius said: "Lord Wen Tactful not positive, the Duke is not

   Zi said: "Duke Huan of killing son correct, the response suddenly
die, Guan die."Said: "Jen almost not?"Confucius said: "Duke Huan of nine
co-princes, not to military vehicles, the power of Guan Zhong also.As it
Jen!As it Jen! "
   Zigong said: "Guan Zhong and non-benevolent?Duke Huan of killing son
correct, can not die, but also with the. "Confucius said: "Guan with Duke
Huan, Pa princes, a Marina the world, the people to this subject to its
grant.Micro-Guan, I left it was made of junction carry on.Qi if every man
woman it as understanding and also horses, since the ditch by the ditch,
while the MO of knowledge. "

   Gong Shu Wen son of Dr. Zun Chen, and Wen-tzu with the rise to
pinch.Child heard the saying: "Man can carry on."

   Child has no way to Duke Ling of Wei Yan, Hong Master said: "When a
man and if so, Xi instead of mourning?"Confucius said: "

   Zhong Shu yuzhen governance guests, wishing rule ancestral habits,
Sun-Gu Zhijun brigade.Husband so, Xi the funeral? "

   Confucius said: "The words are not ashamed, was the also hard."

   Chen Chengzi murdering Jian.Confucius bathed and North Korea, told
the duke Ai, saying: "Heng-killing the leader and comfort, please discuss
the."Male said: "Notice to the husband's three sons!"Confucius said: "to
my doctor after from, dare not notice too.Jun Yue 'Report husband three
sons' were. "The third sub-divisions, no.Confucius said: "to my doctor
after from, dare not notice too."

   Zi Lu asked serving his prince.Confucius said: "Do not bully also,
and committed to."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen on the up, villain issued."

   Confucius said: "The ancient scholars had, this man of scholars."

   Qu Boyu people in Confucius.Confucius sat with them and asked Yan,
said: "Master what?"Replied: "For few of their Master had failed
also."Messengers out.Confucius said: "Make peace!Make peace! "

   Confucius said: "Not the place, did not do their government."

   Has Master said: "Gentlemen think not their place."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen shame over his words and his deeds."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Road to a Third, I incompetence Yan:
benevolent not worry, the wise are free from perplexities brave
fear."Zigong said: "Master, also from the Road."

   Zi Gong countryman.Confucius said: "Yin is also passing a
grant?Husband I subscribed. "

   Confucius said: "No person not known suffering, suffering that it
could not have."
   Confucius said: "No reverse fraud, not 100 million do not
believe.Suppression also Illuminati is Yin almost! "

   Micro-mu said to Confucius: "Confucius what is the habitat and
habitat are?None is as eloquent or Down? "Confucius said: "

   Non dare eloquent also, illness solid too. "

   Confucius said: "Ji does not call it force, called te."

   Or said: "return good for evil, of them?"Confucius said: "Why
Kindness?To directly complain to turn deserves another. "

   Confucius said: "Mo, I know also husband!"Zigong said: "He is also
its Mozhi son?"Confucius said: "No blaming Heaven, do not blame the
people.Reached under the previous school.Those who know their days of
peace! "

   Kung Bo Liu Su Zi Yu Ji Sun.View Beth child services divisions, said:
"Master the inherent confusion in the public and Bo Liu Chi, I force can
still wantonly towards various cities."Confucius said: "If you will be OK
also?Life also.Road to waste also?Life also.Bo Liu public what its like
fate! "

   Confucius said: "Sage of the provision of the World, followed by the
provision of land, followed by the provision of color, followed by the
provision of words."

   Confucius said: "On the seven-carry on."

   Zi places in the Shek Mun.Chen door said: "Xi from?"Zi said: "Since
his charm."Said: "is not capable of doing things knowing they were with?"

   Son strike chime in health.A Dutch door Kui and who had his charm,
said: "People interested in zai!Click chime almost! "Subsequently said:
"vulgar zai!Kengkeng almost!Mo is also known, Sri Lanka has just carry
on.The depth of Li, light is exposed. "Confucius said: "Fruit zai!At the
end of the difficult indeed. "

   Zi Zhang said: "The book says: 'Yin Zong understanding, for three
years without saying.'What has? "Confucius said: "Why Gojong, Gu Zhiren
alike.Jun death of a prince, the King always had to listen to the Chief
Minister, for three years. "

   Confucius said: "the manners, the people are easy to make."

   Zi Lu asked the gentleman.Confucius said: "cultivate oneself with
respect."Said: "this predicament it Down?"Said: "to cultivate oneself and
to Anren."Said: "this predicament it Down?"Said: "cultivate oneself to
security people.Cultivate oneself to security people, Yao and Shun all
its still sick! "

   Yi once the original soil.Confucius said: "Brother Sun Young not long
without reference Yan, old and die, is to steal!"To knock the tibial rod.
   Que party boy to life.Or asked I said: "beneficiaries with?"Confucius
said: "My position is also reflected in its living, is also reflected in
parallel with the President.Non-beneficiaries also seek, those who want
to have accelerated. "

   Juanba Duke Ling of Wei 15th

   Duke Ling of Wei asked Confucius Chan.Confucius said: "ZU bean
things, then Chang Wen Zhi carry on; military affairs, not the school
also."Carry out tomorrow.Chen must pay, from those diseases, monensin
Hing.Zi said, indignant see

   : "The poor gentleman almost there?"Confucius said: "Gentlemen solid
poor, poor villains excessive carry on Sri Lanka."

   Confucius said: "give also, for the women to learn more and to know
that those with?"Replied: "Of course, non-with?"Said: "No, to a

   Confucius said: "by!Known virtues of fresh carry on. "

   Confucius said: "Do nothing but those, whose Shun also?What is zai
fu, Christine has just carry on being the south. "

   Zi Zhang Q line.Confucius said: "Words are faithful, line Piety,
though very silent carry on the state line; made no loyalty, no Benedict
King Bank, though line states to passing?Li, also is reflected in its
participation in the former; in public opinion, is reflected in its
reliance on the balance too.Husband and then OK. "Son Shu-Zhu Shen.

   Confucius said: "History Naoya fish!State tactics, such as the
vector; state there is no way, such as arrows. "Gentleman zai Qu Boyu

   !State a proper way, the official; state there is no way, can volumes
Yasuyuki. "

   Confucius said: "with words and not with words, missing person; not
with words but with words, slip of the tongue.Knowing lose people, nor
slip of the tongue. "

   Confucius said: "high ideals, no survival for victims of benevolence,
have killed themselves in order to pay the price."

   Zi Gong asked for Humanity.Confucius said: "advance preparation of
its profits.Is also home state, something the doctor Zhi Sage, Friends of
Chevalier of the benevolent. "

   Yan Yuan asked for the state.Confucius said: "OK summer, the by Yin
Lu, service weeks crown, while Shao dance music.Put Zheng Sheng, Yuan
Ning Ren.Lascivious Zheng, Ning Ren Almost. "

   Confucius said: "People without thought, there must be close at
   Confucius said: "passed away almost!Wu Wei brought the matter to
Germany as Hao Sezhe also. "

   Confucius said: "Zang Wenzhong and his stealing bits are?The Yin Liu
Xiahui know, but not to stand too. "

   Confucius said: "Gong Zi thick, thin responsible to people, is much
resentment carry on."

   Confucius said: "Do not say 'Ruzhi He Ruzhi He' who I last Ruzhi He
also passed away."

   Confucius said: "herd all day, made less than justice, good line
Xiaohui, difficult indeed zai!"

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen meaning that the quality, propriety in
order to line the Sun to granted and the letter to become the.Gentleman
zai! "

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen disease impotence Yan, not patients are
not known."

   Confucius said: "Confucian Influence the name is not called Yan."

   Confucius said: "gentleman himself, seeking Morohito villain."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Lexical Analysis, group and not the

   Confucius said: "gentleman not to words of lifts, not to reject an

   Zi Gong asked: "there is a word which can be life of persons,
almost?"Confucius said: "The excuse me!Others have behaved, not impose on
others. "

   Confucius said: "I shall in the people who ruined reputation who?If
the reputation who have tested their carry on.Simin also, three
generations of the reason is also directly opposite direction. "

   Confucius said: "I still and History Que also has horses were
borrowed by the.This is dead husband! "

   Confucius said: "fair speech disorder Germany, a small leak will sink
a great ship."

   Confucius said: "People of Evil, will police Yan; the public good of,
will the police Yan."

   Confucius said: "Man can enlarge morality, not morality enlighten

   Confucius said: "not been changed, is that too carry on."
   Confucius said: "I try not eat all day, all night without sleep, to
think, no good, as science has."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen do not plan to seek Road food.Koya,
hungry, in which carry on; school also, which carry on Lu.Road does not
worry about the poor gentleman concerned. "

   Confucius said: "Knowing and Zhi, Ren   can not keep them; although
find her, will lose it.The knowledge and   benevolence to keep the.Not
banked by hand, things are disrespectful   people.Knowledge and Zhi, Ren
can keep the, to hand the village.Not to   move the ceremony, not good
deeds. "

   Confucius said: "Little knowledge is not a gentleman, but can also
greatly; villain is not greatly, but may know too little."

   Confucius said: "China is to the benevolent, even veering.The fire, I
see the dance club and the dead men, and no man hath Ren and also. "

   Confucius said: "doing my part in the division."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen Zhen without understanding."

   Confucius said: "serving his prince, King being to eat then its."

   Confucius said: "There is no class to teach."

   Confucius said: "different, not with the plan."

   Confucius said: "up to just say words."

   Division crown, see, and order, Confucius said: "Order too."And I,
Master said: "I have."Jie Zuo, you would have told him, saying: "one in
Sri Lanka, one in Sri Lanka."A division crown.Son Chang asked: "and the
words and the way of division?"Confucius said: "Of course.Solid State
Division way too. "

   Juan Ba Chi Family 16th

   Chi Family Fire Chuan Yu.Jan Yu, Ji Lu found Confucius said:
"something in the Chuan Yu Chi Family."Confucius said: "Please!Cornell is
not over with?Fu Chuan Yu, Formerly kings thought that the main eastern
Mongolia, and in the state domain among men, and is Sajik the minister
also.Why cutting to? "Jan Yu said: "Master and Desire, I do not want to
have the second minister by key."Confucius said: "Please!Zhou Ren Yan
Yue: "Chen Li on the column, not by only. 'Crisis without support,
Britain not help, he will Yanyong with him?And Koo, too carry on.Hu SI
for prisoner, was destroyed by cabinet in jade tortoise is Whose Fault
with? "Jan Yu said: "This year husband Chuan Yu, solid and close to
cost.This does not take, future generations will be for the children
concerned. "Confucius said: "Please!Gentleman said, want the house
husband illness, but will certainly say words.Hill is also known to have
owned home, and do not suffer but the inequality, poverty and suffering
is not suffering from anxiety.Cover no poor, and non-widowed, peace
without dumping.Husband so, so far not agree, then the repair since the
Wende.They come, his last.And also by the demand today, with Master, much
aggrieved and can not come too; state can not keep falling apart too.The
plan to resort to arms in the state within.I fear for fear of Ji Sun, not
Chuan Yu, also in somewhere within its walls. "

   Confucius said: "There is a proper way, the ritual conquest from the
emperor out; World Without Tao, the ritual conquest from the princes
out.Since the lords out cover 10 without losing carry on the Greek world;
from the doctor out, losing carry on the Greek V; Pei Chen Executive
country life, without losing carry on the Greek III.World tactics, the
government is not the doctor.World tactics, the common people are not
meeting. "

   Confucius said: "Paul of going public room, V, carry on; political
catch the doctor, IV, carry on; Gufu descendants of three Huan, micro
carry on."

   Confucius said: "Three Friends of the beneficiary, loss of those
three friends.Friends of the straight, Liàng, friends and more news,
interest carry on.Friends bianpi, friendly and flexible, it it my
friends, loss carry on. "

   Confucius said: "Three happy beneficiary, loss of those three
music.Music Festival, music, music Taoist goodness, music and more Yin
friends, interests carry on.Music arrogant music, Le Yi Yu, music
pleasures, loss carry on. "

   Confucius said: "There are three fault paternity was a gentleman: Yan
Zhi no time to run it means that impatient, Speaking of the hidden and
not words that, no color is concerned that the blind."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen, three ring: less time, blood gas yet,
quit in color; and strong too, the young blood, quit in the bucket; and
old also, blood gas not only bad, quit in too."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen are Samuel Wells Williams: fear of heaven,
fear adults, fear sage words.I do not know of heaven and fear are bad
people, sex with adults, insult sage words. "

   Confucius said: "born with knowledge, also; school wise or, times
have; hardships, the school, but also secondly; without learning
difficulties, people carry on Sri Lanka for the next."

   Confucius said: "Gentlemen, there are nine ideas: as Siming, listen
to Creston, think color temperature, Maung Si Gong, Yan Sizhong, things
Sijing, the suspect thought to ask anger thinking hard, we prove that

   Confucius said: "See, such as less than good, see if poor Exploration
soup.I are known by men, and I have heard the lesson.Seclusion in order
to his mind, to achieve a life of its righteousness.I have heard the
phrase men, and no its people. "
   'Honesty is not the rich, only to vary. 'Si Qi Jinggong Arima 1000,
the date of death, people without virtue and said Yan.Yang Bo Yi Shu Qi
hungry in the first under the People to this call it.The Williams of that

   Bo-Chen Kang asked Fish said: "If there are different almost
smell?"Replied: "Not yet.Taste of independence, but before the court
increasingly common carp.Said: 'Science Poetry Down? 'Replied: 'Not yet.
''Do not study poetry, beyond words. 'Lei retreat to study poetry.Future
as independent, but before the court increasingly common carp.Said:
'Miller Down? 'Replied: '

   Not yet. ''Not Miller, not to stand. 'Lei retreat Miller.Wen Williams
both. "Kang Xi Chen retreat, saying: "Ask Gains 3, Wen Shi, Wen Li, but
also heard a gentleman with much of his son also."

   Bang Jun's wife, termed Jun said, his wife, his wife claimed to say
young children; Bang Jun-wife called it to say, that all foreign land,
saying few Jun; foreign land called the Yi Yue Jun wife.

   Book Nine Yang goods 17th

   Yu Jian Yang goods Confucius, Confucius did not see dolphins go
Confucius.Confucius and Dying, and to He said to her, met all coated.That
Confucius said: "Come!I and Koo. "Said: "pregnant with their treasure and
lost its state can be described as almost benevolence?"Said: "no." "Good
timing is wrong in the urgent, almost be said to know? "Said: "no." "Sun
and Moon passed away men, and age is not on our side. "Confucius said:
"Connaught.Wu Jiang Shi carry on. "

   Confucius said: "Sex is also similar, with much learning also."

   Confucius said: "Only Shang Zhi and Zhi Xia Yu inalienable."

   Son of Wu City, heard music in the voice.Master smile and laugh,
said: "nutcracker?"Sub-tour of the saying: "Formerly, Master, Yan Wen
also said: 'Gentlemen School Road, is love, villain is easy to have
studied with.'"Confucius said: "23 children!Yan is also the
words.Foreword show the ear. "

   Mountain Front to charges of public disturbance River, Zhao, son who
are heading.Zi did not say, said: "at the end of the also, Hebi Gong Shan
clan of things."Confucius said: "When a man who called me while Qi only
zai?If I were to use, I almost his for the Eastern Zhou Dynasty? "

   Sub-Jen Chang asked Confucius.Confucius said: "those who can do five
in the world, as benevolent."I ask for.Said: "Christine, width, letter,
Min, Hui.Christine not be insulted, and wide is too public, believing Yan
Ren, Min is active, benefits are enough people. "

   Buddha scatter response, the child who are heading.Zi said:
"Formerly, also heard by the Master, said: 'pro-poor in their persons, as
the gentleman would not join too.'Buddha chuckle to Zhongmu River, the
Son to have, Ruzhi He! "Confucius said: "Of course.There is
indeed.Kennedy did not say almost, but not grinding phosphorus; not said,
almost white, Countless.I Qi Paoguayezai?How can he line not to eat? "

   Confucius said: "by also, six women made news almost six shelter
carry on?"Replied: "Not yet." "Home!I English woman.Yoshihito bad
science, the shelter also stupid; good to know good science, the shelter
also swing; good letter of good science, the shelter is also a thief;
good straight bad science, the shelter also twisted; good courage good
science, the shelter also chaos; good just not good science, the shelter
is also crazy. "

   Confucius said: "Boy!Ho Mo Manabu poetry?Poetry, to be with Outlook,
you can group, you can complain.Things by bringing father, distance,
serving his prince.Birds in vegetation more than the name of knowledge. "

   Son that Peter Fish said: "Women carry on for the week nanzhao South
Down?Were not for weeks nanzhao South, its walls still standing are also?

   Confucius said: "Li Yun Li Yun, end wars to passing?Music of the
Clouds clouds, bells and drums to passing? "

   Confucius said: "Li and within the soft color, metaphor to describe
the various villains, its still wear hole in a wall of stealing also?"

   Confucius said: "Rural Valley, the thieves of Germany."

   Confucius said: "Road to listen to and Tu, also disposable virtue."

   Confucius said: "your humble servant!With serving his prince also
zai?The unreached are suffering from too of; vested Zhi, patients lose
it.Gou suffering err, nothing is Zhiyi. "

   Confucius said: "People have three old persons disease, this also, or
the indifference.The mad old too wantonly, this is also the crazy swing

   ; Ancient of grandeur are honest, this is also anger and brutal of
pity; old and stupid, too straight, this is also fraud and stupid, just
carry on. "

   Confucius said: "clever, fresh carry on Jen."

   Confucius said: "The evil of the cult took too, the chaos of evil
Cheng Ya music sound too, evil cutlery overturned state for the

   Confucius said: "I want no words."Zigong said: "Son if not made, then
the boy He Shuyan?"Confucius said: "in Chinese philosophy?The four
seasons turn, prices forth, in Chinese philosophy? "

   Ru sad Yu Jian Confucius, Confucius resigned to disease.Will be
ordered by the family, take Joseph and singing.Make it smell.
   Jae I asked: "Three years of mourning, of already numbered.Three
years is not a gentleman ceremony, ceremony will be bad; three years, not
music, music will collapse.Neither the old valley, the new grain is up,
the fire drill Sui change, can be gone on. "Confucius said: "Food husband
rice, clothing husband Kam, the female security or Down?"Said:
"Security." "Ann was the girl!Husband

   Gentleman of mourning, food aims to be unwilling to hear music
without music, disturbing the Home Office, it not do so.On this woman,

   Was interests! "Kill me out.Confucius said: "I have the
heartless!Child health for three years, and then from the parents of the
Huai.Husband's funeral three years, the world is also mourning the pass.I
also have the love of their parents almost three years? "

   Confucius said: "Eating all day, no work, will be difficult indeed
zai!Almost does not have Boyi Zhe, Yin whom still almost has. "

   Zi said: "Gentlemen Shangyong Hu?"Confucius said: "meaning that the
gentleman.Noble, courageous and without meaning to chaos, bad people have
no sense for the Pirates of the brave. "

   Zigong said: "Gentlemen also Bi?"Confucius said: "There is evil: evil
that evil person, evil, nasty and slander on the Home who were evil
courage and rude, but stifled those who dare consequences."Said: "Chi Bi
also have?" "Know who to pray for that evil, evil Sun that brave, evil
circles who think that straight. "

   Confucius said: "Women and people are difficult to support, not near
the Sun, much of the blame."

   Confucius said: "Forty years and see the evil Yan, has its end."

   Book Nine micro-sub-18th

   Micro son go and see, Jizi slaves whom the dry remonstrance
died.Confucius said: "There are three Ren Yan Yin."

   Liu Xiahui for the judges, three dismiss.Who said: "If you can not go
Down?"Said: "The thing straight people, not the three to dismiss Yan?Road
and do much for anyone who, why go to the parents of the state. "

   When Qi Jinggong Confucius, said: "If the Chi Family is I can not, by
quarter, Meng of idle hands."Saying: "We are old men, can not
have."Confucius line.

   Let people go girl music, Ji Huanzi by the.After three days without
North Korea, Confucian lines.

   Chu yu mad song and then had Confucius said: "Feng Xi!Feng Xi!De-of
the decline?To be banned from the bridge, and to those who still can
recover.Yi Er, Yi Er!Almost but now the politicians! "Confucius, the
desire with words.The provision of the trend and not with words.
   Long Juhe, Jie female coupling and farming, Confucius had them so
interested and Yan Zi.Long Juhe said: "When a man who for whom executive
opinion?"Zi said: "as Confucius."Said: "Yes Lu and Confucius?"Said: "is
also."Said: "Tianjin is known carry on."Q drowning in Jie, Jie female
said: "Son Whom?"To say: "Chung from the."Said: "is the only Lu Confucius
with?"Replied: "Indeed."Said: "all the world who is also surging, and who
to trade for?And the person with disabilities is also from the provision
of, not at if the people in the world from the provision of zai? "Harrow
and stopped working.Zi line to notice.Master course disappointed, saying:
"Birds can not be with the same group, Wu Fei and who died before the
disciples and with?World tactics, Confucius and easily without too. "

   Zi thus, the case of wife's father, to the rod bearing Naked Oats.Zi
Lu asked: "Son, see Master Down?"Wife's father said: "Four sedentary, The
journey.What the Master? "Yun Zhi and his staff.Zi arch standing.Only Zi
places, for the millet and eat chickens, reflected in its two sub-
Yan.Tomorrow, Zi-line to notice.Confucius said: "Recluse also."To see the
anti-Zi.To carry on the line.Zi said: "neither an Official nonsense.Young
and old of the festival, can not waste too; monarch and officials of
justice, Ru Zhihe its waste them?To clean the body, while the big London
disorder.Shi is also a gentleman, line their righteousness.Road No, known
to carry on. "

   Hermit: Boyi, Shu Qi, Yu Zhong, Yi Yi, Zhu Zhang, Liu Xiahui, less
even.Confucius said: "Do not drop his mind, do not insult the body, Bo
Yi, Shu Qi and!"Said: "Liu Xiahui, less even, Xiangzhirushen carry
on.Made in London, the line into account, the Sri Lanka just say. "Said:
"Yu Zhong, Yi Yi, hermit boasted.Body in the clear, waste of power. ""I
was different from that 无可无不可. "

   Master   loved to Qi, Asian rice dry fitness Chu, three proper meals
Liao Cai,   Qin four rice Lack of fit.Tert-drum side into the river,
broadcast   (on the next trillion drums) into the Han Wu, a small division
Yang, hit   Qing Xiang, into the sea.

   Duke of Lu, saying that: "gentleman applied his parents, not to blame
almost Minister not to.So no big old friends, not give up too.Without
seeking equipment on one person. "

   Week eight persons: Boda, Bo Shi, Zhong sudden, Chung suddenly, Shu
Ye, tert-summer season with, Ji Gua.

   Ten volumes Zhang 19th

   Zi Zhang said: "persons in danger fatal, appear implies, Ji Si Jing,
thinking sad funeral, which can be passed away."

   Zi Zhang said: "One virtue is not hung, not Benedict channel, how can
he to have?How can he take to die? "

   Zi Xia asked the door to cross the sub-sheets.Zi Zhang said: "Zi Xia
Yunhe?"Replied: "Zi Xia said: 'can be those with, its not who refused
the'."Zi Zhang said: "Wu Suo almost smell different: Gentlemen Zunsian
and Yung Chung, Jiashan and pity can not.The Big Yin and I, in what the
people can not?I shall not wise and the people will reject me, Ruzhi He
refused to people whose? "

   Zi Xia said: "Although the trail, there must be substantial by Yan;
Zhiyuan fear of mud, is a gentleman not to be."

   Zi Xia said: "The dead know these days, months without forgetting its
best can be described as studious also passed away."

   Zi Xia said: "learned and focusing, all asked in recent thinking, in
which Jen carry on."

   Zi Xia said: "wantonly home entertainment industry for decades to
become the case, so the Road school gentleman."

   Zi Xia said: "The villains had also Pitman."

   Zi Xia said: "Gentlemen, three changes: she looks as if, that is, the
temperature also listen to the words of Li."

   Zi Xia said: "Gentlemen believe then workers of their people, not
believing that Li had also; letter and then the bridge, and did not
believe the slander that has been too."

   Zi Xia said: "no more than idle monks, druids can also access."

   Zi You said: "Kids who Zixia the door, when the sweep, response,
advance and retreat, you can carry on.Suppression at the end also, the
Zhi no.Ruzhi He? "Zi Xia heard of said: "eh!Introduction swim
now!Gentleman, what first pass Yan?Yan tired after what?Metaphor to
describe the various vegetation areas to do carry on.Gentleman, Yan also
be falsely accused?Those who have started a pawn, which provided almost
saint! "

   Zi Xia said: "Shi and exemplifies the school, learning the official

   Zi You said: "To almost sad shelling ceased mourning."

   Zi You said: "Amigos Zhang also find it difficult to have.However,
not Jen. "

   Has Master said: "detract from the almost Zhang also, difficult and
for the benevolent."

   Has Master said: "I have heard, Master: people who are not self-
induced, will also pro-funeral peace!"

   Has Master said: "I have heard, Master: Meng Zi of filial piety, the
other may; it does not change the parent of the minister, and father of
governance, is difficult to have."
   Meng Yang skin for the judges to ask the Zengzi.Has Master said: "the
missing the Road, the people scattered numbered.Such as obtaining the
situation, then Aijin not freeze hi. "

   Zigong said: "Zhou of the poor, was not so even too.Is a gentleman's
residence nasty evil, evil thing in the world are owned by Yan. "

   Zigong said: "a gentleman had too, such as fresh Yan Sun and Moon: In
the past also, we can all see it; more also, everyone is summed up."

   North Korea   asked in Zi Gong Wei Gong Sun said: "Zhong Ni Yan
school?"Zigong   said: "civil and military way, did not fall to the ground,
in people.Sage   who know its big, not sages who know its small, everyone
has the Man Mo   Yan Tao.Master Yan not learn?The Yihe often the teacher
have? "

   Uncle Sun Wushu doctor in the Korean language, said: "Zi Gong Yin Yu
Zhong Ni."View Beth child services divisions Zi Gong.Zigong said: "give
an example of the palace wall, giving the walls of medium length, the
better glimpse Shi Jia.Master of the wall a few yards, not enter, but no
ancestral beauty, the King of the rich.Carry on keeping a door or
widowed.Master of the cloud, it not it would be desirable! "

   Uncle Sun Wushu destroyed Zhong Ni.Zigong said: "No that is also,
Zhong Ni can not be destroyed also.Sage others, hilly, it still may be
over too; Zhong Ni, sun and moon are, nothing and more than Yan.Sui Yu
alienate people, its almost any injury in the sun and the moon?I do not
know the amount it is also more common! "

   Chen Zi birds that Zigong said: "Christine has a child, Zhong Ni Qi
Yin in the sub-Down?"Zigong said: "Junziyiyan that knowledge, a word that
I do not know, words can not be too careless.Master of the inaccessible,
it's still day

   The rise are not the steps.Master of the House may state who
established the so-called establishment of the Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Road
trip, Sui Zhi Sri Lanka to and moving Williams and.The students also
Wing, the death of sorrow Ruzhi He can and has its. "

   Yao said, the 20th volume 10

   Yao said: "consultation!Er-Shun!Days, enumerating in Seoul
bow.Holding the one.Four Seas impoverish, Tien Lu Yong-end. "Shun Yi Yi
Yu life.Said: "Yu Xiaozi assumed, with a mysterious male dare, dare to
reveal that the Queen Queen Timor: guilt can not be forgiven.Tai Chen
does not cover, Jane Timor heart.Zhen Gong guilty, no order of; of the
guilt of sin in the Zhen Gong. "Zhou Dalai, good man is rich. "Although
the pro-week, as Habitat for Humanity.People had, in to one. "Like the
right amount of pre-trial testimonies, repair waste officials, four of
the political line of Yan.Xing

   Destroy the country, following the peerless, give hermit, and the
world of public convert Yan.The re: people, food, funerals, and
worship.Width is too public, believing the people Yan Ren, Min is active,
the public says.

   Son Chang asked Confucius, saying: "What this predicament can be in
politics with him?"Confucius said: "honor the five, four-screen evil, Sri
Lanka can carry on in politics."Zi Zhang said: "What is the five United
States?"Confucius said: "Gentlemen benefits without costs, labor and not
complain, For without corruption, Thai and not arrogant, not Wei Meng."Zi
Zhang said: "What benefit without cost?"Confucius said: "As the people of
the benefits and profits, Sri Lanka does not have benefits without costs
or Down?Choose to labor and labor for, then who is complaining?To Jen Jen
obtained, but also Yan greedy?No Zhonggua gentleman, big or small, no
dare slow, but not Sri Lanka and Thailand do not have pride or
Down?Gentleman is the code of dress, respect for their foresight, as, as
if hope and fear of people, Sri Lanka does not have prestige without Meng
Down? "Zi Zhang said: "What is four evils?"Confucius said: "do not teach
to kill the child that; no guard as the storm into that; slow so that the
cause of a thief; still with those people, the cashier of the mean, that
of Yuji."

   Confucius said: "I do not know life, no longer a gentleman.Graceless,
not to stand too.I do not know words, not to Appreciating also. "

Chess by 13

   The first chapter of Council

   The number of husbands of all things, from the sky.Bureau of Road,
360 a.A person, the number of primary students, according to its most and
transported Quartet.360, to the number as Heavenly Circuit.Divide into
four, to like 4:00.The 90 Road corner to like the day.Peripheral seven
two sections in order as its candidate.Dry chess 360, black with white
half, yin and yang of law.Bureau of the lane, that the chessboard.Lane
between that of □ (on looked diagram).Bureau of quiet, moving chess
round.Since ancient times, Yi-are not the same bureau. "Biography "said:"
titled. "Therefore, consideration should be kept deep intention fine,
with a view to the outcome of the, then to it is not Zhiyi.

   Was considered the second chapter

   Chess who, in order to exact their potential to power the system of
its enemy.Therefore, within the total potential as scheduled on the
outside.Fight the winner not meet the operator may also count
more.Numerous operators who may be considered too small.But I do not know
the outcome of war who have been together, no operator also.Art of War
said: "multi-operator wins, less difficult work, and conditions with no
operator or Down?From this perspective, see the carry on winning. "

   Quan Yu of the third chapter
   Yu are right, chess layout, the Grid Code.Siyu points ahead of the
fixed sub, and then split two Xie Fei, the next potential first-class
sub.Li 2 can be split three to three can be dismantled and four
established, and potential sub-sea can be split five.Almost no more than,
well not good.Euphemistically of the ancients, after learning the rules,
without which conversion, not of, or knowledge.Poetry said: "Mibu there
early, there are few grams of the end.

   The fourth joint war articles

   Game of the Road, you almost careful and precise.High in the abdomen,
the next in the side, accounted for in the corner, the Chess family of
regular course.Law said: rather lose a few child, Do not miss this one
first.There first and then there after the first.Click the left depends
on the right, while looking after the attack before.Two students do not
break, do not all live with.Width is not too infrequent, too close not to
promote.Their love child to survival, not as abandoned children and take
situation, with nothing but force, no Ruoyin of the self-complementary.Bi
Zhong my few, first, to seek their health.I have few public He, Chang
service potential.Good undisputed winner, good array were no war.And
skilled are unbeaten, good losers chaos.Husband began to have all the
chess, and finally by Clipsal.Will also, look around the ground,
unbreakable, before a person unexpectedly, do not cover equipment.Where
the enemy no matter who the self-complementary, meaning there are too
invasive.Small and not give up on who has plans big heart too.Readily
down, those with no plan for people.Those who do not think it should,
take the road are lost.Poem: "anxious care, if staying in the Valley."

   Actual situation the fifth chapter

   Fu chess, Xu as many potential points, potential sub can not put
out.Do not vote chess forced to be so he and I really virtual.Virtual is
easy to attack, but in reality difficult to break.Temporary work, should
not to enforcement of a. "Biography ", saying:" See to move forward, and
quit. "

   Knew that the sixth chapter

   Wise husband is not found in Meng, fool dark in succeed.So confidant
of the victims of the benefit plan he who wins.Know you can not fight
those who fight, win.Use knowledge Zhonggua who wins.To be no fears of
danger who wins.To wait at Yat who wins.The enemy without a fight who
wins. "I "said:" knowing who out. "

   Bureau of article VII of the trial

   Fu chess maneuver, a succession of service.From beginning to end,
with a request first.Pro Board from the dispute, the outstanding male and
female, not the least bit bad Yan.The situation has been won,
specialization to survive.The situation has been weak, determined to
invade spacious.Border and go, although obtaining the living,
defeated.Weak rather than V, the more flexion.Ankle and win, the more the
failure.Contradict the two potential first Organisation, its external.The
less assistance to the few, then do not go.Machine risk matrix collapse,
then do not the next.Therefore in chess there is no walk the walk, no
less than under.Wrong people in many ways, just the way
successful.Council to review those and more wins. "Easy ", saying:"
Poverty is change, and change the pass, General for a long time. "

   Article VIII of the degree of love

   Life of quiet, the situation alleviated; sense of things moving, and
then can be identified.Push is to the chess, victory or defeat Ke Deer
priori.Were a little more discreet and cheap, easy and greed are more
mourning.The competition between self-protection more than those who do
not win, regardless of who works more than kill defeat.Think of for those
who lost their momentum into; victory over the Pride, the potential
return.Disadvantages of semi-seek who have disadvantages Buqiu Ren, Yi;
attack the enemy and I do not know who the enemy attack had been
harming.Head of a Board who pour their thinking weeks; heart who served
his things, his concern scattered.Line which is by far Kyrgyzstan,
shallow and fraud by fierce machine.Those who can Weidi strong, that the
people will perish if Mo had.Intended to bypass those high executive of a
person humble heart.Silent, there is often so difficult to quantity the
enemy.Excessive movement, recruited by the evil people. "Poetry, "says:"
another heart, to the degree of the time. "

   Skew the ninth chapter

   Or say: "move to change the service fraud, robberies, murders in the
name of this not deception or not?"I said: "otherwise." "Easy, "says:"
teacher out to law, whether the possession of fierce. "Soldiers are not
still in this fraud, seeking words sly entrants, the saying is the
Warring States Period.Although chess trails, real cooperation with the
soldiers.Therefore, very complicated chess products, and Yi-and those who
differ.Products were obtained under, give thoughtless, dynamic is
changing fraud.Or by hand to film their potential, or to speak to vent
their machine.Have chemicals on who is different from that is.Both
meditation and long and short term, because the right to form and
use.IQue Council, aimed at children first.Map is better than none I, off-
line in the first place.Qi false rhetoric Die Die, dancing gestures were
zai? "Biography "said:" is not lying. "It is the so-called Secular?

   The Micro 10th hole

   All of without loss of useful chess were detrimental to the interests
of persons.With invasion and Lee who have invaded the victim.There should
lefthander who had right-hander who should.There were those who first,
after a person has.A tight □ (on foot provision of) those who have slow
Departed.Do not stick child, before, after abandoning Zisi.Near the end
of a beginning far who have ended more than those who start small.For
strong external first strike, the wish to really hit the East before the
West.Road virtual no eyes, the first watch for.Sound in his chess, you do
robbery.Rao road is dredged by road is not to fight.Choice of sites for
the invasion, did not prevent the progress.Chess House in faint
euphemistically also, should know also. "Easy ", saying:" non-world
matter to fine, its makes perfect with this. "
   Name Number of articles XI

   Fu chess who, where a son, there are naming.Chess situation, and
death, survival, because the name can be seen.A red, a turn, there are
spacious, some with flying, the, there are [A-quality], viscous, are top,
there are sharp, have looked down upon, a door, a fight, there is a
broken, there are lines, had strokes, have been enacted, some have
together, there are toggle, a folder, there are punish by squeezing
fingers, with □ (on the foot of the provision of), barbed, with Le, a
flutter, a sign, a robbery, a hold, a kill, there are loose, have □ (the
general Schima).Go in the name of three Shiyou Er, Go person, intended to
be weeks.Pro Board change, near and far horizon, I do not know too.With
[Ren Xing] to win, not escape this name. "Biography "said:" It is
necessary, rectified chess! "

   Character of the 12th chapter

   Go husband of nine items.One said, fascinated, second is to sit
photos, third is specific, Siyue through quiet, Wu Yue with wisdom, Liu
Yue small, seven said, fighting force, eight said, Ruo-yu, nine say
Shouzhuo.Nine can not win outside the account, not into the cell, this
cloud is not complex. "Biography "said:" born with knowledge, also;
school with knowledge of those times also; hardships, the school also has
followed. "

   That article XIII Miscellaneous

   Cardiff Chess edge as angle, angle as belly.Some light on strokes,
strokes lighter □ (on the provision of foot).There are the actual
situation, playing affectionate false.Sun Chuo more about and met more
than punish by squeezing fingers sticky.Can win big eyes small eyes,
oblique line as is.Direct the first two hurdles on the watch for, the
future is not to impede the levy.Implementation of nowhere, can not be
the first move.Angle winding 4, the Council is finally dead.Four pull
straight six, are all live chess, take together through the point, more
than a way out.Cross is not the first New York, potential child in mind,
do not play the horns.Yi-does not want a few, a few are lazy, laziness is
not fine.Yi-do not want to sparse, sparse is forgotten, forget the more
we gain.Victory is not made, lost in silence.Zhen Lim who let the wind,
the gentleman also; from the wrath of color who are also villains.Those
without high-Kang, BC had no mood.Gas and the Yun Shu who, hi it will win
also.Heart at the mere mention who worry that it will lose too.Nan Nan Yu
Yi Mo, Mo ashamed steal shame.Miao Miao in the use of pine Mo, Mo faint
faint in the complex robbery.Where chess straight three change together
four non-party.Victory over the road, it is called win Bureau; lost no
way, it is called lost chips.Are raised for the overflow, stop way to □
(under the towel on 艹).Not more than three dozen chips, Amoy child
irrespective of the number.Robbery with Kanai, pulley, there is a
tendency round, with handover of the map.Chess who should know also.Where
chess with an opponent, the first half, with the first two, there are
five peach, a Big Dipper 7.Those with or without the husband's chess
students, distances complementary to each other, strong or weak dwarf,
the phase tilting of interest, must be very cautious.Thailand is not
safe, deposit without arrogance.On the Thai is dangerous, keep the pride
will die. "Easy ", saying:" Gentlemen Do not forget security risk, keep
and remember death. "

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