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The Fashion of Goth Clothing


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									                                The Fashion of Goth Clothing
Fashion has been an integral part of our lives and it has evolved throughout the time. Since the
ancient days through the medieval days and till now, fashion has revolutionized the culture.
The role of media needs to be lauded without which the traditional and medieval fashions
would have seen an end.

The very important aspect of the fashion is, it not only depicts the culture and social status, but
also can be used for medicinal purposes. Gothic Corsets, for example is used by the people with
spinal injuries which holds the injured area tightly. Corset is also tied around the waist which
helps in reducing the waist. They were made up of stiff layers of linen with wooden pieces
inserted that kept the corsets straight and rigid.

In medieval era, the social status of the person was determined by the attire which he/she wore.
The wealthy people were found in brilliantly colored soft material. Landlords were seen in a
long linen light shirt as innerwear and a decorated gown usually by velvet and the women were
seen in long skirts touching the ground. The fabrics were decorated with embroidery works and
a surcoat is also worn. The merchants were seen draping fur coats till their knees along with the
belt which had purse. The stockings and the furcoat not only showed their tradition, but also
safeguarded them from the severe cold.

The medieval clothing includes pirate shirts, gothic shirts etc. The Gothic costumes, which is
commonly worn by the sailors had tricorn hat, long coat, knee breeches, buckled shoes or
bucket topped boots. The hats and coats are usually large and the shoes were high till the knees.
The Gothic clothing also suits the sailor who works on the water for most of the time. The
typical fashion which belongs to the medieval era is Gothic clothing which was predominantly
seen in the churches and the cathedrals. This gothic fashion is seen in the dressing as well which
is usually dark in color. Gothic fashion is often associated with extreme dark which includes
black dyed hairs, black clothes and black lips.

Rough and tunic dresses were the common fabrics for the peasants as their employment does
not gives the luxury of wearing leather shoes, since they work in the muddy waters. Women
peasants are also seen in similar wears as that of men. They are also barefooted like their
counterparts and seen in belts which prevents the skirts trailing into the mud.

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