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									   bulletin AAA                                                                                                        November 7, 2008

   Energy Efficiency through Daylighting                 Annual Membership Dues
   and Artificial Lighting Technologies                  The 2009 dues invoices were mailed on October 15, 2008 and the pay-
   This RAIC course will include an introduction to      ment due date is December 15, 2008. If you have not receive your
   the principles of lighting design and new electric    invoice, please contact the AAA office at (780) 432-0224 or email to
   lighting technologies. It will also provide an
   overview of the integration of daylight with
   electric lighting that is applied through emerging
   technologies. It will examine how much electric       Reminder:
   lighting buildings typically use and will demon-      The declaration should be completed and submitted with payment.
   strate opportunities for electrical lighting reduc-
   tion through design strategies. The course will       Newly Registered Members
   also explore the subject of daylight and the pos-
   sibilities for daylighting using building systems     Please note that newly registered architects and licensed interior designers are
                                                         now listed on our website (www.aaa.ab.ca, Membership, Becoming a Mem-
   and products, new lighting technologies and the
                                                         ber, Newly Registered members) as pursuant to Section 12(3) of the Architects
   effect lighting has on building design and form.
                                                         Act and Section 8(3) of the Interior Design
   When: Nov 19, Calgary
   Info and Online Registration: www.raic.org
   LUs:       6.5 core
   Cost:       RAIC Members: $325                        AAA Festive Open House
              Non-members: $400                          December 10, 2008
              RAIC Interns: $185                         5:00 to 7:30 p.m.
                                                         The Timms Centre for the Arts
   Steel Design Awards                                   Edmonton, Alberta
   Expressions of interest for the Alberta Canadian      Cash Bar
   Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) are due by
   November 22. Projects can be entered in Archi-
   tectural, Engineering, Industrial and Steel Edge      RSVP by December 1:
   categories. A special 2009 award will recognize       E: info@aaa.ab.ca
   Sustainability in keeping with the theme of
   Advantage Steel...Innovation + Sustainability.        Ph: (780) 432-0224
   Expression of interest forms and more award
   information can be accessed at
                                                         ExAC Exam News
                                                         The Association sends out its best wishes for success to the 44 Intern Architects
 Career Postings are available                           from the AAA (40), the OAQ (2) and the OAA (2) who will gather in Calgary
 on the membership section at                            and Edmonton in mid-November to write the inaugural administration of
                                                         Canada s new ExAC registration exam. The AAA was among the founding
 www.aaa.ab.ca                                           three partners of this alternative examination program.
Architects & Licensed Interior Designers
                                                         In October AAA Past President Jane Pendergast was named first Chair (for 2
                                                         years) of the Canada-wide ExAC Program Committee. Congratulations Jane!
The AAA Bulletin is sent by email and fax bi-monthly.
Send contributions two days prior to info@aaa.ab.ca
                                                         Lighting Fundamentals Seminar
                                                         This one day seminar will present current lighting knowledge that will enable
                                                         participants to better understand, discuss, specify and appreciate quality lighting.
                                                         Light, colour, vision and perception, light sources, fixture, calculation and soft-
                                                         ware will be discussed, along with hands-on demonstrations and numerous
                                                         project studies.
                                                         When: Nov, 20, Calgary
                                                         Contact: Kevin Hooper Ph: (403) 547-8090
                                                         E:         Kevin@LtgSol.com
                                                         LUs:       2 core, 5 self-reported Cost: $329

  bulletin AAA                                                                                                           November 7, 2008

LEED Canada for Commercial Interiors                   Hazard Assessment and Control
Workshop                                               As of 2003, written hazard assessments are required under provincial legislation. This
This workshop addresses performance areas in           course will review the steps required to comply with this legislation and how to make
office, retail and institutional buildings including   work-sites safer through understanding the scope of hazards and hazard control
selection of sustainable tenant space, efficiency of   methods. It will also review the basic principles of occupational hygiene, evaluating
water usage and energy performance optimization        risk and selecting effective controls.
lighting and lighting controls, resource utilization   When: Nov 26, Grande Prairie
for interior building systems and furnishings and      Info:     Workforce Development, Northern Lakes College
indoor environmental quality including                 Ph:      (866) 652-3456
comprehensive emissions criteria.                      E:       wfdev@northernlakescollege.ca
When: Nov 13, Edmonton                                 Ws:      www.northernlakescollege.ca
Info:      Canada Green Building Council               LUs:      8 core
Toll free: (866) 941-1184                              Cost: $329
E:          workshops@cagbc.org
Ws:         www.cagbc.org                              Wood Design Awards Books for 2006 and 2007
LUs:       6 core                                      Complete descriptions, detail drawings and color photos of the award-winning build-
Cost:      CaGBC Members: $365                         ings of the 2006 and 2007 Wood Design Awards are contained in these books. Some
           Non-members: $475                           of the best examples of architectural design and building craft make these a lasting
                                                       reference for design and building offices.
Contract Administration: A Purchasing                  Order through www.wooddesignandbuilding.com or call (800) 463-5091, ext 223.
Perspective                                            Cost for both books is $39.95 plus $6 shipping and handling.
This seminar will provide participants with ways
to administer contracts more effectively as well as    2008 North American Wood Design Awards Program
how to deal with the unexpected when it occurs in      Call for Entries deadline is: Monday, November 10, 2008.
supply, service or construction contracting. Ways      For further information: www.wooddesignawards.com
to reduce administration time and cost will be
outlined and examples of when certain clauses          Single/Multi-Family Homes:
should be modified or removed will be discussed.       Improving Performance through System Approach
When: Nov 19 20, Calgary                               This Building Science Insight 2008/2009 workshop will address the following issues:
Info:    University of Calgary                            Performing Basement Systems Managing Water, Heat and Moisture
Ph:      (403) 220-2988                                   Building Envelopes for Canadian Arctic Regions
TF:      (866) 220-4992                                   Sound Insulation in Wood-Frame Construction
E:       Business.conted@ucalgary.ca                      Fire Stops and Fire Blocks
LUs: 10 self-reported                                     Infiltration, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in residences
Cost: $695                                                Recent experiments at Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT)
                                                          CCHT Glazing Study
Environmental Design (EVDS) Career Fair                When: Nov 19, Calgary
This 1 day fair presents participants with the op-     Info and Registration: NRC-CNRC
portunity to meet EVDS students from the               Ws:       www.bsi.gc.ca
University of Calgary. Register online at              LUs: 6 core
https://www.jobs.ucalgary.ca/events.                   Cost: $349
For information, email www.careerfr@ucalgary.ca
or call Donna at (403) 220-8434.                       Edmonton on the Edge: Innovative Urban Planning and Design
                                                 This one day colloquium has the following events:
C.A.U.S.A. Lecture and Book Launch                    ·     Canadian Cities as Foundations for Economic and Cultural Growth
Lecture by Brett Steele, Director, Architectural           Lunch presentation by Dean Gertler, Faculty of Arts and Science, University
Association, School of Architecture, London,               of Toronto TIX on the Square Ph: (780) 420 1757 www.tixonthesquare.ca
U.K.                                                       LUs: 1 self-reported Cost: $35
Book Launch - Manufacturing Material Effects:         · Panel Session Making a Great City Panelists Dr M. Gertler, Jaime
Rethinking Design and Making in Architecture,              Lerner and Len Rodgrigues, LUs: 1.5 self-reported No Charge
edited by Branko Kolarevic and Kevin Klinger,
London, U.K.
                                                      · Learning from the Curitiba Experience: Achieving Urban Change evening
                                                           lecture by Jaimie Lerner No Charge
Design in Cold Climate M.A.D.E. Lecture          When: November 17, Edmonton, Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel
Klaus Mayer and Petra Sattler-Smith of Mayer Info: Ph: (780) 492-9957 crsc@ualberta.ca www.crsc.ualberta.ca
Sattler-Smith, Anchorage
When: Dec 10, Grant MacEwan College,                                                                                                          2
LU: 1 self-reported MADE Member: $5
     Non-member: $10
bulletin AAA                                                                                                              November 7, 2008

The Integrated Design Process:                        Calgary Land Use Bylaw Online Tutorials
An Introduction to IDP                                The City of Calgary has provided easy-to-follow
This ½ day workshop has been designed for             online tutorials corresponding to particular sections of the Bylaw. Foundation
those who will be participants in the IDP and         tutorials provide a basic understanding of how the Bylaw is structured and used.
want to improve their skills and ability to under-    District tutorials focus on the organization of each district, the specific rules within
stand, effectively participate in and contribute to   and referenced by each part and how to use the parts in conjunction with other com-
this process. It will also assist project team mem-   ponents of the bylaw. Search for Calgary Land Use Bylaw Tutorials to get the link to
bers making the case for IDP to their clients and     the Tutorials.
colleagues.                                                       Bylaw Overview                                   1.25 Core
When: Dec 2, Calgary                                              Commercial Districts                             .50 Core
Info:      Canada Green Building Council                          Industrial Districts Session 1                   1.25 Core
Toll free: (866) 941-1184                                         Industrial Districts Session 2                   .75 Core
E:         workshops@cagbc.org                                    Low Density Residential Districts                .50 Core
Ws:        www.cagbc.org                                          Multi-Residential Districts                      .75 Core
LUs:       2.5 core                                               Rules Governing all Districts                    1 Core
Cost:      $225                                                   Special Purpose Districts                        1.25 Core
                                                                  Uses and Use Rules                               .75 Self-Reported
M.A.D.E. Lectures                                                 Why New Bylaw                                    .50 Self-Reported
Dec 10   Klaus Mayer, Mayer Sattler-Smith,
         Anchorage                                    The Integrated Design Process:
Info:    www.madeinedmonton.org                       How to Facilitate a Successful IDP
Lu:      1 self-reported                              This full day workshop has been designed for people playing a leading or support
Cost:    Members: $5 Non-Members: $10                 role in the facilitation of IDP and want to improve their skills and ability to design,
                                                      facilitate and enable this process. It will take an in-depth look at the art and practice
                                                      of facilitating the integrated design process.
Understanding Finance for Consultants
                                                      When: Dec 3, Calgary
This seminar will introduce basic financial
                                                      Info:       Canada Green Building Council
concepts to participants whose primary role is
                                                      Toll free: (866) 941-1184
in other functional areas. Participants will gain
                                                      E:          workshops@cagbc.org
an understanding of financial statements and
                                                      Ws:         www.cagbc.org
information. They will be introduced to ana-
                                                      LUs:        6.5 core Cost: $375
lyzing financial information and working more
effectively with accountants and financial man-
agers, thus contributing to a firm s effective-       A/E/C Principals Bootcamp: How to Succeed in Turbulent Times
ness, competitiveness and bottom line.                This workshop will present new strategies to boost a firm s performance that are
When: Nov 6-7, Edmonton                               outside of conventional approaches. It will benchmark a firm against others of simi-
Info: Consulting Engineers of Alberta                 lar size and type and will teach participants how to motivate a firm s best performers
Ph:      (780) 421-1852                               while eliminating mediocre ones.
E:       hsong@cea.ca                                 When:       Dec 9-10, Edmonton
LUs: 10 self-reported                                 Contact: CEA
Cost: $650 (Register by October 24)                   Ph:         (780) 421-1852
                                                      E:          hsong@cea.ca
Strategies to Build Your Business                     Ws:         www.cea.ca
This 2 day seminar will address how to find the       LUs:        8 core
right clients and how to keep them. These             Cost:       $1,900
clients are those who match the target profile of
a company and who believe that consulting             Built Green R-2000 Builder Training Course
firms add value to their projects and are willing     This 2-day course covers the technical requirements, marketing and quality assurance
to pay what that advice is worth. The seminar         processes of the R-2000 standard, EnerGuide for New Houses Initiative and Built
will address some of the issues that help build       Green program. It examines building science principles, barrier systems, windows,
trust and develop ways to build lasting relation-     foundations, advanced construction, air sealing techniques and mechanical systems.
ships. The principal skill sets to be covered by      A copy of the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) Builders' Manual is
the workshop are marketing and sales, financial       included in the course fee.
literacy and client management.                       When: Nov 20-21, Calgary
When: Nov 13-14, Edmonton                             Contact: Belva Crabtree
Contact: CEA                                          Ph:     (403) 774-4683
Ph:        (780) 421-1852                             E:      belva.crabtree@sait.ca
E:         hsong@cea.ca www.cea.ca                    Ws:     www.GreenIsWhereWeLive.com
LUs:      10 self-reported Cost: $550                 LUs: 10 self-reported Cost: $490                                                   3

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