A Research on Dr Josette Biyo - Filipino Awardee to the Intel Science and Engineering Fair by bryeunade


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									                                A Research on Dr. Josette Biyo

Full Name: Josette Biyo
Hometown: Iloilo City

Dr. Josette Biyo comes from a family of teachers, with four siblings and a father who are all
educators themselves.

She took up Biology after graduating from high school so that eventually, Dr. Biyo can proceed
with her medical course. But her father, who was just a public school teacher, cannot send her to
medical school.

When Dr. Josette Biyo first taught in rural school for eight years, lack of facilities was never a
problem to her but a challenge instead. Her being creative and innovative allowed her to harness
the available resources in school and their community. She can make complicated things easy to

Before reaching international recognition, Mrs. Biyo improved and harnessed her way of
teaching for 23 years. For her, teaching is a never-ending process.

Because of her innovative teaching method in science research, Dr. Biyo bested 4,000 teachers
from around the world to win the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Also, the first
to receive an Award for Excellence in Louisville, Kentucky which was intended to give to honor
teachers who promote inquiry and inspire students to engage in real research.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory in Boston named a minor planet
“Planet Biyo” in her honor. This heavenly body was originally known as “Planet 13241”.

Now, a celebrity in the education world, Dr. Biyo gives numerous talks and workshops on her
methods of teaching both here and abroad. Despite the honors, she remains simple, warm and
accommodating, insisting that she is still a teacher first.

Married to Nonito with two sons. During her free time she spends time reading books with each
family member.

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