THE MARY BEAL SCHOLARSHIP The Mary Beal Scholarship established by hubeybrown


									                     THE 2008 MARY BEAL SCHOLARSHIP
The Mary Beal Scholarship, established in 1991 to commemorate Beal College’s 100th year, is awarded to Maine
high school seniors. This year, five $500.00 scholarships will be awarded.
In addition to being a Maine high school senior, the applicant must intend to enroll at Beal College for MOD 6
(July) or MOD 1 (September) of that year and be in good academic standing. Scholarship winners, chosen by the
Scholarship Committee whose decision is based upon the quality, content and grammar of the essay as well as
financial need and past academic performance, will be notified by the beginning of June.
         Scholarships are awarded after successful completion of two MODs and will be applied to the student’s
account toward third MOD charges. The student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of

Instructions for completing the Mary Beal Scholarship application packet:

Application must be completed neatly in black ink or typewritten.

Applicant must submit a 500 word, typewritten essay (see last page for this year’s essay question).

Applicant must submit an official copy of their high school transcript.

Instructions for mailing the application packet:

Application packet must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2008.

Applicant must send the application packet (application, essay and transcript) to:

                                          The Mary Beal Scholarship Committee
                                                     Beal College
                                                    99 Farm Road
                                                  Bangor, ME 04401

Additional Requirements:

Applicant must complete a FAFSA by April 30, 2008.

Applicant must complete a Beal College Application for Admission by April 30, 2008. The Application for
Admission may be obtained by calling the Admissions Office and must be accompanied by a $25.00 application fee
or waiver.
2008 Mary Beal Scholarship Application

Applicant’s Name:             _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:              _________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:             _________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _______________________                    Cell Phone: ______________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________


High School: _____________________________________________________________________

Address:       _____________________________________________________________________

Program of Study:      _______________________________________________________________

Grade Point Average:          ________________

Guidance Counselor: _______________________________________________________________

Extracurricular Activities (Activity & Year):    ___________________________________________




Have you worked while in high school?      YES   NO

Name of current or last employer:    _______________________________________________________
Position:     _________________________________________________________________________

Length of employment:        _____________________________________________________________

Brief description of employment experience:        ___________________________________________




Please list below any/all volunteer work, community service and leadership activities you have been
active in.

   Service/Activity                              Date Started             Date Completed

1. __________________________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________________________________________


Program/Major to be pursued:         _______________________________________________________

Intended enrollment date:    ________________      Attendance:    Full-time    Part-time

Please compose and type a 500 word essay on the following topic:

Beal College provides the skills and training necessary to help you achieve your career goals.  In a
500 word essay, discuss how you will utilize the career training you receive at Beal College to make
a positive impact on the community you choose to work in.  Please be sure to address which
academic program you plan to pursue.      

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