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This is an example of rallies we held in the Spring , a few were duplicated due to
popular demand. We do not hold rallies in the summer as there are so many
competitions taking place. There will be more in the Autumn/Winter.

2009 will be on a similar theme, prices may vary, but not much.

Junior Training every last Friday of the month January onwards at 6pm at
Heazle. Flat and jumping according to the group. £60 for all 11 nights training.
Please contact Chris Brake on 01823 680280.

Wednesday January 2nd at Conquest.
Flatwork/dressage with Nicola Norman
12 noon until 4pm
Sessions 1 hour, 2 or 3 riders at a time.
£15.00 for 2, £12 for 3 riders.

Monday January 14th at Heazle Riding Centre
Dressage with Claire Skinner
10am to 2pm
One hour sessions. £15 for 2 riders. £12 for 3 riders.

Monday January 21st at Jerwoods Farm, Culmstock
Simulator instruction with Felicity Mann
6pm to 7.30pm
Everyone who has been to the 3 previous classes has really enjoyed them.
Basically you sit on the simulator surrounded by mirrors and Felicity who is a
BHSI and incorporates the Alexander Technique helps you with your position.
Groups of 4. £15 per person.

Friday January 25th at Heazle Riding Centre.
Flatwork/polework with Chris Derrymna
1pm to 5pm.
This is meant for riders with green horses, or horses with green riders! As many
as you kn ow Chris is very experienced with all types of horses, tons of
Groups of 3 or 4. One hour session. £12.00 each.

Sunday February 17th at Netherclay Livery Centre.
Clear Round show Jumping with Gaynor Lomas.
10am onwards.
This is a new concept for the club. Gaynor will set up a show jumping course at
whatever height is required.
Each individual rider will warm up in the smaller ring, then come into the main
ring, jump a fence or two, then jump the course. Gaynor will then give some
instruction, then the rider has a second try at the course.
15 minutes will be allowed for each entry. £8.00 per entry.You can have as many
entries as you like at different heights if required. Please request course
height when entering.

Wednesday February 20th at Conquest.
Ride-a-Test. Instructor. Jane Penford
9am to 12noon.
Many of you know how this works. One rides a test, has instruction, then rides
the test again. Great practice with no pressure. Remember to let me know
which test you wish to do.
Half hour session. £15.00

Saturday February 23rd at Jerwoods Farm, Culmstock
Simulator Instruction with Felicity Mann.
10am to 11.30.
Another chance to use this great device. Really allows the rider to concentrate
on his or her position, seat etc.
Groups of 4. £15.00 each

Friday March 7th at Heazle.
Due to popular demand another flatwork and pole session.
1 hour, groups of 3/4. One hour sessions at £12.00 each.
Instructor: Chris Derryman

Sunday March 9th at Netherclay Livery Centre.
Gymnastic Jumping with Gaynor Lomas.
10am onwards.
Always a very popular rally. One hour sessions.
Groups of 3. £12.00 per person.

Friday March 14th at Heazle Riding Centre.
Technique of Riding Cross Country fences with Alison Brown.
1pm to 5pm.
This will be indoors, but jumping XC type fences, ie arrow heads, corners etc
Alison has a wealth of experience in Cross Country riding, great preparation for
the coming season and the Pontispool 3 phase rally in April.
Groups of 3 or 4. One hour sessions.
£12.00 each.

Friday 21st March at Heazle
Flatwork and pole work
Instructor: Chris Derryman
Groups 2/3. One hour sessions at £12.00 each.
Tuesday March 25th at Haydon House Holway.
Dressage instruction.
Instructor - Nina Venables
The instruction will be sessions of one hour, 2 riders each.

Tuesday 8th April at Netherclay Livery Centre
Combined Training
Gaynor Lomas - Show Jumping
Dressage - Sue Petty
45 minute sessions. Groups of 2. £25.00 for both.

Thursday April 17th at Pontispool
3 phase all day rally
XC - Sara Thorne
SJ - Chris Derryman
Dressage - Nina Venables
Groups 4/5 XC £20, SJ and dressage £15 each. All three £35.00.

Thursday May 8th at Haydon House
Ride A Test
Half an hour session, ride your chosen test and be judged, instruction and
then re ride your test. Let me know your chosen test.
Instructor TBA. £15.00.

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