Intervention Referral Student Brett Ladwig Mr Jeff Plautz Ms by hubeybrown


									                           Intervention Referral
Student:     Brett Ladwig                                Referral Date:         9/10/2008

Person to Implement:               Mr. Jeff Plautz

Case Manager:               Ms. Kristin Cedar

     Intervention Description:         Brett will participate in Oral Readings three times a week for 20
      minutes. Mr. Plautz reads the text first, providing the student with a model of fluent reading. Then the
      student reads the same passage to the adult with the adult providing assistance and encouragement.
      The student rereads the passage until the reading is quite fluent. This should take approximately three
      to four rereadings.

Materials:      Reading Passage, Progress Monitoring once a week

Amount of time:        20 minutes                        Days of week:          3 days a week

Next Scheduled SAT meeting: __________________________________________
   Date and Minutes        Progress Monitoring        Date and Minutes of        Progress Monitoring
    of Intervention              Results                 Intervention                  Results
   9/12/2008 20 min        Baseline: average of 30    10/1/2008 20 min
                           words per minute
   9/15/2008 20 min                                   10/3/2008 20 min          35 words per minute

   9/17/2008 20 min                                   10/6/2008 20 min

   9/19/2008 20 min        32 words per minute        10/8/2008 ABSENT

   9/22/2008 20 min                                   10/10/2008 20 min         37 words per minute

   9/24/2008 ABSENT                                   10/15/2008 SAT
   9/26/2008 20 min        33 words per minute

   9/29/2008 FIELD

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