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International workers for Summer 2008. Sample Resume by hubeybrown


									          International Workers for Summer 2007. Sample Resume.

          Preferred seasonal employment: Sales, Ride operator, housekeeper.
          Visa type: J-1.

Student Information                                                     Personal Photograph

     Student First Name:       Elena
     Student Last Name:        V.
 Student Date of Birth         30 Feb1986
         Street Address:       500 Marksa str apt.4
       City and Country:       Yekaterinburg, Russia
     Telephone Number:         +7 500 88 22 2222
        E-Mail Address:
                   Age:        21
               Gender:         Female
     Current University:       Ural State University
       Graduation Date:        June 2008
             Profession:       World Economics
       Level of English        Advanced
General Questions

Have you been in the USA before?                                  no
Start Date of Work:                                               June 20
Final Date of Work:                                               September 20
What are your primary reasons for employment in the
                                                                             Please, rank from 1 to 6
                              To make and save money              6
                                           To practice English    1
                                        To meet new people        2
                                  To go overseas to America       3
                           To gain work experience overseas       4
                            To make enough money to travel        5
What other languages do you speak?                                English
Do you have a valid Driver license?
Can you drive a car on your own without a difficulty?


Indicate the Jobs you were doing in the
                                                           Give details of your responsibilities per each of
                                              How long
       past (experienced at)
       Cashier and shop assistant               4 months     Produce store.

 Indicate the Jobs you would like to do        Desired Salary ($ / h)   How many days off would you like?
1 Shop assistant, fast food                  $8-9                           1-2

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