Quality interior matt emulsion paint with good hiding power

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					Technical Information No. D2011

CapaMatt                                                                                                                  D2011
Quality interior matt emulsion paint
with good hiding power.

 Product Description                                                Application

Field of Application:                                              System of Application:
Quality interior paint meeting the requirements as per             Two uniform, generously applied coats of CapaMatt, thinned up
EN 13300 in all respects for interior walls and ceilings.          to 5% with clean, potable water.

   Solvent free and practically odourless.                        Tools for Application:
   Water-thinnable and ecologically compatible.                   Brush, paint roller or airless spraying equipment.
   Washable according to EN 13300.
   Capable of capillary diffusion. Easy to apply                  Airless application
                                                                   Spraying angle:   50°
Properties:                                                        Nozzle size:      0.018 - 0.026"
- Contrast ratio for hiding power, to Class-3 as tested            Pressure:         150 - 180 bars.
  according to ISO 6504-3.                                         Clean tools immediately after use with water.
- Wet scrub resistance, to Class-3 as per EN 13300
                                                                   Spreading Rate:
Vehicle: Styrene Acrylic emulsion                                          Details              Min.          Max.       Average

                                                                     Wet Film Thickness        100µm        150µm        125µm
Degree of Gloss: Matt according to EN 13300.
                                                                     Dry Film Thickness         40µm         60µm        50µm
Volume solids: 40 + 2%

Colour:                                                            Theoretical Coverage        10 m²/ltr    6.6 m²/ltr   8 m²/ltr
As per CaparolColor and 3D Colour Cards. Can be tinted via
ColorExpress machine system.
                                                                   The above values are theoretical. In actual the coverage may
Packaging: 3.75ltrs. & 18 ltrs.                                    vary due to surface condition and method of application. The
                                                                   exact rate of consumption is best established by a trial applica-
Storage:                                                           tion.
Cool, but protected from frost. Always store in air tight pails.
                                                                   Minimum Temperature for Application:
Safety precautions:                                                5°C / 41°F. Avoid working when raining, windy or snowing.
Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes,
rinse immediately with plenty of clean water. In case of spray     Drying Time:
application: Do not breathe spray. Do not empty into drains,       At 20°C / 68°F and 65% relative atmospheric humidity: surface-
watercourses and onto the ground. Please note directions on        dry and re-coatable after approx.8 hours, thoroughly dry and
the product label and safety data sheets.                          ready for stress after approx. 3 days.
                                                                   Lower temperatures and/or higher relative humidity will
Waste Removal:                                                     lengthen the drying process.
Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a
safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local
Particular attention should be made to re-moving wastage
from site in compliance with standard construction site proce-
                                                                    CapaMatt - W
                                                                   Also available as CapaMatt – W, an organic growth inhibiting,
                                                                   fungus / algae resistant, paint.
 Preparation of Suitable                                            Advice
 Interior Substrates
                                                                  Technical Assistance:
The substrate must be sound, dry, clean, and free from all        As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates
materials that may prevent good adhesion.                         and their specific problems, please request our technical assis-
                                                                  tance in case of queries.
Defects and Damages in the Surface:
Repair small defects with CapaStucco. Repair deeper defects       Please Note:
and cracks with a suitable mortar. Allow to dry thoroughly for    All suggestions and application instructions herein are based
2 – 4 weeks. Apply materials in accordance with the technical     on our latest technical experience. Due to the wide variety of
specifications and prime subsequently, if required.               individual project conditions, we cannot be held responsible for
                                                                  their content.
Renders / Plasters:                                               These instructions do not release the purchaser/applicator from
Firm renders/ plasters with normal absorbency require no pre-     his responsibility to determine the suitability of the product in
liminary treatment.                                               consideration of the project characteristics. These instructions
Prime highly porous, sanding or absorbent renders/plasters        are to be considered void when a new edition is released. Our
with CapaClear Primer.                                            general conditions of sale and delivery in their latest edition
Gypsum Boards:
                                                                  Shelf Life: 12 months at 20ºC
Prime absorbent boards with CapaClear Primer. Prime highly
compacted, smooth boards with CapaPrime to promote bond-
                                                                  Issue: 01.08.2008
                                                                  This Technical Information sheet CapaMatt D2011
                                                                  supersedes those previously issued.
Remove remnants of release agents and loose chalking or
sanding material. Prime with CapaPrime.
                                                                  For further information contact:

Existing Coatings:
Flat, slightly absorbent coatings may be treated without a pre-   Caparol LLC
liminary preparation.                                             P.O.Box: 62182
                                                                  Dubai – U.A.E.
Sand glossy coatings, enamels and varnishes & prime with          Tel        : + 971 4 347 35 38
CapaPrime. Highly porous, absorbent substrates need to be         Fax        : + 971 4 347 42 56
primed with CapaClear Primer. Removal of all loose existing       E-Mail : ho@caparol-me.com
coatings is recommended prior to the application of the           Internet : www.caparol.ae

Mildew Substrates:
Remove the organic growth completely by mechanical means
and wash the substrate with biocidal solution Capatox.
Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. Prime according to the
kind and condition of the substrate.
Apply 2 finishing coats of CapaMatt W.

Coat with CapaLac Primer.