Emergency Evacuation Procedures (Sample) by jal11416


									     Emergency Evacuation Procedures (Sample)
                           Cut Block Loon Lake 81-31
                                Port Alberni BC
                           For on-site Faller Training
Loon Lake road is located approximately 4 km out of Port Alberni heading towards
Parksville on the HyWay 30 minutes from the hospital. Hospital location signs are well
marked from HyWay in Port Alberni to the hospital. Level 3 ticket holders will drive the
route to ensure location. The hospital is approximately 30 min from the work site.

Cut Block Loon Lake 81-31 is located10 km up Loon Lake Road Ribbons marked Trail
Ribbon yellow will show route to Trainee work site. The Heli site will be mark with
orange paint in immediate area, to prevent anyone from entering the falling areas. Signs
and barricades will be in place. ATV trails in cut block will be blocked and ribboned off.
Crews entering area will have radios monitoring North Island Timberlands frequencies.
Phil Savage will be Contact Supervisor for N.I. Timberlands.

Emergency evacuation procedures and numbers are posted in vehicle
License # 9040 HW, Sat Phone on site. Level 2 Kit.

Bill Bolton cell # xxx-xxx-xxxx      Steve Telosky cell # xxx-xxx-xxxx
Brent Hunter # xxx-xxx-xxxx          Tony Lalonde cell # xxx-xxx-xxxx

Key Contact Numbers


BC AMBULANCE: 250-286-1155

Port Alberni FIRE HALL:

E @ B Helicopters 250-287-4421

VIH HELICOPTERS: 250-923-3133 (Crystal is dispatcher) and/or 250-923-8527
GPS Co-ordinates: Lat 49 degrees 18 min 36 seconds / Long 124 degrees 41 min 20

North island Timberlands OFFICE: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Channel 3 Fallers channel 171.735 tone125
Channel 4 NIT direct      172. 365 tone127.300
Faller Training Site

Loon Lake Road # 81-31-- Block 272110 Port Alberni

There will be a maximum of 15 people at the work site:
 Manager: Bill Bolton
 Facilitator: Steve Telosky
 Trainers: Tony Lalonde - Brent Hunter
 Trainees: Keith Greaves - Sean Peacock - Arron Brady - Eric Sigurdssson -
               Reece Loranger - Jacob Minhinnick - Ryan Sampson - Gerald Gregoire
 1 Guest per day is acceptable.

There is First Aid Equipment on site (North Island Timberlands to supply support).
Falling Areas are in close proximity to the road, and good access/egress trails are
established and marked with pink trail ribbon.
 Level 3 kit in the ETV (North Island Timberlands)
 Level 2 kit in vehicle #90 40 HW
Each trainer and trainee will have a personal first-aid kit and pressure bandage on them.

OFA Level 1 tickets onsite
 Manager: Steve Telosky, Level 1
 Trainers: Tony Lalonde, Level 1 Transport
              Brent Hunter, Level 1 Transport

o   Each group will have radios and frequencies to contact each other and Man checks
    will be conducted at the start of each day and every 20 to 30 min. Channel 4
    preferred for falling channel and North Island Timberlands office.

o   In the event of an injury, the designated first aid attendant in the group will stabilize
    the patient and contact the OF Level 3 attendant.

o   The Level 3 attendant will determine the required treatment and transportation for the
    injured worker.

o   Written procedures will be reviewed each day at the initial safety meeting. (tailgate
    meetings) Vehicle inspections to be documented by trainees.

o   Each day there will be an initial safety meeting conducted, documented and will be
    signed off by all individuals on site.

o   Heliport is marked at the junction of LL81 Road and Spur B1-33.

o   Notes taken by trainers each day to record trainees progress.
o   Trainees and trainers each day with check in and out together.
o   Each group will have and logging plan on site and Safety Procedures.
o   Any Concerns “Stop Work” Contact Supervisor.

Copy of these minutes forwarded to Phil Savage, North Island Timberlands
home xxx -xxx - xxxx.
Steve Telosky

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