Electromagnetism FYSN13 by jal11416


									                    Electromagnetism FYSN13

                                                                A. Fuhrer, L.E. Fr¨berg,
                                                                J.N. Pedersen, M.W. Lar-
                                                                son, A. Wacker, M.-E.
                                                                Pistol,   and L. Samuel-
                                                                son: Few electron double
                                                                quantum dots in InAs/InP
                                                                nanowire heterostructures,
                                                                Nano Letters 7, 243 (2007)

      What is the capacitance matrix used to describe charging in
          Why does the refractive index depend on frequency?
       Why is the impedance of an antenna cable of importance?
 How long does it take for the electron to fall into the nucleus in the
            classical Rutherford model for the atom?

Aim of the course The course shall provide central knowledge in advanced electrody-
namics relevant for a variety of fields in physics.
The course is intended for 4th year students as well as PhD students. It is part of the
Master programme in physics within FYSM01.
Content (7.5 HP)
  • Maxwell’s equations, conservation laws, and electromagnetic potentials
  • Wave propagation in media
  • Optical waveguides
  • Radiating systems
  • Selected advanced topics, such as relativistic formulation, synchrotron radiation,
    or quantum optics

Expected Pre-Knowledge: Elementary knowledge in electromagnetism, in particular
electrostatics and magnetostatics corresponding to FYSA11 and FYSA21.
Schedule HT2 (November-December)
Homepage www.teorfys.lu.se/FYSN13/
Responsible teacher Andreas Wacker, Division for Mathematical Physics

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