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									                                                       Magnetism & Electricity

                  Know                                    Understand                                                  Do
         The Force of Magnetism                         The Force of Magnetism                             The Force of Magnetism
-Force                   -Induced magnetism   Magnets either attract or repel one another.        Explore properties of permanent magnets.
-Magnet                  -Graph               Magnets attract to iron and steel. The              Use a magnet to detect objects made from
-Magnetism               -Prediction          magnetic force between two magnets                  iron. Explore and measure the force of
-Attract                 -Intersection        decreases with distance. Magnetism can be           magnetism. Investigate changes in force of
-Repel                   -Detector            induced in a piece of iron or steal.                attraction. Find ways to detect and see the
-Temporary magnet        -Scientific method                                                       magnetic force. Record data on a graph. Use
                                                           Making Connections                     scientific thinking processes to conduct
                                              A circuit is a path way through which electric      investigations and build explanations.
             Making Connections
                                              current flows. A closed circuit allows
-D-Cell                  -Fahnstock clip
                                              electricity to flow; and open circuit does not.                Making Connections
-Battery                 -Switch
                                              Conductors are materials that allow the flow        Build and compare series circuits. Identify
-Electricity source      -Open circuit
                                              of electricity; insulators are materials that do    components of a circuit and understand their
-Electricity receiver    -Closed circuit
                                              not allow the flow of electricity. A switch is a    functions. Demonstrate evidence of the flow
-Circuit                 -Schematic diagram
                                              device that opens and closes a circuit.             of electricity. Identify materials that are
-Filament                -Conductor
                                                                                                  conductors and insulators. Draw pictures and
-Component               -insulator
                                                         Advanced Connections                     schematic diagrams to represent circuits.
-Circuit base
                                              A circuit with only one pathway to flow is a
                                              series circuit. A circuit that splits into two or             Advanced Connections
            Advanced Connections
                                              more pathways is a parallel circuit.                Construct circuits that run more than one
-Estimate                -About
                                                                                                  component. Compare series and parallel
-Round                                                                                            circuits. Name the advantages of series and
                                                           Current Attractions
                                              Electromagnetism is magnetism created by            parallel circuits.
             Current Attractions              current flowing through a conductor.
-Electromagnet           -Prediction          Electromagnets can be turned on and off. The                    Current Attractions
-Core                    -Graph               strength of the magnetism produced by and           Learn how to make an electromagnet. Find
-Coil                                         electromagnet can be varied.                        the relationship between the number of winds
                                                                                                  around a core and the strength of the
                    Click It                                       Click It                       magnetic force. Investigate other ways to
-Technology              -Gap                 Connecting two telegraphs for two-way               change the strength of an electromagnet’s
-Telegraph               -Code                communication requires two complete                 magnetic force.
-Key                                          circuits. Science and technology are closely                           Click It
                                              related.                                            Use the concepts of electric circuits and
                                                                                                  electromagnets to build a telegraph. Use
                                                                                                  simple code to send and receive messages.
                                                                                 Magnetism & Electricity

     Key Learning: Magnets attract and repel each other and certain kinds of other objects. Electricity in circuits can produce light, heat, sound, and magnetic effects.

                 Unit Essential Question: How do magnets interact with other objects and how can electricity be controlled?

The Force of Magnetism                   Making Connections                         Advanced Connections                  Current Attractions                          Click It

Lesson Essential Questions:          Lesson Essential Questions:                  Lesson Essential Questions:         Lesson Essential Questions:         Lesson Essential Questions:

What kind of materials do            Where do connections need to                 How can you get two bulbs to        How do you turn a magnet on         How do you use your
magnets stick to?                    be made in a circuit?                        light at the same time?             and off?                            knowledge of electricity and
                                                                                                                                                          electromagnetism to reinvent
How do magnets interact with         How does electricity flow                    How can you make two lights         How does the number of              the telegraph?
other objects?                       though a circuit?                            shine brightly in a series          winds around the core affect
                                                                                  circuit?                            the strength of magnetism?          How do you connect two
How does an iron object              How is the motor circuit like                                                                                        telegraph systems to send
become a temporary magnet?           the light bulb circuit? How is it            How can you light two bulbs         How can the strength of an          messages back and forth to
                                     different?                                   brightly with just one D-Cell?      electromagnet be changed?           another group?
What materials does a
magnetic force go though?            What does a switch do in a                   How many different ways can
                                     circuit?                                     you make a parallel circuit?
How do we measure the force
of attraction between two            What test objects complete a                 How can you design the best
magnets?                             circuit?                                     circuit for tree lights?

How can you locate two               How much of the classroom
magnets taped in a box               environment is made of
without looking?                     conductors and insulators?

Vocabulary:                          Vocabulary:                                  Vocabulary:                         Vocabulary:                         Vocabulary:
Force, magnet, magnetism, attract,   Electricity receiver, electricity source,    Parallel circuit, series circuit,   Electromagnet, core, coil, graph,   Technology, telegraph, key, gap, code
repel, temporary magnet, induced     circuit, filament, component, circuit        component, orientation              prediction
magnetism, graph, prediction,        base, Fahnstock clip, switch, open
intersection, detector, scientific   circuit, closed circuit, schematic
method                               diagram, conductor, insulator, D-Cell,

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