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					                             GRADING SYSTEM 2008-2009

The following grading system is used at St. Joseph Central High School grades 8-12:
                     A+ 97-100               C 73-76
                     A 93-96                 C-70-72
                     A- 90-92                D+67-69
                     B+ 87-89                D 63-66
                     B 83-86                 D- 60-62
                     B- 80-82                F 59-Below

       1st Honors: 90 Average with nothing less than a B

       2nd Honors:85 Average with nothing less than a C+

*A failing average in two or more subjects areas constitutes non-promotion.

                                    ATTITUDE CODE

                      (1)   Excellent in class work and attitude
                      (2)   Working well but could improve
                      (3)   Shows lack of consistent attention and effort
                      (4)   Poor class attitude
                      (5)   Parent/teacher conference needed


                  Progress Report – Report Card – Dates to Remember

                     First Quarter                    Third Quarter
              Progress Reports Oct. 9thh              Progress Reports Mar 5th
              Grades Close     Nov. 7th               Grades Close Apr 3rd
              Grades Due       Nov. 10th              Grades Due Apr. 6th
              Parents Night    Nov. 18th
                     Second Quarter                   Fourth Quarter
              Progress Reports Dec. 11th              Progress Reports May 7th
              Grades Close Jan. 23rd                  Quarter closing and Final Exam
              Grades Due Jan. 26th                           dates to be determined.