2008 KFL SPONSORSHIP FORM by hubeybrown


									                 KFL 2008 SPONSOR INVITATION
                            KINGWOOD FOOTBALL LEAGUE
                                    PO Box 6458
                               Kingwood, TX 77325-6458

Dear Prospective Sponsor:

Attached is the Kingwood Football League (KFL) sponsorship form. The KFL is a non-profit
youth sports program endorsed by the Kingwood & Kingwood Park High School football
programs. The KFL teaches our youth the fundamentals of football and good sportsmanship,
preparing them for middle school football. Our organization was formed in 1990 and has
been growing ever since. We now have a combined registration of over 400 players and
The KFL season runs from July through November. By sponsoring a team in our league,
your business will be actively promoted to Kingwood and surrounding area families through
various forms of advertising during this time. Team sponsors benefit from having their
company name on team jerseys and having their name announced during games. Our banner
sponsors get the added bonus of having their signs remain in place for one full year. That
includes up to 30 weeks of events taking place at the KFL fields, such as HAKLAX (youth
lacrosse), church events, etc. In addition, team and banner sponsors both enjoy a full-page ad
in our seasonal program and an internet listing of your business on our web site
(www.kfl.net). Banner sponsors also receive an internet link from our web site to theirs,
which is a huge plus since our internet site has had over 2000 visitors since its inception in
If you elect to sponsor a specific team we will do our best to accommodate your preference.
Priority will be given to sponsors with children/grandchildren on specific teams and then on
a first-come/first-serve basis. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at
ticoogan@cisco.com, david.hemphill@hp.com or information@kfl.net. Please call us after
you have completed the attached form and we will be happy to come by and pick it up.
Your financial support is an important source of revenue for the KFL and since we rely
entirely on local businesses and families for our funding, your assistance is greatly
appreciated. Thanks again for supporting the KFL!


Tim Coogan 713-448-1698

David Hemphill 281-713-2254

Sponsorship Directors for the Kingwood Football League
                       2008 KFL SPONSORSHIP FORM
                                   KINGWOOD FOOTBALL LEAGUE
                                         P.O. BOX 6458
                                   KINGWOOD, TX 77325-6458

Sponsorship Categories
Banner Sponsor - $750.00 - Your banner (3’ x 5’ Permanent Metal Sign), will be displayed during KFL home games
for the entire 2008 season.

Team Sponsor - $500.00 - Your name on team jersey. Full-page ad in league program. Announcement of your
company/name during games. Plaque of Appreciation.

COMBO Sponsor - $1000.00 – You receive the benefits of both the Banner Sponsor and the Team Sponsor at a
discounted rate.

Please complete and return to the KFL. Deadline is August 3, 2008.
Make checks payable to the KFL.
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________City/Zip________________________________

Telephone: (home)_______________ (business)____________________(cell)______________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Sponsorship Level:        Banner Sponsor           Team Sponsor               Combo Sponsor

Team Sponsor: We will try and accommodate as many Team Sponsors as possible for particular team
preference. We will contact you if your preference is not available. Please indicate below the division and
team of your preference. If you would like your sponsorship affiliated with a particular child’s team please
indicate their name also.

Please indicate which division/team you are interested in sponsoring:
                     Freshmen Sophomore Juniors Seniors

Team Name_______________________________________

Child’s Name______________________________________

Your generosity makes it possible to provide our children with an exciting sports program for the enjoyment
of the whole family. Thank you for your support!

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