Zeta Alpha 2008 Spring Semester Officers by hubeybrown


									Zeta Alpha 2008 Spring Semester Officers
President Leslie Blades
     Crew1 Rituals (Katie Forney)
     Crew 2 Recruitment/Song leaders (Jenny Nelson)
     Crew 3 Public Relations (Brittany Hedderman)
     Crew 4 Fundraising (Laura Noonan)
     Crew 5 Senior Programming (Steph Rollo)
     Crew 6 Activities (Caity Comstock)
     ATC Jennie Tis (Jennie@robertseventgroup.com)
     RCS Ashley Webb (RCS1@deltagamma.org)
     Region 1 director Beth Wellmaker (DirReg1@deltagamma.org)
VP: Programming Stephanie Rollo
   Well Aware Lindsey Barker
   Senior Programming Lily Perry
VP: Membership Jenny Nelson
   Sponsorship Becky Simon
   COB Meaghan Higgins and Laura Noonan
   Nom-Com Mickey Rizza (FRAT-NOM1@deltagamma.org)
   RCRS Natalie Zmuda (rcrs1@deltagamma.org)
VP: Social Standards Molly Hough
     Social Events Sarah Lasrado
     Junior Member Carolyn Bagley
     Sophomore Member Marissa McCay
     Member at Large Emily Werner
VP: Foundation Michelle Brophy
     Anchor Splash Kerri Koch
     Fundraising Laura Noonan
     RFC Karen Kurlander (kakurlander@yahoo.com)
     Found. Resource Pat Bradley (tricia60@mindspring.com)
VP: Finance Leigh Ann Hart
   Sinking Fund Mary Louise Kubota
   HouseCorp Chrissy Quisenberrry(RHD1@deltagamma.org)
   Finance Specialist Pam Bamrick (RFS1@deltagamma.org)
VP: Member Education Allie Kulik
   New Members Kelly Ryan
   Scholarship Keeling Brady & Marissa McCay
   Rituals Katie Forney
VP: Panhellenic Caity Comstock
     Public Relations Brittany Hedderman
     Activities Jenny Aust
     Alumnae Relations Rebecca Simon
     Alternate Panhel Delegate Connie Perretta
     PR reports and pictures (Anchora@deltagamma.org)
     Regional Alumnae specialist
     Kristen Thomas (RASkristen@deltagamma.org),
     and Nicole Scaltro (RAS1nicole@deltagamma.org)
     Panhellenic resource (NPCHollmeyer@deltagamma.org)
VP: Communications Sarah Hoover
   E-Comm Jessica Merwin
   Chapter Archives Kate Mcquade
   Design Amanda Hanley and Jessica Abrams
    Website creator Kevin Hauge (Kevin@modernleaf.com)
    Photography company/bid day pictures
    Shirts (Greek box.com) 1-866-6-greek-5

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