AVON FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY
                           NEW FICTION SEPTEMBER 2008

Adler, Elizabeth                       One of Those Malibu Nights
Adrian, Chris                          A Better Angel: Stories
Barry, Brunonia                        The Lace Reader
Battles, Brett                         The Deceived
Belmond, C. A.                         A Rather Curious Engagement
Bilston, Sarah                         Bed Rest
Block, Stefan Merrill                  The Story of Forgetting
Bradford, Barbara Taylor               Being Elizabeth
Brown, Sandra                          Smoke Screen
Brundage, Elizabeth                    Somebody Else’s Daughter
Buckley, Christopher                   Supreme Courtship
Cameron, Stella                        Cypress Nights
Capella, Anthony                       The Various Flavors of Coffee
Coben, Harlan                          Fade Away
Coelho, Paulo                          Brida
Cook, Robin                            Foreign Body
Coulter, Catherine                     Double Jeopardy
Dain, Claudia                          The Courtesan’s Secret
Davidson, Andrew                       The Gargoyle
Ebershoff, David                       The 19th Wife
Edwards, Selden                        The Little Book
Frey, Stephen                          Forced Out
Fulton, Alice                          Nightingales of Troy
Furnivall, Kate                        The Red Scarf
Genelin, Michael                       Siren of the Waters
Gutcheon, Beth                         Good-Bye and Amen
Henry, Patti Callahan                  The Art of Keeping Secrets
Higgins, Jack                          Rough Justice
Hogan, Linda                           People of the Whale
Kellerman, Faye                        The Mercedes Coffin
Kent, Kathleen                         The Heretic’s Daughter
Kenyon, Sherrilyn                      Acheron
Kimmel, Haven                          Iodine
Kirino, Natsuo                         Real World
Klavan, Andrew                         Empire of Lies
Kushner, Rachel                        Telex from Cuba
Lustbader, Eric                        The Bourne Sanction
Meltzer, Brad                          The Book of Lies
Mitchard, Jacquelyn                    The Midnight Twins
Neugeboren, Jay                        1940
Novik, Naomi                           Victory of Eagles
Peebles, Frances De Pontes   The Seamstress
Perkins, Emily               A Novel About My Wife
Reichs, Kathy                Devil Bones
Richards, Emilie             Sister’s Choice
Rifkin, Sherri               LoveHampton
Rose, Karen                  Scream for Me
Salak, Kira                  The White Mary
Saul, John                   Faces of Fear
Shaffer, Mary Ann            The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Soc.
Shakespeare, Nicholas        Secrets of the Sea
Shanman, Ellen               Everything Nice
Sharpe, Isabel               As Good As It Got
Shearn, Amy                  How Far is The Ocean From Here
Siddons, Anne Rivers         Off Season
Sittenfeld, Curtis           American Wife
Stuart, Julia                The Matchmaker of Perigord
Tessaro, Kathleen            The Flirt
Thor, Brad                   The Last Patriot
Tobias, Michael              Chateau Beyond Time
Townley, Gemma               The Importance of Being Married
Tremain, Rose                The Road Home
Traver, Robert               Anatomy of a Murder
Turtledove, Harry            The Man with the Iron Heart
Veitch, Kate                 Without a Backward Glance
Waugh, Evelyn                Brideshead Revisited
White, Karen                 The Memory of Water
Wiggs, Susan                 Just Breathe
Yates, Bart                  The Distance Between Us

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