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 Address:                              Public Safety Center
                                       39 Churchill Road
                                       Oswego, New York 13126
 Telephone:                            1-315-349-3200
 Fax:                                  1-315-349-3212
 Placement Supervisor(s):              Donald H. Dodd, District Attorney
 Email Address:              
 Time Requirements:                    Academic Year: Average of 8 hours/week OR Average of 12
                                       Summer: Average of 21 hours/week minimum
                                       Students must work during business hours.
 Position Requirements:                Knowledge of Criminal Law preferred
 # of Externs in Academic Yr.:         2
 Summer Participation:                 Yes
 # of Externs in Summer:               2

The District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of all crimes committed in Oswego
County. The Office prosecutes cases in Oswego County Court as well as two City Courts, 22 Town
Courts and three Village Courts.

There is no division of the office into departments or bureaus because of the size of the office. The
prosecutors have daily contact with each other. There are four full-time prosecutors in addition to the
District Attorney and three part-time prosecutors. The part-time prosecutors’ primary responsibility is to
prosecute all cases in the local courts. The full-time prosecutors’ primary responsibility is to prosecute

Students will be asked to prepare appellate briefs, conduct research, prepare responses to discovery and
other motions, and to become involved in ongoing investigations as the need arises. There will be
opportunities to be present at preliminary felony hearings, calendar calls, and trials, always accompanied by
the prosecutor handling that particular case.

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