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									                                   Middle School Summit Agenda (Tentative)
                                   Macomb ISD – Tuesday, February 6, 2007
8:00-8:30 A.M .                Registration, coffee and refreshments

8:30-8:45 A.M .                Opening: Introductions and State Department Update
                                        Diane McMillan, Associate Director, M ASSP

8:45-9:30 A.M .                Key note Speaker:
                                        Pat Benson, Director, M ichigan Schools in the M iddle Program, Central M ichigan University

9:30-9:45 A.M .                Break

9:45-10:45 A.M .               Panel Discussion: What impact is High S chool Reform Having on Middle S chools?
                                        Pat Benson, Director, M ichigan Schools in the M iddle Program, Central M ichigan University
                                        Dianne McMillan, Associate Director, MASSP
                                        Narda Murphy, Assistant Superintendent, Williamston Community Schools
                                        Wanda Cook Robinson, Superintendent, Southfield Public Schools
                                        Kristine Gullen, Consultant, Oakland Schools
                                        Tiffany S pencer, Mt. M orris Junior High Counselor, Mt. M orris Schools
                                        Hassane Jaafar, Principal, O.L. Smith M iddle School, Dearborn
                                        Nancy Fenton, Co-director, M ichigan Coalition of Essential Schools
10:45-11:00 A.M . Break

11:00- 11:45 A.M .           – Breakout Session 1
                     Room 100A       Presenter: Developing Proficient Readers Across the Content Areas: Real Reading in the
                                     Middle, Nancy Fenton and Jan M unther, M ichigan Coalition of Essential Schools
                     Room 100B       Presenter: Intervention and Best Practices, Glenn M aleyko, Principal; Inaya Bazzi & Robert
                                     Attee, Salina Intermediate School team, Dearborn Schools
                     Room 100C       Presenter: Mathematics Education Resource Center (MERC), Val Mills and Dana Gosen, Oakland Schools
                     Room 205        Presenter: Flexible S cheduling Trimester Program, Dawn Warren, Principal, Ferndale M S

11:45-12:30 P.M .              Lunch Break; Lunch Speaker: MME, ACT, & MEAP: Implications of Assessment,
                               Paul Bielawski, M anager, School Restructuring and Accountability M ichigan Department of Education

12:30-1:15 P.M               – Breakout Session 2
                     Room 100A       Presenter: Increasing S tudent Success and Preventing Failure: S tudent Assistance Program,
                                     Christine Sermak, Laura Boutni, Tania Dupuis, Shelley Kranz, and Barb M ichelutti, Williamston
                                     School District
                     Room 100B       Presenter: Gender S pecific Classes, Kathy Guntzviller, Douglas Bargerstock, Daniel M iller, Jacqueline
                                     Quinn, M arcia Zaitchik, Clearenceville M iddle School
                     Room 100C       Presenter: S tate Improvement Grant (ELA), Valerie Belay, M DE

1:15-1:30 P.M .                Break

1:30-2:15 P.M                – Breakout Session 3
                     Room 100A       Presenter: Common Assessments, Dr. Josh Talison, M s. Joie Blaszczak, Ms. Angela M aura, M s.
                                     Dawn Rankin, and M r. Jarett Rice, Thompson M iddle School, Southfield
                     Room 100B       Presenter: First 10 Days (ELA MEAP Genre Units), Carla Howe, West Bloomfield
                     Room 100C       Presenter: MiCLASS : Content Literacy – Assessment, Standards, and S trategies, Cynthia
                                     Clingman, Ottawa ISD; Dr. Elaine Weber, M acomb ISD
                     Room 205        Presenter: Inkster S chools, Tom Maridada, Superintendent; I. Brazien, Inkster Schools, Coalition of Essential Schools

2:15-2:30 P.M .                Break

2:30-3:15 P.M                 – Breakout Session 4
                     Room 100A        Presenter: Implications of the ACT on Middle S chool Preparedness, Paul Bielawski, M DE
                     Room 100B        Presenter: MEAP Writing Range-Finding, Jane Faulds, MDE
                     Room 100C        Presenter: Middle S chool Math Enrichment Project & Career Forward, M ichigan Virtual
                                      High School, M ichigan Virtual University
                     Room 205         Presenter: Boys’ Literacy, Dr. Sue Stephens, Shiawassee ISD and Rita M addox, English
                                      Language Arts Consultant

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