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					                                  2008-2009 FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP FOR STUDENTS
                                                              One Physics Ellipse • College Park, MD 20740-3844 USA •
                                                                301-209-3280 • Fax: 301-209-0867 • Email:

    1 MAILING ADDRESS (please print clearly or type):
    Name: Mr. / Ms.
    (Circle One)                       Last Name                                             First Name                                                 Middle Name


    City:                                                     State:                         Zip:                               Country:

    Phone:                                                                                   Fax:

    Email Address:

     2 SCHOOL ADDRESS (if different from mailing address):                                      5 a APS ONLINE JOURNALS (choose ONE):
    _____________________________________________________________                              Physical Review Letters                     ❑
    University / College
                                                                                               Physical Review A	 	 	 	                    ❑
    Address / PO Box                                                                           Physical Review B	 	 	 	                    ❑
                                                                                               Physical Review C                           ❑
    City, State, and Zip Code                                                                  Physical Review D                           ❑
    _____________________________________________________________                              Physical Review E                           ❑
    Name of Advisor (graduate students) or Department Chair (undergraduates)
                                                                                               Reviews of Modern Physics                   ❑
    Advisor's / Department Chair's Email                                                        5 b    Canadian & Mexican students only, please choose ONE:
                                                                                               ❑	 Physics Today Online Only	
                                                                                               ❑	 Physics Today Print & Online
    Physics Subfield (if decided):

    Degree Working Toward:                                                                     6 APS UNITS (see reverse side for list of units):
                                                                                                 As a new APS student, please consider the Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA).
    Expected Graduation Year:

    Date of Birth:                     	           	                                          ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                              Free Division or Topical Group

    Gender:         ❑M            		   ❑F                                                     ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                              Free Division or Topical Group

    4 APS DUES $0 (Student dues are waived first year)                                        Free Forum

                                                                                              Free Forum

                                                                                              Free Section

    7 STUDENT CERTIFICATION:                            I certify that I am a full-time student at a University/College in the United States, Canada or Mexico

    and that I have not previously received a free trial membership in the APS. I have read and understand all information on this form and I,

    ________________________________________________________________________, apply for membership in the American Physical Society
    on ________________________.

    All new membership and journal subscriptions begin the month following receipt of application/payment and continue for 12 months. All journals are for your personal use
    only. Resale or institutional use of personal journals is prohibited for five years after delivery.

                                                                            FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
	            Member ID# _______________________                                                                   Approved by: Initials ________ Date _______

                       The American Physical Society Offers a Free Trial Year of Membership

   The American Physical Society wants to introduce physics students in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to the American and
international community of physics by offering a one-year free trial membership. After the one free year, you may retain
membership at a special low rate and continue to receive all student privileges while you are enrolled as a student.
   Membership in the Society includes subscriptions to Physics Today, APS News, and access to the online APS Membership
Directory. In addition, you may take advantage of Society journals and other publications (paper, online and CD-ROM) at
greatly reduced subscription rates, network through a growing number of specialized units, receive career information and
updates, and reduced registration fees for APS meetings.
   APS also keeps its members informed on relevant government activities; conducts technical studies of issues related to
energy, the environment, and armaments; works to improve physics education; and promotes equity of educational and
employment opportunities as well as international cooperation in physics. Your active participation in the Society will help
support the mission of APS and communication among physics professionals.

                                  Opportunity to Join APS Specialized Units
             (2 free units included with Trial Membership in addition to complimentary forums and sections)

     Divisions - $7 each                                                    Topical Groups - $7 each
     Astrophysics                                                           Few-Body Systems & Multiparticle Dynamics
     Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics                                    Gravitation
     Biological Physics                                                     Hadronic Physics
     Chemical Physics                                                       Instrument & Measurement Science
     Computational Physics                                                  Magnetism and its Applications
     Condensed Matter Physics                                               Plasma Astrophysics
     Fluid Dynamics                                                         Precision Measurement & Fundamental Constants
     Laser Science                                                          Quantum Information, Concepts and Computation
     Materials Physics                                                      Shock Compression of Condensed Matter
     Nuclear Physics                                                        Statistical & Nonlinear Physics
     Particles & Fields
     Physics of Beams                                                      Sections - free
     Plasma Physics                                                        California
     Polymer Physics                                                       Four Corners (Southwest)
                                                                           New England
    Forums - 2 free, each add'l $7                                         New York State
    Education                                                              Northwest
    Graduate Student Affairs                                               Ohio
    History of Physics                                                     Prairie
    Industrial and Applied Physics                                         Southeastern
    International Physics                                                  Texas
    Physics & Society

                                  Society Journals & Other Publications at Member Rates

APS Members may subscribe to no more than three APS journals, excluding PR-INDEX and PROLA, for their personal use at APS
Member Society rates. Online access to APS journals at member rates has a cap of 300 downloads per year for a single journal
subscription and 450 for PROLA. Resale or institutional use of personal journals is prohibited for five years after delivery. Online: All
paper subscriptions to PRL and RMP include the online version at no additional charge. CD-ROM compilations of Physical Review
sections, PRL, and RMP are available; see for availability and pricing or contact the APS Membership
Department. For a complete listing of APS Journals and other publications, visit