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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.                                                                            FEB. 2008 - PRESENT
   Ms. Gladu has more than 18 years of experience in environmental health and safety and is a Senior Consultant in
   Argus Pacific’s Consulting Division. She specializes in managing projects involving asbestos-containing
   materials, lead, PCB’s, and other regulated building materials for public and private sector clients, and has
   thorough knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations regarding asbestos and lead. Ms. Gladu has extensive
   experience in large-scale abatement design and project management for occupied facilities and demolition

BUREAU VERITAS NORTH AMERICA, INC.                                                                 2004 – FEB. 2008
   Ms. Gladu, as Technical Director of Asbestos and Lead Practice Group, was responsible for managing
   nationwide asbestos and lead services for a large international glass manufacturer and for assuring uniformly
   high quality service throughout the country. In addition, Ms. Gladu was responsible for quality control and
   quality assurance related to Asbestos and Lead Services for Bureau Veritas’ North American Operations. She
   developed Technical Operations Manuals, trained staff, and monitored field and report writing for quality
   control. Ms. Gladu performed field inspections for large asbestos abatement projects and reviewed and/or
   developed abatement design documents including bid documents, technical specifications, and drawings.

INTERNATIONAL GLASS MANUFACTURER                                                                            2004 - 2008
    Ms. Gladu coordinated environmental, health, and safety services to an international glass manufacturer for
    twenty-three facilities that comprise its North American operations. Ms. Gladu managed asbestos surveys,
    project design and oversight, and provided technical guidance for asbestos procedures and protocols during
    renovation and demolition activities. In addition, Ms. Gladu, as the account manager, was responsible for all
    contracting, invoicing, and quality control for services. In addition to asbestos services, Ms. Gladu provided
    training, SPCC, stormwater, and laboratory services to this client.

    In addition, Ms. Gladu worked with the client to update their Asbestos Management Plan including launching a
    labeling and warning sign program (generated directly out of the database), asbestos awareness training program
    (instructed over 600 employees in 2 hour asbestos awareness), trained 65 plant engineers as EPA Region X
    AHERA building inspectors, and managed abatement projects for damage noted during the assessments.

    Over the past four years, Ms. Gladu has also managed and designed hundreds of asbestos abatement projects
    relating to roofing, glass furnace re-builds, office and building modifications, new facility construction, and
    natural disaster response.

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER                                                                                      DEC. 2007
   Ms. Gladu provided asbestos and lead services as part of the environmental due diligence in a 43-story hotel in
   downtown Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Gladu reviewed previous sampling reports, developed sampling protocol, and
   managed Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)-licensed asbestos inspectors during the survey of the
   building. Ms. Gladu prepared order of magnitude cost estimates for renovations and long-term asbestos
   liabilities at the site. Ms. Gladu also developed and implemented an air monitoring program to document
   airborne fiber concentrations in the hotel prior to property purchase. Ms. Gladu met the tight timeline and the

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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.         1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA            98119      (206) 285.3373      
                                             FAX (206) 285.3927
    client successfully prepared an offer for the property which included an appropriate budget for managing the
    asbestos and lead in the hotel.

WALGREEN COMPANY                                                                                      2003 - 2008
  In support of Key Account activities, Ms. Gladu was responsible for providing senior review of asbestos and
  lead surveys, design documents, and abatement reports for the Walgreen Company and related Real Estate
  Developers. In addition, Ms. Gladu, developed proposals and cost estimates for services across the U.S. Ms.
  Gladu also managed two large survey and abatement projects in 2007 which included the complete demolition
  and abatement of two development sites including 19, multi-unit apartment buildings in Brownsville, Texas and
  middle school in Billings, Montana.

CLAYTON GROUP SERVICES, INC.                                                                           2000 - 2004
   Ms. Gladu was responsible for the business operation of Clayton's Portland, Oregon office including supervising
   its' staff of 12-15 employees. In addition, Ms. Gladu taught EPA Region X asbestos courses including the
   AHERA building inspector and management planner courses. Ms. Gladu also conducted asbestos, lead, and
   other regulated building materials inspections, designed and managed abatement projects, and supervised staff
   performing project monitoring. Clients included Portland Development Commission, Reynolds School District,
   Portland General Electric, and Boeing.

PORTLAND DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION                                                                         2000 - 2003
   As part of a three-year contract to assist an urban development commission with property transfers, Ms. Gladu
   conducted and managed assessment and remediation of asbestos, lead, and other regulated building materials for
   more than 20 properties. She provided remediation options and cost estimates and for the properties for planning
   purposes. Specific projects under the contract included surveying, and designing and managing abatement of
   four buildings comprising a city block as part of a large demolition and redevelopment project; surveying, and
   designing and managing remediation of a former flour mill, and a heavy-metal contamination recycling
   operation; and surveying, and designing and managing microbial remediation of a commercial building.

PORTLAND DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION                                                                          2002 - 2004
   As part of a multi-year project, Ms. Gladu prepared a written Asbestos Management Plan for an inactive
   asbestos landfill on the southwest waterfront in Portland, Oregon. As part of the project, Ms. Gladu compiled
   and reviewed twenty years of data collected related to the site, which contained asbestos-contaminated concrete
   debris. She also prepared an Alternatives Analysis of the Remedial Action Options. Ms. Gladu presented the
   options to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and prepared the DEQ-approved abatement design
   for the redevelopment of the site including excavation and pile-driving.

PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC                                                                          2000 AND 2007
   Ms. Gladu reviewed general technical specifications for asbestos abatement for Portland General Electric
   (PGE). In addition, she designed a database tracking system for asbestos and lead projects at PGE’s Oregon and
   Washington operations. She also managed the data recovery and importation for over 15 years of asbestos-
   related survey and sample data.

REYNOLDS SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                               2000 - 2003
    Ms. Gladu performed overall project management of large-scale asbestos abatement and demolition projects,
    including initial site assessments for suspect ACM and lead-based paint (LBP), and development of technical
    work specifications. She also developed AutoCAD design drawings and managed the team performing
    contractor oversight during asbestos abatement and building demolition.

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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.         1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA          98119      (206) 285.3373     
                                             FAX (206) 285.3927
CLAYTON GROUP SERVICES, INC.                                                                          1998 - 2000
   Ms. Gladu managed asbestos and lead services for Clayton's Seattle, Washington office including supervising
   and mentoring staff. She was responsible for business development, proposal writing, budgeting, and staff
   development. In addition, she designed and managed complex regulated building materials projects including
   for the University of Washington, Port of Seattle, City of Seattle, and Seattle Public Schools.

PORT OF SEATTLE                                                                                           1998 - 2000
   Ms. Gladu provided hazardous building materials surveys, project design, construction management, and project
   management for various divisions of the Port of Seattle, including Marine and Aviation. Through her
   involvement in the Regulated Building Materials Program Management Group for Port Construction Services,
   Ms. Gladu designed and managed abatement projects at the occupied SeaTac International Airport including
   curbside conveyors, Terrazzo Flooring Overlay Project – Concourse C, British Airways Terraces Lounge,
   Restroom Enhancement Project – Phases 2 and 3, and 3rd Runway House Surplus Project. She was responsible
   for a multi-year, one million dollar a year contract to provide regulated building materials support for the Port of
   Seattle for all operations and management projects and terminal and tenant improvement projects at SeaTac
   International Airport.

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                               1999 - 2000
   Ms. Gladu provided project management and technical review of abatement design and oversight and survey
   activities for the University of Washington in support of its operations and maintenance program campus-wide.
   She also updated the facilities department’s asbestos operations and maintenance program in 2000.

PREZANT ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                                                
 1997 - 1998

TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR OF ASBESTOS/LEAD CLIENT SERVICES                                                     1995 - 1997
PROJECT MANAGER                                                                                           1993 - 1995
INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE TECHNICIAN                                                                             1991 - 1993

   Ms. Gladu managed asbestos and lead services for a large local utility, including the development of survey
   protocols, management of survey personnel, design of a database and AutoCAD tracking system, removal
   specifications, project monitoring, and a company operations and maintenance program. The project included
   more than 50 facility surveys encompassing offices, operating bases, power-generating plants, substations, and
   service centers. Ms. Gladu provided custom training for asbestos and lead at various facilities. She also designed
   and managed abatement and demolition of former utility-site properties for the real estate division of PSE.

   Ms. Gladu managed asbestos surveys at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, which included developing
   survey protocols; managing field personnel, quality control of data, and report writing; developing AutoCAD
   drawings; and custom training. Ms. Gladu managed asbestos and lead surveys of 1.25 million square feet for
   Fort Lewis Army base as part of a 5-year contract, including client relations, field and office staff, and
   subcontractors. She conducted building material surveys and wrote technical abatement specifications and
   drawings for six medical clinics slated for demolition.


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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.         1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA            98119      (206) 285.3373     
                                             FAX (206) 285.3927
    Ms. Gladu developed asbestos survey protocols, data tracking procedures, operations and maintenance
    programs, training procedures, and abatement technical specifications and drawings for seven downtown Seattle
    properties. She managed asbestos, lead, and other hazardous building materials surveys and abatement design
    for demolition of two downtown city blocks prior to redevelopment (NikeTown and former Jones Building). Ms.
    Gladu managed asbestos surveys, developed technical specifications and drawings, and provided project
    monitoring during the demolition of 12 buildings at the site of a new major league baseball stadium (Safeco

   Ms. Gladu conducted and managed asbestos, lead, and other hazardous building materials surveys in five retail
   malls in Washington and Idaho. She performed asbestos surveys, abatement design, and project monitoring for
   tenant improvement projects for various retail centers.

   Ms. Gladu performed overall project management of large-scale asbestos abatement and demolition projects,
   including initial site assessments for suspect asbestos containing material (ACM) and lead-based paint (LBP),
   and development of legal work specifications. She also developed AutoCAD design drawings and managed the
   team performing contractor oversight during asbestos abatement and building demolition.

   Ms. Gladu provided various services to Seattle Housing Authority, including ACM and LBP surveys, abatement
   design, and project monitoring. These projects included development of survey protocols, performance of
   surveys, development of technical abatement specifications and drawings, and abatement cost estimates.
   Projects included survey, design, project management, and project monitoring for hazardous building materials
   in 163 multi-unit housing structures slated for demolition (Holly Park Redevelopment); 150 crawlspaces, as a
   part of a mechanical upgrade project (Yesler Terrace); an occupied maintenance facility renovation project
   (Yesler Terrace Maintenance Facility); and lead abatement technical specifications and project monitoring for a
   gymnasium renovation project (Yesler Terrace).

   Ms. Gladu performed asbestos surveys as part of a 5-year project at the University. The project included ACM
   identification, condition assessment, quantification, report writing, data tracking, and data quality control for 45
   buildings totaling more than 1.5 million square feet.

   Ms. Gladu provided overall project management of small- to large-scale asbestos abatement projects, including
   contractor compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. She performed required employee and
   representative area air monitoring; provided visual inspections of completed asbestos abatement areas; presented
   the client with a final report, including scope of work, job progress, final conclusions and recommendations;
   performed asbestos surveys, sampling, mapping, and quantifying of asbestos; assisted in lead abatement
   projects, which involved conducting personal and area air monitoring; enforced federal housing and urban
   development (HUD) abatement guidelines, and collected pre- and post- abatement wipe sampling.

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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.          1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA            98119      (206) 285.3373     
                                              FAX (206) 285.3927

    Ms. Gladu is certified/approved/qualified to teach and has instructed the following:
   EPA Asbestos Project Designer
   EPA Asbestos Building Inspector
   EPA Asbestos Management Planner
   Lead Awareness and Inspector Training (16 hours)
   OSHA Class II Materials Specific Training Courses for Floor Tiles, Roofing, and Gaskets
   OSHA General Industry and Construction Industry Class IV Asbestos Awareness


             Gladu, Nicole. March 2004. Managing EHS Aspects of Facilities. Occupational Hazards

             Shulenberger, Chris and Nicole Gladu. January 2004. Promoting Cost-Effective Use of
             Computer Technologies in EHS Management. Occupational Hazards Magazine.


   Regional Breakfast Seminars, 2007-2008, What you need to know about Regulated Building
    Materials for Demolition or Renovation Projects
   Kansas City Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), 2007, Asbestos and Regulated
    Building Materials in Emergency Response
   US EPA Brownfields Conference, 2006, Portland, Oregon, Regulated Building Materials Surveys
    and Design
   AIHce 2005, Use of Computer Technology in Managing EHS
   Regional Breakfast Seminars, 2004-2006, Regulated Building Materials and Demolition/Renovation
   Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference, 2003, Regulated Building Materials
    Responsibilities and Trends
   Pacific Northwest Section American Industrial Hygiene Association (PNS-AIHA) Spring
    Symposium, Asbestos-containing Joint Compound and Wall Systems, 1999


1990    BA, Political Science, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts

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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.         1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA           98119      (206) 285.3373   
                                             FAX (206) 285.3927

   Pacific NW Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Member
   EPA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)-Certified 
 Asbestos Building Inspector
   EPA AHERA-Certified Project Designer
   EPA AHERA-Certified Management Planner
   EPA Region X AHERA Approved Training Instructor
   Commonwealth of Virginia-Licensed Asbestos Inspector
   Commonwealth of Virginia-Licensed Asbestos Designer
   Commonwealth of Virginia-Licensed Asbestos Management Planner
   NIOSH 582-Equivalent Course, Sampling and Evaluating Airborne Asbestos Dust
   OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health
   40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER

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ARGUS PACIFIC, INC.      1900 W NICKERSON ST  SUITE 315  SEATTLE, WA   98119      (206) 285.3373   
                                          FAX (206) 285.3927

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