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									                                            Operational Services Division
                                          Procurement Directors / Managers

                                              INFRASTRUCTURE & SUPPORT

Darcy Rowell                                        Supervises the following Procurement Groups:
Director of Infrastructure & Support                     Animals                          Homeland Security
(617) 720-3128                                           Clothing                         Public Safety
darcy.rowell@state.ma.us                                 Energy                           Groceries
                                                         Environmental Services           Vehicles

               PROCUREMENT MANAGER                                          CATEGORY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION

Betty Fernandez                                     Food – Groceries and related products, Equipment and services - Food
(617) 720-3133                                      preparation products & equipment, Prime grocer, Food auditing services,
Betty.fernandez@state.ma.us                         Catering, Dairy products, Baked commodities, Bottled water.

                                                    Public Safety/Law Enforcement Equipment, Supplies and Services –fire
                                                    fighting equipment only.

Darcy Rowell                                        Animals and Animal Supplies - Livestock & related products and services such
(617) 720-3128                                      as feed, bedding, veterinary services and general supplies.

Deb Combra                                          Facilities (Materials, Repairs, and Operations) – Commodities and services
(617) 720-3139                                      related to the maintenance and operation of physical plants & property (e.g.,
Debra.combra@state.ma.us                            building materials, trade work, lawn & grounds equipment, etc.).

Dmitriy Nikolayev                                   Environmental Services – Hazardous waste disposal and testing services, etc.
(617) 720-3351
Dmitriy.nikolayev@state.ma.us                       Facilities – Outdoor Landscaping, Building Materials, Toilets and Composting

James Ferri                                         Energy (Utilities and Fuels) – Electricity, natural gas, distillate oil, residual oil,
(617) 720-3168                                      gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and utility bill audits.

Updated 6/29/10 Sensitivity level - low
                                          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND OFFICE

Tim Kennedy                                         Supervises the following Procurement Groups:
Director of IT and Office Procurement                    Education                        IT Services
(617) 720-3107                                           IT Software                      Office
Tim.kennedy@state.ma.us                                  Recreation                       Telecommunications

              PROCUREMENT MANAGERS                                        CATEGORY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION

Darren Walz                                         Information Technology, Hardware – Computers, peripherals, related
(617) 720-3182                                      hardware, network integration, and support services.

Deb Carty                                           Office, Recreational, Educational Equipment, Supplies and Services – Office,
(617) 720-3321                                      Paper and Envelope supplies, Photocopier, Laser Printer, Facsimile Equipment
Debra.carty@massmail.state.ma.us                    and supplies, Film, Photographic, Audio and Videographic Services. Copy, Offset
                                                    Printing and Mailing services, Micrographic and Imaging equipment, supplies
                                                    and services, Art & Instructional School Supplies.

Marge MacEvitt                                      Information Technology, Software & Services – Software, IT services
(617) 720-3121                                      (Technical Specialists, Staff Augmentation, Solution Providers, Business Process
Marge.macevitt@state.ma.us                          Reengineering, Software Publishers, and Reverse Auctions).

Laurie Allen                                        Telecommunication – Voice, Data, Internet and Radio communication,
(617) 720-3304                                      equipment and services and Paging services.

Updated 6/29/10 Sensitivity level - low

William Funk                               Supervises the following Procurement Groups:
Director of Professional & Institutional        Facilities – Janitorial Services
Services                                        Healthcare Products
(617) 720-3329                                  Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Event
William.funk@state.ma.us                        Planning & Pharmaceuticals
                                                Professional Services
                                                Promotional Incentives


Brian Putnam                               Hospital, Laboratory, Dental Supplies and Equipment –
(617) 720-3328                             Medical Equipment, Beds, Furnishings, Dental, Laboratory,
Brian.putnam@state.ma.us                   treatment and monitoring equipment. Medical, Laboratory and
                                           Industrial Gases.

                                           Laboratory Products (Institutional Services) – Services
                                           related to Laboratory supplies. Testing, reagents, equipment,
                                           chemicals, education, and training.

                                           Medicine and Medical Services – Pharmaceuticals, services
                                           related to medical care, personal client specific medical items
                                           and prosthetics, and Medical and Surgical Commodities.

Grace Poirier                              Financial Services (Professional Services) – Services related
(617) 720-3135                             to financial disbursement and collection of monies by
Tess.francisco@state.ma.us                 Commonwealth financial professionals. Corporations may
                                           provide electronic payment processing, cost recovery services,
                                           debt collection, tax-exempt lease purchases and other financial
                                           services to professionals who work for Massachusetts

                                           Legal Support Services (Professional Services) – Services or
                                           personnel related to law. Service areas include legal services,
                                           client legal services and legal research tools. Agencies or
                                           individual persons may provide contracted work for court
                                           reporters, court transcription services, investigators,
                                           inspectors, reviewers, paralegals, polygraph examiners, title
                                           examiners, arbitrators, and mediators.

                                           Human Resources (Professional Services) – Services or
                                           personnel related to the provision of Human Resource
                                           professionals. Agencies or individual persons may provide
                                           contracted services in the following areas: management
                                           consultants, writers, performers/actors, temporary help,
                                           archivists/librarians, interpreters/translators, records
                                           managers, training, meteorologists, and marketing

                                           Facilities – Janitorial Services (Only) – Janitorial (cleaning)
                                           Services for Commonwealth and Eligible Entity facilities.

Updated 6/29/10 Sensitivity level - low

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