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									    Capacity Building Programmes on “How to Write an Effective
                         Grant Proposal?”

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Programme announces a series of Capacity Building
Programmes in partnership with Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad to
sensitize researchers in Biotechnology Industry specially SMEs and Start ups on How to write
effective Grant Proposal to seek funding for discovery, proof of concepts, translational research and
commercialization programs. A special emphasis will be on the DBT supported Innovation and
Industry Partnership Programmes.

About the Workshop

The Workshop is focussed to discuss the Do’s and Dont’s of a Winning Grant Proposal. The experts
shall discuss the “Must Have’s” for a proposal and shall discuss model case studies based on
proposals evaluated by them in the past. The Workshop will focus on the issues related to
Healthcare, Industrial, Agri-Biotech and other relevant issues.

Expected Outcome

The Industry especially the SMEs and Start ups are expected to benefit from the tips and techniques
on writing winning proposals from experts (of Academia and Industry) and enhance chances of
getting funded through better grant writing techniques.

Venue                          Dates                           Thematic Area

The Golconda, Hyderabad        12th March 2010                 Healthcare, Industrial and       Agri
IHC, Lodhi Road, New Delhi     16th March 2010                 Biotech

Comfort Inn Vijay Residency, 23rd March 2010

Call for Registration –Open for Biotechnology Industry with Limited seats available . The industry
shall be registered on a first cum first serve basis. No registration charges are applicable.

                               Speaker                                             Venue
Dr M.K. Bhan, Secretary, DBT, Government of India, Dr Renu Swarup, New Delhi
Advisor DBT, Dr Naveen Khanna (NII), Dr Rakesh Tuli (NABHI), Dr Rajat
Goyal (IAVI) Dr Sudhir Kumar Sapory (ICGEB)

Dr Kiran Sharma (ICRISAT), Dr Ravi Dhar (NII) Dr Gaurishankar, Dr Hyderabad
Amulya Panda, Dr Purnima Sharma (BCIL)
Mr Jitender Kumar (ICICI Knowledge Park)

Mr Shrikumar Suryanaraynan (ABLE / Faridabad Biotech Cluster) , Dr Bengaluru
Uday Kumar GKVK, Bengaluru) , Ms Dipwannita Chattopadhyay (ICICI
Knowledge Park), Ms Malati Laksmikumaranan (Laxmikumarnan &
K Vijayaraghavan (Sathguru) and Prabhu Ram (Sathguru)                Hyderabad,      Bengaluru,

Tentative Program Overview:

       Time                                       Session Theme

                              Overview of the BIPP Grant Proposal’s – Do’s and Don’t’s
   9:30- 9:45 AM
                         Dr Purnima Sharma (Hyderabad), Dr Renu Swarup (New Delhi) and
                                     Mr Shrikumar Suryanaryanan (Bengaluru)
  9:45 – 10:45 AM     Writing a winning proposal – K Vijayaraghavan, Sathguru

 10:45 – 11:00 AM                                    Tea Break

                      Technology Access Issues and narrating access strategies in a Grant
 11:00 – 11.30 AM
                      Proposal – Prabhu Ram, Sathguru

                      Experts speak on “How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal”
  11:30- 12:30 PM

  12:30– 1:30 PM                                        Lunch

                      Developing a good research hypothesis for Proposals - Case Studies
   1:30 -3:30 PM
                      from Industry and Other Funding Agencies

  3:30– 3:45 PM                                      Tea Break

  3:45 – 5:30 PM              One-to-one interactive session on BIPP proposals -– TBA

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