WELCOME TO WOMEN FOR WOMEN &
Whether Christmas or                 does it with as much grace as    (otherwise of the valve that           Volume 1, Issue 8
Hanukkah, we hope that these         she can muster.                  needs repairing); and we are
past few weeks of holiday                                             surrounded by many loving,
celebration have been filled         And my father, who had been      supportive and prayerful
with many meaningful and             diagnosed with leukemia in       friends, family and colleagues
happy moments for you and            2004, pressing through a couple that will lighten our load just          December 2007
yours!                               of very difficult years, is now  by being in our lives.
                                     considered ‘cancer-free’! This                                     “Character contributes to
At this time of year, I often        is one of those times we can say You might wonder why I share      beauty. It fortifies a woman
write a letter to relatives and      that research has paid off, he   so openly about such a personal   as her youth fades. A mode
friends. Given our growing           was a good candidate for a new time in our lives. The reason,      of conduct, a standard of
families and busy lives, it’s a      drug treatment and he has been as I alluded to above, is that      courage, discipline, fortitude
great way to keep in touch; and      well-looked after by the         there is a common thread          and integrity can do a great
I look forward to receiving the      medical profession.              woven throughout all of our       deal to make a woman
same from others, especially                                          lives. I hope my journey and      beautiful.”
those we don’t get to see often.     Our son, Matthew, got engaged my family’s gives you ‘hope’                     Jacqueline Bisset
                                     to the girl of his and ‘our’     for tomorrow… encouragement
As I read about other’s              dreams (smile)…                  to ‘be all that you can be now’
journeys, I’m always reminded                                         with your loved ones (and in
about how similar we all are;        And in between all that, we      your business – it’s okay –       Inside this issue:
and that there will always be        moved from our Aloette           everyone works)…and to rise to
good things and bad in each of       franchise office in Markham      the occasion called ‘life’ in
our lives, perhaps just at           (where we were for 11 years) to spite of all it’s ups and                  Welcome            1
different times.                     our home office, expanded our downs…!
                                     company Women For Women
It’s quite cathartic as I            and started Insightful           From our family to yours, we        Women For Women          2
personally reflect on the            Communications.                  wish you great health… and         Milestones & Mentoring
chapters of our lives, and this                                       happiness and success
year is no different. In fact, the   My husband and I celebrated      overflowing!
                                                                                                        Coaching for the Women 3
last two years have been             our 25th wedding anniversary…                                           Entrepreneur
profound in many ways.               The list goes on, both           Warmest regards,
                                     professionally and personally,
                                                                                                           Insights & Expertise    4
My mother-in-law survived            and so it should…                                                             from
colon cancer, I should say                                                       Sheri                    Women Entrepreneurs
thrived; what an inspiration at      With 2008 upon us now, we
82 years young.                      look forward mostly with            Women For Women                   Wisdom in Wellness      5
                                     enthusiasm and confidence that Insightful Communications                 Inside & Out
My 88 years young                    our lives will unfold as they’re  Founder, Writer, Speaker
grandmother is making the best       meant to, and we will be            Entrepreneur Coach               Wisdom From Sheri’s      6
of her new residence, a nursing      guided and blessed each step of       NLP Practitioner                     Mom
home close to us. Albeit a           the way. We feel some            President of Sales - Aloette        Thoughts to Ponder
challenge at times, considering      trepidation as we await my          womeonforwomen.ca
that she managed on her own          husband’s heart surgery, yet
until the age of almost 85, she      know that he is in great health
Volume 1, Issue 8                                                                                                   Page 2

Inside Story Headline

                        Women For Women ~ Milestones and Mentoring
  Master Mentors is like your very                                                    I Can See Above the Trees
       own advisory board!
                                                             Congratulations to:
                                                                Isa Nevsky
                                                                                            I sit here at my window
We meet every 2 months with other                                IsaAngel                          Pen in hand
like-minded business women. We                               Cancer Survivor &     Looking through the pane of possibility
have grown to 7 chapters, and                                     Coach            And it matters not that frost has blocked
maintain a maximum of 8 participants                         www.isaangel.com                        my view
per meeting/chapter, in order to                               416-457-6331            For my sight comes from within
include and serve all of our members’                                               From my own innate sense of creation
                                                                                        And from what I choose to see
business needs. Should you wish        Isa is an inspiration to many! On               Sunshine knocks upon the glass
more info about a chapter in your      Thursday, October 11th, 2007, she was       Urging me to open my heart and let it in
area, or simply wish to attend as a    invited to be a guest speaker at the 17th               For it speaks to me
guest to see what it’s all about,      Annual Cancer Information Series,           Telling me to look beyond the window
contact Sheri directly.                Dimensions of Cancer, held at the                     To go above the trees
                                       Odette Cancer Centre (formerly               Above anything that I could possibly
In 2008, we are adding an additional   Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer                            imagine
tool to further support our members                                                      And to create my new reality
                                       Centre). It was a heartfelt message
in aspiring to and reaching their                                                              A life of possibility
                                       titled, Dealing with the Unexpected!              Of magical wonder and awe
goals. It’s our Visual Story Folder    Who better to speak to this than Isa,       Something my pen has never pondered
for 2008! If you’ve not already        given her 13 - year journey! Isa was          There are no limits to what I can do
reserved a spot to attend a Master     diagnosed in 1994 with stage 4                             What I can be
Mentors meeting near you, there is     colorectal cancer which had                     I am the writer of my own soul
still time! We have openings in our    metastasized in her liver. After                          My own destiny
new chapter, Don Mills, which is on    undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and         And each word of infinite potentiality
Tues., Jan. 22nd, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm! radiation, Isa was given only 6 months          Now imprints itself upon my heart
We also have a couple of spaces in     to live; but proved the doctors wrong.                      And I rejoice
our Georgina Chapter (Wed., Jan. 23rd In 1999 the cancer recurred in her lung                      For I am free
at 2pm in Pefferlaw) and in one of our and she was forced to undergo                              Free to dream
Holland Landing Chapters (Wed., Jan. additional surgery. Together with this                      Free to imagine
                                                                                   Free to create a beautiful surrounding of
30th at 2pm). We have also had         surgery, Isa added complimentary                          my own making
considerable interest in a new Durham therapies of mind, body and spirit, and        In which I can live, love and laugh
chapter starting, and possibly Barrie; was able to beat the odds a second             A place to be with the sun always
we’ll keep you posted!                 time! Today, she follows her passion,                   Far above the trees
                                       helping and supporting others through
This is a new section in our           the challenges of cancer diagnosis.
newsletter, to celebrate the exciting                                                        Monique Henchey
progress and achievements that our         *Master Mentor Facilitators will                      Hint of Hope
members are making!                                                                       Spiritual Psychotherapist
                                           submit success stories from their
                                           chapters, for consideration in our            inspiredmo@sympatico.ca
                           Coaching for the Women Entrepreneur
  Welcome to 2008!                       mediocrity in others, it increases your               Favourite Quotes
                                         mediocrity. An important attribute in
It is brimming with opportunities…       successful people is their impatience       “Whatever you can do, or dream you
to become more self-aware, learn         with negative thinking and negative-         can, begin it. Boldness has genius,
new things, strengthen relationships,    acting people. As you grow, your               power and magic in it. Begin it
gain new friends and alliances,          associates will change. Some of your                        now.”
aspire and reach new heights             friends will not want you to go on.                                       Goethe
personally and professionally… and       They will want you to stay where they
above all, to ‘make a powerful and       are. Friends that don’t help you climb,     “Your vision will become clear only
positive difference’ in the lives of     will want you to crawl. Your friends        when you look into your heart… Who
others!                                  will stretch your vision or choke your       looks outside, dreams. Who looks
                                         dream. Those that don’t increase you                 inside, awakens.”
I couldn’t think of anything better to   will eventually decrease you.                                          Carl Jung
share this month than this message       Consider this: Never receive counsel                   (1875-1961), Psychologist
below. I wish I could credit the         from unproductive people. Never
person who wrote it, although the        discuss your problems with someone
author is unknown. That said, I have     incapable of contributing to the             “Cut not the wings of your dreams,
lived it; we have raised our family in   solution, because those who never             for they are the heartbeat and the
this light. I hope and trust that you    succeed themselves are always first to             freedom of your soul.”
know this ‘truth’ for your own life;     tell you how. Not everyone has a right                                      Flavia
and that it contributes brightly to      to speak into your life. You are certain
your future and your legacy!             to get the worst of the bargain when you       “The real voyage of discovery
                                         exchange ideas with the wrong person.            consists not in seeking new
Food for our Thoughts                    Don’t follow anyone who’s not going         landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
                                         anywhere. With some people you spend                                 Marcel Proust
Tell me who your best friends are,       an evening; with others you invest it.
and I will tell you who you are. If      Be careful where you stop to inquire for     “Take chances, make mistakes. That
you run with wolves, you will learn      directions along the road of life. Wise     is how you grow. Pain nourishes your
how to howl. But, if you associate       is the person who fortifies his life with    courage. You have to fail in order to
with eagles, you will learn how to       the right friendships/relationships.                practice being brave.”
soar to great heights. A mirror                                                                         Mary Tyler Moore,
reflects a man’s face, but what he is                                                                               Actress
really like is shown by the kind of      Warmly
friends he chooses. The simple but
true fact of life is that you become     Sheri                                         "Look at everything as though you
like those with whom you closely                                                       were seeing it either for the first or
associate – for the good and the bad.                                                last time. Then your time on earth will
The less you associate with some                                                              be filled with glory."
people, the more your life will                                                                                  Betty Smith
improve. Any time you tolerate                                                                          1896-1972, Novelist
Page 4

                Insights and Expertise from Women Entrepreneurs
    Personal Tax for Individuals           sole proprietorship versus incorporation,     And around me in celebration
      & Sole Proprietorships               and buying versus leasing; or simply              I skip along the clouds
                                           email Melody Rader directly.                     Turning my face upwards
Accountable Solutions offers you                                                          Feeling the warmth of a kiss
‘choices’ with respect to your                                                          A promise of unconditional love
personal tax income! Start now and                                                     Floating down upon angel’s wings
maximize your ‘choices’ prior to tax                                                                  I relax
season!                                                                                  Nestled within my armchair of
Do you know what to look for?                                                           Resting upon a pillow of self-love
                                                                                       Feeling elation at the strangeness of
Do you know how to keep more                                                                       contentment
money in your pocket versus the tax                  Melody Rader                                Happy to just be
man’s?                                              President, Owner                              For I am home
                                               Accounting & Tax Specialist                     I have found myself
Do you know all of what you can                      905-853-8487
claim?                                        melody@accountablesolutions.ca

Do you know whether you should
invest in RRSPs?                                         Unbridled

If not, you’re probably doing your                         I feel free
own taxes and facing a lot of                                Joyful
‘unknowns’.                                                  Soulful
                                                         Impassioned                           Monique Henchey
Picture knowing ahead where you’re                        Unbridled                              A Hint of Hope
at, where you’re going, and what             Casting away all unwanted chains               Spiritual Psychotherapist
you’re getting back… ‘Perhaps for              Watching them fly in the wind                      416-938-5169
that ‘holiday’ you want to take?             Spinning ever quicker and quicker             inspiredmo@sympatico.ca
                                                          Beyond me
Alleviate the unknowns early in the                     Away from me
game by hiring Accountable                  No longer harmful for I have broken
Solutions… helping you be                                  their hold
accountable… to you!                                   I dance and turn
                                           Spinning faster and faster upon my toes
For more info, visit                                  Arms outstretched
www.accountablesolutions.ca                      Catching heaven as I fly by
                                                                                            Thank you to Caroline Jarzabek
                                            No longer fearful of what lies beyond             CMJ Virtual Office Manager
Check out the ‘Ask the Expert’ page                For I now know myself                    Exec. Asst., Women For Women
for great tips on registering for ‘gst’,              And hold on tight                    For her ongoing help and support,
                                                                                           and contribution to our publication.
                                             As I feel the energy pour out of me
Page 5

                                 Wisdom in Wellness ~ Inside & Out
     Business Opportunities                  ordering (as well as 25% commission on         skin into a new firmer position, without
     In The Wellness Field                   your retail sales).                            pulling or over-manipulating fragile skin
                                             Both product lines offer great health and
                                             vibrancy from the inside-out!              The main components behind this
As we expand our product lines and add                                                  extraordinary tool simply cannot be found
more emphasis and tools to promote the       They’re available locally and can also be in any ‘off-the-shelf system’, or other facial
best of health and wellness, we need         shipped directly to you and your clients! machines… Other machines work on
more representatives, especially in the                                                 muscle toning. OxyLift concentrates on
York Region area!! If you’re passionate      Substantial residual income is available skin toning. Our skin is like fine leather
about taking care of yourself, as well as    to those who want to help others in their and does not respond as easily as our
helping others, this is a perfect industry   own businesses as well!                    muscles; so more encouragement is
for you! Whether you’re looking for                                                     required. The skin needs activity and will
experience and mentoring in the direct       ‘& Ongoing training and support is         respond to the OxyLift signal.
sales, wellness and/or beauty arenas, or     provided!
considering additional streams of                                                       You can safely use the OxyLift wherever
income that will provide you with more       For more info, please visit our website or the skin appears slackened – the neck, upper
resources and assist you reaching your       simply contact Gayle or Sheri and we’d     arms, thighs, etc. Skin care professionals
goals faster, this is a great place to       be happy to answer any of your questions. commonly use this same technology for
start!! Consider one or both of these                                                   total body treatments.
                                                                                            The exciting stimuli and the enriched
Representing the Aloette product line,                                                      oxygen cannot be found in any bottle or in
you’ll get your own products at an                                                          any other tool… This powerful resource
incredible discount/commission of 35%                             OxyLift                   boosts the performance of your existing skin
(20% is applicable on Shopping Channel                                                      care…(Aloette products are a perfect
orders, approx. 6 times a year)! You’ll                                                     compliment, due to their natural ingredients
also receive a free starter kit of                                                          and uniquely hydrating benefits!)…”
considerable value, including our            I’ve seen this product work ‘right before
AloePure Skin Care line, our most            my eyes’… Colleagues and clients alike         OxyLift is not time-consuming; only 3 to 5
popular Colour Blends products,              are scooping them up… So, I had to find        minutes is required. It is safe, without side
brochures, and order forms, just to start!   a way to make it available to everyone!        effects and is tolerated by even the most
You can do catalogue sales and               It’s in stock now! Here’s an excerpt from      sensitive skin… Some of you will notice a
customer service; and if you like, you       Fresh Start’s OxyLift brochure:                difference, even after the first use…” The
can add spa shows to what you offer                                                         price, just $175 plus tax!!
your clients, which provide a very           “…Embark on a journey to reclaim the
relaxed, enjoyable, yet informative          beauty of your skin. OxyLift technology        Check out these statistics out:
setting for all concerned! It almost         is not new. Skin care therapists have
doesn’t feel like work!                      depended on this same corrective               * 92% of people see immediate lift response
                                             technology for many years…                     * 48% reduction in wrinkle depth in 12
As you’ve read in previous newsletters                                                      weeks
and now on our website, we’re also           This is how it works…                          * 43% decrease in puffy eyes
carrying a line of whole-food                                                               * 33% increase in collagen in 1 month
nutritionals by GNLD International!          The OxyLift imitates hundreds of fingers       * 56% decrease in pore size in 2 weeks
They’re excellent! There are different       patting the skin’s surface at 100,000          * 78% improvement in acne within 5 days
start-up options, one being                  cycles per second. This is welcome
approximately $70, which offers you a        stimulus to tired, aged skin. As a matter
25% discount on your own personal            of fact, it is the best way to stimulate the
Page 6

                  Wisdom From Sheri’s Mom ~ Thoughts to Ponder
                   Thoughts for               a fine thread, invisible to the naked eye.            Note From Coach Sheri
                                              It is sad to think how long it has been since
                                              a few moments in a day have afforded me         This inspiring article helps us understand
                    I’m at peace today.
                                              the treasures I’ve discovered today, but I am   some of the basic concepts of NLP
                    Nothing violent mars
                                              thankful for the experience, and can only       (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) –
                    the horizon. No
                                              hope that another opportunity will present      reframing and state changes.
                    deafening sounds
                                              itself to me in the near future. For without
                    shatter my soul. No
                                              it, I may soon forget how fortunate I am to     Think of a time when you may have felt
                    problems enter my
                                              have a family I care for more deeply than I     similar feelings as my Mom shares here;
mind. Today we have no bills to pay, no
                                              can say; and how lucky we are to have our       reflect on that moment and imagine it in
mountains to climb. Today, there is no
                                              health and each other. We have our limbs;       your mind, as vividly and with as much
hate, no hurry, no worry; only harmony,
                                              we can walk to each other and hold each         detail as you can.
the kind of harmony that comes not from
                                              other. We have our eyes to see each other.
music, but from complete tranquility.
                                              We can speak our feelings and share a unity     Now think of a time(s) when feeling this
Sitting at the water’s edge, in this quiet
                                              that is priceless, that should never be         way would greatly empower you; and put
corner of our world, I could not possibly
                                              abused, that should always be cherished.        you in a frame of mind that would be very
feel otherwise. The trees stand tall and
                                                                                              positive and useful to you in some of life’s
majestic, their leaves rustling gently with
                                              And perhaps because I have all this and         circumstances. Take one of those
the breeze. The bay ripples lightly; a
                                              because I had a few special moments today,      instances and notice it now. Just notice
bird chirps merrily. A motor drones in
                                              the world seems even more spectacular….         that situation, where you would like to
the background, but it doesn’t break
                                                                                              feel more empowered and encouraged...
through the boundaries of the scene that
                                           …I was glad, so much so that my heart              no need to give it a lot of attention.
encompasses me today.
                                           filled to overflowing and the tears welled in
                                           my eyes. So much happiness inside that I           Again, think of that wonderfully
Funny, I didn’t notice the serenity last
                                           couldn’t contain it. Isn’t that fantastic! Oh      congruent, perfect-in-your-eyes moment
month, or feel this total relaxed person
                                           how I wish I could cry constantly – feel this      and concentrate on it and all the details.
that I am today. The air is crisp and
                                           feeling forever. But it’s so special; maybe
cool, and the sun is warm and bright.
                                           we’re only privileged to experience it once        Repeat this process in your mind several
I’m alive and I’m glad, and that’s the
                                           in a lifetime. If that be so, may I never          times, giving more focus and detail to
way it should be, though it’s not always
                                           forget the precious memory of today. And           your ‘ideal’ moment (or place)…
the way it is. Some days the clouds hide
                                           in remembering, may it give us a closeness
the sun, our spirits are down, and the
                                           and understanding that will be envied by all       I know this simple exercise can and does
light inside us is so dim we cannot see
                                           who encounter it. And may others be                have a profound effect, I’ve experienced
beyond the grey to when the sky was
                                           blessed with their share of the moments I          it and have seen and facilitated others
clear and our hearts were light; but not
                                           had today. For in experiencing this, life          through the process with wonderful
today. For today, I looked at the clouds
                                           takes on a new meaning. Sharing becomes            results…
and I was filled with the wonders of the
                                           easy and giving becomes a necessity,
world, an unexplainable ecstasy. I felt
                                           because there’s so much to give, so many to
surrounded and swallowed up at the
                                           give to, and everything to share…
same time, engulfed by a greatness that
was beyond my understanding. The
                                                            Gayle Clarke
clouds, billowy and beckoning, hover
                                                          Freelance Writer
overhead, some fluffy and light, floating;
                                                           Office Manager
and others hang suspended, as if held by
                                                     Customer Service Specialist

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