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					Virginia Industries for the Blind

        Wayne Wymer
      November 15th, 2005

Why Your Vendor of Choice?
    Program Outline

 Our Mission
 A Little History
 The JWOD and Mandatory source laws
 Purchasing, Product and Services Available
 Question and Answers
                   Mission of VIB

Enhance the quality of life for blind and visually impaired
individuals by providing gainful employment

Be self-sufficient and self-supporting

Provide opportunities for career development

Provide employment related services to blind and visually
impaired individuals

 Started as private organization in 1925
 Transferred to a State Agency About
 Plants in Charlottesville and Richmond
 Stores in Northern VA. Richmond and
 Services in Richmond, Northern VA.,
  Tidewater and Salem.
       Present Organization

                                   Secretariat for Human and Health Services

                                   Department of the Blind and Vision Impaired
                                     Dr. Joseph A Bowman, Commissioner

                                        Virginia Industries For the Blind
                                               Robert C. Berrang
                                      Deputy Commissioner - Enterprises/
                                             General Manager VIB

           Charlottesville Plant                                                 Richmond Plant
              Jim Meehan                                                           Rick Bohrer
                Manager                                                             Manager

Facilities, Contract Admin & Spec. Products                                   Financial Operations
                 Don Rymer                                                  Open (Gary Peltier Acting)
                   Manager                                                         Manager

                                                                             Procurement Specialist
   Marketing, Quality & Special Projects
                                                                                 Wayne Wymer
               Gary Peltier
               What is JWOD
 Javits-Wagner-O’Day program
 Customers are Federal Agencies or Military

 Under Federal Law, Only Blind or Severely
  Handicapped Receive Set Aside
  Requirements for Industries within their
  own state.
 Virginia State Code Mandatory Source
  Laws are copies of the JWOD program.
 Restrictions/Rules
            Purchasing from VIB

   Advantages
     1. Easy Ordering
     2. Economically good for Virginia

   Procedures, methods of payment, terms,
    freight & lead times have been established
   VIB Plants Products/Services

Richmond Plant          Charlottesville Plant
 Examination gloves     Pillows
 Writing instruments    Mattresses
 Mop handles            Mop Heads
 Spices & Tea           Army T-Shirts
 Mailing Services
       Overview of VIB Services

 Court Debt Collection - VA. Tax Department
 Store Operators, Federal Office Supply Stores

 Salem Veterans Admin. Hospital Switchboard

 Mail Services
 Customer Service Representatives
            Future Plans for VIB

 New products
 Building Renovation/expansion - Cpt. May 03
 Additional Stores

   While Remaining Self-Funded
Our New Facility

   Self Sufficient           Tax Payers (100+ Blind)
   Provides                  Quality Products
    Opportunities              (MIL-I-45208A)
   Enhances Quality of       Excellent Customer
    Life for Visually          Service
    Impaired Individuals      Approved Source

               Just Good Business
            The Main Point?

 Thecontinuing emphasis in our
 organization is to provide all VCO’s clear
 evidence that VIB deserves to be your
 “Vendor of Choice”
         For Additional Information

   About VIB - Gary Peltier at (434) 295-5168
    or Email:

   About Blind Services Available to Virginians
    - Department for the Blind and Vision
    Impaired - (800) 622-2155
Visit Us at Our Web Site

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