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					FFD MISSION STATEMENT                           FFD DIRECTORY

The Federal Facilities Division (FFD)           Director’s Office               703-695-3472
provides and manages facilities resources
that supports the Department of Defense         Deputy Director                 703-695-3473
mission objective and NCR customers.            Points of Contact:
The Pentagon Reservation O&M provides
facilities maintenance, repair and              AWG                             703-693-6113
construction services to the tenant             FBG                             703-699-3303   Federal Facilities Division
agencies in the DoD activities in the
National Capital Region, which includes         PBMO                            703-697-7351
the delegated facilities US Court of Military   PH&RP                           703-697-4478
Appeals and Hybla Valley so that they
can conduct their mission objectives.           PMB                             703-697-0791
The Pentagon Reservation O&M ensures            PRLB                            703-692-1800
building equipment and systems
                                                RSA                             703-256-1272
                                                                                               Defense Facilities Directorate
maintenance and repairs, custodial                                                              Washington Headquarters Services
services, landscaping and grounds               Pentagon Customer Assistant Center
maintenance, utilities service, space
alterations, and a safe, healthful work                                         703-697-7351
environment. It also supports special           Dock Master Office              703-692-4070
events, conducts trash removal, performs
recycling, ensures dock operations,             Special Events Office           703-697-7351
receives/distributes materials, ensures
vector/pest control, conducts snow                    For Pentagon Facility Emergencies
removal, supports building circular                   & Service Calls contact the Building
production and distribution and maintains             Operation Command Center (BOCC):
parking lots.                                                    703-697-1595

                                                      For FBG/Navy Annex Facility
                                                 Emergencies and Service Calls contact:

                                                                                                Customer Service Information
What We Do:                                    Procurement, Contract Liaison, Parking,
                                               Security (building passes/CAC applications),
                                               Training, and Travel.
FFD Key Services are:
                                               Pentagon Customer Assistant Center
Alteration Work Group (AWG)                    PBMO
Primary Pentagon organization to provide       is responsible for providing customer
a full range of building alterations for       assistance to employees and visitors of the
tenant space on a reimbursable basis.          Pentagon Reservation.
Federal Building Group (FBG)                   Dock Master Services PBMO
Provides facility maintenance and              is responsible for all deliveries to and
operation services, repairs, custodial         shipments from the Pentagon Reservation
and recycling management, and grounds          Remote Delivery Facility in partnership with the
maintenance for the Navy Annex, Court of       Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).
Military Appeal, and Hybla Valley sites.
                                               Special Events PBMO
Pentagon Building Management Office            is responsible for the support of all
(PBMO)                                         authorized special events and activities
Provides facility maintenance and              within the Pentagon Reservation, which
operation services, repairs, custodial         includes ceremonies, corridor dedications,
and recycling management, and                  performances, and exhibits.
grounds maintenance for the Pentagon
Reservation.                                   PBMO and FBG
                                               provides the following support to the
Pentagon Heating & Refrigeration Plant         Pentagon Reservation and FBG facilities,
(PH&RP)                                        respectively:
Provides heating, air conditioning, and                                                           healthful work environment for building
uninterrupted utilities to the Pentagon        Maintenance-Operation PBMO
                                                                                                  occupants. Provides recycling containers
Reservation 24 hours a day, 365 days a         and FBG                                            and pick-up services to support a
year in an efficient and safe manner.          perform preventive maintenance, service
                                                                                                  recycling program consistent with all
                                               calls, and minor repairs to building operating
Pentagon Renovation Liaison Branch                                                                applicable federal, state, and local laws
                                               equipment and systems. Doing so helps
                                                                                                  and regulations.
(PRLB)                                         extend the useful life of equipment,
Responsible for maintaining current facility   minimizes down time, provides a safe,              Grounds Maintenance
drawings, documents, and specifications        comfortable working environment for building       This program includes the management
delivered by the Pentagon Renovation           occupants, and assures that building               and beautification of formal grounds
Construction Office and serves as the link     operating equipment and systems are                and direct oversight of the associated
between Pentagon Renovation activities         performing efficiently.                            wetland and Chesapeake Bay Resource
and tenants on the Pentagon Reservation.                                                          Area. Grounds are maintained to
                                               Repair and Improvements                            accommodate multi-functional activities,
Property Management Branch (PMB)               This program includes repairing or replacing
                                                                                                  such as official ceremonies; parades;
Provides the Office of the Secretary of        a roof; replacing and updating fire detection,
                                                                                                  health, physical fitness, and general
Defense (OSD) agencies furniture and           alarm, and suppression systems; repaving
                                                                                                  recreational activities. This includes the
other durable office supplies and maintains    and painting parking lots; replacing outdated
                                                                                                  removal and disposal of snow and ice
property inventory of all OSD property.        HVAC systems, installing handicap ramps or
                                                                                                  from sidewalks and parking lots.
                                               wheelchair lifts.
Resources, Security, & Administrative                                                             Integrated Pest Management
Branch (RSA)                                   Custodial and Recycling Management                 This program is a multi-faceted approach
Provides support to the FFD organization       Program                                            to control of common pests such as
for Human Resource, Budget and                 provides a full range of janitorial services to    insects, rodents, birds, etc.
                                               ensure a well-maintained, clean, safe, and