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Program Learning Outcome      1- Unacceptable                     2-Emerging                    3-Proficient                4-Exemplary
                              The dissertation does not           The dissertation               The dissertation           The dissertation
                              demonstrate adequate design, a      demonstrates marginal         demonstrates                demonstrates exemplary
                              theoretical framework, and          design, a theoretical         appropriate design, a       design, a theoretical
                              application and defense of          framework, and                theoretical framework,      framework, and
                              appropriate research                application and defense of    and application and         application and defense
1. Research and Theory:       methodology.                        appropriate research          defense of appropriate      of appropriate research
                                                                  methodology.                  research methodology.       methodology.
Instructional Leaders make    The dissertation does not utilize
                              proper citations pertinent to the   The dissertation utilizes     The dissertation utilizes   The dissertation utilizes
decisions based on research   field of study.                     some citations                adequate citations          extensive citations
and supported theory. They                                        incorporating current,        incorporating current,      incorporating current,
use prominent research from   The dissertation is not             prominent, and scholarly      prominent, and              prominent, and scholarly
best practices and other      comprehensive in its format,        research resources.           scholarly research          research resources.
contextual data to make       does not demonstrate originality                                  resources.
                              in the details, and does not        The dissertation is lacking                               The dissertation is
recommendations about         contribute to the field of study.   in its format,                The dissertation is         comprehensive in its
organizational operations,                                        demonstrates originality      satisfactory in its         format, demonstrates
curriculum, assessment, and   .                                   in the details, and           format, demonstrates        originality in the details,
professional development.                                         indicates a contribution to   originality in the          and indicates a
                                                                  the field of study.           details, and indicates a    contribution to the field
                                                                                                contribution to the field   of study.
                                                                                                of study.
                                 The dissertation does not cite      The dissertation              The dissertation            The dissertation fully
                                 sources in correct APA style. It    marginally cites sources      adequately cites sources    cites sources in correct
                                 is not clear, concise, organized,   in correct APA style. It is   in correct APA style. It    APA style. It is clear,
2. Communication and             or supported in adherence with      somewhat clear, concise,      is mostly clear, concise,   concise, organized, and
                                 APA style and the Argosy            organized, and supported      organized, and well         well supported in
Informational Literacy:          University Dissertation Guide.      in adherence with APA         supported in adherence      adherence with APA
                                 Some references are cited           style and the Argosy          with APA style and the      style and the Argosy
Instructional leaders            parenthetically and included in     University Dissertation       Argosy University           University Dissertation
effectively communicate a        the reference list. Improper use    Guide. Most references        Dissertation Guide. All     Guide. All references
vision of educational            of direct quotations.               are cited parenthetically     references are cited        are cited parenthetically
                                                                     and included in the           parenthetically and         and included in the
excellence to the learning       Final oral defense does not         reference list. Improper      included in the             reference list. Proper
community. They                  address the questions,              use of direct quotations.     reference list. Proper      use of direct quotations.
demonstrate multiple             methodology, results,                                             use of direct quotations.
literacies (i.e., oral and       conclusion and                      Final oral defense                                        Final oral defense
written communication,           recommendations of the study.       somewhat addresses the        Final oral defense          addresses the questions,
                                                                     questions, methodology,       mostly addresses the        methodology, results,
information technology                                               results, conclusion and       questions,                  conclusion and
skills) to effectively support                                       recommendations of the        methodology, results,       recommendations of the
such communication.                                                  study.                        conclusion and              study.
                                                                                                   recommendations of the
                                The student’s responses do not    The dissertation fully       The dissertation          The dissertation fully
                                address an educational problem    presents relevant research   adequately analyzes an    analyzes an educational
3. Critical Thinking and        and/or are based on opinion       addressing a broad range     educational problem by    problem by gathering
Problem Solving:                without support of appropriate    of views on the              gathering and assessing   and assessing relevant
                                research.                         educational topic.           relevant information,     information, diagnosing
                                                                                               diagnosing the            the underlying causes,
Instructional leaders develop                                                                  underlying causes,        considering and
systems that monitor their                                                                     considering and           evaluating possible
own thinking and reflect on                                                                    evaluating possible       alternatives, and
past and present practices in                                                                  alternatives, and         determining and
                                                                                               determining and           defending an
analyzing complex                                                                              defending an              appropriate, well-
educational issues and                                                                         appropriate, well-        reasoned solution or
evaluating potential                                                                           reasoned solution or      course of action.
solutions.                                                                                     course of action.

4. Collaboration:               The student does not work         The student demonstrates     The student               The student
                                collaboratively with the          minimal collaboration        demonstrates adequate     demonstrates exemplary
                                dissertation committee.           with the dissertation        collaboration with the    collaboration with the
Instructional leaders                                             committee, including         dissertation committee,   dissertation committee,
promote democratic values       The student is not receptive to   infrequent communication     including                 including frequent
by respecting the ideas and     diverse opinions of the           and responses to             communication and         communication and
talents of those with whose     dissertation committee.           feedback.                    responses to feedback.    prompt responses to
care they are charged. They                                                                                              feedback.
                                                                  The student is minimally     The student is mostly
seek continuous                                                   receptive to diverse         receptive to diverse      The student is fully
improvement and use their                                         opinions of the              opinions of the           receptive to diverse
knowledge and skills to                                           dissertation committee.      dissertation committee.   opinions of the
collaborate with various                                                                                                 dissertation committee.
stakeholders and
constituencies of the
educational community.
5. Leadership:                  The student does not                The student minimally      The student mostly         The student fully
                                demonstrate leadership ability      demonstrates leadership    demonstrates leadership    demonstrates leadership
Instructional leaders have an   and skills in directing the         ability and skills in      ability and skills in      ability and skills in
                                process to the dissertation’s       directing the process to   directing the process to   directing the process to
evolved leadership style that   completion.                         the dissertation’s         the dissertation’s         the dissertation’s
supports the development of                                         completion.                completion.                completion.
others, is harmonious with      The dissertation does not
democratic principles and       explain data collection and         The dissertation           The dissertation mostly    The dissertation fully
best educational practices.     analysis techniques.                minimally explains data    explains data collection   explains data collection
                                                                    collection and analysis    and analysis techniques,   and analysis techniques,
They synthesize and merge                                           techniques, resulting in   resulting in data-driven   resulting in data-driven
curriculum and instructional                                        data-driven conclusions    conclusions and            conclusions and
theory to design, implement,                                        and recommendation.        recommendation.            recommendation.
and assess instructional
programs leading to
improved student

                                The student does not comply                                                               The student fully
                                with the IRB guidelines                                                                   complies with the IRB
6. Ethics and Principles:
                                including confidentiality,                                                                guidelines including
                                integrity, ethical behaviors, and                                                         confidentiality, integrity,
Instructional leaders are       respect for participants.                                                                 ethical behaviors, and
bold in exhibiting and                                                                                                    respect for participants.
expecting accountability in
                                The dissertation is not an
integrity, fairness, and        original work of the student as                                                           The dissertation is
ethical behavior. They          evidenced by plagiarism                                                                   original work of the
demonstrate the ability to      detection software.                                                                       student as evidenced by
combine impartiality,                                                                                                     plagiarism detection
sensitivity, and concern for    The research biases are not                                                               software.
                                disclosed in the methodology
others in dealing with all      section of the dissertation.                                                              The researcher biases
constituencies.                                                                                                           are disclosed in the
                                                                                                                          methodology section of
                                                                                                                      the dissertation.

                                  The dissertation does not    The dissertation presents   The dissertation           The dissertation presents
                                  present relevant research    somewhat relevant           presents mostly relevant   fully relevant research
                                  addressing the educational   research addressing a       research addressing a      addressing a diverse
7. Diversity:                     topic.                       narrow range of views on    diverse range of views     range of views on the
                                                               the educational topic.      on the educational         educational topic.
Instructional leaders                                                                      topic.
appreciate the value of every
individual and are
committed to their success.
They implement educational
policies and instructional
practices that reflect cultural

8.0 Internship Not Applicable
9. Interpersonal               Student does not demonstrate      Student does not            Student mostly            Student demonstrates
                               effective speaking and empathic   adequately demonstrate      demonstrates effective    effective speaking and
                               listening skills at the oral      effective speaking and      speaking and empathic     empathic listening skills
                               defense.                          empathic listening skills   listening skills at the   at the oral defense.
Educational Leaders                                              at the oral defense.        oral defense.
demonstrate positive
relationship skills that
promote personal and ethical
professional development via
effective communication,
encouragement, empathy,
respect for others, self-
awareness, and other-

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