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									                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Date:       July 9, 2008

Contact:    Scott A. Russell, Supervisor


Governor David A. Paterson has announced the 2007-2008 Environmental Protection Fund
Grants for Waterfront Revitalization across New York State.

Southold is the recipient of four awards totaling nearly $1 million dollars!

The Department of State’s Division of Coastal Resources administers EPF grants available to
local governments for planning, design and construction projects that advance preparation or
implementation of Local Waterfront Revitalization Projects (LWRP), community revitalize-
tion strategies, watershed management plans, coastal education programs, blueway trails and
urban waterfront redevelopment.

“I am thrilled that this funding will enable us to further protect and preserve priority
properties and waterways and assist with our hamlet revitalization program,” said Supervisor
Russell. “The positive impact of prudent planning and waterfront protection on our quality of
life cannot be overstated. My thanks goes out to all those who spent so many hours on these
successful applications.”

Southold received the following awards:

Town of Southold LWRP Hamlet Study - The Town of Southold requested funding to
support completed and ongoing planning for a Comprehensive Hamlet Revitalization
Program for the Town's nine hamlets. To date, hamlet stakeholder groups have been formed,
presented hamlet stakeholder reports to the Town, and identified priority projects. Grant
funding will also support completion of the program, and implementation of several short-
term priority projects. These include planning for traffic calming, gateway signage, and
affordable housing; lighting and pedestrian movement analyses; development and
implementation of site-plan design standards; and a hamlet centers economic study.
Hashamomuck Pond Watershed Management Plan Implementation - The Town of
Southold will implement the Hashamomuck Pond Watershed Management Plan by
undertaking identified high priority Best Management Practices (BMPs). The project will
include installation of grass channels, bioretention systems, dry swales, sediment forebays,
oil separators, low flow outlets and site restoration at identified BMP sites. Work will be
conducted by a combination of municipal staff and contractual services. $341,000.

The Bittner Preserve Improvement Project - The Town of Southold, in partnership with
Suffolk County, will acquire and construct improvements on the 58-acre Bittner Preserve
parcel, located on Long Island Sound between Goldsmith Inlet and Peconic Dunes County
Park. The project will provide new public access to 1,400 linear feet of waterfront, and
protect mature woodland, secondary dune, shrubland, and freshwater pond and wetland
habitats. Work will include removal of existing structures, contamination mitigation, dune
vegetation plantings, and construction of a parking area and nature trail. $195,000

Stormwater Management in the Town of Southold Phase II - The Town of Southold will
complete Phase 2 of GIS database development geared toward improving stormwater
management in creeks. Work, which will be conducted through a contract with Cornell
Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, will include digital inventory of stormwater
structures for all areas not previously covered; training for municipal staff in database use;
and stormwater mitigation project implementation based on full database roll-out. $80,000.


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