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					   Ticket to Work:
   Services and
   Opportunities to Help

   Beneficiaries Work
   The Ticket to Work program
   provides beneficiaries with
   disabilities real choices in
   obtaining employment services
   and resources. We also provide
   a safety net to assist with your
   transition into the workforce.

   Make the choice that is right
   for you. We understand that
   there are barriers to work and we
   are helping you overcome them
   through Ticket to Work. You have
   choices and can work full- or part-
   time as you explore work options.

   Access services and resources
   to find the job that is right for
   you. We help you identify work
   opportunities, and give you access
   to Employment Networks and
   vocational rehabilitation centers
   dedicated to helping people
   with disabilities succeed in the

   Stay in control of your benefits.
is important. Ticket to
Work lets you consider
work options while keeping
benefits until you are able to
support yourself.

Achieve greater personal
satisfaction. Helping you
maximize your earning
potential and attain greater
self-sufficiency are key goals
for Ticket to Work. We
will help you increase your
confidence level by working
and learning new skills, all
while finding a work solution
that works for you.

Take advantage of the safety
net. Ticket to Work makes
it easy for you to get back on
benefits when and if needed.

Explore your work options.
Learn more about Social
Security’s Ticket to Work


TDD users call
1-866-TDD 2 WORK
     Opportunities for
     EN Success
     Service providers succeed when
     they become part of the Ticket
     to Work program. Social Security
     helps you gain easier access to
     beneficiaries who are eligible to
     participate in the Ticket to Work
     program. We have increased how
     much and how often you get
     paid when you help beneficiaries
     reach their employment goals and
     achieve self-sufficiency.

     Any public or private organization
     that has agreed to work with Social
     Security to provide employment
     services to beneficiaries with
Employment Networks

     disabilities can become an
     Employment Network (EN).

     Increase your bottom line. It
     is easier than ever for ENs to
     participate in the Ticket to Work
     Program. You can use the program
     as an additional revenue source.

     Gain easier access to
     beneficiaries. All beneficiaries
     over the age of 18 are now eligible
     to participate in Ticket to Work,
     and our outreach initiatives are
     driving and
     them to ENs
in their communities. More
interested beneficiaries mean
more opportunities for you.

Expand and diversify
business connections.
We provide opportunities for
ENs to connect and partner
with other organizations.
Collaboration with Vocational
Rehabilitation (VR) agencies
is encouraged. And now, both
EN and VR agencies get paid
for their services when
helping beneficiaries explore
work options.

Provide timely and
responsive support. A
streamlined application
and improved customer
service make it easy for
organizations like yours to
become an EN. Our Help
Desk features specialists
who are available to
answer questions.

Learn how you can become
a Ticket to Work
Employment Network.

Call 1-877-743-8237