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					                                                         January 2010                              Water Bottle Fillers: Coming to a Water Fountain Near You Soon!
                                                                                                   Watch for the new water bottle fillers being installed on select water
                                                                                                   fountains in all residence hall areas. Fill your reusable water containers
                                                                                                   at our water bottle filler locations.

                                                                                                   The DOHRE Green Team/Recycling/Sustainability Committee piloted
                                                                                                   the water bottle fillers at four locations: the Housing Office, Jennings
           THE UF VILLAGE COMMUNITIES NEWSLETTER - VOLUME 10 ISSUE 1                               Hall, Broward Hall, and Keys Residential Complex. Because of the
                                                                                                   success of the pilots, 17 more water bottle fillers are being installed.
                                                                                                   Thanks to the Maintenance Services staff for supporting this program.
                        Make it a Day On... Not a Day Off!
                                                                                                                                   Trust the tap! Tap water is as clean as and greener than
                          During the 1950s and ’60s, civil rights                                                                  bottled water. Water from Housing water fountains is also
                             leader Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                                        filtered.
                            recognized the power of service
                            to strengthen communities and                                                                          Save a barrel of oil! The Container Recycling Institute (CRI)
                                 achieve common goals.                                                                             “. . . estimates that supplying thirsty Americans with water
                                                                                                                                   bottles for one year consumes more than 1.5 million barrels
      Initiated by Congress in 1994, King Day of Service builds on that legacy by transforming                                     of oil, which is enough to generate electricity for more than
the federal holiday honoring Dr. King into a national day of community service grounded in his                                     250,000 homes for a year, or enough to fuel 100,000 cars for
teachings of nonviolence and social justice. The aim is to make the holiday a day ON, where                                        a year.” Plus a large percent of plastic water bottles are NOT
people of all ages and backgrounds come together to improve lives, bridge social barriers, and                                     recycled. And don’t forget the monetary and environmental
move our nation closer to the “Beloved Community” that Dr. King envisioned.                                                        costs of transporting water from all around the country to
                                                                                                                                   your grocery store shelf.
     If you search the website, you will find over 20 pages of volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                                             These giant rabbits
opportunities here in Gainesville; opportunities like feeding the homeless, working at the         Tons of water                                                                               are the creation
Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, teaching school children about business and economics, tutoring          bottles like                                                                               of the Cracking
children after school, helping kids get physically fit by playing sports with them, encouraging    these end up                                                                                Art Group. The
people to embrace “zero waste”, helping out at hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics,        in landfills                                                                              installation seen
hospice houses or museums, and so on. There is something for everyone to do.                         each year                                                                                here in Portofino,
                                                                                                                                                                                               Italy is made by
                                                                                                                                                                                            recycling old plastic
     The late Coretta Scott King embraced the King Day of Service as a meaningful way to
                                                                                                                                                                                                 water bottles
celebrate and honor her husband’s legacy. She said, “The greatest birthday gift my husband                                                                                                      collected from
could receive is if people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds celebrated the holiday by                                                                                                          landfills.
performing individual acts of kindness through service to others.”                                                                                                                         This publication
                                                                                                                                    Department of Housing and Residence Education
                                                                                                                                     University of Florida           TEL:(352)392-2161     is produced by the
      The King Day of Service has grown steadily from a local project to a nationwide                                                P.O. Box 112100                 FAX:(352)392-6819     Office for Village
movement, which perpetuates the life and teachings of one of America’s great heroes. Please                                    	    	Gainesville,	FL	32611	   and Community
join us in making the next King Day of Service a celebration in which tens of millions of people                                      For Villager updates, information, photos,           Services and is
serve their communities in his honor, pledge nonviolence to create the Beloved Community,          Advisor: Rena Buchan
                                                                                                                                                 and more go to:                           available in alternate
                                                                                                   Editor: Kristal Markowitz                         format for the
and commit to ongoing service.
                                                                                                 Educating Leaders for a Global Community                visually impaired.
                                                                                               The pest control section, along with the UF Department of Entomology have managed an
                                                                                               experimental program with Maguire village during the past year, where the residents were
                                                                                               supplied an IPM Cleaner Solution bottle with instructions of how to mix up dish washing
                                                                                                liquid and water for applying to insects. It provided the residents with an alternative to
                                                                                               unnecessarily purchasing over the counter pesticides and enabled a 40% reduction in the
                                                                                                                        amount of pesticides in the apartments.
                                          Control:                                            The soapy water kills the insects within 5-10 seconds in most cases. It is quite amazing to see
                                        Problem?                                                this in action. It must be sprayed directly on the insect in order to be effective. This is an
                                                                                               advantage because it does not leave behind any toxic residues. It also can remove the scent
                                       Let us know!                                             trails that the insects leave for their nest mates to follow to the food sources. It provides a
     by Wayne Walker                                                                            quick method of collecting a particular insect for pest control staff to see. It is important                                                                       to always know what insects you are seeing and many times when we arrive the insects have
                                                                                               disappeared. Another good thing about having a sample of the insect is that each language
                                                                                               has different words for the same insect. The name of a certain insect in your language may
     I hope that everyone had a nice break for the holidays and enjoyed some time away        not be the same as in my language. If I can see the insect, I can identify it and know where it
   from school. This month we are planning to introduce you to our newest item in the                              may come from and then I am better able to control it.
effort to be more green and sustainable. As I have pointed out in previous articles about
                                                                                                 We will begin distribution of the IPM Cleaner Solution bottles in January. They will be
    pest control, we have instituted an integrated approach to pest management within
                                                                                                delivered to your apartments according to the schedule below. There will be myself, Eric
   the villages. It is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and it relies on the use of
                                                                                               Lee (the other pest control technician), the residence directors for your villages (Lesa and
 less toxic methods of controlling insects within the village community. We in the pest
                                                                                              Marah), the residence life coordinator (Thomas), and possibly the assistant director for the
control area of housing have been changing the products that we use in your apartments
                                                                                                villages (Rena). The bottles will be delivered empty; however there will be an instruction
    for the past two to three years. We have managed to reduce the exposure of you and
                                                                                                 sheet with them that explains how to fill them. The label on the bottle will also contain
your children to pesticides through our ability to find alternative methods and products
                                                                                                instructions on how to mix the dish washing liquid and water in the bottle. We want you
  to manage pests. Our integrated approach is to look at issues of sanitation, exclusion,
                                                                                              to keep the bottles, please use them and not throw them away. If you find value in the IPM
  and maintenance. The basic philosophy of IPM is to deny the insect entrance to your
                                                                                                 Cleaner Solution bottle, we would encourage you to share this idea with your off campus
 apartment through better maintenance of doors, windows, and wall penetrations. The
                                                                                               friends and family. When you move away from the villages, we want you to take the bottle
    second part of the IPM program is the sanitation of the individual apartments. This
                                                                                               with you and use it in good health and share the information with your friends and family
 effort is being addressed through the semi-annual inspections and the great work that
                                                                                                  in your home country. There is additional information at the website on the label and
 you as residents are doing in keeping the apartments clean. The one of the major ideas
                                                                                              information sheet. Go to the website and click on the Campus IPM
   in IPM is to not give the insects any reason to stay in the apartment by eliminating as
            much food as possible. You are doing a great job on this part of IPM.
  Even though we have all of these efforts in place, there are still the occasions when the                                       The distribution schedule is as follows:
 insects do find their way into the apartment and become a problem. Many of you have                                             Maguire/UVS week of January 11, 2010
  purchased over the counter pesticides in the form of aerosol cans or liquid containers
of pesticides in an attempt to control these pests yourself. Many of these pesticides are
                                                                                                                               Diamond Village week of January 19, 2010
not real effective and most of them are harmful to children and our environment. There                                        Tanglewood Village week of January 25, 2010
 are studies available that show that something as simple as soapy water will kill insects                                    Corry Village March 2010 - specific week TBA
on contact. We all know that soapy water is not harmful to the environment and is not
  harmful to the skin if contacted by children. It does not leave a pesticide residue that      Information will also be sent in the Community Update the week prior to distribution in
                           someone could come in contact with.                                  each village. If there are any questions or clarifications needed about this project, please
                                                                                                                 contact me at my email address
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 this is ...
 National Volunteer
                                                                                                                                            january 2010
 Blood Donor Month                                        sunday           monday             tuesday wednesday thursday                                          friday              saturday

                                                                                                                                                                                  1                     2
 birthstone is...

 flower is...
 carnation                                                             3                  4                   5                       6                      7                    8                     9
                                                                                                                  Belly dancing class
                                                                                                                      Corry 5 p.m.

special days...
                                                                            M: 389, 390         M: 387, 388             M: 381, 382            M: 379, 380          M: 365, 373
1: New Year’s Day

2: Science Fiction Day
                                                                    10               11                  12                      13                     14                  15                     16
                                                                                              Tanglewood                                      Kids Hour                                  Tanglewood
                                                      Minerva Circle                                              Belly dancing class
                                                                                               Resident’s                                 Tanglewood 4 p.m.                           Welcome Back Party
                                                      Corry Village                                                   Corry 5 p.m.
7: Transatlantic telephone service began, 1927                                                Meeting 7pm                                                                              and International
                                                        4-6 p.m.
11: Amelia Earhart Day
                                                                            M: 367, 368        M: 374, 375              M: 369, 370            M: 366, 371          M: 372, 378

16: Religious Freedom Day                                           17              18                  19                       20        Diamond
                                                                                                                                                        21                   22                    23
                                                      Minerva Circle                                              Belly dancing class     Meeting 7pm                                 Diamond Welcome
18: Martin Luther King Day                            Corry Village                                                   Corry 5 p.m.                                                       Back Party
                                                                                                                                                Kids Hour                                 Time TBA
                                                        4-6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                            Tanglewood 4 p.m. Kids Hour Corry 4 pm
18: Arbor Day (in Florida only)
                                                                                               M: 376, 377,                                    M: 386, 393
                                                                                                                        M: 384, 385                                 M: 391, 392

                                                          Minerva   24              25                  26                       27                     28                   29                    30
 C = Corry                           Gator                 Circle
                                                  31                                          Maguire/UVS                                     Kids Hour                                 International
 D = Diamond                         Nights                                                                       Belly dancing class                                                   Coffee House
                                                                                               Resident’s             Corry 5 p.m.        Tanglewood 4 p.m.        Kids Hour
 M = Maguire                                                                                                                                                                             @ Diamond
                                                                                              Meeting 7pm                                                         Corry 4 p.m.            Time TBA
 T = Tanglewood                      Pest
 U = UVS                             Control               Circle           U: 321, 325         U: 330, 331             U: 329, 333            U: 320, 324          U: 323, 328

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                       Spotlight on Student Services                                                                                           Interview Tips
                    Many of you are entering your last semester at UF, and soon you           Approaching Employers                   Being from another country and not
                    will need to decide if you are going to return to your own country                                              knowing what to expect in an interview
                    or try to find employment in the US. Here are some tips for              When approaching employers            can be overwhelming. Here are some tips
                    international students who are interested in staying in the States.     as non-citizens, it is important         on what to expect and how to do well.
Regardless of nationality, ALL students should visit the UF Career Resource                 to be well-informed and honest
Center (CRC) in person and on the web at                                                                * An American job interview is your
                                                                                               about your work eligibility.
                                                                                                                                     opportunity to show the employer that
                                                                                              Realistically, employers have          you are the best fit for the position and
    American Resumes & CVS                               Attending Career Fairs               different expectations about            can work will within the organization/
                                                                                           visas and they will know you are         company. In an interview, employers will
  In many countries outside of the                                                           an international student from         evaluate your language skills, abilities and
                                                      Career Fairs provide students
                                                                                              your overseas education and               experiences listed on your resume.
United States, resumes and CVs are                  with opportunities to learn about
                                                                                             previous work experience. It is            * Gain familiarity with the company/
 the same; however, in the US, they                   various careers, network with                                                      organization and the position for
are different. A resume is a short, 1-2                                                    ok to wait for employers to bring
                                                      employers and secure jobs or         up the subject, but if they don’t,
                                                                                                                                       which you are applying. Company or
page document that highlights your                  internships. Be confident in your                                                  organizational Web sites have a lot of
education and work experience and                                                             you should mention it by the            information that will help you do your
                                                   approach, making sure to dress for      end of the interview. Since many
is used to apply for work outside an                                                                                                                 research.
                                                                 success.                 employers have fears about hiring              * Employers want to know why you
 academic training. A CV is a longer
  document used for academic and                                                          a foreign national, make sure that           are the best choice for the job. What
 research positions that details your                  Research the companies and          you are well informed about the          distinguishes you from other applicants?
                                                         organizations attending,                     H-1B process.                     Become familiar with the company/
  career. It can be as many pages as                                                                                                 organization and the position for which
               necessary.                             making note of US citizenship
                                                                                                                                                 you are applying.
                                                    requirements. Be prepared to talk            Realize that being an                    * Body language is also important
     Do not include visa status,                   about the H-1B visa application and        international student is an               during an interview. Typically when
photographs or personal information                 practice selling your strong points     asset to an employer! You have            you arrive, shake hands with everyone
 such as date of birth, marital status,             – relevant skills, accomplishments       knowledge about a different             in the room and introduce yourself. Sit
                                                                                          culture, speak a different language        comfortably and confidently. Make eye
  number of children, race, gender,                          and experiences.
                                                                                              and have proven to be very           contact when answering questions, but do
          health or religion.                                                                                                                        not stare.
                                                                                           adaptable. Approach employers
                                                      CRC programs and Showcase                                                            * Have questions prepared. The
   When writing a resume or CV, be                                                          confidently, but not boastfully,
                                                     Essentials workshops can help                                                  interview is your opportunity to find out
   sure to include the most relevant                                                         knowing that your skills and            things that you could not find through
                                                     you prepare for your career fair
information first. Adapt your resume                                                           experience make you very                research, but do not bring up salary.
                                                   experience. Visit Career Fairs pages               marketable.
 to the job/position you are applying                                                                                                  * When the interview concludes, shake
                                                    for preparation tips or stop in for                                              hands again with everyone in the room
  for and be sure to expound on any                            assistance.                                                          and thank them for their time. Follow up
  experiences you have had that may                                                                                                 with a thank you note to all interviewers.
     relate directly to the position.
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                      PROPER HANDLING AND DISPOSAL                                        Quick Tips: Work Faster – Work Smarter!
                      OF COMPACT FLUORESCENT BULBS                                                   by Jenni Wright, Coordinator for Learning and Development

                    The use of energy efficient CFLs is increasing. CFLs must be
                                                                                                Adding a Web Address Bar to the Task Bar
properly handled and recycled due to the small amount of mercury they contain.
                                                                                           How many times a day do you launch Internet Explorer or Mozilla
                       WHAT TO DO IF A BULB BREAKS                                         Firefox to search for something on the web? Save yourself a step by
      Open a window, leave the room and restrict access for at least 30 minutes.                   typing that website address right into your task bar!
          Get children and pregnant women out of the area immediately.
                      If the light bulb has been provided by Housing                      1)     Right click on the task bar at the very bottom of your screen.
  (like the lights in your ceiling or in the breezeway), put in an iService maintenance   2)                         Mouse over Toolbars.
 request. If it is a weekend, evening or holiday, contact your Community Assistant or     3)   When the new menu pops up, select Address. The Address bar
                 Residence Director and ask for emergency maintenance.
                                                                                                     should pop up on the right side of your task bar.
               If the light bulb is one that you purchased and installed,                 4)   You may need to drag the Address bar out to see it better. Click
                follow these instructions for safe and proper clean-up:                      on the dotted bar and drag it out to the left until you see the Go
Wearing disposable gloves, carefully scoop up the fragments and powder with               5)                     Type a website in and click Go!
cardboard or paper. Tape can be used to pick up small pieces and powder.

Wipe the area clean with damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes.

Double bag fragments, powder and clean-up materials.

Wash your hands after cleanup to prevent contamination.

                          FREE CFL BULB RECYCLING
                     Burned out CFLs can be taken to the following locations in
                               Gainesville for recycling:
                   George’s Hardware, 3424 W University Avenue
                   Zell’s Ace Hardware, 3727 W University Avenue
                       Indigo Green Store, 322 SW 4th Avenue
                      The Lighting Gallery, 2430 NW 6th Street
                   Alachua County Hazardous Waste Collection Center,
                5125 NE 63rd Avenue (2 miles north of 39th Avenue off Waldo Road)
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            Rethinking Our Resolutions                                                            Maintenance Staff Needs Your Help
                            By Dr. Jennifer Stuart                                                 Several times a year, GFH Maintenance Staff visit every apartment
                                                                                             to	perform	an	important	function:	changing	the	air	filter.	This	minor	action	
                     The Counseling and Wellness Center                                      produces major results, for you and for the equipment in your apartment.
The New Year is a time for reflecting on the past, examining our lives, and identifying
                                                                                                    To change the temperature in your home, your heating and air-conditioning system sucks
      goals for the coming year. For many people, these goals take the form of the           in air from a room, pulls it over coils to heat or chill it, then blows the tempered air through
  infamous “New Year Resolution.” Most of us have made (and broken) our share of             ducts	to	the	other	rooms	in	your	home.	The	air	filter	is	stationed	at	the	point	where	air	is	pulled	
   resolutions in the quest for self-improvement. Maybe we decided to study more,            into the system. It traps air-born particles that get sucked in with the air and keeps them from
     stop procrastinating, begin an exercise routine, or give up an unhealthy habit.         blocking the blower and clogging up the coils. Clogged coils can't heat or cool the air passing
  Undoubtedly, the intentions were good. Too often though, these resolutions focus           over	them,	and	they	may	damage	the	system.	So,	the	air	filter	helps	your	heating	and	cooling	
  on fixing something we think is wrong with us, and help to convince us that we are         system	do	its	job,	keeps	it	running	efficiently	and	protects	it	so	it	will	last	longer.	*
  not okay the way we are. When the resolution gets broken (like most of them do),
                                                                                                                             Filters also help to keep dust from building
 it can leave us feeling guilty and even less motivated. Worse still, the quest for self-                            up in your ducts, or being blown into other
 improvement can become an all-consuming task, getting in the way of those things                                    rooms of your house. In recent years, this air
 that are truly fulfilling. What would happen if this year, instead of trying to change                              cleaning function has become more important to
  ourselves, we tried to more fully inhabit the lives we already have? The guidelines                                homeowners, and manufacturers have designed
           below are designed to help you make more enriching resolutions :                                          filters	that	use	your	heating	and	air	system	to	
                                                                                                                     remove microscopic particles like dust, pollen,
                                                                                                                     pet dander, bacteria, plant and mold spores, and
   Reflect on yourself. Are there parts of yourself that you have neglected? Maybe
                                                                                                                     even	smoke	from	the	air	in	your	home.	*	
 interests you used to have or causes you have been passionate about? What is it that
you really like about yourself? What makes you come alive? Resolve to nourish those          	      To	do	their	job	correctly	and	efficiently,	Maintenance	Staff	needs	your	help.	Here	are	a	few	
                          parts of yourself in the coming year.                              tips for making this happen:

 Reflect on your relationships. Are there relationships you need to repair? People                 1. Read the Community Update - the CU tells you when Maintenance Staff is coming to
  you have lost touch with? Are there people in your life who don’t know how much            your apartment and why they are coming.
you care about them? Or maybe there are healthy relationships that you would like to         	     2.	Make	sure	access	to	the	air	filter	is	clear	-	if	the	filter	is	in	your	hallway	closet,	make	
     deepen. Resolve to reconnect with others and nurture these relationships.               sure	that	none	of	your	belongings	are	blocking	the	filter.	Maintenance	Staff	will	not	move	your	
                                                                                             things	out	of	the	way.	Besides,	obstructing	the	air	flow	will	make	your	air	conditioning	unit	work	
 Reflect on your life. Are there places you would like to grow, or places where you          harder	and	not	as	well.	If	you	don’t	know	where	the	filter	is,	ask	your	Village	maintenance	staff	
                                                                                             member to show you.
  have been holding yourself back? Are there new things you would like to try, or a
change you haven’t quite gotten the courage to make? Resolve to take those risks and            3. If you have family members or visitors in your apartment, make sure they know that
                         stretch beyond your comfort zone.                               Maintenance is coming. Tell them they must allow Maintenance Staff into the apartment to do
                                                                                         their job - this means listening for their knock (they always knock and announce who they are),
                                                                                         and removing the chain lock. Remember: UF Maintenance staff members are ALWAYS in
This year, if you decide to make a resolution, resolve to do something that will enhance
                                                                                         uniform, and they carry picture ID badges. If you have any concerns about the person trying to
 your life in some meaningful way. Nourish yourself, connect with others, and allow      enter	your	apartment,	call	your	Village	office	or	UPD	for	assistance.	
  yourself to grow. For more information on personal wellness and growth, visit the
  Counseling Center website at or call 352.392.1575                    4. If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities as a resident of GFH ,
                                                                                             contact	your	Village	office	or	re-read	your	Housing	contract.	

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