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									Tway Company, Inc.

  A brief description of our products
  and services.
Tway Company
   The Tway Company has a reputation of friendly intelligent service,
    honesty and reliability going back to the 1940’s. We are indiana’s
    premier rigging loft and material handling equipment service
    center. We are centrally located in downtown Indianapolis.
   The Tway Company is the areas oldest rigging house with the
    largest inventory of fiber ropes, wire ropes, shackles, turnbuckles,
    eye bolts, blocks, chains, tie-downs, binders, web slings, pipe
    lifters, and wire rope slings in stock. We carry a full line of parts
    and offer emergency and evening availability at standard rates.
   Call this morning and we will ship your order today, or if you
    prefer, drop by and have a look around:
   Warehouse and Manufacturing Center
   534 E. North St.
   Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
   Phone: (317) 636-2591
   Toll Free: 800-441-8929
Tway Company
   Wire Rope Slings and Bridles
   We stock a full line of mechanically spliced wire rope slings in sizes
    ranging from 3/8‖ through 1 ¼‖. We also offer custom fabricated
    wire rope products with forks, eyes, and threaded studs. These
    are individually quoted items, please call for price and delivery.
   Wire Rope
   Since 1945 The Tway Company has been Indiana’s premiere
    supplier of wire rope. We inventory running lengths of rope 1/32‖
    through 1 5/8‖ in bright steel and stainless to suit a number of
    construction and industrial related activities. Most commonly wire
    rope is used as main hoisting lines on construction cranes and in
    mining operations. Additional uses include ladle cranes in steel
    mills, as well as control cables for power equipment. Your
    equipment requires wire rope made to exact specifications for
    rotation resistance and strength, and as the area’s most
    experienced rigging shop we have the staff available to help you
    find the right rope for the job.
Tway Company
   Welded Chains
   We are among a select group of distributors in the United States that are trusted by the chain
    companies to perform welding of new and reconditioned alloy steel chains. To facilitate this
    achievement The Peerless Chain Company has made significant equipment investments in our
    Indianapolis operation. This partnership with Peerless Chain allows The Tway Company to best serve
    our construction and industrial customers located in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and
    the Southeast.
   With inventory on hand and testing equipment in house we service most chain types from 9/32‖
    through 1‖ the same day if required.
   Chain welding is very specialized and requires link heat treating and tempering prior to proof testing
    and certification. Whether we are building Grade 63, 80 or Grade 100 sling chains it is imperative that
    welding and heat treating are performed to exacting standards to insure a safe and durable product.
    The Tway Company employs certified welders, certified inspectors, and uses state of the art welding
    and heat treating equipment to properly build or repair your chains onsite. Finally, Hydraulic Proof
    Load Testing is performed on every sling chain as a final quality check of the entire assembly. Each
    alloy sling chain also bears a unique serial number that is referenced on a Certificate of Test. This
    certificate lists the chain type and working load as well as the actual proof load the chain was subjected
    to after assembly.
   Our quality products and professional people have made us the area leader in rigging equipment and
    contractor supplies for over 62 years. Ask any rigger and he will tell you ―If you want the Good Stuff,
    go to Tway‖.
Tway Company
   Rugged, versatile, high strength, low weight chain
    manufactured from a special analysis alloy steel. Peer-Alloy
    has a comparatively high carbon content as well as
    containing various other alloying elements. The chain is
    quenched and tempered before the proof testing. The
    ultimate tensile strength of alloy chain is over twice that of
    ordinary steel chain. The chain is marked to identify grade
    and manufacturer. These are the only chains
    recommended for use in over-head lifting applications.
    Minimum elongation at break test 20%. Tensile strength
    following heat treatment meets or exceeds all existing
    OHSA, government, NACM and ASTM specification
    requirements. Regularly supplied in Black Protective Finish.
    Also available in Silver Shield, a cold zinc process equal in
    protection to hot dip galvanizing.
Tway Company
   What is a synthetic roundsling?
   It is an endless synthetic sling made from a continuous loop of polyester yarn covered by a double wall
    tubular jacket. The roundsling body can also be compared to sling webbing with the tubular jacket face
    yarns woven without binder yarns; this allows the core yarns to move independently within the jacket.
   Made from bulked nylon fibers, the double wall Tufhide jacket offers better abrasion resistance for our
    larger capacity Tuflex (EN360 and larger). In addition, Tufhide reduces the heat buildup that can
    damage other high capacity roundslings when used in a choker hitch.
   Promotes Safety
   Light weight reduces fatigue and strain on riggers
   Synthetic materials won’t cut hands
   Consistant matched lengths for better multiple sling load control
   No loss of strength from abrasion to cover
   Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity)
   Conforms to shape of load to grip securely
   Load bearing yards protected from UV degradation
   Red striped white core yarns provided added visual warning of sling damage
   Color coding provides positive sling capacity infor-mation
   Double wall cover for greater sling life
   Soft cover won’t scratch load surface
   Seamless – no sewn edges to rupture prematurely
   Light weight and pliable for easy rigging and storage
   Independent core yarns choke tightly, but release easily after use
   All of our slings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.
Tway Company
   Tuff-Edge
   2X Stronger After Abrasion, 2X Better Edge Cut Resistance, Tuff-Edge II
    Polyester Web Slings
   U.S. Patent No. 4856387
   You can expect longer sling life and lower overall costs when you switch to
    Tuff-Edge II slings.
   Resistance to the two properties that can rapidly degrade webbing, abrasion
    and edge cutting, is greatly improved with the use of our Tuff-Edge II
    webbing. Using Federal Test Method 191A, Tuff-Edge II webbing was
    tested against standard yellow polyester webbing. After being subjected to
    the same number of hex bar abrasion cycles the Tuff-Edge II webbing, with
    its’ special silver treatment, achieved average break strengths that were
    twice that of the standard yellow webbing! In a test developed specifically
    to measure edge cutting properties, the cut depth of the Tuff-Edge II
    webbing with special polymer edge yarns cut less than half the depth of the
    standard yelk polyester without the special edge yarns.
   Although you should always pad and protect synthetic slings from load
    edges, normal wear and tear should be greatly reduced when using Tuff-
    Edge II, giving you greater sling life and reduced sling costs.
Tway Company
 KeyFlex
 The strongest and lightest slings in the world.
  Rigging injuries decrease when lighter, less
  cumbersome slings are used.
 Light, flexible KeyFlex roundslings help prevent
 On average, KeyFlex roundslings are:
 53% lighter than Tuflex Roundslings
 82% lighter than wire rope slings
 89% lighter than G80 chain slings
Tway Company
   Auto Crane
   The Tway Company is central Indiana’s Authorized AUTO CRANE dealer.
   AUTO CRANE equipment remains universally recognized for it’s high
    standard of innovation, quality, safety and reliability. AUTO CRANE
    currently manufactures electric and hydraulic telescoping cranes with lifting
    capabilities from 2,000 lbs. to 14,000 lbs. In addition, crane service bodies,
    hydraulic air compressors, and accessories round out the AUTO CRANE
    product line.
   This partnership with AUTO CRANE gives our customers access to the finest
    service cranes and mobile equipment available anywhere. Our factory
    trained service department will keep your AUTO CRANE in top running
    condition with genuine OEM replacement parts.
   Crane Truck Bodies
   Knuckle Boom Cranes
   Ramsey Winch Systems
   Lube Skids
   Friendly Intelligent Service
   AUTO CRANE and The Tway Company… a winning combination, working
    hard to earn your business.
Tway Company
   Titan
   The TITAN and TITAN Elite service trucks by Auto Crane are designed to meet the needs of virtually
    every heavy-equipment industry out there. The best warranty in the business covers you for two years
    on parts and workmanship and a full five years on body rust-through. With service bodies with
    capacities ranging from 16,000 to 70,000 ft. lb. and cranes with lifting capacities from 2,000 to 14,000
    lbs, there is a TITAN for you.
   Service bodies for every industry.
   Built to work. The Auto Crane Service bodies and the TITAN and TITAN Elite service trucks are at home
    in any industry and any application. Each service body is built to last and to stay on the job for years
    to come. Make sure your next service truck is equipment with a rugged, dependable service body from
    Auto Crane.
   TITAN Service Body Features:
   Patented one piece wrap around design reduces rust potential
   Compatible with all North American manufactured chassis
   Flush door panels with bulb seal gasket
   Compressor plates for mounting
   Standard rear lighting system
   Interior rope light in each cabinet
   12‖ bumper with anti skid pad on top
   Diamond plate on floor of the body
   Bedliner-floor, sides and box top and the interior of the tailgate (optional)
   Black tire well trim
   Receiver hitch (optional)
   Outriggers-manual or hydraulic available
   Air Compressor (optional)
   Hydraulic Welders (optional)
Tway Company
 Parts
 The Tway Company stocks genuine OEM
  service parts for Auto Cranes, work bodies,
  compressors and accessories. Out
  inventory of the most commonly requested
  parts is the largest in the area with an on
  time delivery of 98%.
 For those hard to find parts special orders
  are available through Auto Crane’s master
  distribution facility in Tulsa, OK. Standard
  delivery through UPS is 2-5 days.
Tway Company
   Trucks for Sale
   2009 FORD F-550 XL 4x2 Automatic
   6.4 Diesel with 8,000 Miles
   $86,060—
   Click Picture for more details.
   Wheeler Reeler
   Slabach model 60
   6,000 lb capacity Reel Hauler
   New demo $5,000—
   Call for more details.
Tway Company
   Truck 1                                                T38K Body Detail:
   Equipment Overview: 2009 F-550XL 4x2 / T38 Body /      84‖ CA with Tall Curbside OXY/Acet
    6406H Crane / AC30A Compressor                         Shelving Package
   Chassis Detail:                                        20‖ Bumper W/thru Compartment
   F550 XL 4x2 Series Reg Cab                             Interior Compartment Rope Lights
   White                                                  8-Drawer Tool Box FSS Compt.
   19,500 LB GVWR PKG                                     Master Locking System
   ABS-Hydraulic Brakes                                   Stainless door hinges/pins
   XL Décor Group (17F)                                   Oxy/Acet holder
   HD Cloth/Vinyl Weave Bench Seat                        Hydraulic Out/Down Outriggers
   Air Conditioning                                       23-gal bulkhead hyd. Reservoir
   Radio:AM/FM Stereo W/Single CD                         Spray on Liner
   Rear Shock Absorbers                                   Fully Undercoated
   Limited Slip 4.88 Ratio Rear Axle                      6406H Crane Detail:
   165‖ Wheel Base/84‖ CA                                 Capacity = 3,800 lbs/10 ft. 38,000 ft lbs
   6.4L V8 Diesel Engine                                  Wireless Remote with proportional control
   5-Speed Automatic Transmission                         2-Speed Rotation
   Engine Block Heater                                    Power boom extension to 20’-Boom Support
   LT225/70RX19.5F BSW All Season Tires                   55 ft. / min. Line Speed via planetary hoist
   Fuel Water Seperator                                   Engine Start/Stop – Auxilliary Speed Control
   Wheels/Steel 19.5‖                                     Hydraulic Pump (Tandem)
   Molded Black Cab Steps                                 AC30A Compressor:
   40 Gal. Aft of Axle Fuel Tank                          Fully Hydraulic
   Trans Power Take-Off Provisions                        Delivers 30 CFM @ 100 PSI
                                                           12 GPM @ 2,500 PSI
                                                           27 Gal Under Body Air Tank
                                                           Hose Reel
                                                           Filter Regulator Lubricator
                                                           Ford F-550XL - $86,060 – CALL 317-636-2591
Tway Company
   Electric Hoists
   Lodestar XL Electric Chain Host
   Lifting capacities from 2 to 7.5 tons
   Maximum lifting speed of 30 feet per minute
   Thermally protected motor
   Standard overload protector
   Heavy-duty, multiple disc braking system
   Gearing operated in oil bath for increased lifting life and quiet operation.
   Lodestar Hoist
   Up to 3 ton capacities for heavy-duty industrial applications
   Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
   Precision machined and hardened liftwheel with hardened chain guides for precise chain liftwheel fit
   Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation
   H4 duty standard
   Rugged control station (NEMA 4)
   Made in U.S.A.
   Coffing EC Models –
   High performance hoists engineered for heavy duty industrial service. Designed for safety, the EC
    incorporates mechanical load brake, motor brake, and overload clutch as standard.
   Capacities & Lifts –
   Rated loads from ¼ to 5 tons, with 10, 15, and 20-foot standard lifts. Other lifts available. Standard
    push button drop is 4-feet less than lift.
Tway Company
   Hand Hoists
   Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist
   One of the most popular and reliable hoists ever designed, the Cyclone combines superior engineering,
    efficiency and durability. Available in a variety of capacities from ¼ to 10 tons, Cyclone features:
   Most interchangeability of parts in the industry
   Standard Load Limiter for simple, automatic overload protection
   Enclosed contoured Weston-type automatic brake for positive load control
   High-efficiency spur gearing for greater life with minimum effort
   Rugged Hoistaloy chain for added strength and durability
   Fully machined, forged liftwheel pockets for easier lifting and smooth free chaining
   High-strength aluminum alloy castings in frame and covers
   Standard hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift, (example: 8 foot lift hoist has 6 foot hand chain drop)
   Lifetime Warranty
   Made in U.S.A.
   Extra lightweight and compact. They are manufactured from high quality materials incorporating a
    double spur gear mechanism, automatic brake and double pawl system with the option of a load limited
    device and fitted with grade 80 link chain. TRALIFT manual chain hoists are robust, reliable and safe.
    They are designed to operate from a fixed anchor point or with a traveling trolley which can be
    manually traversed or mechanically operated.
   Available ½ - 5t
Tway Company
   Lever Tools
   CM Series 640
   Tough aluminum alloy construction and powder coat finish. Weather proof for outdoor service, simple
    construction with fewer parts for ease of maintenance and lower inventories. Hoistaloy hardened steel
    link type load chain for strength, long wear life and flexibility. Weatherized Weston-type automatic
    braking system for positive load control. Easy, one-hand operation and control – only 58 pounds of pull
    required for ¾ ton model capacity. Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard. Free
    wheeling protection device stops transmission of lever forces protecting against dangerous overload.
    Optional anchor sling simplifies attachment to allow anchor hook to swivel in tight space applications
    (3/4 and 1 ½ ton units only). Optional Load Sentry warns of overload condition. Optional shorter level
    for ¾ and 1 ½ ton units available. Optional zinc-plated chain available. Unlimited lift. Lifetime
    warranty. Metric rated. Made in U.S.A.
   CM Series 653
   Impact resistant stamped steel frame, gear case and cover for durability and light weight. Hardened
    steel load sharing gears. Double pawl arrangement for assured load control. Two chain guide rollers
    for positive chain engagement. Weston type braking system for positive load control and positioning.
    Simple one-handed, free chaining for fast load attachment. Minimal maintenance with no special tools
    required. 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Imported.
   Tractel Bravo ¾ - 1 ½ t.
   The 5 models of the BRAVO from 500 to 6,000 kg are suitable for a wide variety of lifting, pulling and
    tensioning applications: for lifting and lowering loads in factories and garages, for removing engines
    and handling machinery, loading and unloading vehicles, applying tension to conveyor belts or chains,
    and a host of other applications.
Tway Company
   Capacities – rated loads of 750 pounds to 3,000 pounds
    single line; 1,500 pounds to 6,000 pounds double line
   Open Frame Design – allow for daily inspection and cleaning
    of your cable ratchet level hoist
   360° Swivel Hooks – drop forged steel hooks with latches
    are standard on LUG-ALL ratchet level hoists
   Swaged Ball Shank Terminal – locks the cable in the drum
    of the cable come-along and allows for full cable extension
   Reversible Handle – will bend at an average of 20-50%
    overload, warning operator to back off of the load before
    serious injury or damage to the operator or hoist can occur
   Double Locking Pawl System – allows for no load brakes to
    slip or fowl on the LUG-ALL cable ratchet lever hoist.
   Positive load holding in ALL environments
Tway Company
   Towing
   Coming soon!
   Ramsey
   Off Road
   Proven 3-stage planetary gear system design for fast line speed
   95 ft. (29 M) of 5/16‖ (8MM) galvanized aircraft cable with replaceable clevis hook
   Automatic load-holding brake
   Cam action clutch disengages planetary gear system for free spooling
   Weather-resistant solenoid assembly
   12 ft. wire pendant remote
   5 ft. (1.52 M) 4 gauge battery cables with connectors
   Hawse fairlead
   Limited lifetime warranty
   Made in the USA
   Rated line pull (single line) 8,500 lbs. (3,850 kgs)
   Gear reduction ratio 294:1
   Motor Permanent magnet (12V)
   Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 22.41‖ x 6.13‖ x 7.45‖ (569.3 mm x 155.6 mm x 189.1 mm)
   Drum size Diameter 2.5‖ (63.5 mm) Length 9‖ (228.6 mm)
   Weight 73 lbs (33.18 kgs) winch and cable
   Cable supplied 95 ft. (29 m) of 5/16‖ (8mm) galvanized aircraft cable with replaceable clevis hook
   Mounting Bolt Patter 10.00± .015 IN x 4.50± .015 IN (254.0 x 114.3 mm)
   Patriot 9500
   Efficient 5.5 HP 12V DC series wound electric reversible motor for increased pulling power
   Proven 3-stage planetary gear system designed for fast line speed
   Motor and solenoids are grounded directly to battery
   Automatic load-holding brake for strength and reliability
   Cam action clutch disengag4es planetary gear system for free spooling
   Weather resistant fully integrated solenoid assembly
   The Patriot series comes with either a 12 ft. wire pendant remote or the patent pending wireless remote
   6 ft. (1.83 M) 2 gauge battery cables with connectors
   4-way roller fairlead
   Limited lifetime warranty
   Made in the USA

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