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									Volume 36, No. 1                                                                                                       January, 2008

What's Inside?                                                            Program Guide for 2008
Classifieds ..........................Page 8      With 2007 behind us, planning is well underway for a host of great programs at
Contact Us .........................Page 2        monthly meetings throughout 2008. We’re hopeful that we’ve selected some program
                                                  topics that will appeal to a broad range of cycling interests and we’d love to see you at
Minutes ..............................Page 6
                                                  our monthly gatherings. Brief descriptions follow of what’s on tap for ‘08. And if
Rides:                                            there are other topics you’d like to see as future programs or if you’d like to assist in
 Club.................................Page 5      planning club programs give our program chairman, Mike Schooling, a shout at
 Weekly ............................Page 4        MSchooling@sbcglobal.net or 749-3298.
Treas Reports ....................Page 7
                                                  January - Event Rides – RAGBRAI and beyond!
Upcoming Events...............Page 3
                                                  We’ll be joined by a group of Bartlesville Pedalers who partici-
                                                  pated in RAGBRAI in 2007. They’ve got a great, photo-filled
                                                  presentation sure to interest all who’ve wondered what the
                                                  “truth” is about RAGBRAI. And, if time permits, we have a
      January General Meeting                     video presentation from the 2006 edition of the event. RAG-
                                                  BRAI is the grand-daddy of cross-state event rides. If you’ve
    Thursday, January 3rd, 7 pm                   ever thought you might like to try it, this is your chance to find
   Martin East Regional Library                   out what it’s all about.
          23rd & Garnett
                                                  February - Enjoying Group And Event Rider Safely
  Program: RAGBRAI and Beyond
                                                  Group riding involves skills and considerations with which many
                                                  cyclists new to club or event rides are unfamiliar. In this pro-
                                                  gram, club members will share information from their experience
      January E-Board Meeting                     and from a new League of American Bicyclists Group Riding
                                                  curriculum developed in cooperation with the Multiple Sclerosis
   Thursday, January 31st, 7 pm
                                                  Society for use in educating MS150 riders. There are tools and
          John & Judy Ross’                       techniques here for newbies and experienced riders alike. Learn
                                                  what’s expected of you and what you should expect of others
      634 South 282nd East Ave                    when you’re riding in a group.
                                                  March - Touring, Abroad & At Home - Denmark Journal and the Adventure Cy-
        jjross1621@sbcglobal.net                  cling Association
                                                  While the cold winter winds blow in Oklahoma, enjoy a warm respite on a cycling
                                                  vacation to Denmark with a group of our own local cyclists. In August of 2007 a
               Please Note!                       group of Tulsa Bicycle Club members traveled to Den-
The deadline for receipt of items and articles    mark for a week of cycling in Denmark. Janice
to be included in the Link is the seventh (7th)   Whittaker and the rest of the troop will regale us with
          of the preceding month.                 tails and photos from their trip. Additionally they’ll be
This allows time for layout, printing, and        sharing information regarding what it takes to plan and
mailing, while still getting the Link to you in   execute a bicycle tour far from home. You have a bike
a timely manner.                                  (Continued on page 6)
The Link                                              Page 2                                        January, 2008

                               Tulsa Bicycle Club 2008 Board of Officers
Between General Membership Meetings, most of the work of the Club is done by committees and the Executive Board.
These are the people who are working for you:
President*                      Richard Hall                665-6472                  rideczar@cox.net
Vice President*                 Larry Thompson              455-4033                  dustyt@cox.net
Secretary*                      Ross Snider                 606-1519                  ross4@cox.net
Treasurer*                      John Ross                   266-7809                  jjross1621@sbcglobal.net
Past President*                 Derek Swift                 355-3977                  bentcruiser@cox.net
                                           Ride Committee Chairs:
Leisurely                       Tim Doering                 260-4523                  ez1bent@yahoo.com
Moderate                        Larry Thompson              455-4033                  dustyt@cox.net
Fall Century*                   Diana Broaddrick            245-8869                  dbroaddric@aol.com
FreeWheel Training*             Mike Montgomery             760-0991                  micmontg@us.ibm.com
Self-Contained                  Derek Swift                 355-3977                  bentcruiser@cox.net
Tour de Tulsa                   Tom Brown                   481-1818                  tom@tomsbicycles.com
                                          Other Committee Chairs:
Avery Adopt-a-Road*             Carolyn Fairless            245-9285                  cbfairless@cox.net
Bike Shop Liaison*              Bob McCallum                749-9445                  mccallum66@sbcglobal.net
Clothing*                       Mike Schooling              749-3298                  mschooling@sbcglobal.net
Historian*                      Derek Swift                 355-3977                  bentcruiser@cox.net
Link Staff: Editor*             Naomi White                 605-8782                  naomi_tbc@outdrs.net
            Distribution        Don Campbell                622-0905
            e-Link              Tim Noteboom                607-2833                  tim-noteboom@cox.net
            Subscriptions       Don Pike                    254-1236                  dpike1954@cox.net
Membership*                     Don Pike                    254-1236                  dpike1954@cox.net
Program Scheduling*             Mike Schooling              749-3298                  mschooling@sbcglobal.net
Property Manager                Ross Snider                 606-1519                  ross4@cox.net
Public Relations*               Jenny Kucera                749-6543                  kucerajenny@yahoo.com
Refreshments                    Barbara Pike                254-1236                  dpike1954@cox.net
Safety Director*                Tim Doering                 260-4523                  ez1bent@yahoo.com
Social Director*                Jayne Swift                 355-3977                  gingergirl@cox.net
Webmaster*                      Tim Noteboom                607-2833                  tim-noteboom@cox.net
FreeWheel Liaison               Wayne Mark                  366-2739                  hwmark49@olp.net
League of Amer. Bicycle         Mike Schooling              749-3298                  mschooling@sbcglobal.net
Okla. Bicycle Coalition         Tina Birch                  583-8462                  tina@teamcrude.com
Tulsa Trails/RiverParks*        Ed Swift                    224-2314                  ez1rider@cox.net

* Appointed E-Board Voting Position (19 active voting positions).
  **Persons serving in more than one voting position capacity have only one vote.**
The Link                                                        Page 3                                         January, 2008

              Visit the TBC Website:
                                                                                           Lasagna Ride
                        http://www.tulsabicycleclub.com                                     Sat, Feb 23
                                                                                           Tour de Tulsa
                                                                                            Sat, May 3
               TBC ride maps are available on the club website.
                                                                                           SW Tandem Rally returns to Tulsa
   TBC members are welcome to submit material for e-publication. Please send to Tim         in late April 2008!
   Noteboom by e-mail at tim-noteboom@cox.net,.or by US mail at PO Box 471, Tulsa,
   OK 74101-0471. Submissions will be subject to review and approval.

       OKFreeWheel Committee Meeting Notes
              December 2 Meeting
Ellen Proctor had a full agenda for the FreeWheel plan-
ning committee. First, she announced that the host towns
have been lined up. She and Bobby Williams have both
driven the route, which she will announce officially, at
the first FreeWheel seminar on January 24. The route                           Popular cycling routes update
will be posted on the FreeWheel website,
www.OKFreeWheel.com, the next day.                                    •   The long awaited Haikey Creek bridge on the Creek/
New to this year’s ride will be the addition of a shower                  Broken Arrow trail near 91st and Mingo is scheduled
truck to supplement the shower facilities that the host                   to be installed in January of 2008!
towns provide. The shower truck will mean that shower
                                                                      •   Sand Springs has repaved Wekiwa Road from the bike
facilities will be available closer to the campground so                  path at River City Park west to 129th West Avenue (the
long treks to clean up may not be necessary. The owners                   road to the casino). The repaving continues on the north
of the truck also promise continuous hot water in their                   side of highway 412.(on West 2nd Street) from 129th West
truck.                                                                    Avenue back east to Walnut Avenue (the top of hill past
The registration fee for FreeWheel 2008 will increase                     the church). This is route that was used on the Tour de
                                                                          Tulsa this year.
slightly from last year. The new fee schedule will be:
                Registration before April 30                          •   The East Bank trail from the pedestrian bridge to the 21st
                           Adults           Children                      Street bridge is scheduled to reopen around the first of the
Full Week                   $110              $70                         year. The trail will be widened to 18 to 20 feet through
                                                                          this section. Plans have changed and the next section
Half Week                    $70              $55                         slated for closing and widening will be from 21st Street to
                  Registration after May 1                                Southwest Blvd.
Full Week                   $130                $90
                                                                      •   The trail from Southwest Blvd to Newblock Park is closed
Half Week                    $80                $65
                                                                          just north of the Arkansas River Bridge. The trail is
                                             (Continued on page 4)
                                                                          closed for construction of the Route 66 Centennial Plaza.
                                                                          The construction is expected to be completed by late Feb

                                                                      •   Reconstruction of Delaware just north of 11th Street (at the
                                                                          Bama pie facility) has Delaware closed between 4th and
                                                                          11th streets.

                                                                      •   The Osage Trail between Mohawk Blvd and 33rd Street
                                                                          North is closed. You can use Lansing (just to the west of
                                                                          the trail) while the trail is closed.

                                                                      If you know of any construction on cycling routes feel free to
                                                                      contact Ross Snider, ross4@cox.net, or 606-1519.
The Link                                                                   Page 4                                                         January, 2008

    * Please note: Minors under 18 years of age are welcome on rides only if
accompanied on the ride by a parent or responsible adult who is also on a bicycle.

Sunday Afternoon
  *M* Leave at 1:30 pm from McClure Park. 12 to 13                                                           Inclement Weather Policy:
  mph, 25 to 30 miles of flat to rolling terrain, limited                                    If there is any inclement or dangerous weather, such as rain,
  beginner instruction. Extra miles optional. Note                                           thunder & lightning, hail, sleet, snow, ice, or temperatures
  Inclement Weather Policy, right. Michael Kraft, 638-                                       below 32° at start time, all rides will revert to “show-up”
  1785, mkraft@kraftours.com.                                                                rides. Any riders who do show up will then ride at their
                                                                                             own risk, selecting their own leader, route, and destination,
Tuesday-Thursday Morning                                                                     which may be very different from the ride scheduled in the
                                                                                             Link. If you are in any doubt, give the posted ride leader a
  *M/S* For Jan, leave from West Bank at 9:30 am.                                            call.
  For Feb, leave from McClure Park at 9:30 am. 20 to
  40 miles of flat to hilly back roads at 12 to 15 mph.
  Destinations and routes vary, decided by group
  consensus at the time of the start.
Saturday Morning
                                                                                       (Continued from page 3)
  *L* Veteran cyclists want to help beginners enjoy
  cycling. Come join us for an easy ride around Tulsa.                                 The increase will be used to pay for the shower truck.
  Meet 9 am at Mohawk Park, 20-25 miles. Tim                                           Ellen is also going to try to get port-a-johns at all of the
  Doering, 260-4523. “Ride on your own” when a major area                              lunch stops that do not have adequate toilet facilities so
  bicycle ride is scheduled on the same day (Tour de Tulsa, Fall                       the increase will go for paying for that as well.
  Century, FreeWheel, etc).                                                            If you are planning on going on FreeWheel, we would
Notes:   When regularly scheduled rides fall on a major holiday, the ride will         like to encourage all of you to register as early as possi-
be a show up ride, with those who do show up determining where and how far             ble. Not only will that save you $20, but also it will
they choose to ride.
                                                                                       allow for better planning by the host towns and the
It is the responsibility of each ride leader to make sure that all non-members
sign a waiver before participating in a club ride. The waiver form is available        FreeWheel committee.
on the TBC website.
                                                                                       The TBC is planning a full schedule of FreeWheel
                                                                                       training rides again this year. The first ride will be
                                                                                       March 8. They are scheduled each week until the
                                                                                       weekend before FreeWheel begins.
                                                                                       Check the FreeWheel web site regularly for updates.
                                                                                       Wayne Mark

                                                          Tulsa Bicycle Club Ride Guidelines
By Pace: Pace is defined as the cumulative average cruising speed for the entire distance.
Leisurely *L* - Less than 12 miles per hour average. You will not be left behind on Leisurely rides. Anyone with mechanical or physical difficulties can expect
someone to stop and lend assistance. (If you can’t change a tire yourself, someone will be glad to help.) These are social rides with an emphasis on fun, as well as
learning or improving bicycling and safety skills.
Moderate *M* - 12 to 15 miles per hour average. For cyclists competent with basic safety and bike handling skills. Emphasis is on improving fitness and riding
ability. A reasonable attempt will be made to assist and account for all riders. Anyone having mechanical difficulties can expect someone to stop and lend assis-
Strenuous *S* - Over 15 miles per hour average. Strenuous rides are for strong, experienced riders. These are physically demanding rides and you will be ex-
pected to keep the pace. You will need to be able to handle your own mechanical problems, although someone may choose to assist you.

                                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 8)
The Link                                                 Page 5                                         January, 2008

 Saturday Jan 5th         - *M* - President’s Ride. Leave      rider will receive a prize from the Trek Store. Map
  at 10 am from Washington Irving Park, ride with              provided.        Mike Schooling, 749-3298, or
  Rich on the first ride of the year to Liberty, 27 miles.     Mike.Schooling@Williams.com.
  Richard Hall, 640-8443, or rideczar@cox.net. Map            Saturday Jan 19th     - *M/S* - Leave at 1 pm from
                                                               Washington Irving Park, ride to Leonard, 29 miles.
 Sunday Jan 6th        - *L/M* - Susan’s Bench Dedica-         Mapped and marked. Ed Hudson, 494-3763, or ehud-
  tion and Ride. From the 145th East Avenue end of the         son@hillcrest.com.
  Creek Turnpike Trail, ride from the NSU campus or
  Trinity Lutheran Church parking areas west to the top
                                                              Saturday Jan 26th                - *M/S* - Leave at 11 am from
                                                               Washington Irving Park, ride to Hectorville, 30
  of the hill for a 2 pm dedication of the bench for this
                                                               mi l es .         Ma r k S wa n, 63 3- 64 58.               or
  very special lady! Some may ride afterwards. See be-
                                                               m p s w a n 7 1 @ ya h o o . c o m .      Map         http://
  low for more info, or Larry Thompson, 455-4033,

 Saturday Jan 12th        - *L* - Leave at 10 am from the
                                                              Saturday Feb 2nd        - *M/S* - Leave at 10 am from
                                                               Sperry HS, ride to breakfast and Skiatook Lake, 32
  Trek Store, 9708 S Riverside, for a leisurely winter
                                                               miles. Mapped and marked. Bring $5 for breakfast.
  tour of the River Path and the new Midland Trail into
                                                               Diana Broaddrick, 402-2721, or dbroaddrick@kivel.com.
  and through downtown Tulsa, 20-25 miles. One lucky

                                                                                  Route Marking
                                                               Spray Chalk for marking routes for ride leaders is available.
                                                               If you need any, contact Larry Thompson, 455-4033.

           Susan's Bench Dedication
The dedication of Susan’s bench will be on Sunday,
January 6, at 2 pm. The bench is located about 0.6 miles          *** Ride Start Location Directions ***
west of the 145th East Avenue parking lot on the Creek
Trail in Broken Arrow. We have permission to use the              McClure Park: 7th and Memorial. Park at the
Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot at 161st East Avenue           west end by the pool. # 10 on Website map.
on the north side of the Creek Turnpike. The distance             Mohawk Park: Go north on Sheridan to 36th Street
from the church parking lot to the bench is 1.6 miles.             North. Turn right, then take first left into park.
The parking lot is behind the church, and you do not have          Meet at the far west end of the Zoo parking lot. #
to get on to 161st East Avenue to get to the trail from the        11 on Website map.
church. For those who want to bike further, the bench is
                                                                  Washington Irving Park: Go south on Memorial
about 5.8 miles west of NSU. After the dedication, we
                                                                   past 131st. Turn right into park at 136th, just
will take pictures for a Broken Arrow Ledger article
                                                                   before the Arkansas River Bridge. # 3 on Website
about Susan. There is no formalized                                map.
ride planned after the dedication, but
some may want to continue riding                                  West Bank: Take Riverside Drive north to the 21st
afterwards.                                                        Street bridge. Go west across the river, then turn
                                                                   immediately left into the parking lot. # 8 on Website
The Link                                                            Page 6                                                January, 2008
    November 29, 2007 E-board Meeting             give ride leaders key chains (made from bicycle    boom research electronic registration and
President Richard Hall called the meeting to      chains). Permission was granted. The Presi-        payment of dues. // Larry Thompson re-
order at 7:03 pm. Richard thanked Carolyn         dent’s ride on Jan 5 will include a stop at        ported that the January self-contained outing
Fairless for hosting the meeting. E-board and     Susan’s bench for a group photo (ed note: this     will be at Grand Lake.
committee members Ross Snider, Carolyn            has since changed). The Teddy Bear ride is         The meeting was adjourned by Richard Hall
Fairless, Larry Thompson, Tim Noteboom,           next week. Larry reminded board members that       at 8:48 pm.
Michael Schooling, John Ross, Naomi White,        the Trikes and Bikes assembly will be on Friday
                                                  night before the Teddy Bear ride. FreeWheel            Respectfully submitted
Mike Montgomery, Richard Abbott, Jenny                                                                   Ross Snider, Secretary
Kucera, Diana Broaddrick, Tim Doering, and        Training rides: Mike Montgomery reported that
Richard Hall attended. A quorum was pre-          the FW training rides will start on Mar 8, with
sent. Officer’s Reports: Secretary: The           the Tour de Tulsa scheduled for the first Satur-
October minutes stand as published in the         day in May. Webmaster: Tim Noteboom had
Link. Treasurer: John Ross read the treas-        nothing to report. Newsletter: Naomi White
urer’s report for the Tulsa Bicycle Club and      had nothing to report. Programs: Michael
the Southwest Tandem Rally as of October          Schooling reported that the Jan program will be
31. Larry Thompson made a motion to ap-           given by Bartlesville rides that participated in
prove the reports as read, Tim Doering sec-       RABABRAI, the Feb program by the Denmark
onded the motion and the motion carried.          riders, and the March program by Patrick Fox
                                                  from INCOG. Publicity: Jenny reported that
Committee Reports: Ride Czar: Larry               she needed information for the Teddy Bear ride
Thompson reported that Don Pike had asked         and Susan’s bench.
for approval to print rosters for the Christmas
party. Michael Schooling made a motion to         New Business: Carolyn Fairless demonstrated
authorize printing of rosters, Ross Snider        the electronic registration and payment of dues
seconded the motion and the motion carried.       being using by another organization. After
                     Larry asked permission to    discussion, the board decided to let Tim Note-

                   Meeting Minutes
(Program continued from page 1)                                           keep your bicycle in smooth operating condi-
and you’re ready to travel; here’s the information you’ll need!           tion. We’ve asked several Wrenches from
                                                                          your favorite Local Bike Shops to join us in
And for those interested in planning trips closer to home, we’ll          Hicks Park and offer tips and tricks of the
haveRespectfully submitted provided by the Adventure Cycling
      a short presentation                                                trade to keep us on the road and out of trou-
     Ross Snider, Secretary
Association (ACA). This organization arose from the BikeCen-              ble. From flat repair to derailleur adjustment,
tennial in 1976 and has grown into the largest bicycle member-            drive-train maintenance to simple wheel tru-
ship organization in the U.S. They provide maps, information,             ing, we’ll arrange things so that small groups
assistance, and tours to folks interested in traveling by bike for        can get up close and personal as our local
the weekend or a week. TBC is an ACA affiliate organization.              LBS Wrenches reveal their secrets. You can
                                                                          move from station to station to take in each maintenance item
April - Do It By Bike?                                                    presented or stick with one station to see a presentation multiple
The vast majority of trips we all make are                                times if the process eludes you the first time around!
between two and five miles from our
homes. Ever thought about making more                                     June – How Can Green Country Become More Bicycle
of those trips on your trusty bicycle? Why                                Friendly?
not? Local transportation cyclists and club                       Patrick Fox, bicycle, pedestrian, and
members show you how in this month’s                              multi-modal transportation planner for
program. Simplify your life, reduce your                          INCOG, will return to address what
“carbon footprint,” increase your cycling time, and decrease your we can do to make the Tulsa Metro-
stress level by making more trips by bike. It’s not as hard as youpolitan Area more “bicycle friendly.” Patrick was instrumental in
think and there are simple things you can do to break down the    preparing Tulsa’s recent application for recognition as a League
real or imagined barriers that keep many of us from making more   of American Bicyclists “Bicycle Friendly Community.” Though
short trips by bike. And there will be plenty of tips for those who
                                                                  Tulsa was not selected, the League’s responses provide a laundry
would like to start commuting to and from work as well.           list of items for us to consider in making Tulsa and surrounding
                                                                  communities more attractive and safer for cyclists. Join the dis-
May Bike Maintenance 101                                          cussion as Patrick challenges the Tulsa cycling community to
The bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever created to become more involved in improving the cycling environment we
providing human powered transportation and joy for us all. And all share and in educating motorists and cyclists alike to share the
with a minimal amount of expertise, time, and effort, you can road effectively.
The Link                                                            Page 7                                             January, 2008

                                                                             Tulsa Bicycle Club Treasurer's Report
                                                                                           Year to date through 10/31/2007
                                                                        Balance on 10/1/2007                                     $7,299.41
     Tulsa Bicycle Club Treasurer's Report                              Receipts                         Budget        Actual       Y.T.D.
                                                                          Membership Dues              $6,450.00      $374.00    $5,380.00
        2008 SouthWest Tandem Rally                                       Fall Century                                              219.00
                       To date through 10/31/2007                         SW Tandem Rally                              235.00     1,805.00
Balance on 10/1/2007                                        $1,570.00     Clothing Sales                  100.00                     98.00
                                                                          Interest Income                   0.00                      1.69
Receipts                       Budget           Actual        To Date
                                                                          CD Interest Income              123.00         30.94       91.81
  Registration Fees         $23,500.00         $235.00        $705.00
                                                                          Misc. Income                     25.00                      0.00
  Seed Money/Previous Rally      _0.00                       1,100.00
                                                                                                       $6,698.00      $639.94    $7,595.50
                            $23,500.00       $1,570.00      $1,570.00
                                                                           Link Newsletter             $3,586.00      $310.37    $3,118.10
                                                                           Roster Printing                 55.00                      0.00
    Doubletree (4 meals)       $17,164.00           $0.00      $0.00
                                                                           FreeWheel Training             130.00                      8.22
    Happy Hour                   1,693.00
                                                                           Membership Expense              80.00                      0.00
    Saturday Lunch               2,259.00
                                                                           Postage/Postal Box              50.00          9.16       49.16
    Ice Cream Ride                  35.00            0.00        0.00
                                                                           Historian                      100.00                      0.00
   Subtotal                     21,151.00            0.00        0.00
                                                                           Sponsorship                    175.00                     50.00
  Packet                                                                   Meetings/Social                135.00                     95.00
   Map Holder                      900.00                                  Christmas Party                300.00                      0.00
   Nature Valley Bars               57.00            0.00        0.00      SW Tandem Rally                                            0.00
  Subtotal                         957.00            0.00        0.00      Equip. & Supplies              200.00                      0.00
  Registration Materials                                                   Insurance                      800.00                    797.00
   Name Tags                       151.00                                  Miscellaneous                   90.00          8.33        6.15
   Paper                            11.00                                  Web Site Maintenance           240.00                    120.00
   Report Covers                    42.00            0.00        0.00      Domain Registration             40.00                     40.00
  Subtotal                         204.00            0.00        0.00      Internet Service Provider      370.00                      0.00
                                                                           Community Sponsorship         1000.00                      0.00
  Paint for Marking Routes         100.00                                                              $7,351.00      $327.86    $4,283.63
  Entertainment                    250.00
  Magnets                          235.00                               Cash Balance                                             $7,611.49
  Decorations                       30.00                               Income Committed to Tandem Rally                          1,805.00
  Contingency Fund               __573.00      ___0.00       ___0.00    Certificate of Deposit                                    2,500.00
                               $23,500.00        $0.00         $0.00    Contingency Reserve                                      (2,000.00)
                                                                        Computer Reserve                                           (200.00)
Cash Balance Available                                      $1,805.00   Balance Available                                        $6,106.49
      For additional information, contact John Ross at 266-7809.              For additional information, contact John Ross at 266-7809.
The Link                                                                         Page 8                                                        January, 2008
                                                                          G. Oscar Bicycle                                   Tom's River Trail Bicycles
                                                                        1623 South Main Street                                   6861 South Peoria
                                                                              582-1711                                               481-1818
                                                                           Lee's Bicycles
                                                                          3620 South Peoria                                  Trek Bicycle Store Tulsa
                                                                              743-4285                                     9708 South Riverside Parkway
            Bicycles of Tulsa
            4733 South Mingo                                              www.leesbikes.com                                       Peloton Center
                665-BIKE                                                                                                            250-8130
                                                                          Mid-Town Bicycles
          www.bicyclesoftulsa.com                                         2731 South Harvard                                    T-Town Bicycles
                                                                              749-7563                                         1660 East 71st Street
           Bike-About Bicycles
         300 West Will Rogers Blvd                                                                                                   492-8696
                                                                     Recumbents of Oklahoma                                   www.t-townbicycles.com
                Claremore                                                601 South Boston
                342-4700                                                     587-5927
            Cycles International                                     www.recumbentsonline.com
            4129 South Sheridan                                       Sun and Ski Sports Expo
                                                                                                                    These Tulsa area bike shops support the Tulsa Bicycle
                                                                                                                    Club with member discounts, and donations of time
                 663-5252                                            6808 South Memorial, #200                      and merchandise for special events. Return the favor
            www.cyclesintl.com                                               254-0673                               and support these shops with your business.

                                                                                         The Southwest Tandem Rally Decorating Committee is
                                                                                         looking for the following:

Classified ads are printed free as a service to our current                              Cowboy boots
                                                                                         Cowboy hats
TBC members only. Ads are for bicycles and bicycle-
related equipment only, wanted or for sale.                                              Western items (like horse shoes, etc.)
                                                                                         Horse saddle (for stage)
                                                                                         We are going to use these items for table decorations.
                                                                                         We can not guarantee you will receive them back so they
                                                                                         must be items that you were going to give away or trash.
                                                                                         Please contact us for pickup or see us on a ride.
                                                                                         Thank you.
                                                                                         Pat Reynolds, dpreyns@cox.net, 492-2262, or Judy
                                                                                         Gregg, grejb@swbell.net, 622-4977.

(Guidelines continued from page 4)
By Classification:
Self-Directed *SD* - The route is marked and/or there are maps available. No designated ride leader or SAG unless otherwise noted.
Self-Contained *SC* - Bicycling/camping/touring rides for members comfortable carrying their camping gear on their bicycle.
Mountain Bike *MB* - Trail rides for mountain bikes. not currently organized.
Notes:     Weather and terrain may influence the average pace. On most rides, you can usually find someone of your experience and fitness level to ride with.
Choose rides based upon your experience, condition, and ability to keep up. Riders are expected to ride within the pace indicated by the ride leader. If you are not
sure how hard any ride is relative to your ability, please contact the ride leader before the ride. Maps, cue sheets, and/or road markings may be provided by the
ride leader on the day of the event. If you leave the route, it then becomes your own ride, but please let the ride leader know. Riders are expected to be ready to
ride at the time listed at the start (i.e. with tires aired and water bottles filled). Please ride responsibly in a safe, courteous, and legal manner. Your bicycle equip-
ment should be in good operating order. Anyone planning to participate in a ride should bring along the following at a minimum:
♦   Helmet: Required on all rides.
♦   A flat tire kit consisting of tire levers and a patch kit or spare inner tube.
♦   An air pump.
♦   An adjustable wrench if either wheel bolts on.
♦   Water bottles.
♦   Identification and insurance card.
♦   Snack and/or money for stops at convenience stores or restaurants.
The Link                                                            Page 9                                             January, 2008

                                        League of American Bicyclists
        The National Organization of Bicyclists whose mission is: “To promote bicycling for fun, fitness,
           transportation, and work, through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America.”
The League represents the interests of the nation’s 57 million cyclists; if you own a bike, you should be a member. Here’s just a
sampling of League membership benefits: quarterly issues of American Cyclist, the League’s magazine; 11 issues of Bicycling
magazine, the world’s leading bicycling magazine; the League’s annual Almanac with ride, tour, bike club, organization, and
advocacy listings; and a host of discounts and special offers available only to League members. Add your voice to that of cyclists
across the nation. Become a League member today.
For more information go to the League’s website at www.bikeleague.org. Join online at: https://www.bikeleague.org/cogs/join/
signup/index.php. Or fill out the form below and mail to: League of American Bicyclists, 1612 K Street NW, Suite 800,
Washington DC, 20006.
                                                     1 Year 2 Year         " Enclosed is a check payable to the
Name                                Regular          " $30 " $55              League of American Bicyclists
Address                             Advocate         " $50 " $95           " Please charge my: " VISA " MC
                                    Silver Spoke     " $100 " $195         Amt.                    Exp. date
Phone (day)                         Family           " $45 " $85           Card #
" New Member " Renewal              Advocate Family " $75 " $145           Signature

                                                      Tulsa Bicycle Club Membership Form
Please print legibly and fill in all appropriate information. All members of a household are included in a single membership
regardless of relationship. The “other names” line on the form below is customarily used for children, resident in-laws, pets, etc.

Your name(s)                                                                              The TBC is run by volunteers. Please check the
                                                                                          activities you might be interested in:
Other names
Street address                                                                               ! Lead a ride.
                                                                                             ! Committee member.
City, State, ZIP                                                                             ! I don't know, but call me.
Home phone
His business #                               Her business #                                        (Be careful, this might be fun!)
E-mail address

Update information:                          Membership type:
  " New                                        " 1 year - $17
  " Renewal                                    " 2 year - $34                             Please mail your completed, signed membership
                                                                                          form with your check or money order to:
  " Change                                     " 3 year - $51
                                                                                              Tulsa Bicycle Club
Tulsa Bicycle Club cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur                P. O. Box 471
during, or as a result of, our activities. Participants ride at their own risk. For the       Tulsa, OK 74101-0471
safety of participants, the Tulsa Bicycle Club requires that ANSI or SNELL
approved helmets be worn on all club-sponsored rides.                                     To be sure of receiving your next month's
                                                                                          newsletter, we must receive your application by
                                                                                          the 15th of the preceding month.
                                                                                          If you have additional questions, please feel free
                                                                                          to call any of the Executive Board members listed
                                                                                          in the Link.
                                               The Tulsa Bicycle Club
                                               was established in 1972                          TBC
                                               to promote bicycling in                         HELMET
                                               all its forms. We are
    affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists. Visit our website                       POLICY
    at http://www.tulsabicycleclub.com.         TBC Executive Board
    Meetings take place on the last Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in                   For the safety of
    members’ homes. All members are welcome to attend and                                 participants,    the
    participate. General Meetings take place on the first Thursday of the                 Tulsa Bicycle Club
    month at 7:00 pm at the Martin East Regional Library, 26th &                          requires      that
    Garnett. We have a variety of interesting programs, and snacks too.
                                                                                          helmets worn on
                                                                                          club-sponsored rides
    About The Link                             Articles sent for submission must be
                                               received by the 7th of the month in        conform to current
    The Link, the official newsletter of the
    Tulsa Bicycle Club, is published
                                               order to be included in the following      g o v e r n m e n t
                                               month's issue. Send yours to:
    monthly and is free to all club                                                       standards.
    members who pay the $17 annual               Tulsa Bicycle Club
    membership fee.         If you have          Attn: Newsletter Editor
    problems with your subscription,
                                                 P.O. Box 471
    please call our Membership officer.
                                                 Tulsa, OK 74101-0471
    We welcome letters to the Editor,
    articles, and information on rides,        Material in The Link may be reprinted
    tours & races here and around the          if credit is given and a copy is sent to
    country.                                   the Editor.

                 The Tulsa Bicycle Club cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur
                      during, or as a result of, our activities. Participants ride at their own risk.

 Tulsa Bicycle Club
 P.O. Box 471
 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101

  Forwarding Service Requested
  Postmaster: Dated Material
  please deliver promptly

Club Members: Please renew your membership one or two months before the expiration date shown on your Link mailing
   label. (You can also find this date in your profile on the website.) This will insure continued delivery of the Link.

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