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There are two basic types of large form sets:

1. Forms for drafting legal contracts and agreements. These are found generally at call
number KF170.

2. Pleading and practice forms. These are found generally between call numbers
KF8800 - KF8900.

Form sets may be large, general sets or smaller sets devoted to a specific subject area or


Examples of large drafting form sets:

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms                     KF170.A542
Modern Legal Forms (not updated)                       KF170.M6
Nichols Cyclopedia Legal Forms (not updated)           KF170.N5
Current Legal Forms                                    KF170.R3
West's Legal Forms                                     KF170.W47

Form sets for specific subject areas are usually found near the same call number as the
substantive texts. Examples of drafting form sets devoted to specific subject areas

American Law of Zoning                                 Reserve KF5698.A76 1996
Anderson's Uniform Commercial Code: Legal Forms        KF879.A5
Fletcher Corporation Forms                             KF1411.F55
The Lawyer's Basic Corporate Practice Manual 3rd       KF1414.D44 1984
Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts; Agreements    KF2992.L5


Pleading and practice forms are divided into two types:

1. General form sets. Federal forms are generally usable in states having adopted rules
similar to the Federal Rules.
2. Sets dealing with specific procedural areas, jurisdictions or a limited subject area.

General pleading forms sets

Am. Jur. Pleading & Practice                            KF8836.A452

Am. Jur. Trials                                         KF8915.A74

Am. Jur. Proof of Facts                                 KF8933.A42
      - 2nd Edition                                     KF8933.A42 1974
      - 3rd Edition                                     KF8933.A42 1988

Shepard's Causes of Action                              KF8863.S53 1983
      - 2nd Edition                                     KF8863.S53 1993

Cyclopedia of Trial Practice                            KF8913.S32
      - 2nd Edition                                     KF8913.S322
      - 3rd Edition                                     KF8913.S322 1983

Shepard's Preparing for Settlement & Trial              KF8900.P727 1985

Federal procedural form sets

Bender's Federal Practice Forms                         KF8836.F78
Federal Procedure                                       KF8835.F43 1983
West's Federal Forms                                    KF8836.W4

Pleading and practice forms for specific areas

Pattern Deposition Checklists                           KF8900.D3 1984

Danner's Discovery Series:
     - Pattern Interrogatories                          KF8900.A3D3
     - Pattern Discovery
             - Antitrust                                KF8900.A3D34 1981
             - Automobiles                              KF8900.A3D35 1985
             - Medical Malpractice                      KF8900.A3D38 1985
             - Premises Liability                       KF8900.A3D38 1986
             - Products Liability                       KF8900.A3D39 1985
             - Tort Actions                             KF8900.A3D353 1994

There are a number of formbooks and practice materials available on Reserve at the
Circulation Desk, some of which are listed below:

      - Family Law Formbook                           KFI94.I35 1998 (w/Discs)

      - Drafting Commercial Leases                    KFI117.A75D7 2000

      - Idaho Real Estate Forms Book                  KFI126.F67 2002 (w/Disc)

      - Idaho Estate Planning Series
        Vol.1 Idaho Probate & Estate Forms            KFI144.A65I4 2004
         Vol.2 Idaho Guardianship &
              Conservatorship Forms                   KFI140.G8 1996 (w/Disc)

      - The Workers Compensation Law of Idaho         KFI342.W47 1993

      - The Law of Education in Idaho                 KFI390.A6G7 Forms

      - Idaho Appellate Handbook                      KFI555.I3 1996

Some Washington practice materials are also available on Reserve:

      - Washington Lawyer’s Practice Manual           KFW77.W37 1990 v.1-8
      - Washington Practice                           KFW80.W3 1996 v.1-28


Forms are not limited to formbooks. Many substantive treatises contain forms
applicable to practice in that area. Continuing education seminar publications often
contain forms relating to the topics of the seminar. The Law Library subscribes to the
ALI-ABA Course Materials Journal, which frequently contains forms.

WebVoyage, the library's computer catalog, can be used to find forms. A Keyword
search, using the topic (for example, “Estate Planning”) and the word "forms," may turn
up materials containing forms.

FINDING FORMS ON THE INTERNET ( contains many, but not all, of the forms issued by
Federal agencies. It also provides links for finding tax forms and small business forms. ( contains links to a number of sites offering both
drafting and pleading and practice forms. Most sites do not charge for forms. also allows searching for State and Federal forms.

Forms for Idaho state courts can be found on the Idaho State Judiciary website at This site has links to a Court Rules Forms Page (with Idaho Rules
of Civil Procedure and Idaho Criminal Rules Forms), the Court Assistance Offices
Forms Page, and an Other Court Forms link with various sample forms and a link to the
Idaho Child Protection Manual and Forms page.

Forms for use in Snake River Basin Adjudications can                   be   found   on The number of forms on this site is limited.

For forms for use in the U.S. District Courts in Idaho go to This
page includes links to Bankruptcy forms, District Court forms, and Miscellaneous forms
(Pro Hac Vice Admission and Fax Filing Cover Sheet).

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has 10 forms available on its website at The website posts a disclaimer informing users that these
forms are to be used as “Samples Only” and they are not to be submitted to the court in
their present form.

The Court Assistance Office Project provides a number of forms and instructions
( Most forms are related to
Family Law issues such as divorce, paternity, custody, and domestic violence.

The Idaho Industrial Commission posts Workers Compensation forms on their website
at These include forms for Claims, Crime Victims, Adjusters,
Employers, Attorneys and Pro Se, Surety, Rehabilitation, and Records Requests.

Updated August 2007

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