Working Group Topics for Consumer Protection Consumer Protection is by mikebreen


									                                   Working Group Topics for 2008

Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection is a phrase used to describe any activity that helps MFI customers understand and
assert their rights. Examples of consumer protection initiatives include ethical statements, codes of
conduct or financial education. SEEP will be facilitating a working group on this topic to further explore the
many roles networks can play around the world in promoting consumer protection.

Financial Services
For 2008, the FSWG will publish the internal audit kit and the NGOs Exit Progress Note. Their plans for
2008 include revising board training on monitoring financial performance to add to the internal audit and
exploring a toolkit for housing finance.

Market Facilitation: Moving from Market Assessment & Design to Action NEW
The SEEP Network and the Livelihoods Network look to expand practitioner-led learning on market
facilitation practices and tools and facilitate broader interactions among the global community of donors
and practitioners. A wide body of guidance and tools on market research and program design is available,
but far fewer resources exist on implementation. The two global networks will identify how to assist in
working effectively through markets, build relationships, to use subsides strategically, promote copy cats
and determine the pros and cons of different approaches to market facilitation.

Economic Recovery in Crisis-Affected Environments
The guidelines are being developed through a collaborative process, soliciting input and brief case study
examples from a wide range of SEEP members and other organizations. SEEP is coordinating the
development of these guidelines with the Sphere Project, with the aim to have the guidelines incorporated
as a ‘companion module’ to the next revision of the Sphere Handbook. The guidelines will be ready for a
first review in summer 2008, and will be launched for field testing and further intensive review at SEEP’s
Annual Conference in October 2008.

Social Performance
This Social Performance Working Group is in the process of completing a map, which will summarize
social performance experience, knowledge, initiatives, and approaches to date from the NGO, private,
and microfinance sectors. The goal being to provide stakeholders with comprehensive information to
make more informed decisions regarding, for example, program management or social investment. It will
also help them to align expectations with what is feasible or desirable.

Social Enterprise NEW
This working group is a brand new initiative that will begin in the spring of 2008. The working group aims
to summarize the benefits, synergies, and risks of poverty alleviation practices as they relate to social
enterprise. Through the experiences of SEEP members, the working group will frame issues into a
structure that lays the foundation for social enterprise methodology in the context of international
economic development.

HIV & AIDS and Microenterprise Development
In spring 2008, SEEP will launch a new site which will include the on-line version of the SEEP Guide
Microenterprise Development in HIV/AIDS Affected Areas. The site will promote greater participation from
sector stakeholders and the working group will facilitate discussions around key topics.
Poverty Outreach
This year the Promising Approaches for Serving the Very Poor Case Studies Series will be published.
The resulting publication will provide the microfinance and microenterprise development community with
a comprehensive overview of the variety of existing approaches and good practices that are starting to
emerge. The paper will summarize what appears to be a common element of programs that serve very
poor people and encourage further innovations for poverty downreach through access to financial
services and MED services in general.

Savings Led Financial Services
This working group is in the process of publishing a paper on Community-Managed Microfinance (CMMF)
Ratios. The publication will be released in the spring of 2008.

Urban Value Chain Development NEW
This is an up and coming topic for SEEP in 2008 that is linked to the VALUE Program, a learning initiative
funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

IMPACT: Impact Assessment for Market Development NEW
Developing strategies and tools for impact assessment of market development and value chain
development initiatives. This working group may also consider how some other key social assessment
tools can be applied in the market development or value chain development context. For example:
poverty assessment, consumer protection and social performance tools.

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