Employer Assisted Homeownership Benefits Forum Marriott Courtyard Bellevue WA September by georgehill


									        Employer Assisted Homeownership Benefits Forum
               Marriott Courtyard, Bellevue, WA
                       September 14, 2006

I.     Welcome, Introductions
       Craig Nolte, Regional Manager, Community Development,
       Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

II.    Opening Remarks
       Rosa Dalia Hernandez, Emerging Markets Manager, West
       Region, MGIC

III.   Types of Homeownership Benefits Programs
       Samuel Luna, Expanding Markets Director, Western Region,
       Paula Benson, Expanding Markets Manager, Freddie Mac

IV.    Local Experiences with Homeownership Benefits Programs
       Sharon Howard, Assistant Superintendent, Human
       Resources/Legal Affairs, Bellevue School District

V.     Local Homeownership Partners for Employers
       Arthur Sullivan, Executive Director, A Regional Coalition for
       Jeff Caden, Executive Director, Washington Homeownership

VI.    Discussion

VII. Adjourn

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