F EDERAL R ESERVE B ANK OF S AN F - Download as PDF by georgehill


									                       F EDERAL R ESERVE B ANK OF S AN F RANCISCO
                       101 M ARKET S TREET , S AN F RANCISCO , C ALIFORNIA 94105

                                           June 24, 2005

To All Banks in the
Twelfth Federal Reserve District

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, acting under delegated authority, has approved the
application of Temecula Valley Bank, Temecula, California, for membership in the Federal Reserve

Temecula Valley Bank, which is in our Los Angeles zone, will retain ABA transit number 122242416
and the encoded routing symbol 90-4241/1222.

                                         Executive Officers

                 Stephen H. Wacknitz, President and Chief Executive Officer
              James W. Andrews, Executive Vice President, Real Estate Manager
       Jack Brittain, Jr., Executive Vice President, Coachella Valley Regional Manager
        Robert R. Flores, Jr., Executive Vice President, SBA National Sales Manager
         Thomas P. Ivory, Executive Vice President, East County Regional Manager
        William H. McGaughey, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
              Donald A. Pitcher, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
   Donald L. Schempp, Executive Vice President, North San Diego County Regional Manager
             Thomas M. Shepherd, Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
                Scott J. Word, Executive Vice President, Senior Lending Officer


                                         Steven W. Aichle
                                           Robert P. Beck
                                         Neil M. Cleveland
                                         George Cossolias
                                           Luther J. Mohr
                                   Stephen H. Wacknitz (Chairman)
                                         Richard W. Wright

It is a pleasure to welcome this bank to membership in the Federal Reserve System.

                                                       Very truly yours,

                                                       JANET YELLEN

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