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									                                Mid-Day Meal Scheme
                         Annual Work Plan and Budget 2007-08

1. Introduction :
(a) Brief History, objectives and rationale of the Mid-Day Meal Programme.

        The Cooked Mid-Day Meal scheme (MDMS) adopted by the Govt. of India was introduced in
the state with effect from December, 2004 in five districts, namely, Dhubri, Bongaigaon, Chirang,
Udalguri and Darrang. In the year 2004-05 itself the scheme was extended to the whole of the state.
        The funds were to be provided jointly by the Govt. of India & Govt. of Assam as follows:

Govt. of India :    (i) Cooking cost @ Rs. 2.00 per working day per child for protein, oil, condiment
                    (ii) Transportation cost of food-grains (rice) is disbursed on submission of
                         reimbursement as proposed by the Govt. of Asom.
                    (iii) Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (MME) Cost- 1.8% of total cooking
                          and transportation cost is calculated as MME cost.
Govt. of Asom :     (i) 10% of total allocation will be borne by the State Govt.
                    (ii) 90% of total allocation towards cooking cost of Rs. 2.00 will be contributed by
                         the Govt. of India.

        The Mid-Day Meal Scheme provided that the Govt. of India would receive time to time the
monthly off-take report of food grains, and quarterly progress report and utilization certificates relating
to food grain and releasing fund.
         The guidelines formulated by the Govt. of Asom provided that Deputy Commissioners would
act as the District Nodal Officers for the districts and maintain flow of reports and certificates from their
respective districts to the State Nodal Officer (SNO-DEE, Asom) and these reports and certificates
would be forwarded to the Govt. of India through the Govt. of Asom. The guidelines further provided
that the Civil Supply Department would act as the State Nodal Transport Agency (SNTA).
Objective: The MDMS has become quite successful in the state as now we find that the percentage of
attendance of the pupils in the L.P School level have been increased and the drop out rate has been


       The Govt. of Asom provided Rs. 26.39 crores pooled from PMGY fund in 2004-05. Out of this
fund the State Nodal Department released Rs. 2.91 crores in December, 2004, Rs. 13.24 crores in
March. 2005 and Rs. 10.07 crores in October, 2005 to the DCs for distribution to the schools as the
cooking cost. The Govt. of India released Rs. 23.11 crores in 2004-05 and Rs. 54.62 crores in 2005-06,
which was utilized during 2006-07.

      The Govt. of India released an amount of Rs. 98.32 lakhs for MME in December 2005 and the
same was utilized. Another of Rs. 94.14 lakh has been released by Govt. of India.

ACHIEVEMENT : Fund was released by the Govt. of Asom for implementation MDMS for 109 days
from Dec/2004 to March/2006 and during 2006-07, 69 days up-to Dec/2006.

        The State Monitoring Committee for the MDMS was set up on February 1, 2006.
        It is however a fact that monitoring of the Scheme has been there from time to time at the State
level for discussing progress of the scheme in DEEO meetings held at Guwahati and field visits by
officers of the Directorate from time to time. The Hon’ble Minister of State, Elementary Education has
been reviewing the scheme at the district headquarters from time to time. Moreover, a monthly review
is being held on 8th of every month in the conference Hall of Director of Elementary Education, Assam
wherein progress of implementation of the programme is discussed with field level functionaries.
        We feel that there is scope for much more improvement of the entire scenario of the scheme
through prompt action, mutual understanding and co-operation of the departments/agencies involved in
the scheme.

(b) Demographic Profile:

      1. No. of district = 27. Out of 27 districts 2 districts under Hills areas and 4 districts under BTAD
      2. No. of Sub-Division = 46
      3. No. of Educational Block = 121.

       Total Population of the State
         Total –     26,655,528
         Male –      13,777,037
         Female – 12,878,491

         Rural Population                                 Urban population
         Total –     23,216,288                        Total –        3,439,240
         Male –      11,939,945                        Male –         1,837,092
         Female – 12,378,343                           Female –       1,602,148

(C) Social and economic indicators in the state including literacy rate, health indicator (IMR, MMR)
    sex ratio, poverty ratio etc.

         Literacy rate total 64.28%            male = 75.85%                    Female = 54.16%
         Health indicator
         IMR = 68 PER 1000 live birth
         MMR = 490 per 100000 live birth
         Sex ration (Females per 1000 males) - 935
         BPL = 36.09%

(d) Nutrition status, including data on malnutrition, anaemia, Vitamin, A other micro deficiency etc.
                Health Department have already been requested for regular health check-up of children
         reading in Lower Primary School/EGS/AIE and also regular supply of micronutrient tablets.
(e)     School information                                        No. of School/Centre      Enrolment
          (I) (i) Govt. Primary School                                    30068             36,79,012
               (ii) EGS                                                    6780              3,59,434
               (iii) AIE                                                  13627              41,2,562
               (iv) Govt. aided School                                     2521              1,74,109
               (Received Financial assistance
               (v) Primary section of Upper Primary School                  874                 75,506
               (vi) Total                                                 53870              47,00,623
          (II) Upper Primary (V to VIII)                                  14123               1860303

2. Description and assessment of the programme implemented in the previous year (2006-07) with
   reference to :
    (a) Calorific/protein value of the mid-day meal provided
       (i)     Calorified Value: Calorific value have been enhance from the existing 300 Calories to 480
               Calories per student per day as per revised norms.
       (ii) Protein value: Protein value have been enhance from 8-12 grams to 13 grams per student
            per day as per norms.
(b) Regularity and wholesomeness of Mid-Day meals served to children: reasons for programme
    interruptions, if any.

Every effort have been made to provide Mid-day Meal regularly to the school going children of
Primary Stage. Interception have been observed in some districts due to gap between flow of fund and
flow of rice to the schools. However efforts have been made to reduce the gap for smooth functioning
of the programme.

(c) No. of children (class, category and gender-wise) who participated in the programme.

Classes I-IV      3928627
EGS                359434
AIE                412562
Total-            4700623

(d) Food-grains management, including adequacy of allocation, timeliness of lifting, transportation
and distribution and suitability of storage at different levels.

Flow chart for management and distribution of food grains from FCI godown to the door step of
schools in shown below. Central Govt. have allocated the rice district-wise for MDMS to FCI for
onward transmission to GPSS, FPS, Schools.
         Rice have been lifted as per requirement of the districts and efforts have been made for lifting
rice in time. GPSS & FPS have lifted rice and transported to the school. The storage facilities could not
be provided in all schools for which the Headmaster of the school used his office rooms/class room for
storing of food grains.
(e) Central Assistance received and utilized towards (a) cooking costs, (b) kitchen shed construction,
(c) procurement of kitchen devices, (d) management, monitoring and evaluation, (e) transport
  Central Assistant
  Items                              Fund received         Fund utilized            Remarks
 1. Cooking cost =                   Rs. 5462.37 lakh Rs. 5462.37 lakh

2. Kitchen shed Construction            Rs. 5533.56 lakh           -            under process for release
3. Procurement of kitchen device         Rs. 883.28 lakh           -            under process for release
4. MME                                 (i) Rs. 98.32 lakh   Rs. 98.32 lakh
                                      (ii) Rs. 94.14 lakh          -
5. Transport Subsidy                          Nil

(f) State budget provision and expenditure in 2006-07 toward (a) Reimbursement of Central
    assistance (b) State contribution.

State budget provision and expenditure in 2006-07 toward.
       ( a) Reimbursement of Central assistance – nil
       (b) State contribution – 1568.24 lakh
                   Budget Provisions                         expenditure
               (i) Central Rs. 12408.01 lakh                 Rs. 5560.69 lakh
               (ii) State Rs. 1568.24 lakh                        -

(g) Systems for release of funds provided under cooking costs (Central and State)

The systems for release of funds in shown as follows:

       After receiving sanction of cooking cost from the central Govt. the State Govt. have made
provision in the budget and accordingly release the fund to the SNO subsequently the SNO distributed
the fund to the DNO by sending Spl. messenger. The DNO released the fund to the SMC through bank
draft. Then the H.M & Secretary of the SMC deposited the fund in their joint accounts in a nearby bank
and then encash amount for incurring expenditure for purchasing food materials for cooked Mid-Day

(h) System for procuring cooking ingredients (fuel, condiments, oil, etc.)
Systems for procuring cooking ingredients

       The SMC of the schools locally purchase the cooking ingredients like fuel, condiments, oil etc
from local market.

(i) System for cooking, serving and supervising Mid-Day meals in the school

Cook and helper are engaged by SMC for cooking meals. The mother group/SMC/VEC help in serving
cooked MDM to the students.

(j) Status of construction of kitchen sheds from (i) Fund released under Mid-Day Meal schemes,
    and (ii) Fund released by other Development Department such as SGRY, BRGF, etc.

      Status of construction of kitchen shed
       (i) Fund released under Mid-Day Meal schemes from Central Govt. – Rs. 5533.56 lakh
       (ii) Fund released by other Development Department such as SGRY, BRGF - Nil

(k) Status of procurement of kitchen devices from (i) Fund released under the Mid-Day meals
    Programme (ii) Other Sources.

      Status of procurement of kitchen devices
       (i) Fund released under the Mid-Day meal Programme – Rs. 883.28 lakh
       (ii) Other Sources - Nil

(l) Capacity building and training conducted for different categories pf persons involved in the Mid-
   Day meal programme under programmes of SSA, DIETs, etc.

     SSA has been requested to develop a training module for 2/3 weeks for orienting teachers in
regard of implementation of Mid-day meal scheme with special attention to the following points.
Maintenance of hygiene, discipline, social equity, conservation of water etc.

(m) Management, information system at school, Village/Gram Panchayat, Block, District and State

The process for opening of MIS is on process.

(n)    System to ensure transparency and openness in all aspects of programme implementation
       including inter alia, food grain management, ingredients procurement, cooking and serving,
       appointment of cooking staff, construction of kitchen sheds, procurement of cooking devices.

      Fund released to the head of the district administration who in turn distributed it to SMC of the
schools. The bank account of Mid-day meal is operated jointly by the Headmaster of the schools and
President of the SMC.

(o) Overall assessment of the manner in which implementation of the programme is contributing to
    the programme objectives and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the programme

     The state Govt. have fixed a review meeting on 8th of every month regarding for proper
implementation of Mid-day meal programme which is attended by all field level officer of Education
Department as well as district administration, who in turn gives the feed back to the committee and
Minister of the state Education.

                           AWP&B 2007-08 on MDMS for the Assam
          Clarification on the issues of last PAB meeting and revised proposal

1. Food grains Transportation
        In case of transportation of food grains as per present provision the Govt. of India reimburse the
actual expenditure of transportation cost. Therefore initial investment is required. Initially the Director
of P&RD was the State Nodal Officer for transportation and BDOs carried out the lifting by diverting
the fund from Rural Development Schemes. But later on because of objection of Rural Development
Department this diversion was stopped. Mean while the Director of Elementary Education, Assam has
been made State Nodal Officer.
        Presently, at the Block level GPSS are lifting the food grains for other PDS Schemes from FCI.
These GPSS are elected bodies and have fund for initial investment and possess a well established good
network of agent at village level. In view of these fact GPSS and FPS are involved at present for lifting
and distribution of food grains under MDM Scheme.
        It is a fact that multiple stages of handling agents are likely to cause delay/ transmission lost of
food grains. The Government is therefore re-examining the whole transportation arrangement so as
to reduce the lifting stages, by engaging handling agent / private contractor at Block / GPSS level for
direct delivery of food grains at the schools at regular interval as per storage & utilization capacity.
2.   Utilization of food grains & Cooking Cost – variation thereof :
        The State Govt. had issued a W.T. message on 6-6-06 to all the Deputy Commissioners not to
lift food grain, as fund for cooking cost was not released, in order to avoid misuse as well as damage of
food grains. However the order was withdrawn on 28/7/2006. As a result of which there is variation in
the lifting and utilization of food grains in some districts.
        Originally GOI allocated 92125.70 MT of rice on adhoc basis. Accordingly State Govt.
allocated the rice to the DNOs’. Further, GOI issued final allocation of rice cancelling the earlier
allocation. But in the final allocation there appeared some discrepancies in 9 (nine) districts. The State
Education Deptt. vide letter No. PMA/MDM/CELL/7/2006/93 dtd. 29-2-2007 appraised the matter to
the GOI. As a result lifting of food grains could not be done in some districts However revised order
was issued by the GOI and balance lifting is done in the month of March 07.
        Moreover, in case of Tinsukia and the two hill districts of N.C. Hills and Karbi-Anglong, food-
grains could not be lifted and transported to the schools due to large scale social / ethnic violence
/disturbance in those districts.

                                                                                              (Contd …..2)


3. Mismatch in utilization of food grains and cooking cost:

       The State Govt. was not in a position to release the fund during 1st and 2nd Quarter of 2006-07
due to lack of adequate Budget provisions.
       It is fact that Karbi Anglong district lifted and utilized only 12 % of the food-grains, while, N.
C. Hill district lifted and utilized 19 %. The lifting of rice of the above two hill districts of Assam
suffered because of the reasons mentioned above.
       It is also a fact that in case of the Barpeta, Baska and Nalbari districts, lifting of rice were less
up to Dec/06. But the said districts have improved the lifting position during Feb/06. The lifting
position during the next few months i.e Dec/06, Jan/ Feb / March 07 is shown below.
                         Barpeta District has lifted           23638.09 Qtl.
                         Baksa District has lifted             6824.24 Qtl.
                         Nalbari District has lifted           6879.801 Qtl.

As regards cooking cost it is mentioned here that an amount of Rs. 23.11 crore was released to the DC
& DNOs during 1st part of Feb/2006. Most of the districts have utilized the above amount during 2006-
07. This was not properly reflected, however after verification it is found that the actual utilization of
cooking cost of these districts are as shown below:
                    Sl. No.    District            % of utilization of cooking cost
                                                             (Up to December 06)
                    1          Barpeta                               12 %
                    2          Bongaigaon                            58 %
                    3          Dhubri                                32 %
                    4          Golaghat                              80 %
                    5          Goalpara                              31 %
                    6          Karbi Anglong                         14 %
                    7          N. C. Hills                           18 %
                    8          Morigaon                              50 %
                    9          Karimganj                             71 %
                    10         Hailakandi                            53 %

       It is fact that the districts of Baksa, Chirang, Nalbari, Lakhimpur, Tinsukia and Udalguri did not
release the cooking cost till Dec/06. , however they have released the same during the last quarter of
2006-07 and the programme is being implemented.

4. Release of Cooking Cost : Regarding the release of the Cooking cost , as discussed in the PAB
meeting on AWP & B 2007-08, it is informed that hence forth the fund will be released by the DCs
to the SMCs on quarterly basis so that the fund are utilized properly as well as the same is available
at regular interval for local purchase of cooking ingredient vegetable, condiments, fuels and for
payment of wages to the cooks and helpers.


5. Private / Venture Schools : As regards covering the students of venture LP schools under MDM
    Scheme, the matter is under examination of the Govt.
6. Enrolment – Requirement of food-grains & Fund - clarification thereof ::
       The enrolment for 2007-08 estimated as 4935656 but it is found that Govt. of India restrict to
3525467 as the implementation status of Mid-day Meal as on September, 06.
       This cannot be accepted. It is fact that the implementation was not full undertaken during the
few months of the last year because of various reasons as mentioned above. But the scheme is picking
up and implementation is improving and hence fund and food grains as per projected enrolment of
4935656 will be required during 2007-08. The Govt. of India may kindly re-consider the proposal


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