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In 1960, H.Q. Golder and Associates Ltd. began in Toronto, offering specialized services in
geotechnical engineering. Since then, Golder Associates has grown to become one of the
largest privately held engineering and environmental science consulting companies in the world
– owned entirely by employees. With 87 offices and over 2600 staff in Asia Pacific, Australia,
Europe, North America and South America, we have provided practical solutions to meet the
needs of clients in more than 140 countries.

Golder offers a wide range of specialized services in earth engineering and environmental
sciences. We also provide integrated service packages where we assemble multidisciplinary
teams to handle various phases of our clients’ larger projects.


Asphalt Mixtures
 SUPERPAVE Level 1 Mix Designs
 Marshall Mix Designs
 Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixes
 Quality Control and Quality Assurance Testing

Asphalt Cements
 Performance Graded Asphalt Cement (PGAC) Testing
 Penetration Grade Asphalt Cement Testing
 Emulsion and Cutback Testing
 Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membrane and Crack Sealant Testing

 MTO and CSA Aggregate Approvals
 Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity (AAR) Accelerated and Long Term Expansion Monitoring

Soil, Rock and Geosynthetics
 Index / Classification / Characterization Testing
 Specialized Strength-Deformation Testing

 Concrete, Mortar, Grout, and Shotcrete Quality Control Testing and Mix Designs
 Rapid Chloride Ion Permeability (RCP) of High Performance Concrete
 Air Void Analysis of Hardened Concrete
 Concrete Condition Surveys, Durability Evaluations and Covermeter Surveys

   Industrial & Commercial           Airports & Marine              Surface & Underground
    Developments                       Facilities                      Water Resources
   Subdivisions &                    Risk Assessments               Impact Assessments
    Apartment Buildings               Environmental                  Phase I / II
   Hydroelectric, Dams,               Restoration &                   Environmental Site
    Tunnels                            Management                      Assessments
   Highways, Rapid Transit           Geophysical Surveys            Permit Preparation

Laboratory Testing Services                       Quarry and Aggregate Services
Abbotsford Brian Mylleville Tel: (604)850-8786    Mississauga Rob Blair      Tel: (905)567-4444
Calgary     Derek Hudson Tel: (403)259-0242
Kamloops Ty Garde           Tel: (250)828-6116    Construction Services Group
Kelowna     Scott Orth      Tel: (250)860-8424    (Greater Toronto Area)
London      Chris Sewell    Tel: (519)471-9600    Mississauga Joe Tavares       Tel: (905)567-9994
Mississauga Marijana Manojlovic                   Don Mills Anthony O’Brien Tel: (416)383-1760
                            Tel: (905)567-4444    Whitby       Chris Kellestine Tel: (905)723-2727
Ottawa      Terry Nicholas Tel: (613)224-5864     Geotechnical/Foundation Design
Saskatoon Leon Botham       Tel: (306)665-7989    Mississauga Anne Poschmann Tel: (905)567-4444
Sudbury     Kerry Salvatori Tel: (705)524-6861    Montreal                   Tel: (514)383-0990
Vancouver Bill Gilmer       Tel: (604)298-6623    Calgary Mahmoud Mahmoud Tel: (403)299-5600
Whitby      Joel Kimmett    Tel: (905)723-2727    Vancouver Trevor Fitzell   Tel: (604)298-6623
Windsor     Jim Rodger      Tel: (519)250-3733
                                                  Environmental Services
Superpave Testing Services,                       Toronto     John Fahey      Tel: (416)366-6999
PGAC Testing and Mix Designs                      Whitby      Tom McIelwain Tel: (905)723-2727
Whitby      Joel Kimmett    Tel: (905)723-2727    Mississauga Phil Moddle     Tel: (905)567-4444
Pavement Design and Transportation Services       Montreal Murray James Verge Tel: (514)383-0990
Whitby    Michael Maher Tel: (905)723-2727        Calgary Shawn McKeown Tel: (403)299-5600
                                                  Vancouver Don Livingstone Tel: (604)298-6623

Abbotsford               Kamloops                 Montreal                  Val d’Or
Tel: (604)850-8786       Tel: (250)828-6116       Tel: (514)383-0990        Tel: (819)825-5665
Fax: (604)850-8756       Fax: (250)828-1215       Fax: (514)383-5332        Fax: (819)825-6888
Brian Mylleville         Ty Garde                 Murray-James Verge        Murray-James Verge

Calgary                  Kelowna                  Ottawa                    Vancouver
Tel: (403)299-5600       Tel: (250)860-8424       Tel: (613)224-5864        Tel: (604)298-6623
Fax: (403)299-5606       Fax: (250)860-9874       Fax: (613)224-9928        Fax: (604)298-5253
Shawn McKeown            Scott Orth               Gordon Murray             Ateesh Roop

Castlegar                Kingston                 Prince George             Victoria
Tel: (250)365-0344       Tel: (613)547-8452       Tel: (250)563-5866        Tel: (250)881-7372
Fax: (250)365-0988       Fax: (613)547-8453       Fax: (250)563-3814        Fax: (250)881-7470
Larry Hildebrand         Bill Blum                Duncan Hendricks          Jeff Bailey

Don Mills                London                   Saskatoon                 Whitby
Tel: (416)383-1760       Tel: (519)471-9600       Tel: (306)665-7989        Tel: (905)723-2727
Fax: (416)383-1762       Fax: (519)471-4707       Fax: (306)665-3342        Fax: (905)723-2182
Anthony O’Brien          Mike Kellestine          Leon Botham               Steve Keenan

Edmonton                 Mississauga              Sudbury                   Windsor
Tel: (780)483-3499       Tel: (905)567-4444       Tel: (705)524-6861        Tel: (519)250-3733
Fax: (780)483-1574       Fax: (905)567-6561       Fax: (705)524-1984        Fax: (519)250-6452
Joan Didriksen           John Westland            Alan Cameron              Jim Rodger

Fort McMurray            Mississauga (GTA West)   Toronto                   Yellowknife
Tel: (780)743-4040       Tel: (905)567-9994       Tel: (416)366-6999        Tel: (867)873-6319
Fax: (780)743-4237       Fax: (905)567-9541       Fax: (416)366-6777        Fax: (867)873-6379
Laura Mucklow            Joe Tavares              Vico Paloschi             Amy Langhorne