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					                                                                                  Important Notice
ADSL Router Pots            ADSL installation
                            The ADSL modem installation is divided into two parts:

                            1.    Hardware installation.

                                     An extract from the manual in the form of a leaflet can be found inside the modem box and will help you with the hardware installation.

                            2.    Software installation / Configuration.

 QUICK INSTALLATION               Once the hardware is installed and the DSL LINK indicator light on the modem is permanently ON then you can proceed with the software

                                  installation/configuration and the establishing of a Broadband Internet connection.

        GUIDE                     There are two methods of connecting to the internet:

                                  a)     Bridge mode (Default)

                                         The default on the modem is set to Bridged mode meaning that all that is required to complete the installation once the hardware is

                                         installed, is to load a PPPoE client (for logging onto your Internet Service Provider, ISP) on the computer that is connected to the

                                         modem. This process is made easy through the PPPoE client software CD supplied by Telkom which will guide you through the rest of

                                         the installation.

                                     Note: If you are running Microsoft Windows XP on your computer then you could also use the build-in PPPoE that comes with Microsoft

                                     Windows XP. For assistance press F1 (help) while on your computer’s desktop screen and search for PPPoE.

                                  b)     Internal PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) of the modem (Routing mode).

                                         Alternatively you could setup a Broadband Internet connection using the Internal PPPoE of the modem which is very useful especially if

                                         you have more than one computer that you want to permanently give access to the Internet. Refer the manual (supplied on the CD)

                                         which will guide you through this type of installation.

                            ADSL Security
4-Port ETHERNET INTERFACE   Your ADSL access line provides a fast, always available connection to the Internet. However, connecting to the Internet comes with the risk of

                            intrusions from malicious users. Fortunately there are a number of measures you can take to minimise these intrusions.

                            •     Install a good software firewall on your computer. You can buy or download a software firewall from the Internet. Visit the Gibson Research

                                  Corporation ( for more information about available software firewalls.

                            •     Change the default username and password that is used to access the modem setup webpage.

                            •     Make sure that there are no ports open on the modem which is accessible via the Internet. The above mentioned Gibson Research

                                  Corporation has a very useful testing facility which will help you determine what ports are open and will also advice you on how to close them.

                            •     Refer to ADSL security under the Technical Information webpage on the Telkom ADSL website ( for more advice

                                  on how to secure your ADSL connection.
                              QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE                                             2.3. Typical Hardware Setup
1. Product Description                                                                                   Note! Ensure that you are well insulated from any power source to avoid electricity shock.
The ADSL 4-Port Router is a low cost, 4-port Ethernet 10/100Mbps local LAN, high performance                  Use only the manufacturer-approved power supply (ELPU) that shipped with the
                                                                                                               ADSL 4-Port Router.
and high-speed device that provides a full rate ADSL modem with the superb reliability and a
                                                                                                              ELPU = lightning protected unit
complete solution for home and office use. ADSL 4-Port Router can have a maximum downstream
data rate of up to 8Mbps and an upstream of up to 1Mbps. When configured as a DHCP server, it
will assign IP address to every connected PC and acts as the only externally recognized Internet
                                                                                                       1.   Plug the power cable of the ELPU into the back of the ADSL 4 -Port Router.
device on your local area network. The ADSL 4-Port Router offers new generation broadband
                                                                                                       2.   Connect the Ethernet cable (refer to picture below) and/or use Wireless connectivity if your
Internet connectivity.
                                                                                                            PC is preinstalled with wireless LAN Adapter.
                                                                                                       3.   Connect the telephone line of ELPU to the line socket of the router.
2. Hardware Installation
                                                                                                       4.   Connect the ELPU power plug to Mains 220V socket and telephone line of the ELPU to
2.1. Hardware Requirements
                                                                                                            the telephone Wall Socket.
The following hardware is necessary to configure and use the ADSL 4-Port Router:
                                                                                                       5.   If you want to connect Telephone on ADSL line , plug telephone into MICROFILTER and
l     A PC with preinstalled Ethernet LAN Adapter
l     AC 12V/800mA power adaptor (Included in the package)                                                  connect MICROFILTER to telephone Wall Socket ( refer to picture below).
l     RJ-45 Ethernet cable (Included in the package)
l     RJ-11 (ADSL Ready) phone Line from Telkom

2.2. Back Panel Connectors
Table 1 shows the function of each connector and switch of the ADSL 4-Port Router’s back panel.
Figures 1 illustrates the connectors.

Table 1:Function Description of Connectors
 Connector                       Description
    Line      Connects to your ADSL-ready telephone line
   Reset      Resets the ADSL 4-Port Router to its default
  Button      software settings.
    LAN       RJ-45 (Ethernet Cable) connection to your PC, or
   Power      Connects to your ADSL 4-Port Router 12V AC
              power adaptor

                 Figure 1 : Rear View of the ADSL Router (4-Port)                                  This picture is an example of a typical installation of the ADSL 4-Port Router .Use this picture to
                                                                                                   ensure proper connectivity.
3. Power the ADSL 4-Port Router                                                                     4.3. Network Setup
3.1. Switch on power, on the modem.                                                                 Enable the DHCP on the ADSL 4 -Port Router. It is recommended that the network address of the
3.2. See Table 2 below of LED Functions on the modem                                                client PC to be configured as a dynamic IP address. This will give your DHCP server full control of
        Table 2: LED function                                                                       IP Addresses and DNS Servers.
     Label        Color         On           Flash               Off
    POWER          Red       Power On         NA             Power Off                              4.3.1. Getting Access to the modem setup web page
   DSL-LNK        Green        ADSL         Off Line            ADSL                                The following steps will enable you to log into the ADSL 4-Port Router.
                             Connected                      Disconnected                            1. Launch the Web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.).
   DSL-ACT        Green ADSL Active           NA             ADSL IDLE                              2. Enter the LAN port default IP address (default gateway) in the address bar.
LAN_LNK/ACT Green              10M            NA              Ethernet                              3. Entry of the username and password will be prompted.
                             Connected                      Disconnected                               The default login User Name is admin, and the default login Password is administrator.
  LAN_100M        Green        100M           NA             100M IDEL                              4. Remember my password checkbox: By default, this box is not checked. Users can check this box
                            Connected                                                                so that Internet Explorer will remember the User name and Password for future logins. It is
                                                                                                     recommended to leave this box unchecked for security purposes.
3.3. Once the “DSL-LNK” is permanently ON (within 3minutes) , then your HARDWARE
     installation is completed (If “ DSL-LNK” is not permanently ON then refer to Troubleshooting
     in manual or contact the Helpdesk number : 080-627-2664).
3.4. Proceed with Software Setup.

Software Setup
4.2. Default Setup (Bridged Mode)
1. The ADSL 4-Port Router is Software setup by default to Bridged Mode ( 1483 Bridged IP LLC)
     of operation.
2. Install Telkom Client PPPoE software (contact Telkom for this Software). If your PC is using
     XP operating system , then use PPPoE Client software of XP.
3. Invoke Internet “DIALUP “ connection.
4. Enter your Internet Service Provider (ISP) user name and password
5. Now you are ready to surf the INTERNET !!!
6. Installation completed.
                                                                                                    Now you have access to the web page of the ADSL 4-Port Router !!!
                                                                                                    For more details of different setups, configurations and functionality, refer to user manual on CD.

      Note! Default the Software settings on the ADSL 4-Port Router
            1. Press the RESET Button on the ADSL 4-Port Router for 10seconds.
           2. Release RESET Button
            3. Wait approx. 3minutes until “DSL-LNK” is permanently on
4.4. Easy Advance Setup (multi-session PPPoE LLC)                                                     4.4.1. Bridged IP LLC:
For easy advanced configuration, insert the ADSL ROUTER CD into your CD-ROM drive.                    1. Ensure all steps of Section 4.1 has been successfully completed
The CD should auto-start and then click “ Easy Setup” . If it does not start, click on Start -> Run   2. After selecting the Protocol : 1483 Bridged IP LLC
and type in CD:\vbpEasySetup.exe (where CD is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.)                 3. Click setup, it will start to configure the router for a while. Follow the instructions of the easy
                                                                                                          setup utility which will guide you to complete the configuration..

There are two options of Protocol: PPPoE LLC and 1483 Bridged IP LLC.
For advanced setup select PPPoE LLC on the Easy Setup (refer to section 4.4.1.).
4.4.2. PPPoE LLC (multi-session Router mode)                                                           Note : The content and features described in this manual are published with reservation to
   1. After selecting the Protocol : PPPoE LLC,                                                        modifications.
   2. Enter the Login Username and Password which was given by Telkom or by your Internet
       Service Provider (ISP).
   3. Click setup, it will start to configure the router for a while. Follow the instructions of the
       Easy Setup utility which will guide you to complete the configuration.

                                                                                                                    Supplied and Supported by Marconi Communications South Africa.
                                                                                                                       Website : - Helpline : 0806272664

                                                                                                                                                                                             Ver : 03
   4.   Now you are ready to Surf the Internet !!!
   5.   Easy Advanced configuration completed.

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