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   iPad is developed by Apple and manufactured by Foxconn (on contract) as in iPod or iPhone. It is a tablet computer
particularly designed for consumption of media like movies, games, music, and web and e-mail access. 3 millions of Wi-Fi model
iPads were sold in 80 days after its release in April 2010. The iPad runs iOS3.2 operating system as in previous products like
iPhone and all. It uses the battery of latest lithium polymer battery technology. The internal battery is rechargeable but non-
removable. When it is connected to CPU of computer it also gets charged slowly. Taiwan made this type of battery by Sipmlo
Technology. It is claimed that the battery can provide 10 hrs to 1 month support. It provides 10 hrs of video, 140 hrs of music
and provides 1 month support on standby. Flash drive of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB is installed as internal storage. All data are
stored in the flash memory. This device is fed with memory of 256 MB DRAM built into Apple A4 package. Wi-Fi + 3G models
are provided with micro-SIM. 3G iPads are sold unlocked except in Japan where the device is sold locked to soft bank. iPad uses
1024 x 768 VGA output for external display like television. It also features multi-touch screen display with headset controls,
light sensors, 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer but lacks camera. iPad is usually developed for consumption of Medias
like movies, music, games, and web and e-mail access. It connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and also with 3-G in some
models. iTunes, software can be easily downloaded. It also features Bluetooth that allows wireless headphones and keyboard
to the iPad. It also includes the USB 2.0dock connector. Using USB data cable you can connect iPad to the printer, scanner or
any thing you choose. Wi-Fi + 3G model iPads include A-GPS to calculate its position and micro-SIM slot. The iPads are 9.56 inch
high, 7.4 inch wide and 0.53 inch deep. These iPad weighs 1.56 lbs while the 3G model weighs 1.5 lbs. The reaction of the users
is generally positive after launched.

  The touch screen is display is fingerprint resistant and scratch resistant. Only bare fingers can control the touch screen.
Gloved finger prevents electrical conductivity so is not able to control it though special gloves are designed for this purpose. It
includes a switch used to lock the rotation of screen. iPad contains generally 4 switches. The first home switch takes the user to
screen of main menu. Besides these the other switches are on the side of iPad. These are sleep/wake, volume control and
screen rotation lock switches. It has two internal speakers. It also contains a micro phone for voice recording. Apple offers iPad
with few accessories like keyboard with keyboard dock, connector and audio jack, iPad case that helps iPad to stand at desired
position, iPad dock connector to VGA adapter for external displays like television, 10w USB power with 2 A outputs. Apple iPad
components include Apple A4 SoC, developed by Samsung, RAM chips, made by Toshiba for all models except 64 GB iPad which
was made by Samsung. Broadcom developed Touch screen chips; iPad case was made by Catcher Technologies, LCD drivers by
Novatek microelectronics, batteries made in Taiwan by Simplo Technologies and accelerometer by STM microelectronics.

   iPad runs the software downloaded from Apple App store. It also runs iPhone applications. Various applications are installed
in the iPad. Applications like Safari, You tube, Photos, Videos, Mail, Maps, App store, iTunes calendar, contacts etc come with
iPad. Various improved version of some software are also installed to this device. You can add, delete or remove the
applications, data at your will. iPad can be “jail broken” i.e. allowing the code that is unauthorized to the device by Apple. When
iPad is jail broken you can download the new version of applications that were not available previously through App store via
Cydia like unofficial installers. Apple’s warranty will be voided when Jail broken.

 The iBooks application in iPad displays the book which can be downloaded from App store. The iPad was released in,
Australia, Canada, Japan and other several large European countries on May. The response was positive enough to
encourage Apple to come up with more and more of its products. Apple plans to release it’s product in, Singapore,
Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Belgium in July. Concerning that the iPad’s
Wi-Fi may interfere with other device, Israel did not allow the import of iPad.

   iPad misses the features like video chat including a camera that every users expected. Many peoples are in division either to
call iPad a form of PC but Forrester Researcher has argued in this context. iPad is not a form of PC for omitting multitasking and
Adobe Flash Player. Many Medias and online commenter criticized the name “iPad”. Shortly after its launch announcement
“iTampoon” became a trending topic.

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