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 Social networking sites like facebook, hi5, my space, friendster, orkut etc have created a successful path
to communicate and share information. Nowadays millions of peoples use these social networking sites.
Facebook has been much more popular around the world.

 Security aspects of Facebook

  Facebook can be considered to have security problems. The reason for the popularity of facebook is
that facebook is more controlled and conservative though it is far from saying that facebook is
absolutely safe.

  The photos uploaded in your facebook profiles remain in face book database when you delete them.
These photos can later be used for unethical use not by facebook but by external Hackers. For instance
in July 2008, a Briton, Grant Raphael was ordered to pay a total of GBP £22,000 (about USD $4400) for
libel (writing bad about others) and breakage of privacy. Raphael had posted a fake page on facebook
purporting to be that of a former school friend Matthew Firsht. The page claimed that Firsht was

   Facebook also depends upon the third party Java applications. It means that users must trust third
party applications that provide tools for facebook users besides trusting login and password. Facebook
allows you add applications and tiny programs that run inside facebook itself. There are also an
increasing number of business-oriented applications: professional profiles, for example, it lets you post
and edit your profile on facebook and also allows you to track who views it. The downside to using the
facebook applications is that you automatically grant the applications’ developers access to your profile
which possess a security risk.

 In 2008, Facebook introduced a new option and new privacy interface but a security expert
demonstrated that it was possible to exploit the security holes and could access private details. Then
Facebook installed a bug fix to prevent it to happen.

  “Secret Crush” is a recent malware appeared on facebook. A fake message saying “A friend of yours
has secretly fallen in love with you. To discover his/her identity you’re invited to install an application
and tell your friends to do the same” is received by the users. The applications send you undesired ads.

 “Boface G” was another worm detected in 2008. This malware adds a post containing a link to fake
YouTube video. If you click the link, a message with same link is sent to all your friends and is invited to
download the Flash Player Update to see the video. It is not a flash player update but a copy of worms
that attacks all your contacts.
 Facebook Security Guidelines

 Privacy is the first and foremost concern. Not only peoples nearby you and your community can view
your profile but all including managers, teachers, students, police officers, and all can view it.

 Some simple advices are as follows

       Don’t share your password with others
       Don’t click the option “Remember me” before you login to facebook
       Logout when you’re finished with facebook

        Besides these simple advices the following measures can be adopted;
       Try to avoid putting the sensitive info on facebook. Choose that information which you can
        share with the site.
       Customize your privacy settings
       If the worst happens then fight back blocking access and eventually reporting the violations

You can make your entire profile off limits to certain groups of people. You can also hide specific parts of
your profile (like contact info and applications you have added). Facebook lets you prevent individual
members from knowing that you’re on facebook. You can block individual members if you are harassed
by them. Blocking someone keeps him/ her away from seeing your profiles, searching you or contacting
via facebook.


  This article is just to acknowledge you about the cons of facebook particularly due to it’s wide
popularity. It does not mean that facebook is useless. We all know that how important it is. Probably it is
the most advanced form of communication ever developed. It is only the world where all peoples from
different places, religions, castes, community live together and share each other. Who knows you can
find your lost childhood friend in facebook. Popular social networking sites like facebook, is where most
of your friend, relatives exist.

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