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									              What to do in an Earthquake Shuichi Rm 5
When earthquake distract our city first I’ll get heaps of bottles of water,
tinned food and transport because if you have water you can live 40days
with out food.

After that you will need battery power radio or MP3 the one’s got radio in it
why do you need those is because you have to know what is happening in
this city, you can use celphone but is not good because if power is down you
can’t charge the buttery.

The next thing you have to have is money. At earthquake place there will be
someone selling food or water and even its money not credit card you have
to have cash.

When you got your things that you need you will need a shelter so that you
can stay. Get a tent and make it but if you don’t have a tent you will have to
go and find big hall or school hall.

In the hall there will be heaps of people who has injured. If there are people
like that you should have First Aid Kit so that you can give these guys a
plaster or bandage.

Make sure you always have your keys and celphone in your pocket so that
when something happens in earthquake these 2items can help you.

So if you use these things you know what do in an earthquake.

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