Acne Breakouts - 10 Easy Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts by alenalbert


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									If you find your face suddenly affected by a huge amount
of acne, you can say that if acne breakouts have already
occurred to your face. Preventing future breakouts is the
best action since acne breakouts can't be stopped if they
have already occurred.

How to prevent breakouts:

a. Never touch your face as bacteria and dirt in your hands
can clog the face pores and make acne worse.
b. Avoid wearing heavy make up. You can change it by
wearing water-based make up.
c. Wash hair regularly and keep it off your face.
d. Avoid sweating as it can clog pores leading to acne
e. Reduce eating junk food, reprocessed foods. You can
change it by eating more vegetables and fruits.
f. Reduce stress.

Stress will stimulate sebaceous glands to produce more
sebum leading to acne breakouts. Exercise is one of the
best way you can try to reduce stress.

g. Avoid bad acne treatment.

The examples of bad acne treatment: using wrong
cosmetics, harsh cleanser, bad cream or facial mask
which is not designed for your skin.
h. Never Wash your face too much.

Washing face is good to remove bacteria and dirt in your
face pores. However, it is not recommended for you to
wash face more than twice as it can make your face
natural oil dry out, and the result, face will produce more
oil and cause more acne.

i. Don't pop or squeeze your pimples since it can lead
acne to scarring and irritation.
j. Don't use astringents, except if you really have very oily

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