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Hire Android Developers


Hire android developers from leading web development company Offshore-Outsourcing-Company-India. Hire android programmer and get effective android application development, android application programming, android application solution, android fun application, android multimedia application, android software development, google android software development, android framework development. Our android programmers offer services according to necessities of clients' in uk, europe, usa, belgium, germany, netherlands, denmark, france, italy, portugal, brazil, russia, singapore, dubai and world wide.

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									                  Hire Android Developers
Android is broad, open & free software platform that was developed by Google & Open
Handset Alliance for Mobile devices. This platform includes OS, middleware & key
applications. Custom applications using JAVA programming language (J2ME) can be
developed with Android SDK tools & APIs.

Android platform provides you to do full customization of your handset as per your
need. You can even modify or replace any applications. It also enables you to track the
location of a person & even inform you if that person is nearby, many sophisticated
applications with multiple functionality can also be created.

It provides access to a large number of different tools & libraries, thus assisting in the
development of better quality software. Android has also expanded itself towards
personal entertainment & gaming, because of its rich Java development. It has great
features like application framework, integrated browser, optimized graphics, SQLite
for structured data storage, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, & WiFi etc.

Android manufacturers provide standard SDK for android application development.
Android architecture includes applications, application framework, libraries, android
runtime & Linux Kernel. Using Android Market, applications can be downloaded to
Android powered phones, along with that it is also possible to rate an application.
Android Market helps publishers to provide their applications directly in the hands of
users, also the advertisers & sellers can publicize & sell their products & services.

HiddenBrainsIndia offers you to hire dedicated Android Developer(s) or dedicated
Android Programmer(s). Our dedicated Android Programmers or Android
developers have in depth knowledge & experience in mobile application development
on different platforms & to provide timely service with the highest accuracy.
Hire Dedicated Android Developers

                                                 Our hired Android developers deliver
                                                 several types of customized applications
                                                 without any errors making a wise use of
                                                 Android SDK; they are well versed in
                                                 providing Custom Android application
                                                 development solutions, Web features in
                                                 Android application development, Easy
                                                 extension & replacement of Android

Hired Android application coders provide solutions for a variety of applications like
fun applications, travel applications, multi-media applications, internet applications etc
for any easy & comfortable usage of your Android smart phones.

Services for You

      You can hire Android developers to work for 8 Hours a day, 5 Days a week –
       Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and Indian National/Regional Holidays
       shall be considered as paid holidays.
      You can hire dedicated Android Developers from us at Zero setup or
       maintenance costs or taxes along with good software and Hardware facilities.
      You can easily stay connected with the hired Android developers via email and
       instant messengers.
      We offer our clients, the facility of owning all the rights of source code as well as
       they can resell the codes without any accountability from our side.

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