Soal B.Inggris SMP Kelas 3 by sengHansun

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									Evaluasi 1

Mata Pelajaran : B. Inggris

Kelas/Semester : IX/1

Pokok Bahasan : Memahami Makna dan Percakapan, Informasi, Memahami Makna Teks Tulis

Read the following text to answer questions number 1 – 5!

The hotel is laid on Jalan Asia-Afrika. The hotel has been forgotten. No one cares to that place
anymore. For over than 20 years, no one ever visit that place. Now, the hotel is an empty place,
which is neglected. There are four floors in that building. Each floor has a wide space without
furniture or any other things but empty trashes.

Fifty years ago, Swarha hotel was a luxurious and exclusive hotel. When the Asian-African
Conference was held on 1955, more than a hundred journalists from foreign countries rested in that
hotel. It was the pride of Bandung people.

1. What is the suitable subtitle for the text above?

a. An Exclusive Hotel                                  c. The Pride of Bandung

b. A Luxurious Hotel                                   d. Asian-African Conference

2. The hotel is located on ….

a. Four floors                                         c. Swarha Hotel

b. Jalan Asia-Afrika                                   d. Over 20 years

3. The building has ….

a. Four floors                                         c. Luxurious rooms

b. Furniture or any other things                       d. A hundred journalists

4. When did hundred of journalists rest in Swarha Hotel?

a. On 1955                                             c. Recently

b. Over than 20 years                                  d. On 2005

5. What was the pride of Bandung people?

a. Hotel Swarha                                        c. Asian-African Conference

b. Hundred of journalists                              d. Jalan Asia-Afrika

Read the following text to answer questions number 6 – 10!

WASHINGTON – The weird world of dinosaurs has just gotten a tad more bizarre. Scientists found a
nearly complete fossil of a new dinosaur that sports a noticeable hump, maybe as possible

The hump on the dinosaur's back, which was at least 16 inches tall, may have been used to help this
meat-eating theropod communicate among its own species, scientists theorize. Discoverer Francisco
Ortega of Spain named it Concavenator corcovatus which means "the hunchback hunter from

Ortega said the hump could have been used to store fat or regulate body temperature, but there is
also the distinct possibility that it was used by concavenators to somehow differentiate themselves
or communicate with each other. But with only one of these dinos, it's only speculation and is hard
to figure out what the humps were meant to convey if they were tools of communication, he said.

Paleontologist Paul Sereno at the University of Chicago, who wasn't part of the study, thinks the only
conceivable explanation is "an advertising role" because it follows similar pointy fins on other

                            (Disadur dari Yahoo! News, Would you like 1 hump or 2 with your dinosaur?,
                                                                    tanggal akses 13 September 2010)

6. What is the name of the new dinosaur?

a. Discoverer Fransisco Ortega                       c. Concevenator Corcovatus

b. Meat-eating theropod                              d. Paleontologist Paul Sereno

7. Which of the following is not the function of the hump on the dinosaur’s back?

a. Communicate among its own species                 c. Store fat

b. The hunchback hunter from Cuenca                  d. Regulate body temperature

8. Who did find the new species of dinosaur?

a. Concavenator corcovatus                           c. Concavenators

b. Francisco Ortega                                  d. Paul Sereno

9. What is Paul Sereno?

a. Paleontologist                                    c. Theropod

b. Scientist                                         d. Discoverer

10. What is Paul Sereno opinion on the hump?

a. It’s used to store fat                            c. It’s an advertising role

b. It’s used as a communication tool                 d. It’s regulate body temperature

Andi : Today is Sunday, isn’t it?

Budi : Yes, you are right. ….(11)

Andi : We can go swimming, …?(12)

11. a. What is the matter?                            c. Of course, I’m right.

   b. But not wrong at all.                           d. What can I do for you?

12. a. Can we?             b. Could we?               c. Can’t you?               d. Can’t we?

13. “…. There is interesting film. I want to see it ….”

What does the word it in the sentence refer to?

a. Film                    b. Interesting             c. I am                     d. The theater

Arif   : Hi, I am Arif. …?(14)

Rian : My name’s Rian. Nice to meet you.

Arif   : Nice to meet you. …?(15)

Rian : R-I-A-N.

14. a. Are you Rian?                                  c. What’s your name?

   b. Where do you live?                              d. Where are you going?

15. a. How are you?                                   c. How do you spell your name?

   b. How many letters in your name?                  d. How old are you?

Dhieka : Is that your school?

Cindy : Yes, you’re ….(16)

Dhieka : It’s a big school, …?(17)

Cindy : Yes, ….(18)

16. a. Wrong               b. Right                   c. Left                     d. Got it

17. a. Is it?              b. Isn’t it?               c. It is                    d. It isn’t

18. a. Is it?              b. Isn’t it?               c. It is                    d. It isn’t

19. The teenage boys have … some tickets to watch the new science-fiction film.

a. Buying                  b. Bought                  c. To buy                   d. Buys

20. A : “… about smoke areas?”

   B : “I feel sure that people mustn’t smoke in public area.”

a. Any comments                                     c. Do you disagree

b. What do you think that true                      d. Do you agree


1. c         6. c       11. a        16. b

2. b         7. b       12. d        17. b

3. a         8. b       13. a        18. c

4. a         9. a       14. c        19. b

5. a         10. c      15. c        20. d


Takari, E.R., 2007, Buku Ulangan Harian dan Semester SMP Kelas IX, Penerbit Epsilon Grup, Bandung.


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