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									Sedation Dentistry in New York City - Beautiful Smile Without Pain!

The sedation dentistry specialists in New York City carry out a group of dental care
methods by administering their patients with certain sedatives or relaxing drugs in
an effort to reduce their pain significantly.

Sedation Dentistry in New York City – An Overview

People often become worried at the thought of paying a visit to a dentist. They don’t
want to go through the painful experiences of needles penetrating into their gums or
removal of decaying teeth. This fear deprives them of getting proper dental care.
With the help of sedation dentistry in New York City, you can get a more relaxed
solution. Sedation dentistry in Manhattan involves a set of dental treatments that are
done under the influence of safe, sedative/relaxing drugs, supplied by the dentist.
This turns apprehension about a dental procedure into a more enjoyable experience.

Sedation Dentistry in New York City - What is it?

The process of sedation dentistry involves the use of certain sedatives during the
dental treatment so as to make the patients feel more at ease. There are various
sedatives like nitrous oxide, tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medications, which can be
effectively used. Many years ago, it was common practice to administer sedatives to
patients through the use of an IV or Intravenous method, which needed to be
injected in to the hand or arm to mix with blood directly. The needles used for this
purpose had caused anxiety to some. However, advanced dental treatment formula
has given patients alternatives and they can now consult with their periodontist in
Manhattan about the options available for taking these sedatives. Nowadays,
injections are no longer needed as patients can either choose anti-anxiety
medications or oral administration to receive the sedatives. Really, sedation dentistry
has improved tremendously and ensures that the patients have a painless dental
care experience.

Where Sedation dentistry can be used?

Dental treatments have become very common these days but people suffer from
dental anxiety when it comes to getting treated by a professional dentist. According
to a Canadian survey, 5-20% of people experience anxiety at the time of seeking
treatment from a sedation dentistry expert. Since anxiety is not good for our health,
it might affect their dental health too. In this situation, sedation dentistry in
Manhattan can be proved to be helpful in keeping the patients cool and relaxed.

Methods of Sedation Dentistry in New York City

Sedation dentistry, otherwise referred to as Relaxation Dentistry, refers to the way in
which periodontists in Manhattan manage the anxiety and pain of their patients.
Conscious sedation can be used to keep the level of consciousness of patients
minimally depressed so that they can continuously and independently breathe on
their own and respond properly to verbal command and physical stimulations,
provided by the sedation dentistry specialists. Here, the dentist may use non-
pharmacological or pharmacological method or a combination of both.
General anesthesia is another method where a patient falls asleep and loses
consciousness completely. Unlike a patient under conscious sedation, he/she can’t
breathe independently and respond to commands.
Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in New York

The sedation medications can be administered in 14 different ways. Most of the
sedation dentistry centers in New York City are found to practice IV Sedation,
Inhalation Conscious Sedation and Enteral Conscious Sedation or Orally Administered
Sedation methods.
1. Sedation provides relief to the mind and muscles during the application of dental
treatment methods.
2. Unlike traditional topical medicines used during dental implants in Manhattan,
dental surgery and dentures, sedation dentistry takes less time and offers greater
3. Sedation makes the extremely painful dental surgery methods bearable for
4. It helps the periodontist in Manhattan to keep the patients, especially kids, calm
during dental appointments.
5. Sedation dentistry is provided by Dr. Weisglass in New York City. He can answer
any of your additional questions.

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